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The Ghost in the Big Brass Bed

by Bruce Coville

From the moment Nina and Chris set foot in Miss Watson's run-down mansion, they sense that it's haunted -- even before they discover the tower room with its big brass bed and grieving little girl ghost! But the tower room isn't the only place holding secrets. In the parlor there's a gruesome painting, which seems to have a terrible hold over Nina. Could there be a connection between it and the ghostly child crying upstairs? As Nina and Chris begin investigating, a second ghost puts in an eerie appearance. The girls realize this could be the biggest ghost-busting adventure of their lives -- if they survive!

A Ghost in the Closet: A Hardly Boys Mystery

by Mabel Maney

Third in the Nancy Clue and the Hardly Boys series; parody.

A Ghost in the Family

by Betty Ren Wright

[from inside cover flaps] "When ten-year-old Chad Weldon's friend Jeannie Nichols invites him to visit her eccentric aunt, he's in for more than a vacation. Aunt Rosebud runs a boarding house full of odd characters, and as soon as Chad and Jeannie arrive, bizarre things start happening. Chad's toothbrush moves around his room on its own. A frightening mummy appears--and disappears. And a panther leaps out of his closet. Even scarier, Madame Keppell, a fortune teller, says she sees trouble all around him. Chad desperately wants to go home, but he knows that his father won't believe the things that have gone on. Soon, Chad and Jeannie hear about a diamond bracelet that was stolen recently. The two friends take it upon themselves to solve the mystery against all odds. From best-selling author Betty Ren Wright comes another spine-tingling mystery featuring Chad Weldon and Jeannie Nichols, from The Ghost Comes Calling and Too Many Secrets."

The Ghost in the Graveyard (Sweet Valley Twins Super Chiller #2)

by Jamie Suzanne

Is Sweet Valley haunted? Strange things have been happening to Sam Sloane ever since he moved from San Francisco to Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield's neighborhood in Sweet Valley. He can't figure out why everything in town looks so familiar-or why he's mysteriously drawn to a crumbling old mansion in town. When he visits a cemetery in the dead of night and sees a ghost who looks just like him, he turns to Elizabeth and Jessica for help. At first the twins think Sam is imagining things. After all, who believes in ghosts? But the more the girls get to know their new friend, the more they feel he's telling the truth. Something is out there. The twins are going to have to do a little ghost hunting of their own. But what happens if they do discover a ghost? Or, worse, what happens if it discovers them?

The Ghost in the House

by Tracy Thompson

An award-winning reporter for the Washington Post, Tracy Thompson was thirty-four when she was hospitalized and put on suicide watch during a major depressive episode. This event, the culmination of more than twenty years of silent suffering, became the point of departure for an in-depth, groundbreaking book on depression and her struggle with the disease. The Beast shattered stereotypes and inspired countless readers to confront their own battles with mental illness. Having written that book, and having found the security of a happy marriage, Thompson assumed that she had learned to manage her illness. But when she took on one of the most emotionally demanding jobs of all&#8212being a mother&#8212depression returned with fresh vengeance. Very quickly Thompson realized that virtually everything she had learned up to then about dealing with depression was now either inadequate or useless. In fact, maternal depression was a different beast altogether. She tackled her problem head-on, meticulously investigating the latest scientific research and collecting the stories of nearly 400 mothers with depression. What she found was startling: a problem more widespread than she or any other mother struggling alone with this affliction could have imagined. Women make up nearly 12 million of the 19 million Americans affected by depression every year, experiencing episodes at nearly twice the rate that men do. Women suffer most frequently between the ages of twenty-five and forty-four&#8212not coincidentally, the primary childbearing years. The Ghost in the House, the result of Thompson's extensive studies, is the first book to address maternal depression as a lifelong illness that can have profound ramifications for mother and child. A striking blend of memoir and journalism, here is an invaluable resource for the millions of women who are white-knuckling their way through what should be the most satisfying years of their lives. Thompson offers her readers a concise summary of the cutting-edge research in this field, deftly written prose, and, above all, hope.

The Ghost in the Mirror (Lewis Barnavelt #4)

by John Bellairs Brad Strickland

Rose Rita Pottinger and Mrs. Zimmermann are transported back to 1828 to save the Weiss family from being destroyed by a wicked wizard.

The Ghost in the Noonday Sun

by Sid Fleischman

First published in 1963, this rollicking tale of ghosts, buried treasure, and pirates on the high seas will keep readers laughing and turning the pages. Twelve-year-old Oliver tries to escape from pirates who take him to an island to find the ghost and treasure of Gentleman Jack.

The Ghost in the Third Row

by Bruce Coville

Nina learns that fifty years ago, a beautiful actress was murdered -- on this very stage! According to legend, she has haunted the theater ever since.... Strange things begin to happen -- scripts are ripped up, sets are knocked down, a costume is torn to pieces -- and everyone thinks that the ghost wants to stop the show from going on. Everyone, that is, except for Nina and her best friend, Chris, who decide to do some ghost hunting of their own. But only the Woman in White can lead them to the answer!

Ghost in Trouble

by Carolyn Hart

When Bailey Ruth Raeburn passed over into the great beyond, she was delighted to discover her sleuthing days would last an eternity. Joining Heaven's Department of Good Intentions, she uses her unique advantages as a ghost-sometimes you see her, sometimes you don't-to help those in need and ensure the wicked get their just deserts. However, on this latest mission, Bailey Ruth finds it more difficult than ever to keep up with her boss Wiggins's rules for good spirit deportment. Not only is the woman she is supposed to save determined to thwart Bailey Ruth's good intentions at every turn, she just so happens to be one of Bailey Ruth's oldest enemies. Not that that should matter to one of Heaven's best and brightest emissaries, but still, there is only so much a person can put up with-living or dead. But solving Bailey Ruth's toughest case yet means managing a recalcitrant charge, a fraudulent medium, a mother's heartbreak, old passions and new, and a telltale rawhide dog bone. Heaven help her!

The Ghost Map: The Story of London's Most Terrifying Epidemic -- and How it Changed Science, Cities, and the Modern World

by Steven Johnson

A National Bestseller, a New York Times Notable Book, and an Entertainment Weekly Best Book of the Year. It's the summer of 1854, and London is just emerging as one of the first modern cities in the world. But lacking the infrastructure -- garbage removal, clean water, sewers -- necessary to support its rapidly expanding population, the city has become the perfect breeding ground for a terrifying disease no one knows how to cure.<P>As the cholera outbreak takes hold, a physician and a local curate are spurred to action -- and ultimately solve the most pressing medical riddle of their time. In a triumph of multidisciplinary thinking, Johnson illuminates the intertwined histories of the spread of disease, the rise of cities, and the nature of scientific inquiry, offering both a riveting history and a powerful explanation of how it has shaped the world we live in.

Ghost Medicine

by Andrew Smith

Still mourning the recent death of his mother, seventeen-year-old Troy Stotts relates the events of the previous year when he and his two closest friends try to retaliate against the sheriff's son, who has been bullying them for years.

Ghost Moon

by Karen Robards

Karen Robards, theNew York Timesbestselling author ofThe Senator's WifeandThe Midnight Hour, has written her most compelling novel yet inGhost Moon, a mesmerizing, powerful tale of forbidden love, family intrigue, and a proud woman's return to the dark secrets of her past. Olivia Morrison, raised by her affluent stepfather John Archer on a lavish estate in Louisiana, enjoyed a life of privilege until she ran off with a cowboy and left the wealthy Archers behind. Years later, with her eight-year-old, Sara, in tow, Olivia returns to that long-ago estate--a prodigal daughter returning home, unsure of what she'll find there. Olivia thinks she is prepared for a chilly reception, but she doesn't expect the emotions that churn when she comes face-to-face again with Seth, her older stepcousin, to whom she had once been so close. Seth, himself the father of a daughter and engaged to be married, is still disturbingly, dangerously, attractive. Olivia must contend, too, with the powerful emotions evoked by the past, and with a flood of dreams about her mother's death by drowning so many years before. When a new danger threatens her and her daughter, Olivia must face down her old demons, and find the courage to confront her new ones, in order to rebuild a new life with her little girl--and with the man she loves.

Ghost Mysteries

by Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld Nathan Hale

Readers will delve deep--if they dare--into the history of ghosts and their portrayal in literature, art, and pop culture. From the spooky world of haunted castles to the subject of ghost-hunting, this book explores this fascinating subject through stories, facts, and pictures. Perfect for year-round reading--not just at Halloween--this book is sure to thrill readers of all ages!

The Ghost of 29 Megacycles

by John G. Fuller


Ghost of a Chance

by Laura Peyton Roberts

Melissa Soul's ready for another routine California summer of sunny days at the beach and rainy days of misery at home . . . until her best friend Chloe introduces her to someone incredible. His name is James. He's funny. He's smart. Older too (18). Plus he's amazingly good-looking. Melissa's never met anyone like him. There's just one tiny problem. He's a ghost. And he's living in Chloe's 1920s mansion. What happens when two best friends fall hard for the same ghost? And can a love triangle ever be twisted back into a circle of friendship? From the Hardcover edition.

A Ghost of a Chance (Dan Rhodes Series #10)

by Bill Crider

Though nostalgic for the good old days, sheriff Dan Rhodes of Blacklin County, Texas, knows that times may change, but people are still people, some good, some bad, and most things can be explained with a little common sense - even the "ghost" haunting his jail. Could it be the same ghostly culprit looting the local cemetery? When Ty Berry, the president of one of two feuding historical societies, is found shot dead in a freshly dug grave, Rhodes decides the crime is of a more earthly nature. The outspoken head of the rival historical society becomes the second victim, putting Rhodes and his department on the trail of a double homicide, a small-time drug ring, a riot of loose emus, goats ... and of course, one irascible ghost. With his folksy manner and steel-trap mind, Rhodes proves once again that the human condition is an unchangeable as greed, desperation and murder. From The Critics: Publishers Weekly-- Blacklin County, Tex., which includes the decrepit little town of Clearview, is where Sheriff Dan Rhodes has kept order in nine previous mysteries (Death by Accident, etc.). Clearview is hardly a hotbed of crime, and the middle-aged sheriff's laid-back style seems a perfect fit. Neither the appearance of ghosts, first at the jail, then in a local cemetery; nor the body of a murdered man found in a grave newly dug for another body; nor the uproar over cemetery thefts raised by the Clearview Sons and Daughters of Texas, a historical preservation group, is enough to get Rhodes too worked up. With quiet good humor, courage and a direct approach, Rhodes goes about the business of soothing, questioning or confronting as needs be. Rhodes's septuagenarian aides, Hack and Lawton, provide information as well as critical (and comical) commentary. A pair of petty and incompetent criminals, Rapper and Nellie, resurface to plague Rhodes again. And the county's newly successful romance novelist, Vernell Lindsey, can't seem to keep her goats fenced in or her neighbors from getting nosey. In some novels, two murders, a shootout, thefts and a drug factory would send the violence quotient over the top, but folksy Dan Rhodes handles it all with pleasing and entertaining aplomb.

Ghost of a Hanged Man

by Vivian Vande Velde

An outlaw condemned to be hanged threatens to wreak vengeance from the grave on those responsible for his death.

The Ghost of Captain Briggs

by Mary Labatt

Sam: Dog Detective is back in a ghostly adventure that occurs during summer vacation at a spooky old mansion built by a pirate.

The Ghost of Craven Cove (Nancy Drew #92)

by Carolyn Keene

Nancy, George, and Bess are on vacation in Maine when they stumble on a bizarre mystery--has their friend's father been killed, or is he really the victim of a cover-up?

The Ghost of Eagle Mountain (Girl Talk #6)

by L. E. Blair

Is there really a ghost on Eagle Mountain? Allison, Randy, Katie, and Sabrina are looking forward to the seventh- grade ski trip to Eagle Mountain. But when strange things start to happen, Allison's convinced that a spirit is trying to contact them!

The Ghost of Ernie P.

by Betty Ren Wright

After a freak accident kills Ernie and cuts short his Top Secret Plan, his friend Jeff is haunted by Ernie's ghost and pushed toward carrying out the plan.

The Ghost of KRZY (Bloodhounds, Inc. #1)

by Bill Myers

Sean and Misty, a brother and sister detective team, investigate some thefts and mysterious electrical disturbances at their father's radio station.

The Ghost of Lizard Light

by Elvira Woodruff

Fourth-grader Jack Carlton is miserable: His family is moving across the country and he might never see Iowa or his best friend again.

The Ghost of Lost Island

by Liza Ketchum Murrow

While helping his grandfather herd and shear his flock of sheep on a small island off the coast of Maine, twelve-year-old Gabe encounters a mysterious woman who may be the ghost of a drowned milkmaid.

The Ghost of Lunenburg Manor (Tom and Liz Austen Mystery #17)

by Eric Wilson

A fire burning on the sea... icy fingers in the night... a dog that won't go near its master's bedroom... strange characters... These are the mysterious components of the mystery that starts when professor Zinck invites Tom Austen and his sister, Liz to visit a haunted house.

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