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Dream Angus

by Alexander Mccall Smith

From the beloved, bestselling author of the No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency series comes a delightful addition to the Myths series.Dream Angus is one of the earliest of the Celtic deities, and one of the most beloved. Angus comes bounding over the heather with his bag of dreams to dispense to those who want them. He is lithe of foot and beautiful - as befits one who is also the Celtic Eros, the god of love, youth and beauty.Angus is a playful trickster, given to frightening people and cattle. He will reveal to you in a dream your true love, if asked, and if in the mood. He is a romantic, and one of the main stories associated with him is his search for the young woman who had appeared to him in his dreams. Eventually he finds her, but she is under a spell which makes her assume the shape of a bird for a year. Angus changes himself into a swan and the two lovers fly off together.In McCall Smith's inimitable retelling of the myth, the setting is twentieth century Scotland. Angus is a psychotherapist who helps people understand their dreams, but there are limits to what he can reveal. Mesmerically weaving the modern day with the tales of the Celtic god, Alexander McCall Smith unites dream and reality, leaving us to wonder: what is life, but the pursuit of our dreams?From the Hardcover edition.

Dream Baby

by Ann Evans

By the Year 2000: BABY! What have you resolved to do by the year 2000? Millennium Baby! When a friend---pregnant and desperate---suggests that Nora Holloway adopt the baby, it looks as if Nora's dream of celebrating the millennium with a family of her own may come true. Then the baby's uncle shows up with a plan that doesn't include Nora. Jake Burdette's guilt over his brother's death won't allow him to break his promise to look after the child. He won't allow a stranger to adopt his nephew. But the more he learns about Nora, the less of a stranger she becomes...

Dream Big, Little Pig!

by Kristi Yamaguchi Tim Bowers

Poppy is a waddling, toddling pig with big dreams. She wants to be a star! But she soon discovers that's not as easy as it sounds. It's only when Poppy feels the magic of gliding and sliding, swirling and twirling on ice that our most persistent pig truly believes in herself: Poppy, star of the rink!

The Dream Book

by Gillian Kemp

From the author of THE GOOD SPELL BOOK and THE FORTUNE-TELLING BOOK, this is an easy-to-use, beautiful gift book that will unlock the secrets of your dreams. The reader will discover why we dream and learn to uncover the magical meaning behind our dreams. The author explains how to keep a dream notebook, create dream spells and magical sleep formulas, how to tell the future and how to make wishes come true.

The Dream Book: An Anthology Of Writing By Italian American Women

by Helen Barolini

A collection of 56 works by Italian American women writers, drawing on rare sources and archival material. Works encompass genres of prose, poetry, oral history, and fiction. An introductory essay examines barriers to Italian American women writers, within their own ethnic tradition and within the world of publishing. Originally published in 1985 by Schocken Books. Barolini is author of seven books and many short stories.

Dream Bound

by Kate Douglas

"Kate Douglas. . . will send your senses reeling. " --Cheyenne McCray, New York Times bestselling authorThey are creatures of light in search of an energy source to help them survive. So when the Nyrians discover amazing power in the extreme passion and sexual pleasure of humans, they come to Earth to satisfy their needs. . . Dream LoverFor years, Mac Dugan has been trying to find the mysterious being he once loved and then lost. Now he has gathered a group of six highly intuitive and extremely sexual men and women at a secret mountain hideaway. Here he hopes to focus their potent sensuality into highly erotic fantasies that will summon his lover, Zianne. What he doesn't anticipate is each team member making extraordinary sexual discoveries of their own. . . Praise for Kate Douglas and her Wolf Tales series"Sexy, tense, and complex. " --Romantic Times, 4 Stars, on Wolf Tales 12"You MUST pick this outstandingly brilliant novel!" --Coffee Time Romance, 5 Cups on Wolf Tales 12"The story is so thrilling and the sex is so hot. " --Romantic Times on Wolf Tales 11Chapter One

A Dream Came True

by Betty Neels

The heartwarming novels of Betty Neels featuring strong-willed doctors and spunky heroines are also famous for their beautiful Dutch settings. Her trademark warmth and kindness are evident in these four classic novels, available once again in these repackaged editions. Reissue.

Dream Children

by A. N. Wilson

When Oliver Gold, a British bachelor and pedophile announces his intention to marry, no one is more upset than Bobs, his 10-year-old girlfriend. Along with the rest of the worshiping household--grandmother, mother and mother's lesbian lover--Bobs will do her best to change Oliver's mind.

A Dream Come True (Magic Pony)

by Elizabeth Lindsay

Horse-loving Annie has always wanted a pony. When she buys a pony poster from a magic shop, her dream unexpectedly comes true. The poster is magic and the pony comes to life! Ned, the pony is a lot of fun, but keeping him secret is a lot of work. When Annie's parents keep hearing mysterious noises and finding big messes, she has to figure out a way to save her best friend from discovery.

Dream Country

by Luanne Rice

It was just an argument, one of hundreds Daisy Tucker must have had with her teenage daughter, Sage, over the years. But this one had ended differently, with Sage gone from their Connecticut home the next morning, leaving behind only a brief note:"I have to go. "Daisy tried not to overreact, tried to remind herself this was different from what had happened thirteen years earlier to Sage's twin brother, Jake. This was different from a three-year-old boy disappearing in the canyons of Wyoming, never to b...

The Dream Cycle of H. P. Lovecraft

by H. P. Lovecraft

"[Lovecraft's] dream fantasy works are as terrifying and haunting as his tales of horror and the macabre. A master craftsman, Lovecraft brings compelling visions of nightmarish fear, invisible worlds and the demons of the unconscious. If one author truly represents the very best in American literary horror, it is H. P. Lovecraft. "--John Carpenter, Director of At the Mouth of Madness, Halloween, and ChristineThis volume collects, for the first time, the entire Dream Cycle created by H. P. Lovecraf...

The Dream Date Debate (Mary-Kate and Ashley, Two of a Kind)

by Megan Stine

Everyone at White Oak is buzzing over a hot new game called the Dream Date Debate. Couples have to answer questions about each other and Ashley is sure she'll win. She knows everything about her boyfriend Ross. . . except the deep dark secret she finds out he's been hiding from her! Mary-Kate has a secret, too. She knows that one of the couples in the game is cheating -- and she plans to teach them a lesson they'll never forget!

Dream Date with the Millionaire

by Melissa Mcclone

Dani Bennett isn't looking for a man, but her new job requires her to sign up to blinddatebrides. com. The last thing Dani expects is to be paired with a devastatingly attractive millionaire! Her poor background and blonde-bombshell looks mean she expects Bryce Delaney to take one look and judge her--like all other men. But Bryce isn't just any man. . . .

A Dream Deferred

by Shelby Steele

From the author of the award-winning bestseller The Content of Our Character comes a new essay collection that tells the untold story behind the polarized racial politics in America today. In A Dream Deferred Shelby Steele argues that a second betrayal of black freedom in the United States--the first one being segregation--emerged from the civil rights era when the country was overtaken by a powerful impulse to redeem itself from racial shame. According to Steele,1960s liberalism had as its first and all-consuming goal the expiation of America guilt rather than the careful development of true equality between the races. This "culture of preference" betrayed America's best principles in order to give whites and America institutions an iconography of racial virtue they could use against the stigma of racial shame. In four densely argued essays, Steele takes on the familiar questions of affirmative action, multiculturalism, diversity, Afro-centrism, group preferences, victimization--and what he deems to be the atavistic powers of race, ethnicity, and gender, the original causes of oppression. A Dream Deferred is an honest, courageous look at the perplexing dilemma of race and democracy in the United States--and what we might do to resolve it.

A Dream Defiant

by Susanna Fraser

Spain, 1813 Elijah Cameron, the son of runaway slaves, has spent his whole life in the British army proving that a black man can be as good a soldier as a white man. After a victory over the French, Elijah promises one of his dying men that he will deliver a scavenged ruby necklace to his wife, Rose, a woman Elijah has admired for years.Elijah feels bound to protect her and knows a widow with a fortune in jewels will be a target. Rose dreams of using the necklace to return to England, but after a violent attack, she realizes that she needs Elijah's help to make the journey safely.Her appreciation for Elijah's strength and integrity soon turns into love, but he doubts she could want a life with him, knowing the challenges they'd face. As their relationship grows, she must convince Elijah that she wants him as more than a bodyguard. And she must prove that their love can overcome all obstacles, no matter the color of their skin. 28,000 words

Dream Dictionary: An A to Z Guide to Understanding Your Unconscious Mind

by Tony Crisp

The essential information that will enable you to understand and use the rich imagery of your dreams.

Dream Dictionary for Dummies

by Penney Peirce

Interpret common images, understand symbolism, and even cultivate your dreams, with an A-Z list of dream symbols and their meanings.

Dream Eyes (Dark Legacy #2)

by Jayne Ann Krentz

The death of her friend and mentor brings psychic counselor Gwen Frazier back to a small Oregon town and uncovers memories she would rather forget. Two years earlier, a killer stalked Gwen and other researchers. And though she survived while two others didn't, Gwen knows that a new death is related.

Dream Factory

by Brad Barkley Heather Hepler

When the character actors at Disney World go on strike, the teens hired as replacements learn that it isn't exactly the Happiest Place on Earth. Ella gets to be Cinderella, simply because the shoe fits. It should be a dream come true, but Ella no longer believes in dreams. Luke is a fur character, Dale the chipmunk. Chip is played by his girlfriend, Cassie, who is perfect in every way. Why, then, does Luke find himself more drawn to imperfect things like the theme park's Phantom? A team-building scavenger hunt brings Luke and Ella together. As they uncover the Magic Kingdom's treasures, they discover an undeniable magic between them.

A Dream For Addie

by Gail Rock

[From the front dust jacket flap:] "The Clear River Clarion is just a small weekly newspaper. And there is rarely any news in it that everyone in town doesn't already know. That's why twelve-year-old Addie Mills is surprised to read that a real actress is in Clear River that spring of 1948. Despite her father's protests, Addie is determined to visit the glamorous actress, Constance Payne. She does just that, and finds Constance as beautiful and exotic as she had imagined her. Addie soon realizes that even though they are thirty years apart in age, she and Constance share something special: daydreams and creativity, and an unwillingness to settle for an ordinary life. With the help of a sympathetic grandmother and a father who can be kind despite his harsh manner, Addie lends her support and understanding to Constance. And from Constance, Addie learns to hold on to her dreams, and not to be afraid. A Dream for Addie is adapted from the CBS Television Special, "The Easter Promise."

A Dream Fulfilled

by Al Lacy

Continuing with the adventures of Old West heroine Breanna Baylor, book four of the Angel of Mercy series traces the growing friendship between Breanna and fellow certified medical nurse Stefanie Andrews. When she arrives in Denver to work at the new Mile High Hospital, the lonely young Stephanie is nursing deep wounds from her childhood, caused by the death of her mother and abandonment by her father. Yet Denver holds new beginnings for the woman of faith as she faces danger, builds touching new friendships, confronts the father who once left her, meets the man of her dreams, and miraculously rediscovers the mother she believed to be lost in the heart-warming story of Love's Enduring Promise.From the Trade Paperback edition.

Dream Girl

by Lauren Mechling

Claire Voyante has always had visions, but the similarity between her name and her talents is purely coincidental. All that changes on Claire's 15th birthday, when her grandmother gives her a strange black-and-white onyx cameo on a gold chain. It's not long before Claire's world becomes a whole lot clearer--and more dangerous.

The Dream Giver

by David Kopp Bruce Wilkinson Heather Kopp

Bestselling author Bruce Wilkinson shows how to identify and overcome the obstacles that keep millions from living the life they were created for. He begins with a compelling modern-day parable about Ordinary, who dares to leave the Land of Familiar to pursue his Big Dream. With the help of the Dream Giver, Ordinary begins the hardest and most rewarding journey of his life. Wilkinson gives readers practical, biblical keys to fulfilling their own dream, revealing that there's no limit to what God can accomplish when we choose to pursue the dreams He gives us for His honor.Are you living your dream-- or just living your life? Welcome to a little story about a very big idea. This compelling modern-day parable tells the story of Ordinary, who dares to leave the Land of Familiar to pursue his Big Dream. You, too, have been given a Big Dream. One that can change your life. One that the Dream Giver wants you to achieve. Does your Big Dream seem hopelessly out of reach? Are you waiting for something or someone to make your dream happen? Then you're ready for The Dream Giver. Let Bruce Wilkinson show you how to rise above the ordinary, conquer your fears, and overcome the obstacles that keep you from living your Big Dream. You were made for this. Now it's time to begin your journey. From the Hardcover edition.

The Dream Giver for Teens

by Bruce Wilkinson Jessica Wilkinson

It's time to begin the journey of your life. Let Bruce and Jessica Wilkinson help you find your dream and pursue it on a quest to discover the life you've always dreamed of. The moment happens to all of us--the moment when we realize that we don't live in a world where everyone lives "happily ever after." When that happens, most of us stop chasing our dreams and instead begin trying to forget them. Deep down, though, we still hold on to the hope that just maybe the voice inside telling us "there is more to life than this" will turn out to be right. And it is right. There is more. The secret lies deep within your heart. It's trying to show you a life that can only happen when you chase your wildest dreams. ARE YOU BRAVE ENOUGH TO TAKE A LOOK?

Dream Guy

by Candy Halliday

Video game designer Annie Long decides if she can't find the perfect man, she'll create him. Available on interactive DVD, Joe Video is the ideal boyfriend for the modern woman. But soon Matt, Annie's ex and boss, is proving himself to be more perfect than Joe Video ever could be. Original.

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