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Chicken Soup for the Nurse's Soul Second Dose: More Stories to Honor and Inspire Nurses

by Mark Victor Hansen Leann Thieman Jack L. Canfield

This second edition shares more insight into the love, challenges, and joys that are involved with being a nurse.

Chicken Soup for the Ocean Lover's Soul

by Jack Canfield Mark Victor Hansen

This book is chock full of inspiring stories of the Ocean, the seashore, of sailing and surfing, and of the wondrous marine life that lives in its depths. Scattered throughout are stories and paintings by the famous "Whaling Wall" artist Wyland, and many of his stories. A valuable read for anyone who loves the ocean, or wants to revisit, or visit it for the first time.

Chicken Soup for the Parent’s Soul: Stories of Loving, Learning and Parenting

by Jack Canfield Mark Victor Hansen Kimberly Kirberger Raymond Aaron

Certain to appeal to all parents-whether they are expecting or raising their first new addition, in-the-trenches veterans or empty-nesters- this delightful Chicken Soup book offers a collection of inspiring and entertaining stories that relate to the triumphs, tribulations, challenges and joys of raising a family. Chapters include: The Joys of Parenting; A Mother's Love; A Father's Love; Special Connections; Special Moments; Insights and Lessons; Overcoming Obstacles; Surviving Loss; Across The Generations; and Letting Go. With contributions from celebrity and "ordinary" parents alike, each story speaks to the range of emotions and experiences of all types of parents-single parents, foster parents, parents of adopted children, or part of a two-parent family with biological children. By sharing the personal experiences of others, this book will offer inspiration and advice to parents going through a difficult time; provide reassurance to those who worry that they're not living up to the Supermom or Superdad ideal; and share a wealth of experiences that show why being a parent is such a worthwhile and rewarding vocation. This book is a must-read for any parent or parent-to-be!

Chicken Soup for the Prisoner's Soul: 101 Stories to Open the Heart and Rekindle the Spirit of Hope, Healing and Forgiveness

by Jack Canfield Mark Victor Hansen Tom Lagana

This is a collection of 101 stories to open the heart and rekindle hope and forgiveness. It was meant for prisoners but is in great demand among the general public.

Chicken Soup for the Romantic Soul: Inspirational Stories About Love and Romance

by Jack Canfield Mark Victor Hansen Barbara De Angelis Mark Donnelly Chrissy Donnelly

If You Thought You Knew What Romance Was, Think Again... In a world that is often filled with turbulence, confusion and uncertainty, love is the light that guides us to joy and makes living worthwhile. Chicken Soup for the Romantic Soul celebrates that magical power of love, passion and devotion, and captures the true essence of romance in a way that will touch your heart. With moving and inspiring stories from men and women sharing extraordinary emotions, this uplifting collection will help you discover romance where you've never known it to exist before. You'll feel the passion and excitement that only a new love can bring; the growth and understanding that arise from facing a challenging time together; the comfort and familiarity of having a best friend; the hope and inspiration you feel when you realize that a relationship can be rediscovered and renewed; the sweetness that can come from cherishing precious memories. Chicken Soup for the Romantic Soul is the perfect way to express your love, whether you are looking for a token of affection for a new special someone, a gift for a newly wedded couple, or something that will help you and your partner rediscover the romance in your relationship. This delightful book is a must-read for anyone who believes in the magic of love. Filled with eloquence, tenderness and even laughter, its message will forever transform your idea of what romance means.

Chicken Soup for the Single Parent's Soul: Stories of Hope, Healing and Humor

by Mark Victor Hansen Jack L. Canfield Laurie Hartman Nancy Vogl

Every single parent has a different story to tell, but a common thread of hope and comfort unites them all. Being a single parent can sometimes seem overwhelming. But the joys and triumphs of this special responsibility are incalculable. Whether you are a single parent because of divorce or widowhood, by choice or by surprise, you are part of an extraordinary club, shouldering the many obligations and responsibilities of parenting alone. Chicken Soup for the Single Parent's Soul shares the joys, challenges and humorous moments of single moms and dads, who cope daily with the unique pressures, constraints and sacrifices this important role brings. From daily struggles to amazing triumphs, this book captures the breadth of experiences that define single parenting. Within these pages you will find inspiration and advice for getting through the difficult times, reassurance for those days when you worry you're not living up to expectations and reminders of the unique influence you have on your children's lives.

Chicken Soup for the Single's Soul Stories of Love and Inspiration for the Single, Divorced and Widowed

by Jack Canfield Mark Victor Hansen Marci Shimoff Jennifer Read Hawthorne

This book is chocked full of stories of experience and advice for those of us who are single, divorced, or widowed. Stories to warm your soul and make you feel proud and O.K. to be single.

Chicken Soup for the Sister's Soul

by Mark Victor Hansen Patty Aubery Nancy Mitchell Jack L. Canfield Nancy Mitchell Autio Heather Mcnamara Katy Mcnamara Patty Mitchell

For younger sisters who look up to an older one, older siblings who tolerate a younger sister tagging along, or the brother who knows full well that girls can wrestle as well as any boy can, this book celebrates the sisters in our lives.

Chicken Soup for the Sister's Soul 2: Celebrating Love and Laughter Throughout Our Lives

by Jack Canfield Mark Victor Hansen Patty Aubery Kelly Mitchell Zimmerman

Celebrate the sister-to-sister bond in all its wild, wacky, poignant and inspirational glory. She saw you through bad hair days, big hair days and your (first) gray-hair day; she was chief shopping consultant for your first training bra, your wedding dress and your post-maternity jeans -- she is your sister, your friend, your confidante. Revel in all that she brings to your life with Chicken Soup for the Sister's Soul 2, a heartfelt and uplifting collection of more laugh-out-loud stories that will help you remember the good times as well as touching stories that illuminate how she's helped buoy you through tough times. This keepsake collection will touch your heart the way only your sister can.

Chicken Soup for the Soul: All in the Family

by Jack Canfield Mark Victor Hansen Amy Newmark

Almost everyone thinks their own family is "dysfunctional "or at least has a dysfunctional member or two. With stories about wacky yet lovable relatives, holiday meltdowns, and funny foibles along with more serious stories about abuse, controlling family members, and flare-ups, Chicken Soup for the Soul: All in the Family shows readers that they aren't alone.

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Angels Among Us

by Jack Canfield Mark Victor Hansen Amy Newmark

In this book of 101 inspirational stories, contributors share their personal angel experiences of faith, miracles, and answered prayers, which will amaze and inspire you.Celestial, otherworldly, heavenly. Whatever the term, sometimes there is no earthly explanation for what we experience, and a higher power is clearly at work. You will be awed and inspired by these true personal stories from people, religious and non-religious, about hope, healing, and help from angels.

Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work: 101 Stories of Courage, Compassion, and Creativity in the Workplace

by Mark Victor Hansen Jack L. Canfield Tim Clauss Maida Rogerson Martin Rutte

This collection of 101 stories talk about courage, compassion, and creativity in the workplace.

Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Book of Christmas Virtues: Inspirational Stories to Warm the Heart

by Jack Canfield Mark Victor Hansen Carol Mcadoo Rehme

This collection, features seven virtues associated with Christmas. Each section ends with an idea on how to start your own holiday tradition, from baking cookies to charity ideas that reflect the spirit of the virtue.

Chicken Soup for the Soul: A Book of Miracles

by Jack Canfield Mark Victor Hansen Leann Thieman

These 101 true stories of healing, divine intervention, and answered prayers prove that God is alive and very active in the world today, working miracles on our behalf. Regular people share their personal stories of God's Divine intervention and healing power as He makes the impossible possible! Evidence of His love and involvement in our lives will encourage, uplift, and recharge the faith of Catholic and all Christian readers.

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Boost Your Brain Power!

by Liz Neporent Marie Pasinski

Who doesn't want to be smarter, think faster, have a better memory? This book, combining inspirational Chicken Soup for the Soul stories written just for this book and accessible leading-edge medical information from Harvard Medical School neurologist and instructor Dr. Marie Pasinski, will motivate readers to get more out of their gray matter!

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Campus Chronicles

by Jack Canfield Mark Victor Hansen Amy Newmark

College life can be fun, stressful, exciting, and educational in more ways than one. This is a book for any current or prospective college student who wants to know what really goes on in the dorms and in the classroom. Story topics range from the academic, like studying abroad and picking majors, to partying and life choices. Chicken Soup for the Soul: Campus Chronicles is about growing up, making choices, learning lessons, and making the best of your last years as a student.

Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Cancer Book

by Jack Canfield Mark Victor Hansen David Tabatsky

A support group you can hold in your hand, this loving and inspirational collection of intimate stories, by cancer patients and their loved ones, medical professionals, clergy and friends, is a must-read for anyone affected by cancer. Writers share all their experiences - from the initial diagnosis, to breaking the news to loved ones, to discussing the effect on home, school and work, from securing a medical team to living through an ever changing self-image, from the embarrassment of losing hair to discovering a new spirituality. A bonus book, a no-holds-barred memoir by cancer patient Elizabeth Bayer, is bound into this volume, after the full-length Chicken Soup for the Soul book.

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Celebrating Brothers and Sisters

by Jack Canfield Mark Victor Hansen Dahlynn Mckowen Ken Mckowen

You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them. (Desmond Tutu) Rivalry, competition, camaraderie, love, and support are found in the bond between brothers and sisters.

Chicken Soup For the Soul: Celebrating People Who Make a Difference

by Jack Canfield Mark Victor Hansen Peter Vegso Theresa Peluso

This book is filled with stories of people going out of their way to help others during tragic times. Readers will discover, firsthand, the compassion, empathy, and generosity that still exists in today's world. It is a celebration of the people in the world neighbors, friends, perfect strangers who care and make a difference in the lives of others.

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Christian Teen Talk: Christian Teens Share Their Stories of Support, Inspiration and Growing Up

by Jack Canfield Mark Victor Hansen Amy Newmark

Devout Christian teens care about their connection and relationship with God, but they are also experiencing all the normal ups and downs of teenage life. Chicken Soup for the Soul: Christian Teen Talk, filled with 101 stories from Chicken Soup for the Soul's library, offers support and inspiration for Christian teens with heartfelt true stories about love, compassion, loss, forgiveness, friends, school, and faith.

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Christmas Cheer: Stories about the Love, Inspiration, and Joy of Christmas

by Jack Canfield Mark Victor Hansen Amy Newmark

Everyone loves Christmas and the holiday season. We reunite scattered family members, watch the wonder in a child's eyes, and feel the joy of giving gifts. The rituals of the holiday season give a rhythm to the years and create a foundation for our lives, as we gather with family, with our communities at church, at school, and even at the mall, to share the special spirit of the season, brightening those long winter days. "Santa-safe" for kids!

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Christmas Magic

by Jack Canfield Mark Victor Hansen Amy Newmark

Christmas is a magical time of year -- a time of family, friends, and traditions. Readers will revel in the 101 holiday stories in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Christmas Magic that spread the special joy, wonder, and blessings of the season with its tales of finding the perfect Christmas tree, being with family, seeing the awe in a child's eyes, and enjoying the magic of the season.

A Chicken Soup for the Soul Christmas: Stories to Warm your Heart and Share with Family During the Holidays

by Jack Canfield Mark Victor Hansen

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year. Children experience Christmas through magic, anticipation, and learning about the baby Jesus. As we mature, we experience Christmas through the gifts we give, the love we share, and the magic we create for others. A Chicken Soup for the Soul Christmas brings back the memories of childhood through the eyes of children on Christmas day and inspires good deeds by reminding us how the smallest gesture can truly change a life. Go back in time through genuine stories of hope and kindness and see how people find the true meaning of the season through unexpected miracles and those they meet along the way. Peek into the life of one family as they visit a relative at a nursing home on Christmas and how a cup of ice cream and a few moments of time brighten up the day for those who live there. Read about one woman's journey through surviving the loss of her husband and how the love and warmth of her family at Christmas strengthens her. Enjoy a sweet tale of how an old doll dressed in new clothes becomes the most precious gift and cherished memory a child ever receives. And, of course, it wouldn't be Christmas without a few stories celebrating the wonderment and joy children experience throughout this very special season.

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Christmas Treasury for Kids: A Story a Day from December 1st Through Christmas for Kids and Their Families

by Mark Victor Hansen Patty Hansen Irene Dunlap Jack L. Canfield

Christmas is a wonderful time for kids--the anticipation of gifts under the tree, the aroma of once-a-year treats in the oven, the excitement of decorating for holiday festivities, the joy of being with family and friends, all the things that create warm memories that linger throughout our lives. Even big kids, better known as adults, eagerly await that first cup of eggnog, savor the scent of a fresh-cut pine tree, and delight in the discovery of that perfect present for a hard-to-please relative. Christmas is a time of celebrating traditions--those that have been in the family for years, as well as those just recently embraced. Chicken Soup for the Soul Christmas Treasury for Kids will start a new holiday tradition for kids of all ages. With twenty-five true stories--one for each day in December through Christmas Day--this unique treasury will rekindle the Christmas spirit every December first and keep it burning in the hearts of readers throughout the holiday season. As kids and their loved ones read these stories together, they'll realize that the best traditions are those the whole family can share. Kids will read about the "angels among us" who give selflessly to those in need. They'll learn that sometimes the best gifts aren't bought at a store. They'll discover that giving to others can be more joyous than getting everything on their list. And both kids and adults will find these stories wonderful reminders of the true meaning of Christmas and make this book a cherished reading tradition for generations to come.

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Count Your Blessings

by Jack Canfield Mark Victor Hansen Amy Newmark

What are you thankful for today? This uplifting book reminds readers of the blessings in their lives, despite financial stress, natural disasters, health scares and illnesses, housing challenges and family worries. Stories of optimism, faith, and strength remind us of the simple pleasures of family, home, health, and inexpensive good times.

Showing 69,451 through 69,475 of 178,950 results


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