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The Horse America Made: The story of the American Saddle Horse

by Louis Taylor

Discusses the history, training, versatility and care of the American Saddlebred horse. The book also contains a compilation of true stories that shows the adaptability of Saddlebreds for cavalry mounts, fox hunters, Olympic jumpers, ranch horses and more. A short chapter on the American Saddlebred in South Africa rounds out this testament to the breed.

The Horse and the Plains Indians

by Dorothy Hinshaw Patent William Munoz

The image of a Native American on horseback has become ingrained in the American consciousness. But the Plains Indians and the horse were not always inseparable. Once, Native Americans used dogs to help carry their goods, and even after the Spaniards introduced the horse to the Americas, horses were considered so valuable that the Spanish would not allow the Indians to have them. But soon horses escaped from Spanish settlements, and Native Americans quickly learned how valuable the horse could be as a hunting mount, beast of burden, and military steed. Follow the story of this transformative partnership, starting in the early sixteenth century and continuing today.

Horse Blues

by Bonnie Bryant

The girls in the Saddle Club are making New Year's resolutions, but keeping them won't be easy. Can Stevie be nice to Veronica for a whole month? Can Lisa learn embroidery to make her mother happy? And will Carole give up junk food? The first one to waver from their resolution must pay a price!

A Horse Called Sky (Leveled Readers 4.1.1)

by Julia Hanna

Rick and his horse, Sky, will catch wild horses. What dangers will they meet? Read the story. Stop to summarize parts of the story.

Horse Capades

by Bonnie Bryant

The Saddle Club's number-one practical joker, Stevie Lake, has decided to reform. The only problem is, nobody believes her. Things get worse for poor Stevie when she tries to shoot a movie for school--Cinderella on horseback. After all, just because she's given up playing pranks on people, it doesn't mean she's given up wild schemes. But when no one in the cast cooperates, Stevie decides she has to revert to her old, practical joking ways . . . and then some. Watch out, Pine Hollow!

Horse Care (Saddle Club #76)

by Bonnie Bryant

HORSE CARE IS MORE THAN RIDING. When Lisa Atwood and her mother visit friends in a nearby town, Lisa doesn't expect to have a good time. She doesn't seem to have a lot in common with Marguerite, the friend's daughter, so it could be a long afternoon. But when Marguerite suggests that she and Lisa go riding, things start to look up. Marguerite's horse is gorgeous, and she's very pleased with it. In fact, she's so pleased that she rides off and leaves Lisa on a strange trail. Lisa doesn't mind too much--her horse is old but sweet-natured and it's a nice day. Then the mare stumbles, and Lisa is thrown. She can't ride and she can't walk. She's alone with just the horse for company. Can the horse care for Lisa and keep her safe until help arrives?

Horse Cents (Horsefeathers #2)

by Dandi Daley Mackall

Sarah "Scoop" Coop's life revolves around her horse, Orphan, and the stability of the family stable business. Scoop learns major coming-of-age lessons as she learns to rely on God.

Horse Crazy

by Bonnie Bryant

Carole Hanson and Stevie Lake have been best friends ever since they met at Pine Hollow Stables. So when Lisa Atwood joins their ridinggroup, the girls aren't sure she's got what it takes. Lisa may be the smartest student in the classroom, but she's got a lot to learn when it comes to horses. . . .

Horse Crazy 4: The Royal Show

by Alison Lester Roland Harvey

When Bonnie and Sam receive the invitation of their dreamsto assist their riding teacher at the Royal Showthey can't believe it! But on their way they encounter a starving pony that needs their help, and they must figure out a way to rescue the pony and help their teacher. The suspense will enthrall young readers as the two friends overcome a number of obstacles on their journey.

Horse Diaries #10: Darcy

by Ruth Sanderson Whitney Sanderson

Ireland, 1917. Darcy is a light gray Connemara pony with silver dapples. She's fast and tough, whether she's pulling a load of peat from the bog or riding around the rugged countryside with Shannon McKenna, her human family's eldest daughter. But when Mrs. McKenna needs a doctor, Darcy discovers a skill that will change her and her family's life forever. Like Black Beauty, this moving novel is told in first person from the horse's point of view and includes an appendix full of photos and facts about Connemara ponies and Irish history.

Horse Diaries #4: Maestoso Petra

by Jane Kendall

Vienna, Austria, 1938 Maestoso Petra is a world-famous Lipizzaner stallion. He has spent years in the Spanish Riding School, training to perform the complex airs above the ground that only Lipizzaner can accomplish. But when World War II breaks out in Europe, he learns to think less about performing and more about survival. Here is Maestoso Petra's story . . . in his own words. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Horse Diaries #8: Black Cloud

by Patricia Hermes Astrid Sheckels

Born in Northern Nevada in 1950, Black Cloud is a black-and-white mustang colt. He loves roaming free with the rest of his herd, playing with the other foals, and learning the ways of wild horses. But when humans intrude on this wandering life, Black Cloud's worled is changed forever. Like Black Beauty, this moving novel is told in first person from the horse's own point of view and includes an appendix full of photos and facts about mustangs and the history of the laws protecting them.From the Trade Paperback edition.

Horse Diaries: Golden Sun

by Whitney Sanderson

For anyone who has ever dreamed of hearing a horse's story. . . Oregon, 1790 Golden Sun is a chestnut snowflake Appaloosa. In summer, he treks through the mountains with his rider, a Nez Perce boy named Little Turtle, as he gathers healing plants. But when Little Turtle's best friend falls ill, Golden Sun discovers his true calling. Here is Golden Sun's story. . . in his own words. With moving and knowledgeable text and lovely black and white art throughout-by a mother-daughter team of horse experts-this is the perfect fit for all lovers of horses and history! From the Trade Paperback edition.

Horse Feathers

by Bonnie Bryant

Stevie Lake's a mom-to eight fuzzy goslings!Stevie Lake entered a contest to win a down comforter. Instead she got a new "family"-a nestful of goose eggs. But when the eggs hatch, it's love at first sight for Stevie and the goslings. Now Stevie's learning that being a mom is hard work: the goslings want to go everywhere Stevie goes, even to Pine Hollow. Stevie has to keep her "kids" safe while trying to learn a new skill-vaulting. The Saddle Club is determined to master vaulting and show Veronica diAngelo that success takes more than fancy coaches. Can they pull this off? Or is The Saddle Club plus eight goslings and one vaulting horse a recipe for disaster?

Horse Fever

by Bonnie Bryant

January is the cruelest month, at least for the Saddle Club. The weather is miserable: cold, rainy, and muddy. No one can go riding outside, and everyone is sick and tired of being inside. The only things left to do are clean tack and ride in the indoor ring. The Saddle Club is bored--bored of riding and even of horses. So what can they do? Lisa decides to try her hand at needlepoint--can't get much further away from riding than that. Carole decides that this would be the perfect opportunity to write a great novel. And Stevie decides that a little time in the kitchen whipping up treats sounds like a great idea. Will these activities help them rediscover their love of horses? Or is the Saddle Club about to untack for good?

Horse Fever (Girl Talk #25)

by L. E. Blair

What do you do when the most beautiful horse in the world scares you to death? When Randy and her friends decide to take riding lessons, Randy's determined not to let a secret from her riding days in New York City ruin her fun. But can Randy manage to overcome her past for the love of a horse?

Horse, Follow Closely

by Gawani Pony Boy

The bible of North American Horsemanship, Horse, Follow Closely is GaWaNi Pony Boy's signature title about the relationship training methods that are steeped in common sense and the age-old wisdom of his Native American ancestors. Of mixed blood Tsa-la-gi, GaWaNi Pony Boy was able to conceive his philosophy and compile the methods of relationship training while touring the United States with a Native American drum band and consulting the Tribal Elders from many different nations and backgrounds. The methods and beliefs of relationship training come directly from the first great horsemen of North America. "Horse and rider are one. Theirs is a relationship of trust, harmony, and respect born of a way of life that is all but lost." The stunning full-color photographs by Gabrielle Boiselle capture Pony Boy's serenity and unity with his close horse companions. The author's simple eloquence forges a deep, profound relationship with his readers that few books ever hope to achieve. As Pony Boy writes in the introduction, "For many [the Native American horseman] represents the ultimate rider. The essence of a horseman, both his skill and intuition, goes beyond the hours he spends in the saddle....the folklore of every Native tribe are stories, tales, and beliefs to exemplify human's relations to other animals." The book begins with an analysis of how horses came to live with the Natives of North America and horses' impact on Native life. The crux of relationship training, according to the author, is to understand "what it means to be a horse, react like a horse, and relate to other things like a horse...." Native Americans were able to create such strong relationship with horses in a short time because they understood that "a horse is a horse." Learning to balance the relationship between horse and human is the missing link to becoming a masterful horseman or horsewoman. The book describes not only the techniques involved for relationship training but also the belief system and attitude that must be applied to all methods of horsemanship.In addition to presenting the methods and philosophy of relationship training, Horse, Follow Closely also includes many stories and legends of Native Americans and their horses, all of which teach the reader something new about himself and his relationship with his horse.

A Horse for Christmas (Thoroughbred Ashleigh #2)

by Joanna Campbell

Before Thoroughbred, Ashleigh Griffen lived at Edgardale, her family's farm in Kentucky. Nothing could be more perfect than life on the farm with her family, her favorite horses, and her best friend, Mona. Ashleigh loves helping with the horses--and dreaming of becoming a jockey some day. . . Will Ashleigh lose the horse she loves? When Ashleigh Griffen first found Lightning, the poor mare was thin and sick. But now, because of Ashleigh's loving care, Lightning is a beautiful, healthy horse. Ashleigh dreams of all the wonderful things she will do once her family has officially adopted the mare. But then the humane society announces that they've found another home for Lightning--and they're going to take her away right before Christmas! Ashleigh is frantic. How can she make them understand that Lightning belongs to her?

A Horse for Mandy

by Lurlene Mcdaniel

Mandy realizes a dream when she receives a horse, Solana, for her thirteenth birthday. But, now that she has Solana, her best friend, Laura is acting strangely. What is going on?

Horse Games (Saddle Club #16)

by Bonnie Bryant

Stevie is excited about a great new sport--polocrosse. When she learns that the Horse Wise Pony Club will be playing against her boyfriend's team, she's thrilled. Now she'll finally have the chance to show him what a good rider she is!

Horse Happy (Wind Dancers, Book 2)

by Sibley Miller

Meet the Wind Dancers Four tiny horses with shiny manes and shimmering wings burst from a puff of dandelion seeds! Four magical horses who can fly. BOOK 2: Horse Happy The Wind Dancers happily set up home in a lovely apple tree house. They're ready to celebrate by going blackberry picking! Picture descriptions added.

Horse Housekeeping: Everything You Need to Know to Keep a Horse at Home

by Michael Korda Margaret Korda

In Horse Housekeeping, Margaret and Michael Korda (she is a successful novice- and training-level eventer and he is the author of Horse People) provide everything you need to know to set up a barn of your own and care for your horse (or horses) at home. Authoritative, inspirational, highly accessible, full of common sense and down-to-earth advice, all of it based on twenty-five years of experience, the Kordas' book is a basic resource for anybody who wants to keep horses in a safe, content, healthy, and cost-effective way at home, from detailed lists of things you need to have on hand to the basic (and not so basic) dos and don'ts of horse care. Divided into such useful chapters as "Fencing and Paddocks," "The Barn Routine," "The Care of the Horse," "People," "Feeding and Caring for the Horse," "Tack," "Horse Clothing," "Equipment," and "Care for the Aging Horse," it is helpfully illustrated and written in a voice that is at once informative, supportive, and full of funny (and not so funny) stories about horse housekeeping. The Kordas offer a unique and reliable guide to horse care that not only will be invaluable to beginner and experienced horse owners alike, but also is astonishingly readable. They take you through the steps of deciding if having a horse barn is practical for you, including helpful suggestions on space-saving barn designs, creating pastures, building fences, sample exercise routines, the right feed, the basics of horse health care, and the equipment needed for both horse care and property maintenance. This detailed, user-friendly compendium of down-home wisdom, entertaining stories, and straightforward horse sense will help you to set up a barn the right way, so you will have time to actually ride your horse.

A Horse in the House

by William Corbin

Melanie Webb was one of those girls who can't live without a horse. She wouldn't have minded if it had been a scrubby little pony, so long as she had one, but the horse she had was a winner, a white palomino stallion called Orbit. Orbit had been given to Melanie when she was ten and he was only three months old, and they had been growing up together ever since. Orbit was never out of her thoughts, and he waited all day for the moment she came home from school to ride him. Then Mom and Pop went away to San Francisco for a week, giving Melanie the perfect opportunity to put her cherished plan into action--her secret wish to bring Orbit inside the house. And any worries she had about the suspicious horse-dealer who had been haunting the neighbourhood were pushed to the back of her mind. Then one night Melanie went out to the barn to say good night to Orbit. But when she got there, there was no one to say it to. Orbit was gone, and the unoccupied stable was intolerably desolate and empty. Melanie felt useless, like a captain without a ship. Yet somewhere, somewhere in this nightmarish world, Orbit existed. And somewhere, she was sure of it, locked in her head was some little memory, a shred of a clue to the thief.

Horse in the House (Animal Ark #26)

by Ben M. Baglio

Mandy and James are sad that their friend Wilfred Bennett has to sell his riding stables. Things get even worse when Sam Western turns the land into a campsite and wants everyone to forget that the stables ever existed.

The Horse Latitudes

by Robert Ferrigno

Danny DiMedici's ex-wife Laura is missing, there's a corpse in her blood-spattered beach house, and Danny is the prime suspect.

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