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Coal Run

by Tawni O'Dell

With her New York Times best sellingg first novel, Back Roads, Tawni O'Dell proved herself a writer of formidable talent, one who captures the humor and humanity in the bleakest of circumstances. Now, with Coal Run, her eagerly anticipated second novel, O'Dell takes us beck to the coal-mining country of western Pennsylvania, the territory she renders with such striking authenticity, and tells the story of a native son, his fall from grace, and his heroic efforts to rectify the past. Coal Run is a community of ghosts and memories. After a mining explosion took the lives of so many men and transformed their families, the reverberations are still being felt in the generation of survivors thirty years later. Narrator Ivan Zoschenko, the local deputy and erstwhile football legend ("the Great Ivan Z"), his pro career sidelined by a knee injury, spends a week seemingly preparing for an old teammate's imminent release from prison. In doing so, Ivan introduces a rich cast of characters-his unexpectedly wise and comic former beauty queen sister, his former idol Val Claypool, and the young woman whose life he changed forever. And during the events of this week, Ivan confronts his demons and reveals himself to be a man whose conscience is burdened by a long-held and shocking secret that must be reckoned with. Driven by the same raw energy, humor, suspense, and compassion for a place and way of life so evident in her first work, O'Dell has produced an uncompromising and absorbing new drama. A story about letting go of the goals of greatness for the ordinary grace of good work, family love, and an acceptance of where you come from, Coal Run advances on, even transcends, the incredible promise of the powerfully riveting Back Roads.omise of the powerfully riveting Back Roads. FIC ODE

Coal Run

by Tawni O'Dell

With her eagerly awaited second novel, Tawni O'Dell takes readers back to the coal-mining country of western Pennsylvania. Set in a town ravaged and haunted by a mine explosion that took the lives of 96 men, Coal Run explores the life of local deputy and erstwhile football legend, "The Great Ivan Z.," as he prepares for a former teammate's imminent release from prison. As the week unfolds and Ivan struggles to confront his demons, he reveals himself to be a man whose conscience is burdened by a long-held and shocking secret.

Coal to Diamonds: A Memoir

by Michelle Tea Beth Ditto

A raw and surprisingly beautiful coming-of-age memoir, Coal to Diamonds tells the story of Mary Beth Ditto, a girl from rural Arkansas who found her voice. Born and raised in Judsonia, Arkansas--a place where indoor plumbing was a luxury, squirrel was a meal, and sex ed was taught during senior year in high school (long after many girls had gotten pregnant and dropped out) Beth Ditto stood out. Beth was a fat, pro-choice, sexually confused choir nerd with a great voice, an eighties perm, and a Kool Aid dye job. Her single mother worked overtime, which meant Beth and her five siblings were often left to fend for themselves. Beth spent much of her childhood as a transient, shuttling between relatives, caring for a sickly, volatile aunt she nonetheless loved, looking after sisters, brothers, and cousins, and trying to steer clear of her mother's bad boyfriends. Her punk education began in high school under the tutelage of a group of teens--her second family--who embraced their outsider status and introduced her to safety-pinned clothing, mail-order tapes, queer and fat-positive zines, and any shred of counterculture they could smuggle into Arkansas. With their help, Beth survived high school, a tragic family scandal, and a mental breakdown, and then she got the hell out of Judsonia. She decamped to Olympia, Washington, a late-1990s paradise for Riot Grrrls and punks, and began to cultivate her glamorous, queer, fat, femme image. On a whim--with longtime friends Nathan, a guitarist and musical savant in a polyester suit, and Kathy, a quiet intellectual turned drummer--she formed the band Gossip. She gave up trying to remake her singing voice into the ethereal wisp she thought it should be and instead embraced its full, soulful potential. Gossip gave her that chance, and the raw power of her voice won her and Gossip the attention they deserved. Marked with the frankness, humor, and defiance that have made her an international icon, Beth Ditto's unapologetic, startlingly direct, and poetic memoir is a hypnotic and inspiring account of a woman coming into her own.

Coalescent: A Novel

by Stephen Baxter

COALESCENT is the first of a trilogy of novels that does nothing less than tell the story of mankind's possible evolutions and our role in the Universe. Coalescent charts a radical divergence in our evolution; the development of a human hive entity. It is a divergence that has its roots in the dying days of the Roman Empire. The story is told through twin narratives; one takes us through the falling apart of the Roman control of Britain as seen by one girl, the other covers a man's search for a lost sister. A sister who may be living as part of an ancient and secretive order in Rome. Through these diverse personal stories Stephen Baxter charts a story that has terrifying consequences for what we thought was our place in the world, our perceived natural ascendancy in the order of things. Things are going to be very different now...

A Coalition of Lions

by Elizabeth Wein

Caught between two kingdoms, Princess Goewin must balance the demands of leadership with those of her own happinessWith her own kingdom in upheaval and her vicious aunt out for blood, Goewin, princess of Britain and daughter of High King Artos, flees to the British-allied African kingdom of Aksum. There, she meets with her fiancé, Constantine, Britain's ambassador to Aksum, who is next in line for the throne of Britain. But Aksum is undergoing its own political turmoil, and Goewin soon finds herself trapped between two countries, with the well-being of each at stake. When she learns of another heir to the British throne, she must handle the precarious situation with great care--for the sake of her own happiness as well as for the safety of her people. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Elizabeth Wein including rare images from the author's personal collection.

Coalition Politics and Cabinet Decision Making: A Comparative Analysis of Foreign Policy Choices

by Juliet Kaarbo

Every day, coalition cabinets make policy decisions critical to international politics. Juliet Kaarbo examines the dynamics of these multiparty cabinets in parliamentary democracies in order to assess both the quality of coalition decision making and the degree to which coalitions tend to favor peaceful or military solutions. Are coalition cabinets so riddled by conflict that they cannot make foreign policy effectively, or do the multiple voices represented in the cabinet create more legitimate and imaginative responses to the international system? Do political and institutional constraints inherent to coalition cabinets lead to nonaggressive policies? Or do institutional and political forces precipitate more belligerent behavior? Employing theory from security studies and political psychology as well as a combination of quantitative cross-national analyses and twelve qualitative comparative case studies of foreign policy made by coalition cabinets in Japan, the Netherlands, and Turkey, Kaarbo identifies the factors that generate highly aggressive policies, inconsistency, and other policy outcomes. Her findings have implications not merely for foreign policy but for all types of decision making and policy-making by coalition governments.

The Coast of Chicago

by Stuart Dybek

In these loosely linked short stories, the author conveys a sense of urban life which is both grittily realistic and tinged with the mythic and supernatural. "Hot Ice" revolves around the neighborhood legend that a grief-stricken father once preserved the body of his drowned daughter in ice. In "Chopin in Winter" a boy's daily life is given meaning by the strains of Chopin from the apartment above, where a pregnant young woman pours her soul into her music. In "Bottle Caps," collecting the caps of beer bottles from alleys behind taverns becomes a boy's consuming passion. The author pays amazing attention to detail, and his characters find beauty and wonder in the dreariest surroundings.

Coast of Dreams

by Kevin Starr

In this extraordinary book, Kevin Starr-widely acknowledged as the premier historian of California, the scope of whose scholarship the Atlantic Monthly has called "breathtaking"-probes the possible collapse of the California dream in the years 1990--2003. In a series of compelling chapters, Coast of Dreams moves through a variety of topics that show the California of the last decade, when the state was sometimes stumbling, sometimes humbled, but, more often, flourishing with its usual panache. From gang violence in Los Angeles to the spectacular rise-and equally spectacular fall-of Silicon Valley, from the Northridge earthquake to the recall of Governor Gray Davis, Starr ranges over myriad facts, anecdotes, news stories, personal impressions, and analyses to explore a time of unprecedented upheaval in California. Coast of Dreams describes an exceptional diversity of people, cultures, and values; an economy that mirrors the economic state of the nation; a battlefield where industry and the necessities of infrastructure collide with the inherent demands of a unique and stunning natural environment. It explores California politics (including Arnold Schwarzenegger's election in the 2003 recall), the multifaceted business landscape, and controversial icons such as O. J. Simpson. "Historians of the future," Starr writes, "will be able to see with more certainty whether or not the period 1990-2003 was not only the end of one California but the beginning of another"; in the meantime, he gives a picture of the place and time in a book at once sweeping and riveting in its details, deeply informed, engagingly personal, and altogether fascinating.From the Hardcover edition.

Coast to Coast: A Journey Across 1950s America

by Jan Morris

A first book by the author of "Fifty Years of Europe" finds its writer, living a very different identity and having recently reported on the first Everest ascent in 1953, traveling by various means across the United States and witnessing first hand the country's optimism and comparative innocence.

Coastal Ghosts and Lighthouse Lore

by William O. Thomson

From the Book Jacket: Along the Atlantic Ocean, old homes, inns and lighthouses line the New England coast and give rise to many stories of ghostly apparitions. Old Salts suddenly appear in cemeteries. Victims of lost love roam dark halls. These spirits, happed in time, continue to haunt the towns they once called home. Lighthouse Lore Sea serpents. murders, omens and other strange events are the subject of much New England lighthouse lore. Life was challenging at these lonely outposts on the edge of the sea and the keepers, their families and even their pets faced many dangers and hardships. They were truly dedicated servants of the shore.

Coastal Wetlands of the World Geology, Ecology, Distribution and Applications

by David B. Scott Jennifer Frail-Gauthier Petra J. Mudie David B. Scott Jennifer Frail-Gauthier

Salt marshes and mangrove forests, the intertidal wetlands of the world's coastlines, provide key ecological services to all areas of the globe. This cutting-edge, richly illustrated book introduces the essential elements of coastal wetlands and their applications. The book opens by introducing coastal oceanography, the physical features of wetlands, their ecology, and human impacts upon them, giving all students the necessary background for wetlands studies. It then presents detailed case studies from around the world with extensive illustrations, supplying a wider, global-scale picture of wetlands geomorphology and biodiversity. The final chapters discuss some unique applications of coastal wetlands, including geological monitoring, uses in biotechnology and agriculture, and various experimental mesocosms. This is ideal as supplementary reading to support students on a wide range of earth and life science courses, from environmental science, ecology and palaeoecology to geomorphology and geography. It will also be a valuable interdisciplinary reference for researchers.

Coastliners: a Novel

by Joanne Harris

Le Devin is a French island that is home to a woman named Mado. After a long time spent away from the island, Nado returns to find that the area that contained her childhood home is in jeopardy. While trying to save this important place, Nado encounters a shadey businessman, gets involved in mysterious local politics, discovers family secrets, tries to reconcile with her estranged father, and falls in love.

The Coasts of Carolina

by Bland Simpson Scott Taylor

The Coasts of Carolinacaptures the vibrancy of the North Carolina oceanfront, sound country, and interior shores behind the barrier islands. Scott Taylor, who has been photographing the coast for almost thirty years, and Bland Simpson, whose many coastal books have delighted readers for two decades, come together to offer an inviting visual and textual portrait organized around coastal themes such as nature, fishing, and community life, with an emphasis on particular places and seasons. Evocative text is woven together with 145 vivid color images to present a unique and welcoming vision of the coastal region. As natives of the area, the collaborators venture beyond the familiar to show us swamp, marsh, river, sound, and seashore, uncovering places of uncommon delight that most visitors rarely lay eyes on. Their work celebrates the beauty of this amazing region and embodies their distinctive sense of what makes the North Carolina coast so special.


by Nathan Aldyne

Dan and Clarisse are spending the summer in Provincetown and are called apon to solve the mysterious deaths of three people. A difficult job when one death looks like a suicide and another looks like natural causes.

Cobblers' Knob

by Eleanore M. Jewett

Something strange is going on at Cobblers' Knob, the old house perched on the rocks above the sea. Twelve-year-old Gail Wetherby accepts a dare and ventures inside alone to learn the truth. What she discovers changes the course of many lives and unravels a long-abandoned mystery. This book is filled with warmth as well as suspense. Some of the ingredients are a secret room, a missing box, a lonely orphan, and a rollicking performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream.

COBOL Software Modernization

by Jean-Luc Recoussine Franck Barbier

Nowadays, billions of lines of code are in the COBOL programming language. This book is an analysis, a diagnosis, a strategy, a MDD method and a tool to transform legacy COBOL into modernized applications that comply with Internet computing, Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and the Cloud. It serves as a blueprint for those in charge of finding solutions to this considerable challenge.

The Cobra

by Frederick Forsyth

Frederick Forsyth has helped define the international thriller as we know it. And now he does it again. What if you had carte blanche to fight evil? Nothing held back, nothing off the table. What would you do? For decades, the world has been fighting the drug cartels, and losing, their billions of dollars making them the most powerful and destructive organizations on earth. Until one man is asked to take charge. Paul Devereaux used to run Special Operations for the CIA before they retired him for being too ruthless. Now he can have anything he requires, do anything he thinks necessary. No boundaries, no rules, no questions asked. The war is on - though who the ultimate winner will be, no one can tell. . .

The Cobra

by Frederick Forsyth

The Cocaine industry is worth billions of dollars a year to the drug cartels who spread their evil seed across Western society. Its usage causes incalculable misery, poverty and death. Slowly, gradually, inexorably it is spreading. . . it is a blight which must be stopped. One man, Paul Devereaux, intellectual, dedicated, utterly ruthless and ex-CIA special ops, is given what seems like an impossible task. At his disposal, anything he wants - men, resources, money. He will not stop until he has completed his mission. Up to now the drug trade has been used to world governments attempting to prevent them plying their trade. But up to now, those governments have played by the rules. That is about to change. The rules no longer apply. . . and a dirty war is about to get a whole lot dirtier. . .

Cobra Bargain

by Timothy Zahn

In this Cobra novel, a woman is allowed to have the surgery to turn her into a cobra. It is not because folks want this. There is a problem on a world whose language she knows and it will be hard for a male Cobra to infiltrate this insular patriarcal society without arousing suspicion. And, as soon as the mission starts, disasters begin to happen.

The Cobra Event

by Richard Preston

Five days ago, a homeless man on a subway platform died in agony as startled commuters looked on. Yesterday, a teenager started having violent, uncontrollable spasms in art class. Within minutes, she too was dead. Dr. Alice Austen is a medical pathologist at the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta. What she knows is that the two deaths are connected. What she fears is that they are only the beginning...

Cobra II

by Michael R. Gordon Bernard E. Trainor

Written by the chief military correspondent of the New York Times and a prominent retired Marine general, this is the definitive account of the invasion of Iraq.A stunning work of investigative journalism, Cobra II describes in riveting detail how the American rush to Baghdad provided the opportunity for the virulent insurgency that followed. As Gordon and Trainor show, the brutal aftermath was not inevitable and was a surprise to the generals on both sides. Based on access to unseen documents and exclusive interviews with the men and women at the heart of the war, Cobra II provides firsthand accounts of the fighting on the ground and the high-level planning behind the scenes. Now with a new afterword that addresses what transpired after the fateful events of the summer of 2003, this is a peerless re-creation and analysis of the central event of our times.From the Trade Paperback edition.

Cobra Strike (The Point Team #3)

by J. B. Hadley

Another novel of mercenaries in Vietnam after the war ends.

The Cobweb

by Neal Stephenson J. Frederick George

From his triumphant debut withSnow Crashto the stunning success of his latest novel,Quicksilver,Neal Stephenson has quickly become the voice of a generation. In this now-classic political thriller, he and fellow author J. Frederick George tell a savagely witty, chillingly topical tale set in the tense moments of the Gulf War. When a foreign exchange student is found murdered at an Iowa University, Deputy Sheriff Clyde Banks finds that his investigation extends far beyond the small college town--all the way to the Middle East. Shady events at the school reveal that a powerful department is using federal grant money for highly dubious research. And what it's producing is a very nasty bug. Navigating a plot that leads from his own backyard to Washington, D. C. , to the Gulf, where his Army Reservist wife has been called to duty, Banks realizes he may be the only person who can stop the wholesale slaughtering of thousands of Americans. It's a lesson in foreign policy he'll never forget. From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Cobweb Confession

by George E. Stanley

Poor Todd. First he has to give up his room for an old friend of his father's who's visiting. Then his valuable baseball card collection is stolen. Now Mr. Merlin says the class is going to be studying spiders.

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