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Little Women with Related Readings

by The Editors at the The McGraw-Hill Companies

This classic novel follows the March sisters -- Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy -- from childhood to adulthood as they support and challenge each other in times of joy and tragedy. While they may not be wealthy, their lives are made rich by each other.<P> Also included are related readings to help the reader relate to the story.

A Little Yellow Dog (Easy Rawlins #5)

by Walter Mosley

With each succeeding mystery featuring his reluctant detective (and natural-born existentialist) Easy Rawlins, Walter Mosley gains new fans and builds on what is now recognized as a permanent addition to American crime writing. His current book is A Little Yellow Dog --another instant classic of suspense, style, and shrewd social observation. It's 1964. Easy Rawlins has given up the street life that has brought him so much trouble and grief. He's taken on a job as supervising custodian of Sojourner Truth Junior High School in Watts. For two years he's been getting up early and going off to work. He wears nice clothes and puts all his energy-and love-into his job and his adopted children. Easy likes his new life, even though he feels empty and a little bored sometimes. But all that is about to change. Easy comes in early one morning to find one of the teachers already in her classroom. She has a dog with her and a story about a husband gone mad. Before Easy knows what's happening, the teacher is in his arms. Before the day is over the teacher is gone, leaving Easy with her dog, and the handsomest corpse Easy has ever seen is found in the school garden. That night a second corpse turns up. Easy may have left the streets but he hasn't been forgotten. The world is changing faster than he can keep up. The police believe that Easy is involved in the murders. Old enemies are waiting to get even. The principal of the school wants to fire him. His old friends aren't the same and his new friends might be his death. Easy wants back into his careful little life, but that door is closed. A murderer is running loose somewhere. And a little yellow dog plots revenge.


by Howard Owen

Now available in paperback, comes a successful and beautifully-written novel about a decent North Carolina farmer haunted by errors and redeemed by faith. Painstakingly honest, Littlejohn is "a character as fully rounded in his quirks and imperfections, in his quiet determination and bravery, as any in recent fiction."--Washington Post.

The Littles and the Great Halloween Scare

by John Peterson

It's almost Halloween and Tom and Lucy Little are going to scare the adults! But before they can come up with a plan, their Uncle Nick retires from the army and comes to live with the rest of the Little clan. The Littles don't know about Nick's pet Mus Mus, a White House mouse, and they are caught off guard and scared silly when the mouse appears in their home. But before Halloween is over, Tom and Lucy will have the last laugh as they play the best prank ever on their family. The Littles are tiny people no more than six inches tall who have tails and live inside the walls of a house where the big people don't even know they are there. Read many more books about the little children, ten-year-old Tom and his sister 8-year-old Lucy in the Bookshare collection including The Littles and the Big Storm, The Littles and the Surprise Thanksgiving, The Littles Give a Party, The Littles Have A Happy Valentine's Day and at least ten more.

The Littles and the Terrible Tiny Kid

by John Peterson

[from the back cover] "The Littles are in for some big trouble! The bedroom is a mess.... The strings on the old tin can elevator are tangled.... Henry Biggs' parakeet is loose.... And someone has knocked over the honey jar.... "Oh, no!" Mr. Little says. "It looks like we have a terrible tiny kid on our hands." Pictures are described. RL3, Ages 7-10 Bookshare has many more books about the Littles family. They are shorter than six inches tall, use thimbles for wastebaskets and wear finger puppets on cereal boxes for costumes. Some of the Little's books are: The Littles, The Littles Take a Trip, The Littles and the Surprise Thanksgiving Guests, The Littles to the Rescue, Tom Little's Halloween Scare, The Littles and the Trash Tinies, The Littles Go to School, The Littles Get Trapped, The Littles and the Big Storm, The Littles Have a Happy Valentine's Day, The Littles Give a Party and The Littles and the Missing Cat.

The Littles Get Trapped! (Littles First Readers #4)

by John Peterson

This early reader is based on the books of John Peterson. The Littles take it upon themselves to see that Hildy the cat doesn't starve while the Bigg family is away. As Tom and Lucy manage to get the refrigerator door open to get the cat food, the door slams shut trapping them inside.

The Littles Go Exploring

by John Peterson

The Littles venture into the land beyond the Dark Woods, an area unknown to small people. Reissue to celebrate the Littles' 25th anniversary.

The Littles Go to School

by John Peterson

"I still don't see why I have to go," said Lucy. "But Lucy, it's fun," said Tom. "You get to see lots of the tiny kids from all over the Big Valley. We use the chalkboards. We read some of the textbooks the big kids use. There are maps and charts, and we live in dormitories in the walls of the classroom. You'll like it." Tom and Lucy are going to school! But an unexpected adventure in a gerbil cage gets them to school a little too early!

The Littles Have a Merry Christmas

by John Peterson

This new addition to the series for beginning readers was adapted from THE LITTLES AND THE TRASH TINIES (Scholastic 1977). It's almost Christmas, and all the Littles are full of good cheer. . . all except Uncle Nick. Uncle Nick just moved in. It was time for him to rest after thirty years of fighting mice in Trash City. Uncle Nick likes his new home, but he misses all his friends in Trash City. So the Littles decide to get Uncle Nick a very special Christmas present. Tom and Lucy travel all the way to Trash City, where they meet many strange and wonderful tiny people. They bring some of Uncle Nick's friends back to visit him -- now all the Littles can have a Merry Christmas!

The Littles Have a Wedding

by John Peterson

Meet the Littles, a family like any other but with a few tiny differences! They live in the walls of the Bigg family house where they get everything they need. In return they make sure the Bigg house is always in good repair. When Dinky comes home from his latest adventure, he's not alone. Della came back with him and they're going to be married! But a tiny person wedding takes a huge amount of preparation. The Littles need to get everything ready and travel to a neighboring house by the next day. Will they be ready in time?

The Littles Take A Trip

by John Peterson

The Little family takes a trip out from their house and into the woods and encounter many exciting and scary adventures.

The Littles to the Rescue

by John Peterson

The Littles help Aunt Lily, for very young readers.

The Littlest Angel

by Charles Tazewell

He is always late! He's been caught swinging on the golden gates! He chews on his wings! He sings off key! And, then... something happens... A wonderful book for children and grandparents to read together.

The Littlest Marine (Bachelor Battalion #1)

by Maureen Child

The maid of honor and the best man were barely speaking. Other than that, the rehearsal of the rehearsal dinner seemed to be a success. Still, Elizabeth Stone thought, nowhere was it written that as maid of honor she had to like the best man.

The Littlest Witness

by Amanda Stevens

Harlequin romance

Live and Let Drood (Secret Histories #6)

by Simon R. Green

The Secret Histories Novels combine "witty banter, tough guy standoffs, visceral fight scenes, bad guy atrocities, surprise revelations, and high stakes"* in supernatural adventures that can only come from the imagination of New York Times bestselling author Simon R. Green. The name is Bond, Shaman Bond. Better known as Drood, Eddie Drood Yes, I'm one of those Droods--the family who've been keeping the forces of evil contained in the shadows for as long as humans have walked the earth. Recently, I suffered a slight case of death, but thanks to Molly, my best girl (who happens to be a powerful witch), I got over that right quick. Unfortunately, my family wasn't so lucky. In my absence, Drood Hall was destroyed and all my relatives were killed. Which left me as the Last of the Droods. I didn't much like being The Last Drood, I can tell you--and then I realized that things weren't as they seemed. Someone had activated a dimensional engine, sending my Drood Hall off to an alternate Earth, replacing it with a burnt-out doppelganger. My family is still alive out there. Somewhere. And nothing's going to stop me from finding them... *Green Man Review .

Live Bait

by Fabio Genovesi

The story of a small Italian town where fishing, biking, and rock 'n' roll make the news, until tragedy turns everything upside down. Muglione. Nothing grows in this Tuscan backwater except the wild imagination of Fiorenzo, a nineteen-year-old metalhead. He lives for his garage band, horror movies, and fishing in the murky irrigation ditches outside of town. But when his path crosses with Mirko, the teenage cycling phenomenon, and Tiziana, the smart but frustrated head of the local youth center turned refuge for the town's hard-drinking seniors, his world will never be the same. From the brink of despair they fight their way back through honesty, resilience, and laughter, their fates interweaving in a story that is at once achingly funny, bitter, and full of poetic fervor. Told with the tenderness of a Fellini film, this contemporary novel continues the great tradition of Italian literature and cinema.

Live Bait (Fearless FBI #2)

by Francine Pascal

There's been a murder.And it isn't part of some FBI training exercise. Late one night, in the middle of a rainstorm, Gaia and her roommate stumbled upon an actual killing. Since they were the only ones to glimpse the perp, headquarters has granted Gaia and Catherine temporary FBI badges to solve the case. Way to hit the ground running. But the investigation is not like a TV show. It's gruesome. It's frustrating. It's real. When the killer strikes again, they realize this isn't a one-shot deal either. Gaia tries to piece together some clues, but there's no real lead to go on. And without a profile, the next victim could be anyone. Anyone at all.

Live Bodies

by Maurice Gee

A novel in which a retired businessman, Josef Mandl looks at his past: battling the Nazis in Vienna, interned as an enemy alien in New Zealand, rebuilding his life after the war with his wife Nancy. Gee explores themes of loss and dispossession of family, friendship, and love.

A Live Coal In The Sea

by Madeleine L'Engle

Sequel to L'Engle's earlier adult novel Camilla.

Live Free from Asthma and Allergies

by Ellen W. Cutler

Why simply alleviate asthma and allergy symptoms when you can address the root causes? In LIVE FREE FROM ASTHMA AND ALLERGIES, Dr. Ellen Cutler introduces the Bioenergetic Sensitivity and Enzyme Therapy (BioSET) system, a method of reprogramming the body'¬?s response to foods and environmental factors to provide real relief without the use of medication. This comprehensive manual explains how to use the BioSET system to treat yourself at home. Combining enzyme therapy with proper nutrition and a non-invasive desensitization technique that utilizes acupressure meridian points to fully clear and reprogram most sensitivities, this holistic program will free you from sniffles, sneezing, and wheezing for good.From the Trade Paperback edition.

Live from Cape Canaveral: Covering the Space Race, from Sputnik to Today.

by Jay Barbree

Some fifty years ago, while a cub reporter, Jay Barbree caught space fever the night that Sputnik passed over Georgia. He moved to the then-sleepy village of Cocoa Beach, Florida, right outside Cape Canaveral, and began reporting on rockets that fizzled as often as they soared. In "Live from Cape Canaveral," Barbree-the only reporter who has covered every mission flown by astronauts-offers his unique perspective on the space program. He shares affectionate portraits of astronauts as well as some of his fellow journalists and tells some very funny behind-the-scenes stories-many involving astronaut pranks. Barbree also shows how much the space program and its press coverage have changed over time. Warm and perceptive, he reminds us just how thrilling the great moments of the space race were and why America fell in love with its heroic, sometimes larger-than-life astronauts.

Live From New York

by James Andrew Miller Tom Shales

Just in time for the 40th anniversary of Saturday Night Live, a rollickingly updated edition of LIVE FROM NEW YORK with nearly 100 new pages covering the past decade.When first published to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Saturday Night Live, LIVE FROM NEW YORK was immediately proclaimed the best book ever produced on the landmark and legendary late-night show. In their own words, unfiltered and uncensored, a dazzling galaxy of trail-blazing talents recalled three turbulent decades of on-camera antics and off-camera escapades. Now a fourth decade has passed---and bestselling authors James Andrew Miller and Tom Shales have returned to Studio 8H. Over more than 100 pages of new material, they raucously and revealingly take the SNL story up to the present, adding a constellation of iconic new stars, surprises, and controversies.

Live! From Planet Earth

by George Alec Effinger

George Alec Effinger was a true master of satirical Science Fiction. Before his death in 2002, he gained the highest esteem amongst his peers for his pitch-perfect stylistic mimicry and his great insight into the human condition. Despite a life filled with chronic illness and pain, Effinger was a prolific novelist and short story writer, earning multiple Nebula and Hugo Award nominations.LIVE! FROM PLANET EARTH represents a very special look at the many works of this unique genius. These 22 short pieces have been specifically selected and introduced by his fellow writers and editors, from Michael Bishop to Jack Dann, Mike Resnick to Neil Gaiman. Each writes about his or her memories of Effinger and his legacy.Included are "The Aliens Who Knew, I Mean, Everything" in which Earth is visited by benevolent aliens who happen to have annoying opinions about everything. "Everything but Honor" goes along as a black physicist time-travels to 1860 to murder a Civil War general. Also included here are Effinger's O.Niemand stories, which perfectly mimic the styles of Steinbeck, Hemingway and Twain. The results are a tour de force sure to please existing fans and make new fans of anyone who reads them.

Live Girls

by Ray Garton

A strip club in New York's Times Square is very different from the others--the girls there happen to be vampires.

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