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The Pleasure of Her Kiss

by Linda Needham

The dashing rogue is finally coming home to claim the exquisite stranger who is living there, a willful beauty he barely knows . . . his bride.

The Pleasure of His Bed

by Donna Grant Melissa Macneal Annalise Russell

Naked, bound and aroused beyond their wildest imaginations, the women in these three stories prove how delicious complete surrender is. . . The Captains Courtesan Melissa MacNeal A seafaring adventure turns wickedly sinful when stowaway Sophia Martine is caught and confined to the captains quarters. What privateer Damon Delacroix doesnt know is how much Sophia longs to be dominated. But soon it is Damon who is enslaved as he gives up all control and embarks on a wild journey of carnal pleasure. . . Ties That Bind Donna Grant Queen Jarina never imagined that the foul play which brought her to the enemy kingdom of Pereth would also make her a willing love slave, eager to fulfill her masters every desire. Now Jarinas only wish is to satisfy her masters insatiable appetite. . . In His Bed Annalise Russell In exchange for safe passage on his ship, Chessa strikes a daring bargain with Bodin--a dangerously handsome Viking--to become his sex slave and see to his needs. But she soon learns that to live under Bodins command is to submit to the most sensual, skilled lovemaking shes always dreamed of. . .

The Pleasure of Your Kiss

by Teresa Medeiros

Agreeing to retrieve his brother's kidnapped fiance e from a sultan's harem, legendary adventurer Ashton Burke is stunned to discover that his quarry is Clarinda Cardew, the woman who broke his heart ten years ago and who still has a sensual hold over him.

The Pleasure Palace (Secrets of the Tudor Court #1)

by Kate Emerson

Jane Popyngcourt was brought to the English court of Henry VII as a child to be a companion to his daughters--the princesses Margaret and Mary. With no money of her own, Jane could not hope for marriage, but as she grows into a seductively beautiful young woman, she receives flattering attention from virile young courtiers and even from the handsome new king, Henry VIII, who has recently married Catherine of Aragon. Then a dashing French prisoner of war, cousin to the king of France, is brought to London, and Jane finds she cannot help giving some of her heart--and more--to a man she can never marry. The Tudor court is filled with dangers as well as seductions, and there are mysteries surrounding Jane's birth that have left her with deadly enemies. She must follow a perilous path in her search for answers and risk even more to have a chance at happiness.

Pleasure Planet

by Evangeline Anderson

From the author of TAKE TWO, a stellar journey to the outer limits of pleasure. . . where lust and love get wild. Get ready to fly. . . "The Girl, The Geek, and the Time Machine" Kara Wilson wants to try out a time machine, but she has to follow the rules. The first, no clothing allowed; the second, the sexy scientist in charge of the experiment gets to transport her to a very unusual dimension. Call it The Steamy Zone. . . "Mirror of the Heart" Voluptuous beauty Taylor Simms has curves in all the right places--and an admirer from the next century who really appreciates them. Hes going to give her an unforgettable lesson in pleasure--and danger--and shes going to get the ride of her life. . . "Wild-Men and Wormholes" Travel to an uncharted planet to study the shy natives? Not a problem for anthropologist Ariel Stone-Tarrington. She likes to work alone. But someones watching her every move: a gorgeous, half-naked wild man with a hard body that doesnt quit. Whatever. Ariel is more than a million miles away from home and ready for something wild. . . Praise for Evangeline Anderson "Kept me up all night--sexy and funny. "--MaryJanice Davidson on TAKE TWO "Definitely a book to fog up mirrors!"--Just Erotic Romance Reviews on TANDEM UNIT, 5 stars Evangeline Anderson is an MRI tech who would rather be writing. She lives in Florida with three cats, one husband, and a college-age sister, but no kids because enough is enough already. She had been writing for a number of years before it occurred to her to share her ideas with the unsuspecting world. To her delight, it turned out some people liked the weird way her brain worked. She has been writing science fiction and paranormal erotica ever since

Pleasure, Pregnancy and a Proposition

by Heidi Rice

Sexy millionaire aristocrat Luke Devereaux showed up at Louisa's office, marched her to a doctor and demanded she take a pregnancy test! Much to her complete shock and horror, it was positive!Nearly three months before, Luke had shown Louisa a night of pleasure she could never have imagined--and which would never be repeated. But the dramatic consequences meant Luke was now demanding marriage--and his proposition came with a tantalizing promise: more nights of unbelievable pleasure....

The Pleasure Project

by Cassie Ryan Jenna Jax Mccormick

"Be transported into a future brimming with sensuality-where those who dare are free to explore every forbidden desire. . . "THE SCIENCE OF PLEASURE by JAXDr. Jenesis DeBruehl had high hopes for her research-until a ruthless colleague stole it to experiment on innocent people, creating a new species of super human. Little did Jenesis imagine that years later shed be working with one of them. And when Kincaid "Kin" Gregory persuades her to use him as her own personal test subject, neither can deny their insatiable attraction. PROJECT SEDUCTION by Jenna McCormickProfessional pleasure companion Jace Donovan is on the brink of a major promotion. He just has to spend one week aboard the interstellar cruise ship Trist for a bachelorette party. But when he reunites with the one woman he could never forget, he risks his career for a chance to rekindle the wild passion they once shared. A PIRATES PLEASURE by Cassie RyanSpace pilot Captain Dare McFadyen never expected to be space jacked by the notoriouspirate Red Death, aka Dani McGovern. And Dani never expected hed knock her out of her boots. Now the sexy intergalactic bandit is pulling Dare into a battle between warring worlds as she kinks up his plans-and his bed. . . Aphrodisia warning: This book contains Adult content]

Pleasure Prolonged

by Cathryn Fox

Once a mere lab assistant, Erin Shay is thrilled over her new promotion. The curvaceous, brainy, somewhat straightlaced lady has been placed in charge of an important new research project: testing a serum specially designed to substantially prolong a couple's lovemaking. With scientists Jay and Laura off on their honeymoon, Erin's been left alone in the lab . . . with her hard-bodied new assistant, Kale Alexander, a sexy stud who has "playboy" written all over him. Erin's never even had a one-night stand--but the project's success depends upon her playing the wild, wanton bad-girl to red-hot Casanova Kale. Since she's already learned the perils of leaving her heart too open to heartbreak, this time she'll be the one calling the shots. Her bad-boy partner is going to know from the git-go that this will be a brief sex-only affair--hot, torrid, steamy love in the interests of science . . . with absolutely no strings attached. But when the loving is this deliciously hot, who in her right mind wouldn't want to prolong it?

Pleasure Rush

by Farrah Rochon

In Hawaii for her birthday, Manhattan restaurateur Deirdre Smallwood has one mission to accomplish. She's going to shed her humdrum image and do something totally out of character: seduce Thelonius Stokes, the gorgeous ex-linebacker for the New York Sabers. Theo is shocked by the sensual, uninhibited lover warming his bed. The pro-footballer-turned-TV-sports-analyst had Deirdre pegged for a girl-next-door type of woman. But she's making his blood run hot and giving him a rush of pleasure he's never felt before. This time around, Theo vows to score a touchdown on the only playing field that counts: the arena of love.

Pleasure to Burn

by Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury's novel Fahrenheit 451 is an enduring masterwork of twentieth-century American literature-a chilling vision of a dystopian future built on the foundations of ignorance, censorship, and brutal repression. The origins and evolution of Bradbury's darkly magnificent tale are explored in A Pleasure to Burn, a collection of sixteen selected shorter works that prefigure the grand master's landmark novel. With classic, thematically interrelated stories alongside many crucial lesser-known ones-including, at the collection's heart, the novellas "Long after Midnight" and "The Fireman"-A Pleasure to Burn is an indispensable companion to the most powerful work of America's preeminent storyteller and a wondrous confirmation of the inimitable Bradbury's brilliance, magic, and fire.

Pleasure Unbound (Demonica #1)

by Larissa Ione

In a place where ecstasy can cost you your life . . . She's a demon-slayer who hungers for sensual pleasure-but fears it will always be denied her. Until Tayla Mancuso lands in a hospital run by demons in disguise, and the head doctor, Eidolon, makes her body burn with unslakable desire. But to prove her ultimate loyalty to her peers, she must betray the surgeon who saved her life. Two lovers will dare to risk all.Eidolon cannot resist this fiery, dangerous woman who fills him with both rage and passion. Not only is she his avowed enemy, but she could very well be the hunter who has been preying upon his people. Torn between his need for the truth and his quest to find his perfect mate before a horrific transformation claims him forever, Eidolon will dare the unthinkable-and let Tayla possess him, body and soul . . .

The Pleasure Zone: Why We Resist Good Feelings and How to Let Go and Be Happy

by Stella Resnick

"When you are inspired by good feelings, there's no end to your energy." So says Dr. Stella Resnick, who has been concerned about how to help people stop focusing on what's wrong in their lives and start noticing what's right since 1978 when she wrote an article for New Age magazine that turned the therapy world on its ear. Now she has* distilled her years of work and collected extensive corroborative research to uncover the root of unhappiness-pleasure resistance. When people don't fully enjoy their lives and loves, it is usually because they have a fixed ceiling of how much pleasure they can tolerate. "There is an enormous untapped potential for pleasure in every one of us that has yet to be fully explored," she writes. While writers including Paul Pearsall, Deepak Chopra, Bernie Siegel, and Joan Borysenko have recently identified the benefits of pleasure, to a large extent they have been concerned with positive mental attitudes and visualizations. Dr. Resnick advances the exploration of pleasure further by linking optimism, physical health, emotional fulfillment in love, deeply gratifying sex, and positive aging to our ability to fully enjoy eight core pleasures. These are: primal pleasure, pain relief, the elemental pleasures of play and humor, and mental, emotional, sensual, sexual, and spiritual pleasure. In this ground-breaking work, Dr. Resnick discusses each core pleasure, pointing out subtle and not so subtle ways we deny ourselves and how each core pleasure is relevant to our health, emotional well-being, and interpersonal relationships. Complete with inspiring stories of people who have learned to reclaim pleasures they had cut themselves off from, each chapter concludes with a set of simple personal experiments designed to aid readers in gaining skill at enjoying that pleasure more completely. The Pleasure Zone is for anyone wanting to maintain a lifestyle based on being drawn rather than driven, and on fully celebrating all the pleasures of a lifetime.

Pleasured by the English Spy

by Bronwyn Scott

English spy Andrew Truesdale has been sent to Florence on a mission--to befriend widowed contessa Olivia di Montebaldi and discover if she's plotting a nationalist revolution in the aftermath of Napoleon's defeat. Andrew expects the assignment to be easy. After all, his job with the British Diplomatic Corps required him to perfect the art of flirtation and become a consummate seducer of women.Everything changes, however, when he arrives at Olivia's villa. Instead of the middle-aged woman he expects, Andrew finds a vivacious young beauty who piques his interest...and his lust.But while Andrew may be taken aback by the contessa, Olivia knows exactly who Andrew is...and that he is dangerous. She may let him claim her body, but can she trust him with her secrets?

Pleasured by the Secret Millionaire

by Natalie Anderson

Gorgeous millionaire Rhys Maitland is tired of women throwing themselves at him just because his name denotes success. On meeting Sienna, Rhys hides the truth and insists they share one night only. . . . But Sienna's got her own secrets. Dressing carefully to conceal the scar that plagues her life, she doesn't know she's been exquisitely pleasured--by a secret millionaire! But when one night isn't enough, Rhys and Sienna will have to strip themselves bare--in every sense!

Pleasured in the Billionaires Bed

by Miranda Lee

When Jack Cassidy first set eyes on Lisa, he had to have her. He knew it would take time, careful planning and execution-Lisa was the ultimate ice princess, perfectly groomed, controlled and cautious. She never dated rich, renowned playboys like Jack!But one long, hot night unleashed the kind of passion Lisa had never dared dream of. . . ;and the realization that she might have conceived Jack's baby. . . ;.

The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work

by Alain De Botton

De Botton is an author of both fiction and non-fiction who has employed a philosophical perspective in this volume to discuss "the joys and perils of the modern workplace. " Written for general readers, this volume examines a wide variety of occupations in the fields of art, finance, manufacturing, aviation and science to uncover what makes employment either fulfilling or "soul-destroying. " Black-and-white photographs by Richard Baker provide an interesting counterpoint to the text. Annotation ©2009 Book News, Inc. , Portland, OR (booknews. com)

Pleasures of a Notorious Gentleman

by Lorraine Heath

As the black sheep second son of an Earl, Stephen Lyons has gained a reputation in the art of seduction, but when his wicked ways result in scandal, he joins the army to redeem himself. On the battlefield, he proves courageous . . . until he is seriously wounded. Returning home to recover, he discovers he can't remember the angelic beauty who arrives at his doorstep, his babe nestled in her arms. Mercy Dawson will risk everything to protect the son of the dashing soldier she once knew and admired. When Stephen offers to do the honorable thing, she is determined that London's most notorious gentleman will desire her and no other. But Mercy fears that what began as an innocent deception could destroy her dreams and their blossoming love if Stephen ever learns the scandalous truth . . . They are masters of seduction, London's greatest lovers. Living for pleasure, they will give their hearts to no one . . . until love takes them by surprise.

Pleasures of a Tempted Lady

by Jennifer Haymore

DANGEROUS DESIRECaptain William Langley knows the ocean well, but nothing could prepare him for what he discovers adrift on the cold Irish Sea. The tiny boat carries two passengers: a child--and Meg Donovan, Will's long-lost love. Meg's disappearance at sea eight years ago was a devastating blow. Now she's back, as beautiful as ever, and with secrets as deep as Will's own . . . After years held captive by a cold-blooded pirate, Meg has finally escaped with little Jake, the boy she's come to love as if he were her own. But the pirate wants his revenge--and Meg must do whatever it takes to shield Jake from the madman. Determined not to lose Meg again, Will vows to protect them both, yet Meg can't risk putting the only man she's ever loved in danger. With the threat to her safety growing, and her passion for Will burning brighter every day, surrendering herself to Will might be a pleasure too tempting to resist . . .

The Pleasures of Chinese Cooking

by Grace Zia Chu

Recipes for popular Chinese-American dishes, how to work with woks and cleavers, the story of tea, how to order in a Chinese restaurant, and more.

Pleasures of God

by John Piper

The author, a pastor, discusses chapter by chapter the pleasures of God, from His pleasure in His Glory to His pleasure in the prayers of His people.

The Pleasures of God DVD Study Guide

by Desiring God

Find the Source of True SatisfactionIn this DVD version of his landmark book, The Pleasures of God, John Piper fully discusses the question: "What brings delight to the happiest Being in the universe?" The answer is crucial to joyful Christian maturity, because it's by knowing what makes God glad that we can drink deeply--and satisfyingly--from the only well that offers living water. In ten sessions, Piper teaches on: * The Worth and Excellency of God's Soul * Our Pleasure in God's Well-Placed Pleasures * God's Pleasure in His Eternal Son * God's Pleasure in the Display of His Glory * God's Pleasure in All That He Does * God's Pleasure in All of Creation * God's Pleasure in Election * God's Pleasure in Bruising His Son What followers of Jesus need now, more than anything else, is to know and love--behold and embrace--the great, glorious, sovereign, happy God of the Bible. Recorded in HD with subtitles in English, these video sessions are ideal for use in adult and youth Sunday school classes, small groups, retreats, classrooms, and families. To get the most from this resource, use it along with The Pleasures of God DVD Study GuideFrom the Trade Paperback edition.

The Pleasures of Japanese Cooking

by Heihachi Tanaka Betty A. Nicholas

Recipes for many Japanese dishes, also a glossary, an index, info on seasonings and flavorings, table settings, utensils, etiquette, how to serve a meal.

The Pleasures of Love: The Story of Catherine of Braganza (The Queens of England, Volume 9)

by Jean Plaidy

She was ready to endure all for the pleasures of love. Newly married to King Charles II, Catherine of Braganza has left her sheltered upbringing in Portugal for the notoriously licentious English court. She soon falls deeply in love with her charming, witty husband - but brought abruptly face to face with the true state of affairs at court, she becomes overwhelmed with despair. Catherine finds enemies everywhere: rivals for the King's affection and the more deadly Titus Oates - all determined to destroy her.

The Pleasures of Reading in an Age of Distraction

by Alan Jacobs

In recent years, cultural commentators have sounded the alarm about the dire state of reading in America. Americans are not reading enough, they say, or reading the right books, in the right way. In this book, Alan Jacobs argues that, contrary to the doomsayers, reading is alive and well in America. There are millions of devoted readers supporting hundreds of enormous bookstores and online booksellers. Oprah's Book Club is hugely influential, and a recent NEA survey reveals an actual uptick in the reading of literary fiction. Jacobs's interactions with his students and the readers of his own books, however, suggest that many readers lack confidence; they wonder whether they are reading well, with proper focus and attentiveness, with due discretion and discernment. Many have absorbed the puritanical message that reading is, first and foremost, good for you--the intellectual equivalent of eating your Brussels sprouts. For such people, indeed for all readers, Jacobs offers some simple, powerful, and much needed advice: read at whim, read what gives you delight, and do so without shame, whether it be Stephen King or the King James Version of the Bible. In contrast to the more methodical approach of Mortimer Adler's classic How to Read a Book(1940), Jacobs offers an insightful, accessible, and playfully irreverent guide for aspiring readers. Each chapter focuses on one aspect of approaching literary fiction, poetry, or nonfiction, and the book explores everything from the invention of silent reading, reading responsively, rereading, and reading on electronic devices. Invitingly written, with equal measures of wit and erudition,The Pleasures of Reading in an Age of Distraction will appeal to all readers, whether they be novices looking for direction or old hands seeking to recapture the pleasures of reading they first experienced as children.

Pleasures of the Night (Dream Guardians #1)

by Sylvia Day

In the Twilight between sleep and consciousness, a battle rages between Dream Guardians and Nightmares. Captain Aidan Cross is a legend, as skilled in fulfilling erotic dreams as he is with the glaive that kills his enemies. Women see Aidan as part of their fantasies . . . except Lyssa Bates. Exquisite, desirable, enigmatic Lyssa perplexes this immortal seducer because she sees him as he really is. And as he attempts to unravel her secrets the unthinkable occurs: Aidan Cross falls in love. Lyssa has been having the most incredible dreams about a man whose blue eyes hold the promise of decadent pleasures and tempting intimacies. And then he appears on her doorstep! This intoxicating stranger is just as irresistible as the man of her dreams . . . but with her surrender there is also grave danger . . . Because Aidan is on a mission, and the passion that consumes them body and soul could have dire consequences. Loving the mortal woman prophesied to destroy Aidan's world is not only impossible . . it is forbidden.

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