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by Warren Fahy

Jurassic Park meets Lost in this electrifying new adventure thriller. When the cast and crew of reality TV show â SeaLifeâ land on picturesque, unexplored Henders Island itâ s a ratings bonanza. But theyâ re blissfully unaware that the decisions they make there will shape the fate of mankind â ¦ if they can only survive. For they quickly discover that the island is seething with danger. Having evolved in total isolation from the rest of the planet for millennia, Henders is home to host of vicious and exotic predators, terrifying creatures who live in a lightning fast blur of kill or be killed. A team of crack scientists is sent in to assess the situation and they are astounded by what they find. It soon becomes clear that if even the smallest bug ever made it off Henders island, life on earth as we know it would change very quickly indeed. The President is faced with the toughest decision of his career: take the risk of letting one of these creatures escape so that further research can be done, or nuke the island to protect the rest of planet Earth? Just when it seems the stakes couldn't get any higher, the scientists make a surprise discovery that changes everythingâ ¦

A Fragment of Fear

by John Bingham

FROM THE INTRODUCTION BY JOHN LE CARRÉ" This novel comprises some of the best work of an extremely gifted and perhaps under-regarded British crime novelist. . . . What gave John Bingham his magic was something we look for in every writer, too often in vain: an absolute command of the internal landscape of his characters, acutely observed by a humane but wonderfully corrosive eye. "On a recuperative trip in Italy after a car accident, reporter and novelist James Compton is witness to the discovery of a murder victim, a woman who had been vacationing at the same hotel. Lucy Dawson seemed like a gentle old lady, and so the motive for her death appeared to be unmeditated assault. But when he returns to England and makes a benign inquiry into her background, Compton receives a note warning him to leave the past alone -- a note clearly written on his own typewriter, though his apartment shows no sign of a break-in. Unable to resist pursuing the unfinished story, Compton's own investigation reveals a sinister side to Lucy Dawson and a cold-blooded conspiracy she may have helped to perpetrate while alive. Suddenly Compton finds a dangerous net closing in around him: threatening phone calls, terrifying invasions of privacy, and no way of proving to the police that anyone is responsible but himself. In the tradition of Agatha Christie and Patricia Highsmith, John Bingham's writing has earned him a place amongst the great suspense writers of the twentieth century. With taut, compelling prose, A Fragment of Fearis a captivating thriller by a master storyteller at the height of his powers.

Fragmented Memories: Struggling to be Tai-Ahom in India

by Yasmin Saikia

Fragmented Memories is a beautifully rendered exploration of how, during the 1990s, socially and economically marginalized people in the northeastern Indian state of Assam sought to produce a past on which to base a distinctive contemporary identity recognized within late-twentieth-century India. Yasmin Saikia describes how groups of Assamese identified themselves as Tai-Ahom--a people with a glorious past stretching back to the invasion of what is now Assam by Ahom warriors in the thirteenth century. In her account of the 1990s Tai-Ahom identity movement, Saikia considers the problem of competing identities in India, the significance of place and culture, and the outcome of the memory-building project of the Tai-Ahom. Assamese herself, Saikia lived in several different Tai-Ahom villages between 1994 and 1996. She spoke with political activists, intellectuals, militant leaders, shamans, and students and observed and participated in Tai-Ahom religious, social, and political events. She read Tai-Ahom sacred texts and did archival research--looking at colonial documents and government reports--in Calcutta, New Delhi, and London. In Fragmented Memories, Saikia reveals the different narratives relating to the Tai-Ahom as told by the postcolonial Indian government, British colonists, and various texts reaching back to the thirteenth century. She shows how Tai-Ahom identity is practiced in Assam and also in Thailand. Revealing how the "dead" history of Tai-Ahom has been transformed into living memory to demand rights of citizenship, Fragmented Memories is a landmark history told from the periphery of the Indian nation.

The Frailty Myth: Redefining the Physical Potential of Women and Girls

by Colette Dowling

Can women be equal to men as long as men are physically stronger? And are men, in fact, stronger? These are key questions that Colette Dowling, author of the bestsellingThe Cinderella Complex, raises in her provocative new book. The myth of female frailty, with its roots in nineteenth-century medicine and misogyny, has had a damaging effect on women's health, social status, and physical safety. It is Dowling's controversial thesis that women succumb to societal pressures to appear weak in order to seem more "feminine. " The Frailty Myth presents new evidence that girls are weaned from the use of their bodies even before they begin school. By adolescence, their strength and aerobic powers have started to decline unless the girls are exercising vigorously--and most aren't. By sixteen, they have already lost bone density and turned themselves into prime candidates for osteoporosis. They have also been deprived of motor stimulation that is essential for brain growth. Yet as breakthroughs among elite women athletes grow more and more astounding, it begins to appear that strength and physical skill--for all women--is only a matter of learning and training. Men don't have a monopoly on physical prowess; when women and men are matched in size and level of training, the strength gap closes. In some areas, women are actually equipped to outperform men, due partly to differences in body structure, and partly to the newly discovered strengthening benefits of estrogen. Drawing on extensive research in motor development, performance assessment, sports physi-ology, and endocrinology, Dowling presents an astonishing picture of the new physical woman. And she creates a powerful argument that true equality isn't possible until women learn how to stand up for themselves--physically.

Frame-Up (The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo #8)

by Brad Strickland Barbara Strickland

Strange things are going on at the police station. Shelby's friend Susan Skelton has been accused of embezzling $10,000 in bail money. But Shelby doesn't believe that sweet, middle-aged Susan would commit such a crime. She knows it has to be a frame-up. Why? And more important-who? One thing is clear: the culprit must have had access to Susan's desk and files. Could it have been Officer Jack Bridges? Perhaps this new patrolman's not as loyal as he appears. Or could it have been... Detective Hineline? It sure doesn't seem his nature, but he's been acting very secretive lately. Suddenly, everyone at the station is becoming a suspect. Shelby knows it's up to her to find out who framed Susan. But the more clues she uncovers, the more complicated this becomes!


by Karen Leabo

When a close family friend is arrested for a crime they didn't commit, Amy is determined to clear their name. With the trial approaching, can Amy find the real culprit before her friend is convicted and sent to prison? The reader can once again work as a detective alongside Amy.

Framed in Lace (Needlecraft Mysteries #2)

by Monica Ferris

When the historic Hopkins ferry is raised from the lake, a skeleton is discovered. Unfortunately, the only evidence is a piece of lace-like fabric. But once Betsy Devonshire and the patrons of her needlecraft shop lend a hand, they're sure to stitch together the details of this mystery...

Framing Innocence

by Lynn Powell

Ten years ago, amateur photographer and school bus driver Cynthia Stewart dropped off eleven rolls of film at a drugstore near her home in Ohio. The rolls contained photographs of her eight-year-old daughter Nora, including two of the child in the shower-photos that would cause the county prosecutor to arrest Cynthia, take her away in handcuffs, threaten to remove her daughter from her home, and charge her with crimes that carried the possibility of sixteen years in prison.The disturbing case would ultimately attract national attention-including stories in USA Today and on NPR-and supporters including the famed photographer Sally Mann, Katha Pollitt, and the ACLU.Written by poet Lynn Powell, a neighbor of Cynthia Stewart's, this riveting and beautifully told story plumbs the perfect storm of events and people that threatened an ordinary family in a small American town. Framing Innocence features a determined prosecutor; a fundamentalist Christian anti-porn crusader who is appointed as Cynthia's daughter's guardian; the local attorneys for whom the case would become a crucible; and the many neighbors-friends and strangers, Republican and Democrat- who come together to fight for sanity and for justice for Cynthia and her family.

France: An Illustrated History

by Lisa Neal

This volume outlines French history from prehistoric times to the present. Among the diverse themes discussed are the relations of France with its neighbours, the ever-present tension between national unity and regional autonomy, the role of the Church, and developments in public works and education.

Francesca Vigilucci: Washington, D. C., 1913 (American Diaries)

by Kathleen Duey

The suffragists are all over the newspapers these days. Father fumes and frets about it and Mother soothes him, saying it will never be put into law. Everything is changing for women in 1913. The Washington Post is full of headlines about the suffragists. More women are working to support themselves. The nearly 100-year battle for women's right to vote is coming closer to victory. Francesca Vigilucci's father rages about it; her mother avoids the topic altogether. Francesca only knows she doesn't want the future her parents have planned for her, a life of privilege and good works as the obedient wife to a successful man. The only person who seems to understand is Laura, a cleaning girl in the Vigilucci household. Then a prominent suffragist, in town for the White House picket line and a suffragist parade, comes to one of Mother's charity luncheons. Francesca finds the courage to admit her secret dream of becoming a reporter -- but how can she ever persuade her parents?

The Franchise Affair (Inspector Grant #3)

by Josephine Tey

Marion Sharpe was accused of kidnapping Betty Kane. Not believing Betty Kane's story, Solicitor Blair takes up the case and, in a dazzling feat of amateur detective work, solves the unbelievable mystery that stumped even Inspector Grant.

Francis Bacon and the Modern Dilemma

by Loren C. Eiseley

A critical examination of Francis Bacon, the scientist and educator who founded the scientific method that is used even today to deduce the answer to a given problem.

The Francis Chan Collection

by Francis Chan Preston Sprinkle Mark Beuving

Now available! All four of Francis Chan's New York Times bestselling books in one edition! Experience the life-changing message of Francis Chan. This new collection contains:Crazy Love: Revised & Updated Edition! God is Love. Crazy, relentless, all-powerful love. Have you ever wondered if we're missing it?Forgotten God: Francis Chan offers a compelling invitation to understand, embrace, and follow the Holy Spirit's direction in our lives. Erasing Hell: Addressing a variety of views on hell, the Bible, and the character of God, Francis Chan and Preston Sprinkle offer an eloquent response to the recent media storm surrounding questions of eternal destiny. Multiply: One plus one plus one. Every copy of Multiply is designed to do what Jesus did: make disciples who make disciples who make disciples.... until the world knows the truth of Jesus Christ.

Francis Crick: Discoverer of the Genetic Code

by Matt Ridley

Francis Crick--the quiet genius who led a revolution in biology by discovering, quite literally, the secret of life--will be bracketed with Galileo, Darwin, and Einstein as one of the greatest scientists of all time. In his fascinating biography of the scientific pioneer who uncovered the genetic code-the digital cipher at the heart of heredity that distinguishes living from non-living things-acclaimed bestselling science writer Matt Ridley traces Crick's life from middle-class mediocrity in the English Midlands through a lackluster education and six years designing magnetic mines for the Royal Navy to his leap into biology at the age of thirty-one and its astonishing consequences. In the process, Ridley sheds a brilliant light on the man who forever changed our world and how we understand it.

Francona: The Red Sox Years

by Dan Shaughnessy Terry Francona

From 2004 to 2011, Terry Francona managed the Boston Red Sox, perhaps the most scrutinized team in all of sports. During that time, every home game was a sellout. Every play, call, word, gesture--on the field and off--was analyzed by thousands. And every decision was either genius, or disastrous. In those eight years, the Red Sox were transformed from a cursed franchise to one of the most successful and profitable in baseball history--only to fall back to last place as soon as Francona was gone. Now, in Francona: The Red Sox Years, the decorated manager opens up for the first time about his tenure in Boston, unspooling the narrative of how this world-class organization reached such incredible highs and dipped to equally incredible lows. But through it all, there was always baseball, that beautiful game of which Francona never lost sight. As no book has ever quite done before, Francona escorts readers into the rarefied world of a twenty-first-century clubhouse, revealing the mercurial dynamic of the national pastime from the inside out. From his unique vantage point, Francona chronicles an epic era, from 2004, his first year as the Sox skipper, when they won their first championship in 86 years, through another win in 2007, to the controversial September collapse just four years later. He recounts the tightrope walk of managing unpredictable personalities such as Pedro Martinez and Manny Ramirez and working with Theo Epstein, the general managing phenom, and his statistics-driven executives. It was a job that meant balancing their voluminous data with the emotions of a 25-man roster. It was a job that also meant trying to meet the expectations of three owners with often wildly differing opinions. Along the way, readers are treated to never-before-told stories about their favorite players, moments, losses, and wins. Ultimately, when for the Red Sox it became less about winning and more about making money, Francona contends they lost their way. But it was an unforgettable, endlessly entertaining, and instructive time in baseball history, one that is documented and celebrated in Francona, a book that examines like no other the art of managing in today's game.


by Célestine Vaite

The debut of an entrancing new storyteller, Vaite seasons her tale with charming bits of Tahitian tradition and folk wisdom. A heroine you'll wish was your best friend. Her name is Materena Mahi, and she's the best listener in Tahiti. In Tahiti it's a well-known fact that women are wisest and mothers know best. But it's Materena Mahi who really knows best of all. Everyone--everyone except Materena's daughter, that is--seems to think so. Materena starts her new job as a professional cleaner at the same time she becomes the mother of her beautiful baby girl. Leilani is a challenge almost from the start, posing questions ("Why doesn't it snow in Tahiti?") that seem to Materena not worth wondering about. Soon enough, mother and daughter are engaged in a tug-of-war that tests the bonds of their mutual love. Materena is determined her girl will grow to be a smart, considerate, take-no-nonsense young woman. But when Leilani meets Hotu, a handsome boy and a heartbreaker for sure, Materena must figure out what's best for her daughter--and for herself.

Frank and Beans and S'more Trouble

by Kathy-Jo Wargin

A Lesson in Patience. Frank loses his temper with the family cat and now poor S'More has run away. Does Frank have the patience he will need to bring her home?

Frank Fowler, The Cash Boy

by Horatio Alger Jr.

A classic rags to riches story.

Franka: A Guide Dog

by Walter Johnson

When the Allen family discovered they would be going to South America for a year, they had to make a hard decision. What would they do with Franka their beautiful German Shepherd dog. The two kids Joe and Joan write the Seeing Eye and Franka is accepted into the program. Dan, Franka's trainer, is very impressed with the intelligence of Franka. When Jane Wilson arrives at the Seeing Eye for training, Dan knows Franka is the dog for her. Jane and Franka train and graduate andjane goes on to be a lecturer on guide dogs and other topics. Good historical perspective of the Seeing Eye, and the training at the school at the time. Good children's book, but good for all ages.


by Douglas Clegg Harold Bloom Mary Shelley

The story of Victor Frankenstein and the monstrous creature he created has held readers spellbound ever since it was published almost two centuries ago. On the surface, it is a novel of tense and steadily mounting horror; but on a more profound level, it offers searching illumination of the human condition in its portrayal of a scientist who oversteps the bounds of conscience, and of a monster brought to life in an alien world, ever more desperately attempting to escape the torture of his solitude. A novel of hallucinatory intensity, Frankenstein represents one of the most striking flowerings of the Romantic imagination. With a New Introduction by Douglas Clegg And an Afterword by Harold Bloom


by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley Richard Wasowski

Mary Shelley's classic tale, the story of Victor Frankenstein and the horror he unleashes when a scientific experiment goes catastrophically awry, has been a favorite on high school literature curricula for generations. This edition of Shelley's masterpiece offers: A NOVEL LEARNING SERIES(TM) Student Guide -Questions about the text after every few chapters check your comprehension -Quizzes throughout help you prepare for standardized tests with SAT- and ACT-style questions using vocabulary and grammar from the book -Sample writing prompts and essays at the end guide you through the elements of an above-average, average, and below-average essay-and explain why!

Frankenstein (An Adapted Classic)

by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley Emily Hutchinson

From the Book Jacket: AN EXCERPT FROM FRANKENSTEIN : Just then, I saw the figure of a man climbing toward me. He was moving with superhuman speed. As he came closer, I saw that it was the wretch whom I had created. I trembled with rage and horror. "Devil!" I exclaimed. "Do you dare approach me? Do you not fear my vengeance? Begone! Or rather, stay, so I may trample you to dust!" "I expected such a welcome," said the creature. "Yet you are my creator. It is your fault that I am so wretched. You are bound to me until death. You want to kill me? How dare you sport thus with life? Do your duty to me and I will do mine to you." "Hated monster! Come closer so I may put out the spark of life I so foolishly gave you!" "I have no wish to harm you. I am your creature, and you owe me something. Oh, Frankenstein, everywhere I see happiness that I alone cannot have. I was good, but misery made me a fiend. Make me happy, and I shall again be good." ENJOY THESE OTHER ADAPTED CLASSICS FROM GLOBE FEARON: Gulliver's Travels Ethan Frome The Canterbury Tales Heart of Darkness Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass The Call of the Wild . � The Red Badge of Courage A Christmas Carol Les Miserables Tom Sawyer Jane Eyre A Tale of Two Cities The Odyssey Treasure Island Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl An Edgar Allan Poe Reader Great Expectations The Scarlet Letter

Frankenstein and Related Readings

by Mary Shelley

The World History and World Geography Library consists of novels and other full-length works, related readings, and study guides you can use for small group or whole-class instruction. Study Guides offer instructional support and student activities for works from the Library. They include extensive back-ground on the author and the work, lesson plans for the work and the Related Readings, blackline master activities, cross-curricular connections, audiovisual recommendations; and assessment.

Frankenstein: City of Night

by Dean Koontz

From the celebrated imagination of Dean Koontz comes a powerful reworking of one of the classic stories of all time. If you think you know the legend, you know only half the truth. Here is the mystery, the myth, the terror, and the magic of...Dean Koontz's City of the Night. They are stronger, heal better, and think faster than any humans ever created--and they must be destroyed. But not even Victor Helios--once Frankenstein--can stop the engineered killers he's set loose on a reign of terror through modern-day New Orleans. Now the only hope rests in a one-time "monster" and his all-too-human partners, Detectives Carson O'Connor and Michael Maddison. Deucalion's centuries-old history began as Victor's first and failed attempt to build the perfect human-and it is fated to end in the ultimate confrontation between a damned creature and his mad creator. But first Deucalion must destroy a monstrosity not even Victor's malignant mind could have imagined--an indestructible entity that steps out of humankind's collective nightmare with one purpose: to replace us.

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