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European States and Their Muslim Citizens

by John R. Bowen John R. Bowen Christophe Bertossi Jan Willem Duyvendak Mona Lena Krook Christophe Bertossi Jan Willem Duyvendak

This book responds to the often loud debates about the place of Muslims in Western Europe by proposing an analysis based in institutions, including schools, courts, hospitals, the military, electoral politics, the labor market, and civic education courses. The contributors consider the way people draw on practical schemas regarding others in their midst who are often categorized as Muslims. Chapters based on fieldwork and policy analysis across several countries examine how people interact in their everyday work lives, where they construct moral boundaries, and how they formulate policies concerning tolerable diversity, immigration, discrimination, and political representation. Rather than assuming that each country has its own national ideology that explains such interactions, contributors trace diverse pathways along which institutions complicate or disrupt allegedly consistent national ideologies. These studies shed light on how Muslims encounter particular faces and facets of the state as they go about their lives, seeking help and legitimacy as new citizens of a fast-changing Europe.

The European Union: A Very Short Introduction

by John Pinder Simon Usherwood

This Very Short Introduction explains the European Union in plain English. Fully updated for 2007 to include controversial and current topics such as the Euro currency, the EU's enlargement, and its role in ongoing world affairs, this accessible guide shows how and why the EU has developed from 1950 to the present. Covering a range of topics from the Union's early history and the ongoing interplay between 'eurosceptics' and federalists, to the single market, agriculture, and the environment, the authors examine the successes and failures of the EU, and explain the choices that lie ahead in the 21st century.

European Union Law

by Gareth Davies Damian Chalmers Giorgio Monti Damian Chalmers Gareth Davies

This eagerly awaited new edition has been significantly revised after extensive user feedback to meet current teaching requirements. The first major textbook to be published since the rejuvenation of the Lisbon Treaty, it retains the best elements of the first edition - the engaging, easily understandable writing style, extracts from a variety of sources showing the creation, interpretation and application of the law and comprehensive coverage. In addition it has separate chapters on EU law in national courts, governance and external relations reflecting the new directions in which the field is moving. The examination of the free movement of goods and competition law has been restructured. Chapter introductions clearly set out what will be covered in each section allowing students to approach complex material with confidence and detailed further reading sections encourage further study. Put simply, it is required reading for all serious students of EU law.

Europeanizing Greece

by Nancy Vamvakas

While Greece's debt crisis continues to dominate international headlines, the country has received remarkably little scholarly attention - especially in comparison to other European Union members. Europeanizing Greece explores the developments that resulted from Greece's European integration between 1989 and 1999, which played a crucial role in shaping the country's current conditions.Focusing on changes made to the Greek administrative and political system based on EU structural policy, Nancy Vamvakas contends that EU involvement was not the only reason why these modifications were implemented. Vamvakas points out serious flaws in the Greek system and demonstrates how Greece's approach to reform has been inextricably linked to the perceived level of crises. Europeanizing Greece serves as a perceptive case study of the EU's continual enlargement and resulting regional challenges.

The Europeans

by Henry James

Europe's Contending Identities

by Andrew C. Gould Anthony M. Messina

How 'European' are Europeans? Is it possible to balance national citizenship with belonging to the European Union overall? Do feelings of citizenship and belonging respond to affiliations to regions, religions or reactionary politics? Unlike previous volumes about identity in Europe, this book offers a more comprehensive view of the range of identities and new arguments about the political processes that shape identity formation. The founders of European integration promised 'an ever closer union'. Nationalists respond that a people should control their own destiny. This book investigates who is winning the debate. The chapters show that attitudes toward broader political communities are changing, that new ideas are gaining ground, and that long-standing trends are possibly reversing course.

Europe's Crisis, Europe's Future

by Kemal Dervi Dr Jacques Mistral

The eurozone crisis started in Greece in 2009-10, spread into Ireland and Portugal, and, from there, quickly spread to the larger economies of Spain and Italy. By the autumn of 2011, it threatened the entire global financial system. In Europe's Crisis, Europe's Future, an international group of economic analysts provides an insightful view of the crisis.How did mismanagement of a crisis in a marginal economy spark such a wildfire? After all, Greece is responsible for only 2% of the eurozone's total GDP, yet the crisis in Athens threatened to grow into a worldwide contagion.Individual chapters describe the onset, evolution, and ramifications of the euro crisis from the perspective of three countries especially hard hit--Greece, Italy, and Spain; the concerns, priorities, and impacts in continental leaders France and Germany; the effects and lessons in key policy contexts--national and international finance and social policies.A concluding chapter by Kemal Dervi discusses the possibility of a renewed vision for the European Union in the 2020s, one that would accommodate the needs of greater political integration in the eurozone within a larger European Union where some countries, such as the United Kingdom, will keep their national currencies.ContentsIntroduction: Kemal Dervi and Jacques Mistral (Brookings) Country Perspectives 1. Greece, by Theodore Pelagidis and Michael Mitsopoulos (Brookings)2. Spain, by Angel Pascual-Ramsay (Brookings and ESADE Business School)3. Italy, by Domenico Lombardi (Centre for International Governance Innovation) and Luigi Paganetto (University of Rome)4. France, by Jacques Mistral5. Germany, by Friedrich Heinemann (Center for European Economic Research) Cross-Cutting Issues6. The Financial Sector, by Douglas Elliott (Brookings)7. Social Policies, by Jacques MistralConclusion, by Kemal Dervi

Europe's Physician: The Life of Sir Theodore de Mayerne, 1573-1655

by Hugh Trevor-Roper

This book reveals the story of the pioneering Swiss Huguenot doctor who mixed medicine with diplomacy, with political intrigue, with secret intelligence, and with artistic interests at the courts first of Henry IV of France and then of James I and Charles I of England.

Europe's Role in Nation-Building: From the Balkans to the Congo

by James Dobbins Keith Crane Seth G. Jones Christopher S. Chivvis Andrew Radin

Two previous RAND volumes addressed the roles of the United States and the United Nations in nation-building, defined as the use of armed force in the aftermath of a conflict to promote a durable peace and representative government. This volume presents six case studies of recent European-led nation-building missions: Albania, Sierra Leone, Macedonia, Cote d'Ivoire, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Bosnia. It also reviews the Australian assistance mission to the Solomon Islands. Using quantitative and qualitative measures to compare inputs (such military levels, economic assistance and duration) and outcomes (such as levels of security, economic growth, refugee return, and democracy), the analysis concludes that these European-led missions have been competently managed and, within their sometimes quite limited scope, generally successful. Most helped achieve sustained peace, gross domestic product growth, and representative government. The EU has a wide array of civil competencies for nation-building, but it is sometimes slow to deploy them in support of its military operations, particularly when these are conducted far from Europe. The UN offers the most cost-effective means to address most postconflict stabilization requirements and NATO the better framework for large-scale force projection in cases in which the United States is ready to participate. But the EU now offers European governments a viable alternative to both these organizations in cases in which European interests are high, U.S. interests are low, and the UN is, for some reason, unsuitable or unavailable.

Eusebius: The Church History: A New Translation with Commentary

by Paul L. Maier Eusebius

Next to Josephus, Eusebius is the most widely-consulted reference work on the early church. Much of our knowledge of the first three centuries of Christianity--the terrible persecutions, the courageous martyrs, and the theological controversies--come from the writings of this first century historian.

Eva of the Farm

by Kate Slater Dia Calhoun

A girl's struggle to save her family's farm, told in verse, stands as a testament to the power of hope.Twelve-year-old Eva DeHart knows her family's farm is the best, most magical place in the whole world. The Farm has apple trees and sun daisies and a creek. The Farm has frightening things too--like cougars, bears, and a dead tree that Eva calls the Demon Snag. And everything at the Farm shoots out of Eva's fingertips into her poems. She dreams of being a heroine of shining deeds, but who ever heard of a heroine-poet? When a blight strikes the orchard and a letter from the bank arrives marked FORECLOSURE, Eva is given that very chance as she puts all the power of her imagination at work to save the Farm. From a booth at the farmer's market to the snowbound hills where the coyotes hunt, Eva discovers that we face our fears and find our courage in the most unexpected places. This novel by acclaimed author Dia Calhoun is about the transforming powers of imagination and hope, which can turn us all into heroes.

Eva Underground

by Dandi Daley Mackall

The year 1978 has been a pretty good one for Eva Lott. She has a terrific best friend, she's dating the best-looking guy in school, and she just made the varsity swim team. So when her widowed dad says it's time for them to move, she's not exactly thrilled. And when he tells her that he intends to move to Communist Poland to help with a radical underground movement... Well, it's all downhill from there. Soon Eva has been transplanted from her comfortable Chicago suburb to a land that doesn't even have meat in its stores, let alone Peter Frampton records. And everywhere she goes, the government is watching. But Eva begins to warm to her new life. Sometime between eating lard on bread and dodging the militia, she makes a handsome new friend, Tomek. And soon she is wondering if maybe she's found home in the most unlikely of places.

Evaluating Measurement Accuracy

by Semyon G. Rabinovich

"Evaluating Measurement Accuracy" is intended for anyone who is concerned with measurements in any field of science or technology. It reflects the latest developments in metrology and offers new results, but is designed to be accessible to readers at different levels: meteorologists, engineers and experimental scientists who use measurements as tools in their professions, graduate and undergraduate students in the natural sciences and engineering, and technicians performing complex measurements in industry, quality control, and trade. The material of the book is presented from the practical perspective and offers solutions and recommendations for problems that arise in conducting real-life measurements. This inclusion is a notable and unique aspect of this title as complex measurements done in industry and trade are often neglected in metrological literature, leaving the practitioners of these measurements to devise their own ad-hoc techniques.

Evaluating Mental Health Disability in the Workplace

by Liza H. Gold Daniel W. Shuman

As many as one in four adults in the workforce will suffer from psychiatric illness in a given year. Such illness can have serious consequences -- job loss, lawsuits, workplace violence--yet the effects of mental health issues on job functioning are rarely covered in clinical training. In addition, clinicians are often asked to provide opinions on an employee's fitness for work or an evaluation for disability benefits, only to find themselves embroiled in complex legal and administrative conflicts. A unique collaboration between a renowned clinical professor of psychiatry and a noted legal expert, Evaluating Mental Health Disability in the Workplace approaches the topic from two distinct areas: the legal context and issues relevant to disability and disability-related evaluations, and the interplay of factors in the relationship between work and psychiatric illness. From this dual perspective, the authors advocate for higher professional standards ensuring that employers, evaluees, or third parties are provided with the most reliable information. Key features of the book: A robust assessment model of psychological disability in the workplace Practice guidelines for conducting workplace mental health disability evaluations Legal and ethical aspects of employment evaluations, especially as they differ from clinical procedure Examination of the process of psychiatric disability development Issues specific to evaluations for Social Security, Workers' Compensation, and other disability benefit programs Review of relevant administrative and case law. As an introduction to these complex issues or for the further improvement of evaluation skills, Evaluating Mental Health Disability in the Workplace is a timely reference for psychiatrists, psychologists, forensic mental health specialists, and attorneys in this field.

Evaluating Public Relations

by Tom Watson Paul Noble

Operating under tight budget constraints and with an ever increasing range of tools and technologies to choose from, PR professionals have never been under so much pressure to provide solid, meaningful results and to justify their decisions. Evaluating Public Relations advises PR practitioners at all levels on how to demonstrate clearly and objectively the impact that their work has to their clients and managers. The authors draw on both their practical and academic experience to discuss a diverse range of evaluation methods and strategies and this new edition includes full coverage and advice on the new industry standards on PR measurement. Covering both theory and practice, Evaluating Public Relations is an essential handbook for both students and experienced practitioners.

Evaluating the Healthcare System: Effectiveness, Efficiency, and Equity (3rd edition)

by Lu Ann Aday Charles E. Begley David R. Lairson Rajesh Balkrishnan

Aday and other authors from the School of Public Health and Medicine at the University of Texas introduce fundamental concepts and methods of health services research and illustrate their application to policy analysis, presenting specific examples of health services research at the national, state, and local levels. This third edition draws on a growing body of research on the social and economic determinants of population health. The primary audiences for the book are professionals and graduate students in public health, health administration, and the healthcare professions. Annotation ©2004 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (

Evaluating the Impact of Prevention and Early Intervention Activities on the Mental Health of California's Population

by Claude Messan Setodji M. Audrey Burnam Katherine E. Watkins Edward N. Okeke

This report describes development of a statewide framework for evaluating and monitoring the short- and long-term impact of prevention and early intervention funding for mental health services on the California population. It details the approach, the data sources, and the frameworks developed: an overall approach framework and outcome-specific frameworks.

Evaluating Training Programs: The Four Levels (3rd edition)

by Donald L. Kirkpatrick James D. Kirkpatrick

In this manual, the authors provide a model for evaluating training programs based on four levels: reaction, learning, behavior, and results. The book is supplemented with sample survey forms and includes actual case studies from various organizations which allow the reader to apply them to different types of training. This third edition includes a new chapter on e-learning as well as eleven new case studies. Implementing the results of the evaluations is a focus. An index is included. Annotation ©2006 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (

The Evaluation and Optimization of Trading Strategies

by Robert Pardo

A newly expanded and updated edition of the trading classic, Design, Testing, and Optimization of Trading Systems Trading systems expert Robert Pardo is back, and in The Evaluation and Optimization of Trading Strategies, a thoroughly revised and updated edition of his classic text Design, Testing, and Optimization of Trading Systems, he reveals how he has perfected the programming and testing of trading systems using a successful battery of his own time-proven techniques. With this book, Pardo delivers important information to readers, from the design of workable trading strategies to measuring issues like profit and risk. Written in a straightforward and accessible style, this detailed guide presents traders with a way to develop and verify their trading strategy no matter what form they are currently using-stochastics, moving averages, chart patterns, RSI, or breakout methods. Whether a trader is seeking to enhance their profit or just getting started in testing, The Evaluation and Optimization of Trading Strategies offers practical instruction and expert advice on the development, evaluation, and application of winning mechanical trading systems.


by Diana Palmer

Ever since she could remember, Anna Cochran had been passionately, shamelessly in love with tall, quiet Evan Tremayne. But the stubborn man was so focused on protecting her from rough-and-tumble cowboys like him that he wouldn't acknowledge the fierce yearning she awoke in him.So it was up to Anna to draw Evan out of his shell and prove that she was the only woman for him now...and always.

Evan and Elle (Constable Evans Mystery #4)

by Rhys Bowen

First a shepherds cottage bought by English outsiders is burned down. Then there's a fire at the showy hotel. Worse yet, the new French restaurant is torched and a charred, stabbed body is found inside. Could Welsh nationalists be making a point? Could a troubled little boy who shows up at all of the fires be acting out his anger that his father has left his family? Could the mysterious, glamorous, French owner of the Restaurant be an arsonist and murderer? Evan tries to investigate despite the haughty attitude of the city police and their arrogant English arson investigator. Evan looks for answers and dates Bronwen the school teacher when his workload permits. He also fends off the flirtatious advances of Betsy the barmaid, Madame Yvette, owner of the new French restaurant and Glynis the police computer expert. As the investigation continues, the locals are more disgruntled about the fancy but spare French dishes their wives are serving them from recipes they've learned at the French cooking school than they are concerned about the current crime wave. Following clues and his hunches, Evan travels through England and France with his colleague, Watkins, where they make stunning discoveries which prove Madame Yvette isn't who she says she is. As tension mounts, there's a final, frightful, fire on the mountain and young Terry is being perused at sunset by a ruthless killer. It will take more than one hero to stop the burning and killing in the normally peaceful Welsh town of Llanfair. .

Evan Blessed (Constable Evans Mystery #9)

by Rhys Bowen

TWO WEEKS BEFORE THE BIG DAY, Welsh Constable Evans is ready to be done planning for his wedding. Just as he's unloading the last boxes into the new home he and his bride, Bronwen, have chosen, he runs into a teenager whose girlfriend has gone missing on Mt. Snowdon. Despite his apprehensions about getting involved in a new case, Evans cannot resist helping the worried hiker. A search yields no trace of the girl but does turn up a well-stocked bunker, complete with chains and handcuffs. Are the two related? And if so, where is the girl being held? When Evan is targeted by a series of musical clues, Evans and the police begin to see that they are dealing with a clever but twisted mind. Then a second person vanishes and this time Evans knows the victim: Bronwen. He realizes the culprit's vendetta might be a personal one and that the actual target might have been him all along. Award winner Rhys Bowen, whose most recent Constable Evans novel, Evan's Gate, was a finalist for the Edgar Award for best mystery novel of the year, delivers another charming and suspenseful cozy mystery set in beautiful Wales and starring fan favorite village constable Evan Evans. Look for books 1 through 8 in this series in the Bookshare collection. They are: 1. Evans Above, 2. Evan Help us, 3. Evanly Choirs, 4. Evan and Elle, 5. Evan Can Wait, 6. Evans to Betsy, 7. Evan Only Knows and 8. Evan's Gate.

Evan Can Wait (Constable Evans Mystery #5)

by Rhys Bowen

"With this fifth addition to her critically acclaimed series, Rhys Bowen creates a colorful, page-turning mystery set in two eras against the backdrop of a uniquely appealing small town filled with unforgettable characters. Constable Evan Evans, sole police officer in the charming Welsh village of Llanfair, is assigned to assist an expedition to raise a World War II German bomber plane From a lake. The whole venture is being filmed for a documentary on World War II and Evans tries to assist the film crew by fining them local people with stories to tell. Little does he realize that resurrecting the past can sometimes mean opening old wounds. After some unhappy confrontations, it is not just the villagers who are upset by the filmmakers. Evans's own life is thrown into turmoil as he discovers his girlfriend Bronwen's past relationship with someone From the film crew. Tensions build until one of the filmmakers disappears and is eventually found dead in a nearby slate mine. The case grows more complex as Evans slowly uncovers evidence that the victim had many enemies. In the process Evans also exposes an elaborate- World War II scheme to hide paintings From the National Gallery. Do these paintings have something to do with the filmmakers disappearance? How could he be connected to events that took place over half a century ago? As he investigates, the facts remind Evan who isn't even officially supposed to take part in this investigation, that greed, blackmail, deceit and broken hearts usually play a part in cases of violent death.

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