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The Ecstatic

by Victor Lavalle

315 pound Anthony James goes a strange road trip with his mother, sister and grandmother.

Ecstatic Sex: A Guide to the Pleasures of Tantra

by Ma Ananda Sarita Swami Anand Geho

EXPERIENCE THE EROTIC AND TANTALIZING PLEASURES OF TANTRA. In Ecstatic Sex, Tantric partners and longtime teachers of the Tantric approach to life and love, Ma Ananda Sarita and Swami Anand Geho, present an eye-opening course in the sexual aspects of Tantra. Exploring everything from basic sexual anatomy and opening your chakras to self-pleasuring, foreplay, creative positions, and orgasm, this book will teach you -- whether you are single or married -- to enhance the pleasure, sensuality, and satisfaction of your every sexual experience. In this erotic and sensual guide to Tantric bliss, you will learn how to: Heighten sexual pleasure and orgasm in exotic ways you may never have imagined; Maximize sexual fulfillment by focusing on the needs and sexual cycles of both you and your partner; Experience sensual awakening and exploration at every stage of life, from adolescence to middle age and beyond; Use Tantra as a means of deepening the physical, emotional, and spiritual intimacy between loving partners. This authentic, accessible introduction to Tantric sex will open a whole new world of sexual possibilities.

Ecuador - Culture Smart!

by Russell Maddicks

Squeezed between Colombia in the north and Peru in the south, Ecuador is named for its location on the Equator and has a landscape so varied that it has been described as a microcosm of every microclimate found in South America. This diversity makes it a magnet for tourists, mountain trekkers, volunteers, and increasing numbers of US retirees looking for a warm, culturally interesting, economical, and safe place to spend much of their time. The country is booming, thanks to high oil prices and investment in tourism, and a massive infrastructure program and the poverty-reduction measures launched by President Rafael Correa have endeared him to the poorest in society. Ecuador's multiethnic population reflects a unique blend of cultures, from traditionally dressed mountain peoples, whose ancestors inhabited their highland villages before the arrival of the Incas, to the Afro-Ecuadorians of Esmeraldas and the Chota Valley and the tribal peoples of the Amazonian rainforest. The Ecuadorians are proud, friendly, hospitable, and hardworking, but to know them well the foreign visitor needs to understand the complex historical divisions between the highlands and the coast, and the rigid class and racial hierarchy that has shaped the country's history. Culture Smart! Ecuador takes you beyond the usual descriptions of where to go and what to see, and gives you an insider's view of the people, their history, their food, and their culture. Special sections are designed to help food lovers get the most out of the menu, assist business travelers to gain an edge on the competition, and show expats, volunteers, and visitors how to meet and get on well with the Ecuadorians, who are as diverse and varied as the country's amazing geography.

Ecuador: Selected Issues and Statistical Annex

by International Monetary Fund

A report from the International Monetary Fund.


by Snorri Sturluson Anthony Faulkes

Over a period of twenty years, Snorri Sturluson, scholar, courtier and poet, compiled the prose EDDA as a textbook for young poets who wished to praise kings. His work surveys the content, style and metres of traditional Viking poetry and includes a poem of Snorri's own, praising the king of Norway. Ironically, Snorri was killed in his own cellar in 1241 on the instigation of the king of Norway as a result of political intrigue. The EDDA contains the most extensive account of Norse myths and legends that has survived from the Middle Ages. This is the only edition available with introduction, text summaries, indexes and chronology of early Icelandic literature.


by Conor Kostick

When your whole world is virtual, what is reality? Everyone in the universe of Edda is made of pixels--except for Penelope. While her body is kept alive in a hospital bed, her avatar runs free, able to go anywhere and do anything, including create deadly weapons for Edda's ruler, her guardian Lord Scanthax. When Scanthax decides to invade another virtual world, Erik/Cindella from Epic and Ghost from Saga become part of the story--and soon the virtual universes are alive with fighting, alight with bombs, and brought together by three teenagers who want peace and understanding. With its blend of action, technology, subversion, and politics, Conor Kostick's Epic Trilogy is the next best thing to gaming. .

Eddie and Gardenia

by Carolyn Haywood

"This, beyond any doubt, is the best book Miss Haywood has ever written. It is an on-the-spot picture of an authentic Texas ranch. It begins with riotous fun, it growls into swift adventure, and it culminates in real depth of feeling." When Eddie Wilson's pet goat Gardenia ate a hole in the top of his father's new convertible, even Eddie, who loved her dearly, knew it was time for Gardenia to move on. Mr. Wilson decided to send her, personally conducted by Eddie, to Uncle Ed's ranch and to let Eddie stay there for a visit. As soon as Gardenia was put in the baggage car, she set up an unremittant "Ba-a-ah" until the baggage man released her from her crate on Eddie's assurance that she would lie down quietly and go to sleep. It was then that Gardenia really went into action. There was not a dull moment for anyone on the train or at the stations where it stopped. But, as the porter said, when Uncle Ed met the train at San Antonio and asked if Eddie had been any trouble to him, "Oh, no! No trouble at all,, just a little excitement." The excitement continued when Eddie and Gardenia took up residence on the ranch. Although Gardenia did not learn much from her experiences (being, after all, only a goat), Eddie did from his. He learned to be a good cowboy and, in so doing, developed self-reliance and dependability. Eddie, who always had plenty of personality, has character now as well. He still tickles the funny bone, but he also touches the heart." You can read more of Eddie's fun adventures in Little Eddie and Eddie and the Fire Engine. Both books and more books by this author are in the Bookshare collection.

Eddie and Louella

by Carolyn Haywood

Eddie Wilson was always bringing home stray animals. He seemed to draw lost dogs like a magnet. So Eddie's pets were always changing--all except Louella, the parrot from Texas. At first she had kept saying, "Texas is better!" but Eddie taught her to say, "Eddie is best!" Along with other parrot owners, Eddie was asked to lend his parrot to liven up the palm-tree decorations at a charity ball. Imagine Eddie's feelings when he got back a parrot that said "Old Sourpuss!" instead of "Eddie is best!" In the first place, it had not been at all easy to get Louella to the charity ball. Eddie had become the prisoner of a relentlessly revolving hotel front door, from which he had extricated himself and Louella only after the most harrowing experiences. He had also managed to acquire a dog, his fellow captive in the revolving door. The only prize offered to the reader who guesses what happens next is the delectable experience of reading this simply super book, as Eddie would say, which no one in the world but Miss Haywood could have written.

Eddie and the Cruisers

by Sherman Alexie P. F. Kluge

With sparkling dialogue, superb plot and suspense that never flags this page-turner is the seminal novel of the 50's new music--rock-and-roll--and how it changed America. Overlook is proud to put P. F. Kluge's classic Eddie and the Cruisers--"the book that spawned the movies"--in paperback for the first time, so it can find a new generation of readers. Eddie and his Jersey-bred band, The Parkway Cruisers, were going places. With an album and a few minor hits to their credit the future seemed bright until Eddie died in a fiery car crash. Twenty years later a British rock band turns their old songs into monumental fresh hits. With this comes a surge of interest in the surviving Cruisers and in a rumored cache of tapes that Eddie made before he died. That's when the killing starts.

Eddie and the Cruisers

by Sherman Alexie P. F. Kluge

Eddie and his Jersey-bred band, The Parkway Cruisers, were going places. With an album and a few minor hits to their credit the future seemed bright until Eddie died in a fiery car crash. Twenty years later a British rock band turns their old songs into monumental fresh hits.<P> With this comes a surge of interest in the surviving Cruisers and in a rumored cache of tapes that Eddie made before he died. That's when the killing starts.

Eddie and the Fire Engine

by Carolyn Haywood

Eddie is a third grader who is determined to have the best birthday with the most presents, to snag a fireman's hat at a charity fish pond, to go to dancing class without having to dance, and help a classmate find her lost teeth. Ages 8-10, Pictures are described.]

Eddie Makes Music

by Carolyn Haywood

Sidney plays the cello, and Rudy plays the drums, but what can Eddie play? He tells his Mom he only wants to play baseball, but then he discovers how much fun and how hard it is to learn to play a musical instrument. In the process he buys birdseed-filled candy, and learns to sing by taking lessons. Finally all of his hard work pays off on a television show where the orchestra plays. Eddie learns along the way how beautiful music and the world can be.

Eddie the Dog Holder

by Carolyn Haywood

When Anna Patricia Wallace showed Eddie Wilson the oil painting she had done of her Aunt Mabel's dog, Eddie was only mildly enthusiastic. Art wasn't really his forte. However, as soon as Annie Pat disclosed that her aunt had paid her fifty cents for the painting, Eddie had an idea. "Annie Pat!" he cried. "How would you like to go into business? I'll ask people if they want their dog painted by you, and then I'll hold the dog so it won't wiggle while you're painting." That was how Eddie's career as a dog holder began, and a lively undertaking it soon became. The local dogcatcher and a few uncooperative sitters complicated matters. And when Boodles turned up with a booming business of his own, Eddie thought all hope of earning enough to buy a puppy was lost. The unfailing humor that is Miss Haywood's trademark waves gaily from every page of this new book - one that her multitude of readers, as well as those who haven't yet made Eddie Wilson's acquaintance, will welcome eagerly.You'll never get bored with Eddie and his friends which include children, adults, and all kinds of animals. Here are more books about Eddie you can find in the Bookshare collection. Little Eddie, Eddie and the Fire Engine, Eddie and Gardenia, Eddie's Green Thumb, Annie Pat and Eddie, Eddie and Louella, Eddie Makes Music, Eddie and his Big Deals, and Eddie's Pay Dirt.

Eddie the Elephant

by Laura Long

Eddie the Elephant is a gentle giant. He has big flapping ears to hear even the tiniest of sounds, but that doesn't stop him from getting scared. The naughty little mice always try to make him jump, and when an elephant jumps, everyone knows! Eddie's ears and feet are lined with pretty scraps of fabric, and his tail is made from a crocheted chain. Purl ridges make the wrinkles in his trunk.

Eddie's Friend Boodles

by Carolyn Haywood

A visit to the circus inspires Boodles to experiment with clown makeup and to try to teach his dog Poochie to do tricks.

Eddie's Green Thumb

by Carolyn Haywood

From the Book Jacket: When Eddie Wilson's teacher announced that the whole class was going to carry out a Green Thumb Project and plant gardens, Eddie was immediately enthusiastic. Starting merrily off on the wrong foot, he joined forces with the notoriously confusing Anna Patricia Wallace and formed a seed business -only to find that Anna Patricia intended the profit for the school library, not for themselves. Then, before Eddie could even plant his garden, he found a nest of baby rabbits there; "It'll be just like a cafeteria for those rabbits," his brothers teased him. "They'll probably sell your lettuce to their friends." But Eddie insisted on raising the rabbits, along with his vegetables, and in Boodles' garden Eddie and Anna Patricia raised something even more peculiar, which they intended to present to Boodles for his birthday. Carolyn Haywood's tireless young characters attack the problems of gardening with cheerful confidence, and with positive results. Fresh vegetables, fresh humor, and fresh air illuminate the pages of this thoroughly entertaining new book, which marks a twenty- fifth anniversary for the ever humorous Miss Haywood.

Eddie's Happenings

by Carolyn Haywood

Eddie finds a list of special days to celebrate, and adventures escalate from there.

Eddie's Menagerie

by Carolyn Haywood

From the Book Jacket: Another round of adventures is sparked when Carolyn Haywood's popular character, Eddie Wilson, wangles a part- time job at a pet shop. An animal lover, Eddie has been limited to caring for a mere three dogs at home. Now he is in his element, surrounded by puppies, kittens, fish, snakes, and lots of boxes of worms out back. The owner of the shop is a testy but kind-hearted man improbably named Mr. Cornball. Eddie immediately sets about making himself indispensable to him. He rescues a kitten from a threeyear-old catnapper and intercepts a more serious shoplifter. Off duty he still has time for the animal problems of his friends, as when Gloria's cat is poisoned. The greatest crisis comes, however, when fire breaks out at the shop. Eddie is on hand to help once again and in the process manages to enlarge the Wilson menagerie further. Eddie's trials and triumphs, recounted with the author's distinctive humor, are just the experiences that beginning readers everywhere will recognize and identify with.

Eddie's Pay Dirt

by Carolyn Haywood

When Eddie Wilson came back from Texas, he was greeted with considerable fanfare by his classmates. He had brought with him a fascinating assortment of valuable property (junk to his parents) which set off a whole new train of uproarious events. Among his hand baggage was a parrot called Louella, a box labeled Snakes, and another marked Pay Dirt. Louella succeeded in stampeding the crowd in the station, the snakes stopped traffic on the way home, and the pay dirt created the most excitement of all, for it eventually turned out to be just what Eddie called it. Eddie knew how to cope with his usual treasures, but something possessing actual value presented a peculiar difficulty. There were soul searchings ahead for Eddie, whose wise father let him wrestle with his own problem. His solution provides the climax of a story so inimitably funny and yet so truly touching that only Carolyn Haywood could have written it. You will find many more funny books about Eddie and his friends in the Bookshare collection. Some of them are: Little Eddie, Eddie the Dog Holder, Ever-Ready Eddie, Eddie and the fire Engine, Eddie and Gardenia, Eddie and Louella, and Eddie's Green Thumb. Search for Carolyn Haywood's name to find books about the other kids in Eddie's neighborhood including Betsy, Annie Pat, the twins and Penny.

Eddie's Valuable Property

by Carolyn Haywood

Eddie's dismay at the family's move is relieved by his pleasure in a new friend, a valuable property they share, and a happy school situation.


by Tony Monchinski

A terrifying vision of the zombie apocalypse from Gallery Books / indie horror sensation Permuted Press!


by Carolyn Davidson

Something about the woman hit John Roper hard, right in the gut. She was frightened, her face bruised, yet her inner beauty and bravery were immediately apparent. And there was no way in hell he was leaving her alone to face a roomful of rowdy cowboys and whatever desperate circumstances had brought her there in the first place.But how he got from those first thoughts to making her his wife was something he was still wrestling with the next day.... He knew he'd put his life on the line to protect her. But would a man who knew nothing about being a husband ever be able to give Katie the happy ending she so deserved?

Eden Burning

by Elizabeth Lowell

Paradise calls to Chase Wilcox. A man of science fascinated by the rebirth of life in the wake of cataclysmic natural upheaval, he is drawn to the lush beauty of the island of Hawaii and the secrets it holds--while escaping the destruction of his own personal world. Here where warm breezes caress the skin and vibrant colors assault the senses--and where dangerous fires rage unseen beneath the earth's surface--Chase plans to immerse himself in his work...and somehow heal and forget. The last thing he needs or wants is love.But the island is home to many unexpected wonders, which is why Nicole Ballard could never leave it. A research assistant, an artist, and a dancer--a tall, stunning redhead who goes by the stage name of Pele, the goddess of fire--she, too, hides a secret pain, releasing her pent-up sensuality to the accompaniment of native drums before a mesmerized audience. Nicole has never met a man quite like Chase, strong, intense, and brilliant. And he, in turn, is fascinated by this remarkable woman who seems to be a breathtaking force of nature in her own right. Fate has cast them together, causing a chain reaction that neither imagined in their most secret dreams.Joined on an important scientific project that carries them into the verdant heart of a tropical wonder land, Nicole and Chase will be forced to confront their own lingering inner darkness, while resisting a newly inflamed need to touch, to care. But in the shadows of Kilauea, all restraints will be broken, as emotions flow as hot and free as rivers of molten lava. And desire will erupt, as unpredictable and dangerous as the living volcano, transforming the very landscape of their lives--a torrent that no power on earth can contain, a passion that bums like fire.

Eden Burning

by Belva Plain

She was a girl as beautiful and innocent as her family's lush Caribbean plantation--until she discovered the darkness of desire and became a woman. Expelled from paradise, Teresa Francis would be swept into marriage and the opulence of New York only to be drawn back to her island, where secrets can ignite explosions of political upheaval and clandestine love.

Eden Close

by Anita Shreve

A compelling tale of edgy, small-town emotions, lingering obsession, and romantic salvation.Andrew, after many years, returns to his hometown to attend his mother's funeral. Planning to remain only a few days, he is drawn into the tragic legacy of his childhood friend and beautiful girl next door, Eden Close. An adopted child, Eden had learned to avoid the mother who did not want her and to please the father who did. She also aimed to please Andrew and his friends, first by being one of the boys and later by seducing them. Then one hot night, Andrew was awakened by gunshots and piercing screams from the next farm: Mr. Close had been killed and Eden blinded.Now, seventeen years later, Andrew begins to uncover the grisly story - to unravel the layers of thwarted love between the husband, wife, and tormented girl. And as the truth about Eden's past comes to light, so too does Andrew's strange and binding attachment to her reveal itself.

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