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The Ruthless Caleb Wilde

by Sandra Marton

Caleb Wilde, infamous attorney, has a merciless streak and a razor-sharp mind...Years of relentless work have hardened Caleb's heart-until one New York night changes everything. Now, he's haunted by the memory of tangled sheets, unrivaled passion and one woman-Sage Dalton.The siren of his dreams is, in reality, the woman who played him for a fool-but still nothing can satiate his burning desire for her. So when he learns that Sage has something very precious that belongs to him, a gift from their one night, Caleb will stop at nothing to claim it!

The Ruthless Charmer: The Rogues of Regent Street

by Julia London

London traces the exciting and dangerous lifestyles of the Rogues who interrupt the growing relationship between Julian and Claudia. "The Ruthless Charmer" is an essential novel for lovers of historical romance.

Ruthless Game

by Danielle Girard

The wet sheet slipped slowly from her face and she began to count. There were eleven, in all. She was last in line, but he was getting closer. He'd be to her soon... As though stumbling out of a nightmare, rookie cop Alex Kincaid awakens in her car, dazed and confused. Parked on an unfamiliar street, she's outside an unfamiliar home with no recollection of how she got there, and no memory of the night before. Then her nightmare becomes reality. Alex's first call of the day takes her to the same street, to the same house, where a man has been brutally killed. Alex thinks the man is a perfect stranger-until she finds herself the main suspect in his murder. And now, as she races to clear her name, she's haunted by memories of a horrific thirty-year-old crime-a crime that links her to the dead man...and marks her as the killer's next target.

Ruthless Lover

by Sarah Holland

Lady Serena Flaxton did not capitulate to anyone -- even if they had saved the family's ancestral home. Nick Colterne might be devastatingly attractive, he might have millions, but there were some things money could not buy -- and one of those things was her body. She would marry him -- if she must -- but if he thought she would go willingly to his bed, or would provide him with the heir he so desperately wanted, he would have to think again.

Ruthless Stranger

by Margaret Mayo

There Were Terms, All Right...But the only way that Nicholas Grant Thornton was going to stay at Thornton Hall would be on Briony's terms. Her stepfather's will had been very clear-the house belonged to her. So why was this arrogant but enigmatic man claiming to be the rightful heir? Until the supposed second will could be found, Nicholas would remain an uninvited guest.Yet Briony was soon discovering that living under the same roof as Nicholas required more than just house rules. There were rules she was having to make for herself, including one that forbade her to react to Nicholas's appeal. After all, he'd stated that Thronton Hall would be his, and the simplest way to make certain of that would be to marry Briony....

Ruthless Trust: The Ragamuffin's Path To God

by Brennan Manning

This book is written for new and old christians with an emphasis on trusting God. The book is filled with interesting stories which make the author's point.

Ruthless Tycoon, Inexperienced Mistress

by Cathy Williams

Cesar Caretti has had a string of sophisticated socialites warming his bed--until he meets Jude. Her untainted beauty sets his Spanish blood on fire! Jude struggles to keep up with Cesar's glamorous world. Then her inexperience is fully revealed: she's expecting the Spaniard's baby. For Cesar there is only one option--marriage. After all, he is a Caretti. And, as Jude discovers, his proposal is not a question. . . it's a command!

Ruthlessly Bedded, Forcibly Wedded

by Abby Green

Multimillionaire Vincenzo Valentini believed Cara Brosnan played a role in his sister's downfall. He sought her out to make her pay. He seduced her, revealed his identity--and cruelly discarded her. But Cara has done no wrong. She's shocked and mortified that she gave her virginity so willingly to the ruthless Vincenzo. To make matters worse, she's just discovered she's expecting--and now the dark-hearted Italian is claiming her once more. . . this time as his wife!

Ruth's Journey

by Donald Mccaig

Authorized by the Margaret Mitchell Estate, here is the first-ever prequel to one of the most beloved and bestselling novels of all time, Gone with the Wind. The critically acclaimed author of Rhett Butler's People magnificently recounts the life of Mammy, one of literature's greatest supporting characters, from her days as a slave girl to the outbreak of the Civil War."Her story began with a miracle." On the Caribbean island of Saint Domingue, an island consumed by the flames of revolution, a senseless attack leaves only one survivor--an infant girl. She falls into the hands of two French émigrés, Henri and Solange Fournier, who take the beautiful child they call Ruth to the bustling American city of Savannah. What follows is the sweeping tale of Ruth's life as shaped by her strong-willed mistress and other larger-than-life personalities she encounters in the South: Jehu Glen, a free black man with whom Ruth falls madly in love; the shabbily genteel family that first hires Ruth as Mammy; Solange's daughter Ellen and the rough Irishman, Gerald O'Hara, whom Ellen chooses to marry; the Butler family of Charleston and their shocking connection to Mammy Ruth; and finally Scarlett O'Hara--the irrepressible Southern belle Mammy raises from birth. As we witness the difficult coming of age felt by three generations of women, gifted storyteller Donald McCaig reveals a portrait of Mammy that is both nuanced and poignant, at once a proud woman and a captive, and a strict disciplinarian who has never experienced freedom herself. But despite the cruelties of a world that has decreed her a slave, Mammy endures, a rock in the river of time. She loves with a ferocity that would astonish those around her if they knew it. And she holds tight even to those who have been lost in the ravages of her days. Set against the backdrop of the South from the 1820s until the dawn of the Civil War, here is a remarkable story of fortitude, heartbreak, and indomitable will--and a tale that will forever illuminate your reading of Margaret Mitchell's unforgettable classic, Gone with the Wind.

Rutka's Notebook: A Voice From The Holocaust

by Kelly Knauer Rutka Laskier

Rutka Laskier, a 14-year-old Jewish girl in the town of Bedzin in Poland, died in Auschwitz in 1943. But she left behind a notebook in which she recorded her thoughts, fears and dreams. Some are the musings of any adolescent girl; others are the despairing cries of an individual caught in history's vortex. Now, after 60 years in the keeping of a friend, that notebook has been recovered - and it opens a unique, moving window into the everyday life of Polish Jews caught in the throes of Adolf Hitler's Final Solution. Hailed as the " Polish Anne Frank," Rutka Laskier now speaks to us across the decades: a witness to evil, a voice for the silent, and a timeless symbol of resolve. The editors of TIME add annotations, photos, maps, and quotations that help bring this tragic era into compelling focus for today's readers.

Rutland Place (Thomas and Charlotte Pitt #5)

by Anne Perry

Things are not what they seem in fashionable Rutland Place, where secrets that are never discussed at tea include murder <P> When her mother asks her help in finding a lost locket with a compromising picture, neither Charlotte Pitt, nor her mother, has any idea that the locket may be at the center of a bizarre chain of events leading to murder. Arriving at her mother's home at Rutland Place, Charlotte discovers that other residents of the exclusive neighborhood have also suffered similar small thefts. It all appears quite mild as crimes go--a light-fingered servant, perhaps. That is, until Mina Spencer-Brown, a woman known for her prying, is poisoned and dies.<P> Inspector Thomas Pitt quickly surmises that Mina's snooping might have led to her murder, but what secrets had she stumbled upon? And whose? As Pitt patiently struggles to break down the protective silence of high-born neighbors, Charlotte works behind the closed doors of society's drawing rooms to help unravel a mystery that reveals sordid secrets and the chilling, dark corners of human behavior.

Rutter's Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

by Jim S. Stevenson Daniel Pine Steven Scott Sir Michael Rutter Eric A. Taylor Anita Thapar Dorothy Bishop

Rutter's Child and Adolescent Psychiatry has become an established and accepted textbook of child psychiatry. Now completely revised and updated, the fifth edition provides a coherent appraisal of the current state of the field to help trainee and practising clinicians in their daily work. It is distinctive in being both interdisciplinary and international, in its integration of science and clinical practice, and in its practical discussion of how researchers and practitioners need to think about conflicting or uncertain findings.This new edition now offers an entirely new section on conceptual approaches, and several new chapters, including:neurochemistry and basic pharmacologybrain imaginghealth economicspsychopathology in refugees and asylum seekersbipolar disorderattachment disordersstatistical methods for cliniciansThis leading textbook provides an accurate and comprehensive account of current knowledge, through the integration of empirical findings with clinical experience and practice, and is essential reading for professionals working in the field of child and adolescent mental health, and clinicians working in general practice and community pediatric settings.

RV Living in the 21st Century

by Peggi Mcdonald

A guide for all Rvers need to know. Provides all the information about RVs.

RV There Yet?

by Diann Hunt

A group of women embark on an adventure to save there childhood camp.

The RVer's Bible (Revised and Updated)

by Kim Baker Sunny Baker

The Rver's Bible is the ultimate guide to living and traveling in a recreational vehicle. From purchasing, maintaining, and driving the rig to navigating the emotional pitfalls of life on the road, this handbook covers all the bases. Now revised and updated, the RVer's Bible keeps you up-to-date with all the new technologies and systems of the 21st century RV.

Rx for Survival

by Hilts Philip J.

In conjunction with PBS, Philip J. Hilts, longtime New York Times science and health reporter, has travelled the world to visit the sites of both the greatest disease peril - where the threat of runaway outbreaks is most severe - and places in which remarkably powerful new approaches are leading to astonishing success in combating the disease menace. Reporting on in-depth research and interviews with the dominant players, Hilts brings to life the crucial choice facing the world community. The leading nations and global organizations now have the means to win the fight against 'the coming plague' if they will only join together and devote the resources to doing so. By telling the moving stories of a host of individuals who have been plagued by the disease threat as well as the inspiring stories of the pioneers who are fighting the good fight Hilts brings the story of this crucial moment in world history to vivid life in a book that will be essential reading for all those concerned about this vital global challenge.

Rx from the Garden

by Kathleen Barnes

Your backyard becomes an all-natural pharmacy!Colds. Headaches. Upset stomach, Allergy symptoms. Depression. Circulation problems. This timely book goes beyond using herbs as medicine; it also focuses on beneficial foods for more than 100 common ailments and shows you how to grow them. In that way, RX from the Garden lets you circumvent expensive meds with questionable side effects by explaining what foods to eat to help you feel better. In addition to aligning health problems with natural cures, this valuable resource provides step-by-step instruction on how to easily cultivate the corresponding vegetables and herbs in your lawn, garden, or flowerbed. According to Hippocrates, "Our food should be our medicine. Our medicine should be our food. " Now you can reap health benefits for your very own backyard bounty.

Ryan Adams: Losering, A Story of Whiskeytown

by David Menconi

Before he achieved his dream of being an internationally known rock personality, Ryan Adams had a band in Raleigh, North Carolina. Whiskeytown led the wave of insurgent-country bands that came of age with No Depression magazine in the mid-1990s, and for many people it defined the era. Adams was an irrepressible character, one of the signature personalities of his generation, and as a singer-songwriter he blew people away with a mature talent that belied his youth. David Menconi witnessed most of Whiskeytown's rocket ride to fame as the music critic for the Raleigh News & Observer, and in Ryan Adams, he tells the inside story of the singer's remarkable rise from hardscrabble origins to success with Whiskeytown, as well as Adams's post-Whiskeytown self-reinvention as a solo act. Menconi draws on early interviews with Adams, conversations with people close to him, and Adams's extensive online postings to capture the creative ferment that produced some of Adams's best music, including the albums Strangers Almanac and Heartbreaker. He reveals that, from the start, Ryan Adams had an absolutely determined sense of purpose and unshakable confidence in his own worth. At the same time, his inability to hold anything back, whether emotions or torrents of songs, often made Adams his own worst enemy, and Menconi recalls the excesses that almost, but never quite, derailed his career. Ryan Adams is a fascinating, multifaceted portrait of the artist as a young man, almost famous and still inventing himself, writing songs in a blaze of passion.

Ryan and Jimmy: And The Well in Africa That Brought Them Together

by Herb Shoveller

It costs a lot of money to build a well in Africa -- a lot more than Ryan Hreljac had thought. Still, the six year old kept doing chores around his parents' house, even after he learned it could take him years to earn enough money. Then a friend of the family wrote an article in the local newspaper about Ryan's wish to build a well to supply people with safe, clean water. Before long, ripples of goodwill began spreading. People started sending money to help pay for Ryan's well. Ryan was interviewed on television. His dream of a well became an international news story. In Agweo, Uganda, villagers were used to walking a long way every day in search of water. What they found was often brown and smelly and made a lot of people sick. But when Ryan's well was built, life in the village changed for the better. A young orphan named Akana Jimmy longed for a chance to thank Ryan in person for this gift of life -- clean water. When they finally meet, an unbreakable bond unites these boys from very different backgrounds, and a long and sometimes life-threatening journey begins. Ryan and Jimmy is part of CitizenKid: A collection of books that inform children about the world and inspire them to be better global citizens.

Ryan Howard

by Jeff Savage

Pitchers fear Ryan Howard. That's because the Philadelphia Phillies slugger is one of the strongest players in the major leagues. When he hits a baseball, it often flies over the outfield fence. Even as a kid, Ryan was a dangerous hitter and a top athlete. But Ryan has never just relied on his natural talent. He works hard every day to be the best, and his positive attitude and great sense of humor have made him a fan favorite. Learn more about this likable superstar.

Ryan White: My Own Story

by Ann Marie Cunningham Ryan White

At 13, all-American kid and honors student Ryan White learned he had a deadly disease with no cure. AIDS. He had contracted it through the blood products he received for his hemophilia. His home town of Kokomo, Indiana, responded-not with compassion, but with fear and hate. When Ryan White was told he couldn't return to school, he decided to fight back. He went to court and won. But that was only the beginning of his fight to educate the public about AIDS. This young teenager dared to speak out when others kept silent. And the whole world listened. This is Ryan's courageous story. With candor straight from the heart, he tells how he felt, how he fought for his beliefs, and how he lived. Throughout, his dignity and strength in the face of death are inspiring. You will never forget this heroic young man.

S.C.E. #3: Some Assembly Required

by Keith R. A. Decandido Scott Ciencin Dave Galanter Greg Brodeur Dan Jolley Aaron Rosenberg

Four novellas by the most popular Star Trek authors finds the intrepid Starfleet Corps of Engineers called in to fix urgent crucial situations: a distress call, rampaging monsters, a reactor and a city. The Starfleet Corps of Engineers, the top flight of technical specialists, face four of their most challenging missions yet. In THE RIDDLED POST the S.C.E. responds to an urgent distress call from an outpost that has been attacked by something that can penetrate shields. GATEWAYS EPILOGUE finds the S.C.E. facing a horde of rampaging monsters that have been let loose on the planet Maeglin. In AMBUSH, they must fix a reactor crucial to a mining operation, but the malevolent aliens who damaged it are still around. And in SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED, the citizens of Keorga are counting on the Corps to save their largest city.

S.C.E. #6: Wildfire

by Keith R. A. Decandido David Mack J. Steven York Christina F. York

Whenever there's a need to fix, repair, or salvage, Starfleet calls in the crack S. C. E. team on the U. S. S. da Vinci. Under the command of Captain David Gold and Commander Sonya Gomez, the S. C. E. solves the unsolvable, from finding a Starfleet vessel lost inside a holographic ship to doping out new technology captured during the Dominion War. However, the da Vinci's mission to Galvan VI will prove to be the S. C. E. 's greatest challenge to date, as they must salvage the U. S. S. Orion from the turbulent atmosphere of a gas giant. As if that wasn't enough, the Orion is carrying the prototype of the deadly Wildfire device -- a protomatter warhead that can ignite gas giants into stars -- and the planet seems to be home to a strange alien life-form that may have been responsible for the Orion 's destruction!Wildfirecontains the complete eBook editions of S. C. E. adventures #20-24:Enigma Ship, War Stories Book 1, War Stories Book 2, Wildfire Book 1,andWildfire Book 2.

S.C.O.R.E. for Life

by Jim Fannin

Have you ever choked during a performance? Have you ever been told how much talent you have, yet you're not reaching it? Are you self-conscious or doubtful during performances? Does your level of concentration fluctuate wildly? Do you feel overwhelmed at times? We all dream of overcoming our challenges. We dream of the perfect job, achieving new wealth, of living the life we choose in harmony with the people we love. For many of us, the dream stops there. We wonder what leads some extraordinary people to confront and exceed their goals and compete at the highest level, while others run in place, distracted by fears and a sense of intimidation. We seek the insights that will liberate us from anxiety and self-doubt. In this book, Jim Fannin shares a collection of ideas and daily exercises that transform everyday performers into true champions. Using the secrets of Fannin's time-tested S.C.O.R.E. System (Self-Discipline, Concentration, Optimism, Relaxation, and Enjoyment), S.C.O.R.E. for Life shows you how to balance and apply these five principles in every arena of life. The result: more moments, days, and years performing and thinking in the state of flow we call the "Zone," and more of the results and success that matter. Every chapter includes reader-friendly tests and exercises, like the "90-Second Rule" (a lesson in discipline) and "The Palm Tree Versus the Oak Tree" (a lesson in adaptability). For more than thirty years, Jim Fannin has coached hundreds of top-performing athletes and business leaders, who testify to what the S.C.O.R.E. System can do. It is a tried and proven blueprint for realizing our extraordinary human potential and overcoming the fears and worries that hold us back. With commitment and consistent use of this success formula, you will blaze new paths to personal and professional achievement.

S. D. S. Yogiar

by S. R. Ashok Kumar

Life and works of S. D. S. Yogiar

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