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Lara Adrian's Midnight Breed 9-Book Bundle

by Lara Adrian

Prepare for seduction as Lara Adrian unleashes a new breed of vampire in this heart-pounding series of paranormal romance and suspense. Now in a convenient eBook bundle, here are the nine books leading up to the climactic Midnight Breed adventure, Darker After Midnight. Part human, part otherworldly, the Breed has lived among humankind for thousands of years, maintaining a tentative peace built on secrecy, power, and the dark justice carried out by the formidable warriors of the Order. But now, a blood war within the race is set to ignite. "Evocative, enticing, erotic . . . Enter Lara Adrian's vampire world and be enchanted!"--New York Times bestselling author J. R. Ward Vampires are going Rogue in startling numbers, feeding without discretion, killing humans in the streets. It is up to the Order to stop the spreading threat of Rogue domination--and in so doing, each of the warriors will be forced to confront private demons, darkest secrets, deepest fears. Some will know triumph, some will know loss, but each warrior can count on one thing: Love, when it finds him, will often come at the worst possible moment, with the least likely woman . . . and it will bring each of these powerful males to his knees. KISS OF MIDNIGHT KISS OF CRIMSON MIDNIGHT AWAKENING MIDNIGHT RISING VEIL OF MIDNIGHT ASHES OF MIDNIGHT SHADES OF MIDNIGHT TAKEN BY MIDNIGHT DEEPER THAN MIDNIGHT "A thrilling blend of dark passion and heart-pounding action. Lara Adrian always delivers a keeper!"--New York Times bestselling author Gena Showalter

Lara: Book One of the World of Hetar

by Bertrice Small

Welcome, dear reader, to the world of Hetar, a realm of Forest Lords, of Shadow Princes and Coastal Kings. A land of passions, both civilized and savage. Where the social classes know their place, but where anyone can, under the right conditions, advance to the highest pinnacle. This is a place where pleasure is never censured, but encouraged, and where deception and desire may be intertwined. The orderly, elegant veneer of refined Hetar can no longer ignore the rebellion brewing in the Outlands, a dangerous place of both magic and mystery. From the city that is the very center of Hetar, Lara, the beautiful half-faerie daughter of John Swiftsword, ventures forth on a journey that will awaken her, both body and soul, as she learns the true meaning of love that will last an eternity #151;and a searing passion that will change the destiny of Hetar forever.

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life

by Dave Stern

The official novelization to the Paramount Pictures film. Within a long-lost temple Lara Croft discovers the key to the deadliest artifact of all time--the legendary Pandora's Box, which contains a lethal plague.

Lara Gets Even (Making Out, Book 16)

by Katherine Applegate

Kate's been searching for the boy who rescued her at Ben's party and it seems she's about to find him. Lara wants Jake back, so she dreams up a scheme that will lead Kate straight to the wrong guy. Now Nina wants Ben back and Lara thinks she wants Ben, too. Kate turns Jake down but he continues to dodge Lara and stay away from alcohol. The seniors are thinking about college next fall while Nina worries how she'll make it with all of her friends off to colleges far from the island. Aisha thinks she still loves Christopher but since he's away at basic training in the Army, she gives in to her attraction to David. Zoey and Lucas are still together squabbling over little things. Love and life are so unpredictable! Read about how the couples started and how they've changed in all of the 28 books in the Making Out Series available From Bookshare, including: #1 Zoey Fools Around, #2 Jake Finds Out, #3 Nina Won't Tell, #4 Ben's In Love, #5 Claire Gets Caught, # 6 What Zoey Saw, #7 Lucas Gets Hurt, #8 Aisha Goes Wild, #9 Zoey Plays Games, #10 Nina Shapes Up, #11 Ben Takes A Chance, #12 Claire Can't Lose, #13 Don't tell Zoey, #14 Aaron Lets Go, #15 Who Loves Kate?, #17 Two Timing Aisha, #18 Zoey Speaks Out, #19 Kate Finds Love, #20 Never Trust Lara, #21 Trouble with Aaron, #22 Always Loving Zoey, #24 Now Zoey's Alone, #25 Don't Forget Lara, #26 Zoey's Broken Heart, #27 Falling for Claire, and last, #28 Zoey Comes Home.

Lara Gets Lucky (Making Out, Book 23)

by Katherine Applegate

Lara gets lucky when she spots Lucas and Nina alone together. She's been looking for ways to hurt Zoey, and now the people Zoey loves most have played right into Lara's hands. Lara has a dangerous secret--and she intends to use it... Book #23 in the Making Out series answers a lot of questions if you're interested in teenagers, especially teenagers in and out of love. Which guy married at age sixteen? Which girl likes sour cream potato chips? Which boy and girl feel guilty? Which girl is worse than moody? Which boy is in denial? Which girl spills her boy friend's soup on his way to work? Which girl is confused? Which boy has integrity? Which girl is furious enough to break her engagement? Which girl is being stalked and is afraid for her life? Which boy is on a protein diet? Which guy works out to gangsta rap? Which girl wants revenge? Put the whole story together by reading the entire 28 book series available from Bookshare including: #1 Zoey Fools Around, #2 Jake Finds Out, #3 Nina Won't Tell, #4 Ben's In Love, #5 Claire Gets Caught, #6 What Zoey Saw, #7 Lucas Gets Hurt, #8 Aisha Goes Wild, #9 Zoey Plays Games, #10 Nina Shapes Up, #11 Ben Takes A Chance, #12 Claire Can't Lose, #13 Don't tell Zoey, #14 Aaron Lets Go, #15 Who Loves Kate?, #16 Lara Gets Even, #17 Two Timing Aisha, #19 Kate Finds Love, #20 Never Trust Lara, #21 Trouble With Aaron, #22 Always Loving Zoey, #24 Now Zoey's Alone, #25 Don't Forget Lara, #26 Zoey's Broken Heart, #27 Falling for Claire, and last, #28 Zoey Comes Home.

Lara (World of Hetar #1)

by Bertrice Small

New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author and master of romance Bertrice Small welcomes you to the magical, sensual World of Hetar. For Lara, a half faerie, half human, her beauty is a blessing and a curse. Sold into a Pleasure House by her father, she commits herself to a lifetime of servitude. But even in a place where pleasure is not censured but encouraged, her otherworldly beauty proves too much for her suitors.When Lara escapes, she is introduced to a new way of life, and an incredible man who opens her eyes to the growing unrest among their people... and the extraordinary destiny that awaits her. Lara will journey the depths of desire and despair to find a love that will last an eternity-a love that will change Hetar forever.

The Laramie Project

by Moises Kaufman

On October 7, 1998, a young gay man was discovered bound to a fence in the hills outside Laramie, Wyoming, savagely beaten and left to die in an act of hate that shocked the nation. Matthew Shepard's death became a national symbol of intolerance, but for the people of Laramie the event was deeply personal, and it's they we hear in this stunningly effective theater piece, a deeply complex portrait of a community.

The Laramie Project and The Laramie Project: Ten Years Later

by Moises Kaufman Andy Paris Tectonic Theater Project Greg Pierotti Leigh Fondakowski

On October 7, 1998, a young gay man was discovered bound to a fence outside Laramie, Wyoming, savagely beaten and left to die in an act of brutality and hate that shocked the nation. Matthew Shepard's death became a national symbol of intolerance, but for the people of the town, the event was deeply personal. In the aftermath, Moisés Kaufman and members of the Tectonic Theater Project went to Laramie and conducted more than 200 interviews with its citizens. From the transcripts, the playwrights constructed an extraordinary chronicle of life in the town after the murder. Since its premiere, The Laramie Project has become a modern classic and one of the most-performed theater pieces in America. <P> Now, in this expanded edition, The Laramie Project: Ten Years Later adds an essential sequel to the original work. Revisiting the town a decade after the tragedy, the troupe finds a community grappling with its legacy and its place in history. The two plays together comprise an epic and deeply moving theatrical cycle that explores the life of an American town over the course a decade.

Lara's Gift

by Annemarie O'Brien

Young Lara is being groomed in the family tradition to take over as Count Voronstov's next kennel steward, breeding borzoi dogs worthy of the Tsar. But then Lara's baby brother is born and she finds herself supplanted as her father decides to make her brother the next kennel steward. Going against her father's wishes and becoming increasingly sure of her special gift of understanding these incredible dogs, Lara risks everything when she reveals the truth about her visions. Now she must save Zar, her favorite borzoi and the one she raised from birth, from a hungry pack of wolves. Only then can she find her own, extraordinary destiny. . . .

LARB Digital Edition: A Legible Science

by Los Angeles Review of Books

We're all prone to excess, even in discussions of excess, observes biologist and science writer Marlene Zuk. This year has been marked by another rainfall of books about humans destroying the environment in which they evolved, a few about the a priori Darwinian mismatch between humans and their so-called "natural" environments, and a great many more about the even greater mismatch between humans and their constructed environments. This month's Digital Edition gathers some of the best essays and reviews from LARB's Science Section that deal with aspects of the mismatch, and how scientific discoveries and agendas are changing how we think about them. Several also deal with issues of legibility -- how science goes about making legible human experience, not to mention environmental impacts. From the exploding fields of neuroscience and genetics to reading the movement of glaciers, this month's selection of articles is the perfect match for readers in search of a legible science.

Larceny and Lace (Vintage Magic #2)

by Annette Blair

Madeira Cutler is busy opening her new vintage clothing store in what was once the town's morgue when she discovers an intruder snooping around a bunch of bones in a body drawer. Now, she'll have to dig up more than the past to solve a crime.

Larceny Games

by Brian Tuohy

Major League Baseball claims it hasn't had a game fixed by gamblers since 1919. No points have been shaved in the NBA since 1954. And the NFL states no game of theirs has come under outside influence - ever. These, however, are lies. The proof resides in FBI files only recently uncovered and discussed in Larceny Games.

Laredo (Stagecoach Station, # 2)

by Hank Mitchum

At high noon the dusty border pueblo of Laredo would be charged with excitement. The wily curly wolf of an outlaw, Bart Campion -- a legend along the Rio Grande -- had finally been caught and was about to be hung for murder. Spectators from all over the rugged spine of Texas and beyond filled the Laredo-bound stages to bursting, including vulnerable eighteen-year-old Molly Bishop desperate to have Bart reveal the answer to the question that has shadowed her entire life before he dies. For help she turned to the strong young rancher Owen Pryor who has his own dark score from the past to settle with Bart and his gang. And he will get his chance because Bart's longriders are also headed for Laredo -- sworn to spring Bart free and turn the streets of Laredo to blood.

Laredo's Sassy Sweetheart (Cowboys by the Dozen, Book 2)

by Tina Leonard

Laredo Jefferson was eight seconds from shaking the dust of Union Junction, Texas, from his boots. Eight seconds from discovering the Something Big he was destined to do. He couldn't reckon how he'd promised those eight seconds to sweet filly Katy Goodnight, but he sure as shootin' knew why. He wanted to be her hero. And that meant riding the beast Bloodthirsty Black. Laredo was a lover, not a bull rider. Still, he craved a challenge--and so, it seemed, did Katy. For this gun-shy Lonely Hearts gal handpicked him to unsaddle her of her virginity. Suddenly, where Katy was concerned, eight seconds could never be enough...

Large Animal Clinical Procedures for Veterinary Technicians (2nd edition)

by Kristin J. Holtgrew-Bohling

Covering the role of the veterinary technician in large-animal care, Large Animal Clinical Procedures for Veterinary Technicians, 2nd Edition provides a comprehensive guide to large-animal clinical diagnostic, medical, and surgical procedures. Not only does this book show why and how each procedure is performed, but it shows the vet tech's role in preparing for, assisting in, and following up on each one. Coverage of herd health care helps you understand the essentials of behavior and handling, safety, breeds, vaccination schedules, and common parasites. This edition adds case studies and clinical applications in each chapter, and a new section with an overview on livestock management. Written by educator and horse stable owner Kristin Holtgrew-Bohling, this book helps you pass your boards and gain certification, and can also be used as an on-the-job reference. A focus on the veterinary technician's role includes a description of each procedure in terms of the vet tech's responsibilities, explaining why and how the procedure is performed. Full-color photographs and line drawings show restraint, bandaging, physical examination techniques, and diagnostic procedures. A practical approach makes this text useful in classes and in clinical situations, so veterinary technicians, acting under instructions of veterinarians, can plan and follow through on procedures and treatment regimens for large animals. Proper medical terminology and common/layperson terminology are both used, helping you communicate effectively with clients and with other professionals. AVMA accreditation is promoted through coverage of the essential large animal-related tasks in the CVTEA Manual of Accreditation for Veterinary Technology Programs. New section on the livestock industry provides a wider background of herd health care so you can better understand the practices, procedures, and decisions of large animal veterinary medicine. New section on llamas and alpacas helps you understand the health and maintenance of these increasingly popular domestic animals -- in the U. S. , there are more than 12,000 alpaca herds and 25,000 llama owners. Emphasis on husbandry demonstrates how everyday housing and feeding affect care of common large animal diseases, including client education. Addition of case studies and clinical applications to each chapter helps you develop skills such as good history taking, decision making, and thinking on your feet. Coverage of herd health care includes behavior and handling, safety, breeds, vaccination schedules, and common parasites. Vet Tech Threads focus your learning with learning objectives, key terms, chapter outlines, and Technician Notes. Other added coverage includes photos of breeds and vaccination and parasite tables.

The Large-Cap Portfolio

by Thomas Villalta

The practical guide to finding value and opportunity in large-cap stocks using investor behaviorLarge-Cap is an abbreviation of the term "large market capitalization" and refers to the stock of publicly traded companies with market capitalization values of roughly more than $10 billion, like Walmart, Microsoft, and Ford. Because of their size, the conventional view is that these companies do not present investors with an ability to be opportunistic. The Large-Cap Portfolio + Website argues that, contrary to popular perceptions, significant opportunities exist in these stocks.Written with a fluency that both the savvy amateur and professional investor will understand, the book fills a void in the market by offering the practitioner a methodology to identify and approach the major assumptions that underlie valuation, with an emphasis on issues that are more relevant to the analysis of large-cap stocks.Full of useful information on how to reap the rewards of stocks that most investors avoidPresents essential insights into understanding stock valuationIncludes an actionable chapter devoted to portfolio managementPacked with timely instruction, Large-Cap Portfolio gives readers invaluable insights and examples of how to build portfolios that will out-perform broad market benchmarks.

Large Garbage

by Buffy Cram

In the surreal world of Buffy Cram's stories, someone or something has slipped beneath the skins of her already beleaguered characters, rearranging the familiar into something strange and even sinister, making off with their emotional and even physical goods.In Large Garbage: A Radio Belly Single, a smug suburbanite becomes obsessed with the "hybrids," the wandering mob of intellectual vagrants overrunning his complacent little cul de sac, snacking on pate and reciting poetry. Equally repelled by the hybrids' uncleanliness and intrigued by their freedom, Henry draws dangerously close to their secret nighttime life of sloshing claret and Proust quotes that overflow from finger-printed wine glasses and dirt-smudged lips. As the LA Times wrote: this "'new breed of homelessness'...cleverly envisions an alternative to the ever-widening circle of consumption that defines us now."

The Large Hadron Collider

by Martin Beech

It may at first seem that the world of subatomic physics is far removed from our every day lives. Isn't it all just a waste of time and taxpayers' money? Hopefully, all who read this book will come to a different conclusion. Collider physics is all about our origins, and this aspect alone makes it worthy of our very best attention. The experiments conducted within the vast collider chambers are at the forefront of humanity's quest to unweave the great tapestry that is the universe. Everything is connected. Within the macrocosm is the microcosm. By knowing how matter is structured, how atoms and elementary particles interact, and what forces control the interactions between the particles, we discover further clues as to why the universe is the way it is, and we uncover glimpses of how everything came into being. The Large Hadron Collider (LHC), in the process of coming online at CERN, is the world's largest and most complex machine. It represents the pinnacle of human ingenuity, and its physical characteristics, costs, and workings astound us at every turn. We are literally humbled by the machine that has been produced through a grand international collaboration of scientists. This book is about what those scientists hope to discover with the LHC, for hopes do run high, and there is much at stake. Careers, reputations and prestigious science prizes will be realized, and possibly lost, in the wake of the results that the LHC will produce. And there are risks, real and imagined. The LHC will probe the very fabric of matter and it will help us understand the very weft and the weave of the universe.

Large Herbivores (World of Animals: Mammals #5)

by Pat Morris Amy-Jane Beer

This book offers a detailed introduction to large plant eaters, including elephants, rhinos, hippos, horses and zebras, camels and llamas, pigs and peccaries and tapirs. Introduces the animals habitat, status, scientific name, and fascinating facts about each.

Large Igneous Provinces

by Richard E. Ernst

Large Igneous Provinces (LIPs) are intraplate magmatic events, involving volumes of mainly mafic magma upwards of 100,000 km3, and often above 1 million km3. They are linked to continental break-up, global environmental catastrophes, regional uplift and a variety of ore deposit types. In this up-to-date, fascinating book, leading expert Richard Ernst explores all aspects of LIPs, beginning by introducing their definition and essential characteristics. Topics covered include continental and oceanic LIPs; their origins, structures, and geochemistry; geological and environmental effects; association with silicic, carbonatite and kimberlite magmatism; and analogues of LIPs in the Archean, and on other planets. The book concludes with an assessment of LIPs' influence on natural resources such as mineral deposits, petroleum and aquifers. This is a one-stop resource for researchers and graduate students in a wide range of disciplines, including tectonics, igneous petrology, geochemistry, geophysics, Earth history, and planetary geology, and for mining industry professionals.

Large MIMO Systems

by A. Chockalingam

Large MIMO systems, with tens to hundreds of antennas, are a promising emerging communication technology. This book provides a unique overview of this technology, covering the opportunities, engineering challenges, solutions, and state-of-the-art of large MIMO test beds. There is in-depth coverage of algorithms for large MIMO signal processing, based on meta-heuristics, belief propagation and Monte Carlo sampling techniques, and suited for large MIMO signal detection, precoding, and LDPC code designs. The book also covers the training requirement and channel estimation approaches in large-scale point-to-point and multi-user MIMO systems; spatial modulation is also included. Issues like pilot contamination and base station cooperation in multi-cell operation are addressed. A detailed exposition of MIMO channel models, large MIMO channel sounding measurements in the past and present, and large MIMO test beds is also presented. An ideal resource for academic researchers, next generation wireless system designers and developers, and practitioners in wireless communications.

Large Sample Covariance Matrices and High-Dimensional Data Analysis

by Jianfeng Yao Shurong Zheng Zhidong Bai

High-dimensional data appear in many fields, and their analysis has become increasingly important in modern statistics. However, it has long been observed that several well-known methods in multivariate analysis become inefficient, or even misleading, when the data dimension p is larger than, say, several tens. A seminal example is the well-known inefficiency of Hotelling's T2-test in such cases. This example shows that classical large sample limits may no longer hold for high-dimensional data; statisticians must seek new limiting theorems in these instances. Thus, the theory of random matrices (RMT) serves as a much-needed and welcome alternative framework. Based on the authors' own research, this book provides a first-hand introduction to new high-dimensional statistical methods derived from RMT. The book begins with a detailed introduction to useful tools from RMT, and then presents a series of high-dimensional problems with solutions provided by RMT methods.

Large Scale Network-Centric Distributed Systems

by Albert Y. Zomaya Hamid Sarbazi-Azad

A highly accessible reference offering a broad range of topics and insights on large scale network-centric distributed systemsEvolving from the fields of high-performance computing and networking, large scale network-centric distributed systems continues to grow as one of the most important topics in computing and communication and many interdisciplinary areas. Dealing with both wired and wireless networks, this book focuses on the design and performance issues of such systems.Large Scale Network-Centric Distributed Systems provides in-depth coverage ranging from ground-level hardware issues (such as buffer organization, router delay, and flow control) to the high-level issues immediately concerning application or system users (including parallel programming, middleware, and OS support for such computing systems). Arranged in five parts, it explains and analyzes complex topics to an unprecedented degree:Part 1: Multicore and Many-Core (Mc) Systems-on-ChipPart 2: Pervasive/Ubiquitous Computing and Peer-to-Peer SystemsPart 3: Wireless/Mobile NetworksPart 4: Grid and Cloud ComputingPart 5: Other Topics Related to Network-Centric Computing and Its ApplicationsLarge Scale Network-Centric Distributed Systems is an incredibly useful resource for practitioners, postgraduate students, postdocs, and researchers.

Large-Scale Solar Power Systems

by Peter Gevorkian

This book is a comprehensive discussion and economic analysis of large-scale solar power systems, specifically referencing critical issues related to design construction and financing. The book provides practical design, installation, and financing guidelines for large-scale commercial and industrial solar power projects. Engineering design and construction methodologies as well as economic analysis provide a step by step walk-through of all aspects of solar power systems. Design methodologies outline the specific requirements of solar and electrical design and construction documentation in meticulous detail, which can readily be applied to ground mount, roof mount, building integrated (BIPV), and carport-type solar power projects. In view of the importance of solar power systems as a viable present and future energy resource, the book includes a dedicated chapter on smart grid transmission and large-scale energy storage systems.

Large Simple Trials and Knowledge Generation in a Learning Health System

by Institute of Medicine Forum on Drug Discovery, Development, and Translation Board on Health Sciences Policy Rebecca A. English Julia Sanders Roundtable on Value and Science-Driven Health Care Claudia Grossmann

Randomized clinical trials (RCTs) are often referred to as the "gold standard" of clinical research. However, in its current state, the U.S. clinical trials enterprise faces substantial challenges to the efficient and effective conduct of research. Streamlined approaches to RCTs, such as large simple trials (LSTs), may provide opportunities for progress on these challenges. Clinical trials support the development of new medical products and the evaluation of existing products by generating knowledge about safety and efficacy in pre- and post-marketing settings and serve to inform medical decision making and medical product development. Although well-designed and -implemented clinical trials can provide robust evidence, a gap exists between the evidence needs of a continuously learning health system, in which all medical decisions are based on the best available evidence, and the reality, in which the generation of timely and practical evidence faces significant barriers. Large Simple Trials and Knowledge Generation in a Learning Health System is the summary of a workshop convened by the Institute of Medicine's Roundtable on Value & Science-Driven Health Care and the Forum on Drug Discovery, Development, and Translation. Experts from a wide range of disciplines--including health information technology, research funding, clinical research methods, statistics, patients, product development, medical product regulation, and clinical outcomes research--met to marshal a better understanding of the issues, options, and approaches to accelerating the use of LSTs. This publication summarizes discussions on the potential of LSTs to improve the speed and practicality of knowledge generation for medical decision making and medical product development, including efficacy and effectiveness assessments, in a continuously learning health system. Large Simple Trials and Knowledge Generation in a Learning Health System explores acceleration of the use of LSTs to improve the speed and practicality of knowledge generation for medical decision making and medical product development; considers the concepts of LST design, examples of successful LSTs, the relative advantages of LSTs, and the infrastructure needed to build LST capacity as a routine function of care; identifies structural, cultural, and regulatory barriers hindering the development of an enhanced LST capacity; discusses needs and strategies in building public demand for and participation in LSTs; and considers near-term strategies for accelerating progress in the uptake of LSTs in the United States.

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