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...and a Hard Rain Fell

by John Ketwig

An honest and soul searching true story of a GI's experience of the war in Vietnam

And a Voice To Sing With: A Memoir

by Joan Baez

Autobiography of the folk-singer Joan Baez

And Able

by Lucy Monroe

Meet three sexy men who individually are Ready, Willing, and Able to go the distance--and together, are unstoppable. . . Claire Sharp trusts few people and relies on no one. But after her life is threatened, ex-mercenary Brett Adams blows into her self-contained world, full of southern charm and rugged good looks. But Claire is not about to fall into Brett's bed. For one thing, the guy has a no-commitment clause that would stump most big-shot attorneys, and for another, despite her response to his sensual kisses, in Claire's experience sex isn't exactly fireworks and brass bands. . . Brett plans to prove her wrong. He'll give her a white-hot pleasure like nothing she's ever known and she'll realize that some things in life are worth every risk. When the threat to Claire grows dangerously close, pitting them against deadly odds, Brett will do whatever it takes to save her. Because Claire Sharp has just found herself a man who's ready to bring it on, willing to do what it takes, and able to go the distance. . .

And All the Stars a Stage

by James Blish

No synopsis available.

And Babies Make Four

by Ruth Owen

Ruth Owen weaves an irresistible story of unexpected passion in the steamy heat of an island paradise. Dr. Noel Revere knows she's asking for trouble when she volunteers to shepherd two very precious--and very secret--pieces of cargo through the heart of an unspoiled rainforest. The mission is vital to her employer, and there are more than a few superstitious natives who would rather keep her out of their sacred lands. What she doesn't count on is her guide: a rude, rugged, and yes, ripped former soldier who intends to make her life difficult--something that seems to come to him quite easily. So how can a man this dangerous make her feel so safe? Sam Donovan is hiding here on this isolated island--avoiding the past, avoiding the rules, maybe even avoiding life altogether. Then he's thrown for a loop: Why on earth is Noel--sorry, Dr. Revere--so damn irresistible to him? Proper, sophisticated, stubborn, she represents every area where he went wrong before. And yet for this woman, he'll do anything to make things right, even if it means risking life and limb to win her trust . . . and possibly, her heart. Includes a special message from the editor, as well as excerpts from these Loveswept titles: Trying to Score, Flirting with Disaster, and Long Simmering Spring.

And Babies Make Ten

by Lisa Bingham

Casey moves from Manhattan to a small town to be the part-time assistant to the local pastor when she discovers that she is pregnant with twins and needs a quieter lifestyle than her city life would afford. On her first evening in town, the pastor receives a special postal delivery of quintuplets. When Casey realizes that she has fallen in love with Stephen, she is afraid to reveal her pregnancy. She is afraid that two more children will turn their prospective relationship into a nonrelationship. But Stephen surprises her and himself.

And Babies Make Ten

by Lisa Bingham

Baby Boom! Stephen Dubois was sexy, gentle, funny...and the instant dad of quintuplets left on his doorstep! He was overwhelmed by endless diaper changes and bottle feedings, so his new assistant was the answer to his prayers--and the embodiment of his fantasies. But what he didn't know was that she was also pregnant--with twins! Every time Casey Fairchild tried to tell Stephen the truth, they ended up kissing. But with the stork working overtime and due to make another delivery in a few months, how long could she hide her growing secret?

And Baby Makes Five

by Gail Gaymer Martin

This is not what Felisa Carrillo envisioned when she left her home in Guadalajara. Sixteen, married to a handsome guy, heading to America. Who could have know her husband would turn abusive and "America" would mean migrant work and impoverished living? But here she is, years later, wiser but still in trouble. Chad Garrison is on a routine visit to his fields when he sees a young migrant worker double over in pain. He hurries to help, only to find she is about to deliver a child there in his field. He rushes her to the hospital, then finds himself drawn to her. Is Chad being taken in by a scheming, dishonest immigrant, as some of his friends suggest? Should Felisa be concerned that Chad has ulterior motives in his generosity toward her? Is this relationship God's doing or just a big mistake?

And Baby Makes Five

by Debra Clopton

TWO STUBBORN HUMANS, HIS DOG, HER DONKEY . . . ; AND A BRAND-NEW BABYA donkey with a penchant for breaking and entering. . . ;in search of alfalfa? Cort Wells had never heard of such a thing, until he and his dog moved into Mule Hollow. And the donkey's eight-months-pregnant owner was Lilly Tipps, raised by her man-hating grandmas. So when Lilly wound up in his barn - and his arms - Cort began to think the donkey was going to be the least of his worries. . . . ;

And The Bride Vanishes

by Jacqueline Diamond

As she slipped into her wedding dress, Linda Farley felt the baby move for the first time... Nothing in Linda's life was happening the way she thought it would. Her adored husband, her baby's father, had been killed four months ago--after supposedly embezzling from his company. Now she was marrying his best friend. She didn't love her fiancé, but love had not gotten Linda far. What she needed was some stability, some safety, some kindness--all those things her fiancé could provide. But then she walked out into the California sunshine...and into the arms of the husband she thought was gone. The bride vanishes, but the questions are only beginning.

And Cowboy Makes Three

by Martha Shields

COWBOYS TO THE RESCUE YOU BET "I DO!" After all, her millionaire groom-to-be was smart, successful--and incredibly sexy! Best of all, Jake Anderson wasn't a cowboy. Growing up in Wyoming had taught Claire Eden to distrust the stubborn, overbearing behavior of a real cowboy. Jake's sophisticated ways were wonderful--even if his incendiary kisses made Claire feel quite uncivilized.... Yes, Jake would be the perfect father to the child they both wanted so desperately. They'd build a life together and have a perfectly pleasant marriage. And then Jake took Claire back to his ranch...and the fireworks began! COWBOYS TO THE RESCUE: Martha Shields delivers tough, sexy cowboys who will steal your heart....

And Daddy Makes Three

by Kay David

Suddenly a father... A MOTHER'S VOW Five years ago Annie Burns promised to care for a newborn baby as if she were her own...and to never, ever let the child's father into her life. Now all Annie wants is to adopt the little girl she's always thought of as her own. And all arrogant Gray Powers wants to do is to stop her at all costs! A FATHER'S WISH He came to town to prove that little Bella couldn't possibly be his, but one look at the child and Gray knew otherwise. And a long, hard look at Annie also got Gray thinking unsettling thoughts, like whether Annie had something beyond maternal instincts. Could she have wife potential, as well...?

And The Dead Shall Rise: The Murder of Mary Phagan and the Lynching of Leo Frank

by Steven Oney

On April 27, 1913, the bludgeoned body of thirteen-year-old Mary Phagan was discovered in the basement of Atlanta's National Pencil Factory. The girl's murder would be the catalyst for an epic saga that to this day holds a singular place in America's collective imagination-a saga that would climax in 1915 with the lynching of Leo Frank, the Cornell-educated Jew who was convicted of the murder. The case has been the subject of novels, plays, movies and even musicals, but only now, with the publication of And the Dead Shall Rise, do we have an account that does full justice to the mesmerizing and previously unknown details of one of the most shameful moments in the nation's history.

And Eternity: Book Seven of Incarnations of Immortality

by Piers Anthony

In the triumphant finale to the Incarnations of Immortality series, the Incarnation of Good dominates. As the story begins, Orlene has died, joining forces with Jolie and Vita. Together, these three women will test the limits of morality.

And Even Now

by Max Beerbohm

And Every Day Was Overcast

by Paul Kwiatkowski

"This illustrated novel about growing up poor near the swamps of South Florida has a lurid vibrancy. Its prose is lit from below, like a vaguely scummy in-ground swimming pool, and the author's photographs-of ranch houses, randy adolescents, alligators, drug paraphernalia, fishing tackle, convenience stores-are what you might get if you combined William Eggleston's talents with Terry Richardson's. 'My hometown, Loxahatchee, was built over Seminole Indian burial grounds,' Mr. Kwiatkowski writes. 'In exchange for land we inherited bad conscience. It was in my blood.' His book is full of young people, seen as if from a passing Camaro, having a good time and trying to get out alive."-New York Times, Holiday Gift Guide, Dwight Garner"A completely original and clearheaded voice."-Ira Glass, host of This American Life"We finish And Every Day Was Overcast in a delirious state of disassociation, not unlike the kids whose lives it seeks to evoke. This, of course, is why we turn to books-or one reason, anyway-to see the world as we have not before. The shabby suburbs of And Every Day Was Overcast may not be unknown to us, but Kwiatkowski's ruthless excavation give us a new language by which we hear stories that might otherwise go unheard."-The Los Angeles Times, David UlinPhoto-Eye Best Books of 2013 (Selected by Doug Rickard)"A tale of trailer parks, drugs and teenage construction and destruction, Paul K has brought forth an American diary hugely personal and partially universal. Through skillfully written prose and raw imagery that's authored, found and stolen, we witness the protagonist's young life on display. It's not pretty nor should it be. A scrapbook of intention and carefully put together pieces, we witness elation and pain and the special concoction of America's 'Florida' in all its glory.""Kwiatkowski's novel succeeds in doing much more than simply conveying the isolated experiences of one idle teenager with a penchant for drugs, pornography and reckless sexual encounters. Through a marriage of images and words, the novel illustrates the result of adolescent malaise against Florida's eerie, subtropical backdrop."-Fault Magazine"The characters are vivid and cruelly drawn . . .The novel is driven forward by [their] relationships, each captured in pithy chapters accompanied by a series of photographs."-HOTSHOE magazine"With aesthetic conviction comparable to that of Harmony Korine, this alternative novel is sure to have you nostalgic and reaching for the cheapest brand of beer you ever got your teenage hands on."-Nylon"I can count on my fingers the number of great books that seamlessly mix photographs and literary text in a compelling way. Paul Kwiatkowski's And Every Day is Overcast not only achieves this rare feat, he does so with an artistry that makes the achievement nearly invisible. . . A landmark in visual storytelling."-Alec SothOut of South Florida's lush and decaying suburban landscape bloom the delinquent magic and chaotic adolescence of And Every Day Was Overcast. Paul Kwiatkowski's arresting photographs amplify a novel of profound vision and vulnerability. Drugs, teenage cruelty, wonder, and the screen-flickering worlds of Predator and Married...With Children shape and warp the narrator's developing sense of self as he navigates adventures and misadventures, from an ill-fated LSD trip on an island of castaway rabbits to the devastating specter of HIV and AIDS. This alchemy of photography and fiction gracefully illuminates the travesties and triumphs of the narrator's quest to forge emotional connections and fulfill his brutal longings for love.Paul Kwiatkowski is a New York-based writer and photographer. This is his first novel. His work has appeared in numerous outlets, including Juxtapoz, Beautiful Decay, Dazed and Confused, Fault, Dust, and American Suburb X.

And Four to Go

by Rex Stout

Nero Wolfe must track down a killer who murders his victims only during holidays and who, so far, has left Wolfe with four puzzling cases to unravel.

And Give Up Showbiz?

by Josh Young

In the early '90s, Big Tobacco was making a killing. There was no entity more powerful, and national tobacco-related deaths numbered in the hundreds of thousands each year. The economic loss from smoking-related illnesses was billions of dollars. And yet, Big Tobacco had never paid a nickel in court. Until one trial lawyer discovered he could revise part of a Medicaid law so that it would enable Florida to sue Big Tobacco to reimburse the state for health care costs. The end result? Hundreds of thousands of American lives have been, and will continue to be, saved because one lawyer found a loophole and ran with it. Meet Fred Levin. Called by his son "a philanthropist and a cockroach," Fred Levin is no clean-cut lawyer pulled from the pages of a John Grisham novel. "And Give Up Showbiz?: How Fred Levin Beat Big Tobacco, Avoided Two Murder Prosecutions, Became Chief of Ghana, Earned Boxing Manager of the Year, and Transformed American Law" gives readers a glimpse into the extraordinary and entertaining life of the top trial lawyer who was a pioneer in establishing American personal injury law. "And Give Up Showbiz?" presents the extraordinary life of a lawyer of a different breed. Seen as an inspiring innovator by some and a flamboyant self-promoter by others, Levin once called his profession "the most exciting damn thing in the world. " With victories for women, African Americans, workers, and his famous win against Big Tobacco, Levin's unprecedented legal career is just one aspect of his rollercoaster life story. From civil rights, to boxing management, to avoiding multiple disbarring attempts and murder investigations, Levin's story reads like a novel suitable for the silver screen. Levin worked closely with "New York Times" bestselling author Josh Young to create a memoir that is both shockingly candid and surprisingly funny.

And God Said: How Translations Conceal the Bible's Original Meaning

by Joel M. Hoffman

For centuries, translations of the Bible have obscured our understanding and appreciation of the original text. Now 'And God Said' provides readers with an authoritative account of significant mistranslations and shows how new translation methods can give readers their first glimpse into what the Bible really means. And God Said uncovers the often inaccurate or misleading English translations of the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament that quotes from it. Sometimes the familiar English is just misleading. Other times the mistakes are more substantial. But the errors are widespread. This book tackles such issues as what's wrong with the Ten Commandments (starting with the word "commandments" ), the correct description of the "virgin" birth, and the surprisingly modern message in the Song of Solomon, as well as many other unexpected but thought-provoking revelations. Acclaimed translator Dr. Joel M. Hoffman sheds light on the original intention of the text and the newly developed means that readers can use to get closer to it. In And God Said his fresh approach has united the topics of religion, language, and linguistics to offer the first modern understanding since the Bible was written.

And Hope to Die

by Richard Powell

''When my wife Arabella and I decided to take our summer vacation in Florida, I dreamed of lying under a coconut palm sipping a cool drink while Arab lovingly fanned a breeze my way. I have had dreams of that type before and something always goes wrong. Four years of being married to Arab should have taught me that. Whenever my lovely blond wife decides to stir up a breeze for my benefit, it is time for the Coast Guard to run up two square flags, red with black centers, one flying above the other. They tell me that's the signal for a hurricane.''Thus wrote Andy Blake, wistfully, at the start of his Florida vacation. Readers who have followed his adventures through the years of his tempestuous and almost fatal marriage with Arab could have told him at once. True, there was nothing more lethal on the landscape than sunlit palm trees, a lazy river, and Andy. No spies, guns, corpses, or blood stains. But there was Arab.She began innocently enough-with fish. Even Arab couldn't have known that it would end with Andy, as bait, hanging off the end of a line while sharks nipped at his heels, and the gleam of a fish spear prodding through the dark water for his body. Had She But Known-she would have gone right ahead. It seemed so inevitable to Arab. First, the deserted green houseboat hidden in a tiny cove. Arab was sure she had seen a woman's face at the window, and Arab was obviously not the type to leave well enough alone. Investigation was called for, said Arab.It was not called for, said Andy. They investigated. So they found the girl, Sherry, with the red marks on her wrists and ankles, and the wild explanations that differed every time she told them.Then along came Georgia Wood and Chuck Holley and the gay fishing trip when Georgia almost drowned although she was an expert swimmer. And Harry Fink, an expert fish spearer, who began to take a great interest in the Blakes, an interest that extended to skulking around dark corners brandishing guns.''Now,'' Arab said, her eyes sparkling, ''we're getting somewhere.''

And I Don't Want to Live This Life

by Deborah Spungen

For most of us, it was just another horrible headline. But for Deborah Spungen, the mother of Nancy, who was stabbed to death at the Chelsea Hotel, it was both a relief and a tragedy. Here is the incredible story of an infant who never stopped screaming, a toddler who attacked people, a teenager addicted to drugs, violence, and easy sex, a daughter completely out of control--who almost destroyed her parents' marriage and the happiness of the rest of her family."Honest and moving...Her painful tale is engrossing."WASHINGTON POST BOOK WORLDFrom the Paperback edition.

And I Worked at the Writer's Trade: Chapters of Literary History 1918-1978

by Malcolm Cowley

This is one of the last books of Malcolm Cowley. He reminisces about his decision to earn a living with only his literary skills.

And If I Perish: Frontline U. S. Army Nurses in World War II

by Rosemary Neidel-Greenlee Evelyn Monahan

In documenting the contributions of the unsung nurses of the US Army Corps in World War II campaigns, women who served in the Women's Army Corps and Navy Nurse Corps in the 1960s, respectively, honor the frontline service of some 60,000 volunteers and their contribution to changing attitudes about women's roles. The book includes period and contemporary photos. Annotation ©2004 Book News, Inc. , Portland, OR (booknews. com)

And It Harm None (Circle of Three Book 13)

by Isobel Bird

"And it harm none, do as you will," so says the ancient wiccan rede. Those who do not heed its words will learn the power of the Law of Three. Annie, Kate, and Cooper uncover what looks like a crime. When they look more closely, it is not. Knowing the Law of Three -- that harm comes back to haunt -- can they still help a friend in need without paying for it themselves?

And The Journey Begins

by Cyril Axelrod

This life story of deafblind priest, Father Cyril Axelrod, makes compelling reading. A man of such spirituality, humanity, gentleness, compassion, humour, leadership and vision, he has worked tirelessly for others throughout his life and has become a worldwide ambassador for deaf and deafblind people. He gives a remarkably poignant and tender account of his childhood as the profoundly Deaf child of an orthodox Jewish family in South Africa. He describes the wrenching spiritual journey that follows in his twenties and led him eventually to become a Catholic priest in order to serve deaf people. He tells too of his own painful transition from deafness to deafblindess as his sight deteriorates in middle age as a result of Usher syndrome. Despite this, his remarkable pastoral work continues, using over eight different indigenous sign languages, in countries as varied as South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Australia, USA, China, Singapore, Macau, Ireland, and finally Britain. His work and his love for deaf and deafblind people transcends colour, creed and faith and has been recognised throughout the world. This is the story of a remarkable man.

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