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Charity (Bernard Samson #9)

by Len Deighton

Bernard Samson returns to Berlin in the final novel in the classic spy trilogy, FAITH, HOPE and CHARITY. Bernard continues to chip away at the mystery of his sister-in-law Tessa Kosinski's death in Berlin on the crucial night when his wife Fiona was brought out of the East. Fighting to uncover the truth, he must also confront the key relationships in his own life: Fiona is still far from stable now that she has returned to work, and their children remain in the clutches of his wealthy and manipulative father-in-law. Meanwhile, Werner Volkmann, Bernard's friend since childhood, is reluctant to get involved in Bernard's crusade.

Charity Girl

by Georgette Heyer

Henrietta is beginning to wonder if Viscount Desford has fallen in love with a homeless waif. Without the intervention of his scapegrace brother and Henrietta's worthy suitor Gary Nethercott, Desford is in danger of making a rare humblebroth of his affairs.

Charity Law and the Liberal State

by Matthew Harding

Charity Law and the Liberal State considers questions relating to state action and public discourse that are raised by the law of charity. Informed by liberal philosophical commitments and of interest to both charity lawyers and political philosophers, it addresses themes and topics such as: the justifiability of the state's non-neutral promotion of charitable purposes; the role of altruism in charity law; charity law, the tax system and the demands of distributive justice; the proper treatment of religious and political purposes in charity law; and the appropriate response of the liberal state to discrimination in the pursuit of charitable purposes.

Charity's Gift (The Horseshoe Trilogies #9)

by Lucy Daniels

While picking up supplies at the tack shop, Josie learns about an orphaned foal on a nearby farm. Josie immediately offers to help take care of some of the feedings. But the baby needs more than bottle feedings, and when Charity steps up to help, Josie realizes the mare's love is the greatest gift of all.

Charlaine Harris: The Lily Bard Mysteries

by Charlaine Harris

Includes Shakespeare's Landlord, Shakespeare's Champion, Shakespeare's Christmas

Charlatan: The Fraudulent Life of John Brinkley

by Pope Brock

This is the enormously entertaining story of how a fraudulent surgeon made a fortune by inserting goats' testes into impotent American men. So-called 'Doctor' John Brinkley became a world renowned authority on sexual rejuvenation in the 1920s, with famous politicians and even royalty asking for his services. His nemesis was Dr Morris Fishbein, editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association, but it took him fifteen years to destroy Brinkley in a dramatic courtroom showdown. In the meantime, despite mounting evidence that his quack treatments killed many patients, Brinkley became a millionaire.


by Derek Wilson

Charlemagne is seen by historians as the bridge between ancient and modern Europe. His Holy Roman Empire was the embodiment of an ideal that inspired leaders as different as Charles V, Napoleon, and Hitler, each of whom sought to make a unified Europe a reality again in his own time. In this new biography, the first major study of Charlemagne in more than twenty-five years, Derek Wilson provides an absorbing and lively account of his life, character, and accomplishments. Charlemagne transcends every notion we have of the traditional historical hero. A military strategist of Julius Caesar's caliber, he had no knowledge of classical history. A ruler with the sagacity of Marcus Aurelius, he ordered summary executions more reminiscent of Caligula or Nero. A devout believer who ensured the survival of Christianity in the West, he considered himself above the Church, sired numerous bastard children, and generated accusations of incest. As Wilson describes a Church divided between the Latin West, with its capital in Rome, and the Greek Church of the East, with its capital in Constantinople, we see not only the emergence of Europe but the trials of a Church in flux. The politics of the day were in constant play and were mastered by Charlemagne with cunning and force. By marrying the military might of his army to the spiritual might of the Church in Rome, Charlemagne dominated his world and forged Western Christendom. Written by one of England's most respected biographers,Charlemagneis a masterful, multidimensional portrait of a great historical figure--a man whose earthly passions were surpassed only by his religious devotion, and whose religious devotion was exceeded only by his will to power.

Charlemagne and the Paladins

by Julia Cresswell

Symbolically, the quintessential English feudal monarch is King Arthur, but stories of Charlemagne and his Knights' quests throughout Christian Europe had a much wider impact. Amidst the chaos and violence of Europe in the eighth century, Charlemagne became king of the Franks and slowly established an empire the likes of which had not been seen since the days of the Romans. As Charlemange's power grew, so did the stories attached to his name. This book explores the myths and legends of the great king Charlemagne, from the stories about his mother, Bertha Bigfoot, and his youthful adventures with the thief, Basin, to his fantastical journeys to Jerusalem and Constantinople. It also retells the stories of his most famous knights, the Paladins. These brave warriors were all heroes in their own right, and included many famous names such as Roland, Ogier the Dane, Oliver, Archbishop Turpin, and Renault of Montalban who rode the famous steed, Bayard. Together with his Paladins, Charlemagne established a court to rival Camelot and led the Christian kingdoms of Europe in their ongoing struggles with the armies of the East. Although this great ruler eventually passed away, quietly in his bed, the legends say that he now sits on his golden throne beneath the mountain, waiting until the need of his people calls him forth again.

The Charlemagne Pursuit (Cotton Malone #4)

by Steve Berry

As a child, former Justice Department agent Cotton Malone was told his father died in a submarine disaster in the North Atlantic, but now he wants the full story and asks his ex-boss, Stephanie Nelle, to secure the military files. What he learns stuns him: His father's sub was a secret nuclear vessel lost on a highly classified mission beneath the ice shelves of Antarctica. But Malone isn't the only one after the truth. Twin sisters Dorothea Lindauer and Christl Falk are fighting for the fortune their mother has promised to whichever of them discovers what really became of their father----who died on the same submarine that Malone's father captained. The sisters know something Malone doesn't: Inspired by strange clues discovered in Charlemagne's tomb, the Nazis explored Antarctica before the Americans, as long ago as 1938. Now Malone discovers that cryptic journals penned in "the language of heaven," inscrutable conundrums posed by an ancient historian, and the ill-fated voyage of his father are all tied to a revelation of immense consequence for humankind. In an effort to ensure that this explosive information never rises to the surface, Langford Ramsey, an ambitious navy admiral, has begun a brutal game of treachery, blackmail, and assassination. As Malone embarks on a dangerous quest with the sisters----one that leads them from an ancient German cathedral to a snowy French citadel to the unforgiving ice of Antarctica----he will finally confront the shocking truth of his father's death and the distinct possibility of his own.

Charlene Loves to Make Noise

by Barbara Bottner

When everyone is watching, Charlene is quiet. She prefers to listen and watch. Charlene has a lot to say, but always with words. But Charlene has a secret: she plays the drums! Shy Charlene loves to make noise! Charlene may be quiet, but she is also smart, observant, funny, thoughtful and musical. Shy readers everywhere will cheer for Charlene.

Charles and Emma (The Darwins' Leap of Faith)

by Deborah Heiligman

Charles Darwin published "The Origin of Species", his revolutionary tract on evolution and the fundamental ideas involved, in 1859. 150 years later, the theory of evolution continues to create tension between the scientific and religious communities. This same debate raged within Darwin himself, and played an important part in his marriage: his wife, Emma, was very religious, and her faith challenged Charles as he worked on his theory of evolution.

Charles Bukowski Fiction Collection

by Charles Bukowski

Five books in one

Charles Bukowski: Locked in the Arms of a Crazy Life: The Biography

by Howard Sounes

The author known for his graphic and gritty autobiographic novels and whose life inspired the film "Barfly" is profiled in a biography that draws on new interviews with his family and friends, his private letters and unpublished writings, and commentary from Norman Mailer, Allen Ginsberg, Sean Penn, and others.

Charles Darwin

by David C. King

Even as a young boy, Charles Darwin loved investigating the natural world. His father feared that Charles would never be a doctor or clergyman, and he was right. Darwin the passionate amateur became a full-fledged scientist, and over the next 20 years he gathered evidence for a theory of evolution that would change the world forever.

Charles Darwin: Evolution and Natural Selection

by Charles Darwin Bert James Loewenberg

"On the twenty-fourth of November, 1859, the London publishing house of John Murray issued a small green-backed volume. The volume was entitled On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life.1 Charles Robert Darwin, the author, was a scientist who had written on geological and zoological topics with monographic competence. He had also written an interesting travel account which had reached a much wider public. As a naturalist on H. M. S. Beagle, an admiralty vessel engaged in a routine survey, he had reported findings in many areas of natural history and had also recorded his experiences in foreign lands." -opening paragraph

Charles Dickens

by Joelle Herr

Celebrate the bicentennial birthday of Charles Dickens with this Miniature Edition packed with witty summaries of the novels of one of history's most beloved storytellers. All fans of great literature can enjoy these perfectly portable renditions of Oliver Twist, A Christmas Carol, Great Expectations, A Tale of Two Cities, and all the Dickensian classics. Featuring synopses, character profiles, and illustrations, this mini book brings to life twenty classic tales and the iconic characters that populate the world of Dickens.

Charles Dickens and 'Boz'

by Robert L. Patten

Dickens' rise to fame and his world-wide popularity were by no means inevitable. He started out with no clear career in mind, drifting in and out of the theatre, journalism and editing before finding unexpected success as a creative writer. Taking account of everything known about Dickens's apprentice years, Robert L. Patten narrates the fierce struggle Dickens then had to create an alter ego, Boz, and later to contain and extinguish him. His revision of Dickens' biography in the context of early Victorian social and political history and print culture opens up a more unstable, yet more fascinating, portrait of Dickens. The book tells the story of how Dickens created an authorial persona that highlighted certain attributes and concealed others about his life, talent and publications. This complicated narrative of struggle, determination, dead ends and new beginnings is as gripping as one of Dickens' own novels.

A Charles Dickens Devotional

by Thomas Nelson

A unique, beautiful devotional that offers words and themes from one of the best-loved authors of all time.Charles Dickens was born 200 years ago, yet he crafted stories that translate well to a modern Christian's daily life. A Charles Dickens Devotional combines 104 short excerpts from his classic novels with Scripture and new devotional thoughts to create meaningful readings for both longtime Dickens fans and Christian readers who are meeting Oliver Twist for the first time. This title joins A Jane Austen Devotional as part of the new Devotional Classics series and includes excerpts from Dickens' Great Expectations, David Copperfield, A Tale of Two Cities, Oliver Twist, and A Christmas Carol.

Charles Dickens in Context

by Sally Ledger Holly Furneaux

Charles Dickens, a man so representative of his age as to have become considered synonymous with it, demands to be read in context. This book illuminates the worlds - social, political, economic and artistic - in which Dickens worked. Dickens's professional life encompassed work as a novelist, journalist, editor, public reader and passionate advocate of social reform. This volume offers a detailed treatment of Dickens in each of these roles, exploring the central features of Dickens's age, work and legacy, and uncovering sometimes surprising faces of the man and of the range of Dickens industries. Through 45 digestible short chapters written by a leading expert on each topic, a rounded picture emerges of Dickens's engagement with his time, the influence of his works and the ways he has been read, adapted and re-imagined from the nineteenth century to the present.

Charles Dickens: A Life

by Jane Smiley

With the delectable wit, unforgettable characters, and challenging themes that have won her a Pulitzer Prize and national bestseller status, Jane Smiley naturally finds a kindred spirit in the author of classics such as Great Expectations and A Christmas Carol. As ""his novels shaped his life as much as his life shaped his novels,"" Smiley's Charles Dickens is at once a sensitive profile of the great master and a fascinating meditation on the writing life. Smiley evokes Dickens as he might have seemed to his contemporaries: convivial, astute, boundlessly energetic-and lionized. As she makes clear, Dickens not only led the action-packed life of a prolific writer, editor, and family man but, balancing the artistic and the commercial in his work, he also consciously sustained his status as one of the first modern ""celebrities. "" Charles Dickens offers brilliant interpretations of almost all the major works, an exploration of his narrative techniques and his innovative voice and themes, and a reflection on how his richly varied lower-class cameos sprang from an experience and passion more personal than his public knew. Smiley's own ""dem

Charles Drew

by Steven Otfinoski

NIMAC-sourced textbook

Charles Fort

by Jim Steinmeyer

In 1919, Charles Fort created a sensation withThe Book of the Damned,in which he painstakingly documented strange events that were being ignored by scientists because they didn't fit the scientific paradigms of the day. Citing reputable newspapers and journals, he forced his readers to confront such occurrences as blood falling from the sky, UFOs, and inexplicable footprints. Jim Steinmeyer's remarkable biography traces Fort's story from his strict Victorian upbringing, his years of travel, and his penurious existence as a writer on papers in New York, to his years in London where he obsessively started collecting reports of anomalous events and began his true life's work. Though Fort has long been an icon to investigators of the paranormal, his life story has never been told in full. Steinmeyer draws on a spectacular range of sources to bring to life one of the great "anti-philosophers" of the twentieth century.

Charles Fort: Prophet of the Unexplained

by Damon Knight

From the book: Charles Fort was convinced that there is a great deal going on in our universe which man has not as yet been able to explain. He was, of course, right. Fort amassed reports of events allegedly observed by humans around the world. Fort's books are full of reports of strange phenomena-such as those similar in every way to today's reports of flying saucers but centuries before they were called flying saucers. Boole gave scientists a powerful tool for attacking problems when the obvious approaches refused to yield informative results. Boole employed reductio ad absurdum. He exhausted all the impossibles and thereby isolated a "very probable" answer. Charles Fort, failing to gain the publishers'-and thereby society's-consideration of his positive theories, left world society with a Boolean-like confrontation of illogical events. Charles Fort as a man of true vision purposefully inverted the equations. By getting the publishers to publish the absurd, he proved his point that the publishers published only the absurd.

Charles in Charge Again!

by Elizabeth Faucher

Charles is back.... And is he in for a surprise! The family he worked for has moved to Seattle, and a new family, the Powells, is living in their house. The Powells have three kids who need him - shy thirteen-year-old Sarah, outgoing fourteen-year-old Jamie, and quiet twelve-year-old Adam. Can Charles do it all - keep up with college, have fun with best friend Buddy Lembeck, and provide a shoulder to lean on for the whole Powell family? You bet! Charles is in charge, again!

Charles Lindbergh

by Anne Schraff

Biography of the famous aviator. Guided by Time Magazine's list of 100 most influential people, this series of biographies focuses on the leaders, scientists, and icons who shaped our world. Each biography includes a glossary, timeline, and illustrations.

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