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The Day Camp Disaster (Nancy Drew Notebooks #55)

by Carolyn Keene

Can Nancy catch the prankster, or will the campers call it quits? It's summer vacation and Nancy, George, and Bess have signed up for a two-week-long nature day camp on the outskirts of River Heights. The girls can't wait to get out and enjoy nature, and are thrilled to be spending their days making butterfly feeders, planting sunflowers, and taking hikes. But things at Camp Northwoods start going haywire right from the start. The projects the campers work so hard on during the day keep getting ruined at night! Nancy is suspicious -- these don't look like natural disasters. Just who is wrecking all of the campers' hard work? And can camp continue with a culprit on the loose? Picture descriptions present.

Day Dark, Night Bright

by Fritz Leiber

With a career spanning more that 50 years, Fritz Leiber has been named Science Fiction Grand Master and easily won ever major award in fantasy and horror. His work has influenced generations of writers and fans. Yet, while his novels have been readily available for years, his fantastic short fiction has been less easily found. This collection seeks to change that, presenting rare tales by a true Grand Master.Assembled from magazine submissions, fanzines, and even "lost" manuscripts discovered amongst the author's personal papers, DAY DARK, NIGHT BRIGHT includes the following short stories: Time Fighter; Femmequin 973; Night Passage; Moon Duel; Later Than You Think; Mirror; The 64-Square MadHouse; All the Weed in the World; The Mutant's Brother; The Man Who Was Married to Space and Time; Thought; Crystal Prison; Bullet Was His Name; Success; To Make a Roman Holiday; Bread Overhead; The Reward; Taboo; Business of Killing; and Day Dark, Night Bright.See why Fritz Leiber is a must-read for any fan of science fiction, fantasy, or horror. Suspense, surprise, wit, and weirdness--they're all here for old fans to welcome back and new readers to discover.

The Day-Glo Brothers: The True Story of Bob and Joe Switzer's Bright Ideas and Brand-New Colors

by Chris Barton

An illuminating tale. Why did you pick up this book? Did it have something to do with the eye-popping colors on the cover? You can thank Bob and Joe Switzer for those shocking greens, blazing oranges, and screaming yellows. The brothers invented a whole new kind of color--one that glowed with an extra-special intensity. It took them years of experimenting, but their efforts paid off brilliantly. Day-Glo colors helped win a war, save people's lives, and brighten everyday life--including this book!

Day Hike! Olympic Peninsula, 2nd Edition

by Seabury Blair

A guide written just for people who want to spend their days in the mountains and their nights back at home. DAY HIKE! uncovers the best trails for the day tripper, whether you're a newbie hiker or a veteran with hundreds of miles on your boots. Northwest trail expert Seabury Blair Jr. leads us to more than 70 of the best day hike trails in the Olympic Peninsula, from Hoodsport to Hurricane Ridge to the Pacific coast. Day Hike! Olympic Peninsula describes classic routes--from easy to moderate to extreme--giving hikers the choices they want. Entertaining, accurate, and contemporary writing make this guide the one to keep near the water bottles.

The Day I Stopped Being Pretty

by Rodney Lofton

The Day I Stopped Being Pretty, chronicles the life of a young, black gay male who awakes and finds himself in the emergency room after a failed suicide attempt. After regaining consciousness, he begins to reflect on the events of his life that led him to attempting to take his life. His story is told in gritty and raw flashback, focusing on the men who shaped him into the man he has become, beginning with the first man he ever loved, his father. His story addresses, the discovery of his burgeoning sexuality, his life filled with low-self esteem, which leads him to seek love in the arms of many to compensate for the love he never received from his father. During the course of his life, we see his battle with substance abuse, physical abuse and sexual activities that lead to his eventual HIV diagnosis. After he shares the path that led him to his own self-destruction, he realizes in the face of death, the love that he has sought in many others, has always been in the one place he never looked, within himself. This raw and gritty story spans twenty-seven years of the lead character, as he faces racism, homophobia, rape and coping with being HIV positive. It is a story that shows the face of growing up black, living gay and loving positive. The Day I Stopped Being Pretty is one that shows triumph over adversity and the ability to find the love we all search for, self love.

A Day in the Life of a Seeing Eye Dog Trainer

by Kevin Osborn

Describes the daily work of Pete Jackson, who trains dogs to guide blind people and then teaches students how to work with those dogs.

A Day in the Life of a Smiling Woman: Complete Short Stories

by Margaret Drabble Jose Francisco Fernandez

Margaret Drabble's novels have illuminated the past fifty years, especially the changing lives of women, like no others. Yet her short fiction has its own unique brilliance. Her penetrating evocations of character and place, her wide-ranging curiosity, her sense of irony--all are on display here, in stories that explore marriage, female friendships, the English tourist abroad, love affairs with houses, peace demonstrations, gin and tonics, cultural TV programs; in stories that are perceptive, sharp, and funny. An introduction by the Spanish academic José Fernández places the stories in the context of her life and her novels. This collection is a wonderful recapitulation of a masterly career.

A Day in the Senate [Beyond Level, Grade 4]

by Terry Miller Shannon

NIMAC-sourced textbook

The Day It Rained Forever: The Story of the Johnstown Flood

by Virginia T. Gross

When a cheaply constructed dam above Johnstown bursts under the onslaught of torrential rains, Christina and her family struggle to escape the floodwater which bears down upon their town.

The Day Joanie Frankenhauser Became a Boy

by Francess Lantz

Tired of gender stereotyping at home, in the classroom, and especially on the football field, ten-year-old Joanie pretends to be a boy when her family moves to a new town, but soon finds there are unexpected consequences.

Day Kennedy was Shot

by Jim Bishop

Jim Bishop's trademark suspenseful, hour-by-hour storytelling style drives this account of an unforgettable day in American history. Culled from interviews with more than three hundred individuals, his retelling tracks all the major and minor characters of that day--JFK, Oswald, Ruby, LBJ, Jackie, and others--illuminating a human drama that many readers believe they know well. At once moving and terrifying, and filled with vivid detail, it delivers the haunting feeling of being there as the day's events unfolded in both Dallas and Washington. As gripping as fiction but with a journalist's exacting detail, The Day Kennedy Was Shot captures the action, mystery, and drama that unfolded on November 22, 1963.

A Day Late and a Dollar Short

by Terry Mcmillan

Las Vegas, 1994. The Prices are introduced by Viola, the family's outspoken matriarch: Her husband, Cecil, has shut the door behind him for the last time; and their four adult kids, scattered across the country, seem determined to send her to her grave, or at least to the hospital with worrying. Paris is divorced, mother to a nearly seventeen-year-old son and the one who always comes to everybody's rescue-although she doesn't have a clue as to how to save herself. Lewis is the scapegoat, and his troubles keep landing him in jail, which only seems to confirm what his family thinks he is. Out in Chicago, Charlotte knows she's gotten the short end of the stick for years, has "nothing in common except blood" with her parents and siblings and would just as soon divorce them all. Janelle, the baby of the family, is not only on the defensive about the course of her own life but she's facing a new crisis, a fast-brewing storm with her teenage daughter that threatens more than she's willing to admit. And don't even ask Viola about Cecil: "He's a bad habit I've had for thirty-eight years which would make him my husband. " But Cecil has some ideas for taking his hardworking life into his own hands, regardless of what his wife and kids think about it. With her hallmark exuberance and a cast of characters so sassy, resilient, and full of life that they breathe, dream, and shout right off the page, Terry McMillan has given us a tour-de-force novel of family, healing and redemption. A Day Late and a Dollar Short takes us deep into the hearts, minds, and souls of America-and gives us six more friends we never want to leave. .

The Day Miss Bessie Lewis Disappeared

by Doris Miles Disney

The first thing that caught Miss Bessie's eye as she came into the house was the bolt drawn back on the basement door. Just like the other day, when they had all tried to tell her she must have forgotten to bolt it the night before. Well, not this time! She flung it open, turned on the light, and screamed at the top of her lungs at the sight of what lay at the foot of the stairs. She clung to the railing and went down a few steps for a closer look. It was a man, white-haired, blood on his face, eyes closed ... and dead ...

Day of Confession

by Allan Folsom

The Addison brothers, Harry and Danny, have been estranged for many years, but when Danny calls from Rome pleading for Harry to get in touch, his brother doesn't ignore him. Except it seems he is too late, as Danny was on board a tourist bus which was blown apart by a bomb. But when Harry arrives in Italy he is plunged into a Kafka-esque nightmare, discovering that his brother is accused of assassinating the Cardinal Vicar of Rome and when he dares to suggest that Danny is still alive he finds that someone is willing to frame him for murder before he can start to clear Danny's name. Alone and vulnerable in a foreign country, Harry is sucked into the maelstrom of a conspiracy in the heart of the Vatican, where men of God are using the devil's hand to further the influence of the Catholic Church. A tense and absorbing thriller.

The Day of Creation: A Novel

by J. G. Ballard

"Compulsively absorbing: the white heat of its images seems to burn off the page, and the surreal landscapes linger on in the mind." --Independent On the arid, war-plagued terrain of central Africa, a manic doctor is consumed with visions of transforming the Sahara into a land of abundance. But Dr. Mallory's obsession quickly spirals dangerously out of control. First published in 1987, this classic Ballard thriller continues to resonate "with dark implications for the future of humanity" (Publishers Weekly).

Day of Deception: Separating Truth from Falsehood in These Last Days

by John Hagee

John Hagee exposes the deception perpetrated in America. Jesus prophesied in Matthew that the cardinal indicator of the terminal generation would be deception. It's time to counterattack Satan and expose his lies. It's time to take America back to biblical principles.

Day of Honor: Honor Bound (Star Trek: Deep Space 9)

by Diana G. Gallagher

Alexander stood his ground as the boys slowed and stopped ... "You don't expect us to believe you're going to take the blame for smashing that bookcase without trying to get back at us, do you?" Kim's eyes narrowed in a dark scowl. "Believe what you want," Alexander countered. "Don't play dumb with us, Alexander," Bernard snapped. "No self-respecting Klingon would let us off the hook." "That's right. Don't you Klingons have this thing about defending your honor." Bernard put a ridiculing emphasis on the word that made Alexander bristle. Still, he held his temper even as the impatient fury sparked. "You don't know anything about honor, Bernard." "Maybe you don't, either." Jeremy took a daring step forward. "Maybe you didn't snitch because you knew we'd do something about it." Gritting his teeth, Alexander fought the terrible, burning desire to rip the smug, challenging sneer off Jeremy's face.

Day of Honor (Star Trek: Voyager #15)

by Michael Jan Friedman

Even light-years from the Klingon Empire, the Day of Honor remains an occasion of great importance. And sometimes honor is found in the most unexpected places... B'Elanna Torres has never cared for the Day of Honor. Ashamed of her Klingon heritage, she regards the holiday as an unwanted reminder of all she has struggled to repress. Besides, something awful always seems to happen to her then. Her bad luck seems to be running true to form when she and Harry Kim are captured by alien slavers. Imprisoned by the enigmatic Risatti, force to mine for deadly radioactive ore, Torres will need all of her strength and cunning to survive -- and her honor as well.

Day of Infamy

by Walter Lord

Lord's classic, bestselling account of the bombing of Pearl HarborThe Day of Infamy began as a quiet morning on the American naval base at Pearl Harbor. But as Japan's deadly torpedoes suddenly rained down on the Pacific fleet, soldiers, generals, and civilians alike felt shock, then fear, then rage. From the chaos, a thousand personal stories of courage emerged. Drawn from hundreds of interviews, letters, and diaries, Walter Lord recounts the many tales of heroism and tragedy by those who experienced the attack firsthand. From the musicians of the USS Nevada who insisted on finishing "The Star Spangled Banner" before taking cover, to the men trapped in the capsized USS Oklahoma who methodically voted on the best means of escape, each story conveys the terror and confusion of the raid, as well as the fortitude of those who survived.

Day of Reckoning

by Robert F. Berkhofer III

Day of Reckoning: Power and Accountability in Medieval France applies recent approaches to literacy, legal studies, memory, ritual, and the manorial economy to reexamine the transformation of medieval power. Highlighting the relationship of archives and power, it draws on the rich documentary sources of five of the largest Benedictine monasteries in northern France and Flanders, with comparisons to others, over a period of nearly four centuries. The book opens up new perspectives on important problems of power, in particular the idea and practice of accountability. In a violent society, medieval lords tried to delegate power rather than share it--to get their men to prosecute justice or raise money legitimately, rather than through extortion and pillage. Robert F. Berkhofer III explains how subordinates were held accountable by abbots administering the extensive holdings of Saint-Bertin, Saint-Denis, Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Saint-Père-de-Chartres, and Saint-Vaast-d'Arras. As the abbots began to discipline their agents and monitor their conduct, the "day of reckoning" took on new meaning, as customary meeting days were used to hold agents accountable. By 1200, written and unwritten techniques of rule developed in the monasteries had moved into the secular world; in these practices lay the origins of administration, bureaucratic power, and governance, all hallmarks of the modern state.

The Day of Reckoning (Star Wars: Jedi Apprentice, #8)

by Jude Watson

Qui-Gon Jinn's evil former apprentice, Xanatos, has set a trap for his old Master. He has lured Qui-Gon and young Obi-Wan Kenobi to his home planet of Telos--and has framed them for a crime they didn't commit. The penalty is death.

Day of the Cheetah (Patrick McLanahan Series #4)

by Dale Brown

The Soviets have hijacked America's most advanced fighter plane, named the DreamStar. Lt. Col. Patrick McLanahan has to get it back with his own plane, the Cheetah.

Day of the Dead

by Linda Lowery

DAY OF THE DEAD is a Mexican holiday celebrated each fall in many parts of North America and around the world. On Day of the Dead, children dress up in costumes and eat candy shaped like coffins and skeletons. Families picnic in cemeteries, go to parades, set off fireworks, and bake special breads and meals. They do all these things to honor and remember people who have died, and to celebrate how wonderful it is to be alive! On My Own HOLIDAYS Celebrate with all of the On My Own Holidays books: Christmas around the World Day of the Dead Earth Day Halloween Hanukkah Martin Luther King Jr. Day Ramadan Squanto and the First Thanksgiving

The Day of the Gunfighter (Gunsmoke #6)

by Joseph A. West

Marshal Matt Dillon and all of the other favorites from the long-running TV show are standing tall in this all-new Western adventure series. While rustlers and desperadoes fill the lawless frontier town of Dodge, Dillon is the one who sees that justice is done-whether it's served by the gavel or by the gun. ... Notorious killer Ed Flynn saved Marshal Dillon's life once, and now Matt is obliged to protect him against the Feeney gang-including the cold-blooded Jicarilla Kid. Matt is given three days to turn over Flynn before the gang burns Dodge to the ground. Into this powder keg rides poetry-spouting Englishman Charles Granville, a law-and-order crusader who's a crack shot with his fancy engraved Colt. But after two suspicious murders, it appears that Granville has a personal vendetta to settle and that Matt has three deadly gunmen to face-the Kid, Lee Feeney, and Granville. But Matt has an unlikely ally in a man he detests, a tubercular case who seems determined to take as many men with him to hell as he can-the man known as Doc Holliday PRAISE FOR JOSEPH A. WEST "Old-fashioned storytelling raised to the level of homegrown art, told in an American language that is almost gone." -Loren D. Estleman, Four-Time Spur Award-Winning Author

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