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Cinematherapy for the Soul

by Beverly West Nancy Peske

Complete with recipes to feed physical and spiritual hunger, self-pampering rituals, and inspirational quotes, "Cinematherapy for the Soul" is guaranteed to help women discover movies to refresh and reinvigorate their tired spirits, without ever having to venture further than their neighborhood video store.

Cinematherapy Goes to the Oscars

by Beverly West Nancy Peske

Get ready for some of the best movie medicine ever made. The smash hit women's film guide Cinematherapy taught women that comfort, self-acceptance, inspiration, and humor were no farther away than the video store - and inspired the daily prime-time show on the WE Network (Women's Entertainment). Now the authors are back with a Cinematherapy take on the Oscar canon and how these award-winning films serve not only as a celluloid pharmacy but also as a window into ourselves, our relationships, and our times. Starting with the present and working backward by decade, Cinematherapy Goes to the Oscars uncovers the grand themes of each decade's award-winning films, from the Father Issue films of the seventies, with their ambiguous father figures (Patton, Kramer vs. Kramer) to bad girls acting out for disapproving fathers' love (Klute, Cabaret), to the Unsung Hero films of the fifties (On the Waterfront, The African Queen). Along the way there is great dish on who wore what on the Red Carpet, who said what in their acceptance speeches, and party tips for throwing a four-star Oscar bash, as well as returning popular sidebars like the Handy Hunk Chart. As the first female take on these sacred cows of the Silver Screen, focusing on the moments, messages, leading ladies, and supporting men that matter to us most, Cinematherapy Goes to the Oscars is the ultimate indulgence for every woman ready to curl up and take charge of her own remote control.

The Cinematic Mirror for Psychology and Life Coaching

by Mary Banks Gregerson

Cinema both reflects life and contours life--that is its psychological power. And for decades, clinicians and educators have recognized the value of this power, using it to respectively heal in therapy and educate in the classroom. The Cinematic Mirror for Psychology and Life Coaching mines the illustrative value of cinema, offering therapists and life coaches access to ideas that can motivate and enlighten clients. Although many movie guides exist, this volume complements the available literature by adding positive psychology, mental health, and wellness perspectives to the clinical/educational/coaching mix. The serious intent to cull from cinema its underlying psychological value has motivated noted clinicians, life coaches, and cultural critics to offer science-based analysis and intervention strategies. Readers may add their own movie insights and professional expertise to this rich foundation. The volume covers international as well as domestic cinema in a variety of genres, providing a range of film choices relevant to clients' lives. Beyond this, it expands on universal concepts of strengths, capabilities, and coping methods. Chapters in The Cinematic Mirror: analyze how movies can create and relieve trauma, challenge Hollywood's portrayal of the American family, overview the use of movies to examine relationships in therapy, explore the acclaimed Up television cinema verite series as studies in personal growth and social change, reinterprets images of disability in terms of positive psychology, examines models, or the lack thereof, for the American adolescent rite of passage, traces the history of mental illness stereotypes in film. The collective wisdom found in The Cinematic Mirror for Psychology and Life Coaching will bring professionals involved in healing, coaching, counseling, education, and mentoring not only new applications but new appreciation for the transformative power of film. That power already exists. Readers just have to "SEE" it.


by Edward Bryant

In the city at the center of time, paradox is just another urban renewal project. All time and all possibilities converge in the city of Cinnabar. to experience its magic you must: Seek entrances both near and far... Cross uncountable parsecs and millennia... Look beyond the mirror... Try that odd freeway exit you've never taken... Follow the yellow brick road... Turn left at the north star and go straight on till morning... Or... use this book as your map. Here are some of your traveling companions: Tourmaline Hayes, beautiful Network sex star, the compleat tourist. Obregon, the completely nonspecialized scientist and inventor of a time machine. Leah Sand, melancholy media artist. Jade Blue, the computer-created cat-mother. Cougar Lou Landis, once a pudgy adolescent, now the last hero. Sidhe, the great white shark that voyaged 350 million years. Harry Vincent Blake, a 20th century student who fell down the rabbit hole. Terminex, the ultimate, though only intermittently sane, computer. These and many more will accompany you on a phantasmagorical expedition through a city where the choice of alternatives, be they biological, social, or technological, is infinite. Among the Dead, Bryant's first book, was grim in tone; though at the core there were as many affirmative as negative visions. Still the book's predominant portraits were painted in shades of gray to black. Bryant was exorcising his nightmares. Cinnabar, on the other hand, is written in splashes of brighter-than-life color, supplied from the palette of Bryant's better dreams. It is the author's hope that at some point in the reading of this book, you'll wish you were in Cinnabar rather than where you are now. Because of Ed's financial needs, almost all the profits from this book go directly to Ed. Donations to help with Ed's medical and other financial needs are also most appreciated via Thank you! Critical Acclaim for Edward Bryant and Among the Dead "Not since Harlan Ellison has there been so energetic an author; when you read Bryant, you are in good hands." --Theodore Sturgeon, New York Times "These are contemporary horror stories with monsters more frightening than old-fashioned ghosts and vampires." --Kirkus Reviews. "Compelling and totally unnerving." --Chicago Tribune "Brilliant, mythopoeic science fiction stories of events leading to the Apocalypse." --E. Nelson Hayes, Boston Patriot Ledger "...a finely crafted example of justifiable paranoia in black and white; poetic, surrealistic, cynically humorous, and all too believable." --Jim Anderson, Colorado Daily "Bryant is a major talent." --Richard Lupoff, Algol. "...his first book is very good indeed. Bryant writes both black humor and weird tales with a flair." --Olga Curtis, Denver Post "...the work of a very gifted author and the most impressive science-fiction collection by a new writer in many years." --Kirby McCauley, Minneapolis Sunday Tribune

Cinnamon Baby

by Nicola Winstanley

Miriam is a baker who makes wonderful bread, full of smells to make your nose twitch and tastes to make your tongue tingle. When Sebastian enters her bakeshop one day, enticed by the sweet smell of cinnamon bread and the sound of Miriam's voice curling through the air, they fall in love. Before long the two become proud parents of the most beautiful and perfect baby ever born. The couple is blissfully happy until their bundle of joy starts crying ... and crying ... and crying, only stopping occasionally to fall into exhausted sleep. Miriam and Sebastian do everything they can think of to soothe the wailing child, but nothing works. No one knows what to do until one early morning, gazing down at her little wrinkled raisin of a baby, Miriam suddenly has an idea . . . A deliciously told, enchantingly illustrated fable, Cinnamon Baby celebrates the special bond between mother and child and the power of the senses, even from our earliest beginnings. Picture descriptions added to picture only pages.

Cinnamon Kiss (Easy Rawlins #10)

by Walter Mosley

It is the Summer of Love and Easy Rawlins is contemplating robbing an armored car. It's farther outside the law than Easy has ever traveled, but his daughter, Feather, needs a medical treatment that costs far more than Easy can earn or borrow in time. And his friend, Mouse, tells him it's a cinch. Then another friend, Saul Lynx, offers him a job that might solve Easy's problem without jail time. He has to track the disappearance of an eccentric, prominent attorney. An assistant, of sorts, the beautiful 'Cinnamon' Cargill is gone as well. Easy can tell there is much more than he is being told...Robert Lee, his new employer, is a suspect in the attorney's disappearance. But his need overcomes all concerns, and he plunges into unfamiliar territory, from the newfound hippie enclaves to a vicious plot that stretches back to the battlefields of Europe. The New York Times said of Mosley's bestseller, Little Scarlet , "Nobody, but nobody, writes this stuff like Mosley."

Cinnamon Roll Murder

by Joanne Fluke

The Fresh Baked Usa Today, San Francisco Chronicle And Chicago Tribune Bestseller!April is a busy time for Hannah Swensen and her bakery; the warm weather makes folks in Lake Eden, Minnesota, go wild for something sweet. When Hannah hears that the Cinnamon Roll Six jazz band will be playing at the town's Weekend Jazz Festival, she's more than happy to bake up a generous supply of their namesake confections to welcome the band to town. Before the festival even begins, tragedy strikes when the tour bus overturns. Among those injured is Buddy Neiman, the band's beloved keyboard player. Buddy's injuries appear minor, until his condition suddenly takes a turn for the worse--as in dead. Hannah's no doctor, but she suspects that the surgical scissors someone plunged into Buddy's chest may have something to do with it. Hannah isn't sure just how she'll unravel the mystery, but one thing's for sure: nothing's sweeter than bringing a killer to justice. . .Features over Ten Cookie and Dessert Recipes from The Cookie Jar, including Peaches and Cream Cookies and Chocolate Caramel Bars! "Fans of this wildly popular series will not be disappointed. Fluke has kept this series strong for a long time, and there is still plenty to enjoy for foodie crime fans." --Booklist

Cinnamon Skin (Travis McGee #20)

by John D. Macdonald

When Travis McGee's friend Meyer lent his boat to his niece Norma, and her new husband Even, the boat exploded out in the waters of the Florida Keys. Travis McGee thinks it's no accident, and clues lead him to ponder possibilities of drugs and also to wonder where Evan was when his wife was killed...."Proves again that MacDonald keeps getting better with each new adventure."THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

Cinq Mars, Volume 1

by Alfred De Vigny


The CIO Edge

by George Hallenbeck Karen Rubenstrunk Graham Waller

Great CIOs consistently exceed key stakeholders' expectations and maximize the business value delivered through their company's technology. What's their secret?Sure, IT professionals need technological smarts, plus an understanding of their company's goals and the competitive landscape. But the best of them possess a far more potent ability: they forge good working relationships with everyone involved in an IT-enabled project, whether it's introducing new hardware or implementing a major business transformation.In The CIO Edge, the authors draw on Korn/Ferry International's extensive empirical data on leadership competencies as well as Gartner's research on IT trends and the CIO role. They prove that, for IT leaders, mastering seven essential skills yields big results.This new book lays out the people-to-people leadership competencies that the highest-performing CIOs have in common-including the ability to inspire others, connect with a diverse array of stakeholders, value others' ideas, and manifest caring in their relationships. The authors then explain how to cultivate each defining competency.Learn these skills, and you'll get more work done through others' enabling you to successfully execute more IT projects, generate better results for your company, and concentrate your efforts where they'll exert the most impact. The payoff? As the authors show, you'll work smarter, not harder-and get promoted far faster than your peers.

The Cipher (Crosspoint Chronicles, Book 1)

by Diana Pharaoh Francis

Welcome to Crosspointe, the hub of the Inland Sea, where gold runs like water, and the balance of politics shifts uneasily between the monarchy, the majicars, and the Merchants' Guild--a land where dangerous majick courses through the black waters. A member of the royal Rampling family, Lucy Trenton possesses a most unique talent: the ability to detect majick and those who wield it. She has kept her ability a secret all her life to avoid bringing scandal to her family, but lately Lucy has grown careless. When she recklessly uses her gift to locate a valuable and treacherous majickal cipher, she finds herself embroiled in a dangerous intrigue that threatens her life--and the life of every person in Crosspointe. To make her troubles worse, she's also kept her secret from a most persistent suitor, dashing and mysterious ship captain Marten Thorpe. And now she desperately needs his help....

The Cipher Garden

by Martin Edwards

Warren is murdered with his own scythe. The police have suspects, but no evidence to make an arrest. an anonymous tip sparks the interest of DCI Hannah Scarlett, head of the Cold Case Review.

Circé's Island

by Eden Phillpotts

He is not dead; but there are worse things than death... When his father goes missing on the mystical isle of Aea, Amphion knows something must be done. Convinced that the island's mistress--the vindictive and temperamental goddess Circé--will spare his father's life, Amphion sets off on a bold rescue mission. Accompanied only by his wise pet snake-dragon Simo, the young man insists he and his father will be able to outwit the enchantress.

The Circle

by Steve Shagan

A corrupt Korean dictator is assassinated at the hands of the seductive Sonji, a deadly temptress trained to use the erotic arts to inflict sudden death. Like a pebble thrown into a pool, this act of violence sets off an ever-widening circle of worldwide intrigue, deception and murder... A circle that drives an intrepid US Deputy Attorney General and a glamorous triple agent to expose an unholy alliance between the master of the over-world and the godfather of the underworld-a union of global influence and corruption that would plunge us all toward doom. THE CIRCLE From the Glass Room two hundred feet below CIA headquarters, to the exotic Angel Cloud Houses of Korea, to the Mafia's hidden heroin factories of Sicily, THE CIRCLE is "a brilliant international thriller that rips the truth from behind today's headlines."-UPI "AN EXCITING, NONSTOP SWIRL OF INTRIGUE, BETRAYAL, VIOLENCE AND REFINED SENSUALITY. A STUNNINGLY COMPLEX PLOT... REALISTIC ENOUGH TO SEND SHIVERS DOWN THE READER'S SPINE." -PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

The Circle (A Dan Lenson Novel #3)

by David Poyer

A novel of duty, betrayal, and adventure in the world's most dangerous seas (the Arctic), by the bestselling author of The Med and The Gulf.

The Circle (Hen Mallin #1)

by Peter Lovesey

When van driver Bob Naylor, who likes to write jingles, is prodded by his teenage daughter into joining the Chichester Writers' Circle, he scarcely expects to find that, among the anticipated set of literary snobs, he will be rubbing elbows with one--or more--potential victims of murder by arson. The members come from all walks of life and practice all forms of writing, from torrid romances to household hints, but there seems to be nothing to cause a serial killer to choose his victims from among them. But as the killer strikes again and again, Bob becomes a suspect. In order to free himself from suspicion and save himself from going up in flames, he will have to cooperate with formidable CID Chief Inspector Henrietta Mallin--Inspector Peter Diamond's opposite number from The House Sitter. It begins to appear that amongst the potential victims in this circle are one or more murderers. <P> Peter Lovesey is the author of 24 highly praised mysteries and has been awarded The Crime Writers' Association's Gold, Silver and Diamond Daggers, as well as many US honors. He lives in West Sussex, England.

The Circle of Blood

by Alane Ferguson

Cameryn Mahoney works as the assistant to her father, the county coroner of Silverton, Colorado. But if that?s not hard enough, her long-lost mother has made a surprise return to Cameryn?s life. When her mother picks up a mysterious young hitchhiker, Cameryn senses that the girl is running from something. But before she can find out more, the girl is found dead?with a gun in her hand. Is it suicide? Or something even more sinister? .

Circle of Deception

by Carla Swafford

After disappearing days before her wedding to fellow Circle agent Rex Drago, Abby Rodriguez discovered that trying to reclaim a life--and a love--lost is a whole lot harder than she thought. When her family's safety is threatened by an arms dealer, Abby must go undercover with the one man who sees right through her as they play the scariest roles yet: husband and wife. Mission or no mission, Rex Drago wants answers from his ex-fiancee. Forced to play along as a rival arms dealer and the husband he once wanted to be, Rex is finding it hard to stay professional--especially since Abby is just as hot as ever. And when they find themselves in a very intimate position, Abby and Rex must act the part--or risk blowing their cover entirely.

Circle of Enemies

by Harry Connolly

Former car thief Ray Lilly is now the expendable grunt of a sorcerer responsible for destroying extradimensional predators summoned to our world by power-hungry magicians. Luckily, Ray has some magic of his own, and so far it's kept him alive. But when a friend from his former gang calls him back to his old stomping grounds in Los Angeles, Ray may have to face a threat even he can't handle. A mysterious spell is killing Ray's former associates, and they blame him. Worse yet, the spell was cast by Wally King, the sorcerer who first dragged Ray into the brutal world of the Twenty Palace Society. Now Ray will have to choose between the ties of the past and the responsibilities of the present, as he and the Society face not only Wally King but a bizarre new predator.From the Paperback edition.

Circle of Flight (The Ellie Chronicles #3)

by John Marsden

Ellie is a fighter. She has faith in her own abilities. But she's not Superwoman. Not all battles can be won with a gun and bullets, and never has she faced enemies so ruthless or so brutal. Whether she has friends at her side or stands alone, for Ellie, enemies are everywhere. Life as she knows it is about to change. John Marsden's explosive finale to The 'Ellie Chronicles' pushes Ellie to the edge in a tense, gripping, and completely surprising conclusion.

The Circle of Footprints (Dana Girls Mystery Stories #6)

by Carolyn Keene

Guarding a stolen treasure, Louise and Jean follow the mysterious circle of footprints to a happy solution of the problems of seven good friends. Every girl will love these fascinating stories which tell how the Dana girls, like Nancy Drew herself, meet and match the challenge of each strange new mystery.

Circle of Friends

by Maeve Binchy

It began with Benny Hogan and Eve Malone, growing up, inseparable, in the village of Knockglen. Benny--the only child, yearning to break free from her adoring parents...Eve--the orphaned offspring of a convent handyman and a rebellious blueblood, abandoned by her mother's wealthy family to be raised by nuns. Eve and Benny--they knew the sins and secrets behind every villager's lace curtains...except their own. It widened at Dublin, at the university where Benny and Eve met beautiful Nan Mahlon and Jack Foley, a doctor's handsome son. But heartbreak and betrayal would bring the worlds of Knockglen and Dublin into explosive collision. Long-hidden lies would emerge to test the meaning of love and the strength of ties held within the fragile gold bands of a...Circle Of Friends. From the Paperback edition.

Circle Of Friends 25 Breakfast & Brunch Recipes

by Gooseberry Patch

Make your mornings bright with these tried & true recipes for mouthwatering breakfasts and brunches...from Cranberry-Pumpkin Waffles and Scrumptious French Toast to Old-Fashioned Baked Eggs and Sausage Breakfast Bake, there's sure to be something for everyone!

Circle of Friends Cookbook - 25 Dip & Spread Recipes

by Gooseberry Patch

Dips and spreads for every occasion! Try Robert's Corn Dip, Chocolate Chip Cheese Ball, Vickie's Favorite Guacamole and Undefeated Bacon Cheese Dip!

Circle of Friends Cookbook 25 of JoAnn & Vickie's Favorite Recipes

by Gooseberry Patch

From Jo Ann's Cowboy Cookies and Vickie's Tomato Pie to scrumptiousChicken Casserole Supreme and Comfort Corn Pudding, this newcollection features 25 of Vickie and Jo Ann's most delicious recipesfor sharing with family & friends!

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