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Haunted Places

by Hauck Dennis William

In almost any town in America, or within a short drive, there are places where strange things happen. . . Hundreds of houses, hotels, cemetaries, schools, and museums are believed to have resident ghosts and poltergeists. Many campgrounds and parks are on land considered sacred or inhabited by spirits. Some areas are thought to generate vortexes of psychic energy, while others are known for frequent sightings of Bigfoot creatures or UFOs. From Maine to Hawaii, this fascinating book leads you to more than 2,000 haunted places, many of them open to the public, in all fifty states. You'll find ghosts famous and obscure from the lawless days of the Gold Rush, from the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and the Roaring Twenties--even ghosts who first appeared in the 1990s. Entries are organized alphabetically by state and are referenced to an extensive bibliography of sources. Addresses, phone numbers, and travel directions are provided for all sites. Haunted Places is a most unusual travel guide for the tourist who has seen it all and an indispensable casebook for all those interested in the paranormal.

Haunted Schools: True Ghost Stories

by Allan Zullo

Nine stories about ghosts and phantoms found haunting schools.

Haunted Schools: True Ghost Stories

by Allan Zullo

Is Your School Haunted? A strange girl who shows up at a school is not what she appears to be . . . students find a shocking secret in their school's theater, an empty school vibrates with the laughter of unseen children; In this spine tingling book, these and other true ghost stories that happen in schools just like yours.

The Haunted Self: Structural Dissociation and the Treatment of Chronic Traumatization (Norton Series on Interpersonal Neurobiology)

by Onno Van Hart Kathy Steele Ellert R. Nijenhuis

Life is an ongoing struggle for patients who have been chronically traumatized. They typically have a wide array of symptoms, often classified under different combinations of comorbidity, which can make assessment and treatment complicated and confusing for the therapist. Many patients have substantial problems with daily living and relationships, including serious intrapsychic conflicts and maladaptive coping strategies. Their suffering essentially relates to a terrifying and painful past that haunts them. Even when survivors attempt to hide their distress beneath a facade of normality--a common strategy--therapists often feel besieged by their many symptoms and serious pain. Small wonder that many survivors of chronic traumatization have seen several therapists with little if any gains, and that quite a few have been labeled as untreatable or resistant. In this book, three leading researchers and clinicians share what they have learned from treating and studying chronically traumatized individuals across more than 65 years of collective experience. Based on the theory of structural dissociation of the personality in combination with a Janetian psychology of action, the authors have developed a model of phase-oriented treatment that focuses on the identification and treatment of structural dissociation and related maladaptive mental and behavioral actions. The foundation of this approach is to support patients in learning more effective mental and behavioral actions that will enable them to become more adaptive in life and to resolve their structural dissociation. This principle implies an overall therapeutic goal of raising the integrative capacity, in order to cope with the demands of daily life and deal with the haunting remnants of the past, with the "unfinished business" of traumatic memories. Of interest to clinicians, students of clinical psychology and psychiatry, as well as to researchers, all those interested in adult survivors of chronic child abuse and neglect will find helpful insights and tools that may make the treatment more effective and efficient, and more tolerable for the suffering patient.

The Haunted Showboat (Nancy Drew #35)

by Carolyn Keene

Bess and George invite Nancy on a trip to New Orleans, to help their relatives solve a mystery. Their uncle wants to restore an old showboat, the River Princess, but no one will go near it! <P><P>Mysterious occurrences are making everything believe the boat is haunted. Can Nancy uncover the truth?

The Haunted States of America: Haunted Houses and Spooky Places in All 50 States ... and Canada, Too

by Joan Holub

Planning a vacation? Want to find a haunted house in your own state? Want to get really scared? Here's the definitive listing of spooky places in every single state and some Canadian provinces, too. Read these true ghost stories and find out some fascinating history - but watch out, ghosts are everywhere! DID YOU KNOW... * About the Gold Rush ghost who still haunts Room 23 at the Golden North Hotel in Skagway, Alaska? * About the Winchester mystery house in San Jose, California, with 13 bathrooms, 13 steps on the grand staircase, and 13 palm trees lining the driveway? * About Floyd Collins, who still yells out for help in Mammoth Caves in Kentucky after being buried alive in 1925?

Haunted Summer

by Betty Ren Wright

Shy, nine-year-old Abby surprises herself, her equally timid babysitter, and her older brother when they are haunted by a ghost that is trying to reclaim a stolen music box.

The Haunted Trail (Phantom Rider #2)

by Janni Lee Simner

Callie Fern can't wait to take her first trial ride. It's just what she needs to take her mind off Star, who has rejoined her owner in the ghost world. But on the trial, the horses go wild and turn off, leaving Callie, her friend Amy, and her sister, Melissa stranded in the mountains. Huge storm clouds are racing in and with Melissa's ankle sprained from her fall, the girls can't get shelter. Even worse, Callie spies a stranger following them.


by Thomas Taylor

Does history have a ghost of a chance? Eddie, Adam, David. Three boys, three generations, one gift: the ability to travel through time. Through a portal of dreams, they can appear as ghosts, wherever and whenever they want. The first boy, Eddie, is the genius who has sworn to protect the past and carry on the dreamwalker's code. The second, Adam, is a haunter, a dream-terrorist, dead-set on changing history for his own nefarious ends. The third, David, is the neophyte who must fight for the future by keeping the other two apart! Can he surf the time warps, back and forth between 1940s London and today, to save the present from oblivion?

The Haunting

by Joan Lowery Nixon

Fifteen-year-old Lia comes from a long line of courageous women, dating back to a Civil War survivor who single-handedly saved her Louisiana plantation house, Graymoss, from destruction. But Graymoss is haunted by a terrible evil. With clues from a diary andFavorite Tales of Edgar Allan Poe, Lia, who doesn't feel as if she's inherited any family genes of courage, must figure out what--or whom--the evil wants. When Lia's parents decide to move into Graymoss, Lia isn't sure how to convince them to change their minds. But it's up to her to chase away the horror lurking inside the old house. Can she find the courage to deal with a noisy ghost who wants vengeance?

The Haunting

by Rodman Philbrick Lynn Harnett

A vacation house has a terrifying past--one that only the children know about Jason, his little sister, Sally, and his parents plan to spend the summer in the perfect seaside vacation home. But as soon as Jason steps onto the porch, icy air grips him, and he feels the stare of an invisible being. Although he can't explain it, he knows that in this house, children are not welcome. Jason soon meets Steve, a friendly kid who teases him about the so-called haunted house and the witch who used to live there. Jason tries to ignore him, but he's pretty sure there's truth to the spooky tale. Especially when he meets the pale figure of a child in the house . . .

A Haunting Is Brewing

by Juliet Blackwell

In this all-new novella, New York Times bestselling author Juliet Blackwell's popular characters from her Witchcraft Mysteries and Haunted Home Renovation Mysteries find themselves joining forces to solve a supernatural dilemma... When Mel Turner is hired to rehab an old Victorian mansion to act as the eerie setting for a Halloween bash, she's expecting the normal challenges--old wiring, bad plumbing, maybe a ghostly specter or two. But when a young man is killed after spending the night in the house, and the mannequins in the attic start to come to life, it's clear that this is serious paranormal activity. Maybe this time, a real witch is needed. Recommended by a mutual friend, vintage clothes expert Lily Ivory arrives to offer her help with the mannequins. Armed with Lily's spells and Mel's know-how, the two women must figure out the cause of all of the ghostly commotion--before Mel's renovation project turns into even more of a deadly haunt... Includes previews of Keeper of the Castle: A Haunted Home Renovation Mystery and Spellcasting in Silk: A Witchcraft Mystery. Praise for the novels of Juliet Blackwell: "Blackwell's writing is like that of a master painter, placing a perfect splash of detail, drama, color, and whimsy in all the right places!"--New York Times bestselling author Victoria Laurie "Extraordinarily entertaining."--Suspense Magazine "A winning combination of cozy mystery, architectural history, and DIY with a ghost story thrown in."--The Mystery Reader "Blackwell mixes reality and witchcraft beautifully...outstanding storytelling skills."--Lesa's Book Critiques Juliet Blackwell is the pseudonym for the New York Times bestselling mystery author who also writes the Witchcraft Mystery series and, together with her sister, wrote the Art Lover's Mystery series as Hailey Lind. The first in that series, Feint of Art, was nominated for an Agatha Award for Best First Novel. As owner of her own faux-finish and design studio, the author has spent many days and nights on construction sites renovating beautiful historic homes throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. She currently resides in a happily haunted house in Oakland, California.

Haunting Jordan

by P. J. Alderman

RITA-nominated author P. J. Alderman weaves present-day supernatural sleuthery with nineteenth-century intrigue in the first book of an enchanting new mystery series set in picturesque Port Chatham, Washington.Jordan Marsh left L.A. for the quaint Pacific Northwest town of Port Chatham in pursuit of some much-needed R & R. As the prime suspect in her cheating husband's murder, she had been hoping to immerse herself in the restoration of the charming Victorian she'd just bought--and put all talk of homicide investigations behind her. But as she soon discovers, the coldest of cases cry out to be solved, too. For this old house comes fully furnished--with two garrulous ghosts who have a century-old murder of their own they'd like her to look into. Now, if Jordan can keep the L.A. police at bay, and sort through a suspect list of shady characters circa 1890, she might just clear a wrongly accused man's name--and her own.From the Paperback edition.

The Haunting of Cabin 13

by Kristi D. Holl

[from the cover flaps: "Was "Eleanor" really a ghost? When Laurie, her family, and her best friend Jenny arrive at Cabin 13 in Backbone State Park for a week's vacation, the mysterious notes left in the cabin don't really alarm her. Laurie thinks it's just a prank to scare campers. After all, there were also eerie bobbing lights said to be seen floating out over the lake. Soon Laurie discovers that "Eleanor"--the signature on all the notes--was the name of a young girl who had stayed in Cabin 13 the previous summer and had died in an accidental drowning. The ghostly notes become more frequent and alarming, and Laurie finds she can't get Eleanor off her mind. Although Jenny is more interested in meeting boys, she reluctantly agrees to help Laurie track down the truth. Their investigations become terrifying when their canoe sinks--was it deliberately sabotaged?--and Laurie is tricked into meeting the "ghost" late one night at the park's cave. But Laurie persists, and as she does she learns more about the rich history of the Backbone Trail. She also becomes convinced that Eleanor's death was no accident. Will Laurie be the next victim of the haunted Cabin 13?" The cover illustration is described.

The Haunting of Drang Island (Orca Books)

by Arthur G. Slade

The Haunting of Drang Island is a modern retelling of Old Norse and Icelandic myths. It combines all the best elements of the sagas: strong heroes, powerful enemies and a fast-paced story so full of detail it becomes entirely believable.

The Haunting of Granite Falls

by Eva Ibbotson

When twelve-year-old Alex's Scottish castle of Carra is sold, dismantled, and moved to Texas, the ghosts that raised him from a child have difficulty relocating.

The Haunting of Hillside School (Cabin Creek Mysteries)

by Kristiana Gregory

It's a new school year in Cabin Creek and the cousins have a new mystery. When Claire and David look out the art room window and see a girl's pale face, they suspect it's a ghost.

The Haunting of Josie

by Kay Hooper

Before writing suchNew York Timesbestselling thrillers asBlood DreamsandSleeping with Fear, Kay Hooper made her mark with novels uniquely blending romance and suspense. In this new edition ofThe Haunting of Josie,Hooper brings together the themes that have remained at the heart of all her work--passion, danger, and a touch of the paranormal--in this classic story of a woman haunted by the past and tempted by a man too irresistible to trust. ... Josie Douglas came to the isolated country cottage with her re...

The Haunting of Maddy Clare

by Simone St. James

Sarah Piper's lonely, threadbare existence changes when her temporary agency sends her to assist a ghost hunter. Alistair Gellis-rich, handsome, scarred by World War I, and obsessed with ghosts- has been summoned to investigate the spirit of nineteen-year-old maid Maddy Clare, who is haunting the barn where she committed suicide. Since Maddy hated men in life, it is Sarah's task to confront her in death. Soon Sarah is caught up in a deperate struggle. For Maddy's ghost is real, she's angry, and she has powers that defy all reason. Can Sarah and Alistair's assistant, the rough, unsettling Matthew Ryder, discover who Maddy was, whereshe came from, and what is driving her desire for vengeance-before she destroys them all? Winner of two RITA Awards from the Romance Writers of America and the Arthur Ellis Award from Crime Writers of Canada .

The Haunting of Torre Abbey

by Carole Elizabeth Buggé

"Watson, do you believe in ghosts?"With this question, Sherlock Holmes shatters the calm of a quiet evening in their London flat and, with Dr. John Watson at his side, embarks upon a particularly strange case. <P><P>Holmes has received a request for aid from Lord Charles Cary, whose family is seemingly being threatened by ghosts in and around the family manor. The manor is Torre Abbey, a twelfth-century monastery in Torquay, Devon, and it has a long history of hauntings. While skeptical of the supernatural, Holmes does believe that the Cary family is in danger-a belief which proves to be horrifyingly accurate when, shortly after they arrive at Torre Abbey, a household member dies suddenly, mysteriously, and seemingly of fright. As strange sightings and threatening apparitions become almost commonplace, Holmes must uncover the secrets of the haunted abbey and the family that lives there if he is to have any hope of protecting the living and avenging the dead. In a case that taxes his wits, and seems beyond the reach of his usual methods, Holmes must grapple with his most deadly and unforgiving foe. "Bugge's careful period descriptions capture the trappings and incidentals of Conan Doyle's novel" - Publishers Weekly "Bugge does a compelling and realistic job of bringing Holmes and Watson back to life. She offers a complicated plot, the appealing atmosphere of the Victorian resort, and much fascinating information on ghosts, seances, and medieval English history. Her brisk plot and concise prose are a welcome relief from many Holmes re-creations, which too often collapse under the weight of excessive period detail and unwieldy language. Suggest this one to Holmes buffs who liked Nicholas Meyer's take on the sleuth in the deerstalker hat."- John Rowe, Booklist"As with her first Holmes novel (see THE STAR OF INDIA), Carole Bugge captures the essence of the era in her latest tale, THE HAUNTING OF TORRE ABBEY. The story line is enjoyable and fans of the great detective will relish a return to the famous moors. Though at times, Ms. Bugge allows her love for Watson and Holmes to permeate the tale, both charcaters are well designed and stay within Arthur Conan Doyle's blueprint. Readers who relish more novels starring Holmes and Watson will find Ms. Bugge's homage a triumph."- Harriet Klausner

Haunting Olivia

by Janelle Taylor

Bestselling author Janelle Taylor's novels of romantic suspense deliver it all--desire, deception, and thrilling danger. In Haunting Olivia, a magazine editor travels to her childhood home in Maine--and into a labyrinth of deception and fear. . . A Face From The Past. . . Olivia Sedgwick never really knew her wealthy father, and she can't imagine why he bequeathed his summer cottage to her. It's a cozy little place, but Blueberry, Maine, holds only bittersweet memories for Olivia--heartrending memories of Zach, her long-lost first love, and the child she gave up for adoption. But what begins as a brief trip north to inspect her new property becomes a journey of revelation when she runs into Zach himself--and their beautiful daughter. And A Threat To Her Future. . . Zach is stunned that Olivia has returned to the small town where they fell in love. But what's more shocking is the realization that her father lied to them both, driving them apart all those years ago. Rebuilding their relationship offers a temptation that neither of them can resist. But someone is determined to break apart their small family once more, and will stop at nothing to do it. . . "Excellent . . . motives abound in this tale of dark suspense and romance. "--Romantic Times on Watching Amanda

Haunting Rachel

by Kay Hooper

Thomas Sheridan was Rachel Grant's childhood sweetheart. Days before their wedding, he left unexpectedly to pilot a plane to South America. He promised to return in plenty of time. But his plane never reached its destination, and no trace of it was ever found. Ten years later, Rachel returns home to settle her family estate. The homecoming is fraught with painful memories -- and stunning, eerie glimpses of a man who could be Thomas Sheridan's twin. Or his ghost. He knows her name. He has the locket she gave Thomas before he vanished. And when they finally meet face-to-face, his story raises more questions than it answers. His name is Adam Delafield, he says, and he offers the promise of three million dollars, money he owed her father. Yet there is no record of the loan -- or a shred of proof that Adam is who he claims to be. Is he an innocent man who only wants to erase a debt? Or a cold-blooded killer with a score to settle?

A Haunting Refrain (Helen Bradley Mysteries, #3)

by Patricia H. Rushford

Eager to spend time with her husband while they remodel their home, Helen Bradley is reluctant to answer the summons of her eccentric uncle Paddy until she learns that there have been attempts on his life. Helen arrives at Paradise Island determined to protect her uncle, but fears abound. Never before in her years as a cop has Helen faced a ghost as a possible suspect. Now she must find the courage to confront her own beliefs - and to reveal whatever truth surfaces...

Haunting the Dead

by Stefan Petrucha Seth Lindberg Allen Rausch

Haunting the Dead is a collection of short stories written by popular author set in the fantasy world of the Orpheus franchise.

Haunting the Night

by Mara Purnhagen

Charlotte Silver has been through hell.Her mom' s in a coma. She may have caused the death of a young man. And now her friend Avery wants her to tackle going to Prom? Not going to happen, even if she is dying to spend some alone time with her boyfriend, Noah. Instead, Charlotte needs to find some answers to a few nagging questions-why was her family attacked? Will her mother survive? And is there a creature from the Other Side coming for her? Soon enough, Charlotte's search for the truth becomes a race against time. But she may just find the sign she's been looking for all along....An ebook exclusive Past Midnight series novella.

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