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Each Day a New Beginning

by Karen Casey

Find inspiration and guidance for dealing with the challenges and new experiences of recovery in the writings Each Day a New Beginning-from a woman who cares about others. This beloved author writes about self-esteem, friendships with other women, hope, attitudes about life and relationships, and more. Her words help bridge the gap between self and Higher Power, between loneliness and sharing the emotions of recovery.Almost three million recovering women turn to these meditations each day.

Each Kindness

by Jacqueline Woodson E. B. Lewis

Each kindness makes the world a little better. Chloe and her friends won't play with the new girl, Maya. Maya is different--she wears hand-me-downs and plays with old-fashioned toys. Every time Maya tries to join Chloe and her gang, they reject her. Eventually, Maya plays alone, and then stops coming to school altogether. When Chloe's teacher gives a lesson about how even small acts of kindness can change the world, Chloe is stung by the lost opportunity for friendship, and thinks about how much better it could have been if she'd shown a little kindness toward Maya. This unforgettable book is written and illustrated by the award-winning team that createdThe Other Sideand the Caldecott Honor winnerComing On Home Soon. With its powerful message and striking art, it will resonate with readers long after they've put it down.

Each Little Bird That Sings

by Deborah Wiles

Ten-year-old Comfort Snowberger has attended 247 funerals--her family owns the local funeral home, after all. And even though Great-uncle Edisto keeled over with a heart attack and Great-great-aunt Florentine dropped dead--just like that--six months later, Comfort knows how to deal with loss, or so she thinks. She's more concerned with avoiding her crazy cousin Peach and trying to figure out why her best friend, Declaration, suddenly won't talk to her. But life is full of surprises. And the biggest one of all is learning what it takes to handle them. In this heartfelt and quintessentially Southern coming-of-age novel, Comfort will charm young readers with her wit, her warmth, and her struggles as she learns about life, loss, and ultimately, triumph. Includes reader's guide and a biography of the author.

Each Man's Soul

by Hugh Maclennan

In Each Man's Son, his fourth novel, Hugh MacLennan returns to his native Cape Breton to present life in a small mining community.<P> Dr. Daniel Ainslie, who ministers to the rough miners, yearns for a son, which he can never have. He comes to love young Alan MacNeil, the son of Mollie MacNeil and her absent husband, Archie, who deserted his family several years before to seek his fortune as a professional fighter. Now Archie returns, bitter and defeated, to wreak tragedy on his community.<P> Originally published in 1951, Each Man's Son, a stunning account of the rationalistic Ainslie and the animalistic MacNeil, moves inexorably towards its harrowing conclusion.

Each One Believing: On Stage, Off Stage, and Backstage

by Paul Mccartney

Fans of McCartney will relish this volume of photos and interviews recording the singer's record-breaking 2002-2003 world tour. The text is taken from interviews and conversations filmed during the tour. Annotation ©2004 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (

Each Precious Hour

by Gayle Wilson

A daughter, a son, a secret... With time as the enemy, only love can save them. It had been three months, three weeks and four days since they'd made love... and made the baby that Robin McCord now carried. Back in New York, she could no longer avoid Jared Donovan...not when he was the only man who could keep her baby---their baby---safe. A fearless bomb squad cop, Jared had stared down death, but when it threatened the woman he loved, he turned desperate. No one would threaten his woman and his unborn child. But he had only seven days to find the crazed killer who stalked her, seven nights to New Year's Eve when she might walk out of his life for good...if he kept her alive. And the clock was ticking....

Each Shining Hour

by Jeff High

Welcome to the timeless charms of small-town Watervalley, Tennessee--where young Dr. Luke Bradford is beginning to feel at home... When he comes to the aid of a woman at the grocery store, Luke is fascinated to learn she is Estelle Pillow, the cheery sister to his prickly housekeeper, Connie. Estelle wants to open a bakery in town--and Connie's disapproval of the venture stirs up a whirlwind of emotions between the siblings. But Luke's attention is soon diverted when he learns about a long-ago double murder.... During World War II, an unknown traveler arrived in town, and before the day was over, he and the local baker lay dead near the bandstand at the local lake. The incident has since been exaggerated into Watervalley lore--with the newcomer rumored to have been a German spy. As Luke pieces together exactly what happened, he realizes that the consequences of this event have rippled painfully into the lives of townsfolk he has come to know. As winter gives way to spring, Luke keeps busy at the medical clinic and enters a tentative, exhilarating romance. And when his support of Estelle's bakery collides with new revelations about the old murder, Luke witnesses the true power of reconciliation working in the hearts of those he holds dear--a revelation that will change his life. READERS GUIDE INCLUDED


by Helen Fox

It is later this century, and the earth's natural resources have been rationed for use by technocrats. Now LifeCorp, a global company, makes all major decisions and robots do most of the work. Life otherwise is much as we know it (except that your house talks to you and the kettle asks you how many cups of tea you want). When the Bell family's much-loved old-fashioned robot butler Grumps starts to go wrong, Mr Bell finds EGR3 through a colleague. But EGR3, known as Eager, is something different - programmed to learn through his experiences, like a human child. He also feels wonder, excitement - and confusion; not least a sense of awe at the latest, glamorous BDC4 robots, flaunted by the families of the powerful and wealthy technocrats. And he feels sorrow at the loss of Grumps, destroyed under strange circumstances. Then Gavin begins to think there is something odd about the BDC4s behaviour. With his sister Fleur, he investigates, enlisting Eager's help - with hilarious consequences. Questions are asked of LifeCorp and of Eager's creator and the answer to all the puzzles is finally solved. It leaves only the final question to be answered - the one closest to Eager's heart: am I alive?

Eager Star (Winnie the Horse Gentler #2)

by Dandi Daley Mackall

Along with her dad and sister Lizzy, Winnie is learning how to live without her mom -- who was also a natural horse gentler. As Winnie teaches her horses about unconditional love and blind trust, God shows Winnie that He can be trusted as well. Readers will be hooked by the series' vivid cast of characters whose quirky personalities fill Winnie's life with friendship and adventure.

Eagle Against the Sun

by Ronald H. Spector

Historian Ronald H. Spector, drawing on declassified intelligence files, an abundance of British and American archival material, Japanese scholarship and documents, and the research and memoirs of scholars, politicians, and the military men, presents a thrilling narrative of American war in the Pacific. Spector reassesses U.S. and Japanese strategy and offers some provocative interpretations. He shows that the dual advance across the Pacific by MacArthur and Nimitz was less a product of strategic calculation and more a pragmatic solution to bureaucratic, doctrinal, and public relations problems facing the Army and Navy. He also argues that Japan made its fatal error not in the Midway campaign but in abandoning its offensive strategy after that defeat and allowing itself to be drawn into a war of attrition. Combining impeccable research with electrifying detail, Spector vividly recreates the major battles, little-known campaigns, and unfamiliar events of this brutal 44-month struggle. He reveals that the U.S. had secret plans to wage unrestricted submarine warfare against Japan months before Pearl Harbor and demonstrates that MacArthur and his commanders ignored important intercepts of Japanese messages that would have saved thousands of lives in Papua and Leyte. He skillfully takes the reader from top-secret strategy meetings in Washington, London, and Tokyo to distant beaches and remote Asian jungles with battle-weary GIs. Throughout, Spector contends that American decisions in the Pacific War were shaped more often by the struggles between the British and the Americans, and between the Army and the Navy, than by strategic considerations. Revealing what really happened in the course of a conflict that ended with the most deadly air raid ever, this contribution to WWII history adds a new dimension to our understanding of the people and forces that determined its raid ever, this magisterial contribution to WWII history adds a new dimension to our understanding of the people and forces that determined its outcome.

The Eagle And The Nightingales (Bardic Voices #3)

by Mercedes Lackey

Nightingale, a gypsy Free Bard, is tasked with finding out why the High King of the human kingdoms is allowing the Church to become ever more overtly hostile to non-human sentients, as well as to anything that it does not at least indirectly control, such as gypsies and Free Bards.

The Eagle and the Raven

by Pauline Gedge

Aricia, Queen of the North, ravishing and voluptuous, greedy for Roman gold to support her incredibly lavish life, and destroying her husband's pride and draining the ardor of an army of lovers with her ravenous appetite for pleasure. Boudicca, Queen of the South, the embodiment of virtue and duty, faithful and obedient to her husband even when he commanded her to deny her conscience, until at last she was forced to break free to follow the call of her blood and the hunger of her heart. Two women, as different as night from day, with the fate of England in their contending hands ... THE EAGLE AND THE RAVEN.

Eagle Blue: A Team, a Tribe, and a High School Basketball Season in Arctic Alaska

by Michael D'Orso

Fort Yukon, Alaska, which was colonized by Athabascan Natives, exists in the margins of American culture. The tiny population and fading traditions of this town have one strong link to America: their high school basketball team.

The Eagle Catcher

by Margaret Coel

1st in the Father John/Vicki Holden mystery series involving Native Americans on a Wyoming reservation.

The Eagle Catcher

by Margaret Coel

When the Arapaho tribal chairman is found murdered in his tepee at the Ethete powwow, the evidence points to the chairman's nephew, Anthony Castle. But Father John O'Malley, pastor of St. Francis Mission, and Vicky Holden, the Arapaho lawyer, do not believe the young man capable of murder. Together they set out to find the real murderer and clear Anthony's name. The trail that Father John and Vicky follow winds across the high plains of the Wind River Reservation into Arapaho homes and community centers and into the fraud-infested world of Indian oil and land deals. Eventually it leads to the past--the Old Time--when the Arapahos were forced from their homes on the Great Plains and sent to the reservation. There in the Old Time, Father John and Vicky discover a crime so heinous that someone was willing to commit murder more than a hundred years later to keep it hidden. As they close in a killer who does not hesitate to kill again, they discover they have become the next targets... Critics have praised The Eagle Catcher as a tightly crafted mystery that blends Native American culture and history with contemporary issues and fast-paced action. It introduced two intelligent, compassionate sleuths: Father John O'Malley, S.J., a history scholar and recovering alcoholic, exiled to an Indian mission on the Great Plains, and Vicky Holden, an attorney who, after ten years in the outside world, has returned to the reservation to help her people.

Eagle Eye

by Hortense Calisher

Hortense Calisher's complex exploration of the journey of a young man whose intelligent observations cannot help him figure out his own directionReturning home to New York from Europe on his twenty-first birthday, draft-dodging narrator Bunty Bronstein is frustrated with his increasingly pompous businessman father and his disaffected mother, who no longer shows the flame she once possessed.Equipped with an incisive view of bourgeois lifestyles in New York, Bunty observes the shifting sensibilities of his family members, and yet has difficulty apprehending his own place in the world. Preoccupied with emerging computer technology, yet unsure of his future and alienated from his once-comfortable family, Bunty remains a compelling, wandering soul.A male companion piece to Hortense Calisher's equally expert yet campier Queenie, Eagle Eye explores the mind of a relatable young man facing dilemmas that are at once universal and singular.

Eagle-eye Ernie Comes to Town (Eagle-Eye Ernie #1)

by Susan Pearson Author Gioia Fiammenghi

A new kid in school named Ernie solves the case of the lunch bag thief using her powers of deduction and her "eagle eye. Then she figures out a way to stop the thief from stealing again that has the whole school laughing. An easy chapter book for early grades. Pictures described. Look for more Books in the Eagle-Eye Ernie series in the Bookshare collection. Search for books by Susan Pearson. You will find The Bogeyman Caper, The Spy Code Caper, The Spooky Sleepover, and The Tap Dance Mystery.

Eagle Feather

by Clyde Robert Bulla

When the cruel cousin he has been working for refuses to let him leave at the end of the summer, a young Navaho boy runs away to rejoin his family and go to school.

The Eagle Has Flown (Liam Devlin #4)

by Jack Higgins

In this sequel to The Eagle Has Landed, Kurt Steiner actually survives his wounds and is spirited away to the Tower of London, where he is held a secret prisoner.

The Eagle Has Landed (Liam Devlin #1)

by Jack Higgins

At precisely one o'clock on the morning of Saturday, 6 November 1943, Heinrich Himmler, Reichsfuhrer of the SS and Chief of State Police, received a simple message, The Eagle has landed. It meant that a small force of German paratroops were at that moment safely in England and poised to snatch the British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, from the Norfolk country house near the sea where he was spending a quiet weekend. This book is an attempt to recreate the events surrounding that astonishing exploit. At least fifty percent of it is documented historical fact. The reader must decide for himself how much of the rest is a matter of speculation, or fiction.

An Eagle Named Freedom

by Jeff Guidry

From the moment Jeff Guidry saw the emaciated baby eagle with broken wings, his life was changed. For weeks he and the staff at Sarvey Wildlife Care Center tended to the grievously injured bird. Miraculously, she recovered, and Jeff, a center volunteer, became her devoted caretaker. Though Freedom would never fly, she had Jeff as her wings. And after Jeff was diagnosed with stage 3 non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in 2000, Freedom returned his gift. Between sessions of debilitating chemotherapy, Jeff went back to Sarvey and began taking Freedom for walks that soothed his spirit and gave him the strength to fight. When he learned he was cancer free, Jeff's first stop was Sarvey to walk with Freedom. Somehow this special bird seemed to understand the significance of the day. For the very first time she wrapped both her wings around Jeff, enveloping him in an avian hug. In March 2008, Jeff shared his extraordinary experience with his friend Gayle in an e-mail of eight hundred words: When Freedom came in she could not stand. Both wings were broken, her left wing in 4 places. . . . We here at the Sarvey Wildlife Care Center made the decision to give her a chance at life. . . . That e-mail would unexpectedly circle the globe and inspire countless fans eager to know more. In An Eagle Named Freedom, Jeff tells the full story of his bond with Freedom and introduces the other wildlife and volunteers who have been saved by Sarvey. A tender tale of hope, love, trust, and life, this moving true story is an affirmation of the spiritual connection that humans and animals share.

Eagle Song

by Joseph Bruchac

After moving from a Mohawk reservation to Brooklyn, New York, fourth grader Danny Bigtree encounters stereotypes about his Native American heritage.

The Eagle (The Lighthouse Family)

by Cynthia Rylant

A mysterious forest stands near the lighthouse where Lila and her brother Whistler live. When these mouse children become curious about the forest and ask permission to go exploring, they discover enchantment, adventure and, best of all, a new friend. Newbery Medalist Cynthia Rylant and illustrator Preston McDaniels bring us the beauty of both the forest and the sea in this new story about a wonderful family: The Lighthouse Family.

Eagles 15: Slaughter of Eagles

by William W. Johnstone J. A. Johnstone

Life Is Cheap In Arizona Territory In Phoenix a sheriff guns down a banker and robs him of a document. Going to the banker's aid, a witness hears the dying man's last words and takes hold of the map the sheriff was really after. By the time the crooked lawman realizes he has the wrong document, Jolene Wellington is on the run--and framed for the murder of the banker. Back east, Falcon MacCallister's famous brother and sister plead with him to find a young woman who has vanished out West. Her name is Jolene Wellington. Back in Arizona Territory, Falcon will be one of many men searching for Jolene and for a mysterious treasure hidden in haunted Indian land. But with a hired killer and a deadly deception facing Falcon, his search is leading him straight to a slaughter. There, he'll get his answers--in the most vicious fight of his life. . .

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