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Chewing the Cud

by Dick King-Smith

Dick's story begins with his apprenticeship on a farm before World War II, his war experiences and his childhood romance with the girl he later married. Then come the 14 years he spent on Woodlands Farm where the eccentric cast of animals and humans provided a wealth of material for his later writing. When the farm failed, Dick settled into teaching before blossoming into a writer in his 50s, and finding international fame with the release of the film "Babe".

Chewy and Chica (The Puppy Place Special Edition #1)

by Ellen Miles

Two chihuahuas mean double the fun in this special edition of Puppy Place. Lizzie and Charles Peterson definitely enjoy competing with each other. Especially when Lizzie acts like she knows everything about dogs and Charles just doesn't want to listen. Fortunately, in this Special Edition, there are TWO chihuahuas to foster. Charles and Lizzie each agree to take one and see who can train theirs more successfully. Will the Peterson household make it through this sibling rivalry?

Cheyene Winter (The Rocky Mountain Company)

by Richard S. Wheeler

IN A LAWLESS LAND, DREAMS BELONGED TO THE BRAVE In 1841, St. Louis businessman Guy Strauss had sent his hopes, his son, and his money up the Missouri River to the Yellowstone, where he was opening a trading post under the command of a wild mountain man named Broken Leg Fitzhugh. Strauss knew the plan was fraught with danger. But he didn't know how many ways it could go wrong, or who would be the first to die... SURVIVAL BELONGED TO THE STRONGEST The Rocky Mountain Company had an enemy in a rival company, and Fitzhugh--fierce, profane, and proud--had one very deadly enemy of his own. For Strauss' son, Maxim, the fight for survival meant becoming a man. When bootleg alcohol is discovered on his own riverboat, Maxim takes a stand--against those who are intentionally fanning the flames of violence. With Maxim under siege, a father leaves his home in St. Louis--to save his son and his dream from a gathering storm of blood, betrayal and murder...AND THE FUTURE BELONGED TO THE SURVIVORS.

Cheyenne: Blood On The Plains/Comanche Raid

by Judd Cole

Books 5 and 6 in the CHEYENNE series. BLOOD ON THE PLAINS A Cheyenne youth who had spent his whole life among frontier pioneers, Touch the Sky was hated and feared when he returned to his tribe. But suddenly Touch the Sky's life was in greater peril than ever. For greedy landgrabbers wanted to swindle his people out of their hunting grounds, and they would soak the plains with the blood of many warriors if Touch the Sky couldn't stop them. COMANCHE RAID Touch the Sky knew nothing of his people's enemies when he returned to the life of the Cheyenne. But during his first buffalo hunt, a band of Comanche attacked the tribe. Soon the silence of the prairie was shattered by the cries of the wounded and dying. Touch the Sky and his brother warriors had to fend off the vicious war party or they would be slaughtered like the mighty beasts of the Plains. One man's heroic search for a world he could call his own. Some violence.

Cheyenne Captive

by Georgina Gentry

SCANDALOUS THOUGHTSWhen headstrong, golden-haired Summer ran away from home, all she could think of was leaving her strict father behind. But after a vengeance-seeking Indian attacked her stage, threatening her with a fate worse than death, the tempestuous girl yarned for her parents' overbearing rules... until the savage's cruel grip changed to a tantalizing touch! His sensuous caress banished all ties to the past, the exciting things he did with his lips made her yearn for an unknown fulfillment. From that moment the spirited innocent knew that her future was bound to his--and she'd cherish whatever relationship the uncivilized brave decided to have with her.FORBIDDEN DESIRESFrom the years he was forced to live in Texas, the handsome half-breed Iron Knife knew how deceptive palefaces could be. Surely this creamy-skinned, blue-eyed beauty was no different. But even as he tried to brutally punish her for her heritage, he was ensnared by the hip-length strands of wheat-hued tresses, enchanted by the firm curves of her nubile white body. Before the ruthless warrior could control himself, he was whispering of love, swearing there'd be no others. He could never marry this ignoble slave, but he'd sooner slay her than ever give up his bewitching CHEYENNE CAPTIVE.

Cheyenne Caress

by Georgina Gentry

VULNERABLE GIRLEven though seventeen-year-old Luci hadn't a friend in the world, the slender, willowy half-breed knew she could handle herself with anyone--anyone except Johnny Ace. The full-blooded Pawnee scout's heated glance made her shiver with fear and a tingling sense of anticipation. When he appeared in her quarters, she tried to run away, but she couldn't escape his demanding embrace. She shrieked that she detested him... but Luci's body spoke much more eloquently of her desire!VENGEFUL SCOUTBecause they had killed his father, Johnny Ace had sworn to forever call the Cheyenne his enemy. Even though that part-Cheyenne laundress at For MacPherson was sexy and alluring, the Indian tracker knew he could never harbor tender thoughts about the chit. Then he came upon her all alone, and instantly lust raced in Johnny's veins. Before he could reconsider, the virile male was clasping his beautiful prey. Damning the consequences, he ravaged her mouth with kisses, eager for the moment when he would enjoy her fiery, tempestuous CHEYENNE CARESS.

Cheyenne Challenge

by William W. Johnstone

Blood in the SnowMountain men are skilled at survival. Preacher, the greatest of all those warriors of the forest, will kill anything--beast or man--that threaters his survival. Ten years ago, he taught this violent lesson to gun-crazed Ezra Pease when he ran the outlaw out of town. But Pease and his trail-scum gang are back--shooting up trouble and crossing the Big Empty to nail Preacher's hide to a tree.So Preacher's riding out to teach Pease one final lesson. But it could be too late because Pease's vicious dealings have fired up an all-out Indian war. Now, with hard-riding death on both sides, Preacher and some old friends called Beartooth, Dupre, and Nighthawk are heading straight into lead-flying, scalp-slashing hell...

Cheyenne Comancheros

by Judd Cole

This is another in the Judd Cole Cheyenne book series. Raised among frontier pioneers, Touch the Sky never feared losing his freedom. But to his people, the threat of being sold into bondage was very real. And when a notorious Spanish slave trader captured their women and children, Touch the Sky and his brother warriors raced to save them. It was a battle against time, and if the Cheyenne were too late, the glorious promise of their past would fade into a bleak and hopeless future. One man's heroic search for a world he could call his own.

Cheyenne Dad

by Sheri Whitefeather

Even champion bull rider Dakota Graywolf could not defy Cheyenne tradition. So when Annie Winters asked him to be her husband-- and father to three Native American boys-- he accepted with reluctance... and pride. Dakota expected his honor to bring a reward-- his wife' s passion. He longed to know voluptuous Annie in every way, every night. But she held their paper marriage like a shield, protecting her innocence. Still, this modern warrior would have this woman in his marriage bed. And she would cherish him body and soul... But how long before Dakota realized the only way to capture Annie... was to love her?

Cheyenne Justice

by Charles G. West

When the daughter of a prominent Chicago newspaperman runs off to experience the wild frontier for herself, the U.S. Cavalry calls on Jason Coles to track her down. Her trail leads to the Big Horn country, known for the proud Sioux nations. Coles has no difficulty finding the headstrong young lady, but getting her out alive may be the last thing he'll ever do. Traveling through hostile territory swarming with war parties, treacherous white traders, and an unforgiving environment, Coles is pushed to the limits of human endurance.

Cheyenne Princess

by Georgina Gentry

MASTER OF HER BODYWhen fiery-tempered Cimarron escaped Fandango, Texas, in the pouring rain, all she could think of was how no one would believe she had killed her uncle in self-defense. Then, on a lonely stretch of cattle country, she ran smack into an arrogant, black-haired cowboy... and the innocent blonde realized she was in more trouble than she could handle. His ebony eyes glowed with curiosity and desire; his sinewy body stalked her with animal intent. As her breathing quickened and her pulse raced, the half-Indian beauty was terrified of being captured--and yearning to be caught!MISTRESS OF HIS HEARTHaving learned never to trust a woman, the virile vaquero Trace didn't buy the gorgeous dame's story about getting lost in the dark. She had something to hide--and the hard-muscled ranchhand was determined to find out what it was no matter what. He easily trapped her in his experienced hands, skillfully explored her silken curves... but when she surprised him with the intensity of her response, Trace decided his investigation of her lies could wait. Now was the time to unleash the hidden sensuality of this spirited filly, and forever make her his she-cat, his hot-blooded CHEYENNE PRINCESS.

Cheyenne Song

by Georgina Gentry

"Georgina Gentry brings the West and her characters to life and gives her fans hours of true reading pleasure." --Romantic TimesFort Reno, Indian Territory, 1878. Glory Halstead faced her captor with the same pride and courage that had seen her through hardship and bitter scandal and vowed to be strong. She didn't know what Two Arrows intended to do with her. But she knew her life had changed forever that fateful night she had witnessed three hundred Cheyenne fleeting captivity at Fort Reno. "Ms. Gentry writes tantalizing love scenes by creating an ambience of romance." --RendezvousTwo Arrows wanted vengeance--and he would get it by making another man's woman his own. Yet as captain David Krueger of the U.S. cavalry rode hard and fast with his troops to recapture the woman he loved and the Cheyenne he hated, Glory was losing her heart to a man, a people, and a new life. Now as they made the brutal journey through the harsh, unforgiving wilderness, Glory and Two Arrows would discover passion as primal and unyielding as the land they were destined to tame... "Nobody does it like Georgina Gentry!"-- Barbra Critiques

Cheyenne Splendor

by Georgina Gentry

"Nobody does it like (Georgina Gentry) does!"--Barbra CritiquesBefore the white man came, the vast plains belonged to the Cheyenne. And Boston debutante Summer Van Schuyler belonged to the magnificent half-breed, Iron Knife. She'd come to him as a captive, defying her heritage to stay by his side. "The multi-talented Ms. Gentry delight(s) readers." --Romantic TimesBut war clouds were gathering on the horizon... and tragedy soon forced Summer to return to her privileged world. With sorrow in her heart, she left her wilderness paradise and Iron Knife's loving arms... unaware that treachery would keep them apart. "Strongly crafted characters... sizzling sexuality... what more can a reader yearn for?" - RendezvousIron Knife had two passions: his freedom and Summer. Now he'd risk capture in an alien territory to find her again. The trail was fraught with danger; the journey challenged his heart and soul. But the proud warrior knew that the aristocratic beauty was his destiny... and he'd fight to the death for the splendor of her forbidden love.

Cheyenne (Stagecoach Station #3)

by Hank Mitchum

The magnificent Wells Fargo stage speeds along the perilous trail from Billings, Montana to Cheyenne, Wyoming carrying a secret cargo of gold. Riding on board is the beautiful, strong-willed Caroline Wells, a young woman who will risk the dangers of marauding Indians, treacherous frontier and the darkest corners of Cheyenne to bring her runaway brother back home. She finds help in the proud, rugged rancher Kyle Warner. Kyle has a debt to pay to the man who once saved his life -- and a score to settle with a band of bloodthirsty, revenge-seeking highwaymen, who are planning a vicious showdown on the backstreets of Cheyenne.

Cheyenne Summer

by Vella Munn

In the midst of a buffalo hunt that becomes a battle when Pawnee warriors attack a young Cheyenne brave, Grey Bear, discovers that his joy in killing outweighs his pride in bringing home meat for his hungry people. But the meditative Lone Hawk realizes for the first time that the Pawnee must be starving, just like the Cheyenne. In the Cheyenne village, the beautiful Seeks Fire learns that the brave she idolizes is ,hot the gentle soul she believes him to be. Her close friend, Touches the Wind, discovers her own bravery during an inferno that scorches the plains and destroys half the village. The growing tension between Grey Bear and Lone Hawk will nearly destroy their people, but the love between a brave and a maiden will save them all.

Cheyenne Wife

by Judith Stacy

ABANDONED, ALONE, PENNILESSWhen Lily St. Claire buried her father along the Santa Fe Trail her life of privilege and ease had ended. Her future had loomed ahead of her, empty and unknowable until North Walker-half-Cheyenne and all man-bargained for her with horses and hope for brighter days for his people, his family, his heart!North Walker personified the rugged frontier that spawned him. Elegant, refined Lily St. Claire belonged to a different world-but she was perfect for his plan to bring their worlds together. She would teach his sister Eastern manners and then she would be free to go. But in his heart he was beginning to hope that Lily would never leave.

Cheyenne's Lady

by Mindy Neff

The Sheriff SurrendersHe guarded his town with an eagle eye...but even Sheriff Cheyenne Bodine couldn't save himself from the outrageous Shotgun Ridge matchmakers. Seems they'd "rented" his house to lovely surrogate mom-to-be Emily Vincent. And while the bigcity beauty would tempt a saint to live in sin, Cheyenne's lawman's oath permitted no such indiscretions. Sending Emily home would protect and serve them both....Though the proud country lawman stole her breath, Emily knew her stay was temporary. Except...when she told Cheyenne that the babies she carried were his orphaned kin, she found herself under house arrest-the bail, bonds of matrimony!

Chez Cordelia

by Kitty Burns Florey

Cordelia Miller, an endearing young misfit in a scholarly, cultured family, loves junk food, TV, and the son of the local grocer. Her attempt to escape her stifling background and find her way in the world takes her on a classic journey from innocence to experience. She encounters a varied cast of characters--some comic, some calamitous--and, in the end, discovers her true vocation.

Chez Panisse Cafe Cookbook

by Alice L. Waters

We hung the walls with old French movie posters advertising the films of Marcel Pagnol, films that had already provided us with both a name and an ideal: to create a community of friends, lovers, and relatives that span generations and is in tune with the seasons, the land, and human appetites. So writes Alice Waters of the opening of Berkeley's Chez Panisse Café on April Fool's Day, 1980. Located above the more formal Chez Panisse Restaurant, the Café is a bustling neighborhood bistro where guests needn't reserve far in advance and can choose from the ever-changing à la carte menu. It's the place where Alice Waters's inventive chefs cook in a more impromptu and earthy vein, drawing on the healthful, low-tech traditions of the cuisines of such Mediterranean regions as Catalonia, Campania, and Provence, while improvising and experimenting with the best products of Chez Panisse's own regional network of small farms and producers.In the Chez Panisse Café Cookbook, the follow-up to the award-winning Chez Panisse Vegetables, Alice Waters and her team of talented cooks offer more than 140 of the café's best-recipes--some that have been on the menu since the day café opened and others freshly reinvented with the honesty and ingenuity that have made Chez Panisse so famous. In addition to irresistible recipes, the Chez Panisse Café Cookbook is filled with chapter-opening essays on the relationships Alice has cultivated with the farmers, foragers and purveyors--most of them within an hour's drive of Berkeley--who make it possible for Chez Panisse to boast that nearly all food is locally grown, certifiably organic, and sustainably grown and harvested.Alice encourages her chefs and cookbook readers alike to decide what to cook only after visiting the farmer's market or produce stand. Then we can all fully appreciate the advantages of eating according to season--fresh spring lamb in late March, ripe tomato salads in late summer, Comice pear crisps in autumn.This book begins with a chapter of inspired vegetable recipes, from a vivid salad of avocados and beets to elegant Morel Mushroom Toasts to straightforward side dishes of Spicy Broccoli Raab and Garlicky Kale. The Chapter on eggs and cheese includes two of the café's most famous dishes, a garden lettuce salad with baked goat cheese and the Crostata di Perrella, the café's version of a calzone. Later chapters focus on fish and shellfish, beef, pork, lamb, and poultry, each offering its share of delightful dishes. You'll find recipes for curing your own pancetta, for simple grills and succulent braises, and for the definitive simple roast chicken--as well as sumptuous truffed chicken breasts. Finally the pastry cooks of Chez Panisse serve forth a chapter of uncomplicated sweets, including Apricot Bread Pudding, Chocolate Almond Cookies, and Wood Oven-baked Figs with Raspberries.Gorgeously designed and illustrated throughout with colored block prints by David Lance Goines, who has eaten at the café since the day it opened, Chez Panisse Café Cookbook is destined to become an indispensable classic. Fans of Alice Waters's restaurant and café will be thrilled to discover the recipes that keep them coming back for more. Loyal readers of her earlier cookbooks will delight in this latest collection of time-tested, deceptively simple recipes. And anyone who loves pure, vibrant, delicious fare made from the finest ingredients will be honored to add these new recipes to his or her repertoire.

Chez Panisse Menu Cookbook

by Alice Waters Linda P. Guenzel

This timeless addition to the Chez Panisse paperback cookbook library assembles 120 of the restaurant's best menus, including galas, festivals, and special occasion meals that have become such gustatory celebrations. A full range of menus is featured, from picnics to informal suppers. Line drawings.

Chez Panisse Pasta, Pizza, Calzone

by Alice Waters

This classic cookbook brings together 87 recipes for pasta sauces and 36 pizza and calzone recipes, as well as tasty pasta doughs, such as buckwheat, red pepper and saffron. Featuring beautiful line drawings throughout, the book is a feast for the eyes as well as the palate.From the Trade Paperback edition.


by Alexander Besher

Winy Fat, head of a South-east Asian biotech drug cartel, is siphoning off vital chi essence from enslaved humans held on plantations in the former Golden Triangle. And bootleg chi products are flooding the world's black markets, offering global consumers everything they have always craved: super-enhanced intelligence, greater creativity, heightened sexual powers, multimedia implants and even short-term immortality.

Chi and Creativity: Vital Energy and Your Inner Artist

by Elise Dirlam Ching Kaleo Ching

Most people tend to idealize artists, writers, and others of the "creative class" as uniquely gifted. But the capacity to create is part of being human-whether that means writing, making art, cooking, gardening, sewing, dancing, acting, singing, or virtually any activity. In "Chi and Creativity, "Kaleo Ching and Elise Dirlam Ching show readers how to use a wide range of strategies to harness the energy of chi to uncover, and cultivate, that often elusive inner artist. Based on their popular workshops, the authors offer an integrative process to generate the joy, wonder, and sense of well-being necessary for artistic self-expression. Specific exercises draw on everything from acupressure and breathing techniques to Chi Kung movement and meditation. Through Chi Awareness, the body, mind, emotions, and spirit come into greater harmony. Through guided imagery, they dialogue. Through journaling, they speak. Through art, they join in creative expression of the inner discoveries along the path to greater balance and integration. "Chi and Creativity "is the authors' way of sharing this magical transformative process and can be used by anyone who wants to add fuel to their creative fires.

Ch'i Kung

by Lily Siou

While Ch'i Kung is the oldest of the Chinese martial arts and still survives today in the 20th century, there are relatively few people in these modern times who know little about it, other than its existence.However, this book, written by Lily Siou-herself-a master of Ch'i Kung, pierces the secrets of the ages and makes known both the benefits and wisdom to be gained by the practice of this ancient art. It also serves as an easy, but, entertaining introduction to the Chinese concept of life-force, health and healing.As the reader will soon discover, Ch'i Kung is not only a profound philosophy; it also can be an intriguing life-style which if faithfully followed holds the reward of bringing mind and body into harmony with all things. Likewise, it offers a solution to the all too common realities of modern-day living such as tension, anxiety, high blood pressure, obesity, loss of vigor, and general deconditioning on many levels.

Chi Kung in Recovery

by Gregory Pergament

Chi Kung, the art of cultivating life force energy, is here distilled into a key selection of exercises designed to boost health, enhance vitality, and increase mind-body-spirit consciousness. For anyone interested in exercise with a deeper spiritual significance, this step-by-step guide takes readers through essential breathing, meditation, and mindfulness techniques that yield exponentially more powerful benefits than traditional exercise.

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