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Choosing Joy

by Angela Thomas

This 52-week devotional helps readers discover the ever-illusive quality of joy. Best-selling author Angela Thomas draws from her vast experience in teaching and speaking to women all over the country. In this four-page per devotion format, Angela shares...* An inspirational message, including personal antecdotes * Biblical teaching* Questions to guide reader into self exploration, with blank lines for personal answers* Encouraging quotes* Bible scriptures for meditationThis book is the perfect choice for the many readers who work through a devotional book each year.

Choosing Life

by Joel Osteen Dodie Osteen

"I hold fast to God's Word daily. My life depends on it, and yours does too." -- Dodie Osteen In this inspiring daily devotional, Choosing Life -- One Day at a Time, Dodie Osteen shares her personal spiritual insights -- blending Scriptures with godly exhortations and effective prayers -- to exhort, comfort, and edify both men and women. Her personal reflections from the Word of God will help bring healing, restoration, and godly encouragement to you and your loved ones so that you can choose an abundant life all year long. Throughout her book, Dodie endeavors to strengthen your faith as she imparts powerful truths she has learned in her personal relationship with God. Her book will help you see God as your Savior, Healer, Deliverer, and Blesser, as you choose life . . . one day at a time. A wide variety of weekly topics include: Fellowship with God Keys to Living in Victory The Power of God's Word Sharing Jesus with the World And so much more!

Choosing ME before WE

by Christine Arylo

Full of sass, soul, and the type of empowering wisdom that no woman should live without, Choosing ME before WE is like a heart-to-heart with your closest girlfriend. And best of all, you'll discover that your closest girlfriend is your own truest self, inside you, always ready to offer wise, loving advice and counsel about what is best for you. Designed to challenge and guide women to create the relationships they want instead of the ones they often find themselves stuck in, this book is packed with: stimulating questions to uncover what's true for you, daring you to get downright real about yourself and your relationships powerful techniques to change old habits that sabotage your dreams real-life experiences shared by the author, her friends, and her clients Author Christine Arylo, who almost married the wrong guy for all the wrong reasons, speaks to women of all ages, whether they're seeking a relationship, evaluating a less-than-fulfilling one, rebounding from a bad breakup, or working through issues with a partner. Choosing ME before WE teaches women to stop settling, to get real about the kind of partner they're looking for, and to start exploring and creating what they truly want in themselves and their relationships.

Choosing Mercy : A Mother of Murder Victims Pleads to End the Death Penalty

by Antoinette Bosco

When journalist and mother of a large family Antoinette Bosco's son and daughter-in-law were murdered, she was left with grief that remains to this day. Yet as she sought healing for her deep sorrow she could not accept that taking another life would be the answer to her pain. Her strong Catholic faith and connections with many others who are personally impacted by murder and the death penalty aided her as she struggled with an issue that had become deeply personal. She began to speak out about her convictions in print and in person and work to end the death penalty. Over time she learned more and more about what goes on in our prisons, how our flawed justice system puts to death the poor and convicts the innocent, and the pain that the families of the inmates who are executed suffer which is so often ignored by society. The more she learned, the more passionate and convicted she became about this highly controversial topic. Honest in its portrayal of her experiences, deeply spiritual and compassionate in its portrayal of how murder and the death penalty effect us all, Choosing Mercy is a compelling book that gives a human face to a divisive issue. The stories and quotes from families, victims, clergy, and prisoners are used to help make her points and support her position, but she responds with empathy and sensitivity to those who feel differently about this issue, particularly to other families of murder victims. She references relevant organizations and resources, as well. All these things make Choosing Mercy much more than just a memoir of one woman's journey. It is informative and thought-provoking, as well as packing an emotional punch. Choosing Mercy is a challenging but important piece of nonfiction.

Choosing Naia: A Family's Journey

by Mitchell Zuckoff

"Halfway through their first pregnancy, Greg and Tierney Fairchild hear the news that all expectent parents dread: their baby isn't perfect. A routine ultrasound reveals that the fetus Tierney carries has a major heart defect. Making matters worse, the nature of the defect leads doctors to suspect it might be a symptom of Down syndrome. With those events as its starting point, Choosing Naia examines the exploding world of prenatal information and the emotional maelstrom that ensues from an unwanted test result, through the prism of the Fairchild family's searing experience.

Choosing Outcomes and Accommodations for Children: A Guide to Educational Planning for Students with Disabilities (2nd edition)

by Michael F. Giangreco Chigee J. Cloninger Virginia S. Iverson

Revised in response to research and user feedback, COACH offers you redesigned forms, more explicit instructions, and helpful hints, and tabs and icons so you can easily locate information.

Choosing Raw

by Gena Hamshaw

After her health journey led her to a plant-based diet, Gena Hamshaw started a blog for readers of all dietary stripes looking for a common- sense approach to healthy eating and fuss-free recipes. Choosing Raw, the book, does in an in depth manner what the blog has done for hundreds of thousands of readers: addresses the questions and concerns for any newcomer to veganism; makes a plant-based diet with many raw options feel easy instead of intimidating; provides a starter kit of delicious recipes; and offers a mainstream, scientifically sound perspective on healthy living.With more than 100 recipes, sumptuous food photos, and innovative and wholesome meal plans sorted in levels from newcomer to plantbased pro, Hamshaw offers a simple path to health and wellness. With a foreword by Kris Carr,New York Times-bestselling author of Crazy Sexy Diet, Choosing Raw is a primer in veganism, a cookbook, the story of one woman's journey to health, and a love letter to the lifestyle that transformed her relationship with food.

Choosing Single Motherhood

by Mikki Morrissette

The comprehensive guide for single women interested in proactively becoming and being a mother-includes the essential tools needed to decide whether to take this step, information on how best to follow through, and insight about answering the child's questions and needs over time.Choosing Single Motherhood, written by a longtime journalist and Choice Mother (a woman who chooses to conceive or adopt without a life partner), will become the indispensable tool for women looking for both support and insight. Based on extensive up-to-date research, advice from child experts and family therapists, as well as interviews with more than one hundred single women, this book explores common questions and concerns of women facing this decision, including: Can I afford to do this? Should I wait longer to see if life turns a new corner? How do Choice Mothers handle the stress of solo parenting? what the research says about growing up in a single-parent household how to answer a child's "daddy" questions the facts about adoption, anonymous donor insemination, and finding a known donor how the children of pioneering Choice Mothers feel about their livesWritten in a lively style that never sugarcoats or sweeps problems under the rug, Choosing Single Motherhood covers the topic clearly, concisely, and with a great deal of heart.

Choosing the Good: Christian Ethics in a Complex World

by Dennis P. Hollinger

The following quotation is taken from the back cover of the book: "The vexing complexities of our modern world often generate cynicism or even despair in the face of moral decision making. Choosing the Good proposes a framework for doing ethics with confident humility, despite the cultural context undermining such endeavors." This book accomplishes two goals in that it provides a survey of essential issues salient for reflection on the moral life and Christian ethics and argues for a particular approach to doing ethics. Dennis Hollinger provides a survey of perspectives, suggesting that an effective Christian ethic must have its basis in a Christian worldview. He examines the complexities of our pluralistic and postmodern society, reflects on factors that influence Christian ethical decisions, and surveys the questions of justice, pluralism, and Christian influence in the secular world." The author provides extensive documentation for the material presented in the book.

Choosing to Cheat: Who Wins When Family and Work Collide?

by Andy Stanley

Work. Family. Church. Hobbies. Fitness. Housekeeping. Socializing. Sleep. With only 24 hours in each day, we simply can't fit everything in. And what we choose to cheat is a clear announcement of our values. When you come home an hour earlier, miss a round of golf, or let the dishes sit while you play with your child, you make your family feel valued and secure. Bestselling author Andy Stanley helps you restore your vision of what really matters - and guides you in making courageous decisions about your time. Who are you cheating? You love your family. You love the challenges of your job. But there's not enough of you to go around. Somebody isn't getting as much of your attention as they want or deserve. This little book presents a strategic plan for resolving the tension between work and home-reversing the destructive pattern of giving to your company and career what belongs to your family. But be forewarned. . . you will have to cheat. Story Behind the Book Andy has spent hundreds of hours with men and women who have cheated their families for the sake of their career goals. They all admitted knowing there was a problem. This is not a struggle relegated to some diminutive segment of society. We all wrestle with the tension between work and family. Regardless of which side of the equation you are on, you know what it is like to deal with the endless cycle of guilt, anger, jealousy, and rejection. But there is a solution. Strangely enough, the solution is similar to the problem. Both involve cheating. Simply put, you must choose to cheat at work rather than at home. From the Hardcover edition.

Choosing Truth: Living an Authentic Life

by Harriette Cole

Living a Life that Matters -- to You In a world where "truth" is a relative concept, is it possible to live an honorable life? Where half-truths and relentless spin are the rule, is honesty really the best policy? Yes, says Harriette Cole, and in Choosing Truth she shows you why. The bestselling author of How to Be delivers an inspiring, one-of-a-kind prescription for revitalizing your daily routine, overcoming the habit of self-delusion, and living an authentic life. Choosing Truth is not simply about being honest with the people in your personal and professional life; it's about being true to yourself. Writing with extraordinary candor about her own life quest, Cole invites you to take an eye-opening, introspective journey and offers tips on reaching your goal, such as: Keeping a journal Cultivating the discipline of listening Loving yourself Letting go -- of clutter, of negative friends, of past mistakes Finding tools for honest communication Knowing when to speak up Choosing Truth is an essential guide for anyone who seeks to embrace authenticity and choose honesty.

Choosing War: The Lost Chance for Peace and the Escalation of War in Vietnam

by Fredrik Logevall

In one of the most detailed and powerfully argued books published on American intervention in Vietnam, Fredrik Logevall examines the last great unanswered question on the war: Could the tragedy have been averted? His answer: a resounding yes. Challenging the prevailing myth that the outbreak of large-scale fighting in 1965 was essentially unavoidable,Choosing Warargues that the Vietnam War was unnecessary, not merely in hindsight but in the context of its time. Why, then, did major war break out? Logevall shows it was partly because of the timidity of the key opponents of U. S. involvement, and partly because of the staunch opposition of the Kennedy and Johnson administrations to early negotiations. His superlative account shows that U. S. officials chose war over disengagement despite deep doubts about the war's prospects and about Vietnam's importance to U. S. security and over the opposition of important voices in the Congress, in the press, and in the world community. They did so because of concerns about credibility--not so much America's or the Democratic party's credibility, but their own personal credibility. Based on six years of painstaking research, this book is the first to place American policy making on Vietnam in 1963-65 in its wider international context using multiarchival sources, many of them recently declassified. Here we see for the first time how the war played in the key world capitals--not merely in Washington, Saigon, and Hanoi, but also in Paris and London, in Tokyo and Ottawa, in Moscow and Beijing. Choosing War is a powerful and devastating account of fear, favor, and hypocrisy at the highest echelons of American government, a book that will change forever our understanding of the tragedy that was the Vietnam War.

Choosing Waterbirth

by Lakshmi Bertram

from the book jacket "Waterbirth is an all-natural, gentle, pain-reducing, fulfilling, and empowering birthing method, in which mother and infant start out their new life together in a relaxing and deeply familiar environment: warm water. But is it safe? How does water reduce the pain? And is it really more beneficial to your baby? In this complete guide to waterbirth, a yoga instructor and mother of five "water babies" relates her own experiences in the tub while providing the important information that every parent needs to understand, prepare for, and undertake waterbirthing: * The basics of natural birth * How water immersion promotes the feeling of well-being while reducing pain * How to locate birthing facilities, practitioners, and tubs * Exercises designed to relax and strengthen the mother * How to create the ideal birthing environment * Practical advice for breast-feeding, baby massage, and more In addition, Choosing Waterbirth contains a complete prenatal yoga program with exercises and breathing and relaxation techniques designed to prepare the mother for an easier labor and delivery. More than 80 photos, including some of the author giving birth in water, bring the experience vividly to life. if you are interested in creating a loving, positive, empowering, and fulfilling birth experience, Choosing Waterbirth will provide you with all the information, practical guidance, and insight you'll ever need."

Choosing Your Battles: American Civil-Military Relations and the Use of Force

by Peter D. Feaver Christopher Gelpi

America's debate over whether and how to invade Iraq clustered into civilian versus military camps. Top military officials appeared reluctant to use force, the most hawkish voices in government were civilians who had not served in uniform, and everyone was worried that the American public would not tolerate casualties in war. This book shows that this civilian-military argument--which has characterized earlier debates over Bosnia, Somalia, and Kosovo--is typical, not exceptional. Indeed, the underlying pattern has shaped U.S. foreign policy at least since 1816. The new afterword by Peter Feaver and Christopher Gelpi traces these themes through the first two years of the current Iraq war, showing how civil-military debates and concerns about sensitivity to casualties continue to shape American foreign policy in profound ways.

Chop Chop

by Simon Wroe

"Arch comedy... Dave Eggers channels Anthony Bourdain." --Kirkus Review Fresh out of university with big dreams, our narrator is determined to escape his past and lead the literary life in London. But soon he is two months behind on rent and forced to take a menial job in the kitchen of The Swan, a gastro-pub with haute cuisine aspirations. Mockingly called "Monocle" by his co-workers for a useless English lit degree, he is thrust into a brutal, chaotic world full of motley characters. There's the lovably dim pastry chef Dibden; combative Ramilov, who spends a fair bit of time locked in the walk-in fridge for pissing people off; Racist Dave, about whom the less said the better; Camp Charles, the officious head waiter; and Harmony, the only woman in a workplace of raunchy, immature, angry, drug-fueled men. Worst of all is the head chef, Bob, who runs the kitchen with an iron fist and an alarming taste for cruelty. But Monocle's past is never far away and soon an altogether darker tale unfolds. As the chefs' dreams of overthrowing Bob become a reality, Monocle's dead-beat father shows up at his door, asking for help. With The Swan struggling to stay afloat and Monocle's father dredging up lingering questions from an unhappy childhood, Chop Chop accelerates toward its blackly hilarious, thrilling, and ruthless conclusion. Entertainment Weekly "Darkly comic... a first course worth savoring. Grade: B+"

Chop Suey, USA: The Story of Chinese Food in America

by Yong Chen

An epic tale of globalized cultural exchange by means of our first "fast food."


by Sally Sampson Carl Tremblay

Sprouting from the influential and ever-popular family cooking magazine, this fun, inventive, health-focused cookbook features more than 100 recipes for chefs of all ages.ChopChop, the "fun cooking magazine for families," has introduced families to the joys and benefits of cooking together since 2010. Now, ChopChop expands the boundaries of the magazine in a book with dozens of new recipes, diving deeper into kitchen fundamentals and healthful options than ever before--all within the reach of aspiring chefs from every age group. Featuring easy-to-follow instructions for wholesome, delicious meals, this cookbook redefines what it means to cook and eat healthfully. From French toast to frittatas, chicken soup to curried tofu fingers, and banana-peach frozen yogurt to mango lassis, these original, entertaining recipes celebrate nutritious eating together as a family. The book brings kids and adults together on exciting projects in the kitchen. With beautiful photographs and an eye-catching design, ChopChop will inspire home-cooked meals enjoyed like never before.

Chopin in Paris

by Tad Szulc

Chopin in Paris introduces the most important musical and literary figures of Fryderyk Chopin's day in a glittering story of the Romantic era. During Chopin's eighteen years in Paris, lasting nearly half his short life, he shone at the center of the immensely talented artists who were defining their time -- Hugo, Balzac, Stendhal, Delacroix, Liszt, Berlioz, and, of course, George Sand, a rebel feminist writer who became Chopin's lover and protector. Tad Szulc, the author of Fidel and Pope John Paul II, approaches his subject with imagination and insight, drawing extensively on diaries, memoirs, correspondence, and the composer's own journal, portions of which appear here for the first time in English. He uses contemporary sources to chronicle Chopin's meteoric rise in his native Poland, an ascent that had brought him to play before the reigning Russian grand duke at the age of eight. He left his homeland when he was eighteen, just before Warsaw's patriotic uprising was crushed by the tsar's armies. Carrying the memories of Poland and its folk music that would later surface in his polonaises and mazurkas, Chopin traveled to Vienna. There he established his reputation in the most demanding city of Europe. But Chopin soon left for Paris, where his extraordinary creative powers would come to fruition amid the revolutions roiling much of Europe. He quickly gained fame and a circle of powerful friends and acquaintances ranging from Rothschild, the banker, to Karl Marx. Distinguished by his fastidious dress and the wracking cough that would cut short his life, Chopin spent his days composing and giving piano lessons to a select group of students. His evenings were spent at the keyboard, playing for his friends. It was at one of these Chopin gatherings that he met George Sand, nine years his senior. Through their long and often stormy relationship, Chopin enjoyed his richest creative period. As she wrote dozens of novels, he composed furiously -- both were compulsive creators. After their affair unraveled, Chopin became the protÉgÉ of Jane Stirling, a wealthy Scotswoman, who paraded him in his final year across England and Scotland to play for the aristocracy and even Queen Victoria. In 1849, at the age of thirty-nine, Chopin succumbed to the tuberculosis that had plagued him from childhood. Chopin in Paris is an illuminating biography of a tragic figure who was one of the most important composers of all time. Szulc brings to life the complex, contradictory genius whose works will live forever. It is compelling reading about an exciting epoch of European history, culture, and music -- and about one of the great love dramas of the nineteenth century.

Chopin's Funeral

by Benita Eisler

Benita Eisler, author of the acclaimed biography Byron, offers a closely focused portrait of Chopin - the story of his last years, of his legendary affair with the novelist George Sand, and of nineteenth-century Parisian cultural life. Like his music, Chopin's life is heartbreaking. At twenty-one, he left embattled Warsaw for exile in Paris. After just two public concerts, he was a star of Parisian society, and an intimate of his great contemporaries, Schumann, Liszt and the painter Eugene Delacroix, who famously introduced him to George Sand and painted their double portrait. Ten years later, as Chopin lay destitute and dying of consumption in the arms of Sand's estranged daughter, revolution surged through the streets of Paris. Chopin's Funeral is an intimate close-up of the composer's last years - the story of the artist as exile, of a spectacular love affair, and of a nation on the cusp of the modern age. Artful and engaging, brilliantly compressed and atmospheric, it is a masterful interpretation of a great life.

Chopped-up Birdy's Feet (Camp Run-A-Muck #3)

by Todd Strasser

In order to save Camp Run-a-Muck from being turned into a golf resort by heartless camp leader Bob "The Blob" Kirby, assistant cooks Lucas and Justin prepare a stomach-churning culinary surprise.


by Susan E. Goodman Michael Doolittle

Helicopters are amazing machines that go places and do things that other vehicles cannot. Readers will love learning about the many daring jobs and rescues they undertake every day. Chock full of exciting color photographs, too! Susan E. Goodman is a writer and journalist. Michael Doolittle is a photographer and photo editor. Together they have collaborated on many children's books, including beginning readers and the Ultimate Field Trip series. Susan lives in Boston; Michael lives in Connecticut.

Chopping Spree (Goldy Bear #11)

by Diane Mott Davidson

Her inventive recipe for mixing first-class suspense and five-star fare has made Diane Mott Davidson a favorite of mystery lovers and a mainstay on major bestseller lists across the country. Now she has prepared another irresistibly tempting tale spiced with mystery and mayhem... For Colorado caterer Goldy Schulz, business isn't just booming--it's skyrocketing. Her friend Marla is constantly warning her, "Success can kill you. " But Goldy doesn't take the warning literally until her next booking: a cocktail party for the Westside Mall's Elite Shoppers Club. While setting up, Goldy is nearly run down by a truck with no intention of stopping. Then she finds an old friend in a pile of sale shoes--stabbed with one of Goldy's new knives. Goldy must catch the real killer between whipping up Sweethearts' Swedish Meatballs, Quiche Me Quick, and Diamond Lovers' Hot Crab Dip. Why was the victim carrying a powerful narcotic? Who hired a private investigator shortly before the murder? Goldy's gourmet instincts tell her the final course in this case will be a real killer.

Chopstick (Friends for a Season Book 2)

by Sandra Byrd

Told in the alternating voices of two thirteen-year-old girls who learn real lessons about faith while competing against one another in a worship music contest offering a four-hundred-dollar prize.


by Q. Edward Wang

Chopsticks have become a quintessential part of the Japanese, Chinese and Korean culinary experience across the globe, with more than one fifth of the world's population using them daily to eat. In this vibrant, highly original account of the history of chopsticks, Q. Edward Wang charts their evolution from a simple eating implement in ancient times to their status as a much more complex, cultural symbol today. Opening in the Neolithic Age, at the first recorded use of chopsticks, the book surveys their practice through Chinese history, before exploring their transmission in the fifth century to other parts of Asia, including Vietnam, Korea, Japan and Mongolia. Calling upon a striking selection of artwork, the author illustrates how chopstick use has influenced Asian cuisine, and how, in turn the cuisine continues to influence chopstick use, both in Asia and across the globe.

The Chora of Metaponto 2: Archaeozoology at Pantanello and Five Other Sites

by Sándor Bökönyi Erika Gál

Archaeozoology at Pantanello and Five Other Sites describes the animal remains found throughout Metaponto and discusses what they reveal about ancient practices of hunting and herding, domestication and importation of new breeds, people's attitudes toward animals, and what animal remains indicate about past environments.

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