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by Linda Howard Beverly Barton Linda Winstead Jones

Inferno by New York Times bestselling author Linda HowardTwo hundred years after the Raintree clan defeated them, the Ansara wizards are rising up again to take on their bitterest foes. As king, it's up to Dante Raintree to protect his clan, but when Lorna Clay walks into his life, suddenly fire, always his to control, defeats him, leaving him wondering whether Lorna is to blame. Will Dante's strength be enough to win the fight of his life? Sanctuary by New York Times bestselling author Beverly BartonFor Mercy Raintree, war with the evil Ansara clan means she must assume her position as guardian of the Sanctuary--the sacred Raintree home deep in the Smoky Mountains. But doing so threatens to disclose her most precious secret. Dranir Judah Ansara wants to kill Mercy, personally. Then he comes face-to-face with her--and with her daughter, Eve. Will Mercy's closely guarded secret change not only the outcome of the battle. . . but also Judah's own bitter heart? Haunted by RITA Award winner Linda Winstead JonesHomicide detective Gideon Raintree can harness electricity and talk to ghosts. To solve his newest case--a relentless serial killer unleashed by the dark Ansara wizards--he will need to wield gifts he's kept hidden. With evil lurking at every turn, Gideon and his alluring new partner, Hope Mallory, are in a race against time to save their love, their family. . . and their newly conceived child.

Raintree Haunted

by Linda Winstead Jones

Their name is Raintree. It's more than a last name; more than a notation on a family tree. It's a mark of destiny. Each family member has a special gift, an otherworldly talent. Gideon Raintree, a homicide detective, can harness electricity and talk to ghosts. He will need to wield gifts he's kept hidden to solve his newest case-a relentless serial killer unleashed by the dark Ansara wizards. But first he must deal with his reaction to Hope Malory, his alluring new partner. He'd never planned on love in the midst of battle. With evil lurking at every turn, Gideon and Hope are in a race against time to save their love, their familyhellip;and their newly conceived child. "A love story, a mystery, an adventure-Haunted has it all, and the plot moves at a lightning pace. Linda Winstead Jones has a magic touch with paranormal, and, yes, the pun is intended!"-New York Times bestselling author Linda Howard

Raintree: Sanctuary

by Beverly Barton

War with their archrival, the evil Ansara clan, is unavoidable. For Mercy Raintree, a war means she must assume her position as guardian of the Sanctuary--the sacred Raintree home place deep in the Smoky Mountains. But doing so threatens to disclose her most prized secret--one Mercy has kept to herself for six years. As the solstice looms and the battle heats up, Dranir Judah Ansara gathers his forces, intending to wipe every Raintree from the face of the land. Including Mercy, whom he's claimed as his to kill. Then he comes face-to-face with her--and with her daughter, Eve. Will Mercy's closely guarded secret change not only the outcome of the battle--but also Judah's own bitter heart?


by Sandra Brown

Acclaimed bestselling author Sandra Brown celebrates the spirit and determination that kept our country proud even through the Great Depression, in this moving tale of a bygone generation and a strong young widow who must rise above her circumstances. Ella Barron is determined that even the ravages of the Dust Bowl will not affect the well-ordered life she has built for herself and her special child, Solly, who lives in a world of his own that even she can't enter. Aware that he evokes pity and distrust, Ella holds herself aloof from her small community, but her new boarder, David Rainwater, comes into her life--and changes it forever. As economic desperation creates bitter social unrest in the town and surrounding farms, Ella finds herself relying on Mr. Rainwater's soft-spoken advice and the steely resolve of his convictions. But tensions escalate in the summer heat, until one violent night everything they believe in will be put to the ultimate test. Sandra Brown's Rainwater is a poignant, lyrical novel that will speak straight to your heart, a story that bears witness to a powerful truth: love is worth whatever price one must pay for it.

Rainy Brain, Sunny Brain

by Elaine Fox

Are you optimistic or pessimistic? Glass half-full or half-empty? Do you look on the bright side or turn towards the dark? These are easy questions for most of us to answer, because our personality types are hard-wired into our brains. As pioneering psychologist and neuroscientist Elaine Fox has discovered, our outlook on life reflects our primal inclination to seek pleasure or avoid danger--inclinations that, in many people, are healthily balanced. But when our "fear brain" or "pleasure brain" is too strong, the results can be disastrous, as those of us suffering from debilitating shyness, addiction, depression, or anxiety know all too well.Luckily, anyone suffering from these afflictions has reason to hope. Stunning breakthroughs in neuroscience show that our brains are more malleable than we ever imagined. In Rainy Brain, Sunny Brain, Fox describes a range of techniques--from traditional cognitive behavioral therapy to innovative cognitive-retraining exercises--that can actually alter our brains' circuitry, strengthening specific thought processes by exercising the neural systems that control them. The implications are enormous: lifelong pessimists can train themselves to think positively and find happiness, while pleasure-seekers inclined toward risky or destructive behavior can take control of their lives. Drawing on her own cutting-edge research, Fox shows how we can retrain our brains to brighten our lives and learn to flourish. With keen insights into how genes, life experiences and cognitive processes interleave together to make us who we are, Rainy Brain, Sunny Brain revolutionizes our basic concept of individuality. We learn that we can influence our own personalities, and that our lives are only as "sunny" or as "rainy" as we allow them to be.

Raise a Smarter Child by Kindergarten: Raise IQ Points by Up to 30 Points and Turn on Your Child's Smart Genes Points

by Carol Colman David Perlmutter

Between birth and age five, your child has up to thirty IQ points at stake. Scientists now know that the human brain is undergoing a constant and dramatic transformation in the first years of life. During this peak time of development, every activity and experience leaves an indelible mark on your baby's brain, for better or worse. The right kind of stimulation and nutrition will create connections in the brain that promote intelligence and raise IQ. The wrong kinds of activities and foods can stifle intellectual development, destroy brain cells, and leave your child more vulnerable to learning or behavior problems down the road. So, what can you do during the first five years to ensure that your child is primed to excel? The good news is that raising a smarter child is easier than you think. It doesn't require making an investment in expensive equipment or high priced tutors. It's as simple as playing the right games, serving the right foods, and maintaining a brain-enhancing environment in your home by eliminating common household toxins. In Raise a Smarter Child by Kindergarten by Dr. David Perlmutter, you'll learn easy and highly effective strategies that can vastly improve your child's brain power and reduce his or her chances of developing ADD and ADHD. For example, you can: *Stimulate Memory:Changing a component on the over-the-crib mobile every week makes the baby compare what was there before to what's there now, reinforcing memory pathways in the brain that are critical for learning. *Spread out those shots: Schedule more frequent trips to the pediatrician for vaccinations, so that fewer shots are administered at once. Flooding the immune system with a cocktail of different vaccines can damage the nervous system. *Get rid of toxins:Protecting a child from neurotoxins found in foods, toys and even baby bottles can help preserve precious IQ points. Dr. Perlmutter provides a scientifically backed food and supplement plan for children and nursing mothers and details the many brain-building activities that you can do with your child. In addition, he reveals the numerous toys and household products that contain harmful, brain-damaging toxins and shows how to identify and combat common childhood problems like ADD and food allergies that may affect your child's development. Your job over the first five years is to help your child build the best brain possible. With Dr. Perlmutter's help, you can mine the countless opportunities you have each day to make your child smarter, happier and better prepared to excel.

Raise the Red Dawn

by Bart Davis

Davis's ( Blind Prophet ) latest effort to cash in on the popularity of military techno-thrillers involves a Soviet submarine that becomes helplessly frozen in an arctic ice cap. Both Soviets and Americans race to recover the sub, which is carrying a revolutionary new superconductor, iriniump. 65 . This novel offers plenty of action, but the writing is unintentionally funny. It's hard to believe that an author could put these words into a character's mouth: "I used to walk five miles to school in weather like this. . . . Used to say it was colder than a witch's left tit. Damned if I ever knew why the right one was warmer." Or this, when a polar bear approaches a female CIA agent on the ice cap: "With a sinking feeling, Justine realized she was not alone." The characters are stereotypes straight from central casting, including the absent-minded professor, the evil Soviet sub commander and the beautiful female spy. Davis even manages to include two lovemaking scenes, which severely strain the credibility of his story. One of these scenes takes place in an empty torpedo tube while the father of the woman guards the couple's privacy. Copyright 1991 Reed Business Information, Inc.

Raise the Roof

by Pat Summitt

"It wasn't a team. It was a tent revival." So says Pat Summitt, the legendary coach whose Tennessee Lady Vols entered the 1997-98 season aiming for an almost unprecedented "three-peat" of NCAA championships. Raise the Roof takes you right inside the locker room of her amazing team, whose inspired mixture of gifted freshmen and seasoned stars produced a standard of play that would change the game of women's basketball forever. The 1997-98 season started innocently enough. One Saturday in August, four young freshmen--Semeka Randall, Tamika Catchings, Ace Clement and Teresa Geter--arrived on the Tennessee campus to begin their college careers. Welcoming them were a number of players from the previous year, including Chamique Holdsclaw and Kellie Jolly. But that night, in a sign of things to come, a simple pickup game turned into an amazing display of basketball brilliance--freshmen against established players, and with barely a shot missed by either side. Suddenly Pat Summitt glimpsed the future: fast, aggressive and hugely talented. This might be the team she'd worked her whole career to coach. As the season got under way, other dramas unfolded. After one emotional team meeting, Summitt realized that many on the team were playing for something more than just the glory of the game: all four freshmen, for example, came from single-parent homes, and the tough circumstances of the majority of the other players seemed to add an extra edge to their desire to win it all. Further, Chamique Holdsclaw, widely regarded as the greatest female player ever, was being dogged by questions about turning pro--and she seemed reluctant to rule it out. Meanwhile, another member of the team began to notice the unwelcome attentions of a fan, who soon turned out to be a full-fledged stalker. All this was behind the scenes; out on the court, the win column was swelling with every game: 8-0, 15-0, 21-0. As 1997 turned into 1998, Pat Summitt began privately to admit that this team had changed her: these kids were so lovable, funny and eager to please that she simply had to let them into her heart. Along the way, the Lady Vols were redefining what women were capable of, trading in old definitions of femininity for new ones--in short, they were keeping score. And by the time they entered the NCAA Final Four tournament in Kansas City, Summitt found herself believing the impossible: despite all the distractions, the 1997-98 Lady Vols could go undefeated, and, in doing so, raise the roof off the sport of women's basketball. Packed with the excitement of a season on the brink of perfection and filled with the comedy and tragedy of one year in the life of a basketball team, Raise the Roof will have readers cheering from the bench for a team of all-conquering players and their astonishing coach.

Raised by the Mistress

by Jamilah B. Creekmur

When Wayne Lampkin, a state correctional officer and former Marine, came into Valli Barnes life in the fall of 1982, he was a 33-year-old man with a step-\son, three children from a previous marriage, and a new wife and infant son. By all accounts, it was a messy situation, particularly considering that Valli, with her two children, Jamilah and Kenny, had recently gone through her own divorce. Despite all of the hurt and pain that their relationship would cause their loved ones, and themselves, Valli and Wayne fell deeply in love for 20 long, tumultuous years, all while Wayne lived a double life as a married man. In RAISED BY THE MISTRESS the hot-button topic of infidelity is explored in a way that forces the reader to understand just how multi-layered and extensive the perils of cheating can truly be for the entire family. In what is sure to be one of the most talked about memoirs of the year, RAISED BY THE MISTRESS offers a uniquely personal, deeply intimate look into the complicated past of a family torn apart by two people who fell in love under the wrong circumstances. For perhaps the first time ever, RAISED BY THE MISTRESS features, alongside the viewpoints of Valli and Wayne, the poignant voice of Valli's daughter, Jamilah, whose perspective on her mother's relationship is laced with disapproval, perplexity and pure frustration, particularly as she helplessly watched her mother simultaneously battle with alcoholism. The discussion around infidelity is a long-standing hot topic which frequently generates headlines around the world: Tiger and Elin; Sandra and Jesse; John and Elizabeth. Yet, the painful process of deciding what to do about a broken marriage continues for the couple long after the media has moved on, almost certainly impacting the larger family unit beyond the husband and wife. Infidelity is often shrouded in secrecy and shame. However, the authors of RAISED BY THE MISTRESS aspire to finally start an honest dialogue about infidelity and what it means for everyone involved. Not only is their story destined to be an unputdownable read, but perhaps once the conversation starts, the healing can also begin for the countless families who experience the pain of infidelity. Each chapter of this memoir, whether the voice of Valli, Wayne or Jamilah, carries the reader from decade to decade, from tragedy to triumph, as this family grows together and apart, and ultimately reunites for an ending that one could never expect.

Raising a Mother Isn't Easy

by Elisabet Mchugh

Eleven-year-old Karen is an adopted Korean orphan. Her mother is a single parent, and Karen has decided that what her mother needs is a husband. Although to the outside world Karen's mother is a thoroughly competent woman (she is a successful veterinarian, who can, when necessary, tune her own car), this is not the way Karen sees her. Karen's well-intentioned plan, kept secret from her mother, of course, doesn't work out in the way Karen hoped it would. But her funny, heartwarming efforts and the book's surprise ending will bring readers a very special satisfaction. A fresh, humorous, and touching first novel.

Raising a Son: Parents and the Making of a Healthy Man

by Don Elium Jeanne Elium

Boys pose special challenges for today's stressed parents. In Raising A Son, the Eliums embrace the challenges--and the joys--of raising boys with compassion, commitment, experience, patience, and humor. This fully updated and expanded edition follows the psychological development of boys from infancy to young adulthood. Look for new sections on: * media and violence * the "boy code" * age-appropriate morality * the out-of-control son * triggers for aggression * when and how to get help * coping with guilt * the highly sensitive son * triggers for withdrawal * why he gets overwhelmed * hypersensitivity and ADD * the right role models

Raising America: Experts, Parents, and a Century of Advice About Children

by Ann Hulbert

Hulbert uses biography and critical analysis to examine the personal dramas, scientific theories, and social visions of 20th-century child-rearing experts including L. Emmett Holt, G. Stanley Hall, and Benjamin Spock. Hulbert explores the political and social forces that influenced child-care experts, describes the shifting (and often confusing) formulas and dogmas of their ambitious quest to predict and perfect children's futures, and concludes that a hundred years of expert advice have failed to ease modern child-rearing anxieties. Hulbert is the author of Annotation. (c)2003 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (

Raising Blaze

by Debra Ginsberg

When you have a child that doesn't fit in, what do you do? Debra Ginsberg knew that her son, Blaze, was unique from the moment he was born in 1987. What she didn't know was that Blaze's differences would be regarded by the outside world not as gifts, but as impediments to social and academic success. Blaze never crawled. He just got up and walked when he turned one. He called his mother 'Zsa Zsa' until he was three. By kindergarten, he loved the music of Miles Davis and Ella Fitzgerald. He fears butterflies and is fascinated by garbage trucks. With the same honesty that made Waiting a success, Raising Blaze: Bringing Up an Extraordinary Son in an Ordinary World chronicles Debra's experience in raising a child who has defied definition by the host of professionals who have sought to label his differences. Ginsberg introduces us to a remarkable child and her own unusual childhood. She writes about a family which shows us the redemptive power of faith, humour and love.

Raising Cain

by Gallatin Warfield

His father's death on a deserted road is regarded as a natural passing, but Sergeant Joe Brown suspects foul play. He has his suspicions, and when his prime suspect is suddenly found dead too, he is charged with the murder. With Brown's reputation and career at stake, it's up to prosecutor Gardner Lawson to defeat flamboyant defense attorney Kent King in a trial that will take many shocking twists and turns before arriving at its shattering conclusion.

Raising Cain: Protecting the Emotional Life of Boys

by Michael Thompson Dan Kindlon

The stunning success of Reviving Ophelia, Mary Pipher's landmark book, showed a true and pressing need to address the emotional lives of girls. Now, finally, here is the book that answers our equally timely and critical need to understand our boys.In Raising Cain, Dan Kindlon, Ph.D., and Michael Thompson, Ph.D., two of the country's leading child psychologists, share what they have learned in more than thirty-five years of combined experience working with boys and their families. They reveal a nation of boys who are hurting--sad, afraid, angry, and silent. Statistics point to an alarming number of young boys at high risk for suicide, alcohol and drug abuse, violence and loneliness. Kindlon and Thompson set out to answer this basic, crucial question: What do boys need that they're not getting? They illuminate the forces that threaten our boys, teaching them to believe that "cool" equals macho strength and stoicism. Cutting through outdated theories of "mother blame," "boy biology," and "testosterone," Kindlon and Thompson shed light on the destructive emotional training our boys receive--the emotional miseducation of boys.Through moving case studies and cutting-edge research, Raising Cain paints a portrait of boys systematically steered away from their emotional lives by adults and the peer "culture of cruelty"--boys who receive little encouragement to develop qualities such as compassion, sensitivity, and warmth. The good news is that this doesn't have to happen. There is much we can do to prevent it. Kindlon and Thompson make a compelling case that emotional literacy is the most valuable gift we can offer our sons, urging parents to recognize the price boys pay when we hold them to an impossible standard of manhood. They identify the social and emotional challenges that boys encounter in school and show how parents can help boys cultivate emotional awareness and empathy--giving them the vital connections and support they need to navigate the social pressures of youth.Powerfully written and deeply felt, Raising Cain will forever change the way we see our sons and will transform the way we help them to become happy and fulfilled young men.From the Hardcover edition.

Raising Children Compassionately: Parenting the Nonviolent CommunicationTM Way

by Marshall B. Rosenberg

The tenets ofNonviolent Communicationare applied to a variety of settings, including the classroom and the home, in these booklets on how to resolve conflict peacefully. Illustrative exercises, sample stories, and role-playing activities offer the opportunity for self-evaluation, discovery, and application. The skills and perspectives of the Nonviolent Communication (NVC) process are applied to parenting in this resource for parents and teachers. NVC stresses the importance of putting compassionate connection first to create a mutually respectful, enriching family dynamic filled with clear, heartfelt communication.

Raising Children To Love Their Neighbors

by Carolyn C. Brown

Read the Introduction Does your congregation want to raise more mission-minded children? Here are practical plans with reproducible activities and outlines for classroom and service experiences for children ages 3 to 12. Carolyn Brown offers great "how to" plans that churches can build into their current programs. She includes : a hands-on enrichment curriculum for grades 1-5; over a year of monthly service projects for preschoolers; mini-workshops for teachers; and newsletters blurbs about the program. "Carolyn Brown has written a 'must read' book for all parents and teachers. I know of no other book that presents so clearly, helpfully, and persuasively Jesus' mandate to raise children to "love our neighbors as ourselves." More than a mandate, it offers dozens of doable, practical suggestions for each age group and grade level. I will recommend this book to every teacher and parent in my church." --Rev. Dr. Donald L. Griggs, author of Teaching Today's Teacher to Teach published by Abingdon Press (item #9780687049547) From the Circuit Rider review: "Teachers, parents, Sunday school teachers, and church preschool teachers are all very familiar with the importance of teaching children to share, to take turns, to say "please" and "thank you," and to not hurt others' feelings. Veteran Christian educator Carolyn Brown puts this important formation into the larger context of the mission of the church. How do our children grow in compassion? How can we lead them to leave the world better than they found it? How do we raise mission-minded children?" (Click here to read the entire review.)

Raising Children Who Think for Themselves

by Elisa Medhus

How many of us liken parenthood to a perilous journey? As parents, we are constantly teaching our children to fend off outer evils like drugs, alcohol, gangs, violence, and suicide, as well as helping them sidestep inner pitfalls like cynicism, eating disorders, irresponsibility, and poor impulse control. These dilemmas can sometimes make our children's future appear downright bleak! In spite of all this, our job is to raise them to be successful, competent, self-confident, and independent.

Raising Happiness: 10 Simple Steps for More Joyful Kids and Happier Parents

by Christine Carter

What do we wish most for our children? Next to being healthy, we want them to be happy, of course! Fortunately, a wide array of scientific studies show that happiness is a learned behavior, a muscle we can help our children build and maintain. Drawing on what psychology, sociology, and neuroscience have proven about confidence, gratefulness, and optimism, and using her own chaotic and often hilarious real-world adventures as a mom to demonstrate do's and don'ts in action, Christine Carter, Ph. D, executive director of UC Berkeley's Greater Good Science Center, boils the process down to 10 simple happiness-inducing steps. With great wit, wisdom, and compassion, Carter covers the day-to-day pressure points of parenting-how best to discipline, get kids to school and activities on time, and get dinner on the table-as well as the more elusive issues of helping children build healthy friendships and develop emotional intelligence. In these 10 key steps, she helps you interact confidently and consistently with your kids to foster the skills, habits, and mindsets that will set the stage for positive emotions now and into their adolescence and beyond. Inside you will discover the best way avoid raising a brat---changing bad habits into good ones--- tips on how to change your kids' attitudes into gratitude; the trap of trying to be perfect-and how to stay clear of its pitfalls; the right way to praise kids-and why too much of the wrong kind can be just as bad as not enough; the spirit of kindness-how to raise kind, compassionate, and loving children; strategies for inspiring kids to do boring (but necessary) tasks-and become more self-motivated in the process. Complete with a series of tips, secrets, and strategies, Raising Happiness is a one-of-a-kind resource that will help you instill joy in your kids-and, in the process, become more joyful yourself.

Raising Healthy Eaters

by Henry Legere

One of the most important steps that parents can take to prevent childhood obesity or simply to get their children to a healthier weight is to teach them good eating habits. Establishing such habits at an early age will contribute to lifelong health. Indeed, when kids learn that a snack should be an apple or carrots instead of chips or a candy bar-a deceptively difficult lesson to teach-they are better equipped to resist the temptation of junk food on a regular basic. In Raising Healthy Eaters, Dr. Legere offers 100 easy-to-follow and easy-to-implement tips for parents of children of all ages and eating preferences. He includes healthy, quick recipes that kids will actually like, as well as specific suggestions for parents who want to serve only organic foods or whose children have allergies or aversions. Raising Healthy Eaters is the essential resource for parents working to raise healthy kids in a fast-food world.

Raising Rufus

by David Fulk

Readers of The Enormous Egg will dive right into this adventurous story about what happens when an average eleven-year-old boy becomes the parent of a giant T-rex!In the unremarkable town of Menominee Springs, Wisconsin, lives a twelve-year-old explorer named Martin, who one day stumbles across something remarkable. It's an egg. But not just any egg--a dinosaur egg. And a week later, Martin becomes the proud parent of . . . a Tyrannosaurus rex! As the summer unfolds, Martin finds it harder and harder to keep Rufus hidden from rest of the world. And then it gets ugly. Can Martin save Rufus from his parents, his neighbors, and most importantly, the owner of the town carnival? With the help of his best friend, Audrey, and his science teacher, Mr. Ekhart, Martin must uncover his inner hero and find Rufus a home, even if it means losing the one thing he's come to really care about.Praise for Raising Rufus: "The premise of Fulk's first children's book has immediate appeal, and Martin's difficulties with his father (who wishes his son was more into sports than science) and school bullies are handled well."--Publishers Weekly "Fulk's debut novel is a poignant story of a boy's coming into his own. . . . Readers will cheer for Martin and Rufus in this funny twist on a boy-and-his-dog story."--Kirkus Reviews From the Hardcover edition.

Raising Self-Reliant Children in a Self-Indulgent World: Seven Building Blocks for Developing Capable Young People

by Jane Nelsen H. Stephen Glenn

No Parent or Educator Can Afford to Ignore This Groundbreaking Work! Bestselling authors H. Stephen Glenn and Jane Nelsen have helped hundreds of thousands of parents raise capable, independent children with Raising Self-Reliant Children in a Self-Indulgent World. On its tenth anniversary, this parenting classic returns with fresh, up-to-date information to offer you inspiring and workable ideas for developing a trusting relationship with children, as well as the skills to implement the necessary discipline to help your child become a responsible adult.Those who think in terms of leniency versus strictness will be surprised. This book goes beyond these issues to teach children to be responsible and self-reliant--not through outer-directed concerns, such as fear and intimidation, but through inner-directed behavior, such as feeling accountable for one's commitments. Inside, you'll discover how to instill character-building values and traits in your child that last a lifetime."During these turbulent days when families are in disarray and children are getting the short end of the stick, this book can be very helpful to parents who are struggling to bring up self-reliant children. Even after raising five of my own and becoming a grandfather for the seventh time, I got some new ideas out of it!"--Art Linkletter. "An inspiring, workable formula for developing closeness, trust, dignity, and respect . . . a real gem."--Becky Ridgeway, School Social Worker.

Raising Small Animals for Fun and Profit

by Paul Villiard

From the Book jacket: Raising small animals can be, as everyone knows, a very absorbing hobby But few people know that it can also be profitable, either as a supplementary source of income or as a full- time business. And even fewer people know how to get started. In fact, almost anyone can raise and market small animals easily and with very little investment. A spare bedroom, an attic or basement, a screened-in sun porch, or a small outbuilding is an excellent location for the establishment of a "farm." Even an apartment dweller can have a small- animal business: in a few square feet you can raise many species of microscopic animals such as amoebas and hydras and sell them to laboratories and schools. With only a little more space, you can raise insects and worms for sale to pet stores as food for other animals, and other insects for sale to laboratories. You can start a tropical-fish business, in as large or small a space as you wish. You can raise mice, rats, hamsters, gerbils, and other small mammals in very little space. If you are lucky enough to have space in the country, you can raise show poultry and game birds or start a full-scale mink farm. But you have to know where to start, and how to determine what sort of business will suit the money and time you want to invest. That is why Raising Small Animals for Fun and Profit is an ideal introduction to this pleasant and practical occupation. From protozoa to mink, the book explains where to get breeding stock, how to raise and propagate the animals, where the market is. If you raise small animals, reading this book is important and throughout your venture, its suggestions and advice will save you much trouble. About the Author: Paul Villiard is a professional writer and photographer. He has written many other books about animals, including Reptiles as Pets, Exotic Fish as Pets, and Moths and How to Rear Them, and on other subjects, from nature photography to cabinetmaking. He also has from time to time been in the business of raising small animals; much of the information in Raising Small Animals for Fun and Profit comes directly from his own experience. Mr. Villiard and his family live in Saugerties, New York.

Raising Steam (Discworld #40)

by Terry Pratchett

The new Discworld novel, the 40th in the series, sees the Disc's first train come steaming into town. Change is afoot in Ankh-Morpork. Discworld's first steam engine has arrived, and once again Moist von Lipwig finds himself with a new and challenging job.

Raising the Hunley: The Remarkable History and Recovery of the Lost Confederate Submarine

by Brian Hicks Schuyler Kropf

On February 17, 1864, after a legendary encounter with a Union battleship, the iron "fish-boat" vanished without a trace somewhere off the coast of South Carolina.

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