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How to Make Yourself Miserable

by Dan Greenburg Marcia Jacobs

How to be miserable by yourself, to lose friends, to lose your job, to avoid or destroy romantic relationships, etc.

How to Manage Children's Challenging Behaviour

by Bill Rogers

A new edition of this book is available `All royalties from the sale of this book are donated to the charity World Vision for children's education programmes in South East Asia'. All teachers face similar issues of behaviour, from calling out, interrupting, inappropriate loudness, through to more disturbing bullying, violence and behaviour disorders. This book addresses the issue of challenging behaviour and behaviour disorders in schools. It shows how teachers - in a supportive team - have made a significant difference to their students in terms of behaviour, attitude, self-esteem and peer acceptance. Bill Rogers sets out the key principles of behaviour leadership drawn from the teachers' own accounts. Teachers spend a third of their working day with children. Their goodwill, energy and patience are sometimes stretched to the limit by some of the children they are called on to teach, manage and support. Some of the children we read of in this book are children whose family situation does not always support what schools seek to be and to do. There are sometimes disturbing reasons why these children are disruptive. But the teachers in this book never 're-victimise' the child. They know that behaviour is developed and learned, in context. Bill Rogers is a respected education consultant who travels frequently to the United Kingdom from Australia, to conduct INSET and seminars with schools and universities in the areas of behaviour management; discipline; effective teaching; stress management and teacher welfare. Bill's work is well known for his emphasis on practical approaches and skills, as well as his sensitivity to teachers' needs and concerns. How to Manage Children's Challenging Behaviour is essential reading for practising teachers at any level.

How to Manage Conflict in the Organization, Second Edition

by Gregg Lee Carter Joseph F. Byrnes

Gain control of tough conflict situations and transform them into a productive force in your organization. How to Manage Conflict in the Organization, Second Edition, equips you with the strategies, tactics and insights you need to gain control of tough conflict situations. You´ll discover how to spot potential interpersonal conflicts--and defuse them before they flare up. You´ll understand how, when, where and why to apply the five favored conflict-resolution approaches, and you´ll develop the insight and intuition you need to make them work. This book will give you the skills to transform conflict into a positive, productive force by applying the proven techniques of principled negotiation. You will learn how to: * Transform conflict into a positive, productive force * Respond to on-the-job conflicts quickly and effectively * Resolve conflicts positively using proven principled negotiation techniques. * Understand the differences between structural (organizational) and interpersonal conflict * Separate people from issues and focus on interests, not positions * Get beyond immediate tensions and disagreements to the root causes of any interpersonal conflict * Apply five surefire conflict-resolution approaches: avoiding, accommodating, compromising, forcing, and collaborating * Adopt best practices for implementing alternative dispute resolution techniques * Develop strategies for dealing with conflict resolution in electronic communication * Follow guidelines for when to consult with HR about a conflict-resolution situation

How to Manage People

by Michael Armstrong

From Michael Armstrong, HR expert and best-selling author, comes this new edition of the business staple, How to Manage People. Providing valuable insight into the functions and skills required to be an effective manager - from how to manage teams to successful recruitment - it will help you get the best from your staff through motivation, reward and leadership. With three brand new chapters on managing virtual teams, enhancing employee engagement and managing conflict, it is full of easily applicable advice as well as practical tools and checklists. Essential reading for anyone who wants to get the best from their teams, How to Manage People distils the essence of good management into one handy book.

How To Manage Training: Facilitating Workplace Learning for High Performance

by Carolyn Nilson

The knowledge, skills and guidance managers need to become true learning leaders. Now more than ever, a versatile, well-trained workforce is critical to an organization's success. Written for managers from a wide range of functional areas, this book gives any manager responsible for training the tools to help employees learn more, perform better, and work smarter. This comprehensive, up-to-date guide targets the roles necessary to manage training and learning in an organization: champion, builder, performance consultant, supporter, administrator, and keeper of the budget. Filled with expert information and real-world scenarios, this new book uses diagrams, charts, exercises, and a collection of tools for training delivery to help managers anticipate and solve a broad range of training challenges--for their own departments or for the entire organization. How to Manage Training: Facilitating Workplace Learning for High Performance delivers the knowledge, skills, and guidance managers need to become true learning leaders. Readers will learn how toL * Develop a sample business plan for training * Deliver learning experiences in a wide range of formats * Create programs for peer-to-peer assistance and collegial problem solving * Foster coaching and mentoring in the workplace * Promote learning and training opportunities at all levels in the organization

How To Manage Your Mother: Understanding The Most Difficult, Complicated, And Fascinating Relationship In Your Life

by Alyce Faye Cleese Brian Bates

Guilt. Embarrassment. Friendship. Anger. Who can bring out all these feelings ... and often in the same day? Your mother. No matter how mature or successful we are in our adult lives, with one word our mothers can somehow send us scurrying back to childhood. Can mothers and adult children ever learn to set aside their earlier elationship and talk to each other as adults? In this warm, funny book, dozens of revealing stories from such well-known personalities as Colin Powell, Helena Bonham Carter, Mia Farrow, and Lauren Hutton show that it is possible to improve your relationship with your mother-or at the very least begin to understand it. Alyce Faye Cleese and Brian Bates include a practical ten-step plan and questionnaire to help you get on track with your mother. You will learn to address specific issues and develop valuable insights that will help you start thinking about your mother in a profoundly new way.

How to Manage Your Priorities

by Janis Fisher Chan

The latest tools and techniques for accomplishing more in less time with fewer resources. In today's competitive global environment--where people at all levels need to accomplish more, in less time, with fewer resources--the ability to manage priorities is a key element in personal and professional success. How to Manage Your Priorities, Second Edition, provides managers, team leaders, professionals, and others in the workplace with the tools to master this essential business skill. The second edition, revised and updated with a new chapter on technology-based tools for identifying and organizing priorities, teaches managers the critical benefits of managing their priorities and removing the obstacles that interfere with success. Readers will learn how to: * Identify what's important * Accomplish more in less time, with fewer resources * Manage your workload to improve your working relationships * Organize a task or project so outcomes meet expectations and objectives * Collaborate with others to make sure deadlines are necessary and reasonable * Improve the quality of your work and reduce stress * Master key strategies for prioritizing tasks and activities * Practice the best planning and scheduling techniques * Use technology to manage your priorities: planning and scheduling tools, project management software, PDAs, organizing systems

How to Marry a Highlander: A Falcon Club Novella

by Katharine Ashe

With seven troublesome half sisters to marry off, Duncan, the Earl of Eads, has one problem: hes broke. With the prospect of marriage to the pompous local curate, Miss Teresa Finch-Freeworth has one dream: to wed instead the handsome Highlander she saw at a ball. How does a desperate lady convince a reluctant laird that shes the perfect bride for him? She strikes a wager If she can find seven husbands for seven sisters, the earl must marry her. Duncan has no intention of wedding the meddlesome maiden, and he gives her a deadline even the most audacious matchmaker cant meet--one month. But Teresa sets terms, too: with each bridegroom she finds, the earl must pay her increasingly intimate rewards . . .

How to Marry a Marquis (Agents for the Crown #2)

by Julia Quinn

(An Avon Romantic Treasure) When James Sidwell, Marquis of Riverdale, offered to help Elizabeth Hotchkiss find herself a husband, he never dreamed that the only candidate he could propose would be himself...

How to Marry a Princess

by Christine Rimmer

Alice Bravo-Calabretti was expected to conduct herself like a proper princess. No more impulsive jaunts to neighboring countries. No more tabloid escapades. But the hot new stable hand was a scandal waiting to happen. His bold blue eyes and come-hither smile could tempt a Bravo Royale to misbehave. Until Alice discovered her "penniless groom" was an American tycoon looking for a princess bride!Alice was everything Noah Cordell wanted in a wife. But his royal heartthrob refused to say "I do" until he gave up his most carefully guarded secret. And she wouldn't settle for anything less than everything he had to give. Only then could they share a true meeting of minds and hearts-Bravo-Cordell style!

How to Master Nursing Calculations

by Chris John Tyreman

For the maths-phobic, this 2nd edition of the best-selling How to Master Nursing Calculations, is ideal practice for learning key numeracy skills. The perfect companion for your training and in the first few crucial years of your career, it builds your competency through practice, revision and every day examples. Contents includes a review of the basics, clear illustrations of instrument scales, medical administration records and pharmaceutical labels as well as a detailed guide to reading drug dosage charts. Including a brand new list of important abbreviations and a section on how to make drug calculations without equations - requiring little mathematical knowledge - How to Master Nursing Calculations, 2nd edition, will help you master complex dosages and turn you into a maths whiz.

How to Master Online Learning: What to Expect

by Peterson's

Takes the reader through the process of taking a course online. Peterson's guide provides a sample syllabus, offers suggestions for how to pay for courses, and also gives tips on making the most of the online learning experience. Selling Points: 1. Answers to the questions: What is online learning? What types of online education are available? Who are online learners? 2. Chapters covering online learning experiences, online study habitats, live chat sessions, and working in virtual groups 3. Truths and myths of online learning and common mistakes online learners make 4. Information about online degree programs, online certifications, and continuing education 5. Advice on paying for online learning, classes, software, and textbooks 6. Guidance on plagiarism and citing references correctly

How to Meditate

by Robina Courtin Kathleen Mcdonald

What is meditation? Why practice it? Which techniques are best? How do I do it? The answers to these often-asked questions are contained in this down-to-earth book, making it of enormous value for anyone who wishes to begin and maintain a meditation practice. Written by a Western Buddhist nun with solid experience in both the practice and teaching of meditation, How to Meditate contains a wealth of practical advice on a variety of authentic techniques, from what to do with our minds, to how to sit, to visualizations and other traditional practices. Best of all, McDonald's approach is warm and encouraging. The next best thing to personal instruction!

How to Meet Cute Boys

by Deanna Kizis

Are the men you date: Commitment-phobic? Impossible to read? Borderline insane? All of the above? If any of these answers apply, you have to read... how to meet cute boys. Twenty-seven-year-old Benjamina Franklin (and you thought you had identity problems) is the dating scene authority for L.A.'s Filly magazine, dispensing advice on everything from relationship survival tips to tweezing the perfect eyebrow. But Ben's own love life has been on a downhill roll ever since she broke up with her dull, prematurely balding boyfriend. Now her younger sister is getting married -- and since going dateless is a prospect Ben simply can't bear, she has exactly six months to find a boyfriend. At a Filly fashion bash, she meets Max, who's gorgeous, successful, interested ... and may not be quite what he seems. Suddenly Ben is suffering bouts of indecision over matters of sex, love, relationships, and whether or not shaving her legs before a first date will jinx it. With the help of her best friend, Kiki, and her well-meaning mother and sister, she attempts to steer a course through the treacherous waters of the modern dating world. Will Ben find happiness with Max? Is Max just another commitment-phobic male? Does the perfect guy even exist? Stuffed with the best of the fictional Filly magazine -- including articles and quizzes -- How to Meet Cute Boys is the most riotous and right-on novel about the singles scene to come out in years. This book is for anyone who's ever turned the pages of a women's magazine, looking for the answer to all that dating madness! Book jacket.

How to Melt a Frozen Heart

by Cara Colter

A kiss to warm the heart...Since his wife's death, architect Brendan Grant has felt that his heart is in the deep freeze, iced up and impenetrable. Until a sick cat brings him reluctantly to Nora Anderson's door.Nora has a reputation for mending broken creatures, but Brendan wonders if her healing touch works on people, too. For spending time with Nora and her orphaned nephew is defrosting his defenses.But Nora is like a lioness, protecting the new life she has struggled to create for herself and her nephew. She won't let just anyone past the threshold....

How to Mess Up Your Child's Life: Tips to Identify and Avoid the Worst Mistakes Well-Meaning Parents Make

by Olivia Bruner Kurt Bruner

There are several people in life you don't want to hear say, "Oops!" Your barber, your mechanic, and your surgeon are three that come to mind. So do your parents and spouse. And yet, few of us put much thought into how we can create happier homes. Now, Christian parenting experts Kurt and Olivia Bruner have created a tongue-in-cheek but invaluable guide that helps parents move past "oops" to intentional, fun, and faith-filled parenting. In a way that keeps parents engaged amid the nonstop grind of jobs and household chores, the Bruners walk parents through the steps in creating a plan for infusing faith dynamics into the home.

How to Misbehave (Novella)

by Ruthie Knox

What woman can resist a hot man in a hard hat? Beloved author Ruthie Knox kicks off her new Camelot series with this deliciously sexy original novella, in which a good girl learns how to misbehave . . . with all her heart. As program director for the Camelot Community Center, Amber Clark knows how to keep her cool. That is, until a sudden tornado warning forces her to take shelter in a darkened basement with a hunk of man whose sex appeal green lights her every fantasy. With a voice that would melt chocolate, he asks her if she is okay. Now she's hot all over and wondering: How does a girl make a move? Building contractor Tony Mazzara was just looking to escape nature's fury. Instead, he finds himself all tangled up with lovely Amber. Sweet and sexy, she's ready to unleash her wild side. Their mutual desire reaches a fever pitch and creates a storm of its own--unexpected, powerful, and unforgettable. But is it bigger than Tony can handle? Can he let go of painful memories and let the force of this remarkable woman show him a future he never dreamed existed? Includes a special message from the editor, as well as excerpts from these Loveswept titles: Along Came Trouble, Flirting with Disaster, and Room at the Inn.

How To Murder A Millionaire (A Blackbird Sisters Mystery, #1)

by Nancy Martin

From the Publisher Nora Blackbird, society columnist and down-and-almost-out former debutante, reclaims her place within Philadelphia's elite when she stumbles upon the murdered body of a millionaire art collector.

How to Never Look Fat Again

by Charla Krupp

The new groundbreaking style-guide from bestseller author Charla Krupp on how to look 10 pounds lighter, 10 years younger and 10 times sexier every day, all year--in summer, winter, at the gym, even in a swimsuit!You'll never get dressed the same way again once you discover:*smart, easy ways to hide arm flap, a big bust, a muffin top, back fat, Buddha belly, a big booty, wide hips, thunder thighs, and heavy calves-and that's only half the book.*which fabrics, colors, and styles make women look fat*absolutely the best shades, shapes, and brilliant buys to make the pounds invisible*clever solutions for special fashion situations--workout gear, evening wear, and even swimsuits!*which products, fashions, and services you shouldn't waste your money on*the top ten tips that will make you look thinner by tonight! So, if you've ever put on a piece of clothing and asked "Does this make me look fat?" Finally, here is the book that will answer your question.

How to Observe the Sun Safely

by Lee Macdonald

"How to Observe the Sun Safely, 2nd Edition" gives all the basic information and advice the amateur astronomer needs to get started in observing our own ever-fascinating star. Unlike many other astronomical objects, you do not need a large telescope or expensive equipment to observe the Sun. And it is possible to take excellent pictures of the Sun with today's low-cost digital cameras! This title concentrates on providing practical, on-the-spot advice to the amateur astronomer who is interested in observing the Sun, using commercially available equipment. This book surveys what is visible on the Sun, before describing how to record solar features and measure solar activity levels. There is also an account of how to use H-alpha and Calcium-K filters to observe and record prominences and other features of the solar chromosphere, the Sun's inner atmosphere. Because we are just entering a period of high activity on the Sun, following a long, quiet period, many more amateur astronomers will become interested in observing it. The second edition includes an update of Chapter 2 to reflect advances in solar observing equipment since 2002, and a section on building a solar projection box, originally included in the main body of this chapter has been moved to Appendix A. Also Chapter 6 thru 8 have been completely revised to give amateur astronomers advice on how to use film to photograph the Sun, and how to use digital cameras. This new edition also includes more than twice as many illustrations as the first and almost half of them new images.

How to Organize Family History Paperwork

by Denise May Levenick

Family history research can quickly create mountains of paperwork. This book give you step-by-step instruction to effectively organize and digitize your genealogy research papers.You'll learn how to:create a personalized filing system to suit your genealogy research style and experienceturn your computer into a top-notch filing clerk and research assistant by establishing a clear, consistent naming pattern for files and foldersScan old paper records and store them electronically to save space and make them easier to findmake digital copies of original source documents organize your family history research to pass on to future generations

How to Organize Inherited Items

by Denise May Levenick

In every family, someone ends up with Mom's and Dad's "stuff" - a lifetime's worth of old family photos, papers, and memorabilia packed into boxes. This book gives step-by-step instructions for organizing inherited items in a way that honors the loved one while bringing peace to the rest of the family.You'll learn how to:Effectively sort and purge boxes of your parent's stuff that you inheritedDecide which family heirlooms to keepDonate items to museums, societies, and charitiesProtect and pass on keepsakes

How to Organize (Just About) Everything

by Peter Walsh

Professional organizer Peter Walsh presents this witty and enormously practical guide to getting it -- and keeping it -- all together. With more than 500 easy-to-follow how-to instructions,How to Organize (Just About) Everythingis packed with shrewd advice and insider tips to make your home, your workplace -- indeed, every imaginable aspect of your life -- run more smoothly. Step-by-step solutions help even the most organizationally challenged take on:KidsSchedulesStoragePhotosListsPoliticsEducationRemodelsMealsWeddingsFinancesHolidaysPartiesVacationsEmergencies

How to Outwit Aristotle

by Peter Cave

Everything you ever wanted to know about philosophy in 35 bite-size chapters: From the realm of the unconscious to the principles of logic, How to Outwit Aristotle will help you think like a philosopher. Witty and accessible, this is a superb introduction to the subject by one of Britain's most engaging philosophical writers.

How to Overthrow the Government

by Arianna Huffington

Powerful and enlightening. How to Overthrow the Government is an impassioned call to arms from one of America's sharpest and most independent commentators. In its pages Huffington breaks away from the party-line platitudes of Republicans and Democrats alike while challenging Amerians to rise up and take back their government. From the power of special interests to the ravages of the war on drugs, Huffington offers radical yet viable strategies for reclaiming our nation from the corporate and political powers that hold it hostage. For, as she argues, if We the People are to preserve and protect our more perfect union, we must stand up and fight for our country -- before it's too late.

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