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The Best of Robert Silverberg

by Robert Silverberg

Collection of 10 stories: "Road to Nightfall," "Warm Man," "To See the Invisible Man," "The Sixth Palace," "Flies," "Hawksbill Station" (1967 Nebula finalist, 1968 Hugo finalist, best novella), "Passengers" (1969 Nebula winner, 1970 Hugo finalist, best short story), "Nightwings" (1969 Hugo winner, 1968 Nebula finalist, best novella), "Sundance," "Good News from the Vatican" (1971 Nebula winner, best short story).

The Best of Simple

by Langston Hughes

Langston Hughes's stories about Jesse B. Simple--first composed for a weekly column in the Chicago Defender and then collected in Simple Speaks His Mind, Simple Takes a Wife, and Simple Stakes a Claim--have been read and loved by hundreds of thousands of readers. In The Best of Simple, the author picked his favorites from these earlier volumes, stories that not only have proved popular but are now part of a great and growing literary tradition. Simple might be considered an Everyman for black Americans. Hughes himself wrote: "...these tales are about a great many people--although they are stories about no specific persons as such. But it is impossible to live in Harlem and not know at least a hundred Simples, fifty Joyces, twenty-five Zaritas, and several Cousin Minnies--or reasonable facsimiles thereof." As Arnold Rampersad has written, Simple is "one of the most memorable and winning characters in the annals of American literature, justly regarded as one of Hughes's most inspired creations."

The Best of Slate: A 10th Anniversary Anthology

by David Plotz

In the last decade, Slate has gone from fairly well-kept secret to near-household name, with a monthly audience that has risen from the thousands to the millions. Yet our readers persist in regarding us as a great little restaurant that hasn't yet been discovered.

The Best of Technology Writing 2006

by Brendan I. Koerner

The essays collected in this book are sparkling, imaginative pieces of journalism that just happen to be about technology. People steeped in the world of AJAX or Massively Mulitplayer Online Games will find a lot to value here, but so will readers simply in search of good writing.

The Best of the Bellevue Literary Review

by Danielle Ofri

"A kaleidoscope of creativity ... unsentimental and sometimes unpredictable." -Journal of the American Medical Association. Founded just six years ago, Bellevue Literary Review is already widely recognized as a rare forum for emerging and celebrated writers--among them Julia Alvarez, Raphael Campo, Rick Moody, and Abraham Verghese--on issues of health and healing. Gathered here are poignant and prizewinning stories, essays, and poems, the voices of patients and those who care for them, which form the journal's remarkable dialogue on "humanity and the human experience." Danielle Ofri, MD, author of Incidental Findings and Singular Intimacies, is the editor in chief of Bellevue Literary Review.

Best of the Best American Poetry

by David Lehman Robert Pinsky

Robert Pinsky, distinguished poet and man of letters, selects the top 100 poems from twenty-five years of The Best American PoetryThe Best American Poetry is the most prestigious poetry publication in the United States and has been so almost from its inception in 1988. Hotly debated, keenly monitored, ardently advocated (or denounced), obsessively scrutinized, every volume in the series consists of seventy-five poems chosen by a major American poet--from John Ashbery in 1988 to Mark Doty in 2012 with stops along the way for such poets as Jorie Graham, Charles Simic, A.R. Ammons, Louise Gluck, James Tate, Adrienne Rich, Paul Muldoon, Billy Collins, Heather McHugh, and Kevin Young. Out of the 1,875 poems that have appeared in The Best American Poetry, here are the 100 that Robert Pinsky has chosen for this special edition. Each volume in the series is represented, and the result is a pleasure-giving book of twice-honored poems that readers will find indispensable. The Best of the Best American Poetry is proof positive that the art form is flourishing. The volume is a reminder, too, of the role this anthology series has played in the resurgence of interest in American poetry in the last quarter century. With valuable introductory essays by guest editor Pinsky and series editor David Lehman, The Best of the Best American Poetry includes up-to-date biographies of the poets along with the comments they made when the poems were originally selected.

Best of the Best (Baseball Greats)

by Tim Green

Josh is still flying high from his team's tournament win at Coopers­town when his parents start talking about a divorce. Now his dad is challenging him to play the best of the best at the Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. But does he just want to get Josh out of the way? Two things are sure: His father's new girlfriend, Diane, is looking to change things, and Josh is determined to get her and her terrible son out of his life. With the help of Benji and Jaden, Josh races to get the facts that can keep his family together-but it's ever harder to concentrate on the game and make the winning plays that will lead his team to victory. In his compelling style, Tim Green delivers great sports action and more-a fast-paced adventure about friendship, the power of becoming a team, and finding a way to get what you need when you can't have what you want.

Best of the Best Cook's Essentials Cookbook

by Gwen Mckee Bob Warden

The BEST of two worlds meet in the kitchen. The cook's essentials team of chefs and the Best of the Best team of home cooks, after years of enjoying each other's products and exchanging great recipes and good ideas, combined their experience and expertise into one kitchen resource. The result is a cookbook filled with outstanding recipes, and tips on matching these recipes with the right cookware and best kitchen products. We invite you to meet us in the kitchen, pull out your cook's essentials pots and pans, and enjoy this cookbook while you mix and match your way to delicious dishes and memorable meals. Other cookbooks in this series are available in this library.

Best of the Best from the Plains Cookbook: Selected Recipes from the Favorite Cookbooks of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Kansas

by Barbara Moseley Gwen Mckee

In this third volume of their regional series, they proudly present the special flavors of cooking in the Plains. Here, in addition to an abundance of delicious meat, bread, and potato recipes, outdoor life brings in mountain trout, pheasant, big game, wild berries . . . and big appetites to the campfire as well as to the kitchen table. No matter the indoor or outdoor cooking methods, the results yield the finest soups, stews, salads, desserts . . . it's just plain good cooking! Best of the Best from the Plains Cookbook features: 401 of the most exceptional recipes available from Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Kansas. Recipes that are easy to follow and edited for clarity. Photographs and illustrations showcasing places and attractions in the Plains region. Fascinating history and trivia about the region scattered throughout. A cross-referenced index, making it easy to find your favorite recipes. Other books in this series are available in this library.

Best of the Best Presents Great Food Fast: Bob Warden's Ultimate Pressure Cooker Recipes

by Bob Warden Christian Stella

Bob Warden brings the pressure cooker into the 21st century. His recipes are easy to make and usually call for ingredients common in the average cook's pantry. He demystifies the operation of the pressure cooker and presents a nice array of recipes. A perfect addition to the busy cook's library. Other cookbooks in this series are available in this library.

Best of the Best Presents: Not Just for Diabetics Cookbook: Naturally Delicious Recipes for Optimum Wellness

by Debra Rouse James Rouse

This is another book in the Best of the Best Presents collection. And, like the other cookbooks, it features easy-to-follow instructions for tasty main courses, salads, desserts, condiments, soup and more. Although the emphasis is on healthy eating, the ingredients are familiar and the results are delicious! Other Best of the Best cookbook are available in this library.

Best of the Best Recipe Hall of Fame: Fresh from the Farmers Market Cookbook: Winning Recipes from Hometown America

by Barbara Moseley Gwen Mckee Terresa Ray

These 400 Recipe Hall of Fame selections go beyond winners-- they are unquestionably the BEST of the Best of the Best! Buttermilk-Crusted Blackberry Cobbler Hamilton's Fried Green Tomatoes with Grilled Shrimp Caramel Apple Pecan Pie Gourmet Chicken Salad with Fresh Peaches Strawberry Cheesecake French Toast Summer Sunrise Melon and Spinach Salad Old-fashioned Oatmeal Apple Cookies Sweet Pickled Okra Ice-Box Peach Jam 44 Mardi Gras Salad with Creole Mustard Dressing, page 68 From appetizers to desserts, fresh fruits and vegetables have never tasted so good! You'll harvest a bounty of compliments every time you serve "the best." We've also included tips on how to select and store fresh produce, and interesting facts and trivia about fruits and vegetables throughout. Other books in the Best of The Best series are available in this library.

The Best of the Best (Replica #7)

by Marilyn Kaye

After lots of attention from the media -- and from other students -- everyone pretty much ignores Adrian, the 8-year-old genius in the ninth grade. He whines, he's snotty, and he's got a lousy attitude. When he runs away, Amy wonders what's up. Is Adrian too smart to be real? Is he a victim -- or the one pulling the strings? The more Amy digs for answers, the more she unearths a web of deceit and corruption.

The Best of Times

by Haynes Johnson

Analysis of the 1990s.

The Best of Times: A Novel

by Penny Vincenzi

In a matter of seconds, absolutely everything can change ... In this masterfully crafted page-turner, peopled with intense characters and centered on one devastating moment that involves them all, plot-twist queen Penny Vincenzi vividly captures how the actions of one person can dramatically affect many in the blink of an eye. On an ordinary Friday afternoon, on a major motorway outside of London, a trailer truck suddenly and violently swerves across fives lanes of traffic--careening cars into one another like dominoes and leaving a trail of chaos and confusion. Within the space of a minute, an astounding miles-long pileup has amassed, and, as the survivors await help, their stories unfold. Vincenzi expertly maneuvers the plot between the panic-stricken husband trapped in his car with his young mistress, his adultery sure to be discovered; the bridegroom trying frantically to get to the church on time (he won't); the widow on her way to reunite with the love of her life after sixty years, now forced to ponder whether she'll ever see him again; the junior doctor waiting to receive the crash victims in the ER ... And at the epicenter of this field of destruction lies the truck driver, suffering from memory loss, while the mysterious hitchhiker, the only person who knows what really happened, has fled the scene. Spellbound by these intimate and evocative tales, we watch as fate takes its powerful course and the far-reaching effects of the crash ripple through the lives of hundreds of people. Written with incredible verve, candor, and wit, Penny Vincenzi reveals human behavior in all its fascinating detail as she challenges her characters to face crisis boldly--and she surprises us with the results at every turn.

Best of TOC

by Joseph J. Esposito Tim O'Reilly Andrew Savikas Mac Slocum Liza Daly Kate Eltham James Bridle Bob Stein Peter Brantley Kassia Krozser Bill Mccoy Sara Lloyd Adam Hodgkin

Best of TOC is a collection of essential posts from the last 12 months, selected from the TOC blog and a number of external sources.One of the mantras at Tools of Change is "fail forward fast," which is an alliterative way of encouraging experimentation. That's why we felt it appropriate to use Best of TOC as a testing ground for a "Web-to-book" process. As we hoped, experimentation led to lessons we wouldn't have learned otherwise.The material in Best of TOC is a small part of an ongoing dialog. We hope you'll join us on the TOC blog and the TOC Community as we collaboratively discuss the tools, developments, and organizations that are shaping the future of publishing.

The Best of Uncle John's Bathroom Reader

by The Bathroom Readers' Institute

Trivia, trivia and more trivia on science, entertainment, humor, history, pop culture, etc.

Best of Valentines 2008

by Christine Rimmer Sherryl Woods Yvonne Lindsay Jean Brashear Tara Taylor Quinn

Discover last year's finest...with the best eBooks of 2008!Valentine's Day the most romantic day of the show yourself some love by indulging in the best Valentine eBooks of 2008! Bundle includes Tycoon's Valentine Vendetta by Yvonne Lindsay; The Valentine Gift by Tara Taylor Quinn, Jean Brashear, and Linda Cardillo; Valentine's Secret Child by Christine Rimmer; and, as a free bonus, The Valentine Wedding Dress by Sherryl Woods.

The Best of Walter M. Miller, Jr.

by Walter M. Miller Jr.

Science fiction short stories.

The Best of Workbasket® Magazine Vintage to Vogue

by Deborah Hufford

Knitting and crocheting have never been so hot - even celebrities like Julia Roberts and Vanna White can be found with a needle or hook. Today's top knitting and crochet designers present updated patterns from Workbasket magazine in this perfect instruction book for anyone wanting to learn these popular crafts! Features 35 projects as they originally appeared, including sweaters, scarves, hats, mittens, and vests. Each project is updated with slight design alterations and then created with today's new specialty yarns and colors.

The Best Old Movies for Families

by Ty Burr

If a child can watch Barney, can't that same child also enjoy watching Charlie Chaplin or the Marx Brothers? And as they get older, wouldn't they grow to like screwball comedies (His Girl Friday), women's weepies (Imitation of Life), and westerns (The Searchers)? The answer is that they'll follow because they'll have learned that "old" does not necessarily mean "next channel, please."Here is an impassioned and eminently readable guide that introduces the delights of the golden age of movies. Ty Burr has come up with a winning prescription for children brought up on Hollywood junk food. FOR THE LITTLE ONES (Ages 3--6): Fast-paced movies that are simple without being unsophisticated, plainspoken without being dumbed down. Singin' in the Rain and Bringing Up Baby are perfect.FOR THE ONES IN BETWEEN (Ages 7--12): "Killer stories," placing easily grasped characters in situations that start simply and then throw curveballs. The African Queen and Some Like It Hot do the job well.FOR THE OLDER ONES (Ages 13+): Burr recommends relating old movies to teens' contemporary favorites: without Hitchcock, there could be no The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, without Brando, no Johnny Depp.From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Best People in the World

by Justin Tussing

In Paducah, Kentucky, seventeen-year-old Thomas feels as reined in as the mighty Ohio, a river confined by high floodwalls protecting his small Southern hometown. But all boundaries vanish when Thomas experiences first love with Alice, his new history teacher, a woman eight years his senior--and when he meets Shiloh, a misfit vagabond and anarchist who becomes his new role model. Fleeing to rural Vermont, this unlikely trio boldly pursues freedom, intimacy, and seclusion, unfettered by commitments and rules. But a life apart from the world does not ensure a life apart from the past--and for one of them, the past that emerges will threaten tragedy.

Best Places Northwest Cookbook, 2nd Edition

by Cynthia Nims Lara Ferroni

Northwest cuisine has in recent years received national attention, primarily for its focus on fresh, locally grown and raised ingredients. The Best Places Northwest Cookbook features more than 100 truly outstanding regional dishes from iconic restaurants and inns of Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia, all of which appear in the 16th and 17th editions of Best Places Northwest. Originally published in 1996, the best-selling cookbook has been revised, with added updates to establishments from the previous edition, as well as an array of new recipes from some of the most-celebrated places to have opened in recent years. Completely repackaged with a fresh design, and featuring the photography of Lara Ferroni, this cookbook is essential for any Northwest foodie's kitchen, as well as a great keepsake for visitors to the area.

The Best Places Northwest Desserts Cookbook

by Cynthia Nims

Strawberry and White Chocolate Sponge Cake, Wild Blue Huckleberry Crème Brûlée, Rustic Pear Tart with Hazelnuts, Chocolate Raspberry Cake with Raspberry Swirl Ice Cream . . . let the decadence begin. From the familiar to the innovative, this tempting new entry in the popular series of Best Places cookbooks -- and the only one to focus on desserts -- taps into the boundless talent of the Northwest's top pastry chefs and bakers. Gathering 80 recipes from more than 50 of the best restaurants and inns in the region, the book is divided into seven chapters: Cakes; Cookies and Bars; Custards, Mousses, and Puddings; Frozen Desserts; Fruits and Nuts; Pies and Tarts; and Special Occasions. The Best Places Northwest Desserts Cookbook is an easy-to-use resource for anyone who wants to create memorable desserts at home.

Best Practice in Labour and Delivery

by Richard Warren Sabaratnam Arulkumaran

An understanding of when and how to intervene is the key to good obstetric care. This textbook is an encompassing reference covering all the essential information relating to childbirth; it offers clear practical guidance on all aspects of labour and delivery. Written by well-known leading experts, each chapter offers a modern authoritative review of best practice. The evidence base described will help to optimize outcome through appropriate clinical management and justifiable intervention. Whilst this is an ideal textbook for those training and taking examinations in labour ward practice, it offers all those caring for the woman in labour a modern, evidence-based approach which will help them understand, recognize and deliver the best possible clinical care. The importance of team working, prioritizing, and the organization of maternity care receive appropriate emphasis with clear guidance and practical advice.

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