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Glencoe Science: Tennessee Science, Grade 8

NIMAC-sourced textbook

Glencoe Science (Texas Edition, Grade 8)

by Alton Biggs Dinah Zike Susan Leach Snyder Ralph M. Feather Jr.

What is science? Is it performing experiments in a laboratory with test tubes, bottles, Bunsen burners, and other equipment? Science can happen anywhere, like at this archaeological excavation of Mendes, an ancient Egyptian city.

Glencoe Sociology & You

by Jon M. Shepard Robert W. Greene

A sociology program written exclusively for high school students Sociology and Youis written by successful authors with extensive experience in the field of sociology. MeetAmerican Sociological Association standardsfor the teaching of sociology in high school with this comprehensive program.

Glencoe Spanish: Buen viaje: Level 1

by Conrad J. Schmitt Protase E. Woodford Glencoe McGraw-Hill Staff

Step up to success with¡Buen viaje! ¡Buen viaje!is a comprehensive three-level program that encourages meaningful, practical communication by immersing your students in the language and culture of the Spanish-speaking world. The text and its integrated technology resources help you meet the needs of every student in your diverse classroom. ¡Buen viaje!Level 1 has 14 manageable chapters. Chapters 13 and 14 are repeated as Chapters 1 and 2 in Level 2 for flexible pacing. Topics provide students with the skills they need to communicate when shopping, talking about home, family, and friends, participating in activities, and traveling.

Glencoe Street Law: A Course in Practical Law (8th edition)

by Lee P. Arbetman Edward L. O'Brien

GAINING A PRACTICAL UNDERSTANDING OF THE LAW AND THE LEGAL SYSTEM. Street Law's interactive methods focus on legal issues relevant to students' lives help students develop the knowledge and skills essential in our law-related society. Features * Intellectual property coverage invites students to consider issues related to ownership of ideas. * Case Studies illustrate legal issues in the context of real-life and hypothetical situations. * Human Rights U.S.A. offers an opportunity to study human rights issues in the United States. * You Be the Judge involves students in considering and deciding the outcome of a legal situation. * Where You Live highlights variations in local law and procedures. * Youth Act helps students learn how to advocate for change in their community and how to solve problems without going to court. * Legal Documents are reproduced in the text to aid students' understanding.

Glencoe, Succeeding in the World of Work

by BusinessWeek Grady Kimbrell Ben S. Vineyard

Succeeding in the World of Workprepares your students for the 21st century workplace. This updated program integrates academic standards-based acitvities with real-world workplace connections. The ninth edition emphasized workplace skills, technology, and understanding and working with cultural differences. This text provides Real-World Connection which provides a real-life anecdote or passage that deals with issues of work, including soft skills such as interpersonal communication.

Glencoe Theatre: Art in Action

by Robert D. Strickland Robert D. Taylor

Theatre: Art in Action teaches theater through hands-on performance-based exercises that have students assume the roles of actor, director, designer, technician, producer, stage crew, publicist, etc., to gain an appreciation for and understanding of theater as an art form, today and through history.

Glencoe Understanding Art

by Rosalind Ragans Gene Mittler

A Journey through the stimulating history of art. With this chronological/historical approach to art, your students will understand how historical, political, geographical, social, and religious events shape each culture's art and makes it unique. The traditions of Western Europe are examined along with those of China, Japan, India, Native America, and Africa.

Glencoe Understanding Psychology

by Richard A. Kasschau

Connect complex psychological concepts to real life. Understanding Psychology simplifies complex psychological concepts for students. The program's philosophy is to make psychology relevant, fun, interesting, and approachable. Understanding Psychology is an interactive book with hands-on activities, case studies, current issues, and readings about the field of psychology.

Glencoe United States Government: Democracy In Action

by Richard C. Remy

This program provides a ?behind-the-scenes? look at Washington never before available in any government program.

Glencoe: World Geography and Cultures [Grade 10]

by Richard G. Boehm

A world view from renowned authors World Geography and Culturesoffers a fascinating view of the world enlivened by a meticulous presentation that focuses on the development of geographic literacy. Every region is studied in three parts: physical geography, cultural geography, and current events.

Glencoe World Geography (Texas edition)

by Mcgraw-Hill Staff

If you think that geography means memorizing a list of states and their capitals, think again. Geography is a broad and ever-changing subject. It includes the study of Earth's physical features, as well as the countless and fascinating ways that humans, animals, and plants interact with the world around them.

Glencoe World History

by Jackson J. Spielvogel

Glencoe World History is a full-survey world history program authored by a world-renowned historian, Jackson Spielvogel, and the National Geographic Society. Experiencing world history and understanding its relevance to the modern world is the goal of this program. The program addresses the importance of motivating students and engaging them in meaningful learning--learning that links the past with issues confronting young people today.

Glencoe World History: Modern Times (Alabama Edition)

by Jackson J. Spielvogel

Welcome to World History Studies and to Glencoe World History: Modern Times. This course begins with a brief review of the early world history you learned in Grade 8. It then focuses on history from 1500 to the present. When you have finished your Grade 9 course, you will understand key political, social, and economic events from the past and their connection to the present. You will learn how the great explorers set the stage for European leadership and how political revolutions changed governments forever. You will also learn about the complex causes of world wars and how technology affects societies today. This knowledge will help you be a more responsible and effective citizen in your community and country. Your textbook includes a variety of tools designed to help you be successful as you study world history.

Glencoe Writer's Choice: Grammar and Composition

by Glencoe/McGraw-Hill

NIMAC-sourced textbook

Glencoe Writer's Choice: Grammar and Composition (Grade 10, Texas edition)

by Mcgraw-Hill Staff

Some things are hard to write about. After something happens to you, you go to write it down, and either you over-dramatize it or underplay it, exaggerate the wrong parts or ignore the important ones.

Glencoe Writer’s Choice Grammar and Composition (Grade 6)

by Glencoe Mcgraw-Hill

Grammar and composition textbook.

Glenn Gould: Music & Mind

by Geoffrey Payzant

Biography of the famous pianist, including a bibliography, list of published compositions, filmography, and discography

Glide Path

by Arthur C. Clarke

A fascinating departure for the renowned science fiction author, Glide Path is an alternative history of the development of Ground Control Approach radar set during World War II. Clarke draws upon his own wartime experience as a radar control operator during World War II to tell a story fascinating not just for its plotting--combining science, intrigue, and a host of compelling characters--but also for its prescience and technical insight. Glide Path is sure to be an enthralling read not just for science fiction fans, but for history aficionados.

Glimmer of a New Leviathan: Total War in the Realism of Niebuhr, Morgenthau, and Waltz

by Campbell Craig

The Second World War put an end to America's historical isolationism. Three American thinkers--Reinhold Niebuhr, Hans Morgenthau, and Kenneth Waltz--developed a modern strategic framework that sought to introduce Americans to the harsher realities of international politics. Yet even as the United States began to embrace this new Realism, atomic weaponry threatened to make it absurd. This engrossing story of how the three chief architects of a powerful ideology struggled with the implications of their own creation offers crucial context for contemporary debates about the resort to war and weapons of mass destruction.

A Glimpse of Darkness (Short Story)

by Lara Adrian Harry Connolly Stacia Kane Kelly Meding Lucy A. Snyder

Munira bint Azhar, the half-human daughter of a djinn, is a skilled Retriever in the city of Port Nightfall. Now the powerful sorcerer Temesis has given Munira a dire ultimatum: steal a magical lantern- the Light of Ta'lab- from the horrific undead kingdom below the city, or watch her father die at Temesis's hand. Will she be able to retrieve the lantern and save her father's life, or will they both perish in the process? With an Afterword featuring the choices readers were given at the end of each chapter.

Showing 79,726 through 79,750 of 147,181 results


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