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Dreaming the Serpent Spear

by Manda Scott

The fourth and final novel in the magnificent saga of Britain's warrior queen (Boudica - "Bringer of Victory" and the last defender of the Celtic culture) will capture readers' hearts and minds, as Manda Scott brings the series to a stunning close.It is AD 60 and the flame of rebellion that has been smouldering for 20 years of Roman occupation has flared into a conflagration that will consume the land and all who live in it. There is no going back. Boudica has been flogged and her daughters raped, and her son has burned a Roman watchtower in an act of blatant insurgency. This is the time to act: the Roman governor has marched his legions west to destroy the druidic stronghold of Mona, leaving his capital and a vital seaport hopelessly undefended in the face of twenty-thousand warriors aching for vengeance. But to crush the legions for all time, Boudica must do more than lead her army in the greatest rebellion Britain has ever known. She must find healing for herself, for the land, and for Graine, her 8-year-old daughter, who has taken refuge on Mona.Is revenge worth it under any circumstances, or is the cost more than anyone can bear?Colchester is burning and London is lost without hope. Amidst fire and bloody revolution - a battle that will change the face and spirituality of a nation for centuries to come - Boudica and those around her must find what matters most, now and for ever.From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Dreaming Tree

by Patricia Matthews

Convicts, banished from England, were sent to serve out their sentences in the primitive and unforgiving headlands on Botany Bay. Hope and Charity staked out a destiny as bold as their grandest dreams.

The Dreaming Tree

by C. J. Cherryh

2 books - The Dreamstone, and The Tree of Swords and Jewels

Dreaming Up America

by Russell Banks

With America ever under global scrutiny, Russell Banks contemplates the questions of our origins, values, heroes, conflicts, and contradictions. He writes with conversational ease and emotional insight, drawing on contemporary politics, literature, film, and his knowledge of American history.

The Dreaming Void (Void Trilogy, Book One)

by Peter F. Hamilton

AD 3580. The Intersolar Commonwealth has spread through the galaxy to over a thousand star systems. It is a culture of rich diversity with a place for everyone. A powerful navy protects it from any hostile species that may lurk among the stars. For Commonwealth citizens, even death has been overcome. At its centre is a massive black hole. This Void is not a natural artefact. Inside there is a strange universe where the laws of physics are very different to those we know. It is slowly consuming the other stars of the galactic core - one day it will have devoured the entire galaxy. Inigo, a human, has started to dream of a wonderful existence of the Void. He has a following of millions of believers. They now clamour to make a pilgrimage into the Void to live the life they have been shown. Other starfaring species fear their migration will cause the Void to expand again. They are prepared to stop them no matter what the cost. And so the pilgrimage begins . . .

Dreaming Water

by Gail Tsukiyama

a novel about a family with a child suffering from Werner's Syndrome, or Progeria, where the body ages rapidly

Dreaming with His Eyes Open: A Life of Diego Rivera

by Patrick Marnham

This is a comprehensive biography of Diego Rivera, considered one of the finest muralists of the twentieth century. Born in Mexico in 1886, Rivera studied art in Europe for fourteen years and mingled with Picasso and other members of the artistic community in pre-war Paris. He returned to Mexico at the close of the 1910-1920 revolution and secured a series of commissions to paint murals on government and historic buildings. The author explores Rivera's political commitments (a lifelong connection with the Communist Party), his tumultuous relationships with women (he was married four times and had countless mistresses), and his childlike personality beneath the larger-than-life image he projected. Many of Rivera's paintings are described in detail.


by Dorothy Garlock

Alaska is the land Kelly has always loved. But when she meets Jack, she feels a passion so strong that she follows him to Boston. Once there, however, she discovers that Jack is really the wealthy Jonathon Templeton III, and Boston society chills her as no Alaskan winter could. Fleeing her new husband, Kelly struggles to reopen her father's Alaska resort and mend her broken heart. Then who appears at her cabin door? An angry Jack, determined to repossess his beautiful wife! When Molly's father dies she has no choice but to follow the directions he left in his will if she hopes to keep her beloved wilderness home. But could she marry a cold, arrogant stranger- and pretend to all the world she loves him? Isolated in the Alaskan wilds, Molly finds her panic soon turns to burning desire. Adam wants her too, but can he ever truly ye her?


by Kevin Baker

A literary tour de force, a magnificent chronicle of a remarkable era and a place of dreams In a stunning work of imagination and memory, author Kevin Baker brings to mesmerizing life a vibrant, colorful, thrilling, and dangerous New York City in the earliest years of the twentieth century. A novel breathtaking in its scope and ambition, it is the epic saga of newcomers drawn to the promise of America-gangsters and laborers, hucksters and politicians, radicals, reformers, murderers, and sideshow oddities-whose stories of love, revenge, and tragedy interweave and shine in the artificial electric dazzle of a wondrous place called Dreamland.

Dreamland Lake

by Richard Peck

From the Book jacket: macabre beginning? Perhaps. But the discovery of the body by two boys, Flip and Bryan, sets off a chain of events that finally ends their friendship. The two are poised perilously between childhood and adolescence, between fantasy and reality, between the daily round of the Coolidge Middle School and a paper route and the menace of the dark woods of Dreamland Lake. Flip is the aggressive organizer, determined to transform a tramp's lonely death into full- scale television-style mystery-adventure. Bryan is the reflective follower who learns to stand alone when their mutual fantasy results in authentic tragedy. Before the drama is played out to the final, terrifying conclusion, Elvan Helligrew, a born victim, is involved together with the fathers of the boys, men who inhabit a world the boys will one day enter. It is Bryan who tells the story later in an attempt to explain to himself the meaning of events involving more kinds of death than he can comprehend-or face. Richard Peck was born in Decatur, Illinois. He attended Exeter University in England and graduated from DePauw University and Southern Illinois University. He has taught at Hunter College in New York and has served as the Assistant Director of the Council for Basic Education in Washington, D.C. He is the editor of four anthologies of contemporary writing, including SOUNDS & SILENCES and MINDSCAPES. His own poetry and articles on books, schools, and urban Jiving appear in Saturday Review, The Chicago Tribune Magazine, Parents' and The New York Times. Mr. Peck is the author of one previous novel, don't look and it won't hurt.

Dreamquake (The Dreamhunter Duet, Book 2)

by Elizabeth Knox

Laura and her sister, Rose, are the daughters of Dreamhunters. In the midst of a fascinating landscape, Laura's dreamy childhood is ending and a nightmare beginning. This rich novel, filled with beauty, danger, politics, and intrigue, comes to a powerful crescendo.


by Rita Clay Estrada



by C. G. Jung Sonu Shamdasani R. F.C. Hull

Dream analysis is a distinctive and foundational part of analytical psychology, the school of psychology founded by C. G. Jung and his successors. This volume collects Jung's most insightful contributions to the study of dreams and their meaning. The essays in this volume, written by Jung between 1909 and 1945, reveal Jung's most essential views about dreaming--especially regarding the relationship between language and dream. Through these studies, Jung grew to understand that dreams are themselves a language, a language through which the soul communicates with the body. The essays included are "The Analysis of Dreams," "On the Significance of Number Dreams," "General Aspects of Dream Psychology," "On the Nature of Dreams," "The Practical Use of Dream Analysis," and "Individual Dream Symbolism in Relation to Alchemy" (complete with illustrations). New to this edition is a foreword by Sonu Shamdasani, Philemon Professor of Jung History at University College London.

Dreams and Healing

by John A. Sanford

Following the enthusiastic reception of his earlier work, Dreams: God's Forgotten Language (Lippincott, 1968), John Sanford addresses himself again to the growing interest in dreams. He has produced a detailed and comprehensive examination of them by following the courses of the series of dreams of a young university student and a middle-aged woman. Dr. Sanford describes the unfolding of these dreams and relates them to the lives of the two individuals. He presents dreams as a wealth of creative possibilities, locked in the unconscious, on which we can draw by learning to understand and relate them to our lives. "Learning to work with our dreams will require from us time, commitment, and study. Our efforts can be well rewarded," observes Dr. Sanford. "To those who are in need, and to the strong of heart, the study of dreams and the human soul is a rich field of endeavor, and it is to these people that this book is written."

Dreams and Shadows

by Robert Cargill

A noted screenwriter and film critic (his Sinister hits the big screen this month), Cargill launches his fiction career with the story of a supernatural world lying right up against our own, separated by only a thin veil. Ewan and Colby have been there and still remember angels, wizards, and fairies (I especially like the whiskey-toting genies). Now the magic is calling them back. Some twisty stuff here; pitched to fans of Neil Gaiman, Lev Grossman, Erin Morgenstern, and Kim Harrison and boasting a 40,000-copy first printing.

Dreams and Sleep

by Trudi Trueit

Do you remember what you dreamed about last night? Maybe you dreamed about family members, friends, or something that happened at school. Or maybe it was a jumble of crazy images that simply didn't make sense. Dreams and Sleep takes readers on a journey into the mysterious world that awaits us after dark. Find out how dreams and sleep play a crucial role in our mental and physical health, including the risks associated with lack of sleep. Then learn how to search your dreams for meaning. Instructions for creating a dream journal are also included.

Dreams and Swords

by Katherine V. Forrest

Short stories.

Dreams Can Come True

by Jane Claypool Miner

Talk about impossible dreams! Ellyne has fallen for the football captain -- Kip Russell -- who also happens to be dating one of the most popular girls in the school. Nothing like aiming for the moon! And what about cheerleading, will Ellyne make the cut? Well maybe some "Dreams do Come True"!

Dreams Come True (My Secret Unicorn)

by Linda Chapman

Lauren's pony, Twilight, turns into a beautiful unicorn when she says the magic words.

Dreams' Dark Kiss

by Shirin Dubbin

They'll come for her tonight...The ankou. A legion of nightmares, fugitive from the Dreaming, have set their sights on Ciaran Letang. She is the key to their darkest purpose. But Ciaran has been used before, and she won't let it happen again.Keoni Maka patrols the dreamscape, keeping humankind safe. When he senses Ciaran's distress, he offers to fight by her side-forever. She accepts, but she has vowed not to let a man invade her heart, not even this one.Together they must use their powers to stop the ankou pack leaders before they take dominion over the waking world. But will Keoni's own dream of saving tainted souls lead them right into a trap?

Dreams Die First

by Harold Robbins

He lived in a world that other men could only fantasize. His fantasies created a whole world in his image... Casinos, clubs, resorts, hotels, highly paid photographers, beautiful models and multimedia exposure -total hedonism that made sex and money almost indistinguishable-he wanted everything and had it all. But still his fate was dominated by a secret to which all his wealth and influence could not buy the answer. NOTE: some strong language; descriptions of sex.

Dream's End

by Diana Palmer

Eleanor Perrie lands her dream job working as Curry Matheson's personal assistant. But Curry treats her like furniture--until her remarkable transformation. Reissue.

Dreams Made Flesh

by Anne Bishop

The national bestselling Black Jewels trilogy established award-winning Anne Bishop as an author whose "sublime skill...blends the darkly macabre with spine-tingling emotional intensity, mesmerizing magic, lush sensuality, and exciting action." Now the saga continues-with four all-new adventures of Jaenelle and her kindred.

Dreams of a Dark Warrior (Immortals After Dark #11)

by Kresley Cole

A ruthless Norse warrior will defeat anything standing between him and his beautiful obsession - even Death itself. A millennium ago, Aidan the Fierce lost his heart to the Valkyrie Regin the Radiant, but he was murdered before he could win her. Since then, he has reincarnated into different identities, with his memory of the past buried deep. This time he has returned as Declan Chase, a human soldier bent on exterminating all immortals - including Regin, his newest captive. The proud Northman that Regin still mourns has been replaced by a twisted madman. Once tortured by immortals, Chase now metes out vengeance against them, and he's fixated on her. Regin's only hope is to make him remember her, though she knows that whenever he recovers his memories, history will repeat itself, and he'll be lost to her again. . . .

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