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The Barrens

by Joyce Carol Oates Rosamond Smith

In this gripping psychological thriller, one of the most versatile and original voices in contemporary American fiction delivers a startling, complex tale of a serial killer and the people that his ghastly crimes touch -- and transform.

The Barrett Family Series

by Andrea Kane

A special two-in-one edition of Andrea Kane's captivating Barrett Family SeriesIn My Heart's Desire, London's high society assumes that Alexandria Cassell, a lady of impeccable lineage, is eager to wed the first suitable aristocrat who proposes. But Alexandria despises the shallow mindlessness of London society. Craving adventure, she steals down to the docks and stows away aboard a merchant ship bound for Canada. Drake Barrett loves the open seas. As captain of his own vessel, he can escape his life as a duke, where he would be doomed to the empty chatter of glittering ballrooms. But when he finds a delicate beauty aboard ship, he forgets everything but a man's desires. From a fleeting island paradise to a country caught in the sudden crossfire of war, Drake and Alexandria give in to a passion that just might reveal their true passions . . . if a shocking act of treachery doesn't separate them forever.In Samantha, Samantha Barrett is looking for a hero. He can't be just any man, but one worthy of her girlish fantasies. Dashing. Dangerous. Forbidden. Exactly like the mesmerizingly handsome stranger who just strode into the smoky tavern. Except he isn't a stranger, he's Remington Worth, earl of Gresham. London's most notorious rake. Though tempted by Samantha's beauty and innocent desire, Remington cannot allow her to be tainted by his perilous exploits. For he isn't the man she thinks he is. As the Crown's most loyal covert agent, the former navy captain and war hero leads a dangerous double life. But as passion builds between them, risking his life for his country is nothing compared to how far Remington will go to keep Samantha safe--and locked in his arms forever.

Barrier Unknown

by John Glasby A. J. Merak

The logical outcome of the space race, and the preliminary step towards the Moo, was the manned satellite, the Big Wheel moving in a stable orbit about the Earth, integrating the data necessary for a landing on the Moon, and eventually acting as a fuelling station for the Lunar rockets. After several failures, the station is ready, but even there, danger exists, unseen, unheard, invisible and terrible. Forced to exist in the belt of cosmic radiation surrounding the planet, men die within weeks from aplastic anemia. Seeking a solution to the problem, Doctor Paul Russell is sent up to the satellite and here learns of the two men fro the previous crew who vanished without a trace after spotting an unidentified spaceship in orbit further out from Earth than themselves.

Barriers to the Broad Dissemination of Creative Works in the Arab World

by Lowell H. Schwartz Todd C. Helmus Dalia Dassa Kaye Nadia Oweidat

A growing body of creative works by Arab authors and artists counters the intellectual and ideological underpinnings of violent extremism. Unfortunately, many of these works are not widely disseminated, marginalizing the influence of these alternative voices. This monograph examines the barriers to the broad dissemination of such works, with a focus on Arabic literature, and suggests ways to overcome these barriers.

Barrington Bayley SF Gateway Omnibus

by Barrington Bayley

Although largely, and unjustly, neglected by a modern audience, Bayley was a hugely influential figure to some of the greats of British SF, such as Michael Moorcock and M. John Harrison. He is perhaps best-known for THE FALL OF CHRONOPOLIS, which is collected in this omnibus, alongside THE SOUL OF THE ROBOT and the extraordinary story collection THE KNIGHTS OF THE LIMITS. THE FALL OF CHRONOPOLIS: The mighty ships of the Third Time Fleet relentlessly patrolled the Chronotic Empire's 1,000-year frontier, blotting out an error of history here or there before swooping back to challenge other time-travelling civilisations far into the future. Captain Mond Aton had been proud to serve in such a fleet. But now, falsely convicted of cowardice and dereliction of duty, he has been given the cruellest of sentences: to be sent unprotected into time as a lone messenger between the cruising timeships. After such an inconceivable experience in the endless voids there is only one option left to him. To be allowed to die. THE SOUL OF THE ROBOT: Jasperodus, a robot, sets out to prove he is the equal of any human being. His furturistic adventures as warrior, tyrant, renegade and statesman eventually lead him back home to the two human beings who created him. Question: Does he have a soul? THE KNIGHTS OF THE LIMITS: Nine brilliant stories of infinite space and alien consciousness, suffused with a sense of wonder...

Barrio-Logos: Space and Place in Urban Chicano Literature and Culture

by Villa Raúl Homero

Struggles over space and resistance to geographic displacement gave birth to much of Chicano history and culture. In this pathfinding book, Raúl Villa explores how California Chicano/a activists, journalists, writers, artists, and musicians have used expressive culture to oppose the community-destroying forces of urban renewal programs and massive freeway development and to create and defend a sense of Chicano place-identity.

Barrios to Burbs: The Making of the Mexican American Middle Class

by Jody Agius Vallejo

Too frequently, the media and politicians cast Mexican immigrants as a threat to American society. Given America's increasing ethnic diversity and the large size of the Mexican-origin population, an investigation of how Mexican immigrants and their descendants achieve upward mobility and enter the middle class is long overdue. Barrios to Burbsoffers a new understanding of the Mexican-American experience. Vallejo explores the challenges that accompany rapid social mobility and examines a new indicator of incorporation, a familial obligation to "give back" in social and financial support. She investigates the salience of middle-class Mexican Americans' ethnic identification and details how relationships with poorer coethnics and affluent whites evolve as immigrants and their descendants move into traditionally white middle-class occupations. Disputing the argument that Mexican communities lack high quality resources and social capital that can help Mexican Americans incorporate into the middle class, Vallejo also examines civic participation in ethnic professional associations embedded in ethnic communities.

Barron's AP Computer Science A (6th Edition)

by Roselyn Teukolsky

The updated test prep manual presents computer science test takers with-- Three full-length AP practice tests for the Level A course, including a diagnostic test Charts detailing the topics for each test question All test questions answered and explained Test takers will also find an extensive subject review including sections on static variables, the List interface, Integer. MAX_VALUE, and Integer. MIN_VALUE. The practice exams contain several new questions on two-dimensional arrays and also reflect the new free-response style used on the 2012 AP exam.

Barron's AP English Literature and Composition (5th Edition)

by George Ehrenhaft Ed.D.

In-depth preparation for the AP English Literature and Composition exam includes: Five full-length practice AP exams with all questions answered and explained Additional sample questions with answers covering poetry and prose fiction A review of test topics covering details test takers need to know about poetry, fiction, and drama Sample student essays with critiques of their strengths and weaknesses A detailed glossary defining 175 literary and rhetorical terms Updated guidelines for determining final AP exam score The manual can be purchased alone or with an optional CD-ROM that presents two additional full-length practice tests with automatic scoring and fully explained answers. BONUS! An exclusive online exam included with the purchase of the book or the book with CD-ROM!

Barron's AP European History (7th Edition)

by Seth A. Roberts James M. Eder

In-depth preparation for the AP European History exam features: Two full-length model AP exams with all questions answered and explained A 15-chapter summary of European history for review, starting with Europe during the Italian Renaissance and progressing to Europe in the twenty-first century Essay questions and multiple-choice questions with answers following each chapter Extensive charts that summarize Europe's history The manual can be purchased alone or with an optional CD-ROM that presents two additional full-length practice tests with automatic scoring and fully explained answers. BONUS! An exclusive online exam included with the purchase of the book or the book with CD-ROM.

Barron's AP Statistics (7th Edition)

by Marty Sternstein

This manual's in-depth preparation for the AP Statistics exam features the 35 absolutely best AP Statistics exam hints found anywhere, and includes: A diagnostic test and five full-length and up-to-date practice exams, All test questions answered and explained. Additional multiple-choice and free-response questions with answers, A 15-chapter subject review, covering all test topics and divided into four themes: Exploratory Analysis, Planning a Study, Probability, and Statistical Inference The book also offers a guide to basic uses of TI-83/TI-84 calculators.

Barron's AP U.S. Government and Politics

by Curt Lader M.A.

The Advanced Placement U.S. Government and Politics course and test, unlike the other Social Studies AP courses and tests, is contemporary in nature. In-depth preparation for the AP U. S. Government and Politics exam features: Two full-length model AP exams with answer keys and explanations An extensive subject review covering Constitutional development, the branches of federal government, political parties, special interest groups, the media, bureaucracy, and public policy issues related to the economy, the federal budget, social welfare, foreign policy and national defense Newly revised end-of-chapter multiple-choice and free-response questions with rubrics for each.

Barron's AP World History (6th Edition)

by John Mccannon

Fully revised, students will receive an in-depth preparation for the AP World History exam with: Revised strategies for answering all question types New unit short cut charts that help organize a better study plan Two full-length model exams with answer explanations A review of world history, from the foundations of civilization circa. 8000 B. C. E. to world cultures of the twenty-first century Reflects the 9 Historical Thinking Skills required by the College Board and key concepts at the beginning of each chapter serve as a study guide. This manual can be purchased alone or with an optional CD-ROM that presents two additional full-length practice tests with automatic scoring and fully explained answers. BONUS! An exclusive online exam included with the purchase of the book or the book with CD-ROM.

Barron's E-Z Physics

by Robert L. Lehrman

Topics covered in Barron's " E-Z Physics " include motion, forces, energy, heat, wave motion, noise and music, electricity, magnetism, electromagnetic waves, the properties of light, and an introduction to nuclear physics.

Barron's Guide to Making Investment Decisions

by Douglas Sease John Prestbo

Dramatic changes in the economy and the market demand a new edition of the bestselling guide. This revised volume helps readers to devise a lifetime investment program that minimizes risk and adapts easily to changing financial goals, markets, and investment trends. 24 cartoons. Index.

Barry Bonds: Baseball's Superman

by Steven Travers

Barry Bonds: Baseball Superman is the biography of the game's first four-time Most Valuable Player. In 2001, Bonds broke the greatest record in sports, the all-time single-season home run record held over the years by Babe Ruth, Roger Maris and Mark McGwire, and arguably had the greatest season in baseball history. There is no doubt that for most fans, Barry Bonds is a man of mystery. Author Steven Travers documents the superstar's 2001 campaign as Bonds defied the very bounds of conventional logic and perfected the art of long-ball hitting. Travers also describes Bonds's childhood in Riverside, California, the hometown of his father, Bobby; his successful high school career in the Bay Area, and his All-American career at Arizona State.

Barry, Boyhound

by Andy Spearman

This is the story of a boy named Barry. Some stuff happens, and overnight like magic he turns into a boyhound. Not a hound, but a boyhound-which means while he may still look like a boy, he is, in fact, a dog. And even in his boyhound brain, Barry knows there are lots of advantages to being a dog. You don't have to clean your room or use dental floss, for example. But things get crazy. He eats something too disgusting to mention. He's attacked by telepathic squirrels. An innocent squashed frog becomes involved. Plus, his mother's getting pretty mad. And that's all before the really bad thing happens. . . .

Barry The Bravest Saint Bernard (Step into Reading: Step 4 Book)

by Lynn Hall

A young man is lost in the snow-maybe buried alive! Rescue dogs race across the moonlit mountainside. They are huge Saint Bernards with noses sharp enough to smell a human beneath the snow, and paws powerful enough to dig him out. Barry leads the pack. He has saved more than 40 lives over the years-but he is risking his own life tonight. The young man is scared. He has a knife. And in the dark, he just might think Barry is not a friendly rescue dog at ail-but a dangerous wild animal! Here is just one of the exciting true-life adventures of Barry-the bravest Saint Bernard who ever lived!

Barry Trotter and the Dead Horse (Barry Trotter, #3)

by Michael E. Gerber

[from the back cover:] "Find out just how awful Barry was when he first came to Hogwash. The previous two Barry Trotter books have sold 600,000 copies, to people all around the world who really should know better. So when Mike said he wanted to do a prequel (technical terminology for 'artistically unjustified but financially sound hasty last-minute addition to an unexpectedly successful series of books') you can be sure we put on our best 'what-a-great-idea' faces, and agreed. And because this is a 'prequel' (see above) you really don't have to have read either Barry Trotter and the Shameless Parody or Barry Trotter and the Unnecessary Sequel (even though we're taking this opportunity to remind you just what great books they really are) before you buy this book." Told in flashbacks, hypnotized Barry experiences his first true romance and a trip to the afterlife. He tries to recharge his wand by reeking pointless chaos as he flees across the world pursued by Lord Valumart, who, as always, is intent on killing him. Included at the end of this intelligent and idiotic story full of sophisticated and gutter humor are a hilarious glossary and ridiculous set of ten reading group discussion questions. All three of the Barry Trotter parody's of the Harry Potter series are in the Bookshare collection.

Barry Trotter and the Unauthorized Parody (Barry Trotter, #1)

by Michael E. Gerber

Barry Trotter is 22 and the only student in Hogwash history ever to be held back 5 times. From a Quiddit accident, pleasant, playful, loyal, Lon has a hole through his head, an IQ of 62 and exhibits many doggie behaviors. Ermine teaches at St. Hilary's Academy for the Marginally-Magical and is more than a flirt. Together they go on a quest to New York and Hollywood to stop the filming of the first Barry Trotter blockbuster film the very publicity for which has caused Hogwash School to be overrun buy rude, unkempt, insane fans. Ferd and Jorge Measly join them and bad goes to worse. There are new magic potions, Boarsbollocks' Brew, and abilities, pretzeltongues who can lick their own eyeballs. The friends must make their way through putrid smells, foul fluids, and bathroom humor. Nothing is safe from Star Wars to Buddhism. And of course, Lord Valumart lurks where he is least suspected to corrupt Harry who is wrestling with the new information that he is to be killed off in the next novel because who wants to read, Barry Trotter and the Difficult Tax Return? Readers who enjoy humor that ranges from clever to crude and aren't Harry Potter purists, will find this parody to be packed with laughs. Don't miss the humor from the copyright page at the beginning of the book, to the I Hate You letter at the end where readers are given a series of check lists to register their objections.

Barry Trotter and the Unnecessary Sequel (Barry Trotter, #2)

by Michael E. Gerber

Like a chronic skin condition, the world's most irritating wizard is back! Barry Trotter, now 38 (going on 11), has returned to the Hogwash School for Wizardry and Witchcrap. He and his wife, Ermine Cringer, are there to deposit their Muddle-loving son Nigel, 11 (going on 38), and about as magical as a spork. Just as Barry and Ermine are set to leave, Headmister Dorco Malfeasance dies. Who did it? Who cares - nobody much liked Dorco anyway. Barry and Ermine are installed as interim heads of the School, and kick off a carnival of arrested development. But then, in the sort of plot twist that could only happen in a cheap novel designed to leech off a massive pop culture phenomenon, Barry develops youthenasia. He begins a steady march backwards in age and reliving the horrors of adolescence (including the Acne of Fire) may not be the end of it ...Suddenly, solving the mystery becomes a matter of Life and Death. Do they suspect Snipe, as usual, only to find out Lord Valumart's behind it? Everyone's a suspect - which means all your favorite characters are back for another round of abuse. Barry, Ermine, and the dog-brained manchild Lon Measly must find the murderer ... or fill at least 336 pages trying! Witty. Cultured. Erudite. Thought-Provoking. Brilliant. None of these describe Michael Gerber. Nevertheless, his first book, Barry Trotter and the Unauthorized Parody, sold shedloads, thanks to a raft of specious and irresponsible claims made by the Publisher. And while we have been instructed by the court to tell you that this sequel will NOT regrow your hair, let you earn thousands a week working from home, or free up $28 million 'trapped in Nigeria', it WILL increase the size of your penis 1-3 inches- even if you don't have one to begin with! (Whether this is a good thing or not, we'll leave up to you.) While we're waiting for the inevitable legal action, we might as well tell you that Mr. Gerber lives in Chicago with his wife and three cats. Hobbies include solitaire, hypochrondria, and sleeping.

Barry's Advanced Construction of Buildings

by Stephen Emmitt Christopher A. Gorse

Robin Barry's Construction of Buildings was first published in 1958 in 5 volumes, rapidly becoming a standard text on construction. In its current 2 volume format Barry remains hugely popular with both students and lecturers of construction and related disciplines.The third edition of Barry's Advanced Construction of Buildings expands and deepens your understanding of construction technology. It covers the construction of larger-scale buildings (primarily residential, commercial and industrial) constructed with load bearing frames, supported by chapters on fit-out and second fix, lifts and escalators, off-site construction and a new chapter on building obsolescence and revitalisation. Functional and performance requirements of the main building elements are emphasised throughout, as is building efficiency and meeting the challenges of limiting the environmental impact of buildings. You will find the text fully up to date with the latest building regulations and construction technologies.The new edition, with supporting material at, is an ideal information source for developing a wider and deeper understanding of construction technology.

The Barsoom Project (Dream Park #2)

by Larry Niven Steven Barnes

Exciting sequel to Dream Park.

The Bartender's Best Friend

by Mardee Haidin Regan

A newly revised second edition of the ultimate bartender's BibleThis up-to-date, practical, and easy-to-use guide presents recipes for hundreds of cocktails and mixed drinks, plus step-by-step directions for making virtually every popular mixed drink, both contemporary and classic-from an A.B.C. to a Zorbatini. Plus, the book includes full coverage of all the basics of bartending, including equipment, ingredients, techniques, glassware, and garnishes.Includes more than 850 recipes in simple alphabetical order, with step-by-step instructions and problem-solving tipsA tough waterproof cover makes this guide perfect for using on the job and on the flyIncludes a mini-course on professional bartending for first-timers or anyone who needs a refresher courseWritten by wine and spirits expert Mardee Regan--a Julia Child Cookbook Award nominee--The Bartender's Best Friend, Second Edition is the perfect resource for every mixologist.

Bartender's Bundle For Dummies

by Ray Foley Perry Luntz

Two complete eBooks for one low price! Created and compiled by the publisher, this Bartender's bundle brings together two entertaining titles in one, e-only bundle. With this special bundle, you'll get the complete text of the following two titles: Bartending For Dummies, 4th Edition This latest edition of Bartending For Dummies features over 1,000 drink recipes in an A-Z format with clear, easy-to-follow instructions. This 4th Edition also provides detailed information on how to properly stock a bar, including the latest glassware and mixers . Featuring expanded coverage on making exotic frozen/blended specialties, specialty coffees, and hot toddies, this title is a must-have for any mixologist Features helpful information about experimenting with the latest flavored rums and vodkas including apple, blackberry, blueberry, cherry, grape, mango, and watermelon are included. The latest tips and advice on curing hangovers and hiccups are listed as well. New recipes covering the hottest shooters such as After Five, Candy Corn, Jelly Bean, and more. Plus, A new section on festive holiday cocktails such as the Grinch and Candy Cane Martini Whiskey & Spirits For Dummies Would you like to better appreciate fine distilled spirits? Whiskey and the Scottish whisky? This friendly book tells you as it reveals where the first whiskeys or dark spirits originated and how they came to the United States. It also explores the origins of clear spirits and the different varieties of each. You'll compare American and European vodkas, see how to make the new and improved all-purpose Martini, and follow the spread of flavored rums across the globe. A slew of sidebars give you fascinating tidbits of information about these spirits. You'll also discover how to become a sophisticated taster, shop for the best spirits, select the right mixers, and use spirits in cooking. Plus, you'll get learn how to make ten classic cocktails and choose and taste cordials and liqueurs This thorough guide also features recipes for cooking with spirits, offering menu choices such as entrees, vegetables, and desserts that all include at least one type of spirit. Complete with an appendix of craft distillers across the United States, Whiskey & Spirits For Dummies will give you the knowledge and hands-on guidance you need to become a connoisseur of such greats as fine Scotch, Bourbon, and Cognac in no time! About the Author of Bartending For Dummies, 4th Edition Ray Foley is the founder and publisher of Bartender Magazine whose readership exceeds 100,000. His Web site, bartender. com, generates over 1 million hits per month. A professional bartender for more than twenty years, he is the founder of the "Bartender Hall of Fame. " About the Author of Whisky & Spirits For Dummies Perry Luntz has been involved in one way or another with the beverage alcohol business most of his adult life. For more than 20 years he has been publisher and editor of Beverage Alcohol Market Report, an international e-letter for marketing executives in beer, wine, and spirits. He served as Director of Marketing Communications for Seagram Distillers for a decade, worked on the creative side of several advertising agencies, including a spell as a creative director of a Young s B-to-B Internet site

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