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An American Requiem

by James Carroll

An American Requiem is the story of one man's coming of age. But more than that, it is a coming to terms with the conflicts that disrupted many families, inflicting personal wounds that were also social, political, and religious. Carroll grew up in a Catholic family that seemed blessed. His father had abandoned his own dream of becoming a priest to rise through the ranks of Hoover's FBI and then become one of the most powerful men in the Pentagon, the founder of the Defense Intelligence Agency. Young Jim lived the privileged life of a general's son, dating the daughter of a vice president and meeting the pope, all in the shadow of nuclear war, waiting for the red telephone to ring in his parents' house. He worshiped his father until Martin Luther King, Jr., the civil rights movement, turmoil in the Catholic Church, and then Vietnam combined to outweigh the bond between father and son. These were issues on which they would never agree. Only after Carroll left the priesthood to become a writer and husband with children of his own did he come to understand fully the struggles his father had faced. In this work of nonfiction, the best-selling novelist draws on the skills he honed with nine much-admired novels to tell the story he was, literally, born to tell. An American Requiem is a benediction on his father's lief, his family's struggles, adn teh legacies of an entire generation.

The American Revolution 100: The Battles, People, and Events of the American War for Independence, Ranked by Their Significance

by Michael Lanning

Experience the defining moments of the war that gave birth to America. The American Revolution 100 brings to life the monumental moments, bloody battles, and influential leaders who gave birth to a great nation. In comprehensive fashion, decorated veteran and military expert Michael Lee Lanning ranks and analyzes the war's most significant events, showing how each affected the outcome. Relive the memorable battles, when a country of citizen-farmers prepared themselves to take on the mightiest army in the world. Learn about the remarkable figures and forces of the time, and decide for yourself: Who influenced the revolution more--John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, or John Paul Jones? Was the Battle of Yorktown more pivotal than the Battle of Trenton? Was The Declaration of Independence more important to the revolution than Thomas Paine's Common Sense? Read the stories of Henry Knox, Thomas Sumter, American militias, and December 26, 1776, and let your own debates begin... Praise for Michael Lee Lanning's history books: "Easily accessible... Recommended reference for the aficionado and the uninitiated alike." ForeWord magazine. "Unusual and even witty insights also abound." Publishers Weekly.

American Revolution, 1700-1800 (Chronicle of America Series)

by Joy Masoff

The second volume of the Chronicle of America series examines the American Revolution, describing life in the colonies during the years between 1700 and 1800, when the colonists were struggling to establish their independence from Great Britain.

The American Revolution, 1760-1783

by Bruce Bliven

Presents an account of events leading up to and occurring during the American Revolution.

The American Revolution: A History

by Gordon S. Wood

"An elegant synthesis done by the leading scholar in the field, which nicely integrates the work on the American Revolution over the last three decades but never loses contact with the older, classic questions that we have been arguing about for over two hundred years. " -Joseph J. Ellis, author ofFounding Brothers A magnificent account of the revolution in arms and consciousness that gave birth to the American republic. When Abraham Lincoln sought to define the significance of the United States, he naturally looked back to the American Revolution. He knew that the Revolution not only had legally created the United States, but also had produced all of the great hopes and values of the American people. Our noblest ideals and aspirations-our commitments to freedom, constitutionalism, the well-being of ordinary people, and equality-came out of the Revolutionary era. Lincoln saw as well that the Revolution had convinced Americans that they were a special people with a special destiny to lead the world toward liberty. The Revolution, in short, gave birth to whatever sense of nationhood and national purpose Americans have had. No doubt the story is a dramatic one: Thirteen insignificant colonies three thousand miles from the centers of Western civilization fought off British rule to become, in fewer than three decades, a huge, sprawling, rambunctious republic of nearly four million citizens. But the history of the American Revolution, like the history of the nation as a whole, ought not to be viewed simply as a story of right and wrong from which moral lessons are to be drawn. It is a complicated and at times ironic story that needs to be explained and understood, not blindly celebrated or condemned. How did this great revolution come about? What was its character? What were its consequences? These are the questions this short history seeks to answer. That it succeeds in such a profound and enthralling way is a tribute to Gordon Wood's mastery of his subject, and of the historian's craft. From the Hardcover edition.

The American Revolution: A History

by Gordon S. Wood

An elegant synthesis done by the leading scholar in the field, which nicely integrates the work on the American Revolution over the last three decades but never loses contact with the older, classic questions that we have been arguing about for over two hundred years.

The American Revolution (Barbour Book's The American Adventure, Book 11)

by Joann A. Grote

People are choosing sides. Stephen Lankford and his cousin, Anna Allerton, are shocked when they see a group of men dump a shipment of tea into the Boston Harbor. Then they overhear a British admiral threaten revenge as a result of this "Tea Party" Soon all of Boston is suffering. Stephen's parents and older brother are Patriots, willing to risk everything to gain independence from England. Anna's parents are Loyalists, who feel honor-bound to support the king. When Stephen's older brother, Will, asks him to spy for the Patriots right in Uncle Cuyler's shop, Stephen is torn. Then Anna discovers what Stephen is doing. Will she report his actions to the British soldiers? And will the approaching War destroy Anna and Stephen's families?

The American Revolution: "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death!"

by Deborah Kent

This is an overview of the American Revolution, from the mounting tensions which led to war to the ratifying of the U.S. Constitution in 1787. The book covers the major action of the war and introduces such key figures as George Washington, Benedict Arnold, and General Cornwallis. Quotes from British and Continental eyewitnesses help to bring the story to life.

The American Revolution of 1800

by Thom Hartmann Dan Sisson

In this brilliant historical classic, Dan Sisson provides the definitive window into key concepts that have formed the backdrop of our democracy: the nature of revolution, stewardship of power, liberty, and the ever-present danger of factions and tyranny. Most contemporary historians celebrate Jefferson's victory over Adams in 1800 as the beginning of the two-party system, but Sisson believes this reasoning is entirely the wrong lesson. Jefferson saw his election as a peaceful revolution by the American people overturning an elitist faction that was stamping out cherished constitutional rights and trying to transform our young democracy into an authoritarian state. If anything, our current two-party system is a repudiation of Jefferson's theory of revolution and his earnest desire that the people as a whole, not any faction or clique, would triumph in government. Sisson's book makes clear that key ideas of the American Revolution did not reach their full fruition until the "Revolution of 1800," to which we owe the preservation of many of our key rights. With contributions by Thom Hartmann that bring out the book's contemporary relevance, this fortieth anniversary edition contains new insights and reflections on how Jefferson's vision can help us in our own era of polarization, corruption, government overreach, and gridlock.

The American Robin

by Roland H. Wauer

In this book, Roland Wauer offers a complete natural history of the American Robin for a popular audience. Combining his own observations as a field naturalist with data gleaned from the scientific literature, he describes the American Robin from every angle - appearance and biology, distribution, behavior, life cycle, and enemies and threats. In addition, he explores the legends and lore surrounding robins (Whoever kills a robin redbreast will never have good luck were they to live a thousand years) and offers suggestions for attracting robins to your yard with favorite foods, water, landscape plantings, and nesting places. One of the few native North American birds that has benefited from human development, the American Robin has always appeared wherever a farmer broke up the hard prairie sod or a city offered suburban neighborhoods, parks, gardens, and orchards. For everyone who wants to learn more about this most adaptable and friendly bird, The American Robin is the perfect place to start.

American Rose

by Karen Abbott

With the critically acclaimed Sin in the Second City, bestselling author Karen Abbott "pioneered sizzle history" (USA Today). Now she returns with the gripping and expansive story of America's coming-of-age--told through the extraordinary life of Gypsy Rose Lee and the world she survived and conquered. America in the Roaring Twenties. Vaudeville was king. Talking pictures were only a distant flicker. Speakeasies beckoned beyond dimly lit doorways; money flowed fast and free. But then, almost overnight, the Great Depression leveled everything. When the dust settled, Americans were primed for a star who could distract them from grim reality and excite them in new, unexpected ways. Enter Gypsy Rose Lee, a strutting, bawdy, erudite stripper who possessed a preternatural gift for delivering exactly what America needed. With her superb narrative skills and eye for compelling detail, Karen Abbott brings to vivid life an era of ambition, glamour, struggle, and survival. Using exclusive interviews and never-before-published material, she vividly delves into Gypsy's world, including her intensely dramatic triangle relationship with her sister, actress June Havoc, and their formidable mother, Rose, a petite but ferocious woman who seduced men and women alike and literally killed to get her daughters on the stage. American Rose chronicles their story, as well as the story of the four scrappy and savvy showbiz brothers from New York City who would pave the way for Gypsy Rose Lee's brand of burlesque. Modeling their shows after the glitzy, daring reviews staged in the theaters of Paris, the Minsky brothers relied on grit, determination, and a few tricks that fell just outside the law--and they would shape, and ultimately transform, the landscape of American entertainment. With a supporting cast of such Jazz- and Depression-era heavyweights as Lucky Luciano, Harry Houdini, FDR, and Fanny Brice, Karen Abbott weaves a rich narrative of a woman who defied all odds to become a legend--and whose sensational tale of tragedy and triumph embodies the American Dream.From the Hardcover edition.

American Rose

by Julia Markus

A moving epic novel about the Addis family follows the lives of a butcher, Charles, and his wife Etta, their two children, and Rose, the grandchild who must face the demands of their past.ROSE WAS BORN TO A FAMILY OF EXTRAORDINARY WOMEN.Her immigrant great-grandmother, the first Rose, a shrewd and beautiful fortune-teller, who gave abortions to make "a little extra"...Proud Etta, matriarch, lover of costly things, who kept a fine home with a firm hand...Delicate Helen, musical prodigy, who soared on her talent into madness.Now Rose-American Rose-must face up to all their lives in order to claim her own.Julia Markus, an English professor at Hofstra University, received the Houghton Mifflin Literary Award for her first novel, Uncle, which was followed by three well-received novels, American Rose, Friends Along the Way and A Change of Luck, as well as her critically acclaimed biographies, Dared and Done: The Marriage of Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning and Across An Untried Sea: Discovering Lives Hidden in the Shadow of Convention and Time. She has won a National Endowment for the Arts grant and two National Endowment for the Humanities grants. Her most recent book is J. Anthony Froude: The Last Undiscovered Great Victorian."Bickering, weeping, sulking, giggling-the Addises are vibrantly alive. Their struggles both distress and amuse us; their disappointments touch us..."--Anne Tyler, The New York Times"Moving and masterful...a novel of tremendous power and originality by one of the most gifted novelists of her generation."--Pat Conroy, author of The Prince of Tides"A story told by a writer who knows her people from the heart out...I loved it!"--Belva Plain, author of Evergreen and Random Winds

American Rust

by Philipp Meyer

An American voice reminiscent of Steinbeck - a debut novel on friendship, loyalty, and love, centering on a murder in a dying Pennsylvania steel town

The American Saddle Horse

by Earl R. Farshler

The American Saddle Horse discusses the history and origin of the American Saddlebred as well as the training and breeding of these horses. Also discussed are several breeds that influenced the development of the Saddlebred, including Arabians, Morgans, Thoroughbreds, and Canadian and Naraganset pacers.

The American Saddlebred Horse (Learning About Horses)

by Charlotte Wilcox

Discusses the lineage, physical characteristics, life span, breeding, and uses of the American saddlebred, considered to be one of the most beautiful horses in the world.

American Savage: Insights, Slights, and Fights on Faith, Sex, Love, and Politics

by Dan Savage

On the heels of his Emmy-winning It Gets Better campaign, columnist and provocateur Dan Savage weighs in on such diverse issues as healthcare, gun control, and marriage equality with characteristic straight talk and humor. <P> Dan Savage has always had a loyal audience, thanks to his syndicated sex-advice column "Savage Love," but since the incredible global success of his It Gets Better project-his book of the same name was a New York Times bestseller-his profile has skyrocketed. In addition, he's written for The New York Times, Rolling Stone, The Onion, GQ, The Guardian, Salon. com, and countless other widely read publications. Savage is recognized as someone whose opinions about our culture, politics, and society should not only be listened to but taken seriously. <P> Now, in American Savage, he writes on topics ranging from marriage, parenting, and the gay agenda to the Catholic Church and sex education. .

American Scoundrel: The Life of the Notorious Civil War General Dan Sickles

by Thomas Keneally

On the last Sunday of February 1859, Dan Sickles, a charming young congressman from New York, murdered his good friend Philip Barton Key (son of Francis Scott Key)-who was also his wife's lover-in Washington's Lafayette Square. The shooting took place directly across the street from the White House, the home of Sickles's friend and protector, President James Buchanan. Sickles turned himself in; political friends in New York's Tammany Hall machinery, including the dynamic criminal lawyer James Brady, quickly gathered around. While his beautiful young wife was banned from public life and shunned by society, Dan Sickles was acquitted. American Scoundrel is the extraordinary story of this powerful mid-nineteenth century politician and inveterate womanizer, whose irresistible charms and rock-solid connections not only allowed him to get away with murder -- literally -- but also paved the way to a stunning career. Once free to resume his life, Dan Sickles raised a regiment for the Union political elite and went on to become a general in the army, rising to the rank of brigadier general and commanding a flank at the Battle of Gettysburg in a maneuver so controversial it is still argued over by scholars today. After losing a leg in that battle, Sickles fought on and after the war became military governor of South Carolina, and later was named minister to Spain, where he continued astonishingly to conduct his amorous assignations. With great brio and insight -- and a delight in bad behavior -- Thomas Keneally has brought to light a tale of American history that resonates with uncomfortable truths about our politics, ethics, and morality.

American Scriptures

by Laurie F. Maffly-Kipp

A groundbreaking collection of sacred Christian writings of American origin from Mormons, Shakers, Christian Scientists, and others. "Scripture" is any work in which the authors, translators, editors, or discoverers all claim to have received wisdom from a source outside themselves, be it revelation, enlightened philosophy, or ancient archive. For the first time in a single volume, American Scriptures gathers fifteen of these texts from religious movements with origins in the United States. Laurie F. Maffly-Kipp's concise single volume will enlighten not only readers interested in the historical and religious aspects of the scriptural texts, but also those whose interest has been piqued by such bestsellers as Angels and Demons and The Da Vinci Code.

American Short Stories: 1920 To Present

by Perfection Learning

An American father in search of his daughter in France. A ranch woman in the Salinas Valley who yearns for companionship and a sense of self-worth. A postmistress in Mississippi who decides to live at the post office after feuding with her eccentric family. A terrified soldier in Vietnam who longs for his Minnesota home. These are some of the characters and situations you will encounter in American Short Stories: 1920 to the Present. They are as varied as the geography of the U.S. itself.

American Short Stories (Second Edition)

by Perfection Learning Editorial Staff

This collection of short stories introduces you to some of America's most important writers though you may not like every one, but each author has a unique message to send and a distinctive way of sending it.

American Short Story Masterpieces

by Raymond Carver Tom Jenks

This highly acclaimed collection of short stories by American writers contains only the best literary art of the past four decades. With a bias toward realism, editors Raymond Carver and Tom Jenks have selected fiction that "tells a story" and tells it with a masterful handling of language, situation, and insight. But what is so special about this volume is that it mirrors our age, our concerns, and our lives. Whether it's the end of a marriage, as in Bobbie Ann Manson's "Shiloh," or the struggle with self-esteem and weight in Andre Dubus's "The Fat Girl," the 36 works included her probe issues that give us that "shock of recognition" that is the hallmark of great art--wonderful, absorbing fiction that will be read and reread for decades to come.

The American Shorthair Cat (Learning About Cats)

by Joanne Mattern

Discusses the history, development, habits, and care of American shorthair cats.

American Sketches: Great Leaders, Creative Thinkers, and Heroes of a Hurricane

by Walter Isaacson

What are the roots of creativity? What makes for great leadership? How do influential people end up rippling the surface of history? In this collection of essays, Walter Isaacson reflects on the lessons to be learned from Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Henry Kissinger, Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev, Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton, and various other interesting characters he has chronicled as a biographer and journalist. The people he writes about have an awesome intelligence, in most cases, but that is not the secret of their success. They had qualities that were even more rare, such as imagination and true curiosity. Isaacson reflects on how he became a writer, the lessons he learned from various people he met, and the challenges he sees for journalism in the digital age. He also offers loving tributes to his hometown of New Orleans, which both before and after Hurricane Katrina offered many of the ingredients for a creative culture, and to the Louisiana novelist Walker Percy, who was an early mentor. In an anecdotal and personal way, Isaacson describes the joys of the "so-called writing life" and the way that tales about the lives of fascinating people can enlighten our own lives.

American Social Welfare Policy: A Pluralist Approach (Fifth Edition)

by David Stoesz Howard Jacob Karger

This best-selling text for policy analysis provides students with a comprehensive overview of social welfare policy in the United States while examining cutting-edge issues.

The American Soul

by Jacob Needleman

The venerated religious scholar and bestselling author of Money and the Meaning of Lifeprovides a history of America from an angle never before conceived: how the spiritual vision of the founders shaped our nation. What was the spiritual vision of the founding fathers-and how can we reclaim it today? This inquiry lies at the heart of Jacob Needleman's The American Soul. In mini-biographies of the founders-including Washington, Jefferson, and Franklin-Needleman explores their core inner beliefs, their religious and spiritual sensibilities, and their individual understandings of the purpose of life. The founders, he argues, conceived of an "inner democracy": a continual pursuit of wisdom and self-improvement that would undergird the outer democracy in which we live. Needleman also explores how the religious and spiritual traditions of the Native Americans, the African slaves, and America's early mystical communities, such as those based in Quakerism, wielded an enormous -and sometimes hidden-impact on the shape of our young nation. The American Soulgives readers a new conception of what America meant in its founding, and what it can mean today.

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