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Diary of Latoya Hunter

by Latoya Hunter

Lively, poignant, and utterly winning, The Diary of Latoya Hunter is a timely portrait of adolescence--about the universal challenges of youth and about the ways it is shaped by the inner city. It is also a lively introduction to a delightful girl whose humor and idealism are inspirational.From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Diary of Melanie Martin

by Carol Weston Paul Michael

Dear Diary,You will never in a million years guess where we're going. Nope. Guess again. Never mind. I'll tell you. Italy! We're going to ITALY! In Europe!! Across the ocean!!! I even have a passport. It's really cool, except I'm squinting my eyes in the photo so I look like a dork. At least that's what my brother said. I call him Matt the brat. You would too. Trust me. . . . Go ahead. It's not snooping, because you're invited to dig right into the private diary of Melanie Martin, age 10. Melanie is off to Italy on a family vacation with her art-obsessed mom, her grumpy dad, and her annoyingly cute 6-year-old brother. But Italy isn't exactly everything Melanie expects it to be. As she discovers Michelangelo, gelato, and the joy of penning poetry, she also discovers how much her crazy family really means to her. Maybe she won't trade them in after all. From the Hardcover edition.

The Diary of Pelly D

by L. J. Adlington

When Toni V, a construction worker on a futuristic colony, finds the diary of a teenage girl whose life has been turned upside-down by holocaust-like events, he begins to question his own beliefs.

The Diary of Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska: Divine Mercy in My Soul

by Maria Faustina Kowalska

The actual diary of Saint Faustina, who died in Poland right before the start of World War II at the age of 33 and was canonized in 2000. Saint Faustina's writings sparked the Divine Mercy movement, one of the fastest growing movements in the Catholic Church. The Diary chronicles Saint Fausina's great experience of Divine Mercy in her soul and her mission to share that mercy with the world. This amazing narrative will stir readers' hearts and souls as it shares the experience of a simple Polish nun in the years leading up to World War II.

The Diary of Samuel Pepys, August 1667

by Samuel Pepys

August 1667 diary of the 17th-Century English writer.

The Diary of Samuel Pepys, August and September 1664

by Henry Wheatley Samuel Pepys

I had submitted the previous book in this series; I now realize that the date portion of that title was not included in my submittal. I hope this does not cause too much confusion.

The Diary of Samuel Pepys, November 1667

by Samuel Pepys

November 1667 diary of the English writer.

The Diary of Samuel Pepys, September 1667

by Samuel Pepys

September 1667 diary of the English writer.

The Diary of V: Happily Ever After?

by Debra Kent

The last of three novels based on Redbook magazine &'s longest running serial - a wild tale of suburban adultery as told via the diary entries of V, a wife, mother, & psychotherapist.

The Diary of V: The Affair

by Debra Kent

The life and loves of V - suburban mum, wife, and psychotherapist - began as a popular website. Now they're available as a sizzling series of books. In The Diary of V: The Breakup, V, more outspoken and outrageous than ever, stands at a turning point. Husband Roger has been cheating - more than V! And he has something even more shocking than hidden investments up his sleeve. Once V ferrets it out, she may become a millionaire. But first she has to choose between her own secret lovers.

The Diary of V: The Breakup

by Debra Kent

The second of three novels based on Redbook magazine &'s longest running serial--a wild tale of suburban adultery as told via the diary entries of V, a wife, mother, & psychotherapist.

Dia's Story Cloth

by Dia Cha

The story cloth made for the author by her aunt and uncle chronicles the life of the Hmong people in their native Laos and their eventual emigration to the United States.


by Greg Egan

Behold the orphan. Born into a world that is not a world. A digital being grown from a mind seed, a genderless cybernetic citizen in a vast network of probes, satellites and servers knitting the Solar System into one scape, from the outer planets to the fiery surface of the Sun. Since the Introdus in the 21st century, humanity has reconfigured itself drastically. Most chose immortality, joining the polises to become conscious software. Others opted for gleisners: Disposable, renewable robotic bodies that remain in contact with the physical world of force and friction. Many of these have left the Solar System forever in fusion drive starships. And there are the holdouts. The fleshers left behind in the muck and jungle of Earth -- some devolved into dream-apes; others cavorting in the seas or the air; while the statics and bridges try to shape out a roughly human destiny. But the complacency of the citizens is shattered when an unforeseen disaster ravages the fleshers, and reveals the possibility that the polises themselves might be at risk from bizarre astrophysical processes that seem to violate fundamental laws of nature. The Orphan joins a group of citizens and flesher refugees in a search for the knowledge that will guarantee their safety -- a search that puts them on the trail of the ancient and elusive Transmuters, who have the power to reshape subatomic particles, and to cross into the macrocosmos, where the universe we know is nothing but a

Diaspora, Development, and Democracy

by Devesh Kapur

What happens to a country when its skilled workers emigrate? The first book to examine the complex economic, social, and political effects of emigration on India,Diaspora, Development, and Democracyprovides a conceptual framework for understanding the repercussions of international migration on migrants' home countries. Devesh Kapur finds that migration has influenced India far beyond a simplistic "brain drain"--migration's impact greatly depends on who leaves and why. The book offers new methods and empirical evidence for measuring these traits and shows how data about these characteristics link to specific outcomes. For instance, the positive selection of Indian migrants through education has strengthened India's democracy by creating a political space for previously excluded social groups. Because older Indian elites have an exit option, they are less likely to resist the loss of political power at home. Education and training abroad has played an important role in facilitating the flow of expertise to India, integrating the country into the world economy, positively shaping how India is perceived, and changing traditional conceptions of citizenship. The book highlights a paradox--while international migration is a cause and consequence of globalization, its effects on countries of origin depend largely on factors internal to those countries. A rich portrait of the Indian migrant community,Diaspora, Development, and Democracyexplores the complex political and economic consequences of migration for the countries migrants leave behind.

Showing 66,626 through 66,650 of 146,278 results


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