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The Big Bounce

by Elmore Leonard

Jack Ryan always wanted to play pro ball. But he couldn't hit a curveball, so he turned his attention to less legal pursuits. A tough guy who likes walking the razor's edge, he's just met his match -- and more -- in Nancy. She's a rich man's plaything, seriously into thrills and risk, and together she and Jack are pure heat ready to explode. But when simple housebreaking and burglary give way to the deadly pursuit of a really big score, the stakes suddenly skyrocket. Because violence and double-cross are the name of this game -- and it's going to take every ounce of cunning Jack and Nancy possess to survive . . . each other.

The Big Bow Mystery

by Israel Zangwill

In the very first locked-room mystery, a wealthy man dedicated to helping London's working classes is brutally murdered On a gloomy December morning in the East End, a landlady asks former police inspector George Grodman to help rouse her unresponsive tenant, Arthur Constant. Forced to break down the labor activist's door, Grodman discovers Constant's body, his throat gruesomely slit. With every window securely latched and the front door locked from the inside, no one could have entered or exited the room. But the instrument that did the bloody deed is nowhere to be found. Reluctantly joining forces with his rival, Edward Wimp of Scotland Yard, Grodman quickly becomes tangled in a sticky mess of lies, betrayals, and political chicanery.The Big Bow Mystery's conclusion is shockingly unexpected and fiendishly clever, and it served as an inspiration to such masters of the locked-room mystery as Agatha Christie and John Dickson Carr. This ebook has been professionally proofread to ensure accuracy and readability on all devices.

Big Bowl Noodles and Rice: Fresh Asian Cooking from the Renowned Restaurant

by Bruce Cost

When the first Big Bowl restaurant opened in 1997, its founding partners had one mission: to make good, authentic Asian food accessible to American diners. Tired of greasy takeout and soggy egg rolls, they created an entirely different kind of Asian menu-one based on healthy techniques, market-fresh ingredients, and vibrant, traditional flavors. From steaming bowls of handmade noodles to fiery curries and fragrant stir-fries, every dish at Big Bowl became a delicious celebration of homestyle Chinese, Vietnamese, and Thai cooking. Now Bruce Cost, the celebrated cook and a culinary partner behind Big Bowl's spectacular food, reveals how to prepare the house favorites in your own kitchen. Beginning with a basic explanation of Asian ingredients and cooking techniques, Cost's beautifully illustrated guide takes home cooks through the simple steps needed to create an Asian meal, whether it's a one-bowl dinner or a multicourse feast for family and friends. From Thai Chicken Noodle Salad to Blazing Big Rice Noodles with Beef to Shanghai Shrimp, all of Cost's recipes are incredibly flavorful yet easy enough for even the beginning cook to master. The instructions are clear, the ingredients are widely available, and the results are dramatic and delicious. So if you think Asian food at home means little white boxes, think again. Big Bowl Noodles and Rice will show you how to bring the fresh, authentic flavors of Asia to your table any night of the week. Hailed by Alice Waters as "one of the greatest cooks I have ever known," Bruce Cost is an award-winning restaurateur and chef, cooking teacher, and former food columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle. He currently serves as the culinary partner in Lettuce Entertain You's immensely popular chain of Big Bowl restaurants. Cost is also the author of Asian Ingredients, a comprehensive guide to Asian foodstuffs now available as a companion to this book.

Big-Box Swindle

by Stacy Mitchell

Large retail chains have become the most powerful corporations in America and are rapidly transforming our economy, communities, and landscape. In this deft and revealing book, Stacy Mitchell illustrates how mega-retailers are fueling many of our most pressing problems, from the shrinking middle class to rising water pollution and diminished civic engagement.Mitchell's investigation takes us from the suburbs of Cleveland to a fruit farm in California, the stockroom of an Oregon Wal-Mart, and a Pennsylvania town's Main Street. She uncovers the shocking role government policy has played in the expansion of mega-retailers and builds a compelling case that communities composed of many small businesses are healthier and more prosperous than those dominated by large chains.More than a critique, Big-Box Swindle draws on real life to show how some communities are successfully countering the spread of mega-retailers and rebuilding their local economies. Mitchell describes innovative approaches-from cutting-edge land-use policies to small-business initiatives-that together provide a detailed road map to a more prosperous and sustainable future.From the Hardcover edition.

The Big Breach: From Top Secret to Maximum Security

by Richard Tomlinson

Richard Tomlinson was recruited by MI6, the British foreign intelligence service, during his senior year at Cambridge University. He quickly gained the trust and confidence of one of the world's most effective intelligence organisations. MI6 relied on Tomlinson to smuggle nuclear secrets out of Moscow, to run an undercover operation in Sarajevo while the city was under siege, and to infiltrate and dismantle a criminal group that sought to export chemical weapons capabilities to Iran.

Big Brother

by Marianne Richmond

The addition of another sibling is an exciting, unsettling and sometimes confusing time for a child. Children will identify with the hero of the story and share his concerns as well as his insecurities. Narrated by the big brother himself, the book gently brings the reader around to the idea that a new baby in the house will be a welcome adjustment and that adding a member to the family is indeed a good thing!

Big Brother

by Lionel Shriver

From the acclaimed author of the National Book Award finalist So Much for That and the international bestseller We Need to Talk About Kevin comes a striking new novel about siblings, marriage, and obesity. When Pandora picks up her older brother Edison at her local Iowa airport, she literally doesnt recognize him. In the four years since the siblings last saw each other, the once slim, hip New York jazz pianist has gained hundreds of pounds. What happened?And its not just the weight. Imposing himself on Pandoras world, Edison breaks her husband Fletchers handcrafted furniture, makes overkill breakfasts for the family, and entices her stepson not only to forgo college but to drop out of high school. After the brother-in-law has more than overstayed his welcome, Fletcher delivers his wife an ultimatum: Its him or me. Putting her marriage and adopted family on the line, Pandora chooses her brother--who, without her support in losing weight, will surely eat himself into an early grave. Rich with Shrivers distinctive wit and ferocious energy, Big Brother is about fat--an issue both social and excruciatingly personal. It asks just how much well sacrifice to rescue single members of our families, and whether its ever possible to save loved ones from themselves.

Big Brothers Don't Take Naps

by Louise Borden

Nicholas looks up to his big brother, James. James does all kinds of things that only older brothers can do--like write his name, read books, cross the street, and ride the school bus. But there's one thing James doesn't do: take a nap. Because big brothers don't take naps. James assures Nicholas that someday he'll be able to do all the things James does. And when the brothers begin to share a very special secret, it looks like the day Nicholas doesn't have to take a nap may be approaching soon...

Big Brother's in Love Again (Sweet Valley Twins #104)

by Jamie Suzanne Francine Pascal

Steven Wakefield can't believe it: Jill Hale wants to go out with him! He knows that his girlfriend, Cathy Connors, will be heartbroken, but a guy's got to play the field. He once had a crush on Jill and going out with her would be a dream come true.

Big Brother's in Love! (Sweet Valley Twins #57)

by Jamie Suzanne Francine Pascal

Jessica and Elizabeth usually find their older brother annoying, but now they feel sorry for him. Steven's been in a daze because he's in love with Jill Hale, but she likes his best friend. It looks like he's going to be lovesick forever, so the twins decide to help him get over Jill by fixing him up with another girl.

The Big Bucket List Book

by Gin Sander

Everyone has a daunting "bucket list" of things to complete before they die. The problem? We spend too much time creating lists of what we want to achieve instead of just doing it. The Big Bucket List Book will transform the way you look at the world and the power you have to achieve your dreams. In this charming and practical collection, Gin Sander offers over 130 fresh ideas for infusing your life with a bit of glamor, adventure, and style for every budget and adventure level, including: Staying in a castle to channel your inner romantic (did we mention you could do it for free?) Joining a bike race in Tuscany or giving back with a humanitarian mission in Africa Taking a songwriting class as the next Joni Mitchell or Jack White Eating pie (need we say more?) It's time to stop listing, and start living! With this book in hand, you can make your next chapter the most enriching and personally fulfilling of them all...and maybe change the world while you're at it.

Big Bucks Bachelor

by Leah Vale

In economically depressed Jester, Montana, twelve of the local merchants each chip in a dollar every week for the Big Bucks Multi State Lottery. When one of their numbers hit, they win over $1 million each after taxes. In this second installment in the Millionaire, Montana series, local veterinarian Jack Hartman is laying the ground work to leave Jester. Five years ago, his wife was died and there are to many painful memories for him in Jester. When Jack becomes one of the lottery winners, he finally has the money to leave town, now he just has to get the local ranchers to see his partner, Melinda Woods, as the competent vet she is and not judge her just because she's a woman. To complicate his life even further, the local single women figure it's time for Jack to come out of mourning for his wife now that he's worth $1 million. When one lady corners Jack in the clinic's exam room, the only way Jack can think of to dissuade her is to tell her he's seeing Melinda. That evening, as Melinda is watching the local news, she learns of her "engagement" to Jack. Since Melinda has had a crush on Jack since she first met him, she agrees to go along with the pretend engagement so the local women will leave him alone. Jack soon finds his feelings for Melinda growing. Melinda is a truly beautiful person who fights hard to win the respect of the local ranchers. Her assortment of quirky pets is delightful.

The Big Bug

by Franz Kafka Michael Leviton

Gregor Samsa wakes up one morning to find he has been transformed into a bug.

The Big Bug Book

by Margery Facklam

Here's a peek at 13 of the world's largest insects. Readers will learn fascinating facts and shiver in delicious horror as they browse through this collection of bugs that they definitely won't find under any rug.

Big Bullies

by Greg Watkins

Learn about how to be a friend and deal with a bully. Follow the colorful friends: a green and yellow parrot, a yellow snake, a brown and tan mouse, and a pink and orange striped cat as they deal with a bully and talk about better ways to be a friend. Limited picture descriptions present.

The Big Bunny and the Easter Eggs

by Steven Kroll Janet Stevens

Wilbur is busy getting everything ready for Easter. He made new baskets, painted the eggs, and made lots of candy. Everything was all set to go, until Easter Eve, Wilbur gets sick. His friends try to help him but it is too big of a job for them. Can they save Easter, or won't there be one this year?

The Big Burn

by Jeanette Ingold

Jarrett is sixteen--old enough to reject the railroad job his father wants him to take, old enough to court Lizbeth Whitcomb, old enough to join the fight against the forest fires that are destroying Idaho and Montana. But the fires are worse than anyone dreamed, and soon the flames have has come between Jarrett and everything he holds dear, between Jarrett and Lizbeth, and thrown him into the company of a young black private named Seth, whose own plans to desert the army have been cut short by the disaster. A about the biggest wildfire of the century--the big blow-up of 1910--The Big Burn is a portrait of a time, a place, and an event that changed the way we fight wildfires, altered the landscape of Idaho and Montana, and transformed forever the lives of the people at the front lines.

Big Bushy Mustache

by Gary Soto Joe Cepeda

It's almost Cinco de Mayo, and Ricky's class is going to put on a play to celebrate the festive Mexican holiday. When asked to choose his costume, Ricky picks a big, bushy mustache, just like his dad's. He's tired of everyone telling him he looks like his mother. After all, he's a boy--he wants to look like his Papi. Although he's supposed to leave it in school, Ricky wears the mustache home, reveling all the way in how grown-up it makes him feel. But by the time he gets there, the mustache is gone, and Ricky dreads having to tell his teacher what happened. Lucky for him, his Mama and Papi have a plan. Ricky is delighted the next morning when his Mama hands him a new big, bushy mustache--fresh from the smiling face of his clean-shaven Papi! With humor and tenderness, Soto evokes a warm celebration of both the beloved tradition of Cinco de Mayo and the strong bonds of love between father and son.

Big Business and Presidential Power: From FDR to Reagan

by Kim Mcquaid

THIS IS A BOOK about patterns of interaction between big businessmen and the federal government during the past half century. It was written on the assumption that the primary responsibility of the historian is to tell a good story about what happened and why it happened, in as brief a fashion as possible. The work, therefore, is comparatively free of technical jargon. As information regarding high-level interaction between corporate and governmental leaders is often extremely hard to come by, notes have been included to direct particularly interested readers to the relevant source materials.

The Big Camp Secret (Sweet Valley Twins Super Editions #3)

by Jamie Suzanne Francine Pascal

Girls, boys, and ghosts ... Identical twins Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield can't believe they're finally at sleep-away camp. Even though there are no boys, and Elizabeth's friend Grace had to cancel her plans to go at the last minute, it may be two whole weeks of fun, fun, fun! The twins waste no time diving into their favorite activities. Jessica begins to arrange a rendezvous with the boys' camp across the lake. Elizabeth spends much of her time horseback riding and making new friends. But the real excitement starts when Grace turns up in the most unexpected place. Should the twins take a chance and hide Grace? If they do and they're caught, camp may just turn out to be the worst two weeks of their lives!

The Big Cat Nap

by Rita Mae Brown

To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the beloved Mrs. Murphy mystery series, Rita Mae Brown and her intrepid feline co-author Sneaky Pie Brown return with a charming claw-biting tale starring Mary Minor "Harry" Haristeen. Of course prowling faithfully at Harry's side are the sleuthing cats Mrs. Murphy, ever wise, and Pewter, reliably cranky and always primed with a razor-sharp quip. Fiercely loyal and on the alert, corgi Tee Tucker is also never far behind. This time, Harry and her menagerie throw a wrench into the gears of a killer of grease monkeys.It's mid-May, and Crozet, Virginia, is heating up fast, or so it seems to Harry. The town's beloved ex-post mistress is never idle, dividing her time between raising this year's bounty of crops; taking care of her veterinarian husband, Fair; indulging her passion for classic cars; and adding further to her reputation as a nosy neighbor. It starts when Harry's dear friend Miranda Hogendobber takes her on a leisurely drive that ends in a narrow drainage ditch. The chaos continues when the Very Reverend Herbert Jones's Chevy pick-up also abruptly goes kaput. But these vehicular mishaps are nothing compared to the much more distressing state of a mechanic discovered by Harry in a local repair shop: His head's been bashed in. Despite numerous warnings from her much-loved coterie of friends, human and otherwise, Harry rather quickly surmises that the time has come to pop the hood and conduct her own investigation. Her animal companions see disaster fast approaching but can do little except try their best to protect their foolishly intrepid human. Harry's race to the truth leads straight to powerful forces determined to avoid scrutiny at any cost--even if it means running Harry Haristeen off the road for good.From the Hardcover edition.

Big Cats

by Holiday Reinhorn

Big Cats opens with "Charlotte," in which a young girl with a broken pelvis spies on her voluptuous neighbor during a long, hot summer night, setting the tone of irrepressible curiosity and yearning that is evident throughout the collection. In "Get Away from Me, David," a bank manager tries to overcome his haunted past as he deals with the aftermath of a minor earthquake and the body of a customer who died in the lobby. "Big Cats" pits two teenage girls against each other in an escalating catfight at the zoo where they work, culminating in a blowout in front of the lion cage.

Big cats: Cheetahs

by Victor Gentle Janet Perry

An introduction to the physical characteristics, behaviour, natural environment, and threats to the survival of the cheetah, considered to be the fastest land animal on Earth.

Big Cats: Cougars

by Victor Gentle Janet Perry

An introduction to the physical characteristics, behaviour, and natural environment of the cougar or puma, a wild cat of the Americas that continues to decline in number.

Big cats: An Imagination Library Series : Tigers

by Victor Gentle Janet Perry

Introduces tigers and their behavior and habitat.

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