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I Saw the Lord: A Wake-up Call for Your Heart

by Anne Graham Lotz

Christians who feel they are missing something will wake up to how much Jesus loves them and passionately desires to revive their lives through a fresh commitment to holiness. A revived faith means a life totally dedicated to God and totally committed to the Word of God. Relationship with God takes first priority; service and mission flow from this deepened, intimate, personal relationship with God.

I Saw Three Ships

by Elizabeth Goudge

This beloved Christmas story is set in an old English seaport town, where a little girl hopes for a visit from the Wise Men. She gets and equally magical surprise instead when three ships sail into the harbor.

I Saw Zombies Eating Santa Claus

by S. G. Browne

"One of America's best satiric novelists" (Kirkus Reviews), S. G. Browne seamlessly gift wraps this horrific and hilarious sequel to his "extremely strong" (Publishers Weekly, starred review) zombie novel Breathers. He sees you when you're sleeping . . . he knows when you're undead. How does the leader of a failed zombie civil rights movement from California rescue a group of his undead brethren and help a lonely Breather girl as he hides from a band of medical researchers while disguised as Santa Claus? If you've never believed in Christmas miracles, then you wouldn't understand. Andy Warner has just escaped from a zombie research facility in Portland, Oregon, where he's been subjected to experimental testing for the past year. With Christmas just days away, Andy figures that donning a jolly old St. Nick costume to throw off his would-be captors is just the ticket. But he never expects to encounter a sweet, lonesome nine-year-old girl who not only reminds Andy of the family he's lost but who thinks he's the real Santa. He also doesn't count on being recognized as last year's national quasi-celebrity by a clandestine group of decaying supporters who look to him for leadership. For the living and the undead, this unforgettable holiday tale will truly put on display just who is gnawing and who is nice. . . .

I See

by Claire A. Olsen

A girl describes different parts of a monster she sees

I See a Truck Go

by Wiley Blevins Mircea Catusanu

NIMAC-sourced textbook

I See the Apple

by Emily Baker

NIMAC-sourced textbook

I See You Made an Effort

by Annabelle Gurwitch

Actress and humorist Annabelle Gurwitch returns with I See You Made an Effort, a book of essays so wickedly funny it may make you forget your last birthday. Not one to shy away from the grisly realities of middle age, the 'slyly subversive' (O, the Oprah Magazine) Gurwitch confronts the various indignities faced by femmes d'un certain age with candor, wit, and a healthy dose of hilarious self-deprecation Whether falling in lust at the Genius bar, navigating the extensive--and treacherously expensive--anti aging offerings at a department-store beauty counter, coping with the assisted suicide of her best friend, negotiating the ins and outs of acceptable behavior with her teenage kid, or the thudding financial reality of the 'never-tirement' generation that leads her to petty theft, Gurwitch's essays prove her a remarkably astute writer in her prime (in so many ways). Is this the beginning of the Eileen Fisher years? Where does one conduct an affair with a younger man? Is fifty the new forty? Or is fifty still just . . . fifty?Scorchingly, surreally honest and riotously triumphant, I See You Made an Effort is the ultimate coming-of-middle-age story and a must-read for women of all ages. Reading glasses not included. Praise for I See You Made an Effort'Annabelle Gurwitch is the child prodigy of the literature of aging At the youthful age of fifty, when most of us are stealthily burning our AARP magazines so the neighbors don't find them in the recycling, she has figured out how to make the humiliations of aging hilarious the only downside of this book is that it is bound to deepen your laugh lines. ' Barbara Ehrenreich, author of Nickel and Dimed'The stories in Annabelle Gurwitch's book are unexpected and imaginative, and her observations just plain cracked me up It's so great it should be required reading for everyone between the ages of forty and death Scratch that - even after death it's a must-read. ' Bill Maher'Hooray for Annabelle Gurwitch, whose funny and clear-eyed book proves that the best way to face aging is with copious amounts of laughter Peals not peels!' Henry Alford, author of Would It Kill You to Stop Doing That?'I See You Made an Effort is so funny, humble, and nutty that you'll wish Annabelle Gurwitch lived next door I laughed and commiserated with all the indignities of getting a wee bit older in a youth-obsessed world After reading this book, you won't feel alone in your secret thoughts anymore and you'll laugh really hard - the frosting on the cake!' Julia Sweeney, author of If It's Not One Thing, It's Your Mother'Comedy! Tragedy! Laughter! Tears! To be clear - more laughter than tears! Be warned: I See You Made an Effort is a book about the worst thing a person can do in America: get older Even worse: Annabelle is getting older in Hollywood of all places A tragedy and a crime But relax, the ego-wrenching tales in this book are funny because they happened to her, not you - yet. ' Bob Odenkirk'Smart, hilarious, and deeply moving, I See You Made an Effort captures the highs (few) and lows (more than a few) of not just turning fifty, but turning fifty in our time Annabelle Gurwitch lays bare the harsh reality of hitting the half-century mark in a way that keeps you simultaneously laughing and turning pages. ' Cathi Hanauer, author of Gone and editor of the Bitch in the House'I so relate to this brilliant and wildly hilarious latest work by Annabelle Gurwitch that, sadly, I think there is a middle-aged woman's body trying to break out of my own. ' Richard Lewis

I Shall Not Be Moved

by Maya Angelou

The best selling author presents a new collection of poems. This new volume of poetry captures the pain and triumph of being black and speaks out about history, heartbreak and love.From the Hardcover edition.

I Shall Not Want: a Clare Fergusson/Russ Van Alstyne Mystery (Clare Fergusson and Russ Van Alstyne Mysteries #6)

by Julia Spencer-Fleming

Rev. Fergusson tries to keep her vestry, bishop & National Guard superiors happy, denying her own wounded soul. When a Mexican farmhand finds a murdered Latino, Clare is sucked into the investigation through her involvement in the migrant community.

I Should Have Known

by Denise Robins

When young Shelley Bray was appointed governess, she thought that she would be in complete charge until she met her employer's sister. Worst of all, she was constantly made to feel small in front of her new employer, Esmond Torrington - and for some reason that mattered terribly to Shelley. Shelly had fallen desperatly in love with Esmond, the world-famous symphony director.

I Shouldn't Even Be Doing This!

by Bob Newhart

The first book ever from an icon of American comedy--a hilarious combination of stories from his career and observations about lifeThat stammer. Those basset-hound eyes. That bone-dry wit. There has never been another comedian like Bob Newhart. His comedy albums, movies, and two hit television series have made him a national treasure and placed him firmly in the pantheon of comedy legends. Who else has a drinking game named after him And now, at last, Newhart puts his brilliant and hysterical world view on paper.Never a punch-line comic, always more of a storyteller, he tells anecdotes from throughout his life and career, including his beginnings as an accountant and the groundbreaking success of his comedy albums and The Bob Newhart Show and Newhart, which gave him fifteen years on primetime television. And he also gives his wry, comedic twist to a multitude of topics, including golf, drinking, and family holidays.Today, Newhart appears on Desperate Housewives, in hit movies such as Elf, and in theaters around the country. Reruns of his shows air constantly on Nick at Nite--have recently been released with great success for the first time ever on DVD. With this book, Bob Newhart gives his millions of fans a first ever opportunity to sample his unique brand of humor--including excerpts from some of his classic routines--on the printed page.

I Shouldn't Even Be Doing This!: And Other Things That Strike Me as Funny

by Bob Newhart

Most comedians are committable. People say I'm the most normal of all comedians-and I'm still certifiable. -from Chapter One That stammer. Those basset-hound eyes. That bone-dry wit. There has never been another comedian like Bob Newhart. In this, his first book ever, Newhart gives his brilliant and bemused twist on a multitude of topics, including flying, the trials of a family holiday in a Winnebago, and more serious subjects, such as golf. And, of course, there are side-splittingly funny stories from his life and career. Who else has a drinking game named after him? ("Hi, Bob!") Newhart starts with his windy Chicago childhood: Like most kids, I didn't pay much attention in church. Until I was an adult, I thought that St. Christopher was the patron saint of magnetic feet because you stuck him on the dashboard and he wouldn't move. He writes of his few years as an accountant (he routinely grew so frustrated trying to reconcile petty cash that he would round up and down using his own pocket change). He describes his surprise at the groundbreaking success of his albums, starting with The Button-Down Mind of Bob Newhart, which was the first comedy album ever to hit #1 on the charts and won the Grammy for Album of the Year (beating Sinatra). There are stories from the legendary television shows, which spent fifteen years on prime time, and tales of other comedy greats. And as counterpoint throughout, he provides excerpts from some of his classic routines, which revolutionized comedy: Abraham Lincoln's Press Agent: What else, Abe?... You changed "four score and seven" to "eighty-seven"?... I understand it means the same thing, Abe. That's meant to be a grabber... Abe, we test-marketed that in Erie and they went out of their minds..." This isn't a memoir like most memoirs. It's a book only Bob Newhart could have written, with his unique worldview and irrepressibly wry humor on every page. Oh, and there's a fair bit of plain silliness, too.

I, Soddit

by A.R.R.R. Roberts

The hilarious autobiography of the legendary hero of THE SODDIT. Adam Roberts' THE SODDIT was a bestseller and sold 150,000 copies. But what happened to the Soddit after his adventures, and after his account of them was published. . .

I Spy

by John Russell Fearn Vargo Statten

When, in 1970, television has reached the peak of perfection, in that it it embodies colour and 3D, it seems that there is little more that can be done to improve it. Curtis Drew, a television engineer, is one of the new army of television "hams" - those amateurs who, as in the days of radio, spend a lot of spare time transmitting and receiving messages purely for the fun of it. He believes, however, that television can even yet be used for other purposes and be capable of many modifications. Prompted by his sister, whose work lies in a city hospital, he sets to work to combine the X-ray with television - calling it the Z-ray - his primary object being the study of a human being's interior for the benefit of surgery. His idea does not work out. Instead, an accident reveals something else and opens up the real, overwhelming possibilities of the Z-ray. In short, Curtis Drew discovers "pure" television, in that he can pick up any scene, anywhere, anytime. Nothing is private any more. Curtis Drew, his sister and her fiance stand on the brink of a new and amazing vista...

I Spy a Penguin

by Jean Marzollo

A Level 1 reader with picture clue riddles and search-and-find fun! All new, easy-to-read riddles by Jean Marzollo are paired with fun photographs culled from previously published I Spy books to create an I Spy easy reader. With rhythm, rhyme, and picture clues, this book is written to support the newest reader!

I Spy a Wicked Sin

by Jo Davis

The author of When Alex Was Bad and The Firefighters of Station Five series provides another titillating two-pronged mission: seduce. . . and eliminate. Jude St. Laurent is a former assassin for SHADO, a covert homeland security agency. After a mysterious accident, he's lost all memory of his former life, and embraces his new identity as a hedonistic artist. But when he's haunted by visions of the past, he turns to his new personal assistant for help-and she knows just how to make him forget. Jude doesn't know that Lily Vale is a secret agent who uses sex to manipulate her targets-and always gets her man. But her mission takes a turn when Lily realizes that there's more to this case, and Jude, than meets the eye. If she's going to save them both, she'll have to find out who's pulling the strings. . . .

I Stand by the Door: The Life of Sam Shoemaker

by Helen Smith Shoemaker

The author says: "He combined many ministries in one; he was truly 'a many-sided man': a parish priest, a prophetic preacher, a prolific writer, one of the most popular religious radio personalities in America, an outstanding counselor and life changer (especially on college campuses), and an initiator of several living movements of the laity, such as Faith at Work, the Pittsburgh Experiment, and Alcoholics Anonymous. Sam decided when he made his Christian commitment as a young man--and he never drew back from it--that he would throw his life into the breach for others."

I Stay Near You: One Story in Three

by M. E. Kerr

A love story that spans generations from a master of teen fiction. I STAY NEAR YOU: Mildred Cone in the Forties; WELCOME TO MY DISAPPEARANCE: Vincent Haigney in the Sixties; and SOMETHING I'VE NEVER TOLD YOU: Powell Storm Haigney in the Eighties.

I, Steve: Steve Jobs In His Own Words

by George Beahm

Drawn from more than three decades of media coverage-print, electronic, and online-this book serves up the best, most thought-provoking insights ever spoken by Steve Jobs: more than 200 quotations that are essential reading for everyone who seeks innovative solutions and inspirations applicable to their business, regardless of size.Jobs, the longtime CEO of Apple, Inc., which he co-founded in 1976, stepped down from that role in August 2011, bringing an end to one of the greatest, most transformative business careers in history. Over the years, Jobs has given countless interviews to the media, explaining what he calls "the vision thing"-his unmatched ability to envision, and successfully bring to the marketplace, consumer products that people find simply irresistible.Jobs has made an indelible mark in multiple industries, and played an enormous role in creating others. Consider how Jobs and Apple shaped the following fields: personal computers (laptop and desktop), apps (for multiple electronic devices), computer animation (Pixar), music (iTunes), telecommunications (iPhone), personal digital devices (iPod), books (iBook), and, most recently, tablets (iPad). Jobs is the great business visionary of our era.I, Steve is the perfect gift or reference item for everyone interested in this great American original

I Still Dream About You

by Fannie Flagg

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERThe beloved Fannie Flagg is at her irresistible and hilarious best in I Still Dream About You, a comic mystery romp through the streets of Birmingham, Alabama, past, present, and future.Meet Maggie Fortenberry, a still beautiful former Miss Alabama. To others, Maggie's life seems practically perfect--she's lovely, charming, and a successful agent at Red Mountain Realty. Still, Maggie can't help but wonder how she wound up living a life so different from the one she dreamed of as a child. But just when things seem completely hopeless, and the secrets of Maggie's past drive her to a radical plan to solve it all, Maggie discovers, quite by accident, that everybody, it seems, has at least one little secret.I Still Dream About You is a wonderful novel that is equal parts southern charm, murder mystery, and that perfect combination of comedy and old-fashioned wisdom that can be served up only by America's own remarkable Fannie Flagg.Look for special features inside.Join the Circle for author chats and hat everybody, it seems--dead or alive--has at least one little secret.I Still Dream About You is a wonderful novel that is equal parts Southern charm, murder mystery, and that perfect combination of comedy and old-fashioned wisdom that can be served up only by America's own remarkable Fannie Flagg. From the Hardcover edition.

I Still Have It . . . I Just Can't Remember Where I Put It

by Rita Rudner

I bought a new wrinkle cream. If you use it once a day, you look younger in a month. Twice a day, you look younger in two weeks. I ate it. As the years go by, and the decades begin to pile up, people will do just about anything to reverse the signs of aging: LASIK surgery, industrial-strength hair dye, seven consecutive forty-ninth birthday parties. Rita Rudner is no exception. When she turned fifty, she couldn't even bear to say the word. InI Still Have It . . . I Just Can't Remember Where I Put It, Rudner writes with humor and candor about all of the small indignities and everyday absurdities that have become standard fare. From the perils of catalog-ordering addiction to the challenges of keeping up with the latest in electronics, lingerie, and reality television to the joys and worries of being an older mother to the long search for the perfect retirement house, Rita covers it all. So put on your bifocals and power up your sense of humor! Just don't blame Rita when your laugh lines get visibly deeper. Refreshingly honest and undeniably hilarious,I Still Have It . . . I Just Can't Remember Where I Put Itis a laugh-out-loud look at the wonders and the surprises of life on the dark side of fifty. From the Hardcover edition.

I, Strahd: Memoirs of a Vampire

by P. N. Elrod

A re-release of a haunting vampire tale from best-selling author P.N. Elrod. This striking new re-release of I, Strahd: Memoirs of a Vampire, a novel by well-known vampire author P.N. Elrod, features all new cover art and a new trade paperback size. This re-release is intended to introduce new readers to the author and showcase one of her early titles to her avid fans.P.N. "Pat" Elrod got her start in professional writing began at TSR doing gaming modules. A lifelong fan of vampire stories, gangster films, and pulp magazines, she combined all three into The Vampire Files, featuring the undead detective Jack Fleming. She also wrote the Jonathan Barrett: Gentleman Vampire series, edited Time of the Vampires with Martin H. Greenberg, and has contributed to several other anthologies. She collaborated with actor Nigel Bennett (LaCroix of TV's Forever Knight) on a series of vampire novels, beginning with Keeper of the King.

I Suck at Girls

by Justin Halpern

"Human beings fear the unknown. So, whatever's freaking you out, grab it by the balls and say hello. Then it ain't the unknown anymore and it ain't scary. Or I guess it could be a shitload scarier." Fans of the #1 bestseller Sh*t My Dad Says will recognize the always-patient voice of Justin Halpern's dad as it crackles through the pages of this hysterical new book. The story begins when Justin takes his dad out to lunch to announce that he's decided to propose to his girlfriend. "You've been dating her for four years," his dad replies. "It ain't like you found a parallel fucking universe." But eventually he gives Justin some advice: that he should take a day off and think back over everything he's learned in life about women, relationships, and himself before making his decision. And that's just what Justin does--revisiting everything from his disastrous childhood crushes to the night he finally lost his virginity while working as a dishwasher at Hooters. I Suck at Girls is full of his dad's patented brand of wisdom. But it's also full of new characters just as funny as his dad--from his brother, who provides insights into wedding night rituals ("You stand in one corner of the room, and she stands in the other. You each take off one piece of clothing at a time") to his first boss, who warns Justin to man up: "That's what a man does. He takes his shots and then he scrubs the shit out of some dishes." The result is a pilgrim's progress through the landscape of sex and love--by one of the funniest writers at work today.

I, Superhero!!

by Mike Mcmullen

Evildoers, Take Heed! Justice has a new face, and it wears a mask. Who are we talking about? Ordinary folk like Mike McMullen, a. k. a. The Amazing Whitebread, who become something entirely new and occasionally borderline pathological: Real-Life Superheroes (RLSHs). "Being a singing superheroine is a way for me to not only pay the bills, it also helps me give the baddies such a headache. "--Danger WomanComplete with costumes and all the gadgetry they can afford from selling old copies of Action Comics on eBay, RLSHs dish out their own brand of justice--while criminals go about their business and law enforcers roll their eyes. "Me and Shadowhare were walking past a bank and we stopped to make a phone call. As soon as we started walking away, the police came up and said, Do you know why we stopped you? Because you guys are wearing masks standing in front of a bank. "--Mr. XtremeMcMullen spans the country, coach class, seeking to develop his own RLSH identity and address such weighty issues as: Sidekicks: Faithful wards or CPS bait?Bad Guys: Where the hell are they all hiding?Super-tights: How snug is too snug? So don your mask, suck in your gut, and join us. "Hey, youre with a superhero. . . what could go wrong?"--Geist, the Emerald Cowboy Michael McMullen, a. k. a. The Amazing Whitebread, was born in Wichita Falls, Texas. He earned an undergraduate degree in history and philosophy, and subsequently took the only employment option open to someone with the resultant lack of marketable skills: government service. Hes worked as an intelligence analyst for the U. S. Department of Justice for just over a decade and currently lives in Arlington, Texas, with his wife, Lauren, and their children, Grant and Gracie. His hobbies include aspiring to get some woodworking done, thinking about learning a musical instrument, and trying to get interested in any computer game other than Text Twist. He has had short pieces published in various science fiction/fantasy magazines and currently holds the record for "Worst-Kept Secret Identity. "

I Swear

by Lane Davis

Who's to blame when bullying leads to suicide? A gripping exploration of crucial importance seeks answers in and out of the courtroom.After years of abuse from her classmates, and thinking she had no other options, Leslie took her own life. Now her abusers are dealing with the fallout. In the eyes of the accused girls, they are not to blame: Leslie chose to take her life. She chose to be the coward they always knew she was. As criminal proceedings examine the systematic cyber bullying and harassment that occurred, the girls vow to keep their stories straight and make Leslie seem weak. But as the events leading up to her death unfold, it becomes clear that although Leslie took her own life, her bullies took everything else. Told in alternating perspectives and through well-paced flashbacks, this timely novel sheds light on both the victims of bullying and the consequences bullies face.

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