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The Gathering Dark

by Christine Johnson

A mysterious teen boy knows the secrets of Keira's dangerous hallucinations in this gripping romantic fantasy from the author ofClaire de Lune. Keira's hallucinating. First it's a door hovering above the road; then it's a tree in her living room. But with her parents fighting and her best friend not speaking to her, Keira can't tell anyone about her breakdown. Until she meets Walker. They have an electric connection, and somehow he can see the same shadowy images plaguing Keira. But trusting Walker may be more dangerous than Keira could have ever imagined. The more she confides in him, the more intense--and frightening--her visions become. Because Walker is not what he appears to be. And neither are her visions.

A Gathering of Crows

by Brian Keene

Brinkley Springs is a quiet little town. Some say the town is dying. They don't know how right they are. Five mysterious figures are about to pay a little visit to Brinkley Springs. They have existed for centuries, emerging from the shadows only to destroy, to kill. To feed. They bring with them terror and carnage, and leave death and blood in their wake. As the night wears on, Brinkley Springs will be quiet no longer. Screams will break the silence. But when the sun rises again, will there be anyone left to hear?

A Gathering of Days: A New England Girl's Journal, 1830-32

by Joan W. Blos

The book is written in the form of a journal kept by Catherine Hall, a young girl living in a rural village in New England with her widower father and younger sister. The journal details her daily life between the years of 1830 and 1832. Among the events of these two years are several that would have a profound impact on the rest of her life. These include her assistance to an escaped slave, her father's remarriage, and the sudden death of her best friend.

A Gathering of Gargoyles (The Darkangel Trilogy, Book 2)

by Meredith Ann Pierce

A Gathering of Gargoyles is a 300 page conventional fantasy novel first published in 1984 and written by Meredith Ann Pierce, an author highly acclaimed for her striking imagination. This novel is the second volume in Pierce's Darkangel Trilogy; the first volume is Darkangel, and the third is The Pearl of the Soul of the World. The summary by Magic Carpet Books reads as follows: Aeriel's love has transformed the darkangel and rescued him from his mother, the dreaded White Witch. But though Aeriel and Irrylath are free, the rest of Avaric is not. The White Witch grows ever stronger. Her evil magic blights the land, and her other darkangel sons are growing more bold in their attacks as her power increases. Worse yet, the White Witch has not wholly relinquished her claim on Irrylath-her plans require all seven of her sons, and she will not give up Irrylath so easily. If Aeriel is to save her world, she must track down and defeat Irrylath's bloodthirsty darkangel brothers-and confront his terrifying mother face-to-face.

Gathering of Pearls

by Sook Nyul Choi

"It is easy to fall in love with this gentle girl. . . . Readers who share in this emotional journey with Sookan will grow along with her in wisdom. "-School Library Journal "Just as oysters make pearls out of grains of sand, women create something precious from their suffering. Preparing to face life alone, Sookan gathers her strength-her pearls-and resolves to succeed. "-Kirkus Reviews As Sookan Bak, the heroine of Year of Impossible Goodbyes and Echoes of the White Giraffe, travels the long distance between Seoul, Korea, and New York City, she is consumed by questions about her future. What will her life in America be like? Will she be able to communicate and fit in? Will she do well in her studies? And has she been selfish in her decision to leave her family and pursue her own dreams? Here is the compelling, often surprising story of Sookan's first year in a very foreign country-a joyful, overwhelming, and exhilarating time.

A Gathering of Saints: A True Story of Money, Murder and Deceit

by Robert Lindsey

The story begins with mysterious explosions and two violent deaths. On the morning of October 15, 1985, bombs claim the lives of Kathy Sheets, the faithful wife of one of the Salt Lake City Mormon community's most prosperous businessmen, and Steve Christensen, her husband's former business partner. Rumors of corporate fraud, mafia hit men, and religious death squads sweep the city as police gear up for what will become the largest criminal investigation in the history of Utah. The next day, a third bomb detonates, leaving Mark Hofmann, an eccentric document dealer, gravely injured. Could his "accident" and the two previous murders be related to Hofmann's uncanny serious of recent discoveries--documents that throw the very foundation of the Mormon church into question? Or does the answer lie in the financial collapse of Coordinated Financial Services, where Salt Lake City's richest investors find effective ways to lower their tax payments? Robert Lindsey follows the case and tracks the murderer through the never-before-observed enclaves of the Mormon hierarchy; the world of millionaire document dealers and their eager clients; and the intersecting worlds of the police, the politicians, the churchmen, and the suspects. Piece by piece, from one exciting revelation to the next, he unravels one of the most intricate, diabolical plots in the annals of American crime.

Gathering of Waters

by Bernice L. Mcfadden

Selected as a Go On Girl! Book Pick"100 Notable Books of 2012" -New York Times"50 Best Books of 2012" -Washington Post"McFadden works a kind of miracle -- not only do [her characters] retain their appealing humanity; their story eclipses the bonds of history to offer continuous surprises . . . Beautiful and evocative, Gathering of Waters brings three generations to life . . . The real power of the narrative lies in the richness and complexity of the characters. While they inhabit these pages they live, and they do so gloriously and messily and magically, so that we are at last sorry to see them go, and we sit with those small moments we had with them and worry over them, enchanted, until they become something like our own memories, dimmed by time, but alive with the ghosts of the past, and burning with spirits."--New York Times Book Review"Read it aloud. Hire a chorus to chant it to you and anyone else interested in hearing about civil rights and uncivil desires, about the dark heat of hate, about the force of forgiveness."--Alan Cheuse, All Things Considered, NPR"McFadden combines events of Biblical proportions--from flooding to resurrection--with history to create a cautionary, redemptive tale that spans the early twentieth century to the start of Hurricane Katrina. She compellingly invites readers to consider the distinctions between 'truth or fantasy' . . . In McFadden's boldly spun yarn, consequences extend across time and place. This is an arresting historical portrait of Southern life with reimagined outcomes, suggesting that hope in the enduring power of memory can offer healing where justice does not suffice."--Publishers Weekly"The rich text is shaped by the African American storytelling tradition and layered with significant American histories. Recalling the woven spirituality of Toni Morrison's Beloved, this work will appeal to readers of mystic literature."--Library Journal"McFadden makes powerful use of imagery in this fantastical novel of ever-flowing waters and troubled spirits."--Booklist"In this fierce reimagining, the actual town of Money, MS narrates the story about the ghost of Emmett Till and his from-the-other-side reunification with the girl he loved as a child in Gathering of Waters by Bernice L. McFadden."--Ebony MagazineGathering of Waters is a deeply engrossing tale narrated by the town of Money, Mississippi--a site both significant and infamous in our collective story as a nation. Money is personified in this haunting story, which chronicles its troubled history following the arrival of the Hilson and Bryant families.Tass Hilson and Emmett Till were young and in love when Emmett was brutally murdered in 1955. Anxious to escape the town, Tass marries Maximillian May and relocates to Detroit.Forty years later, after the death of her husband, Tass returns to Money and fantasy takes flesh when Emmett Till's spirit is finally released from the dank, dark waters of the Tallahatchie River. The two lovers are reunited, bringing the story to an enchanting and profound conclusion.Gathering of Waters mines the truth about Money, Mississippi, as well as the town's families, and threads their history over decades. The bare-bones realism--both disturbing and riveting--combined with a magical realm in which ghosts have the final say, is reminiscent of Toni Morrison's Beloved.

The Gathering Storm

by Brian Kelleher

America's top test pilots try to sneak America's newest weapon- the F-86 Sabre Jet into the skies over Korea.

Gathering Storm

by Don Pendleton

STONY MANReady to respond to any threat against America, her allies or world stability, Stony Man is a strictly off-the-books operation whose orders come straight from the Oval Office. Now it's a war situation for Stony Man, and the countdown has begun for a plot aimed at fullblown destabilization of the Middle East-and pure terror unleashed in the heart of the West.WINDS OF WARThe enemy: Iraq's former ruling regime and loyal fedayeen soldiers. Their mandate to reclaim control in Iraq is to inflict as much devastation as they can on specified Western targets and create total anarchy in the Middle East. They've got the means, money and power in high places-and to prove it, they just blew up a town in Texas. All that stands between freedom and the unthinkable is a group of diehard warriors who specialize in pulling off the impossible.

The Gathering Storm (Crown of Stars, Book 5)

by Kate Elliott

The fifth book in Kate Elliott's popular and acclaimed Crown of Stars saga is exactly what the title implies: a gathering storm of dark, centuries-old forces preparing to make a final, cataclysmic return...

Gator A-Go-Go

by Tim Dorsey

That's right: Serge and Coleman do spring break! It's been a long time coming, but they're at the party now-and you'll never look at a Frisbee the same way again. One spring break location obviously isn't enough for Serge, so he must hit them all, traveling through various historic locales, spewing nuggets of history at anyone who won't run away and dispensing his own signature brand of Sunshine State justice. Along the way he and his sidekick, Coleman, attract a growing following of the nation's top college students . . . and a mysterious gang that leaves a trail of young bodies in their wake. Are the kids safer under Serge's protection? Or does being with him put them in more peril? The classroom and the pot brownies never prepared them for this. Which raises more questions: Who's the guy studying satellite photos? Where did the protected witness go? When did Coleman get all those trophies? Why are the Feds hot on everyone's trail? How did the burnt corpse end up by the pool? What's the best way to keep beer cool on the beach? Then there are the coke smugglers gone legit and a pair of the most dangerously sexy bartenders to ever mix a rum runner. Throw in some dirty dancing contests, illicit drugs, rockin' tunes, screamin' sports cars, bungee rides, pawned class rings, and church breakfasts, and you've got a potent concoction that keeps the hotel's concierge up all night stopping people from falling off the balconies. Want even more? Serge says, "You got it!" After years of quiet, a legendary Miami kingpin from the anything-goes eighties is suddenly back in the news . . . along with one of the state's most psychotic homicidal monsters, every bit as criminally insane as Serge-except without the morals. The mysteries continue to mount: How did Coleman end up with even more disciples than Serge? Can kids successfully climb fences while carrying pizzas? Will Serge survive the carnage, armed with a GPS and a kiddie pool? All will soon be answered-and of course every last moment is caught on tape as Serge creates his most excellent documentary ever, the making of Gator A-Go-Go. Pack the cooler, load the car, and head to where the water is warm for a spring vacation you won't soon forget-no matter how much you might try!

Gator Prey (Against the Odds)

by Todd Strasser

When their plane crashes in the Everglades, Justin, his mom Sara, Bill and his daughter Rachel must stick together or they won't survive the dangers of a swamp filled with alligators, mosquitoes, quicksand, and worse.

Gattu and Lizzy Bizzy

by Esther David

A lizard and a chameleon find place to stay in Gattu's cooler. Gattu learns more about their characteristics by observing them as he cleans the cooler.

Gattu and Tooi

by Esther David

A parakeet visited Gattu's house and became his friend. Gattu named him Tooi. Tooi remembered the friendship and the food given by Gattu and came to his house every day even after having its own family.

Gaudenzia, Pride of the Palio

by Marguerite Henry

Georgio wanted nothing more than to be a fantino in the great Palio of Siena. But being a peasant farmer's son, and living in Montecello, his dreams were just that - dreams. But this is the story based on true accounts of Giorgio Terni's chances to become a famous fantino, and of the Palio, of the race of centuries' traditions, and of dreams and fate. It is also the story of a mare, a half Arabian, born as a cart horse, who with the right training, kind hands, and a willing heart became one of the most famous horses to win the Palio, and win it four times.

The Gauntlet

by Max Brand

FIRST TIME IN PAPERBACK! Max Brand's novels and stories-certainly among the greatest in Western fiction-are always peopled with true, realistic characters and marked by a sense of authenticity few other authors could match. Three of the best examples of this are the short novels found in this collection, each painstakingly restored to Brand's original version. The opening novel tells the tale of a legendary friendship between two men who could take on a whole saloon of tough frontiersmen, but who run into trouble with beautiful Kate Malone. "The King of Rats" features the man known as Reata, a master of the rawhide rope, a man caught between his sense of duty and his love for a gypsy girl. And in the title novel, Joseph Larrimee finally makes a gold strike that would prove his worth to his family . . . but he's willing to give it all up to rescue a mysterious woman from a gang of hardcases.

The Gawker Guide to Conquering All Media

by Chelsea Peretti Bridie Clark

With the same deliciously biting irreverence and insider dish that's made Gawker. com addictive to millions of readers every month, The Gawker Guide to Conquering All Media serves up a hilarious blueprint for climbing to megawatt power in the media world. While yanking back the curtain on the media elite, The Gawker Guide reveals the secrets of emailing like a mogul, posing for the paparazzi, decoding "agent speak," spotting the next bestseller, landing that holy grail assignment, boosting blog traffic, navigating the six cocktail evening, and all the other weapons readers need to climb high -- and stay there. "I came, I saw, I conquered. With this book, I could've done it quicker. "-- Julius Caesar

Gay America: Struggle for Equality

by Linas Alsenas

Milestones of gay and lesbian life in the United States are brought together in the first-ever nonfiction book published specifically for teens. Profusely illustrated with archival images, the groundbreaking Gay America reveals how gay men and women have lived, worked, and loved for the past 125 years. Gays and lesbians play a very prominent role in American life today, whether grabbing headlines over political gains, starring in and being the subject of movies and television shows, or filling the streets of nearly every major city each year to celebrate Gay Pride. However, this was not always the case, and this book charts their journey along with the history of the country. First touching on colonial times, the book moves on to the Victorian period and beyond, including such historical milestones as the Roaring '20s, the Kinsey study, the McCarthy witch hunts of the 1950s, the Beat generation, Stonewall, disco, AIDS, and present-day battles over gay marriage. Providing a sense of hope mixed with pride, author Linas Alsenas demonstrates how, within one century, gay women and men have gone from being socially invisible to becoming a political force to be reckoned with and proud members of the American public living openly and honestly. The book includes a bibliography and an index.

Gay American History: Lesbians and Gay Men in the U.S.A.

by Jonathan Ned Katz

This is the updated version of the most authoritative, scholarly and accurate history of gays and lesbians in the United States. The book includes original source documents, extensive footnotes and bibliographies. The book discusses the changing views of the scientific and religious communities. The book describes the impressions of early European explorers who encountered homosexuality among the Native American cultures. Other major subjects include women passing as men, a history of liberation and a history of love, and Walt Whitman's correspondence with John Addington Symonds.

The Gay and Lesbian Guide to College Life: A Comprehensive Resource for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Students and Their Allies

by Rachel Pepper John Baez Jennifer Howd

Featuring advice from students and administrators at the nation's top colleges, the "Gay and Lesbian Guide to College Life" lets you know how to how to thrive on campus as a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and/or questioning student.

Gay and Lesbian Issues: A Reference Handbook

by Chuck Stewart

Explores the contentious history of the international gay rights movement from its inception in Germany in the 1800s to today. There always have been and always will be people who engage in homosexual activities and relationships. But being "gay" is a modern political concept. It reflects the efforts made by homosexuals to fight against a heterosexist society that tells them they are deviant and not deserving of full human rights. Gay rights is the process of claiming the respect due all citizens.

Gay and Lesbian Weddings: Planning the Perfect Same-Sex Ceremony

by David Toussaint

Comprehensive, fresh, and funny, Gay and Lesbian Weddings covers everything you need to know to plan the wedding of your dreams. Unlike other wedding planners, this one tackles the issues your heterosexual friends never had to consider. For instance, do you come out to Aunt Gloria before she receives the invitation and the shock of her life? Which father of the bride pays for a lesbian wedding? Who walks down the aisle first? Is it possible for members of the wedding party to be happy with what you force them to wear? (Okay, this is a universal problem.) Step-by-step and down-to-earth, Gay and Lesbian Weddings includes invaluable advice on* the changing laws regarding gay marriage in the United States and abroad; the differences among domestic partnerships, civil unions, and marriage* budget concerns: choosing your ideal wedding size and style* finding gay-friendly printers, photographers, gift registries, caterers, florists (actually, if you find a gay-hostile florist, we'd love to hear about it)* ethnic, theme, and destination weddings* keeping the honey in the honeymoon* sex--including how to keep the heat after the wedding night, as well as the facts on fidelity (can the two be linked?)Plus: a handy Wedding Countdown Calendar, website resources, and true stories from same-sex couples who've gotten hitched without a hitchGay and Lesbian Weddings gives you straight talk (so to speak) with equal parts information, flair, and fabulousness!From the Trade Paperback edition.

Gay Astrology: The Complete Relationship Guide for Gay Men

by Michael Yawney

From dating to mating and scoring to snoring, this down-to-earth astrologicalguide offers heaven-sent advice on finding love in today's gay world.

Gay Conversations with God: Straight Talk on Fanatics, Fags and the God Who Loves Us All

by James Alexander Langteaux

Representing a first in gay and Christian publishing, this provocative book presents a complete reversal of thought and action, contending that God loves homosexuals without attempting to refute scripture references. The study confronts its subject with a quirky sense of humor in the spirit of the "bedtime story," providing a rare evangelical Christian volume addressed directly to the gay community. Unorthodox in its presentation, this guide speaks the language of those who may feel abandoned, condemned, and damned while avoiding reinterpretations of scriptural passages, making the gospel accessible to a younger, free-spirited generation. Spearheading a volatile topic with candor and grace, this consideration reframes the never-ending question, Is homosexuality a sin? and instead asks the gay community for a cease-fire-to forgive, love, and help put a stop to a cultural war being waged in the world.

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