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The One from the Other

by Philip Kerr

Bernie Gunther, the iconoclastic private-eye, is the ideal narrator for Philip Kerr's bleak tale of the dirty deals made by victors and vanquished alike in post-war Germany. Having learned that there's no way to distinguish 'the one from the other', the cynical P. I. has the moral clarity to see through the deceit and hypocrisy of both friend and foe. Munich, 1949: Amid the chaos of defeat, it's a place of dirty deals, rampant greed, fleeing war criminals, and all the backstabbing intrigue that prospers in the aftermath of war. A place where a private eye can find a lot of not-quite-reputable work: cleaning up the Nazi past of well-to-do locals, abetting fugitives in the flight abroad, sorting out rival claims to stolen goods. It's work that fills Bernie with disgust - but it also fills his sorely depleted wallet. Then a woman seeks him out. Her husband has disappeared. She's not looking to get him back - he's a wanted man who ran one of the most vicious concentration camps in Poland. She just wants confirmation that he's dead. It's a simple enough job. But in post-war Germany, nothing is simple. . .

One Glorious Ambition

by Jane Kirkpatrick

One dedicated voice to the suffering of many Born to an unavailable mother and an abusive father, Dorothea Dix longs simply to protect and care for her younger brothers, Charles and Joseph. But at just fourteen, she is separated from them and sent to live with relatives to be raised properly. Lonely and uncertain, Dorothea discovers that she does not possess the ability to accept the social expectations imposed on her gender and she desires to accomplish something more than finding a suitable mate. Yearning to fulfill her God-given purpose, Dorothea finds she has a gift for teaching and writing. Her pupils become a kind of family, hearts to nurture, but long bouts of illness end her teaching and Dorothea is adrift again. It's an unexpected visit to a prison housing the mentally ill that ignites an unending fire in Dorothea's heart--and sets her on a journey that will take her across the nation, into the halls of the Capitol, befriending presidents and lawmakers, always fighting to relieve the suffering of what Scripture deems, the least of these. In bringing nineteenth-century, historical reformer Dorothea Dix to life, author Jane Kirkpatrick combines historical accuracy with the gripping narrative of a woman who recognized suffering when others turned away, and the call she heeded to change the world.

One Golden Christmas

by Lenora Worth

A world-weary and commitment-phobic heroine and a widowed hero find their in God and learn that love can happen twice in a lifetime.

One Good Deed a Day

by Chronicle Books

If kindness is indeed contagious, it's about to go absolutely viral. This uplifting book suggests 365 seemingly simple actions that have the power to ignite a chain reaction of compassion. Each brightly illustrated page features an inspiring prompt ("tell a friend why she means the world to you," "pay for the car behind you at the toll booth," "say a blessing for one thing you're grateful for today") encouraging people to make meaningful connections with loved ones, build community, spread cheer to strangers, or prioritize their own happiness. This chunky gift book also offers space to journal so that, upon reflection, readers will be motivated to complete another good deed the next day, and the next, for a year's worth of extraordinary impact.

One Good Dog

by Susan Wilson

The story of one man, one dog, and how they save each other in ways they never could have expected.

One Good Man

by Julie Miller

In the first popular book in USA TODAY bestselling author Julie Miller's miniseries The Taylor Clan, a KCPD cop goes undercover to protect a vulnerable beauty...Mitch Taylor had faith in his gun, his badge and his years of experience. But he knew society gal Casey Maynard was trouble, and protecting her would be hell. Twenty years on the force had toned Mitch's body and honed his senses-keeping Casey safe from her stalker wasn't the issue. Keeping himself from falling for her was. She'd been alone, scared for so long. But in Mitch's arms Casey felt things she thought she'd lost forever: safety, trust...passion. She needed him there as a cop, to serve and protect. But she wanted him there as a man, to give her something worth living for....

One Good Man

by Charlotte Douglas

Jodie's only experience with love had resulted in a pregnancy at age 15. Now she has a rebellious teen. The last thing she needs is a boyfriend.

One Good Punch

by Rich Wallace

ASK ANYBODY AROUND East Scranton High School: Michael Kerrigan is almost too good to be true. Dedicated athlete, captain of the track team, editorial assistant (obituary writer) at theScranton Observer,he's never been in trouble, and he doesn't associate with troublemakers. This is the most important track season of his life - and he's ready. That is, until the police find four joints in his locker. Soon Mike's seemingly perfect world is threatened, and with pressure coming from his parents, his childhood best friend, and his sort-of girlfriend, Mike is faced with a choice - a choice that will determine the kind of athlete, friend, and man he becomes.

One Good Run: The Legend of Burt Munro

by Tim Hanna

"All Burt Munro wanted was one perfect run on his highly modified Indian Scout Motorcycle- to see how fast it would really go. In a tiny home workshop in New Zealand, with the barest of tools, but a native engineering genius, he constantly rebuilt and modified a unique speed machine, bought brand newi n 1920 for $50. After running out of challenges at home and already aged in his sixties, Burt took his 'Munro Special' to the famous Bonneville salt flats in Utah where he became a legend."day. The life story of Burt Munro is one of triumph over limitation, achievement against all odds. Brave, funny, gritty and brilliant, he was quite literally one of the original speed freaks, whose exploits have now inspired the hit movie The World's Fastest Indian starring Sir Anthony Hopkins.

One Good Turn

by Kate Atkinson

On a beautiful summer day, crowds lined up outside a theater witness a sudden act of extreme road rage: a tap on a fender triggers a nearly homicidal attack. Jackson Brodie, ex-cop, ex-private detective, new millionaire, is among the bystanders.The event thrusts Jackson into the orbit of the wife of an unscrupulous real estate tycoon, a washed-up comedian, a successful crime novelist, a mysterious Russian woman, and a female police detective. Each of them hiding a secret, each looking for love or money or redemption or escape, they all play a role in driving Jackson out of retirement and into the middle of several mysteries that intersect in one sinister scheme.Kate Atkinson "writes such fluid, sparkling prose that an ingenious plot almost seems too much to ask, but we get it anyway," writes Laura Miller for Salon. With a keen eye for the excesses of modern life, a warm understanding of the frailties of the human heart, and a genius for plots that turn and twist, Atkinson has written a novel that delights and surprises from the first page to the last.

One Grain of Rice

by Demi

Long ago in India, there lived a raja who believed that he was wise and fair. But every year he kept nearly all the people's rice for himself. Then a village girl named Rani devises a clever plan, using the surprising power of doubling to win more than one billion grains of rice from the raja.

One Green Apple

by Eve Bunting Ted Lewin

Farah feels alone, even when surrounded by her classmates. She listens and nods but doesn't speak. It's hard being the new kid in school, especially when you're from another country and don't know the language. Then, on a field trip to an apple orchard, Farah discovers there are lots of things that sound the same as they did at home, from dogs crunching their food to the ripple of friendly laughter. As she helps the class make apple cider, Farah connects with the other students and begins to feel that she belongs.Ted Lewin's gorgeous sun-drenched paintings and Eve Bunting's sensitive text immediately put the reader into another child's shoes in this timely story of a young Muslim immigrant.

One Hen: How One Small Loan Made a Big Difference

by Katie Smith Milway

This is the hen that Kojo bought . . . This is the story of how changes happen in the world, one person, one family, one community at a time. Kojo lives in a small town in Ghana, West Africa. He and his mother survive by gathering and selling firewood. There is never much money or food--just enough to get by. When Kojo is given a small loan, he has an idea. He will use the money to buy a hen, so that they will have eggs to eat. Soon there are extra eggs to sell at the market. With the profits, Kojo buys more hens and eventually earns enough for his school fees. After finishing school, he gets a bigger loan and gradually builds up a poultry farm, hires workers and pays taxes that improve his community. Along the way, Kojo loans others money so that they too can leave poverty behind. One Hen is a persuasive story of how reaching out to help someone with a small loan can have a big impact. But it is more than just a story. Kojo is based on a real person, Kwabena Darko, who really did change his community and now is helping others do the same through a microcredit lending program. Change can happen, one person at a time.

One Hidden Stuff

by Barbara Ras

Using long-lined, imaginative leaps to connect the everyday with the miraculous, the intimate with the visionary, Barbara Ras's poems surge across the page like waves crashing on a beach. She crafts the forty-one new poems in this collection with a zany and spacious cunning that reaches from family to community, from what's cherished to what's lost, from culture to nature.

One Hot Cowboy

by Cathy Gillen Thacker

HOW TO MARRY...One Hot Cowboysqrt Keep a lasso handy.sqrt Saddle a fast horse.sqrt Chase him into the sunset.Maggie Porter planned to find a cowboy husband, not a job! But somehow, when she rode onto Jake MacIntyre's ranch, she found herself agreeing to stay-as nanny to Jake's twin nephews.The boys caused some trouble, but Maggie was the one in hot water. Jake's touch made her tremble. His kisses seared her soul. And he insisted on helping her marry...anyone but himself.

One Hot Mess

by Lois Greiman

When LAPD lieutenant Jack Rivera's womanizing father comes calling, asking psychologist Christina McMullen to investigate a mysterious death that might haunt his campaign for president of the United States, Chrissy is soon investigating not one "accidental" death but two--until she stumbles upon a trail of bodies littering Senator Rivera's distinguished career. As she untangles a web of high-stakes lies, Chrissy believes that she's found the secret to a serial killer's underground campaign.

One Hundred More Poems from the Chinese: Love and the Turning Year

by Kenneth Rexroth

This is a collection of translations from Chinese done down the years solely to please myself. It is offered with no pretense to scholarship or to mastery of that complex subject, Sinology.

One Hundred Poems from the Chinese

by Kenneth Rexroth

Thirty-five poems by Tu Fu make up the first part of this volume. The translator then moves on to the Sung Dynasty (10th-12th centuries) to give us a number of poets of that period, much of whose work was not previously available in English: Mei Yao Ch'en, Su Tung P'o, Lu Yu, Chu Hsi, Hsu Chao, and the poetesses Li Ch'ing Chao and Chu Shu Chen. There is a general introduction, biographical and explanatory notes on the poets and poems, and a bibliography of other translations of Chinese poetry.

One Hundred Thousand Dollar Dawn (Best Friends #7)

by Susan Smith

DAWN STRIKES IT RICH! Dawn Selby's family has won a free trip to Los Angeles to compete on FAMILY FORTUNE, TV's highest-paying game show! And Terri is coming along for the ride! It's a dream come true when Dawn answers the $100,000 question - and the Selbys win. Suddenly they're rich. Famous. And changing. Dawn's brother and sister don't want to work in the family bakery anymore. Her parents are spending like mad: a tiny sportscar, expensive clothes - and a Caribbean vacation. Nobody's minding the bakery, and people are beginning to complain. Dawn loves the bakery, but she seems to be the only one who cares about it! Like true friends, Terri, Angela, Sonya and Linda, pitch in and try to help. Can they save the bakery before "The Dream of a Lifetime" becomes a real nightmare?

One Hundred Times to China

by Lloyd Kropp

The story of an average American family in the aftermath of the apocalyptic disintegration of the United States.

The One I Left Behind

by Jennifer Mcmahon

The summer of 1985 changes Reggie's life. An awkward thirteen-year-old, she finds herself mixed up with the school outcasts. That same summer, a serial killer called Neptune begins kidnapping women. He leaves their severed hands on the police department steps and, five days later, displays their bodies around town. Just when Reggie needs her mother, Vera, the most, Vera's hand is found on the steps. But after five days, there's no body and Neptune disappears. Now, twenty-five years later, Reggie is a successful architect who has left her hometown and the horrific memories of that summer behind. But when she gets a call revealing that her mother has been found alive, Reggie must confront the ghosts of her past and find Neptune before he kills again.

The One in the Middle Is the Green Kangaroo

by Judy Blume Debbie Ohi

Second grader Freddy Dissel has that left-out kind of feeling. Life seems lonely when you're the middle kid in the family. Freddy feels like "the peanut butter part of a sandwich," squeezed between an older brother and little sister. But now for the first time it's Freddy's chance to show everyone, including himself, just how special he is!

One Jump Ahead

by Mark L. Van Name

Jon Moore: A nanotech-enhanced warrior who wants nothing more than a quiet life and a way back to his strange home world. Lobo: An AI-enhanced Predator-Class Assault Vehicle, a mobile fortress equipped for any environment from the seabed to interstellar space. Two Wolves In A Galaxy Of Larger Predators Jon Moore wanted only to relax on the pristine planet of Macken--but Macken was the secret battleground of two megacorporations, both determined to control the local jump gate and the riches of an undeveloped world. Moore was too valuable a tool not to be used, whether or not he was willing. What the corporations didn't realize was that Moore had a mind of his own and a conscience that wouldn't let him quit until he'd righted the wrong they'd tricked him into making. And Moore had Lobo--or just possibly Lobo had Jon Moore, because this Assault Vehicle had a mind of its own. . . . Finding allies and enemies among terrorist groups and elite mercenaries, gun-runners and the only kind of government possible on a frontier short on rules and long on riches, Jon and Lobo fight to a climax with a corporate army that can't afford to leave any witnesses. Exotic settings, fast action, real tech, mechanically-enhanced animals-and a beautiful woman who's as deadly as a cobra!One Jump Ahead:the first novel in the Jon & Lobo series

One L: The Turbulent True Story Of A First Year At Harvard Law School

by Scott Turow

For those who have not been to law school, Turow makes the experience breathe; for those who have, he recalls it vividly. His book is an important document, albeit a personal one, because it raises disturbing questions about the means and ends of legal education.

One Lane Bridge

by Don Reid

What J. D. needs is a little peace and quiet. He is trying to run two restaurants, keep his daughter from dropping out of college, and satisfy his lonely, aging mother. Cash begins to disappear from one of the restaurants, and he and his wife argue about how to deal with the problem.One tranquil evening, J. D. takes off on a ride in the country to clear his mind. Top down, setting sun, wind in his hair ... leak in the radiator. When he walks up to an old farmhouse to ask for water, he finds a family living in poverty, and vows to help. When he returns with groceries, he can't find them or the house--although he's not lost. While J. D. struggles to make sense of this mystery, his behavior creates doubt in his marriage, and even his best friend thinks he's crazy. And when he solves it, his life is changed forever.

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