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My Friend Flicka

by Mary O'Hara

It seems Ken can't do anything right. He loses saddle blankets and breaks reins ... but then comes the worst news yet: a report card so bad that he has to repeat a grade. How can you tame the dreamy mind of a boy who stares out of the window instead of taking an exam? Enter Flicka, the chestnut filly with a wild spirit. Over the course of one magical summer, both will learn the meaning of responsibility, courage, and, ultimately, friendship.

My Friend Is Sad (An Elephant and Piggie Book)

by Mo Willems

Meet Elephant Gerald and Piggie. Gerald is careful. Piggie is not. Piggie cannot help smiling. Gerald can. Gerald worries so that Piggie does not have to. Gerald and Piggie are best friends. In My Friend is Sad, Gerald is sad. How can Piggie be happy if Gerald is sad?

My friend is struggling with.. Thoughts of Suicide (Friendship 911 Collection)

by Josh Mcdowell

Sixteen-year-old Kevin Colvin, burdened by his parent's fighting, the recent death of his best friend and slipping grades, despairs that he's just "a waste of space on this planet. Is this a passing thought or is he about to seriously contemplate suicide?<P> Do you know any students like Kevin who are caught in the downward emotional spiral of disappointment to discouragement to despair? What can you say or do to help? What do they need most right now? Perhaps more than any time in their lives they need a "911 friend"-a friend who " always loyal and a brother [and sister who] is born to help in time of need" (Prov. 17:17).<P> Through the aid of a gripping true-to-life story, Josh McDowell along with Ed Stewart offers biblical insights and practical instruction on what your friend can do when plagued with passing thoughts of ending it all. But more importantly, you will discover how to become a true source of help and encouragement to lift him or her from discouragement and despair. This book is designed for you to read first and then give to your friend.<P> And if you are that person struggling with despair, you can learn how to find that light at the end of the dark tunnel you seem to be in. For you will discover how important you are to God and to those around you, especially to the friend who gave you this book.

My Friend Twigs

by Cliff Mcnish

When her gran dies, Jess inherits Twigs - a talking cockatoo! Huge and hilarious, Twigs is Jess's best friend and, now she's starting at a new school, Jess needs a friend more than ever. But - Squawwwwk! - Twigs is noisy, and he's pushing Jess's dad to breaking point. Jess promised her gran she'd take care of Twigs, but can she make the new friends she needs to save the bird she loves? A heartwarming new story about the power of friendship from the author of GOING HOME, Cliff McNish.

My Friends Call Me Monster (Goosebumps HorrorLand #7)

by R. L. Stine

Before joining the other kids trapped in HorrorLand, Michael Munroe will learn a few new lessons in FEAR: Never trust a teacher who calls everybody "Little Monsters. " Be careful if that teacher invites you to lunch at her house. And never EVER trust a teacher with a giant monster egg in her own attic--especially if it's about to hatch!

My Friends/Mis Amigos

by Taro Gomi

This is a bilingual English and Spanish children's picture book. A little girl learns to walk, climb, and study the earth with help from her friends, most of which are animals.

My Fuzzy Valentine (Sesame Street)

by Naomi Kleinberg

It's Valentine's Day and Elmo's received an anonymous valentine. Who could have sent it? He checks with all of his friends and finds the answer right back where he started looking--at home! Kids will love touching the fuzzy flocking on every spread! Limited picture descriptions present.

My Generation

by Tom Brokaw William Styron James L.W. West

A vital, illuminating collection of the Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award winner's elegant, passionately engaged nonfiction My Generation is the definitive gathering of William Styron's nonfiction, exposing the core of this greatly gifted, highly convivial, and profoundly serious artist from his literary emergence in the 1950s to his death in 2006. Here are fifty years of Styron's essays, memoirs, reviews, op-eds, articles, eulogies, and speeches, reflecting the same brilliant style and informed thinking that he brought to his towering fiction and to a deeply committed public life. Including many newly collected and never-before-published items, this compendium ranges from the original mission statement of The Paris Review, which Styron helped found in 1953, to a 2001 tribute to his friend Philip Roth--creating an essential overview of arts and letters during the post-World War II years. In these pages, Styron writes vividly of childhood days in Tidewater Virginia spent going to movies, not reading books. ("It does not mean the death of literacy or creativity if one is drenched in popular culture at an early age.") He recalls being among the group of soldiers who would have been sent to invade Japan and were saved by Truman's decision to drop the atomic bomb, which Styron feels was the right choice, "even though its absolute rightness can never be proved." And he writes as few others have about midlife battles with clinical depression, "a pain that is all but indescribable, and therefore to everyone but the sufferer almost meaningless." Here, too, are Styron's personal encounters with world leaders, fellow authors, and friends, each of whom comes memorably to life. Styron recalls sharing contraband Cuban cigars with JFK ("a naughty memento, a conversation piece with a touch of scandal"), getting lost in the snow with Robert Penn Warren, and party-hopping with the young James Jones (an experience he likens to "keeping company with a Roman emperor"). The beginnings of his masterpieces The Confessions of Nat Turner and Sophie's Choice are chronicled here, along with the controversy that greeted the former upon its 1967 publication. Throughout, Styron celebrates the men and women of his generation, whose lives were forged in the crucible of World War II. Whether he's recounting a walk with his dog, musing on the Modern Library's list of the hundred best English-language novels of the twentieth century, or contemplating America's fraught racial legacy from his point of view as the grandson of a woman who owned slaves, William Styron writes always in urgent, finely calibrated prose. These fascinating pieces bring readers closer to this great writer and the world he observed, interacted with, and changed.Advance praise for My Generation "If Styron is best remembered for his fiction . . . and his harrowing memoir of depression, Darkness Visible, his extensive output of short nonfiction stands as additional testament to his enormous talent and range of interests. His writing on his literary efforts, and those of his contemporaries, is honest, generous, and insightful. . . . This is a major addition to our knowledge of one of an impressive literary generation's foremost authors."--Booklist (starred review)"Wide-ranging, lucid, and incisive . . . a rich collection [which testifies] impressively to the power of Styron's nonfiction."--Kirkus Reviews (starred review)"Impressive . . . There are too many gems to single any out."--Publishers WeeklyFrom the Hardcover edition.

My German Question: Growing Up in Nazi Berlin

by Peter Gay

In this poignant book, a renowned historian tells of his youth as an assimilated, anti-religious Jew in Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1939-"the story," says Peter Gay, "of a poisoning and how I dealt with it." With his customary eloquence and analytic acumen, Gay describes his family, the life they led, and the reasons they did not emigrate sooner, and he explores his own ambivalent feelings-then and now-toward Germany and the Germans. Gay relates that the early years of the Nazi regime were relatively benign for his family: as a schoolboy at the Goethe Gymnasium he experienced no ridicule or attacks, his father's business prospered, and most of the family's non-Jewish friends remained supportive. He devised survival strategies-stamp collecting, watching soccer, and the like-that served as screens to block out the increasingly oppressive world around him. Even before the events of 1938-39, culminating in Kristallnacht, the family was convinced that they must leave the country. Gay describes the bravery and ingenuity of his father in working out this difficult emigration process, the courage of the non-Jewish friends who helped his family during their last bitter months in Germany, and the family's mounting panic as they witnessed the indifference of other countries to their plight and that of others like themselves. Gay's account-marked by candor, modesty, and insight-adds an important and curiously neglected perspective to the history of German Jewry.

My Girl

by Patricia Hermes

When your dad's getting married and your Grandma's got a screw loose... it's good to have a friend who understands you. Even if he is a boy.

My Glimpse of Eternity

by Betty Malz

Betty Malz was pronounced dead. When she miraculously was revived, she had a wonderful story to tell.

My God, Do You Love Me?

by Brenda Hunter

"My God, do you love me?" It is the question we ask in our moments of greatest vulnerability: when we struggle with crises, low self-esteem, depression, marital problems, injustice, or childhood pain. When our hearts cry out for solace and a sense of meaning, it is to this gut-wrenching, soul-stirring question we return again and again. For all those who seek comfort, reassurance, and solid answers to one of the most important questions ever raised,My God, Do You Love Me'points the way to spirit-lifting truth that is certain to encourage and restore the heart.

My Grandma Likes to Say

by Denise Brennan-Nelson

My Grandma Likes to Say What visual comes to your mind when you hear, "Fly by the seat of your pants," or "A rolling stone gathers no moss," or "Throw caution to the wind"? My Grandma Likes to Say is a child's hilarious visual interpretation of the sayings that grandmas, nanas, gigias, omas, grannies, grandmamas, grand-mères, abuelas, or ya-yas sprinkle throughout their language. Idioms, maxims, proverbs, and clichés have been around for many years. While they can be confusing, especially to young ears, once understood they can be an excellent example of the power of language. Following the runaway success of My Momma Likes to Say and My Teacher Likes to Say, award-winning author Denise Brennan-Nelson is once again paired with award-winning illustrator Jane Monroe Donovan to bring you the fun and downright silliness of these expressions from a child's point of view.

My Greek Drama

by Gianna Angelopoulos-Daskalaki

A unique perspective on the politics of Greece -- One of the most popular and revered women in Greece, the author -- Gianna as she is known to millions -- has helped lead her country for decades. Equally poised among and a personal friend of heads of government, royals, and financial leaders, she has an insiders understanding of the current Greek crisis and its potential impact on the worlds economy. As founder of the Angelopoulos Global Public Leaders Program at Harvards John F Kennedy School of Government and as a high-profile participant in the Clinton Global Initiative, the author is a well-respected opinion leader on the international stage. A story of politics, romance, and redemption -- Born to a middle class family on the island of Crete, Gianna describes how her upbringing provided her with the strength and determination she needed to succeed in the male-dominated world of Greek politics and business. After building her own law practice, she leaped into the rough-and-tumble world of governance, where she spearheaded educational reform as an Athens city councilwoman and quickly rose to a position of national prominence as a member of the Hellenic Parliament. Her marriage to one of the worlds richest businessmen was her entree into a world few people have ever experienced. That world has allowed her to understand how power really works and how to overcome adversity to achieve something truly great. A first-hand view of the political games behind hosting the Olympics -- Gianna led her countrys efforts both to bid for and to host the Athens 2004 Summer Olympic Games, an event that the head of the International Olympic Committee described as unforgettable dream games. She reveals, however, that the reality of putting together the games was a nightmare. It took a herculean effort to overcome political bickering, bureaucratic intransigence, and international intrigue and deliver an event that truly honoured the heritage of the games. Never before or since have the Greek people come together in such unifying self-sacrifice -- an effort Gianna insists is needed for Greece to survive the current crisis.

My Green Thumb [Grade 3]

by Mary Grandpré Maxine Effenson Chuck

NIMAC-sourced textbook

My Guantanamo Diary: The Detainees and the Stories They Told Me

by Mahvish Rukhsana Khan

Mahvish Khan is an American lawyer, born in Michigan to immigrant Afghan parents. Outraged that her country was illegally imprisoning people at Guanta namo, she volunteered to translate for the prisoners. She spoke their language, understood their customs, and brought them Starbucks chai, the closest available drink to the kind of tea they would drink at home. And they quickly befriended her, offering fatherly advice as well as a uniquely personal insight into their plight, and that of their families thousands of miles away. For Khan, the experience was a validation of her Afghan heritage--as well as her American freedoms, which allowed her to intervene at Guanta namo purely out of her sense that it was the right thing to do. Mahvish Khan's story is a challenging, brave test of who she is--and who we are

My Guy Barbaro: A Jockey's Journey Through Love, Triumph, and Heartbreak with America's Favorite Horse

by Edgar Prado John Eisenberg

A new superstar appeared on the American sports landscape in the spring of 2006: Barbaro, a three-year-old racehorse, won the Kentucky Derby by six and a half lengths, the largest margin of victory in sixty years. Barbaro's impressive performance immediately stirred talk of a possible Triple Crown. But in the opening yards of the Preakness Stakes two weeks later, the horse suffered a catastrophic leg injury that ended his undefeated career and left him fighting for his life. Edgar Prado, a native of Peru and one of the world's top jockeys, rode Barbaro to glory and then stood beside him for months as the horse valiantly struggled to survive and millions of fans held their breath. Having ridden in more than twenty-five thousand races over the previous two decades, Prado thought he had been around too long to fall for any one horse, but Barbaro-intelligent, charismatic, and resourceful in sickness as well as in health-stole his heart. In My Guy Barbaro, Prado recounts his own story, a tale of grit and dreams that moves from his impoverished childhood in Lima, Peru, to the winner's circles of the greatest racetracks in the world, and memorably chronicles his emotional time with Barbaro before, during, and after the horse's breakdown. Their bond was special and immeasurable. With Prado still reeling from a wrenching personal loss, Barbaro lifted his spirits by giving him the ride of a lifetime in the Derby. When the tables turned and the horse needed support two weeks later, Prado was there, going out of his way to make a succession of visits to the New Bolton Center, the animal hospital in Pennsylvania where Barbaro underwent more than two dozen surgeries and was ultimately put down. Barbaro made worldwide headlines for eight months, and now Prado's poignant, clear-eyed narrative takes us where no reader has gone before-onto Barbaro's back in the heat of a race and into the intensive care suite where Barbaro's life-and-death drama played itself out. My Guy Barbaro is a heartwarming, unforgettable story of a man and his love for a beautiful animal and an irreplaceable teammate.

My Happy Days in Hollywood

by Garry Marshall

With the television hits The Odd Couple, Happy Days, Laverne & Shirley, and Mork & Mindy, and movies like The Flamingo Kid, Beaches, Pretty Woman, and The Princess Diaries under his belt, Garry Marshall has been among the most successful writers, directors, and producers in America for more than five decades. His work on the small and big screen has delighted audiences for the last three decades and has withstood the test of time. In My Happy Days in Hollywood, Marshall takes us on a journey from his stickball-playing days in the Bronx to his time at the helm of some of the most popular television series and movies of all time, sharing the joys and challenges of working with the Fonz and the young Julia Roberts, the "street performer" Robin Williams, and the young Anne Hathaway, among many others. This honest, vibrant, and often hilarious memoir reveals a man whose career has been defined by his drive to make people laugh and whose personal philosophy--despite his tremendous achievements--has always been that life is more important than show business.From the Hardcover edition.

My Health: An Outcomes Approach

by Rebecca J. Donatelle

The organization of the book into modules allows students to customize their study plan to fit their particular time constraints. Learning outcomes and "Check Yourself" review questions tied to these outcomes are part of each module, so students can learn the information and then test their understanding right away, getting immediate feedback on their progress. My Health's learning outcomes were developed and edited by instructors to ensure that they meet the course's needs nationwide.

My Heart--Christ's Home

by Robert Boyd Munger

This booklet is a recently expanded edition of a classic work on the Christian life. Based on Christ's promise that His Spirit would come and live in the hearts of believers, this analogy shows what it means to welcome Jesus into every area of one's life.

My Heart Is On the Ground: The Diary of Nannie Little Rose, a Sioux Girl (Dear America)

by Ann Rinaldi

"My under-where is itching me all this time. I feel silly in my citizens' clothes. I trip on the skirts when I walk. I am angry. Then Mrs. Camp Bell told me not to be dis-re-spect-ful. And to pick a name. So I did, for Mrs. Camp Bell. So now I am Nannie Little Rose. And now I am here. And I have learned to wear this citizens' clothes and write their words. But I will never forget my past."

My Heartache Cowboy

by Z. A. Maxfield

Can love conquer all?<P> Jimmy Rafferty and Eddie Molina go way back at the J-Bar ranch. They've worked together, bunked together, camped out, and drank together. So how has Jimmy failed to notice that Eddie is gay? Eddie has not failed to notice that his friend has a serious drinking problem, and he's determined to help Jimmy kick the booze cold turkey. Taking him up to a snowbound cabin to detox, Eddie is confronted with Jimmy's fierce denial. But the pains of withdrawal are nothing for Jimmy compared with the heartache of denying his true feelings and his deep longing...for the one man who cares for him more than anyone else on earth.

My Heart's Cry

by Anne Graham Lotz

Long heralded by Billy Graham as the "best preacher in the family," Anne Graham Lotz draws new insights from passages containing Jesus' teachings to his disciples toward the end of his earthly ministry when the disciples were trying to cling to Him most. Anne writes, "I wanted to know what He had to say to those who were desperate for more of Him." Anne focuses each chapter on a passage from the last half of the book of John and features a corresponding life application. Chapter titles will include: His Voice in My Ears, His Tears on My Face, His Praise on My Lips, His Death in My Life, His Dirt on My Hands, His Hope in My Grief, His Fruit in My Service, His Love in My Home, His Courage in My Convictions, His Nearness in My Loneliness, His Answers to My Prayers, and His Glory on My Knees.

My Hero

by Debbie Macomber

Would-be romance writer Bailey York was a woman who'd already failed twice at love. As far as she was concerned, men were wonderful to read-and to write-about, but that was as close as she wanted to get. Which was probably why she had such difficulty creating a hero.She needed a real-life model, she finally decided. And she found one.Parker Davidson was everything a hero should be. Compellingly attractive. Forceful and determined, yet capable of tenderness. A man of substance.Parker was perfect for Bailey's novel-but he wanted to be the hero in her life, not just in her book!

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