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Bosnia & Herzegovina - Culture Smart!: The Essential Guide to Customs & Culture

by Elizabeth Hammond

Avoid being offended, or worse offending Bosnian locals, instead familiarise yourself with local customs and cultures by reading Culture Smart! Bosnia. This handy, pocket-sized book will help you to ease your way into a different culture and will assist you in making sure you don't develop incorrect stereotypes. Good preparation can go a long way in readying yourself for your journey. Whether you are setting off to Bosnia in order to travel, learn, work or relocate, Culture Smart! will provide you with a wealth of information on everything from climate, population, doing business, nightlife and so much more. Culture Smart! Bosnia offers an in-depth insight to the customs and cultures of Bosnia, an area where many other guidebooks only scratch the surface.

The Bosnia List

by Kenan Trebincevic

A young survivor of the Bosnian War returns to his homeland to confront the people who betrayed his family At age eleven, Kenan Trebincevic was a happy, karate-loving kid living with his family in the quiet Eastern European town of Brcko. Then, in the spring of 1992, war broke out and his friends, neighbors and teammates all turned on him. Pero - Kenan's beloved karate coach - showed up at his door with an AK-47 - screaming: "You have one hour to leave or be killed!" Kenan's only crime: he was Muslim. This poignant, searing memoir chronicles Kenan's miraculous escape from the brutal ethnic cleansing campaign that swept the former Yugoslavia. After two decades in the United States, Kenan honors his father's wish to visit their homeland, making a list of what he wants to do there. Kenan decides to confront the former next door neighbor who stole from his mother, see the concentration camp where his Dad and brother were imprisoned and stand on the grave of his first betrayer to make sure he's really dead. Back in the land of his birth, Kenan finds something more powerful-and shocking-than revenge. .

Bosnia, Serbia And Montenegro

by Tim Clancy

Brand new for 2007, "Travellers Bosnia, Serbia & Montenegro" is perfectly designed for mainstream travellers who want to access the best of this beautiful and hotly tipped region. This book delivers: expert advice, tracking down the best sights and experiences; Suggested Itineraries and Highlights sections for inspired trip planning; detailed background on people, geography, culture and history; clear and accurate mapping for orientation at country, region and city levels; suggested walks and tours to somewhere a little different; impartial and dependable sleeping, eating and entertainment listings. It is full colour throughout, with over 140 photographs. There is comprehensive coverage of this area's finest, including Sarejevo, the Bay of Kotor, Belgrade, Mostar, Pristina and Podgorica. "Travellers" are popular, compact guides for mainstream travellers wanting to discover something a little different on their trip. Covering the very best of country, regional and city destinations, they offer the perfect balance of culture, history, practical information, mapping, photography and listings to appeal to a mass-market readership.

The Boss and the Baby

by Leigh Michaels

His secret baby Molly desperately needed a job, and she'd prayed for a miracle. She hadn't expected it to take the form of Lucas Hudson! Four years ago, he'd dismissed her feelings for him as infatuation--how could Molly now work for this man? She would have to swallow her pride and think of the three-year-old daughter she had to support. But little Bailey was the image of her father. How long would it take her new boss to realize he'd left Molly with more than a broken heart&#151he' d left her holding their baby! Marrying the Boss From bride and groom!

The Boss and the Beauty

by Donna Clayton

Loving The Boss MEMO To: The Single Women in the Office From: Cindy Cooper, Former Ugly Duckling Re: My Plan To Marry My Boss As you know, I have been in love with Kyle Prentice, my boss, for several years. And not once has that handsome executive glanced my way. Well, thanks to my head-to-toe birthday makeover, I finally caught Kyle's eye. But I've found there's quite a jump from the boardroom to the altar. And since Kyle has "confirmed bachelor" written all over him, guess I'll just have to work hard at proving true love is right outside his office door! Six friends dream of marrying their bosses in this delightfully new continuing series. Watch for Olivia's story in February.

The Boss and the Plain Jayne Bride

by Heather Macallister

Making over Ms. Right... Jayne Nelson's life lacks pizzazz. She wants adventure...she wants romance...She wants Garrett Charles! Since her new boss is a hunky ex-model turned entrepreneur, Jayne's convinced that the only way she'll have a chance with him is to become as model-like as possible. Considering she's short and curvy, this could be difficult! Garrett Charles is fed up with women just interested in his good looks; Jane is the first person to treat him as an equal. Too bad she's determined to change--Garrett liked the old Jayne.... If only he can convince her to forget about makeovers and think about marriage!

Boss Divas

by De'Nesha Diamond

The most lethal ride-or-die women in Memphis now run their gangs and the streets. But the aftermath of an all-out war means merciless new enemies, time-bomb secrets. . . and one chance to take it all. . . Bullets have no names and collateral damage is the game as the women of the Dirty South push to secure total control. Vice Lord chief Lucifer goes after the upstart Crippettes gang one by one--but locking down her power will put everything she lives to protect at risk. Ta'Shara straps on her training wheels to prove she can ride with the best of the Flowers--but does this good-girl-gone-bad really have what it takes to survive? And as Queen G LeShelle viciously body-drops to keep her bloody secrets buried, her husband Python may be the one person that can put her in check. Now these boss divas will go head-to-head for complete domination--because in the end only one can rule. . . Praise for De'nesha Diamond"Diamond's ear for street talk comes across loud and clear. . . a violent and profane tale. . . . " --Library Journal (starred review) on Hustlin' Divas"If you want gritty, down and dirty, and raw, Street Divas is the book for you. " --Urban Reviews

Boss Lady

by Omar Tyree

Tracy Ellison, the star of Omar Tyree's Flyy Girl and For the Love of Money, returns in this bestselling novel, Boss Lady. Everybody's favorite flyy girl is a little bit older, a whole lot wiser, and just as sassy as ever. After a series of triumphs in the world of letters and acting, Tracy takes on the dazzling world of Hollywood's A-list players to film a project close to her heart. Told from the point of view of Tracy's cousin and personal assistant, Vanessa, Boss Lady chronicles the trials and tribulations of adapting the story of Tracy Ellison's life. In this novel, Flyy Girl is becoming a major motion picture and Tracy is prepared to do anything and everything to tell her story and to make sure it's done right, from screenwriting to producing to designing. In the meantime, she's also juggling the highs and lows of her famously turbulent love life. Is it better to remain single and committed to her career? Or is she ready to take the plunge and embrace the married-with-children life? Written with Omar Tyree's irresistible urban style, Boss Lady finds the author's best-loved character at the top of her game, thoroughly in charge, and taking life strictly on her own terms.

Boss Lady And The Hired Hand

by Barbara Mcmahon

SINGLE MOM NEEDS A HELPING HAND Amanda Williams's troubles were just beginning when the sexiest cowboy in Wyoming accepted a job on her ranch. Now, instead of having only business on her mind, she was fantasizing about long, lazy hours in a bed with her new hired hand... CONFIRMED BACHELOR NEEDS A LESSON IN LOVE Hawk Blackstone didn't believe in roots--he was a wandering man for hire. But he never could resist a little filly in distress, so he came to Amanda's rescue. Hawk vowed to keep his distance, yet her lips were too sweet a temptation to resist. If only he could convince the lovely rancher he was just what she needed....

Boss Man

by Diana Palmer

Blake Kemp was a man who knew his own mind and was as stubborn as the day is long in Jacobsville, Texas. As the town's leading lawyer, he had a reputation to uphold, and he didn't want the tender ministrations of his assistant to get in his way'even if he desperately needed her, since those big boots of his did have a tendency to step on toes?So, of course, the boss man fired pretty, gentle Violet, for having the nerve to, of all things, try to help him!But, being a smart as well as hard'headed man, Blake could soon see that without his guiding light, his life would soon be in darkness. Only one thing to do'hire her back and make sure that business didn't mess with matters of the heart. Only then did he find that Violet had an agenda of her own'and it didn't include letting the boss man forget how indispensable she was'both on and off the job!

The Boss Next Door

by Roz Denny Fox

Love, family, success. Can you really have it all?Garrett Lock wants it all. He's a single father with a child he adores. He has a successful career. And now he wants a second chance at marriage, another shot at love-with Sherry Campbell.Despite her desire for a family, Sherry doesn't believe that love and independence are compatible. But when Garrett becomes her boss-and her neighbor-she starts to question her assumptions, falling first for his eight-year-old son...and then for him.Maybe with a bit of compromise and a lot of trust... you can have it all?

Boss: Richard J. Daley of Chicago

by Mike Royko

A look at Mayor Daley's background and upbringing, and in his climb to power through the ranks of the democratic machine in Chicago. Includes discussion of his actions during the long hot summers of 1965-67, and the democratic convention of 1968. A very good read.

Boss Rule in South Texas: The Progressive Era

by Evan Anders

Four men played leading roles in the political drama that unfolded in South Texas during the first decades of this century:- James B. Wells, who ruled as boss of Cameron County and served as leading conservative spokesman of the Democratic Party in Texas;- Archer (Archie) Parr, whose ruthless tactics and misuse of public funds in Duval County established him as one of the most notoriously corrupt politicians in Texas history;- Manuel Guerra, Mexican American rancher and merchant whose domination of Starr County mirrored the rule of his Anglo counterparts in the border region;- John Nance Garner, who served the interests of these bosses of South Texas as he set forth on the road that would lead him to the United States vice-presidency. Evan Anders' Boss Rule in South Texas tells the story of these men and the county rings they shaped in South Texas during the Progressive Era. Power was the byword of the bosses of the Lower Rio Grande Valley, and Anders explores the sources of that power. These politicos did not shirk from using corrupt and even violent means to attain their goals, but Anders demonstrates that their keen sensitivity to the needs of their diverse constituency was key to their long-term success. Patronage and other political services were their lifeblood, and the allies gained by these ranged from developers and businessmen to ranchers and Mexican Americans, wealthy and poor. Besides examining the workings of the Democratic machines of four South Texas counties, Anders explores the role of the Hispanic populace in shaping the politics of the border region, the economic development of the Lower Rio Grande Valley and its political repercussions, the emergence and nature of progressive movements at both local and state levels, and the part played by the Texas Rangers in supporting bossism in South Texas.

The Boss, The Baby and the Bride

by Day Leclaire

Reed Harding had gone through twelve secretaries in six months, but Angie Makepeace was different. She was blonde, beautiful -- and convinced that she was Reed's guardian angel! She claimed her mission was to find Reed a wife. But Reed wanted only one thing -- to find the baby son or daughter he'd never known. That, and to seduce Angie Makepeace!

Bossman Billionaire

by Kathie Denosky

Mr. August: Luke Garnier, rich as royalty, sexy as sin Looking for: A fast track to fatherhood The mother-to-be? His straitlaced secretary. Business meant staying focused on the bottom line, and Luke wasn't looking for a wife. Just an heir. . . with no strings attached. Persuading his faithful assistant, Haley Rollins, to be his surrogate seemed an expedient solution. But once shy Haley joined him in their marriage bed, the construction mogul discovered their business arrangement had some world-rocking "employee benefits". . . .

The Boss's Baby

by Miranda Lee

Lewis didn't protest much when Olivia seduced him at an office party. His once prim and proper PA had turned into a wild, wanton woman and soon he and Olivia had more than just a working relationship. But Olivia had a secret she dared not tell Lewis. . .

The Boss's Bride

by Brenda Minton

Talk Of The Town Leaving her cheating fiancé at the altar made Gracie Wilson famous in tiny Bygones, Kansas. Now the only things she can count on are her job at the Fixer-Upper Hardware store and the store's handsome owner. Though Bygones's runaway bride has boosted Patrick Fogerty's business more than any sale could, his feelings for Gracie are more than professional. But with Gracie's heart in pieces, he's afraid to hurt her. Gracie must somehow find the courage to run toward the man of her dreams. The Heart of Main Street: They're rebuilding the town one step-and heart-at a time.

The Boss's Christmas Baby

by Trish Morey

The Yuletide childTegan Fielding is supposed to be masquerading as her twin, not sleeping with her sister's boss! But James Maverick is too sexy to resist. She'll be his mistress--yet he doesn't know who she really is. The deception must end; Tegan is falling for the tycoon, and as Christmas approaches she has some news. How will James react when he finds his convenient mistress is expecting a special, seasonal delivery?

The Bosss Christmas Seduction

by Yvonne Lindsay

From inside her cubicle walls, Holly Christmas had secretly pined for Connor Knight, craving just one evening of incendiary passion with the elusive millionaire. So when Connor sought a few hours of solace in his virgin secretary's arms, she readily succumbed. Then, a few weeks after their clandestine encounter, Holly received a surprising late Christmas gift: she was pregnant. Connor quickly offered to take care of her, but Holly knew her scandalous past would never allow her to accept his proposal. . . ;not even for the sake of their baby.

The Boss's Convenient Proposal

by Barbara Mcmahon

Will the boss take a bride?Mitch Holden has made Ginny Morgan a very generous proposal.... If she is willing to be his secretary, Mitch will pay for her son's operation. Ginny is happy to work for Mitch, but finds it hard to get close to a man who has shut out the world since the loss of his family. So Ginny is stunned when her job of convenience turns into a marriage of convenience...

The Boss's Daughter

by Leigh Michaels

Being the boss's daughter was tough-especially when Amy found herself temporarily in charge of the company! Worse, her "assistant" was the extremely handsome, dynamic Dylan Copeland. He was so insistent on keeping an eye on her that Amy began to wonder exactly who was in charge!But was Dylan getting so close to Amy for professional or personal reasons? The man gave nothing away and Amy wasn't sure if it was ambition or seduction on his mind! And, working side by side, things were reaching boiling point....

The Bosss Demand

by Jennifer Lewis

Powerful oil tycoon Elan Al Mansur never wanted Sara Daly as his new assistant. Her lush curves and alluring scent would only prove a distraction to what mattered most to him: business. But one night in the desert Elan gave in to his desires, seducing the woman he'd sworn never to touch. Four months later, his secretary revealed she was carrying his baby. Suddenly the stern businessman discovered he didn't want Sara gone at all. But would she agree to her boss's demand that she become his wife?

The Boss's Forbidden Secretary

by Lee Wilkinson

Ruthless businessman Ross Dalgowan is furious! He's just found out that the woman with whom he shared a passionate encounter is married! But actually, cautious Cathy is single. She was just trying to help her brother out by posing as his wife. Though that's not the end of the mess she's gotten herself into: the gorgeous stranger with whom she spent one perfect night is Ross--her new boss!When Ross learns the truth, he decides he'll make Cathy pay--by making her work hard in the boardroom and the bedroom!

The Boss's Little Miracle

by Barbara Mcmahon

Promoted and pregnant! Life is about choices--but, as Anna Larkin knows, sometimes life makes those choices for you. Knowing she can never have children, Anna has thrown herself into a high-flying career. She's poised for promotion when in walks her new CEO. . . the man who broke her heart a few weeks ago! As soon as Tanner realized he was going to be Anna's new boss he ended things--for both their sakes. He knows business and romance don't mix--and Anna agrees--But then Anna discovers that a little miracle has happened--and it changes everything!

The Boss's Wife for a Week

by Anne Mcallister

Tycoon seeks wife for one week's employment. . . In order to secure a contract, Spence Tyack needed a wife for a week. A wife he could show in public, and bed in private. But who could fill the position? Certainly not his buttoned-down, efficient assistant, Sadie Morrissey?But Spence was in for a big surprise. It seemed Sadie was ready to step into the role--and not only was she sensible in the boardroom, she was sensual in the bedroom!

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