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The Everything® Digital Photography Book (2nd Edition)

by Rick Degaris Doble

With a snap of the shutter and a couple clicks of the mouse, you can take stunning photos and share them with the world. Digital photography is one of the easiest art forms to master-if you only know how. The Everything Digital Photography Book, 2nd Edition, has everything you need to take full advantage of this evolving art form. Learn how to: Choose the perfect camera Use light and flashes for optimum effect Download and transfer images Compress images and post photos online Create personalized gifts like calendars Whether you're a novice photographer or a budding professional, this indispensable guide shows you how to capture the perfect shot-every time!

The Everything® Dog Grooming Book

by Sandy Blackburn

Do you want to groom your dog at home but worry that you won't get it right? If nail-cutting and dental care for your canine make you nervous, you need The Everything Dog Grooming Book! This do-it-yourself guide offers detailed information and instructional photographs for handling all facets of dog grooming, including: *How to choose and where to buy the right equipment *Proper animal handling techniques for nervous or antsy dogs *Grooming specific areas such as nails, toes, and teeth *How to choose the right shampoo and conditioner *Dealing with all types of coats and hair lengths *Bathing a dog properly--without the mess! Grooming your dog at home is a great way to save money and bond with your dog at the same time. With this helpful handbook, you'll be cutting, clipping, shearing, and shaving like a pro before you can say "bath time"!

The Everything® Dog Obedience Book

by Jennifer Bridwell

You love your dog-but you'd love him even more if he stopped chewing the furniture and obeyed your commands. What if he brought you your slippers or stopped jumping up on the neighbors every time they stopped by? The Everything[Registered] Dog Obedience Book provides you with the tools to take the lead, by exploring and explaining the correct techniques for: Rewarding good behavior and tackling bad behavior, Housebreaking your dog, Training your dog to sit, stand, and heel, Getting your dog to listen, Instilling proper walking etiquette in your dog, Avoiding excessive barking. From biting and barking to housebreaking and socializing, The Everything[Registered] Dog Obedience Book is an authoritative, must-have guidebook for any dog owner and dog lover. Book jacket.

The Everything® Dog Training And Tricks Book (2nd Edition)

by Gerilyn J. Bielakiewicz

It can take a lot of time, patience, and money to train a dog--and even more to teach him new tricks! In this book, dog owners will get professional advice without having to attend pricey classes. Certified pet dog trainer Gerilyn J. Bielakiewicz explains how to solve virtually every behavioral issue from aggression to digging. This book features training instructions to: *Housebreak a puppy or adult dog *Control barking *Use a clicker for training *Walk a dog on-leash *Teach basic commands like sit and come Featuring dozens of photographs that highlight a wide range of fun (and easy!) tricks, this book will have the dog jumping through hoops in no time!

The Everything® Easy Cleanse Book

by Cynthia Lechan Goodman

Weight loss. Revitalized energy. Better sleep habits. Increased immunity to disease. Clearer skin. You've heard about the benefits of cleanses--now you can experience them for yourself! With this book, you can forget fad, crash cleanses that are not right for your goals, or worse, put your health in jeopardy. Inside you will learn the ins and outs of healthy cleansing, including:How cleanses actually workDifferent types of cleanses (it's not all lemon juice and pepper!)Which cleanse is right for your lifestyleTips to be safe and realistic about cleanses and your resultsAdjusting to eating after your cleanse Packed with 75 different cleanse recipes and featuring material that eases you into a post-cleanse diet, this book is your complete cleansing guide!

The Everything Easy Crosswords for the Beach

by Charles Timmerman

This collection is the crossword puzzler's ultimate source for fun puzzles they can do easily during a lazy day at the beach! Beachgoers of all skill levels will relax while solving puzzles that help to improve vocabulary, memory, and problem-solving skills. Puzzlers will find crosswords with themes such as: Fun in the Sun; Take the Plunge; Picnic at the Beach; Sail Away; Surfs Up!; and more! Beachgoers and crossword lovers alike will find this book to be the perfect companion for fun in the sun!

The Everything® Easy Fitness Book

by Donna Raskin

The new USDA Food Pyramid guidelines recommend 60-90 minutes of exercise per day. Are you getting all the exercise you need?

The Everything® Easy Kakuro Book

by Charles Timmerman

Japans's best kept puzzle secret comes to America! Kakuro puzzles, also known as cross sums, are logic puzzles that use a grid and number system much like in sudoku. The Everything Easy Kakuro Book and The Everything Kakuro Challenge Book each present over 200 puzzles of varying degrees of difficulty. Perfect for the number puzzle guru, kakuro uses solving strategies and techniques similar to those used for sudoku. The idea is to fill in blank spaces in the grid with the numbers one through nine, so that they add up to the given clues. Each book includes an explanation of the rules, along with tips and tricks for simpler solving.

The Everything® Easy Large-Print Crosswords Book (Volume II)

by Charles Timmerman

This collection features 150 brand-new crosswords in an easy-to-read format. Everything is bigger--the clues, the numbers, the grids--even the answers! Tease your brain with hundreds of fun clues, such as: TV's Perry Mason (BURR) Coins in Madrid (EUROS) "20,000 Leagues . . . " captain (NEMO) Mountaineer's spike (PITON) Football's Papa Bear (HALAS) With clues ranging from favorite TV shows and movies to clever puns and word play, these light and easy puzzles are perfect for taking a break without having to strain your brain--or your eyes! Whether you're a beginner or an experienced puzzler, you'll enjoy the satisfaction of quickly solving these entertaining crosswords.

The Everything Eating Clean Cookbook for Vegetarians

by Britt Brandon

Maximize your energy and optimize your health! The clean-eating lifestyle focuses on fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and a minimum of processed and packaged foods. But while most clean-eating cookbooks advocate lean meats and seafood, The Everything Eating Clean Cookbook for Vegetarians is the only one that is 100 percent meat-free! This super-healthy cookbook includes recipes for 300 simple, delicious, and wholesome meals, with vegan options for each one. Recipes include: Blueberry cobbler smoothie Homemade scallion hashbrown cakes Ginger-citrus-apple salad Clean creamy corn chowder Spicy spinach and artichoke dip Thai vegetable curry Five-alarm enchiladas Tomato-basil rigatoni Vegetarian meatloaf Pecan-packed pie Cocoa cafe brownies Whether you're a seasoned chef or a kitchen newbie, this book helps you create meals that taste amazing, adhere to your vegetarian guidelines, and include clean ingredients that pack every bite with the right nutrition your body needs to thrive!

The Everything Economics Book

by David A Mayer

The Dismal Science. The Worldly Philosophy. The Science of Scarcity. Most people think economics is one of the most challenging and complex fields of study. But with this book, it doesn't have to be! You will learn how the U.S. economy works in unbiased, easy-to-understand language. And you can learn it without the complex equations, arcane graphs, and technical jargon you'll find in most economic texts. David A. Mayer and Melanie E. Fox explain: Why and how we trade How the government intervenes in markets Unemployment and inflation Supply and demand Competitive, financial, and foreign exchange markets How the economy is measured You will also learn about the causes and fallout of the recent recession and how global climate change may transform the way our economy operates. Most important, with this introduction, you'll learn how our complex and dynamic economy affects the way we actually live our lives.

The Everything® Einstein Book

by Cynthia Phillips Shana Priwer

- His childhood curiosities and unusual education- The scientific climate of Einstein's time and the people who influenced him- His theories, their impact, and their potential for future application- Einstein's philosophies on war, religion, and pacifism- Einstein in America

Everything Eyes

by Bobbi Brown

Bestselling author and world-famous makeup artist Bobbi Brown reveals her expert techniques for creating show-stopping eyes--from everyday natural to smoky to party sparkle. To coincide with the launch of Bobbi's eyewear range and a brand-new eye makeup palette, Everything Eyes covers basic eye care, essential brushes and tools, and step-by-step tutorials for 10 stunning looks. Famous for her signature glasses look, Bobbi also shares her tried-and-true tips for selecting frames and wearing makeup with glasses. This chic book is the manual for all women who want gorgeous eyes. And that means every woman!

The Everything® Family Guide to Budget Travel

by Kelly Merritt

Taking a fun family vacation doesn't have to break the bank, as proven by veteran travel writer Kelly Merritt. Inside, she offers no shortage of creative ways to plan affordable trips! Visit popular sites at off-peak times with your children . . . travel off the beaten path for an eye-opening experience . . . and discover historic sites, scenic areas, and fun-filled attractions right in your own backyard! Featuring hundreds of unique, family-friendly trip ideas such as:Camping (from the mountains to our national parks)Adventure travelWater and island vacationsAll-inclusive resorts and cruisesEducational vacations (eco, historical, cooking, and more)European tours--and beyond!The Everything Family Guide to Budget Travel helps you make the most affordable decisions about lodging, food, and tourist attractions. This easy-to-use guide is an invaluable tool, you won't want to travel without!

The Everything® Family Guide To Coastal Florida

by Bob Brooke

The Everything Family Guide to Coastal Florida is your perfect guide to the rest of Florida-from the panhandle to the Gulf Coast and from Key West to Jacksonville.

The Everything Family Guide to Cruise Vacations

by Kim Kavin

Are you exhausted just from thinking about planning your next family vacation? Does your spouse seek adventure while you just want to relax? Does your teenager sleep until noon and then nap by the pool while your toddler is and running up at the crack of dawn? Is it impossible to choose a restaurant that will satisfy everyone in your family? Then book a cruise! Cruise ships have something for everyone'indoor and outdoor pools, all-you-can-eat buffets and fine dining rooms, children's playrooms and nightclubs. WithThe Everything Family Guide to Cruise Vacations, you'll find the perfect cruise for your tough-to-please family. Embark on exciting shore excursions at these hotspot destinations: Tropical Caribbean Balmy Bahamas Bermuda's Beaches Exotic Mediterranean Sea Alaskan Wilderness The Panama Canal And more! Chock full of info on cruise lines, ships, day trips, and pricing, this one-stop cruise resource has everything that you need to sail off into paradise, kids and all!

The Everything Family Guide to Las Vegas

by Jason Rich

Get ready to plan the family adventure of a lifetime! With more than 35 million people flocking to Las Vegas last year, the city is a hot spot for the traveling family. And withThe Everything Family Guide to Las Vegas, you have all you need to plan a trip that will keep everyone happy-even you! The Everything Family Guide to Las Vegashas it all, including an age-appropriate rating system for shows and entertainment. Whether you're traveling with your scrupulous parents, rambunctious kids, or night-owl teens, this guide has what you need to keep them all smiling. Navigate the Las Vegas Strip like an expert with: Comprehensive information on each casino and resort property Tips on finding the best deals online Complete chapters on the top twelve family-friendly hotels and resorts Listings of family-oriented attractions and shows Safe places to leave the kids for the adults' night out Photographs of resorts, shows, and attractions Electrifying adventure ideas off the beaten trail Give your family a vacation they'll never forget-Vegas style!

The Everything® Family Guide To Mexico

by Bob Brooke

With a historical and cultural overview of Mexico and special attention given to family-friendly destinations, this is the all-in-one travel planner for your best family vacation ever!

The Everything Family Guide to Northern California and Lake Tahoe

by Kim Kavin

From the beautiful coastline of Monterey to historic Fort Bragg to the spectacular scenery of Lake Tahoe, northern California has something for everyone. In this book, readers will find up-to-date information on the entire area, including: San Francisco's popular family-friendly attractions; annual events in Napa Valley and Sonoma County; the natural beauty of redwood forests, beachside cliffs, and stunning mountains; the Gold Country, scene of California's famous Gold Rush; national and state parks, from Big Sur to Redwood National Forest, and more! This travel guide gives readers all they need to plan a vacation to remember?California style!

The Everything® Family Guide to the Caribbean

by Jason Rich

Can't decide on which island to visit? Worried about keeping your toddlers and teens entertained? Anxious about beach safety or the local menu?The Everything Family Guide to the Caribbeankeeps you and the kids in mind'so you can relax and enjoy the vacation you deserve! You can't beat the Caribbean for fun and excitement'but you want your family vacation to be safe and hassle-free as well. With this all-inclusive handbook as your guide, you'll learn all about the best family-friendly resorts, beaches, and daytrip adventures. Most important, there's an age-appropriate rating system that helps you plan just the right activities for your family, including: Scuba diving and snorkeling Parasailing Swimming with dolphins ?or sharks! Helicopter and horseback riding tours Scooter and bicycle rentals Hiking and rock climbing And much, much more! Highlighting the top eleven family destinations, including Aruba, The Bahamas, and the U. S. Virgin Islands,The Everything Family Guide to the Caribbeanis the ultimate resource for a family vacation that will keep everyone smiling!

The Everything® Family Guide To The Disneyland® Resort, California Adventure ®, Universal Studios ®, And The Anaheim Area

by Betsy Malloy

If your idea of the perfect vacation involves sunny days, thrilling rides, and movie magic, The Everything Family Guide to the Disneyland Resort, California Adventure, Universal Studios, and the Anaheim Area, 2nd Edition will help you make the most of your trip out West.

The Everything® Family Guide To Timeshares

by Kim Kavin

The Everything Family Guide to Timeshares is your comprehensive handbook for choosing, purchasing, using, and selling the "perfect" timeshare.

The Everything® Father's First Year Book (2nd Edition)

by Vincent Iannelli

Change a diaper? Soothe a crying baby? Function on just a few hours of sleep? Anything moms can do, dads can do--with a little help! Becoming a father is a colossal event in a man's life. For nine months, he thought about, worried about, and dreamed about his new child, and finally his little bundle of joy is here. So, now what? This all-in-one guide shows new dads how to: *Bond with their new baby *Interpret baby's cries *Be supportive to their partner *Handle the changes to their relationship and sex life *Childproof the house Plus, this new edition features updated advice on safety issues like vaccinations, financial issues like health insurance and retirement, and cool high-tech gadgets to track and treasure each moment of their new baby's life. Complete with medical advice and practical information, this is the new dad's key to raising a happy and healthy baby.

The Everything® Father's First Year Book: A Survival Guide for the First 12 Months of Being a Dad

by Vincent Iannelli

Complete with baby names, safety considerations, and medical advice, The Everything Father's First Year Book is your key to raising a happy and healthy baby.

The Everything® Filmmaking Book

by Barb Karg Rick Sutherland Jim Van Over

Filmmaking is a notoriously difficult field to break into - a script's chance of making it to production is a staggering 1 in every 140,000. But the millions of aspiring filmmakers can up their odds with this engaging, easy-to-follow guide. Go step-by-step through the filmmaking process, including: writing a marketable script; understanding all aspects of pre-production; shooting on location; working with the cast; editing and post-production; distributing the finished film, and more!

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