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World's Most Bone-Chilling True Ghost Stories

by John Macklin

True Ghost Stories

The Book With No Pictures

by B. J. Novak

A book with no pictures, where the person reading has to read out loud has to say all the silly things written in the book. That includes using silly words and singing silly songs.

The Mystery of the Aleph

by Amir D. Aczel

The history of infinity emphasizing the people who were interested in the concept. Stresses philosophical and religious importance of mathematical ideas throughout history. Fascinating even if math is not your strong suit.

The Diabolical Baron

by Mary Jo Putney

HER ODDS AGAINST HAPPINESS WERE TWO AGAINST ONE There were three men in Caroline Hanscombe's life. One was her father, the angrily imperious Sir Alfred, who ordered her to wed for the wealth he desperately needed, and threatened to blight her beloved sister's chances for happiness if Caroline refused. One was Jason Kincaid, the devastatingly handsome Baron Radford, who made her an offer of marriage for reasons she did not know but could only fear, since he clearly loved another far more fervently than he could love her. And the third was the honorable Captain Richard Davenport, who would never dream of stealing another man's intended bride, no matter how much he wanted her ... or how much she wanted him to....

The Last Express (Duncan Maclain Mystery #1)

by Baynard Kendrick

When a bomb exploded in a New York subway car, killing the assistant D. A., it left a pair of puzzling survivors on the rear seat: two caged white mice. Who had put them there and why? Maybe a blind man could figure it out--if he had the amazing sensory powers of a Duncan Maclain. Captain Duncan Maclain, a blind detective, has a mystery to solve hidden in the labyrinth of New York's subway system. This is the first book in the series that inspired the popular television show "Longstreet."

Ben and Me: A New and Astonishing Life of Benjamin Franklin as Written by His Good Mouse Amos

by Robert Lawson

Ever wonder where inventors get their ideas? As it turns out, the great inventor Benjamin Franklin got his best ideas from a mouse named Amos! Funny, interesting and wise, this classic tale has been a favorite for generations. Once you've met Amos and read his account, you'll never think of Ben Franklin-or American history quite the same way. All images described.

The Whistling Hangman (Duncan Maclain Mystery #2)

by Baynard Kendrick

When a wealthy man falls from the balcony of a luxury apartment hotel, blind detective Captain Duncan Maclain and his Seeing Eye dog Schnucke are on the case. Was it suicide or was it murder? This is the second book in the series that inspired the popular television show "Longstreet."

Complications: A Surgeon's Notes on an Imperfect Science

by Atul Gawande

A surgeon writes about some of his most interesting patients.

North of Nowhere (Alex McKnight Series #4)

by Steve Hamilton

Private detective fiction set in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

A Pillar of Iron

by Taylor Caldwell

Taking us back to Rome in its greatest period--the time of Caesar and Pompey--Taylor Caldwell has written her most poignant story that unfolds as Roman democracy faces its own inexorable decay. Its hero is Cicero--Marcus Tullius Cicero, the pillar of iron, the brilliant and idealistic lawyer, dramatically but precariously devoted to the defense of a nation and republic on trial.

Odor of Violets (Duncan Maclain Mystery #3)

by Baynard Kendrick

A paragraph in a gossip column causes two violent deaths... and all sorts of odd clues lead Captain Duncan Maclain, the brilliant private detective who is totally blind, on his next a strange and spectacular case. The third mystery in the series that inspired the popular television show "Longstreet."

The Green Hills of Earth

by Robert A. Heinlein

With provocative blends of scientific fact and human frailty, Robert A. Heinlein's visionary stories have taken readers from the early days of space exploration to the inevitability of outward expansion. Now, experience the thrills and wonder of those frontier days for yourself with this collection of Heinlein's stories. Ten entertaining, passionate tales in all.

Killer in the Kitchen, A Murder She Wrote Mystery

by Donald Bain Jessica Fletcher

In the newest mystery in the USA Today bestselling series, there's a battle brewing in Cabot Cove between two eateries. But when one of the combatants becomes a fatality, Jessica Fletcher will have to get cooking and find a killer. Jessica may not know everything about food, but she knows what she likes--and she definitely likes the Leg & Claw restaurant. Opened last summer by young couple Brad and Marcie, the Leg & Claw is their dream come true, combining Marcie's sunny personality with Brad's deft hand in the kitchen. But now their ream is turning into a nightmare. Gerard "Pepe" Lebeouf is a renowned New York City chef who has a summer home in Cabot Cove. And now he's decided to open two new restaurants in Cabot Cove--in an old warehouse right next to the Leg & Claw. As Lebeouf and his crew renovate the warehouse, the people of Cabot Cove slowly come to the realization that the town's newest celebrity may be more trouble than he's worth. His "assistants" are little more than thugs, and the haughty Lebeouf is nowhere near as charming as he seems--leading to a nasty confrontation with Brad. So when Lebeouf is found dead with a knife planted in his chest, Brad naturally becomes suspect number one. But plenty of others had a motive to kill Pepe, and it's up to Jessica to uncover who really added a murder to the menu.

Five O'clock Charlie

by Marguerite Henry

Charlie's not old! So what if he's 28 and most people consider that a little old for a horse. When his rheumatism isn't acting up, he's as frisky as any young colt. And he's certainly not ready for retirement. Charlie can tackle any tough job that comes his way. Unfortunately, Mr. Spinks, Charlie's owner, doesn't quite agree. So he makes Charlie take a permanent, though well-deserved, vacation. Poor Charlie is bored to death! But then Charlie discovers there is something he can do. Maybe retirement isn't so boring after all!?!

Muley Ears: Nobody's Dog

by Marguerite Henry

Muley-Ears, a mongrel dog, lives in a for-rent house in Jamaica. Every month, he shows his new families the islands, that is, until the grumpy and lonely man comes to the island. Can Muley-Ears win this man's affection or at least some dinner?

All Grass Isn't Green

by Erle Stanley Gardner A. A. Fair

[from the back cover] "All that glitters isn't gold. A rich man sends Donald Lam looking for a man--when he really wants to find a woman. A minor missing persons case turns out to be a major one. And a pleasure boat on pontoons serves as a smuggler's ship on wheels. This is a job for detectives who know fact from fiction, so Erle Stanley Gardner, writing as A. A. Fair, pits his top team, Bertha Cool and Donald Lam, against the people who know all too well that All Grass Isn't Green."

Reservations for Death (Duncan MacLain Mystery #9)

by Baynard Kendrick

When Belden Clark, a major metal and dye exporter goes down in a plane, his daughter contacts his old Army buddy, Captain Duncan MacLain, to help her get to the bottom of the mystery of what happened. But the plot thickens, when the FBI is called in and several more people end up dead. Is Captain Duncan on the list next? Will this be the end for the blind detective? Or can he with the help of Cappo his chauffeur, and his two German Shepherd dogs, Driest, his police dog, and Schnuck his Seeing Eye Dog, triumph in the end?

Eyes at My Feet

by Jessie Hickford

From the Book Jacket: In my work as a veterinary surgeon I regularly examine and treat guide dogs and I always find something humbling in the cheerfulness of the blind people and their pride in the wonderful animals which serve as their eyes. But not until now have I had the opportunity to read how one of these partnerships developed. With no trace of self pity Jessie Hickford takes us with her through the early difficult days of her training with her dog Prudence; and surely no writer has more movingly described the flowering of companionship and love between animal and mistress as they gradually adjust to each other. I like to write about animals and I enjoy reading about them too, so this is a book for me and for all the thousands who share my tastes. 'It is not a sad book, it is a happy one because it is a story of ultimate triumph ; and I do not know which character captivated me most the brave woman who wrote it or the beautiful dog she has never seen. JAMES HERRIOT Author of ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL

Star Born (Pax / Astra #2)

by Andre Norton

Astra already harbored an earth colony, descended from refugees from the Terra of a previous century. These men and women and, their allies, the native merpeople faced destruction at the hands of the former master race of their planet, Astra. Two youths on their voyage of adulthood discover the former rulers of Astra gathering ancient weaponry and encounter a newly planeted Terran explorer ship seemingly allied with these deadly enemies. Together, the two voyagers and one Terran explorer change the course of their world's future.

Bharadidasan Kavithaigal

by Bharadidasan

This is a compilation of Pavendhar Bharadidasan’s poetry work that covers a wide range of topics like Love, Tamizh, Woman’s world, Nature, Dravidian people etc.

Idhazhiyal Kalai

by Ma. Po. Gurusami

The author describes Journalism ,it's scope,limitations,freedom of press,Journalism as a career etc.

Ikkala Mozhiyiyal

by Muthusanmugan

This book is a complete reference text on present day Linguistics. It talks about Tamizh language and it’s linguistics in detail that makes it very useful for students.

Ikkala Tamizh Ilakkanam

by Porko

This book is a comprehensive text on present day Tamil grammar and also has a separate reference section that makes it very helpful for research and to kindle innovative thought process.

Ilakkiyamum Thiranaivum

by K. Kailasapathy

The veteran author makes a detailed study of Tamil Literature and Criticism and also emphasizes criticism’s importance in Literature.

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