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by Jazzy Danziger

Winner the Brittingham Prize in Poetry

The Dark Room (Blair Witch Files #2)

by Cade Merrill

A teenage girl's photographs open an unknown chapter in the life of child-killer Rustin Parr. But do they also release a new murderer who is following in Parr's bloody footsteps?

The Dark Root (Joe Gunther #6)

by Archer Mayor

The attack is swift, brutal, and devastating. The house of a Chinese restaurant owner is broken into. His daughter raped, he and his wife victimized. Police lieutenant Joe Gunther is plagued by questions. Where did the break-in team come from? Why did they choose this target? Is this just the beginning? The answers come as home invasion becomes town invasion. A ruthless Vietnamese gangster moves to control Brattleboro's small but thriving criminal element--using money, drugs, and murder--and then branches throughout the rest of Vermont. Gunther is suddenly on the trail of illegal aliens, money laundering, and murder-for-hire, all in the middle of a turf war between rival Asian crime rings so organized, so slippery, and so vicious, they make their Mafia counterparts look like aging barroom brawlers.

The Dark Sacrament

by Christina Mckenna David Kiely

The Devil Is Alive and Well In The Dark Sacrament, coauthors David M. Kiely and Christina McKenna faithfully recount ten contemporary cases of demon possession, haunted houses, and exorcisms, and profile the work of two living, active exorcists. The authors serve as trustworthy guides on this suspense-filled journey into the bizarre, offering concrete advice on how to avoid falling prey to the dark side.

A Dark Sacrifice

by Madeline Howard

More than a century has passed since the mighty struggle between the wizards and the mages ended in their mutual destruction, and more than forty years since the Empress Ouriána became the Divine Incarnation of the Devouring Moon. Appointing twelve deadly sorcerers as her priests, she rules the land in darkness unending. Yet there is a small chance for hope, if one foreordained princess can survive. But she has vanished behind enemy lines, and even a brave band of heroes may not be able to reach her in time. For Ouriána's dark reign has woken the ancient terrors of legend, and their vengeance will be swift and all-consuming. . . .

Dark Seduction

by Brenda Joyce

Malcolm of Dunroch is a newly chosen Master, a novice to his extraordinary-and dangerous-powers. But he has already broken his vows-and a young woman's death is on his hands. Malcolm is determined to fight his darkest desires, denying himself all pleasure...until fate sends him another Innocent, the beautiful bookseller Claire Camden.Since her mother's murder, Claire has done everything possible to make a safe, secure life for herself in a city where danger lurks on every street corner, especially in the dark of night. But nothing can prepare her for the powerful and sexual medieval warrior who sweeps her back into his time-a treacherous, frightening world where the hunters and the hunted are one and the same. Claire needs Malcolm to survive, yet she must somehow keep the dangerously seductive Master at arm's length. For Malcolm's soul is at stake-and fulfilling his desires could prove fatal....

Dark Shamans: Kanaimà and the Poetics of Violent Death

by Neil L. Whitehead

On the little-known and darker side of shamanism there exists an ancient form of sorcery called kanaimà, a practice still observed among the Amerindians of the highlands of Guyana, Venezuela, and Brazil that involves the ritual stalking, mutilation, lingering death, and consumption of human victims. At once a memoir of cultural encounter and an ethnographic and historical investigation, this book offers a sustained, intimate look at kanaimà, its practitioners, their victims, and the reasons they give for their actions. Neil L. Whitehead tells of his own involvement with kanaimà--including an attempt to kill him with poison--and relates the personal testimonies of kanaimà shamans, their potential victims, and the victims' families. He then goes on to discuss the historical emergence of kanaimà, describing how, in the face of successive modern colonizing forces--missionaries, rubber gatherers, miners, and development agencies--the practice has become an assertion of native autonomy. His analysis explores the ways in which kanaimà mediates both national and international impacts on native peoples in the region and considers the significance of kanaimà for current accounts of shamanism and religious belief and for theories of war and violence. Kanaimà appears here as part of the wider lexicon of rebellious terror and exotic horror--alongside the cannibal, vampire, and zombie--that haunts the western imagination. Dark Shamans broadens discussions of violence and of the representation of primitive savagery by recasting both in the light of current debates on modernity and globalization.

The Dark Shore: Book Two of the Atlanteans

by Kevin Emerson

Beware the gods and their horrors. Owen, Lilly, and Leech have escaped Camp Eden, but the next step on their journey to find Atlantis and protect it from Paul and Project Elysium involves crossing the perilous wastelands of a wrecked planet. And unlike in EdenWest, where bloody truths were kept hidden beneath the surface, out here the horrors live bright beneath the poisonous sun. With treachery at every turn, Owen has no choice but to bring his wounded clan to the dark shores of Desenna, the city built from the ashes of EdenSouth. Desennas blood-soaked walls may hold the key to Owens journey in the form of the third Atlantean as well as a deeper understanding of the true purpose of the Three, but there are also secrets lurking in the shadows, waiting to be unleashed, and once they rise, there may be no escape. Filled with sizzling romance, action, mind-bending twists, and powerful scenes of emotional and physical sacrifice, The Dark Shore: Book Two of the Atlanteans takes readers on a journey to a question thats so great, even the gods have trouble answering it: What would you be willing to do to save humanity from itself?

A Dark Sicilian Secret

by Jane Porter

She can run... Lethally attractive Vittorio d'Severano was everything Jillian Smith wanted-until she discovered his secret life, and her dreams of a happy-ever-after crumbled into dust... Brokenhearted and terrified, Jill disappeared. But she can't hide! Now Vitt has returned-to claim the tiny son Jill has sworn to keep from him! But to stay with her child, she must put Vitt's ring on her finger. Yet what kind of relationship can they have when it's based on secrets and a heat impossible to resist?

The Dark Side of Camelot

by Seymour M. Hersh

This is not a book about John Kennedy's brilliant moments, and his brilliant policies. Nor is it a book about the awful moment of his death and why he was shot. John Kennedy's policies and his life contained many superb moments. After his death, his glamour and wit combined with his successes in foreign affairs and domestic policies - real and imagined - to create the myth of Camelot, But there was a dark side to Camelot, and to John Kennedy. I began writing this book knowing that it would inevitably move into a sensitive area: When is it relevant to report on the private life of a public man? The central finding that emerged from five years of reporting, and more than a thousand interviews with people who knew and worked with John F. Kennedy, is that Kennedy's private life and personal obsessions - his character - affected the affairs of the nation and its foreign policy far more than has ever been known. This is a book about a man whose personal weaknesses limited his ability to carry out his duties as president. It is also a book about the power of beauty. It tells of otherwise strong and self-reliant men and women who were awed and seduced by Kennedy's magnetism, and who competed with one another to please the most charismatic leader in our nation's history. Many are still blinded today.

Dark Side of Dawn (Nightmare Chronicles #2)

by Kathryn Smith

Life can be a nightmare. Literally. On the surface, it might seem like I, Dawn Riley, have it all. I've got a great job, a boyfriend who loves me . . . but my family life is a different story. As the mortal daughter of the King of Dreams, I have an ability to exist between both worlds . . . which is terrifying to some. Now the Nightmare Council claims I've broken their laws and is threatening to have me "unmade." And if that's not bad enough, I need to track down a vicious criminal responsible for several savage attacks--before he finds me. I'm lucky enough to have Noah by my side, and he'll do whatever it takes so that we can have a future together. In the end, though, this is my battle. The fate of a world rests upon my shoulders, and it seems the best that I can hope for is not to die in my sleep . . .

The Dark Side of Desire

by Julia James

English rose Flavia Lassiter has never been comfortable in her father's glitzy world. Summoned to yet another of his ostentatiously lavish parties, she finds that her one order is to be "nice" to a wealthy investor. Her body may be on offer, but she shields her heart behind an icy shell.Leon Maranz emanates a dark power that sends shivers through her body-threatening to shatter her frosty facade. To let the self-made billionaire bed her would be to do her unscrupulous father's bidding. But to turn Leon down would be to deny her body's deepest desires....

The Dark Side of Night

by Cindy Dees

Kinsey Hollingsworth's tropical-getaway plans didn't include dodging gunshots. Or a speedboat chase with Mitch Perovski, the tall and tempting spy who'd commandeered her boat. But the socialite would handle anything Mitch demanded--whether it meant going undercover or under the covers. Mitch didn't work with partners. And although Kinsey proved she was more than a pampered heiress, she was no match for the assassin targeting them. . . or for Mitch's smoldering desire. He had to get through this one high-stakes task with her. But after a night in Kinsey's arms, could he walk away from their partnership for good?

The Dark Side of the Earth

by Alfred Bester

Seven science fiction stories by one of the greatest SF writers including Time is the Traitor, The Man Who Murdered Mohammed, Out of this World, The Pi Man, The Flowered Thundermug, Will You Wait, They Don't Make Life Like They Used To.

The Dark Side of the Game: My Life in the NFL

by Tim Green

Tim Green is proof that all football players aren't meat-headed Neanderthals. Green, an ex-player who has made his mark as a commentator on National Public Radio and the Fox Network, shows both his love of the game and his insights into its problems in this collection of some 70 essays on his experience in the National Football League. From the physical brutality of the sport -- he suffered 12 concussions as a player -- to the use of performance enhancing drugs, to the sport's connections with the mob, Green writes clearly and evenly about the dilemmas and deals the most professional football fans know nothing about -- the dark side to America's favorite pastime.

The Dark Side of the Moon

by John Harris

Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon (1973) is one of the most beloved albums of all time. A sonically stunning exploration into dark themes of madness, death, anxiety, and alienation, it has sold a staggering 30 million copies worldwide, and continues to sell 250,000 copies a year. Besides being perhaps the most fully realized and elegant concept album ever recorded, The Dark Side of the Moon was also one of the most technically advanced LPs of its day. It has aged remarkably well and still sounds as contemporary and cutting edge as it did on the day it was released. A perfect blend of studio wizardry and fearless innovation, The Dark Side of the Moon is illuminated by John Harris's exploration of the band's fractured history, his narrative skill, and his deft exploration of the album's legacy, such as its massive influence on bands like Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails. Drawing on original, new interviews with every member of the band-bassist and chief songwriter Roger Waters, guitarist Dave Gilmour, keyboardist Rick Wright, and drummer Nick Mason-The Dark Side of the Moon is a must-have for the millions of devoted fans who desire to know more about one of the most timeless, compelling, commercially successful, and mysterious albums ever made.

Dark Side of the Street

by Jack Higgins

With commando-like precision, someone was breaking Britain's most notorious prisoners out of jail and delivering them back to the Communists.

Dark Side of the Sun

by Rachel Druten

A Japanese national and an American citizen meet and are attracted to each other during a cruise. They are separated by World War II and later meet under unexpected circumstances. God's guidance is essential in guiding them through the difficulties they encounter.

The Dark Side: The Inside Story of How the War on Terror Turned into a War on American Ideals

by Jane Mayer

A dramatic and damning narrative account of how America has fought the "War on Terror." In the days immediately following September 11th, the most powerful people in the country were panic-stricken. The radical decisions about how to combat terrorists and strengthen national security were made in a state of utter chaos and fear, but the key players, Vice President Dick Cheney and his powerful, secretive adviser David Addington, used the crisis to further a long held agenda to enhance Presidential powers to a degree never known in U.S. history, and obliterate Constitutional protections that define the very essence of the American experiment. THE DARK SIDE is a dramatic, riveting, and definitive narrative account of how the United States made terrible decisions in the pursuit of terrorists around the world-- decisions that not only violated the Constitution to which White House officials took an oath to uphold, but also hampered the pursuit of Al Qaeda. In gripping detail, acclaimed New Yorker writer and bestselling author, Jane Mayer, relates the impact of these decisions--U.S.-held prisoners, some of them completely innocent, were subjected to treatment more reminiscent of the Spanish Inquisition than the twenty-first century. THE DARK SIDE will chronicle real, specific cases, shown in real time against the larger tableau of what was happening in Washington, looking at the intelligence gained--or not--and the price paid. In some instances, torture worked. In many more, it led to false information, sometimes with devastating results. For instance, there is the stunning admission of one of the detainees, Sheikh Ibn al-Libi, that the confession he gave under duress--which provided a key piece of evidence buttressing congressional support of going to war against Iraq--was in fact fabricated, to make the torture stop. In all cases, whatever the short term gains, there were incalculable losses in terms of moral standing, and our country's place in the world, and its sense of itself. THE DARK SIDE chronicles one of the most disturbing chapters in American history, one that will serve as the lasting legacy of the George W. Bush presidency.

Dark Slayer

by Christine Feehan

A rumor has persisted in the vampire world of a dark slayer a woman who travels with a wolf pack and who destroys any vampire who crosses her path. Mysterious, elusive and seemingly impossible to kill, she is the one hunter who strikes terror into the hearts of the undead. She is Ivory Malinov. Her only brethren, the wolves. Long ago betrayed by her people, abandoned by her family, and cast out by everyone she held dear, Ivory has lived centuries without companionship or love. She has sustained her sanity by preparing for one purpose to destroy her greatest enemy. Until the night she picks up the scent of a man, her unexpected salvation. Her lifemate. The curse of all Carpathian women. He is Razvan. Branded a criminal, detested and feared, he is a dragonseeker borne of one of the greatest Carpathian lineages, only to be raised as its most despised and captive enemy. Fleeing from his lifetime of imprisonment, Razvan now seeks the dawn to end his terrible existence. Instead he has found his deliverance in the Dark Slayer. In spirit, in flesh and blood, in love, and in war, Ivory and Razvan are made for each other. For as long as they dare to live.

Dark Sleeper

by Jeffrey E. Barlough

SOMETHING HAS AWAKENED... the fog-enshrouded city of Salthead. An undead sailor dances along the wharves. A sunken ship rises from the waters and sails into the harbor. The ghost of a long dead boy haunts a tavern. The vicious canine of the local miser evolves into an even more terrifying beast... And in the course of investigating these events, the eminent professor of metaphysics, Titus Tiggs, and his colleague, Dr. Daniel Dampe, encounter something more sinister than anything they had found before-a mystical presence intent on destroying the city of Salthead and every person in it...

Dark Song

by Gail Giles

Ames is not the person she was a few months ago. Her father lost his job, and her family is crumbling apart. Now, all she has is Marc. Marc, who loves her more than anything. Marc, who owns a gun collection. And he'll stop at nothing--even using his guns--to get what he wants. Ames feels her parents have betrayed her with their lies and self-absorption, but is she prepared to make the ultimate betrayal against them?

Dark Sons

by Nikki Grimes

Sam can't believe it when his father leaves the family to marry another white woman. The betrayal cuts deep. Sam had been so close to his dad, and idolized him. Now who can he turn to, who can he trust? Even God seems to have ditched him.

Dark Spirits: 200 Classy Concoctions Starring Bourbon, Brandy, Scotch, Whiskey, Rum and More

by A. J. Rathbun

Don't be afraid of the dark--the dark spirits, that is. Oh, vodka and gin have their place, but whiskey, rum, Scotch, bourbon, rye, and their kind are so much deeper and more complicated; they make white spirits pale by comparison. Time was, these brown liquors were relegated to serious (or dare we say sober?) solo sipping or perhaps the occasional old-fashioned mixture like, well, the Old Fashioned. But a cocktail renaissance has brought dark spirits back to their rightful station: as lively, engaging drinkcomponents that can mix it up in a full array of new-fashioned libations. In this clever compendium of all drinks dark, A.J. Rathbun revisits the lively, witty, informative mood of his award-winning cocktail bible Good Spirits. It's a trip to the lighter side of dark spirits, as the book's thematic recipe chapters demonstrate. Bartender's Choice presents the favorite creations of some of today's top mixologists, and the sparkling quaff s in Bubbly Refreshers are sure to take the edge off a hot day. Powerful Punches provides piquant potables in plentiful portions, while the drinks in Hot Stuff will warm you from the inside. Of course, the dark spirits do have their dark side, as revealed in Drinks That Go Bump in the Night, a chapter that off ers such chill, chilled, and chilling concoctions as Corpse Reviver and Black Hood (rye, orange liqueur, and Benedictine--well, it sounds innocent enough). And in Dark Classics, you'll find--what else?--the classics, such as the Mai Tai, Manhattan, Mint Julep, and, yes, Old Fashioned. But a cocktail book by A.J. is never just a collection of recipes. In these pages, you will learn everything there is to know about the dark spirits; you'll never again confuse Cognac and Armagnac, or whiskey and whisky. Moreover, there's a thorough introduction that covers all the basics: techniques, equipment, ingredients, garnishes, even ice and how to use it. An array of tips and tidbits further enlightens the proceedings, with quotes of note, party hints, obscure but fun facts, and more. Today's dark spirits are more edgy than old-fashioned. Expand your cocktail repertoire withthis must-have collection that helps shed light into a dark corner of the bar.

The Dark Stain

by Benjamin Appel

The Dark Stain is a novel of tremendous force and vitality. It is a story of lust and hatred and passion . . . nakedly portrayed and in words the meaning of which can escape no one. The locale is Harlem, but what happens in its exciting pages has already been paralleled in many American cities and may happen in many more. It is the story of Sam Miller, a New York cop, who was unwillingly forced to kill a crazed negro. This killing sets off a series of events that threatens to explode into the riot. How an American Fascist group thies to exploit the situation gives the author an opportunity to tell a story that has all the elements of a thriller and all the threat of a warning.Suzy Buckles, beautiful and in love with Sam, is aware of the forces this killing will let loose. Hal Clair, negro leader, so light-hued that he passes for white, tries to act as the appeaser. Marian Burrow, his secretary, light-brown, desirable, a reefer smoker, hates the whites but is attractive to them and attracted by them. Bill Trent is a former gangster who has graduated into a salesman for Fascism. Ex-Governor Heney is a suave rabble rouser who has a particular appeal for people with fat bank accounts. Haydn Norris is a rich ma's son, an international Fascist, without emotional hatreds; Big Boy Bose is vice lord of Harlem, whose distrust of the whites makes him a valuable ally. These are the leading characters, but there are many others, each of whom plays a role in this drama that is as timely as tomorrow's headlines . . . The story of an America that can happen here.

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