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by Arthur C. Clarke Stephen Baxter

With this epic tale of altered histories and different earths, a universe where Alexander's empire prompted a different past, a world where strange alien 'eyes' gaze upon a fractured reality, a time when man is looking to colonise the red planet Arthur C. Clarke and Stephen Baxter scale new heights of ambition and sheer story telling brio. This is classic SF adventure from two of the biggest names in the genre. A heady combination of high concept SF, big engineering projects and human drama.

Firstborn (Dragonlance: Elven Nations #1)

by Paul B. Thompson Tonya C. Cook

The first title of this classic trilogy, first released in 1991, is back in this new mass market edition. Reissue.

Firstborn (Morgan's Mercenaries #28)

by Lindsay Mckenna

Jason Trayhern wore his father's glorious military legacy like a thorny crown.Though a skilled fighter pilot himself, Jason's rebel tactics didn't sit well with his commanding officers.They expected more from Morgan Trayhern's son, which was why they gave Jason another chance. But that chance felt like a death sentence. For Jason was going into combat with a new partner. And she was all too...female.A handsome, arrogant daredevil was the last thing Annie Dazen needed in her cockpit. But once she saw the wounded heart beneath Jason's tough-guy facade, she longed to heal him. And once she discovered the passion in this brooding soldier's touch, she longed to hold him tight. Now the stakes were higher. Because if she hoped to see a future with her would-be hero, they needed to survive their dangerous mission first!

Fiscal Deficits, Public Debt, and Sovereign Bond Yields1

by Emanuele Baldacci Manmohan S. Kumar

A report from the International Monetary Fund.

Fiscal Monitor, October 2013: Taxing Times

by International Monetary Fund

A report from the International Monetary Fund.

Fish, Blood and Bone

by Leslie Forbes

Claire Fleetwood, an American forensic photographer, is ardent about love and scientific work - in this she is a characteristic Leslie Forbes heroine. When Claire inherits a big house and garden in London from relatives she never knew she had, she imagines it will be a slice of the English dream. But after the brutal murder of her best friend, right in the garden of her new property, everything changes. Fish, Blood and Bone is a haunting, richly layered novel about this vulnerable young woman's quest to discover not only the motive behind her friend's death but the truth about her family's past. Claire soon decides to join a scientific expedition to India led by her cousin Jack Ironstone, for he is involved with the men whom she suspects are responsible for the murder. Her journey takes her away from Whitechapel, the claustrophobic London neighborhood (made famous long ago by Jack the Ripper) in which her garden is located, to Calcutta and thence to the wild "paradise" valleys leading to Tibet. There the expedition will search for a rare green poppy containing elements vital for a new cancer medicine, but Claire also encounters the traces of her ancestors - the Fleetwoods who were active in the opium trade a century before. In fact her route parallels the path taken by Claire's distant relative Magda Ironstone and a mysterious botanist a hundred years earlier, during Britain's Great Triangulation of India. As Claire reconstructs this love affair, she begins to find the missing pieces to her family's puzzle, and her roots, previously a buried mystery, become clearer. This dazzling novel of loss and regeneration weaves together the stories of three extraordinary families in an epic adventure. Leslie Forbes was born in Vancouver. She lives in London, where she works as an artist, travel writer and broadcaster. She is the author of 'Bombay Ice', 1998.

Fish Diseases and Disorders, Volume 3: Viral, Bacterial and Fungal Infections (2nd edition)

by Patrick T. K. Woo David W. Bruno

This third and final volume in the acclaimed Fish Diseases and Disorders trilogy addresses infectious diseases of finfish and shellfish caused by viruses, bacteria and fungi. Topics covered include infectious pancreatic necrosis virus, infectious hematopoiectic necrosis virus, viral diseases of cold- and warm-water fish, rickettsial and chlamydial infections, furunculosis, motile aeromonads, vibriosis, flavobacterial diseases and shellfish diseases. Written by experts in each discipline and updated throughout to reflect new developments in the field, including new chapters on alphaviruses, oncogenic viruses and genomics and proteomics, this is a must-have reference for fish health specialists and veterinarians, microbiologists, zoologists and researchers, and students in aquaculture.

Fish Eyes: A Book You Can Count On

by Lois Ehlert

Brightly colored fish introduce young children to counting and basic addition in this fun and simple concept book.

The Fish-Faced Mask of Mystery (Frank and Joe Hardy: The Clues Brothers #16)

by Franklin W. Dixon

Career Week at Bayport Elementary brings out some interesting guests, including an animal trainer with a chimpanzee and an anthropologist with a Pacific island mask. When the assembly is interrupted by a fire drill, the mask is stolen and the Hardys spring into action.

Fish Finelli (Book 1)

by Jason Beene Erica Farber

When bully Bryce Billings bets Fish Finelli that he can't find Captain Kidd's legendary long-lost treasure, Fish and his friends embark on a quest to find real-life pirate treasure. Between sneaking into the library to track down Captain Kidd's map, stowing away on a boat, and trespassing on an island, Fish and his friends have their work cut out for them. But will Fish actually be able to find Captain Kidd's booty and win the bet? Appropriate for both boys and girls, this first book in the Fish Finelli series will inspire readers to use their imaginations, learn about the world around them, and appreciate the bonds of friendship.

The Fish Hawk's Nest

by Stephen W. Meader

Andy, while going fishing on a south Jersey island, finds a slaughtered cow and a small chest. Both lead to a smugglers ring and adventure in 1830s south Jersey and Philadelphia. Excellent historical fiction and great characterization

A Fish in His Pocket

by Denys Cazet

All through school Russell the bear is worried about the little orange fish in his pocket, until he figures out how to return it to its pond.

Fish on Friday

by Brian M. Fagan

What gave Christopher Columbus the confidence in 1492 to set out across the Atlantic Ocean? Fish on Friday tells the story of the discovery of America as a product of the long sweep of history: the spread of Christianity and the radical cultural changes it brought to Europe, the interaction of economic necessity with a changing climate, and generations of unknown fishermen who explored the North Atlantic in the centuries before Columbus. A fascinating and multifaceted book, Fish on Friday will intrigue everyone who wonders how the vast forces of climate, culture, and technology conspire to create the history we know.

Fish or Cut Bait

by Erle Stanley Gardner A. A. Fair

Follow detectives Arnold Lam and Bertha Cool on another great adventure from a classic crime fiction writer.

Fish Out of Water (Fred the Mermaid #3)

by Maryjanice Davidson

Fred the Mermaid has taken the bait and chosen to date Artur, Prince of the Black Sea, over human marine biologist Thomas. And just in time. The existence of the Undersea Folk is no longer a secret, and someone needs to keep them from floundering in the media spotlight. Fred has all the right skills for that job, but has a hard time when her real father surfaces, and his presence complicates matters even more. As civil war threatens to sink the merfolk, Fred can't stop thinking about the landlubber she left behind... NOTE: This book features some adult language and situations.

Fish! A Remarkable Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results

by Stephen C. Lundin Harry Paul John Christensen Ken Blanchard

Imagine a workplace where everyone chooses to bring energy, passion, and a positive attitude to the job every day. Imagine an environment in which people are truly connected to their work, to their colleagues, and to their customers. In this engrossing parable, a fictional manager is charged with the responsibility of turning a chronically unenthusiastic and unhelpful department into an effective team. Across the street from her office is Seattles very real Pike Place Fish Market, world famous and wildly successful thanks to its fun, bustling, joyful atmosphere and customer service. By applying ingeniously simple lessons learned from the actual Pike Place fishmongers, our manager learns how to energize those who report to her and effect an astonishing transformation in her workplace. Addressing todays work issues (including employee retention and burnout) with an engaging metaphor and an appealing message that applies to any sector of any organization, Fish! offers wisdom that is easy to grasp, instantly applicable, and profoundthe hallmarks of a true business classic. Based on a bestselling ChartHouse training video which has been adopted by corporations including Southwest Airlines, Sprint, and Nordstrom.

A Fish Tale (Phonics Reader, #24)

by J. S. Davis

This story is about a fish which a young boy has caught. He and his Dad were going to have the fish for lunch, until the fish and the boy were left alone together and began to talk things over. This Phonics book focuses on the three sounds that the letters ED make.

Fish! Tales: Real-Life Stories to Help You Transform Your Workplace and Your Life

by Stephen C. Lundin John Christensen Harry Paul Philip Strand

FISH! told the story of a fictional company which transformed itself by applying lessons learned from Seattle's famous Pike Place Fish market. Now, with FISH! TALES, readers can learn how real-life businesses and individuals energized their workplaces and their lives by implementing the lessons from FISH! Best of all, the book stands on its own for newcomers to the FISH! philosophy. FISH! TALES focuses on diverse companies, such as a bustling Sprint regional customer service center, a quiet neurosurgical unit at a major hospital, and a brilliant car dealership. It features dozens of short takes quick and easy ways to apply the FISH! philosophy right now. And it includes a detailed program with specific steps and action plans.

The Fish Who Cried Wolf

by Julia Donaldson

Tiddler is the smallest fish in the ocean, but he tells the TALLEST tales: "Sorry I'm late, Miss. I set off really early But on my way to school I was captured by a squid. I wriggled and I struggled till a turtle came and rescued me." "Oh no he didn't." "Oh yes he did." But then one day on the way to school, Tiddler gets caught in a fisherman's net. How can the little fish with the big mouth talk his way out of this one?

Fish & Wildlife: Principles of Zoology and Ecology (Second edition)

by L. Devere Burton

The book integrates the principles of zoology and ecology with the lives of different kinds of wild animals that inhabit North America and enlightens readers to the principles of biology in the context of how science relates to the survival of fish and wildlife. It gives descriptions of the lives, structures, growth, and classification of species in their natural habitats, and raises critical thinking questions to initiate the steps taken in the process of scientific discovery.


by Sarah Mlynowski

Having roommates means living in a fishbowl: you are never alone. Smart, witty and a little bit bitchy, Fishbowl lets you press your face against the glass to see into the lives of three unique roommates-and laugh your head off.Allison, Jodine and Emma set their apartment on fire. No, they didn't do it on purpose. What kind of lunatics do you think they are? And don't go worrying. No one got hurt, although they did go to the hospital. Unfortunately, there was no one in white yelling stat!, no one climbing aboard a gurney to thump life back into someone's heart and no hot paramedic performing artificial respiration.What they do have now is one giant repair bill and no money. Problem? No way! Not for three bright women with a great fund-raising idea-they'll organize swanky soirees and dating seminars.Perfect. How could this possibly go wrong...?

Fisher, Neyman, and the Creation of Classical Statistics

by Erich L. Lehmann

Classical statistical theory--hypothesis testing, estimation, and the design of experiments and sample surveys--is mainly the creation of two men: Ronald A. Fisher (1890-1962) and Jerzy Neyman (1894-1981). Their contributions sometimes complemented each other, sometimes occurred in parallel, and, particularly at later stages, often were in strong opposition. The two men would not be pleased to see their names linked in this way, since throughout most of their working lives they detested each other. Nevertheless, they worked on the same problems, and through their combined efforts created a new discipline. This new book by E.L. Lehmann, himself a student of Neyman's, explores the relationship between Neyman and Fisher, as well as their interactions with other influential statisticians, and the statistical history they helped create together. Lehmann uses direct correspondence and original papers to recreate an historical account of the creation of the Neyman-Pearson Theory as well as Fisher's dissent, and other important statistical theories.

Fisherman Bats

by Pamela J. Gerholdt

Introduces the fisherman bat.

A Fisherman of the Inland Sea: Stories

by Ursula K. Le Guin

8 short stories from the acclaimed science fiction writer

Fisherman's Friends: Sailing at Eight Bells

by Fisherman'S Friends

For the past two decades ten men from Cornwall's Port Isaac have met on the village quayside every Friday summer evening to sing rousing sea shanties and traditional folk songs for little more than free beer. Then, in March 2010, everything changed when stardom came to this bunch of friends who had sought neither fame nor fortune. Within weeks of a record producer hearing their passionate, harmonic singing, they had a million-pound deal and were booked to appear at Glastonbury. By the end of that month a world tour was underway and Ealing Films had bought the rights to their story. Their first commercially produced album went gold almost immediately and they have now played live to hundreds of thousands of people, raising the roof everywhere with ballads such as 'The Cadgwith Anthem' and 'South Australia'. The book will tell the full story of how the boat came in for this group of burly middle-aged men, each of whom are or have been fishermen, lifeboatmen and coastguards (as well as builders, artisans, hoteliers and shop keepers) in their beloved Port Isaac. Each member of the group has his own story, and individual family histories tell of Cornwall's rugged, harsh landscape and the ever-present danger and bounty of the sea. The Fisherman's Friends have found a huge and ready audience and have rekindled interest in traditional music, striking a chord in the hearts of men and women, young and old, across the English-speaking world. With a new album due out in summer 2011, this is an affectionate and timely autobiography.

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