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It's a Chick Thing

by Ame Mahler Beanland Emily Miles Terry

A fun collection of spririted stories pays homage to the special and unique times that strenghten the bonds of female friendships.

It's a Crime

by Jacqueline Carey

Landscape designer and mystery novel enthusiast Pat Foy has the perfect life until her husband is arrested for accounting fraud at his firm. For help, she turns to two friends, both mystery novelists, in this smart, funny portrait of a family in the aftermath of a corporate scandal.

It's a Crime: Women and Justice, Second Edition

by Roslyn Muraskin

The roles women play and what they face in the criminal justice system, both as criminals and as employees.

It's a Curl Thing

by Jacquelin Thomas

From bestselling author Jacquelin Thomas comes the first novel in a spin-off of her inspirational teen fiction series featuring Divine Matthews-Hardison and her friends. Senior prom is only one day away and Divine's friend, Rhyann Hamilton, is having a really bad day. She is in desperate need of major hair repair after her cousin's attempt at styling has wreaked havoc on Rhyann's tresses. In tears, Rhyann schedules an emergency appointment at an unknown salon only to end up with most of her hair chopped off, and not enough money to pay for the expensive appointment. Luckily, the owner is sympathetic and offers Rhyann a chance to work off the money she owes. Through this arrangement she meets a very special person who will challenge her, inspire her, and change Rhyann's life forever... Fast-paced, fun, and inspirational, It's a Curl Thing features wonderfully engaging characters facing everyday challenges, as they try to find a balance between personal success and maintaining their Christian principles.

It's a Dog's Life...but It's Your Carpet: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Your Four-legged Friend

by Justine A. Lee

Why does my dog lick his balls? Admit it; you've always wanted to know. Well, finally there's a professional out there who's not too embarrassed to answer-bone-fide veterinarian, critical-care specialist, and dog lover Dr. Justine A. Lee. It's a Dog's Life . . . but It's Your Carpet takes you behind the scenes to look at the training and off-the-record opinions of a certified vet, and answers all the questions you've always wanted to ask about your dog, including: Is a dog's nose a good indicator of his health? Can a Chihuahua and a Great Dane mate? Why do dogs eat their own poop? What's the smartest breed? Can I get my dog's ears pierced? Why does my dog roll around in rotting feces? If I mix food coloring with Fluffy's kibble, will it make her poop easier to find in the yard? Written by one of two hundred veterinary board-certified emergency critical-care specialists in the world,It's a Dog's Life . . . but It's Your Carpet offers factual and funny answers to some of the most common, offbeat questions about our beloved companions. Whether you're looking for advice on pet rearing, solutions to your dog's most frustrating habits, explanations of his weirdest quirks, or simply a good laugh, this book is sure to inform-and entertain-dog lovers of every breed.

It's a Dog's Life (Hank the Cowdog Series, #3)

by John R. Erickson

Hank contracts a mysterious case of "soap hydrophobia" while visiting his sister in town and ends up imprisoned in the dog pound.

It's a Fair Day, Amber Brown

by Paula Danziger

Upset with her parents for arguing on what she hoped would be a perfect day, Amber gets lost at a county fair when she tries to follow her best friend Justin and his family through the crowd.

It's a Green Thing (Diary of a Teenage Gir:l Maya #2)

by Melody Carlson

For the first time that she can remember, Maya Stark is beginning to feel like a "normal" teenager. Even with her mother in jail for drug possession and her pop-star father away on his comeback tour, Maya's new life with her uncle Allen and cousin Kim is coming together. Summer vacation's just beginning, and with a new job, a new boyfriend, and a new car (hybrid, of course), things are finally starting to look up.But that doesn't mean life is about to get any easier. Maya's still devoted to living Green, and her uncle offers her a Green column in his newspaper. With the opportunity to make a difference in the town's attitude toward the environment, Maya wonders how this fits with her newfound commitment to Christ. And if she can really consider herself a Christian when her feelings toward a fellow youth group member are anything but loving...From the Trade Paperback edition.

It's a Home Run, Charlie Brown!

by Charles M. Schulz Judy Katschke

Batter up! This season Charlie Brown hopes his team will finally win a game. But it's not easy being the manager! Can Charlie Brown score the winning home run and save his team?

It's a Long Story

by David Ritz Willie Nelson

The definitive autobiography of Willie Nelson "Unvarnished. Funny. Leaving no stone unturned." . . . So say the publishers about this book I've written. What I say is that this is the story of my life, told as clear as a Texas sky and in the same rhythm that I lived it. It's a story of restlessness and the purity of the moment and living right. Of my childhood in Abbott, Texas, to the Pacific Northwest, from Nashville to Hawaii and all the way back again. Of selling vacuum cleaners and encyclopedias while hosting radio shows and writing song after song, hoping to strike gold. It's a story of true love, wild times, best friends, and barrooms, with a musical sound track ripping right through it. My life gets lived on the road, at home, and on the road again, tried and true, and I've written it all down from my heart to yours. Signed,Willie Nelson

It's a Miracle 3: Extraordinary Real-Life Stories Based on the PAX TV Series "It's a Miracle"

by Richard Thomas

This book emphasizes the role of angels in protecting and bringing blessings to people when they are grieving. Dreams are also shown to warn people and prepare them for impending frightening situations.

It's a Purl Thing (Chicks with Sticks, Book 1)

by Elizabeth Lenhard

STITCH by STITCH, Scottie's life is changing, and not for the better. She feels like she's losing her best friend Amanda, and her mom has morphed into the new It girl of Chicago's art world. It feels just like the bottom is about to drop out of her world completely, and then she's thrown a cashmerino lifeline when she discovers KnitWit, her local yarn store. There she and Amanda meet new friends Bella and Tay, and before long all four girls are bound together by their yen for yarn and their hunger for friendship. Soon the stitches and the friendships become so intertwined, it's hard to remember which came first--the girls or the purls. Check the Bookshare collection for book 2, Chicks with Sticks Knit Two Together and book 3, Chicks With Sticks Knitwise.

It's a Thin Line

by Kimberla Lawson Roby

Sydney, Gina, and Rick are siblings who have always shared a special bond, and yet their lives are as different as can be. Responsible eldest sister Sydney has everything she's ever wanted-a sexy husband, an adorable daughter, and fulfilling work. But, little by little, the demands of her writing career have mounted, leaving her little time or energy for family life. Meanwhile proud middle sister Gina is struggling to raise her eight-year-old twins-and protect them from the increasing fury of their volatile father. Impulsive brother Rick, the baby of the family, is living the high life-dodging commitment with his longtime girlfriend and wondering if the grass is greener somewhere else. When their beloved mother Delores suffers a debilitating stroke, all three suddenly find the tenuous threads of their individual lives at a breaking point. A dark childhood secret threatens Sydney's secure world; Gina is swept into a maelstrom of domestic violence; and Rick comes to a dramatic crossroads in his relationship with his girlfriend. Worst of all, the burden of caring for a parent is tearing the siblings apart, shattering their faith in one another. Now, as Sydney, Gina, and Rick struggle to overcome daunting obstacles and rebuild their lives, they will discover something they've never let themselves believe: that their most stable-and most cherished-relationships have always been with each other.

It's About Time

by N. David Mermin

In It's About Time, N. David Mermin asserts that relativity ought to be an important part of everyone's education--after all, it is largely about time, a subject with which all are familiar. The book reveals that some of our most intuitive notions about time are shockingly wrong, and that the real nature of time discovered by Einstein can be rigorously explained without advanced mathematics. This readable exposition of the nature of time as addressed in Einstein's theory of relativity is accessible to anyone who remembers a little high school algebra and elementary plane geometry. The book evolved as Mermin taught the subject to diverse groups of undergraduates at Cornell University, none of them science majors, over three and a half decades. Mermin's approach is imaginative, yet accurate and complete. Clear, lively, and informal, the book will appeal to intellectually curious readers of all kinds, including even professional physicists, who will be intrigued by its highly original approach.

It's About Time

by Charlotte Douglas

Who'd Been Sleeping in Her Bed?When Tory Caswell attended her sister's wedding in a magical old Victorian resort, her mind was filled with images of bouquets and garters. But when she awakened the next morning, she thought she was still dreaming. Because a gray-eyed hunk was sharing her pillow!Rand Trent had drunk some brandy the previous night, but not that much. He could never have forgotten sleeping in the arms of such a gorgeous woman. But was Tory Caswell sane? After all, the instant she got a second look at Rand, she started proclaiming that it was 1995-when he knew good and well that it was the 1800s....

It's All About the Dress

by Randy Fenoli

Every bride wants to feel beautiful and wants to have her dress express the essence of who she is. Now choosing the perfect thing to wear on that special day is easier than ever! Drawing on his experience as fashion director at Kleinfeld Bridal, Randy Fenoli has written a guidebook bursting with insights and inspiration for helping brides-to-be determine what story they want their dress to tell. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE DRESS covers:-Suggestions on flattering cuts, fabrics, and styles for every body type-Price ranges and budget-Trains, veils, headpieces, undergarments, and accessories-Insider secrets on managing the bridal dress appointment-Options for bridesmaids, mother of the bride, and more!Featuring 100 inspiring photos plus invaluable tips on how to deal with bridal dress 911's, IT'S ALL ABOUT THE DRESS is the ultimate sourcebook no bride-to-be should say "I do" without!

It's All American Food: The Best Recipes for More Than 400 New American Classics

by David Rosengarten

The award-winning cookbook that's 'full of delicious recipes......I am thrilled that someone has finally taken the time and done the work to compile a cookbook that embraces the richness and diversity of food in America.' -Daniel Boulud American food is no longer just mashed potatoes and roast beef! From pesto to paella, from coq au vin to chicken satay, from Philly cheesesteak to Texas barbecue, here are foolproof recipes for more than 400 dishes-the food that Americans really love to eat.

It's All Greek to Me

by Katie Macalister

When Eglantine 'Harry' Knight sets off for Greece as the manager of a friend's touring band, the last thing she expected was to fall hard-and-fast for a billionaire playboy with a completely unpronounceable name. Iakovos Papaionannou knew his sister hired her favourite band to play at her birthday party. The one thing he doesn't know is where this six-foot-tall, wild-haired and tempestuous woman fits in - or how she's ended up in his bed and his heart. Yet she just might be the one who knocks him off the world's most eligible bachelor list for good.

It's All Greek to Me (Time Warp Trio #8)

by Jon Scieszka

From the book: Joe, Fred, and Sam are about to go on stage in their school play about Greek myths when Fred's lightning bolt accidentally knocks their script into The Book (the magic one, that is). Wouldn't you know it, they get warped back to Mount Olympus and land in the middle of a feud between the gods and goddesses and the monsters of ancient Greece. Even though Sam's snappy insults get them invited over for nectar and ambrosia, and Joe's magic tricks wow the crowd,, the boys know they'd better get home before their odyssey turns into a Greek tragedy...

It's All In The Stars (Girl Talk #5)

by L. E. Blair

Sabrina has a secret admirer.

It's All True: Orson Welles's Pan-American Odyssey

by Catherine L. Benamou

Catherine Benamou synthesizes a wealth of new and little-known source material gathered on two continents, including interviews with key participants, to present a compelling original view of the film "It's All True," shot in Mexico and Brazil between 1941 and 1942 and its historical significance.

It’s Always Possible: Transforming One of the Largest Prisons in the World

by Kiran Bedi

Located in India's capital, New Delhi, is Tihar, one of the largest prisons in the world. Within the prison complex of over 200 acres are housed over 9,700 inmates - men, women, adolescents, children; both Indians and foreigners.

It's an Aardvark-Eat-Turtle World

by Paula Danziger

When Rosie and her mother form a new family with Rosie's best friend and her father, Rosie finds that it takes a lot of work to make a family in a world of changing relationships. Copyright © Libri GmbH. All rights reserved.

It's Called Work for a Reason

by Larry Winget

Santa and Mrs. Claus must rush to find a home for a foundling kitten named Cookie. Santa would love to keep the kitten, but he's allergic--and there's a little girl out there with the perfect home. Readers familiar with Pulver's Christmas for a Kitten will delight in Cookie's further Christmas Eve adventures. This is a fixed-format ebook, which preserves the design and layout of the original print book.

It's Classified

by Nicolle Wallace

The latest "must for political junkies and fans of political fiction"* from New York Times bestselling author Nicole Wallace. The four most powerful women in Washington are at the top of their political game. . . . What could possibly go wrong? Charlotte Kramer, America's first female president, is beginning her second term and is determined to make her mark on history though events do seem to be conspiring against her. Melanie Kingston, her best friend, just signed on as secretary of defense. Will their relationship survive? Dale Smith is the senior communications advisor to the vice president and knows a secret that could not only ruin her own career, but put the credibility of the White House on the line. Tara Meyers is the most popular vice president in recent history, but does her public image match her private life? When a classified terror threat is made public, all the weaknesses of this presidency are laid bare--and with the country's safety at stake, someone in the White House isn't taking any chances. From the bestselling author of Eighteen Acres comes a novel with a true insider's look at the lives of Washington's political elite. It's Classified reveals the intrigue and drama that go on behind the closed doors of the White House and opens up a world few have access to.

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