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Getting It Good

by Anonymous

The main three stories, Sweet Tales deals with the sexual adventures in a convent, Victorian Secrets deals with a son getting his family involved with each other and the last one involves sexual adventures around the world and there is a story where two people are tired of just going to bed with others and want a relationship.

Getting it Published

by William Germano

A Guide for Scholars and Anyone Else Serious About Serious Books (Chicago Guides to Writing, Editing, and Publishing)

Getting It Right: A Novel

by William F. Buckley Jr.

This book is a sweeping tale that takes us from the Hungarian uprising of 1956, Cold War espionage, and tempestuous romance, to political skulduggery in 1960's America.

Getting It Wrong: Ten of the Greatest Misreported Stories in American Journalism

by W. Joseph Campbell

W. Joseph Campbell addresses and dismantles prominent media-driven myths--stories about or by the news media that are widely believed but which, on close examination, proves apocryphal.

Getting Lost with Boys

by Hailey Abbott

It was the kind of kiss that Cordelia remembered sharing with Paul the last time she saw him--on the steps of her house back in San Diego. A part of her wished she could go back in time and stay on the steps with Paul forever. But as Paul kissed her, she knew that they couldn't be that way again. She suddenly knew who she wished she could kiss--someone completely off-limits.

Getting Love Right

by Terence T. Gorski

IT'S NEVER TOO LATE TO LEARN HOW TO LOVEWhen you fall in love you may be repeating bad relationship habits that you learned growing up or in a previous unhealthy relationship. No matter what your history, Getting Love Right can explain how to build and maintain healthy intimacy, including:* How to recognize if you are in a compulsive, apathetic, or healthy relationship* How to become a person who is capable of healthy intimacy* How to choose a healthy partnerIf you are in a relationship or want to be in one, Terence T. Gorski will teach you that love isn't just something that happens -- love is something you can learn.

Getting Lucky

by Joanne Rock

Sports agent Dexter Brantley used to be the luckiest guy on the planet. But between the house fires, car wreck and half his clients dumping him, "Dex the Hex" is a wreck himself. Worse, there's a rumor floating about a family curse. If he weren't so paranoid, he would swear someone is out to get him! It's time to take action. Ordinarily Dex would never spend the weekend with a paranormal hunter--even the very hot Lara Wyland--but he's desperate. Still, with one sexually charged moment, Dex doesn't have to be psychic to know he's about to get lucky. Again and again. . .

Getting Lucky

by Susan Andersen

Lily Morrisette wants roots, respect, and independence. So what is she doing on a road trip with a handsome marine who's carrying her into the heart of serious peril? It started out as a lark fuelled by her strong chemical reaction to sexy Zach Taylor - a tough, yet tender-in-spite-of-himself military man who's determined to break up the engagement of his 'baby sister' Glynnis. But there's no Glynnis waiting at the end of the line - only a ransom note.and a death threat. Amid a dangerous nest of family secrets, the heat between Zach and Lily becomes unbearable as a kidnapper's twisted scheme pulls them closer than either dreamed possible. And when passion explodes, Lily's reckless act could prove to be the best risk she's ever taken - or her last.

Getting Lucky

by Dc Brod

When a young reporter is killed in a hit and run accident, freelance writer Robyn Guthrie agrees to finish one of the stories the reporter had been writing for the local newspaper. But nothing is as simple as it seems when she finds out about shady land deals, an old high school nemesis, and Robyn's aging mother.

Getting Naked Again: Dating, Romance, Sex, and Love When You've Been Divorced, Widowed, Dumped, or Distracted

by Judith Sills

There are more than 35 million single Americans over age forty seeking companionship. However, there are few things more daunting than reentering the dating world after having shared a bed with the same spouse for thirty years. For women of a certain age, the thought of meeting a man, knowing what to say to him on a date or-gasp-even getting naked again seems unimaginable. And yet, it's all part of the necessary drama that leads a woman back to love. In GETTING NAKED AGAIN, clinical psychologist and New York Times bestselling author Judith Sills, PhD, leads readers through each stage of the process, offering practical advice and sharing insightful stories about women just like them, who have experienced loss through death, broken affairs, or divorce. In this book, she offers a frank, funny, and reassuring look at midlife dating and rediscovering the joys associated with newfound romance. Judith Sills is a regular contributor and relationship expert on the Today show and in other national media outlets. She is the author of many bestselling books, including Excess Baggage, Loving Men More, Needing Men Less, and Biting the Apple.

Getting Off: A Novel of Sex & Violence

by Lawrence Block Jill Emerson

SO THIS GIRL WALKS INTO A BAR... ...and when she walks out there's a man with her. She goes to bed with him, and she likes that part. Then she kills him, and she likes that even better. On her way out, she cleans out his wallet. She keeps moving, and has a new name for each change of address. She's been doing this for a while, and she's good at it.And then a chance remark gets her thinking of the men who got away, the lucky ones who survived a night with her. She starts writing down names. And now she's a girl with a mission. Picking up their trails. Hunting them down. Crossing them off her list...

Getting Old Is Murder

by Rita Lakin

She's not Miss Marple. Her friends are no Charlie's Angels. Nevertheless, 75-year-old Gladdy Gold and her gang of eccentric Fort Lauderdale retirees are out, about, and hunting down a killer-one who is silently stalking them. Selma Beller was the first to go-but Gladdy and her neighbors never suspected murder until another of their friends died in an eerily similar way. Now a handsome young detective won't listen to them, Hy Binder won't stop telling them dirty jokes, and crazy old Greta Kronk is doing everything humanly possible to make herself into a suspect. But amid the endless rounds of poolside kibitzing, early-bird specials, bittersweet memories, and interminable grocery-shopping trips, Gladdy and her gals are about to discover how the murders are being committed. And when it comes to catching this culprit-time really is running out....

Getting Organized in the Google Era: How to Get Stuff Out of Your Head, Find It When You Need It, and Get It Done Right

by Douglas C. Merrill James A. Martin

Google CIO Merrill's work is chock-full of practical, invaluable, and often counterintuitive advice for anyone who wants to be more organized and productive-and less stressed--in this 21st-century world.

Getting Over Getting Mad

by Judy Ford

With society increasingly held hostage to stress, conflict, and violence, the issue of anger is getting lots of attention. Couples, families, schools, and workplaces are all focusing attention on anger and how to effectively deal with it. In contrast to books that analyze the causes of anger or discuss the issue on a societal level, Getting Over Getting Mad provides us with inspiration and suggestions for making positive changes in ourselves and our relationships. The book's primary emphasis is on prevention, encouraging us to deal with stress, frustration, tantrums, and annoyances quickly, before these disturbances sour feelings and burn bridges. The book also gives concrete suggestions for handling anger in ongoing difficult situations, and chronicles the author's own experiences as a therapist and workshop leader.

Getting Past Guilt

by Joe Beam

Forgiveness: The word itself fills our hearts with peace and hope; yet, countless Christians are plagued by haunting feelings of inadequacy and guilt. While their heads tell them they are forgiven, their hearts cry out that they are guilty. This updated version of the previously published Forgiven Forever gets right to the heart of the questions that steal the joy God intends for our lives: Where does guilt come from? Why can't I stop feeling guilty? Why can't I believe God will forgive me? As Beam gently unmasks our fears, he shares biblical teachings that fill us with the peace we crave.

Getting Past No: Negotiating in Difficult Situations

by William Ury

We all want to get to yes, but what happens when the other person keeps saying no? How can you negotiate successfully with a stubborn boss, an irate customer, or a deceitful coworker? In Getting Past No, William Ury of Harvard Law School's Program on Negotiation offers a proven breakthrough strategy for turning adversaries into negotiating partners. You'll learn how to: - STAY IN CONTROL UNDER PRESSURE - DEFUSE ANGER AND HOSTILITY - FIND OUT WHAT THE OTHER SIDE REALLY WANTS - COUNTER DIRTY TRICKS - USE POWER TO BRING THE OTHER SIDE BACK TO THE TABLE - REACH AGREEMENTS THAT SATISFY BOTH SIDES NEEDS. Getting Past No is the state-of-the-art book on negotiation for the twenty-first century. It will help you deal with tough times, tough people, and tough negotiations. You don t have to get mad or get even. Instead, you can get what you want!

Getting Past OK: A Straightforward Guide to Having a Fantastic Life

by Richard Brodie

YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE FROM SO-SO TO STUPENDOUS ... Until life gets rocky, most people amble along on the border of OK, coasting along till a crisis hits. But there's a way of GETTING PAST OK-and into the WOW zone of your life. This book will help you get there. Culled from the proven techniques of the best self-help improvement workshops and seminars, it will show you how to set goals clearly, steer confidently through crises, be the best you can, aim for the top of the hill-and get there! THERE ARE NO MORE EXCUSES: YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL!

Getting Past the Pain Between Us: Healing and Reconciliation Without Compromise

by Marshall B. Rosenberg

Skills for resolving conflicts, healing old wounds, and reconciling strained relationships reveal the healing power of listening and speaking from the heart. The tenets of 'Non-Violent Communication' are applied to a variety of settings, including the classroom and the home, in these booklets on how to resolve conflict peacefully. Illustrative exercises, sample stories, and role-playing activities offer the opportunity for self-evaluation, discovery, and application.

Getting Past Your Breakup: How to Turn a Devastating Loss into the Best Thing That Ever Happened to You

by Susan J. Elliott

Breaking up is hard but it happens - and it hurts. Whether you are the 'dumper' or the 'dumpee', losing an intimate relationship can be devastating. This book shows you how to move on, follow some clear rules relating to your 'ex' and your old life, grow from the experience and be equipped for a new, healthier relationship. Written for both males and females of all ages, Getting Past Your Breakup is a proven road map for overcoming the painful end of any romantic relationship whether it be a 20 year marriage or a whirlwind romance lasting only a few weeks. Complete with inspiring stories from real people and strategies to jump-start the moving-on process, Getting Past Your Breakup is the most effective for getting permanently past a breakup, getting your confidence back, and opening yourself to true love.

Getting Past Your Past

by Susan Wilkinson

Often Christians feel saved from the ultimate penalty for their sins, but not from the persistent pain of regret. The long-lasting consequences of bad decisions leave many feeling perpetually out of God's will and unable to move forward into freedom and productivity. Getting Past Your Past is the antidote to the kind of regret that can stall us spiritually and bind us up in emotional pain. Susan Wilkinson lights a clear path out of this prison with six steps, including understanding and truly embracing grace; learning to forego secrets and live authentically; and grieving old dreams and dreaming new ones. This wise, heartfelt book offers strong spiritual and emotional resolution of regret by focusing on the sovereignty and unmerited kindness of God, who alone can restore the peace we've sometimes lost.

Getting Played

by Celeste O. Norfleet

If there's one thing Kenisha Lewis has learned, it's that the people you think you know best often surprise you the most. And not always in a good way. It seems the revelations just keep coming. First, her grandmother and her dad are having money troubles, which means she'll probably have to stay in public schoolandget a part-time job. And then there's her boyfriend, Terrence, who has more secrets than she could have imagined. Kenisha can't believe Terrence is dumb enough to get mixed up in a string of robberies. Or that he'd cheat on her with his old girlfriend. Or could it be that she just doesn't want to admit the truth? Where Kenisha goes, drama follows, but she's getting stronger and smarter every day. And she doesn't plan on getting played again. . . ;.

Getting Ready for College (Everything College Success Series)

by Adams Media

Get ready for the best years of your life!College Survival - Getting Ready for College contains everything you need to know about preparing for the next few years. With advice from deciding what to bring to your dorm room to the pitfalls of credit cards to the thrills of living on your own for the first time, you'll be big man (or woman) on campus in no time.

Getting Ready to Read

by Bank St Coll-Boegehold B

Learn how to help and encourage your child -- from babyhood to grade school.

Getting Revenge on Lauren Wood

by Eileen Cook

The Count of Monte Cristo meets Mean Girls in this scandalicious, hilarious tale of friendship, betrayal, makeovers, and revenge.

Getting Rid of Bradley

by Jennifer Crusie

Lucy Savage is not having a good week. Her cheating husband, Bradley, lobbed the final insult when he stood her up in divorce court. A dye job gone wrong has left her hair green. And someone is trying to kill her. To top it off, sexy cop Zack Warren is certain that the very same man Lucy is trying to wash right out of her hair is the same Bradley he wants to arrest for embezzlement. When someone shoots at her and then her car blows up, Zack decides she needs twenty-four-hour police protection. Next thing Lucy knows, Zack has moved in to her big Victorian house, making them both sleepless...and not just from things that go bump in the night!

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