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And I Don't Want to Live This Life

by Deborah Spungen

For most of us, it was just another horrible headline. But for Deborah Spungen, the mother of Nancy, who was stabbed to death at the Chelsea Hotel, it was both a relief and a tragedy. Here is the incredible story of an infant who never stopped screaming, a toddler who attacked people, a teenager addicted to drugs, violence, and easy sex, a daughter completely out of control--who almost destroyed her parents' marriage and the happiness of the rest of her family."Honest and moving...Her painful tale is engrossing."WASHINGTON POST BOOK WORLDFrom the Paperback edition.

And I Worked at the Writer's Trade: Chapters of Literary History 1918-1978

by Malcolm Cowley

This is one of the last books of Malcolm Cowley. He reminisces about his decision to earn a living with only his literary skills.

And If I Perish: Frontline U. S. Army Nurses in World War II

by Rosemary Neidel-Greenlee Evelyn Monahan

In documenting the contributions of the unsung nurses of the US Army Corps in World War II campaigns, women who served in the Women's Army Corps and Navy Nurse Corps in the 1960s, respectively, honor the frontline service of some 60,000 volunteers and their contribution to changing attitudes about women's roles. The book includes period and contemporary photos. Annotation ©2004 Book News, Inc. , Portland, OR (booknews. com)

And It Harm None (Circle of Three Book 13)

by Isobel Bird

"And it harm none, do as you will," so says the ancient wiccan rede. Those who do not heed its words will learn the power of the Law of Three. Annie, Kate, and Cooper uncover what looks like a crime. When they look more closely, it is not. Knowing the Law of Three -- that harm comes back to haunt -- can they still help a friend in need without paying for it themselves?

And The Journey Begins

by Cyril Axelrod

This life story of deafblind priest, Father Cyril Axelrod, makes compelling reading. A man of such spirituality, humanity, gentleness, compassion, humour, leadership and vision, he has worked tirelessly for others throughout his life and has become a worldwide ambassador for deaf and deafblind people. He gives a remarkably poignant and tender account of his childhood as the profoundly Deaf child of an orthodox Jewish family in South Africa. He describes the wrenching spiritual journey that follows in his twenties and led him eventually to become a Catholic priest in order to serve deaf people. He tells too of his own painful transition from deafness to deafblindess as his sight deteriorates in middle age as a result of Usher syndrome. Despite this, his remarkable pastoral work continues, using over eight different indigenous sign languages, in countries as varied as South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Australia, USA, China, Singapore, Macau, Ireland, and finally Britain. His work and his love for deaf and deafblind people transcends colour, creed and faith and has been recognised throughout the world. This is the story of a remarkable man.

And Justice for All

by Perfection Learning Staff

Contains short stories, poems, biographical accounts, and essays about justice -- what it is, who determines it, how to achieve it for all and how to protect the right to it.

And Justice for One

by John Clarkson

If someone you loved was the victim of a violent crime, how far would you go to find justice? Jack Devlin didn't know the answer-until his brother was left comatose after a brutal assault. To the police, it was just another New York mugging. To Devlin, it was an abomination that must be avenged-outside of the law. ... Jack Devlin. Former Secret Service agent. Investigator for a West Coast security firm. He came to New York City as a private citizen to attend his father's funeral. But after the burial-on a whiskey- soaked night on the town-Jack's brother disappears. Now, his brother has been found. Comatose. On the edge of death. And the key to the crime lies in the darkest, most dangerous shadows of New York's illegal club circuit... Where sex and drugs rule the night. Where corruption kills without mercy. And where Devlin will learn that death is the best revenge!

And Justice There Is None (Duncan Kincaid / Gemma James #8)

by Deborah Crombie

Sergeant Gemma James of New Scotland Yard is in charge of a brutal homicide. The wife of a wealthy antiques dealer has been found murdered on Notting Hill. With a devastated lover and a jealous husband left in the dead woman's wake, the focus of Gemma's case seems clear. But Detective Superintendent Duncan Kincaid has other ideas, and soon the two are at increasing odds with each other, as their separate investigations become linked in the most startling-and deadly-of ways.

And Keep Your Powder Dry: An Anthropologist Looks at America

by Margaret Mead

Margaret Mead wrote this comprehensive sketch of the culture of the United States -- the first since de Tocqueville -- in 1942 at the beginning of the Second World War, when Americans were confronted by foreign powers from both Europe and Asia in a particularly challenging manner. Mead's work became an instant classic. It was required reading for anthropology students for nearly two decades, and was widely translated. It was revised and expanded in 1965 for a second generation of readers. Among the more controversial conclusions of her analysis are the denial of class as a motivating force in American culture, and her contention that culture is the primary determinant for individual character formation. Her process remains lucid, vivid, and arresting. As a classic study of a complex western society, it remains a monument to anthropological analysis.

"... And Ladies of the Club"

by Helen Hooven Santmyer

Set in a small Ohio town and spanning 60 years, the books centers on the members of a book club and their struggles to understand themselves, each other, and their world.

And Live Rejoicing

by Huston Smith Phil Cousineau

Spiritual trailblazer Huston Smith has written comprehensive books about religion and a memoir of his own life, but nowhere has he merged the two elements of seeking and experience with such storytelling flair as he has in these pages. Few have done as much as Smith to explore and illuminate the world's religions and spiritual traditions, and none have done it with such accessibility, wonder, and delight. In this joyous volume, he looks back on his extraordinary life, describing riveting scenes with unforgettable characters in India, Africa, Tibet, and Japan. Smith's charm and exuberance come through on every page.

And Maggie Makes Three

by Joan Lowery Nixon

Maggie, living with her grandmother in Houston, joins the drama club at school, wins a part in a play, begins to make friends, and learns to deal with feelings of loneliness, being in love, and having an unusual family life and background.

And Miles to Go: The Biography of a Great Arabian Horse, Witez II

by Linell Smith

The great Arabian horse Witez II endured the hardships of the Second World War in Europe, then came to the United States to found a dynasty to rival that of Man-O-War. This is his biography, told from actual sources in Europe and America. Except for details of his early life in Poland, where records were scant, it is all true. Witez II was foaled under the White Eagle of Poland, matured under the German Swastika, and achieved his greatest fame in America. His story includes that of the Poles who reared him, the Germans who cared for him, and the Americans who were lucky enough to secure him at an Army auction. In this book with Witez are Stasik Kowalski, the young Pole who risked his life for him; the two German veterinarians who surrendered to the Allies to save their horses; and Witez's American owners, Earle and Frances Hurlbutt. The fine breeding policies of the latter resulted in the remarkable Arabians sired by Witez. But most important of all is Witez himself, the horse whose name meant "chieftain and knight, prince and hero, all rolled into one." Witez II fulfilled the promise of his name.

And Mother Makes Three

by Liz Fielding

Stand-in mother... When Bronte Lawrence reads a letter from a little girl claiming to be her daughter, she knows there has been a mistake. There has--Lucy Fitzpatrick's letter has reached the wrong Lawrence sister! Her career-minded sister might not have wanted her child, but Bronte is ecstatic at the thought of meeting a niece she'd never known existed. Only, Bronte looks practically identical to her sister...and James Fitzpatrick mistakes her for the mother of his child! Bronte finds it all too tempting to slip into the role--and it isn't just for Lucy. Fitz is tall, dark and handsome, and he's a great dad--a compelling combination. But what will happen when Lucy and Fitz discover that Bronte isn't quite who she seems?

...And Never Let Her Go: Thomas Capano, the Deadly Seducer

by Ann Rule

From America's most celebrated true-crime writer comes the heartbreaking real-life drama of a doomed young woman hopelessly trapped in a web of sexual intrigue, political manipulation, and emotional deception by her charming and successful -- but ultimately deadly -- lover. The author of fifteen New York Times national bestsellers, Ann Rule, a former Seattle policewoman, has researched thousands of homicides and understands every facet of murder investigation. Now, in the most complex and shocking book of her long career, she delves into the motivation that drove a seemingly successful man to kill, and she explores heretofore unknown aspects of a fatal affair between a beautiful young woman who moved confidently in the heady world of the upper echelons of government and a widely admired millionaire attorney who was an immensely popular political figure. On June 27, 1996, thirty-year-old Anne Marie Fahey, who was the scheduling secretary for the governor of Delaware, had dinner with a man she had been having a secret affair with for more than two years. "Tommy" Capano, forty-seven, was perhaps the most politically powerful man in Wilmington. Son of a wealthy contractor, former state prosecutor, partner in a prestigious law firm, advisor to governors and mayors, Tom Capano had a soft-spoken and considerate manner that endeared him to many. Although recently estranged from his wife, he was a devoted father to his four beautiful young daughters, the trusted son of his widowed mother, and the backbone of his extended family. But sometime after 9:15 that night when Anne Marie and Tom left a Philadelphia restaurant, something terrible happened to Anne Marie. It would be forty-eight hours before her brothers and sisters realized that she had disappeared entirely. Ann Rule brilliantly traces the lives of both Fahey and Capano as she discloses the intimate details of their ill-fated bonding. A vulnerable, trusting woman becomes spellbound by a charming, duplicitous married man, and what begins as a seemingly unremarkable affair is slowly transformed into an obsessive, convoluted, and deadly relationship. Through her impeccable research, Rule peels away layer after layer of deception to reveal a man who lived a secret life for decades, a man so greedy that he would sacrifice anyone to gain what he desired. One of his many mistresses -- all of whom were unknown to one another -- was Deborah MacIntyre, an attractive and wealthy member of one of Wilmington's oldest families and an administrator of an elite private school. She, too, would become part of the mystery surrounding Anne Marie's disappearance. As three prominent families are destroyed to satisfy one man's jealous obsessions, this unfathomable tragedy becomes a tale that few would believe if it were presented as fiction. Shockingly, it is all true. Destined to become a classic, ... And Never Let Her Go is a riveting account of forbidden love and murder among the rich and powerful, and a chilling insight into the evil that sometimes hides behind even the most charming facade.

And Nobody Got Hurt!: The World's Weirdest, Wackiest True Sports Stories

by Len Berman

A baseball player who ran the bases backwards, an indoor hockey game cut short due to fog, a basketball player who scored for both teams in the same game, a football quarterback who passed the ball to himself, a golf tournament with only one holetruth is stranger than fiction, especially in sports! Today show regular Len Berman showcases the funniest and most amazing stories in the history of sports in this collection taken from his popular Spanning the World TV segments. Sports fans of all ages will love reading and sharing these bizarre tales.

...And Now Miguel

by Joseph Krumgold

This is the story of twelve-year-old Miguel Chavez, who yearns in his heart to go with the men of his family on a long and hard sheep drive to the mountains. When his prayer is finally answered, a disturbing and dangerous exchange follows. This is a Newbery Award Winner.

And Now the News...: The Complete Stories of Theodore Sturgeon, Volume 9

by Theodore Sturgeon

volume 9 of the complete stories of theodore sturgeon, one of sci fi's greatest masters

And Now We Shall Do Manly Things

by Craig Heimbuch

Craig Heimbuch, urban dad, journalist, and editor-in-chief of offers readers a humorous exploration of hunting culture in And Now We Shall Do Manly Things. Outdoors enthusiasts, fans of A.J. Jacobs's The Know-It-All and the Bill Bryson classic, A Walk in the Woods will appreciate Heimbuch's aspirations to better understand the men in his family by immersing himself for one year in the manly art of hunting. A book that explores with great wit and open-hearted appreciation the ideal of traditional masculinity, And Now We Shall Do Manly Things demonstrates that it is possible to be both a hunter and a modern American man.

And Now You Know

by Larry E. Morris

Stories of LDS Church members.

And On the Eighth Day

by Ellery Queen

Ellery Queen takes a wrong turn on the great southwestern desert and finds a hidden valley, peopled by a strange religious group.

And on the Eighth Day

by Ellery Queen

While stranded in the desert, Ellery Queen stumbles across a religious cultIt's 1943, the war is raging, and sleuthing scribe Ellery Queen wants to do his bit. After a tortuous cross-country drive, he takes a job writing scripts for a Hollywood propaganda house--twelve hours a day of hack work that quickly turns his mind to jelly. After a few weeks, he is so worn down that he can type nothing but gibberish, and he decides to drive home. The trouble starts as soon as he reaches the desert.His ancient roadster breaks down on the edge of Death Valley. Wandering in search of help, he is saved by a man known as the Teacher, who takes him to an oasis called Quenan. Here, Queen finds a bizarre, reclusive cult that seems to have come straight out of the ancient past. A murder has been committed in the desert, and the Quenanites plan on delivering some Old Testament justice. Queen is just the detective they've been waiting for.

And One Last Thing…

by Molly Harper

A romantic comedy about a woman who publishes the details of her husband's affair in his company newsletter, and then must deal with the consequences.

And One More Thing

by Joan Caraganis Jakobson

The perfect gift book for daughters going off to college, getting their first apartment, or getting married, this chic and hysterical book offers savvy advice for mothers to give to their adult daughters when striking out on their own. Two color with illustrations throughout.

And One More Thing Before You Go...

by Maria Shriver

Graduating from high school is a big step for any girl. She is leaving her childhood behind and beginning the rest of her life. She is also leaving her mother's protective circle of love and guidance. One of the greatest gifts a mother can give her daughter at this pivotal moment in her life is good counsel. In And One More Thing Before You Go...Maria Shriver, bestselling author, acclaimed journalist, First Lady of California, and mother of two daughters, provides a loving and heartfelt guide for girls as they go off to college. Expanded from a speech given to her young friend Ally's graduating class, Maria writes as a wiser, more experienced girlfriend, but also as both the daughter of a mother whose advice she still seeks and as the mother of daughters for whom she wishes a fulfilling and happy life. In this stirring and inspiring guide, Maria talks to young women about how to find abundance and emotional richness, and how not to overlook life's most special gifts. Her ten rules -- told in a witty and poignant anecdotal style -- offer a firm grasp on what's really important in life. And One More Thing Before You a book that transcends age groups, a book that will make you laugh, cry, and open your eyes to a new way of looking at life. Thoughtful, compassionate, and above all, filled with love, And One More Thing Before You a book that will make every mother cry and every daughter stop and think about her mother's words.

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