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Under the Quilt of Night

by Deborah Hopkinson

This sequel to the International Reading Association Children's Book Award winner "Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt" captures all the drama and emotion of a girl's heart stopping escape from slavery on the Underground Railroad.

Under the Same Blue Sky

by Pamela Schoenewaldt

1914. In the coal-dusted shadows of Pittsburgh's steel mills, shopkeeper's daughter Hazel Renner dreams of adventure under blue skies and escape from her German-American parents' ambitions for a respectable career. But war in Europe shatters her plans and community, pitting neighbors and friends against each other and shaking free a family secret. Seeking peace in the countryside, Hazel is visited by a mysterious healing power--a gift that swiftly leads to tragedy. Resolved to discover who she is and where she belongs, Hazel follows her past to an exiled German baron fighting private demons in an American castle. There she meets Tom, a gardener who shares the freedom of flight, but their powerful bonds will be tested by the chaos and voids of war. Betrayed by her healing powers, struggling to protect those close to her while keeping her own heart safe, Hazel must reconcile youthful dreams with the devastating realities around her. She discovers that escape is closer than we think, and true healing can take unimaginable forms in a world after war.

Under the Spaniard's Lock and Key

by Kim Lawrence

Silken webs...silken sheets...Nurse Maggie Ward is as pure as the snow-white uniform she wears. So when she falls for the enticing charms of darkly beautiful Rafael Castenadas she has no idea her unexpected meeting with him isn't accidental... Not until it's too late and she's become tangled up in his carefully spun web...and she's under his lock and key! Rafael has had to take drastic measures to protect his family name. But he's beginning to realise that he's not just interested in keeping Maggie quiet; he wants to give her pleasure!

Under the Stars (High School Musical: Stories From East High Super Special #1)

by Helen Perelman-Bernstein

WILDCATS ON THE LOOSE. The students of East High are going on a field trip. When they find out that the environmental science classes will be visiting a nearby state park, the Wildcats think it will be all campfire sing-alongs and tasty s'mores. But they are in for a surprise! To insure a good grade, they will have to complete a scavenger hunt that takes them over the hills and through the woods. Before the tents are even pitched, Sharpay is up to her usual antics, and Ryan and Taylor get lost. The drama hits an all-time high when Troy and Gabriella keep a secret from their friends. Will the group manage to become one with nature or will friendships wind up left in the woods like fallen trees? Read all about the Wildcats in the High School Musical Stories from East High collection at Bookshare including: #1 BATTLE OF THE BANDS, #2 WILDCAT SPIRIT, #3 POETRY IN MOTION, #4 CRUNCH TIME, #5 BROADWAY DREAMS, #6 Heart to Heart, #7 Friends 4Ever, #8 GET YOUR VOTE ON, #9 RINGIN' IT IN #10 TURN UP THE HEAT #11 IN THE SPOTLIGHT #12 BONJOUR, WILDCATS, and the Super Special 2 SHINING MOMENTS.

Under the Sweetwater Rim

by Louis L'Amour

Deep in Indian country, Major Mark Devereaux and his men find a grisly scene: a wagon train savagely attacked, with no survivors. One of the wagons originally with the group is missing; in it is a fortune in gold and Devereaux's daughter, Mary. The slaughter, Devereaux learns, was not the work of Indians but of a murderous outlaw band. With the stakes rising in a deadly game, the only wild card is Lieutenant Tenadore Brian, who is riding with the missing wagon--against orders. Devereaux knows Brian is a good soldier, but is he good enough to protect a saddlebag full of gold . . . and the life of his daughter?From the Paperback edition.

Under the Udala Trees

by Chinelo Okparanta

Inspired by Nigeria's folktales and its war, Under the Udala Trees is a deeply searching, powerful debut about the dangers of living and loving openly. Ijeoma comes of age as her nation does; born before independence, she is eleven when civil war breaks out in the young republic of Nigeria. Sent away to safety, she meets another displaced child and they, star-crossed, fall in love. They are from different ethnic communities. They are also both girls. When their love is discovered, Ijeoma learns that she will have to hide this part of herself. But there is a cost to living inside a lie. As Edwidge Danticat has made personal the legacy of Haiti's political coming of age, Okparanta's Under the Udala Trees uses one woman's lifetime to examine the ways in which Nigerians continue to struggle toward selfhood. Even as their nation contends with and recovers from the effects of war and division, Nigerian lives are also wrecked and lost from taboo and prejudice. This story offers a glimmer of hope -- a future where a woman might just be able to shape her life around truth and love. Acclaimed by Vogue, the Financial Times, and many others, Chinelo Okparanta continues to distill "experience into something crystalline, stark but lustrous" (New York Times Book Review). Under the Udala Trees marks the further rise of a star whose "tales will break your heart open" (New York Daily News).

Under Their Thumb: How a Nice Boy from Brooklyn Got Mixed Up with the Rolling Stones (and Lived to Tell About It)

by Bill German

It's every rock 'n' roll fan's dream - to hang out with the band they love. But for Bill German it wasn't just a dream - it was a job. When 16 year old Bill German, up late in his pj's, put the finishing touches to the first issue of his Rolling Stones fanzine Beggars Banquet, little did he know he'd embarked on a rock odyssey that would take him from his tiny bedroom in Brooklyn into the inner sanctum of the greatest rock band in the world. Shyly pushing his crudely mimeographed newsletter into the hands of band members as they bundled into limos, personally delivering every issue to their New York office, little did he suspect the Stones were actually reading it. Yet they were - it was the only way they could keep tabs on each other - and suddenly the teenager found himself drawn into a heady world of after show parties, impromptu jam sessions, world tours, drug smuggling and late night heart-to-hearts. And there - between stops at Clapton's pad and the White House - he found a band profoundly uncertain of its future and constantly on the verge of break-up. Bill's memoir is a touching, naive, raucous, bittersweet journey from adolescence to mid-life crisis, but also the story of a band in transition. The 1980s saw the death of founder Stone Ian Stewart; the strains and rivalries of their burgeoning solo careers; and, with the launch of Steel Wheels in 1989, The Rolling Stones' final apotheosis from devil may care enfants terribles, to mature stadium rockers. Bill German saw it all and in Under Their Thumb he describes how he, Mick, Keith, Ron, Bill and Charlie finally came of age. And how a nice boy from Brooklyn played with fire and lived to tell the tale. www. BeggarsBanquetOnline. com

The Underachieving Gifted Child

by Del Siegle

Why are some gifted children willing to tackle new challenges whereas others seem insecure or uninterested? Why do some gifted students achieve while others become caught in a cycle of underachievement? Are there strategies teachers and parents can implem

Undercover Angels (Sweet Valley University #35)

by Francine Pascal Laurie John

Murder, country club style ... Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield have each been investigating the same murder at the Verona Springs Country Club. They've kept their undercover schemes a secret from each other ... and their true identities a secret from the club. When their paths cross, will their looks be a dead giveaway? Scott Sinclair is madly in love with Elizabeth. He'll do anything to take her far, far away from her lovesick ex-boyfriend, Tom Watts. But will Scott try to take her too far? Lila Fowler and Bruce Patman have all the fun money can buy, including an exclusive membership at Verona Springs. But when the Wakefield twins hit the scene, will Lila and Bruce wind up exiled from the land of the young, rich, and fabulous?

Undercover Avenger

by Rita Herron

After surviving a near-fatal accident, undercover agent Eric Caldwell wanted revenge. Falling for his beautiful physical therapist had never been part of his plan. Melissa Fagan was investigating the same mysterious medical research complex that he was. But she was asking too many questions, digging too deep. Now someone wanted her dead-before she could discover the truth about her birth parents. All Eric wanted was to keep Melissa safe and alive. But how could he protect her without blowing his cover, jeopardizing his mission. . . and risking both their lives?

Undercover Baby

by Gina Wilkins

Undercover DaddyDetective Dallas Sanders had taken part in some unusual undercover operations, but cracking the baby-smuggling ring was the toughest. Especially since it meant playing the part of an unwed, pregnant woman-complete with baby harness and polyester maternity clothes. Even worse, she had to pretend to be head over heels in love with no-good Sam Perry. No good were the only words she'd apply to the macho, arrogant cop...until their close quarters had her viewing Sam in a very different light....Undercover LoversWorking together on the case was like trying to defuse a ticking bomb as their barely contained passions threatened to flare at any moment. What about when the inevitable happened? They hated each other, didn't they?

Undercover Commitment

by Kathleen Long

A real body hunter never loses track of his targetWalking away from beautiful Eileen Caldwell had been one of the toughest assignments undercover agent Kyle Landenburg had ever faced. Now, after a frantic phone call, he was back by her side, protecting her from a past that had dangerously resurfaced. Keeping her safe was his job, but even as they dodged bullets, keeping his hands to himself was quickly becoming Kyle's greatest challenge yet. As a seasoned agent, Kyle knew better than to give in to passion when a client's life was on the line. But when she reached for him, would the temptation prove strong enough to make him cross it?

Undercover Dad

by Charlotte Douglas

He'd forgotten everything-his identity, his woman, his babyIt had been sixteen months since Rachel Goforth had seen or heard from FBI agent Stephen Chandler, but she wasted no time heeding his frantic call warning her of danger. Yet when Stephen met her at the Smoky Mountain safe house, he arrived bleeding, dazed-and with amnesia.Stephen had no memory of the cases they'd worked together or the night they'd spent together-but Rachel could never forget the feel of his body against hers. She had a baby daughter to remind her. A daughter whose father didn't know her...a daughter whose life was suddenly put in danger unless Stephen could remember who was on their trail. But if he did remember the past, would he and Rachel have a future?A MEMORY AWAY...from passion, danger-and love!

Undercover Daddy

by Delores Fossen

FINDING HIS SON WAS A DREAM COME TRUE. . . ;UNTIL UNFORESEEN DANGER TURNED IT INTO A NIGHTMARE. . . ; All federal agent Luke Buchanan wanted was his son. That and revenge against everyone involved in the illegal adoption that had resulted in his baby boy being stolen from him. So when he finally tracked down the woman who'd been raising Christopher as her own, he was hell-bent on making her pay. But Luke wasn't the only one after Elaina McLemore. Someone was hunting her, following her every move. And from the moment he saw the fear in Elaina's eyes, he vowed to protect her-and the baby they both loved-at all costs. But who would protect him from the tender feelings Elaina sparked inside him?

The Undercover Economist Strikes Back

by Tim Harford

Thanks to the worldwide financial upheaval, economics is no longer a topic we can ignore. From politicians to hedge-fund managers to middle-class IRA holders, everyone must pay attention to how and why the global economy works the way it does. Enter Financial Times columnist and bestselling author Tim Harford. In this new book that demystifies macroeconomics, Harford strips away the spin, the hype, and the jargon to reveal the truth about how the world's economy actually works. With the wit of a raconteur and the clear grasp of an expert, Harford explains what's really happening beyond today's headlines, why all of us should care, and what we can do about it to understand it better.

Undercover Husband

by Rebecca Winters

BACHELOR TERRITORYShe's his clientRoman Lufka is a rough, tough private investigator. He's been hired to protect Brittany Langford. The easiest way to be by her side, twenty-four hours a day, is to go undercover-as Brittany's husband....and his wife!But if protecting his "wife" is easy, living with her isn't. They're perfect strangers-and for Roman, Brit is all too perfect. It seems this confirmed bachelor is facing his toughest assignment yet-falling in love!"Rebecca Winters writes from the heart..."-Debbi MacomberThere are two sides to every story...and now it's his turn!

Undercover Memories

by Alice Sharpe

Reeling after being left at the altar, Paige Graham seeks comfort in her secluded cabin. But there's someone sleeping in her bed-a sharp-eyed, sexy stranger who claims to have no memory. While a little digging reveals John's true identity, Paige knows there's more to his past...and more to her feelings.He may have been told who he is, but bodyguard John Cinca isn't satisfied with the answers, especially when they place Paige in danger. With his protective instinct in high gear, John vows to uncover his true identity while keeping her safe. But what if recovering his memory means he is the one Paige should be afraid of?

Undercover: The Men and Women of the Special Operations Executive

by Patrick Howarth

The Special Operations Executive, generally known as SOE, was one of the most remarkable creations of the Second World War. In July 1940, Winston Churchill instructed Hugh Dalton, Minister of Economic Warfare, 'to set Europe ablaze'. Operating both as a cloak and a dagger, SOE's task was to foment and support clandestine resistance wherever it could gain a foothold. Yet, except for one volume concerning its operations in France, no history of SOE has ever been written. Undercover is the story of this extraordinary organization as told by one of its members. Patrick Howarth served in SOE for almost four years, working with many of the characters whose exploits he recalls. By bringing to life some of the outstanding men and women who served in the organization, he paints a vivid picture of memorable detail. Among the people whose stories he tells are Charles Macintosh, who laid a telephone line along a secret passage built by the Medicis in Florence, serving as the link between the SS headquarters and the Allied High Command; Christine Granville, the beautiful Polish countess, who was parachuted into France and managed to obtain the release of some of her fellow agents from the Gestapo; and Tom Harrisson, ethnologist and co-founder of Mass-Observation, who organized, in Sarawak, the Allies' only fighting unit to be armed with blowpipes. Here too are some of the triumphs and disasters of the war: the capture of the commander of the German garrison on Crete, the destruction of the heavy water plant in Norway, the raising of a guerrilla army of Karens in the Burma hills, and the tragedy of the Warsaw rising. From this wealth of detail, Patrick Howarth has documented the many characters and events associated with SOE, both from his first-hand knowledge and subsequent research, and has written an invaluable assessment of SOE's contribution to the Allied victory.

Undercover Summer

by Bobby Hutchinson Anne Stuart

Anne Stuart: The man who called himself Michael Dowd wasn't exactly what he seemed. Wherever Michael went, it seemed to Francey Neeley, danger followed. But she couldn't escape an attraction to him. He was trying to pry information from her on a terrorist group, a group that was trying to kill him-and her. Soon, Francey became swept into a world of death and deceit, and she couldn't stay away from Michael. Somehow they had won each other's hearts-a dangerous combination for both. Bobby Hutchinson: Billy and her mother-in-law, Amanda, were thrilled to win a trip to Hawaii. Both were sorely in need of some sunshine in their lives again. But a mix-up at the hotel forced them into close quarters with a group of vagabonds, and Billy met Cosmo Antonelli. The disguised detective discovered Billy was everything he'd dreamed of, but she was also vulnerable. Circumstances were drawing them inescapably together, but Cosmo knew he had to let her go.

Undercover Wife

by Merline Lovelace

Playing the part of Gillian Ridgeway's tourist husband might be OMEGA operative Mike Callahan's toughest assignment yet. Keeping his hands off the too-young, too-innocent, stunning novice field agent while they were supposed to act all lovey-dovey? Right. He'd have to rely on all his torture training and focus on their mission: to track down the source of a potentially deadly virus in Hong Kong. When their job was complicated by pint-sized scam artists who wiggled their way into Mike's heart, Gillian knew her undercover husband wasn't as jaded as he claimed. But to turn their cover into a real-life arrangement, first they'd have to come home alive.

Undercover with a SEAL

by Cindy Dees

New York Times bestselling author Cindy Dees introduces a brave soldier...and the woman who is his toughest challenge Going undercover in a seedy New Orleans club to find her brother, Eve Hankova knows the dangers. But she isn't prepared for the blazing heat arcing between her and the customer who "buys" her for his exclusive pleasure. Like wildfire, it burns hot and out of control. Navy SEAL Ashe Konig knows no other way to protect Eve from the Russian mob she's infiltrated at the club. But for this disillusioned loner, is it a suicide mission? As heavily armed mobsters breathe down their necks, the stubborn woman refuses to quit. Ashe doesn't know who poses the greater danger-the ruthless killers who threaten their lives or the sweet innocent who threatens his heart.

The Underdog: How I Survived the World's Most Outlandish Competitions

by Joshua Davis

Joshua Davis had a dream. He dreamt of being the best. It didn't really matter what he was the best at, he just wanted to be number one, the big enchilada, to say that he had made it. This is how it began: Josh was driving through the Mojave Desert one day when he saw a sign for the American arm-wrestling championship - all comers welcome. He decided to enter. He came fourth, out of four, but this was enough to secure him a place on Team USA and the chance of a show-down with the 'Russian Ripper' at the world championships in Poland (that didn't end very well either). But Josh had tasted the dizzy rush of competition and wanted more. And more turned out to be the most outlandish contests in the world - from bull fighting in Spain and backward running in Italy, to sumo wrestling and the World Sauna Championship in Finland. Joshua's quest is by turns hilarious, harrowing and a little insane, but it is also inspiring - because, after all, every underdog deserves his day.

Underdog Politics

by Matthew N. Green

In the first comprehensive study of the subject in decades, political scholar Matthew Green disputes the conventional belief that the minority party in the U.S. House of Representatives is an unimportant political player. Examining the record of the House minority party from 1970 to the present, and drawing from a wide range of quantitative and qualitative data, Green shows how and why the minority seeks to influence legislative and political outcomes and demonstrates that the party's efforts can succeed. The result is a fascinating appreciation of what the House minority can do and why it does it, providing readers with new insights into the workings of this famously contentious legislative chamber.

The Underdogs

by Mike Lupica

#1 New York Times bestseller Mike Lupica tackles football!Will Tyler can fly on a football field. He may not be the biggest running back around, but no one can touch him when it comes to hitting the hole and finding the end zone. And no one can match his love of the game. When Will has a football in hand, he may as well be flying for real because life can't touch him - his dad isn't so defeated, his town isn't so poor, and everyone has something to cheer for. All of which does him no good if the football season is canceled. With no funding for things like uniforms and a cared-for playing field, with seemingly every other family moving to find jobs, there simply isn't enough money or players for a season. Unless one kid can rally an entire town and give everyone a reason to believe . . .For fans of his bestselling novels Travel Team and Million-Dollar Throw, Mike Lupica delivers a feel-good sports story that will have readers cheering where they sit."There's plenty of action for sports fans, and readers will root for Will and his teammates till the very last page." -School Library Journal "[F]ootball fans will...respond to the detailed and exciting game action once the season gets rolling and find inspiration in Will and his teammates' tenacity." -Publisher's Weekly "Will's ingenuity and loyalty are encouraging, causing readers to want to cheer him on as he makes his dream come true." -VOYA

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