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Bewitching the Highlander

by Lois Greiman

Keelan has awakened from a deep slumber, in another time, in another place, and still haunted by demons of his past. Determined to recover the Treasure that caused his family's downfall, he arrives at the sweeping Scottish countryside . . . and discovers the magic of a gentle, healing touch from a lass who stokes passion's fire in this Highlander's breast. The mysterious appearance of the Scottish warrior nearly causes Charity to abandon her plans, but she'd been playing the part of a dutiful maid for too long to let someone else walk away with the prize-even if Keelan is as great a temptation as the Treasure. Yet when they are forced on the run, Charity discovers that the Highlander may be too irresistible, and to deny him would be impossible . . . for love's glorious promise awaits her in his powerful embrace and sensuous kiss.

The Bewitching Twin

by Donna Fletcher

Popular author Donna Fletcher completes her identical twin sisters series in this spellbinding story about a man's fight for the love of his life. Rogan of the Wolf clan needs a healer to cure a relentless illness that is claiming the lives of his people. Hearing of Aliss's legendary healing skills, he abducts her from her clan Hellewyk. Distraught by the kidnapping and fearing she will never see her pregnant twin sister again, Aliss strikes a bargain with the wolf. She agrees to help him only if he will return her home after she mends them. Despite the circumstances, as Aliss settles in with Rogan's clan, the unlikely pair begins to fall in love. All is well until she learns the true reason Rogan abducted her. Aliss was to be ransomed for property rightfully belonging to the Wolf. Although Aliss feels the fool for being so easily led and caught in the Wolf's trap, it is Rogan who is ensnared and who now must prove his love for her means more than anything else in his life.

Bewitching Women, Pious Men: Gender and Body Politics in Southeast Asia

by Aihwa Ong Michael G. Peletz

This impressive array of essays considers the contingent and shifting meanings of gender and the body in contemporary Southeast Asia. By analyzing femininity and masculinity as fluid processes rather than social or biological givens, the authors provide new ways of understanding how gender intersects with local, national, and transnational forms of knowledge and power. Contributors cut across disciplinary boundaries and draw on fresh fieldwork and textual analysis, including newspaper accounts, radio reports, and feminist writing. Their subjects range widely: the writings of feminist Filipinas; Thai stories of widow ghosts; eye-witness accounts of a beheading; narratives of bewitching genitals, recalcitrant husbands, and market women as femmes fatales. Geographically, the essays cover Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines. The essays bring to this region the theoretical insights of gender theory, political economy, and cultural studies. Gender and other forms of inequality and difference emerge as changing systems of symbols and meanings. Bodies are explored as sites of political, economic, and cultural transformation. The issues raised in these pages make important connections between behavior, bodies, domination, and resistance in this dynamic and vibrant region.

The Beyond

by Jeffrey Ford

The gripping final volume of the Well-Built City Trilogy The ruins of the Well-Built City and the village of Wenau are not all the world has to offer--there is also the Beyond, a dark land between life and death, populated by flying demons, restless ghosts, invisible terrors, and ravenous trees. Cast out by the people of Wenau after finding a cure for their sickness, former physiognomist Cley sets out to brave the dark mountains and seas of the Beyond in order to find the woman he doomed on his quest to destroy the Well-Built City. As Cley journeys deeper into the unknown, he is accompanied by an invisible companion--the demon Misrix, who is searching for his own humanity. The final episode in Jeffrey Ford's Kafkaesque Well-Built City Trilogy, The Beyond fleshes out Ford's world further than ever before.


by Greg Laurie

The Experience God Has for You Is Beyond Anything You Could Imagine... Don't let anything stop you from strengthening the most important relationship of your life. Drawing closer to God starts right here-with warm, clear, Bible-based devotionals on the core issues of your faith. In his down-to-earth style, Greg Laurie helps you reinforce your commitment to God and develop the habit of responding to His voice every day. Beyondguides you into Scripture reflection, prayer, and application with daily devotions that take only ten minutes a day. Discover a greater intensity and intimacy with God as your desire to trust and obey Him keeps growing. Are you ready to movebeyondyour present spiritual limitations? Open this book to stretch your spiritual muscles...andgo deeper, further, and higher in your relationship with God.


by Graham Mcnamee

Sara Cole is not your typical teen. She and her best friend Lexi call themselves the Creep Sisters. Only Lexi knows why Sara is different from anyone else: Her own shadow seems to pull her into near-fatal accidents. Sara is determined to find out why these terrifying things happen, and to overcome her shadow enemy. Her sleuthing with Lexi connects her own horrors to the secret history of a serial killer.

Beyond a Boundary

by C. L. R. James

In C.L.R. James' classic "Beyond a Boundary", the sport is cricket and the scene is the colonial West Indies. Always eloquent and provocative, James shows us how, in the rituals of performance and conflict on the field, we are watching not just prowess but politics and psychology at play. Part memoir of a boyhood in a black colony, part passionate celebration of an unusual and unexpected game, "Beyond a Boundary" raises, in a warm and witty voice, serious questions about race, class, politics and the facts of colonial oppression. Originally published in England in 1963 and in the United States twenty years later, this edition brings back in to print this emphatic statement on race and sport in society.

Beyond a Doubt

by Colleen Coble

Nothing seems beyond a doubt when Bree opens a cold-case file with clues too close for comfort. Arson. Theft. Murder. When Bree Nicholls discovers a corpse in her own basement, a whirlwind investigation ushers an unbidden danger to all she holds dear. Without safe haven in her lighthouse home--or in the arms of a new love--the young widow struggles to free her family from the tentacles of an age-old crime that strikes at the heart of Rock Harbor. Beyond a Doubt is second in the acclaimed romantic suspense series from best-selling author Colleen Coble. Set in the untamed beauty of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, the Rock Harbor novels deftly draw readers into the life and operation of a canine search-and-rescue team as they help unravel the secrets of an enchanting wilderness.

Beyond a Doubt (Rock Harbor #2)

by Colleen Coble

Nothing seems beyond a doubt when Bree opens a cold-case file with clues too close for comfort.<P> Arson. Theft. Murder. When Bree Nicholls discovers a corpse in her own basement, a whirlwind investigation ushers an unbidden danger to all she holds dear. Without safe haven in her lighthouse home--or in the arms of a new love--the young widow struggles to free her family from the tentacles of an age-old crime that strikes at the heart of Rock Harbor.<P> Beyond a Doubt is second in the acclaimed romantic suspense series from best-selling author Colleen Coble. Set in the untamed beauty of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, the Rock Harbor novels deftly draw readers into the life and operation of a canine search-and-rescue team as they help unravel the secrets of an enchanting wilderness.

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

by Gary E. Parker

Meet Burke Anderson, a minister and a murder suspect! When his lady friend is found dead clutching an American flag, Burke becomes a likely culprit because there's an hour he can't account for---and his "alibi" disappears. But his own investigation uncovers intriguing links to a senator. Can Burke somehow prove his own innocence? 256 pages, softcover from Nelson.

Beyond Addiction

by Stephanie Higgs Carrie Wilkens Nicole Kosanke Jeffrey Foote

The most innovative leaders in progressive addiction treatment in the US offer a groundbreaking, science-based guide to helping loved ones overcome addiction problems and compulsive behaviors. Beyond Addiction eschews the theatrics of interventions and tough love to show family and friends how they can use kindness, positive reinforcement, and motivational and behavioral strategies to help their loved ones change. Drawing on forty collective years of research and decades of clinical experience, the authors present the best practical advice science has to offer. Delivered with warmth, optimism, and humor, Beyond Addiction defines a new, empowered role for friends and family and a paradigm shift for the field. Learn how to tap the transformative power of relationships for positive change, guided by exercises and examples. Practice what really works in therapy and in everyday life, and discover many different treatment options along with tips for navigating the system. And have hope: this guide is designed not only to help someone change, but to help someone want to change.

Beyond Addiction, A Step-by-Step Guide to the Spiritual Principles of Addiction And Recovery

by Ray Geide

This book describes the author's journey of recovery from addiction. He teaches us that there is more to recovery than sobriety, that there is spiritual and emotional growth. It has a more hopeful and positive outlook than many similar books in stores.

Beyond al-Qaeda: Part 1, The Global Jihadist Movement

by Peter Chalk Angel Rabasa Sara A. Daly Kim Cragin Heather S. Gregg

Examines al-Qaeda??s evolution and the emergence of the broader global jihadist movement-groups affiliated, associated, or inspired by al-Qaeda-and the threat that they pose to the United States and U.S. allies and interests. The authors conclude by setting out a four-pronged strategy to counter the jihadist threat.

Beyond All Measure

by Dorothy Love

Ada has loved deeply and lost dearly. But protecting her heart could mean missing the love of a lifetime.Ada Wentworth may be young, but she's seen enough of life to know she can only rely on herself. Everyone including God it seems, has let her down. Having lost her family, her fiance, and her fortune, Ada journeys from Boston to Hickory Ridge, Tennessee, to take a position as a lady's companion. Though initially charmed by the pretty little Southern town tucked into the foothills of the great Smokies, Ada plans to stay only until she can earn enough to establish a millinery shop.Her employer, Wyatt Caldwell, the local lumber mill owner, is easily the kindest, most attractive man Ada has met in Hickory Ridge. He believes Providence has brought her to town and into his life. But how, after so many betrayals, can she ever trust again? Besides, Wyatt has a dream of his own. A dream that will one day take him far from Hickory Ridge.As the South struggles to heal in the aftermath of the Civil War, one woman must let go of her painful past in order to embrace God's plans for her. Can she trust Him, and Wyatt, with her future and her heart?

Beyond All Reason

by Peggy J. Herring

They shared a passion ... Trina knew, from the instant she first saw Rosalie, that she should stay away from this woman, her brother's fiancee. Rosalie knew, from the instant she first saw Trina, that she wanted to be her friend. After being rejected by her homophobic family when she was a teenager, Trina slowly established her place in the family - a family that loves her but does not understand her and struggles with accepting her sexuality. And despite years of therapy and the determination not to let her painful past control her, Trina finds she is unable to completely trust anyone. Ignoring Trina's reluctance, Rosalie pursues a friendship with her future sister-in-law. One step at a time, she gradually begins to gain Trina's trust only to lose control of her own heart. As her feelings of friendship blossom into love and desire, Rosalie realizes that Trina is the one she wants to spend the rest of her life with. But can Trina ever believe Rosalie's love is true and can she risk possibly losing her family again for a love that is beyond all reason?

Beyond All Reason

by Cathy Williams

9 to 5 CONFIDENTIAL MEMO: TO: Ross Anderson, head of the company FROM: Abigail Palmer, personal assistant Dear Ross, You're been my boss for two years now, and you've never realized that I'm secretly in love with you! And it will stay my secret, because I'd never actually dare send this memo to you.... I'm the perfect secretary: efficient, ambitious, organized. You rely on me for everything--except romance! You've never noticed that behind my neat suits and calm manner I'm a real woman--not just your secretary! I know this infatuation is beyond all reason. But I can't help wondering if we'll ever get together in the bedroom, as well as the boardroom! Yours, Abigail

Beyond All This: Thirty Years with the Mountain People of Haiti

by Mildred Anderson

A compelling and often humorous saga that spans more than three decades to chronicle hurt and leanness, struggle and triumph. How a fifty-nine year-old woman cast her lot with the mountain people of Haiti and suffered through drought and flood, hurricane and want, to help them find a better way. The mission Bertha "Granny" Holdeman helped start at Fermathe in Haiti began on a plot blighted by voodoo curse. Today, it ministers to countless people, providing hope as well as help. From Eleanor... "I really think it is very hard to tell about Granny. She is something that one feels and from her spirit each gains a different inspiration and light. She is like and impressionist painting, yet at the same time solid and tangible, always there and timeless. We pray that he story will share her and Haiti with others, and through it show forth Him who has made Granny what she is and to Whom she has a single eye." (From a letter from Eleanor Turnbull, Granny's daughter in Haiti.)

Beyond All Weapons

by L. Ron Hubbard

Boldly go to new worlds. Firstin Guide is not a man to be reckoned with. Bilged out of the Space Academy at fourteen for one too many duels, raised in the lawless camps of Mars' southern ice cap and cast aside by his family, Firstin's experiences have made him resourceful, respected and feared. But it's just that brute strength of character which convinces a handful of Martian colonists to follow him as he leads a risky venture into space, escaping the tyrannical Earth government that has all but slaughtered them.The small band secures a spaceship that uses an innovative new fuel and, by the grace of the stars, finds a liveable planet. But the men of the new colony led by Firsten also thirst for revenge which drives them to return to Earth and exact retribution despite dire warnings against it. ALSO INCLUDES THE SCIENCE FICTION STORIES "STRAIN" AND "THE INVADERS" "...sci-fi stories from L. Ron Hubbard. Innocent & enjoyable vintage romps." --Review DuJour (Jeff Berkwits, Twitter review)

Beyond Anthrax

by Suzanne M. Lutwick Larry I. Lutwick

Biological warfare has, unfortunately, in the post 9/11 world become a significant topic of discussion in both the medical and lay presses. In the wake of the biological "letter bombs" containing anthrax spores, the possibility of biologic and/or toxic attacks on civilians in any part of the world became no longer a possibility. It is now part of common discussion and consciousness. This book presents the history of the topics and clinically relevant discussions on those high risk (Category A) diseases beyond anthrax as well as a number of infections and toxins at the Category B level. Importantly, in addition, the text includes sections on Public Health Infrastructure, Public Health Law, Surveillance, Mental Health Management and Media Role all of which relate to epidemics of any sort, not just intentional biological events. Beyond Anthrax: The Weaponization of Infectious Diseases is a product that should serve as a reference point for clinicians, epidemiologists and public health personnel to understand in practical detail many of the aspects of weapons of biowarfare as well as the appropriate responses to them.

Beyond Any Kind of God

by Dr Jack Kevorkian

Who has not at least once in his lifetime asked himself, "What is this thing called 'life'?" "What does it mean to 'be'?" "How and why do we 'live'?" "What is this great and sinister unknown, 'death'?" An instant of meditative stargazing may prompt any of these questions. The purpose of this work is very broad and ambitious. Any effort aimed at trying to peer into the Great Unknown, the far-bidding realm of transcendentalism (if it exists), is bound to be fraught with "absurdities" and "improbabilities," to be "fantastic" here and there, to be "ridiculous" as a whole. This book could be all that, and more, if it were offered as more than an attempt to merely exemplify what the basic concepts may or possibly could entail and to develop a philosophic view as timeless, as fundamentally unchangeable, as the universe with which it deals. As a logical beginning the author takes a close look at "existence" followed by "life," which cannot be independent of it and with which it is really inextricably alloyed. As it ends things for us on earth, so too will "death" end this discourse. The knell will be not so much a dirge as it will be a harmonious synthesis of a grand unity--the undissectible fusion of death, life, and existence into an inscrutable scheme that might be cogent and imposing enough to cause one to look beyond his idols and icons for the essence of his being and his non-being.

Beyond Area 51

by Mack Maloney

The truth can't be hidden forever. Few have ventured into the many heavily guarded, top-secret locations scattered across the earth. Even fewer have emerged with stories to tell. Yet every now and then the common man is given an illicit glimpse of something extraordinary... In Beyond Area 51, Mack Maloney explores the truths behind the many myths and legends surrounding some of the world's most mysterious locales. From the Homestead Air Force base in Miami, Florida to Russia's Kapustin Yar, Maloney investigates incredible reports of extraterrestrial experimentation on animals, UFOs with road rage, and other unbelievable tales beyond our wildest imaginings. Filled with fascinating, true accounts, Beyond Area 51 will convince any skeptic of the infinite possibilities of what exists on, and beyond, our tiny planet. Includes 8 pages of rare pictures

Beyond Arm’s Reach: Enhancing Distance Vision

by Audrey J. Smith Lizabeth M. O'Donnell

This book is designed to enhance distance visual efficiency for children with low vision, and includes 4 chapters, with 64 sequential lessons.

Beyond Atkins: A Healthier, More Balanced Approach to a Low Carbohydrate Way of Eating

by Douglas J. Markham

It's a fact: Not all carbohydrates are bad for you. Unlike Atkins, South Beach, and other diets, Dr. Douglas Markham's breakthrough health plan is a more comprehensive, sustainable, and satisfying program for weight loss and total-body health. Dr. Doug's signature Total Health Plan features the More Balanced Approach to low-carb meal programs, along with his 30-minute "Fat Burning" Circuit Training WorkoutTM. This groundbreaking book will allow you to discover: * the safest, most effective way to follow a low-carbohydrate lifestyle * how the kind of food you eat affects your body, your energy level, and your quality of life * why fat does not make you fat * how healthful eating can replace the need for prescription drugs to treat high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and adult-onset diabetes ...and much more. This empowering resource can help you to both lose pounds and maintain your weight; improve your eating habits; enhance your self-image; and lead a healthy, balanced life.

Beyond Baby Talk: From Sounds to Sentences--A Parent's Complete Guide to Language Development

by Kenn Apel Julie J. Masterson

From "Goo" to Gab -- Guiding Your Child to Effective Communication. The first five years of a child's life are the most critical for speech and language development, and, as a parent, you are your child's primary language role model. So what are the best ways to help your child develop the all-important skill of communication? Fun, easy, and engaging, this book shows you how! Inside, you'll discover all of the essential steps and checkpoints from birth through age five, tips to help your child progress on schedule, and easy methods to: ·Evaluate and monitor your child's language development ·Understand and deal with environmental impacts such as television and cultural styles ·Recognize the signs of language development problems ·And much, much more!

Beyond Band of Brothers

by Dick Winters Cole C. Kingseed

They were called Easy Company--but their mission was never easy. Immortalized as the Band of Brothers, they suffered 150% casualties while liberating Europe--an unparalleled record of bravery under fire. Dick Winters was their commander--"the best combat leader in World War II" to his men. This is his story--told in his own words for the first time. On D-Day, Dick Winters parachuted into France and assumed leadership of the Band of Brothers when their commander was killed. He led them through the Battle of the Bulge and into Germany, by which time each member had been wounded. They liberated an S.S. death camp from the horrors of the Holocaust and captured Berchtesgaden, Hitler's alpine retreat. After briefly serving during the Korean War, Winters was a highly successful businessman. Made famous by Stephen Ambrose's book Band of Brothers--and the subsequent award-winning HBO miniseries--he is the object of worldwide adulation. Beyond Band of Brothers is Winters's memoir--based on his wartime diary--but it also includes his comrades' untold stories. Virtually all this material is being released for the first time. Only Winters was present from the activation of Easy Company until the war's end. Winner of the Distinguished Service Cross, only he could pen this moving tribute to the human spirit.

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