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Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin: A Memoir of Our Tumultuous Years

by Jeanne Devon Frank Bailey Ken Morris

This explosive, up-close view of Sarah Palin comes from an inner-circle confidant who shares surprising information about how Sarah dealt with staff and perceived "enemies," and the discrepancy between what she said and what she did.

Blind Alley (Eve Duncan #4)

by Iris Johansen

The New York Times bestselling author of Firestorm, Iris Johansen, returns with a psychological thriller so terrifying, so relentlessly paced, it won't leave you time to catch your breath before the next shock comes. A forensic sculptor is locked in a deadly duel with a serial killer determined to destroy her--one life at a time. Eve Duncan's job is to put a face on the faceless victims of violent crimes. Her work not only comforts their survivors--but helps catch their killers. But there is another, more personal reason that Eve Duncan is driven to do the kind of work she does--a dark nightmare from a past she can never bury. And as she works on the skull of a newly discovered victim, that past is about to return all over again. The victim is a Jane Doe found murdered, her face erased beyond recognition. But whoever killed her wasn't just trying to hide her identity. The plan was far more horrifying. For as the face forms under Eve's skilled hands, she is about to get the shock of her life. The victim is someone she knows all too well. Someone who isn't dead. Yet. Instantly Eve's peaceful life is shattered. The sanctuary of the lakeside cottage she shares with Atlanta detective Joe Quinn and their adopted daughter Jane has been invaded by a killer who's sent the grimmest of threats: the face of his next victim. To stop him, Eve must put her own life in the balance and question everything and everyone she trusts. Not even Quinn can go where Eve must go this time. As the trail of faceless bodies leads to a chilling revelation, Eve finds herself trying to catch a master murderer whose grisly work is a testament to a mind warped by perversion and revenge. Now she must pit her skills against his in a showdown where the stakes are life itself--and where the unbearable cost of failure will make Eve's own murder seem like a mercy killing. From the Hardcover edition.

Blind Allies

by Baynard Kendrick

Captain Duncan McClain had apprehensions when the skinny rafe of a man walked into his office. But... things seemed to be on the up and up. But then , his client turns up dead, and he is embroiled in a family of the rich Malclem Oil fortune and trying to find out who done it. Add on top of this a FBI investigation into a Haroine ring, a back stabbing son in law, and a wife who is not all she seems and there is truly a puzzle for the blind detective to sort out. With his Seeing Eye dog Schnuck, and his trained police dog Driest Duncan is on the case. Will he figure out the case in time?

Blind Ambition

by John W. Dean

Describes his years in the Nixon Administration.

The Blind Archer

by John Gregory Betancourt

This is an early book by the recent creator of the continuation of Roger Zelazny's Amber universe.

The Blind Assassin

by Margaret Atwood

"Ten days after the war ended, my sister Laura drove a car off a bridge." These words are spoken by Iris Chase Griffen, married at eighteen to a wealthy industrialist but now poor and eighty-two. Iris recalls her far from exemplary life, and the events leading up to her sister's death, gradually revealing the carefully guarded Chase family secrets. Among these is "The Blind Assassin," a novel that earned the dead Laura Chase not only notoriety but also a devoted cult following. Sexually explicit for its time, it was a pulp fantasy improvised by two unnamed lovers who meet secretly in rented rooms and seedy cafés. As this novel-within-a-novel twists and turns through love and jealousy, self-sacrifice and betrayal, so does the real narrative, as both move closer to war and catastrophe. Margaret Atwood's Booker Prize-winning sensation combines elements of gothic drama, romantic suspense, and science fiction fantasy in a spellbinding tale.From the Hardcover edition.

Blind Beauty

by K. M. Peyton

Teenage Tessa's passion for riding and her love for an ugly horse named Buffoon help her endure an unhappy life in the English countryside with a hateful stepfather. Can her love of Buffoon help her overcome her own "can't do" attitude to become one of Britian's first female steeplechase jockeys?

Blind Bloodhound Justice (Bloodhound #4)

by Virginia Lanier

This is the fourth in the series featuring Jo Beth Sidden and the bloodhounds that she trains.

Blind, Burned and Living Against All Odds

by Laura West

Maleka has suffered beyond belief and has many reasons to hate life, but she is the happiest person. Read this book and let her teach you how her blinded eyes see great things.

Blind but Now I See: The Biography of Music Legend Doc Watson

by Kent Gustavson

From the day Doc Watson stepped off the bus in New York City, the North Carolina music legend changed the world forever. His influence has been recognised by presidents and by the heroes of modern music. This is the first comprehensive biography of Doc Watson, with never before released details about the American guitar icons life. This book includes new interviews with popular musicians: Ben Harper, Michelle Shocked, Warren Haynes, Sam Bush, Bela Fleck, Tom Paxton, Maria Muldaur, John Cohen, Mike Seeger, Peggy Seeger, Abigail Washburn, Ketch Secor, Marty Stuart, Norman Blake, Tony Rice, Pat Donohue, Peter Rowan, Si Kahn, Tommy Emmanuel, Tony Trischka, Greg Brown, Guy Clark, Don Rigsby, David Grisman, Alice Gerrard, Alan O Bryant, Edgar Meyer, Guy Davis, Jack Lawrence, Tao Rodriguez-Seeger, Jean Ritchie, Jerry Douglas, Jonathan Byrd, Larry Long, Paddy Moloney, and many more. . .

The Blind Colt

by Glen Rounds

Moving story of a mustang colt who was born blind and eventually adopted and trained by a ten-year-old boy. Story based on author's own experience as a youth with a blind wild colt on the family's ranch.

Blind-Date Bride

by Myrna Mackenzie

Silhouette Romance #1526.

Blind-Date Marriage

by Fiona Harper

Serena--loves everything in life, except for blind dates! She's turned her back on her unconventional upbringing, and her deepest wish is to marry Mr. Right.... Jake--is a highly successful and focused businessman. He's worked hard to escape his roots, and now lives by one rule: never get married! A romantic candlelit restaurant, a dozen red roses, champagne on ice...the scene is set for the perfect blind date! Silhouette Romance #1843, December, 2006.

Blind Dates Can Be Murder (Smart Chick Mysteries #2)

by Mindy Starns Clark

Blind dates give everyone the shivers. Poor Jo Tulip. She's a sassy single woman full of household hints and handy advice for every situation . . . except matters of her heart. Her first romantic outing in months is a blind date--okay, the Hall of Fame of Awful Blind Dates--but things go from bad to worse when the date drops dead and Jo finds herself smack in the middle of a murder investigation. Poor Danny Watkins. He loves Jo but doesn't know how to tell her. They have been best friends since childhood, and Jo considers him only a pal. As Danny helps Jo with the investigation, he waits for the perfect moment to tell her how he feels about her. When that moment arrives, however, Danny is surprised to find that the outcome isn't at all what he expected. With Danny's help, Jo attempts to solve one complicated mystery while trying to figure out another--what on earth is going on with her love life?

Blind Descent (Anna Pigeon #6)

by Nevada Barr

Nevada Barr's sixth mystery featuring protagonist Anna Pigeon descends into a cave in the midst of Carlsbad Caverns to seek out the best place for a murder. Pigeon's mental and detective skills are tested by her claustrophobia as she rappels into a rescue effort for an injured colleague. With every tortuous step Pigeon takes into the deep, the tension increases as it becomes clear that more is at stake than just a rescue effort. Classically, there is the shortest of lists of possible suspects: as Anna herself realizes, it's unlikely that the convenient tramp could find his or her way hundreds of feet underground. However, Barr manages the restraints of the convention beautifully, and the suspense remains taut until the perpetrator is revealed.

Blind Descent: The Quest to Discover the Deepest Place on Earth

by James M. Tabor

The deepest cave on earth was a prize that had remained unclaimed for centuries, long after every other ultimate discovery had been made: both poles by 1912, Everest in 1958, the Challenger Deep in 1961. In 1969 we even walked on the moon. And yet as late as 2000, the earth's deepest cave---the supercave---remained undiscovered. This is the story of the men and women who risked everything to find it, earning their place in history beside the likes of Peary, Amundsen, Hillary, and Armstrong. In 2004, two great scientist-explorers are attempting to find the bottom of the world. Bold, heroic American Bill Stone is committed to the vast Cheve Cave, located in southern Mexico and deadly even by supercave standards. On the other side of the globe, legendary Ukrainian explorer Alexander Klimchouk---Stone's polar opposite in temperament and style, but every bit his equal in scientific expertise, physical bravery, and sheer determination---has targeted Krubera, a freezing nightmare of a supercave in the Republic of Georgia, where underground dangers are compounded by the horrors of separatist war in this former Soviet republic. Blind Descent explores both the brightest and darkest aspects of the timeless human urge to discover, to be first. It is also a thrilling epic about a pursuit that makes even extreme mountaineering and ocean exploration pale by comparison. These supercavers spent months in multiple camps almost two vertical miles deep and many more miles from their caves' exits. They had to contend with thousand-foot drops, deadly flooded tunnels, raging whitewater rivers, monstrous waterfalls, mile-long belly crawls, and much more. Perhaps even worse were the psychological horrors produced by weeks plunged into absolute, perpetual darkness, beyond all hope of rescue, including a particularly insidious derangement called The Rapture. James M. Tabor was granted unprecedented access to logs, journals, photographs, and video footage of these expeditions, as well as many hours of personal interviews with surviving participants. Blind Descent is an unforgettable addition to the classic literature of discovery and adventure. It is also a testament to human survival and endurance-and to two extraordinary men whose relentless pursuit of greatness led them to heights of triumph and depths of tragedy neither could have imagined.

The Blind Doctor: The Jacob Bolotin Story, a Biography

by Rosalind Perlman

From the book: Jacob Bolotin was born blind to poor Jewish parents in Chicago in 1888. Rejecting the conventional wisdom of his time, he was determined to "be of use" in the world. He learned Braille and developed an uncanny sense of touch and hearing that would later make him one of the top heart and lung specialists in the city. He fought his way into and through the Chicago College of Medicine, graduated with honors at twenty-four, and became the world's first totally blind physician fully licensed to practice medicine. Dr. Jacob Bolotin was a pioneer in raising the awareness of the world to the plight of the blind and the need for treating people with disabilities as capable and productive citizens. He died in 1924; he was only thirty-six years old. Five thousand people attended his funeral.

Blind Faith

by Christiane Heggan

After being the Philadelphia police force's most popular investigative reporter, Kelly Robolo becomes known as "Typhoid Kelly." During a Chinatown shakedown, Kelly, who was shot, inadvertently caused the death of an underground cop. The cops harass her with undeserved tickets and graffiti at her home. Kelly's best friend Victoria Bowman asks her to look into the disappearance of her faithful, adoring spouse Jonathan. Reluctantly, while still recovering, Kelly agrees. She tries to enlist the aid of police detective Nick McBride, but he rips her head off, still blaming her for the death of his partner. As the evidence piles up that Jonathan had a mistress in Miami, Nick sees a strong link to the homicide of his father last year. Nick joins forces with Kelly not knowing where their attraction for one another will go or where the investigation will lead. BLIND FAITH is a powerful suspense thriller. The story line is fast-paced, requiring a one-sitting read, as the audience will want to know what really happened. Kelly is a great heroine who readers will admire. Although Nick's change of heart occurs due to his learning that his partner was dirty, his ease of accepting Kelly seems too simple. Still, as a team, they are dynamic. Christiane Heggan shows why she is so popular with fans with this taut investigative thriller.

Blind Faith

by Sagarika Ghose

The distraught daughter of an artist who committed suicide, Mia first meets Karna in London. Mesmerized by the charismatic young guru, she resolves to follow him to India, even if she must marry Vik, a suave corporate businessman, to do so. Once in India, Mia is drawn to Vik's mother, Indi, an accomplished, inordinately attractive woman who rages unceasingly against her blindness, her beauty, and her clinging son. Troubled by Indi's anguish, and by her own strange journey into duplicitous love, Mia realizes she must travel even further-to the Kumb Mela religious pilgrimage-for a different perspective on her clouded and confused life. Brilliant, bold, heartfelt, and transcendent, Blind Faith is a provocative reexamination of the human condition, of reason that binds, hate that liberates, and love that strangles.

Blind Faith

by Edward Winslow

The risk of investing in the stock market has increased remarkably over the last decade. In this period we've seen tremendous volatility in stock prices, a market bubble and its subsequent pop, a parade of corporate scandals, the demise of a leading accounting firm and proven deception by many so-called investment analysts employed by major brokerage firms. In addition, the realities of ever-increasing geopolitical risks contribute to an uncertain economic future. Blind Faith offers a cleverly simple yet revolutionary approach for managing investments in this perpetual high-risk environment. Corporate America and the investment industry have little to gain and lots to lose when investors decide to stop playing the traditional game that can -and has - destroyed trillions of dollars of individual wealth overnight. Readers will be equipped with both the strategy and the tools for success in virtually any economic environment while ending their participation in a system that has taken full advantage of their blind faith and misplaced trust.

Blind Faith

by Ellen Wittlinger

What do you say to someone whose mother is dying?Nathan and his adorable little sister just moved in across the street from Liz Scattergood, and both of them could use a friend. Liz just isn't sure she's the right person. Liz has been coping with tough questions all summer. Ever since Liz's grandmother Bunny died, Liz's mother hasn't been the same; she's even started attending a spiritualist church that claims it can contact Bunny on the Other Side. Liz isn't sure she believes it, but she does know the service gives her mother comfort -- something no one else can seem to do at all. As Liz and Nathan become closer, and the summer draws nearer to its bitter end, questions of faith, mortality, and spirituality come to the forefront of their intimate friendship. There are no easy answers, but together they may nonetheless find hope, comfort, and love.

The Blind Faith Hotel

by Pamela Todd

When her family falls apart, fourteen-year-old Zoe feels like her whole world is going to pieces. Zoe's mother takes her kids away from their father, a fisherman who ships out to Alaska, and moves them to a run-down farmhouse she's inherited in the Midwest. Zoe's stuck -- in more ways than one. Surrounded by strangers and a sea of prairie grass, she loses her bearings. A brush with the law lands Zoe in a work program at a local nature preserve. But the work starts to ground and steady her. When she meets a wild boy who shares her love of untamed places, it seems he might help Zoe find her way. Or is he too lost, too damaged himself?Funny and poignant, sharp-eyed and real, this is a portrait of a girl looking for her own true self and a place she can call home.

Blind Faith: Our Misplaced Trust in the Stock Market and Smarter, Safer Ways to Invest

by Edward Winslow

The founder of the first financial planning cooperative formed in the US and the first NASD registered brokerage firm to specialize in socially responsible investments debunks the idea that common stock is the best long-term investment. And presents safer alternative strategies for investors.

Blind Fall

by Christopher Rice

From three-time New York Times bestselling author Christopher Rice -- whose novels have been called "bold and ambitious" by The New York Times, "chillingly perverse" by USA Today, and "shocking, sexy. . . intricate" by Glamour-- comes this startling psychological thriller about an Iraq War vet who seeks redemption and revenge when a fellow Marine he failed to protect during the war is brutally murdered. John Houck became a Marine to become a hero. But his life changed when he failed to notice an explosive device that ended up maiming the captain of his Force Recon Company, a respected Marine who nearly sacrificed himself to save John's life. Home from Iraq, John pays a visit to his former captain, only to discover the captain has been gruesomely murdered. John pursues a strange man he sees running from the scene, but he discovers that Alex Martin is not the murderer. Alex is, in fact, the former captain's secret male lover and the killer's intended next victim. When it becomes clear that local law enforcement has direct connections to the murder itself, John realizes that to repay his debt of honor, he must teach Alex Martin how to protect himself, even if that means teaching Alex to kill. In the process, John confronts the painful truth about the younger brother he was unable to protect and the older sister he always felt he failed. Blind Fallis a story of honor and integrity, of turning failure into victory. It is a stunning departure for Christopher Rice: the story of two men, one a Marine, one gay, who must unite to avenge the death of the man they both loved -- one as a brother-in-arms, one as a lover -- and to survive.

Blind (Fearless #21)

by Francine Pascal

Gaia is again forced to choose between her father and her uncle. Having been injected with a serum by her uncle, Loki, Gaia is experiencing a whole new range of emotions... but being unfamiliar with certain feelings, she's not sure which is fear. Heather jumps at the opportunity to be like Gaia and agrees to a new experimental protocol that would suppress the fear gene. Meanwhile relationships and alliances are shifting as Heather contemplates whether or not she can trust Josh. And Gaia begins to suspect that there's a lot more to Tatiana's mother than meets the eye. And a startling revelation from Loki leaves her wondering whether she even knows who her father really is...

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