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Dark Night of the Soul

by E. Allison Peers

St. John of the Cross has been called "the most sublime of all Spanish mystics," and his spiritual masterwork, Dark Night of the Soul, stands as one of the greatest contributions to the literature of mysticism. From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Dark Night of the Soul

by Gerald G. May

Now in paperback: a distinguished psychiatrist, spiritual counsellor and bestselling author shows how the dark sides of the spiritual life are a vital ingredient in deep, authentic, healthy spirituality. Gerald G. May, MD, one of the great spiritual teachers and writers of our time, argues that the dark 'shadow' side of the true spiritual life has been trivialised and neglected to our serious detriment. Superficial and naively upbeat spirituality does not heal and enrich the soul. Nor does the other tendency to relegate deep spiritual growth to only mystics and saints. Only the honest, sometimes difficult encounters with what Christian spirituality has called and described in helpful detail as 'the dark night of the soul' can lead to true spiritual wholeness. May emphasises that the dark night is not necessarily a time of suffering and near despair, but a time of deep transition, a search for new orientation when things are clouded and full of mystery. The dark gives depth, dimension and fullness to the spiritual life.

Dark Oasis

by Helen Brooks

When Kit was stranded in Morocco with no money, her memory a blank, the arrogant Frenchman had come to her rescue when she needed him most, setting himself up as her protector and creating a dark-brooding oasis in which she could see nothing of her past or the future. Kit was in a vacuum, with no one to turn to but one man -- Gerard Dumont, a man with his own hidden agenda!

Dark Object: The World's Only Government-documented Ufo Crash

by Don Ledger Chris Styles

Mayday over Canada . . . the world's only government-documented UFO crash. In 1965 a massive wave of UFO sightings occurs worldwide. In 1967 residents of Shag Harbor, Canada, witness a huge UFO crash into the bay. Three Royal Canadian Mounties watch it float before sinking. Navy divers mount an extensive search. Now officials say nothing ever happened. Why? Researchers Don Ledger and Chris Styles -- Styles himself an eyewitness to the Shag Harbor crash -- have tackled one of the best documented and most top-secret incidents in the annals of UFO sightings. What they have found out will astound -- and outrage -- readers. From mysterious surveillance twenty-five years after the crash to the sudden disappearance of written records, someone wanted the investigation stopped. But Ledger and Styles now file their stunning report -- and reach a chilling conclusion about the Dark Object, what really happened, and what remains hidden today. . . .

The Dark of Day

by Barbara Parker

New York Times bestselling author Barbara Parker introduces one of the most unforgettable female characters in suspense fiction: high-profile Miami defense attorney C. J. Dunn. C. J. is an expert at spinning her clients' image in the media-the perfect lawyer to deflect suspicion from Rick Slater, head of security for an influential U. S. congressman. A beautiful model has vanished from a party on Miami Beach, and Slater was the last person seen with her. C. J. has reasons to dislike the congressman, but if she takes this case he can arrange a host position for her on a major news outlet. For a woman who grew up dirt-poor, with a past she would rather forget, the celebrity life has its appeal. The story of Alana Martin's disappearance soon sets off a media frenzy. Reporters and paparazzi hound everyone connected to the case, and C. J. must work fast before they uncover her own secrets, too. When Rick Slater tells her that a friend of Alana's could be his alibi witness, C. J. realizes the girl is someone she knows: Kylie Willis, a seventeen-year-old runaway from the same north Florida town where C. J. was born. The problem is, Kylie won't talk. As C. J. digs into the case, she finds connections between Alana and a group of investors in a project on environmentally sensitive land. One of them is the elusive architect Milo Cahill, one of C. J. 's own VIP clients, who may be bribing the congressman. Another is C. J. 's lover, Miami Beach socialite Billy Medina. But when C. J. asks Billy for information, he brushes her off. She wonders if she's been foolish about Billy. Or is the problem just her growing attraction to her client Rick? Then Alana Martin is found-dead. Her body washes up on a beach late one night, and the coroner says it was murder. The police have evidence against Slater. C. J. is slammed between the media and the need to defend a client she doesn't trust. She must find Kylie Willis. The girl could save Rick Slater-but she might also reveal a devastating secret, one that could destroy C. J. 's career, and even, her life.

Dark of Night

by Suzanne Brockmann

Taking on the world's deadliest criminals is what the elite security force Troubleshooters Incorporated does best. But now they face a new and powerful threat from their most lethal enemy yet-a shadowy government outfit known only as The Agency.For years, operative James Nash has performed ultra-covert "Black Ops" missions for The Agency, but when he decide to walk away from their dirty work, his corrupt bosses aren't about to let him go. After Nash is nearly assassinated, Troubleshooters team leader Lawrence Decker launches a skillful deception to neutralize the threat and protect his friend. With the FBI's help, Decker fakes Nash's death, then brings him to a safe house with his fiancée, Tess Bailey, to recover from his injuries and strategize their next move.Only a handful of people know that Nash is still alive-and fellow Troubleshooters Dave Malkoff, Sophia Ghaffari, and receptionist Tracy Shapiro aren't among them. Believing that Nash is dead and that Decker has begun a romantic relationship with Tess, Sophia settles for second best and begins a love affair with Dave, who has adored her for years. But Tracy puts two and two together, discovering the truth about Nash-much to Decker's dismay. As passions flare, Decker struggles to keep his scheme afloat, and to keep Nash alive. But when he finds himself targeted for death, the game turns even more perilous, and Sophia, Tracy, and Dave are swept into the deadly play. Under fire and racing to unmask their relentless adversary, the Troubleshooters know that the closer they get, the greater the risks. But sacrifices and consequences come with the territory. Forced to choose between love and loyalty, they are no longer just solving a crime-they're fighting for survival.From the Hardcover edition.

Dark of the Gods (Talisman #1 & #2)

by P. C. Hodgell

Whether you are meeting the Kencyr Jame for the first time or reawakening an old friendship, Dark of the Gods is the place to start. This is an omnibus collection of P. C. Hodgell's first two books God Stalk and Dark of the Moon, along with her short story "Bones," which takes place between the two novels. Jame is a Kencyrath, the chosen people of the Three-Faced God, who fights the demonic entity called Perimal Darkling. At the same time she fights an internal battle for her honor, because three thousand years ago the leader of the Kencyrath betrayed his people to the Darkness for his own immortality. She also must find her ten year older twin brother Tori and return to him the sword and ring of their father. If that is not enough, she has to kill a god, resurrect a god, stand before the rathorns, wear the cloak of living snakes and visit a council room ablaze with stained glass.

Dark of the Moon

by Tess Pendergrass

Novel involving crime, young ladies, and a group of police officers.NJ

Dark of the Moon

by Tracy Barrett

Ariadne is destined to become a goddess of the moon. She leads a lonely life, filled with hours of rigorous training by stern priestesses. Her former friends no longer dare to look at her, much less speak to her. All that she has left are her mother and her beloved, misshapen brother Asterion, who must be held captive below the palace for his own safety. So when a ship arrives one spring day, bearing a tribute of slaves from Athens, Ariadne sneaks out to meet it. These newcomers don't know the ways of Krete; perhaps they won't be afraid of a girl who will someday be a powerful goddess. And indeed she meets Theseus, the son of the king of Athens. Ariadne finds herself drawn to the newcomer, and soon they form a friendship--one that could perhaps become something more. Yet Theseus is doomed to die as an offering to the Minotaur, that monster beneath the palace--unless he can kill the beast first. And that "monster" is Ariadne's brother . . .

Dark of the Moon

by Susan Krinard

His iron hand once kept the warring vampire clans of decadent 1920s New York from one another's throats. But now, outcast from his own kind, Dorian Black haunts the back alleys of the city alone. . . . Until the night he meets reporter Gwen Murphy and feels something stir within him for the first time in centuries. Gwen has stumbled upon the story of a lifetime--a mysterious cult of blood drinkers--and she'll do anything to uncover the truth and make her mark. . . despite the danger. Unaware of Dorian's involvement and sensing his loneliness, she offers him kindness and friendship--and eventually, her heart. But in order to protect Gwen, Dorian will soon be forced to do the unthinkable. . . .

Dark of the Moon: A Dark Guardian Novel

by Rachel Hawthorne

Brittany can't understand why she's not feeling the intense beginnings of transformation all the other "Dark Guardians" have experienced when they first became wolves. She's just desperate enough to become a wolf that she'll go to extremes and put all the Dark Guardians in incredible danger.

Dark of the Moon (Louis Kincaid #1)

by P. J. Parrish

The "New York Times" bestselling author and creator of the gripping Louis Kincaid series takes readers back to where it all began, as Kincaid investigates a murder in the hometown that always treated him as an outcast.

Dark of the Night

by Dee Davis

When she was only eight years old, Riley O'Brien survived the unimaginable: the deaths of her mother and sister. As a result she vowed never to desert her father, a brilliant young congressman whose star was on the rise. Now, twenty-one years later, after trading her dreams of a normal life for his ambitions, Riley stands by her father's side as he makes a bid for the presidency. Growing up in the political spotlight, she has become an expert at hiding her feelings behind the surface of her regal beauty. But her defenses are about to be shattered. Investigative reporter Jake Mahoney resents wasting his time covering an ice princess at a presidential campaign rally. But when a car bomb throws him-literally-on top of the candidate's daughter, Jake quickly realizes that Riley O'Brien is pure fire. No one has ever gotten under his skin like this before. Their attraction is instant, and possibly fatal, as dangerous secrets from the past explode into the present, destroying one life after another in a nightmare of blind ambition.

The Dark of the Tunnel

by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Disturbed by a poorly-planned, approaching civil defense drill and by the circumstances of his mother's death, a high school senior learns that some action is better than none.

The Dark on the Other Side

by Barbara Michaels

Everywhere she turns, Linda Randolph hears voices: from empty dark corners and lonely rooms. But it is the house itself that speaks the loudest, telling Linda to run for her life. Her husband, Gordon, the noted statesman and scholar, suggests she's losing her mind. Linda almost hopes it's true, because the alternate explanation is too terrible to contemplate: that Gordon is intimately involved with dark, diabolical forces beyond the scope of the natural and rational. Either Linda Randolph is half-mad ... or her husband is pure evil.

Dark Pacific: Final Fathom

by David E. Meadows

The Naval Research Laboratory, SEA BASE, is a floating 81-acre island held aloft by eight Fast Sealift Ships. China has decided to invade Taiwan and Sea Base must step between the two fighting forces. On board Sea Base NCIS agents are searching for a foreign espionage agent suspected of sabotaging this Navy experiment while a member of God's Army seeks revenge for his brother's death.

Dark Paradise

by Tami Hoag

New Eden, Montana, is a piece of heaven on earth where one woman died in her own private hell. Now it's up to ex-court reporter Marilee Jennings to decipher the puzzle of her best friend's death. But someone has a stake in silencing her suspicion. Someone with secrets worth killing for - and the power to turn this beautiful haven into a . . Dark Paradise. And as Mari digs deeper beneath New Eden's picture-perfect exterior, finding the truth is suddenly no longer a matter of justice. It's her only h...

The Dark Pasture (The Stalker Trilogy #3)

by Jessica Stirling

[From the dust jacket flaps. magnificent and powerful as its predecessor, The Hiring Fair, is the story of a Scottish mining family: their courageous lives, their passions, tragedies and triumphs. The mining village of Blacklaw, having weathered depressions, has expanded under the driving ambitions of the collier owner and his wife. Falling wages, however, have returned poverty to Blacklaw--and with it smouldering resentment at the owners' ruthless profiteering. For Mirrin and Tom Armstrong, life on their farm has been hard but satisfying. With four children to help with the work, all has been going well. But Tom's eyesight is failing ... the marriage and the farm's future become shaky. Mirrin must draw on all her courage to survive. In Edinburgh, Mirrin's brother, Drew Stalker has made it almost to the top of his profession: he is a highly respected advocate, and on the verge of becoming the youngest Queen's Counsel ever appointed. But scandal threatens to make a shambles of his career; Neil, his long-estranged, illegitimate son, is accused of murdering a constable during a bitter mining strike. Only Drew can save the young man's life--but at the risk of everything for which he has worked and dreamed. A riveting story of love, cruelty and ambition, THE DARK PASTURE is a towering achievement by a master storyteller, rich and authentic narrative about ordinary people and their not-so-ordinary lives. You will find the other highly readable, fascinating historical fiction volumes of the Stalker Trilogy, #1 The Spoiled Earth and #2 The Hiring Fair. The Mull Island Trilogy, more authentic historical fiction by Jessica Stirling is in the Bookshare collection. it concerns the lives and loves of rich and poor sheep and cattle farmers and land owners on two tiny islands in the Scottish Hebrides.

The Dark (Phantom Valley Book 2)

by Lynn Beach

Phantom Valley has many secrets . . . Jason McCormick is blind, but he's never let that stop him! With the help of his guide dog, Erroll, and his best friend, Cissy, he is ready for any challenge. But exploring the evil mysteries of Shadow Village may prove to be a fatal mistake. Now Erroll is acting strangely--even dangerously. And Jason is the victim of terrifying accidents. Can Jason defeat the unspeakably evil force that waits for him in the dark?

The Dark Place (Gideon Oliver Mystery #2)

by Aaron Elkins

A forensic anthropologist is on a trail that stretches from prehistoric times to a present danger.

A Dark Place in the Jungle

by Linda Spalding

Follow writer Linda Spalding to Borneo's threatened jungles on the trail of orangutan researcher Birute Galdikas, who together with Dian Fossey and Jane Goodall formed the famed trio of "angels" Louis Leakey encouraged to study great apes in the wild. She went into the jungle in 1971 and emerged decades later with a run-down empire crumbling around her. Spalding confronts the sad failure of a woman trying desperately to mother a species to survival; the dangers and temptations of eco-tourism; and the arrogance of our inclination to alter the things we set out to save.

Dark Places

by Linda Ladd

A Killer's Tracks. . . Missouri detective Claire Morgan is eager to get back to work after recuperating from injuries sustained on her last job. But the missing persons case that welcomes her home in the dead of winter soon turns more twisted and treacherous than Lake of the Ozarks' icy mountain roads. . . Can Only Lead. . . The woman's body is found suspended from a tree overlooking a local school. She is bleeding from the head, still alive--but not for long. Someone wanted Professor Simone Classon to suffer as much as possible before she died, making sure the victim had a perfect view of her colleagues and students on the campus below as she succumbed to the slow-working poison in her veins. . . To Dark Places. . . Frigid temperatures and punishing snows only make the investigation more difficult. And then the death threats begin--unnerving incidents orchestrated to send Claire a deadly message. Now, as she edges closer to the truth, Claire risks becoming entangled in a maniac's web--and the stuff of her own worst nightmares. . .

The Dark Planet (Atherton #3)

by Patrick Carman

In the dazzling conclusion to the epic story of Atherton, Patrick Carman takes readers on the most rewarding journey of all, to the perilous realm of The Dark Planet: Earth. When Edgar discovers a way to leave the mysterious satellite world of Atherton, he couldn't have imagined the gloom that awaited him on the dark planet, where the oceans are toxic, the forests are full of mutant monsters, and children toil in darkness, controlled by ruthless maniacs. Max Harding, an orphan of the Silo, the maker of Atherton, and the last hope of a dying world, left this place behind, and now Edgar is determined to complete the mad scientist's spectacular plan, revealing Atherton's true purpose. Edgar's quest to discover Earth's dark secret leads to an out of this world adventure in the final book of the Atherton trilogy.

The Dark Pond

by Joseph Bruchac Sally Wern Comport

The author of Skeleton Man returns with another chilling tale. What kind of sinister creature lurks in the dark pond in the forest? Armie can feel it calling to him . . . and he suspects the answer may lie in the legends of his Shawnee ancestors. Joseph Bruchac, the award-winning author of Skeleton Man, puts a contemporary spin on Native American lore to create a terrifying tale of monsters and darkness.

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