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Frontier Era of North Dakota (North Dakota Studies)

by Gwyn S. Herman Laverne A. Johnson

A frontier is a region at the edge of a settled area of a country. An era is a period of time. Between the years of approximately 1738 to 1870, the area that is now North Dakota was considered a frontier. Euro-Americans (Americans with European ancestors; sometimes called "whites") were just beginning to explore, trade, and settle in the region.

Frontier Father

by Dorothy Clark

The harsh life of the Oregon Territory took Mitchel Banning's wife from him, but it hasn't touched his faith. The widower still dreams of building his mission into a shining light on the frontier-for himself and his daughter, Hope. But the work is too much for one man to handle. Could a Philadelphia lady be the answer to his prayers? After losing her family, Anne Sims's only wish is to keep busy-and guard her affections closely. Anne devotes her energy to Mitchel Banning's mission...but she keeps her distance from Mitchel and Hope. Only Mitchel can show her the joy of a second chance-a new beginning and a new family, together.

Frontier Fury

by Don Pendleton

A covert airdrop lands Mack Bolan inside the brutal northern Pakistan border territory. From deep within a terrorist cell an informant has leaked crucial information to Stony Man Farm. He knows the location of two of the highest-ranking members of al Qaeda. They are the most wanted men in the world, and they've spent years dodging American troops and plotting further attacks worldwide.Now Bolan is in hostile territory on a mission to eliminate men who will stop at nothing in pursuit of vengeance. And he faces government troops determined to protect the terrorists. With time running out and the enemy closing in, the Executioner must do what no one else has--settle the score.

The Frontier Healers (The Making of America, Book 16)

by Lee Davis Willoughby

A mother's vengeance. The man writhed on the ground in pain and held his shoulder with his right hand, his eyes closed tightly. Yvonne stepped to the pistol, picked it up and looked down at him. His wounded horse screamed again, frantically flailing its legs in a losing effort to get to its feet. Yvonne cocked the pistol as she walked toward the horse, and, taking careful aim, shot it through the head. The dying animal fell onto its side, quivering, and the other horse lumbered away, retreating awkwardly with the hobbles on its front legs. Yvonne turned and walked back to the man. His eyes were open and glazed with terror as he looked up at her. She smiled down at him. The blood of her Cherokee mother pulsed strongly within her, demanding vengeance. And with her knowledge of the human body, she could devise tortures that would make him welcome death ...

Frontier Living

by Edwin Tunis

Frontier Living brings to light every significant aspect of daily life on the American frontier, with vivid text and more than 200 wonderful drawings. Immerse yourself in the character and culture of the men and women who stood at the harsh cutting-edge of our civilization: their dwellings, clothing, food, furniture, household articles; their hunting, farming, schooling, transportation, government; their amusements, superstitions, and religion.In Frontier Living the reader finds the forest frontiersman in his log cabin, the ranchero in his casa, the sodbuster in his prairie sod house. Here is the keel-boatman, the cotton farmer, the fur trader, the mountain man, the forty-niner, the cowhand - each helping to shape a new and distinctive way from untamed country. The flintlock gun, the Kentucky rifle, the freight and Conestoga wagons, the stagecoach, the Ohio flatboat, the first steamboat and steam railroad, are all reconstructed here in exact detail.This informative, authentic re-creation of the American frontier, seen in relation to its historic perspective, offers a major contribution toward an understanding of the American character. <P><P> Newberry Medal Honor Book

Frontier Wolf

by Rosemary Sutcliff

As punishment for his poor judgment, a young, inexperienced Roman army officer is sent to Northern England to assume the command of a motley group known as the Frontier Wolves.

Frontiers: Flower of Seattle

by Colleen L. Reece

Surviving the rugged frontiers of America's west is a daunting task. But even in the hostile wilderness, God allows the tender flower of love to take root and bloom. While carving out a place for himself far from famine-torn Ireland, Brian O'Rourke meets Heather Templeton, whose struggles parallel his own. Can this flower of Seattle blossom in the warmth of Brian's love?

Frontiers in Massive Data Analysis

by National Research Council Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences Board on Mathematical Sciences And Their Applications Committee on Applied and Theoretical Statistics Committee on the Analysis of Massive Data

Data mining of massive data sets is transforming the way we think about crisis response, marketing, entertainment, cybersecurity and national intelligence. Collections of documents, images, videos, and networks are being thought of not merely as bit strings to be stored, indexed, and retrieved, but as potential sources of discovery and knowledge, requiring sophisticated analysis techniques that go far beyond classical indexing and keyword counting, aiming to find relational and semantic interpretations of the phenomena underlying the data. Frontiers in Massive Data Analysis examines the frontier of analyzing massive amounts of data, whether in a static database or streaming through a system. Data at that scale--terabytes and petabytes--is increasingly common in science (e.g., particle physics, remote sensing, genomics), Internet commerce, business analytics, national security, communications, and elsewhere. The tools that work to infer knowledge from data at smaller scales do not necessarily work, or work well, at such massive scale. New tools, skills, and approaches are necessary, and this report identifies many of them, plus promising research directions to explore. Frontiers in Massive Data Analysis discusses pitfalls in trying to infer knowledge from massive data, and it characterizes seven major classes of computation that are common in the analysis of massive data. Overall, this report illustrates the cross-disciplinary knowledge--from computer science, statistics, machine learning, and application disciplines--that must be brought to bear to make useful inferences from massive data.

Frontiers of Engineering

by National Academy of Engineering

Ce livre historique peut contenir de nombreuses coquilles et du texte manquant. Les acheteurs peuvent generalement telecharger une copie gratuite scannee du livre original (sans les coquilles) aupres de lediteur. Non reference. Non illustre. 1856 edition. Extrait: . . . separe, une quantite de tetes de betail proportionnee a letendue de lexploitation, et suivant les dispositions des regles que je vous ai ci-dessus tracees. (Art. 15. ) IV. Quelques precautions ont ete prises enfin par la loi, pour proteger les cultures et les recoltes contre les abus journaliers du parcours et de la vaine pature. 1 Dans aucun cas, et dans aucun temps, ces droits ne peuvent sexercer sur les prairies artificielles, et ne peuvent avoir lieu sur aucune terre ensemencee ou couverte de quelques productions que ce soit, quapres la recolte. (. , art. 9. ) 2 Partout ou les prairies naturelles sont sujettes au parcours ou a la vaine pature, ils nont lieu que dans le temps autorise par les lois et coutumes, et jamais tant que la premiere herbe nest pas recoltee. (Ib. , art. 10. ) 3 Enfin, dans les lieux de parcours ou de vaine pature, comme dans ceux ou ces usages ne sont pas etablis, les patres et les bergers ne peuvent mener les troupeaux daucune espece dans les champs moissonnes et ouverts, que deux jours apres la recolte entiere, sous peine dune amende de la valeur dune journee de travail: lamende est double si les bestiaux ont penetre dans un enclos rural. (Art. 22. ) Cette suspension de lintroduction du betail dans les champs cultives a surtout ete etablie dans linteret du glanage et des malheureux pour lesquels il est une precieuse ressource. V. 11 fallait enfin coordonner les regles du parcours et de la vaine pature avec. . .

Frontiers of Engineering

by National Academy of Engineering

This volume highlights the papers presented at the National Academy of Engineering's 2012 U.S. Frontiers of Engineering Symposium. Every year, the symposium brings together 100 outstanding young leaders in engineering to share their cutting-edge research and technical work. The 2012 symposium was held September 13-15, and hosted by General Motors at the GM Technical Center in Warren, Michigan. Speakers were asked to prepare extended summaries of their presentations, which are reprinted here. The intent of this book is to convey the excitement of this unique meeting and to highlight cutting-edge developments in engineering research and technical work.

Frontiers of Engineering: Reports on Leading-Edge Engineering from the 2014 Symposium

by National Academy of Engineering

This volume presents papers on the topics covered at the National Academy of Engineering's 2014 US Frontiers of Engineering Symposium. Every year the symposium brings together 100 outstanding young leaders in engineering to share their cutting-edge research and innovations in selected areas. The 2014 symposium was held September 11-13 at the National Academies Beckman Center in Irvine California. The topics covered at the 2014 symposium were: co-robotics, battery materials, technologies for the heart, and shale gas and oil. The intent of this book is to convey the excitement of this unique meeting and to highlight innovative developments in engineering research and technical work.

Frontiers of Fear: Tigers and People in the Malay World, 1600-1950

by Peter Boomgaard

This book is about the relation between humans and the three big cats of the Malay world: the tiger, the leopard, and the clouded leopard. Above all, however, it is about the tiger.It is difficult to be neutral about tigers. They seem to elicit either strongly positive or strongly negative sentiments, and it is even possible (and far from rare) that one person has both positive and negative feelings about tigers.

The Frontiers of Management

by Peter F. Drucker

Every decision executives make today shapes the future of their organization - as well as that of the communities and society in which the organization operates. How to make choices that lead to the best possible future for all stakeholders? Look beyond the immediate crisis of the day - to the long-term implications of your decisions and actions. In the thirty-five essays comprising The Frontiers of Management, classic management thinker and teacher Peter Drucker offers advice.Each selection in this compelling collection is as fresh and relevant today as it was when written in the 1980s. With every essay, Drucker teaches by example- deftly demonstrating how to put current events in their larger historical context, how to pick the right people for a given task, how to think through an acquisition.The book provides not only durable examples of a great thinker's writing but a set of ever more urgently needed lessons on how business leaders today can understand the context of their own daily decisions - and make the wisest possible choices for the future.Timely and vivid, The Frontiers of Management remains a practical guidebook packed with enduring wisdom.

The Frontiers of Space

by Mcgraw Hill

This is a 4th Grade reader containing stories about space.

The Frost Child

by Eoin Mcnamee Jon Goodell

The final fantasy adventure in the riveting Navigator trilogy. Twice the evil Harsh have tried to destroy time, and twice Owen and the Resisters have stopped them. InCity of Time,Owen, the brave Navigator, killed the Harsh king, and now the Harsh are hungry for revenge. Their massive fleet is ready to hunt down the wily Navigator. In this third and final book, the Navigator and his friends face their toughest battle yet. As Owen searches for a way to overcome the Harsh once and for all, he sails the seas of time, encountering marvelous creatures, pirates-and grave danger. Every turn in his journey takes him further back through the years, closer to his father and grandfather, who spent their lives trying to unlock the secret to defeating the Harsh. But it is Owen who discovers that the mysterious Frost Child holds the key. The Frost Childis full of memorable characters, surprises and inventions, and exciting battles. With handsome illustrations by Jon Goodell, this book is a dazzling conclusion to a thrilling story.

Frost in May

by Antonia White

Nanda's harsh experiences in a convent school in the early 20th century make up the content of this first in a series of four books.

Frost: Poems

by Robert Frost John Hollander

rom one of the most brilliant and widely read of all American poets, a generous selection of lyrics, dramatic monologues, and narrative poems--all of them steeped in the wayward and isolated beauty of Frost's native New England. Includes his classics "Mending Wall, " "Birches, " and "The Road Not Taken, " as well as poems less famous but equally great.

Frost Wolf (Wolves of the Beyond #4)

by Kathryn Lasky

THE WINDS HAVE SHIFTED in the Beyond. It's summer, and that should mean warmth, fish, and meat, but blizzards rake the land and the caribou and moose that the wolves hunt are vanishing. Famine has arrived in the Beyond, and the strict order among the wolf clans is starting to break down. Worse, there's one wolf thriving on the chaos. He wears a stolen owl battle mask and calls himself the Prophet. There are horrible rumors that instead of helping the wolves survive, he's leading hundreds of them to their deaths. The elite wolves of the Watch send young Faolan and his friend Edme on a desperate mission to bring down the Prophet. But how can the two wolves stop an enemy they can't even find?

Frostbitten (Women of the Otherworld, Book 10)

by Kelley Armstrong

New York Times bestselling author Kelley Armstrong returns with the tenth installment of the Women of the Otherworld series. The Alaskan wilderness is a harsh landscape in the best of conditions, but with a pack of rogue werewolves on the loose, it's downright deadly. Elena Michaels, the Pack's chief enforcer, knows all too well the havoc "mutts" can wreak. When they hear of a series of gruesome maulings and murders outside Anchorage, she and her husband, Clay, journey to Alaska in the dead of winter in order to hunt down the dangerous werewolves. Trapped in this savage, untamed winter realm, she and Clay learn more about their own werewolf heritage than they bargained for, tapping a little more into the wild nature of the beast within. With Elena back in the starring role, this is the book Kelley Armstrong fans have been waiting for.


by Lou Anders

Fantasy fans of Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson and John Flanagan's Ranger's Apprentice series will embrace this first novel in an adventure-filled, Viking-inspired series by a debut author. Meet Karn. He is destined to take over the family farm in Norrøngard. His only problem? He'd rather be playing the board game Thrones and Bones. Enter Thianna. Half human, half frost giantess. She's too tall to blend in with other humans but too short to be taken seriously as a giant. When family intrigues force Karn and Thianna to flee into the wilderness, they have to keep their sense of humor and their wits about them. But survival can be challenging when you're being chased by a 1,500-year-old dragon, Helltoppr the undead warrior and his undead minions, an evil uncle, wyverns, and an assortment of trolls and giants. Readers will embark on a sweeping epic fantasy as they join Karn and Thianna on a voyage of discovery. Antics and hair-raising escapades abound in this fantasy adventure as the two forge a friendship and journey to unknown territory. Their plan: to save their families from harm. Debut novelist Lou Anders has created a rich world of over twenty-five countries inhabited by Karn, Thianna, and an array of fantastical creatures, as well as the Thrones and Bones board game. Praise for Frostborn:"A fun, fast-paced, and highly enjoyable tale." -Garth Nix, bestselling author of the Abhorsen trilogy"The most delightful fantasy I have read in ages. . . . Put me on the waiting list for book 2!" -Amy Plum, international bestselling author of the Die For Me series*"...a powerful, fast-paced tale... The setting is rich, the characters well-defined, and the danger ever-paramount." -Publishers Weekly, starred"Future fans of Tolkien and George R.R. Martin can happily cut their serial-fantasy teeth on this first book of an eventual series." -Kirkus Reviews" excellent choice for readers new to the genre. The themes of staying true to oneself, teamwork, and individuality will resonate with readers." -School Library Journal"...this accessible fantasy brings together two very different children bound by common goals." -BooklistFrom the Hardcover edition.


by Zoë Marriott

Frost is the daughter of a woman, a man, and a magical Demon Wolf. Or is she? This is a tale of survival, battle, love, and finding one's inner truth.

Frosty A Raccoon To Remember

by Harriett E. Weaver

An orphaned Raccoon is raised by a forest ranger, and They have many adventures together.


by Jay Bonansinga

Inspired by the fascinating true story of the "Otzi" Ice Man found in the Italian Alps, this thriller introduces a troubled FBI profiler who unlocks a terrifying secret when he learns that a recent archaeological discovery is linked to a series of recent unsolved murders.


by O'Reilly Morgan Q.

Destiny waits for all... especially a headstrong princess Royal blood can take a princess only so far in life. Sooner or later destiny will sweep her off her feet. If she's lucky, he's tall, blond, fun to push around, and helps her save their ice ball planet from a killer comet. WARNING: This is a sexy hot read that has graphic sex, lots of ice, hot springs and touch of bondage for fun. This is a futuristic, Sci-Fi, with erotic and paranormal elements.

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