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Smoke and Whispers

by Mick Herron

When a body is hauled from the River Tyne, Sarah Tucker heads to Newcastle for a closer look. She identifies the dead woman as private detective Zoe Boehm, but putting a name to the corpse only raises further questions. Did Zoe kill herself, or did one of her old cases come back to haunt her? Why was she wearing a jacket a murderer had stolen years before? And what's brought Sarah's sparring partner, Gerard Inchon, to the same broken down hotel? Coincidence is an excuse that soon looks pretty unconvincing. Sarah can't leave until she's found the answers to her questions, however dangerous they might turn out to be.

Smoke From The Ashes

by William W. Johnstone

"I'd like to think I can make a change. Even if I have to back it up with gunpowder."--BEN RAINESHell On EarthThe devastating nuclear nightmare of the Great War brings civilization to the brink of destruction. Only Ben Raines and his tireless Rebels share the dream of rebuilding society out of the smoldering remains of America. . .The power-mad Middle Eastern terrorist, Khamasin, has already begun his bloodthirsty assault on America's southern tier. But an even deadlier threat lurks in the plague-ridden ruins of the country's once-great cities, where crazed, flesh-eating packs of starved mutants hunt fresh, human kill. Raines and his Rebels are in for the battle of their lives. But the do-or-die freedom fighters are willing to face Hell on Earth to strike a blow for America's survival.

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes: And Other Lessons from the Crematory

by Caitlin Doughty

Most people want to avoid thinking about death, but Caitlin Doughty--a twenty-something with a degree in medieval history and a flair for the macabre--took a job at a crematory, turning morbid curiosity into her life's work. Thrown into a profession of gallows humor and vivid characters (both living and very dead), Caitlin learned to navigate the secretive culture of those who care for the deceased. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes tells an unusual coming-of-age story full of bizarre encounters and unforgettable scenes. Caring for dead bodies of every color, shape, and affliction, Caitlin soon becomes an intrepid explorer in the world of the dead. She describes how she swept ashes from the machines (and sometimes onto her clothes) and reveals the strange history of cremation and undertaking, marveling at bizarre and wonderful funeral practices from different cultures. Her eye-opening, candid, and often hilarious story is like going on a journey with your bravest friend to the cemetery at midnight. She demystifies death, leading us behind the black curtain of her unique profession. And she answers questions you didn't know you had: Can you catch a disease from a corpse? How many dead bodies can you fit in a Dodge van? What exactly does a flaming skull look like?Honest and heartfelt, self-deprecating and ironic, Caitlin's engaging style makes this otherwise taboo topic both approachable and engrossing. Now a licensed mortician with an alternative funeral practice, Caitlin argues that our fear of dying warps our culture and society, and she calls for better ways of dealing with death (and our dead).

Smoke Ghost & Other Apparitions

by Fritz Leiber

Fresh from its original appearance in a limited edition from small press Midnight House, this collection follows the acclaimed title, THE BLACK GONDOLIER AND OTHER STORIES and is also edited by John Pelan and Steve Savile.SMOKE GHOST & OTHER APPARITIONS is a new collection of stories by Fritz Leiber. Assembled here is a selection of Mr. Leiber's best horrific tales, many of which are previously uncollected and have been virtually unobtainable for decades. During his more than fifty years of writing, Leiber was an acknowledged master of the weird tale and the stories in this collection include works originally published in the magazines from the 1940's onward, including such venues as 'Unknown,' 'Thrilling Mystery,' 'Startling Stories' and 'Fantasy' and also works published over the decades in such places as 'Rogue,' 'The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction,' 'Mike Shayne's Mystery Magazine' and the acclaimed horror specialty magazine 'Whispers 13-14.'Besides "Smoke Ghost" (1941), the stories include "Cry Witch!" (1951), "I'm Looking for Jeff" (1952), "Ms. Found in a Maelstrom" (1959), "The Button Molder" (1979), "Dark Wings" (1976) and (Original to this volume) "The Enormous Bedroom" (2001).While much of Leiber's seminal science-fiction and fantasy remains in print, his work in the field of supernatural horror has been sadly neglected until now.

Smoke in Mirrors

by Jayne Ann Krentz

From the New York Times bestselling author of Lost & Found comes a new novel that blends thrilling suspense and riveting passion as two people search for truth in a house full of secrets--and danger... A con artist and seductress, Meredith Spooner lived fast and died young. But her final scam--embezzling more than a million dollars from a college endowment fund--is coming back to haunt Leonora Hutton. The tainted money is stashed away in an offshore account for Leonora. And while she wants nothing to do with the cash, she discovers two other items in the safe-deposit box: a book about Mirror House--the place where Meredith engineered her final de¬ception--and a set of newspaper stories about an unsolved murder that occurred there thirty years ago. Now Leonora has an offer for Thomas Walker, another vic¬tim of Meredith's scams and seductions. She'll hand over the money--if he helps her figure out what's going on. Meredith had described Thomas as "a man you can trust." But in a fun house-mirror world of illusion and distortion, Leonora may be out of her league...

Smoke in the Wind: A Mystery of Ancient Ireland (Sister Fidelma Mystery #11)

by Peter Tremayne

While Fidelma and her companion Eadulf are journeying to visit the new Archbishop of Canterbury, their ship is blown badly off course, and the pair find themselves on the coast of modern Wales in the kingdom of Dyfed. there, hosted by the king himself, Fidelma is presented with her knottiest problem yet: An entire monastic community from the nearby countryside has disappeared without a trace. While investigating this seeming impossibility, Fidelma and Eadulf are confronted with the apparently unrelated murder of a local girl--a death marked by more tragedy and consequence than anyone could have imagined...

Smoke Jumpers

by Brent Filson

A high school student spends the summer with her uncle in California fighting fires in the local valleys.

Smoke: Poems

by Jeanne Bryner

The author intends to create poems that comfort and guide the readers as they face universal fears: sickness, personal and societal abuse, family tragedy, physical pain and emotional longing.

The Smoke Ring (Known Space #2)

by Larry Niven

Sequel to The Integral Trees.

Smoke Rings (Ginny Atkins #2)

by Dorothy Lyons

When Ginny Atkins, by quick thinking, saved an impulsive stranger and the handsome gray horse he could not control from a near fatal accident, she had no idea that this would change the next three years of her life. After the incident, Ginny suddenly found herself the new owner of Smoke Rings, Mr. Pollard's Thoroughbred hunter. And the improbable dream she had admitted only to herself-of trying for the U. S. Equestrian Olympic Team-came a step closer to reality. Coached by a former Olympic rider, Ginny devoted all her energies to achieving perfection of performance with Smoke Rings. But the road to the Olympics was demanding, grueling, and expensive. The relentless training required dedication to withstand its monotony, and the frustrations and sacrifices were not easy for a fun-loving high school senior. Dorothy Lyons, an expert horsewoman herself and the accomplished author of many horse stories for girls, has written an absorbing book, which reaches a dramatic climax at the 1960 Olympics in Rome. There, amid the colorful international hubbub, Ginny's long-treasured dream is realized against the impressive pageantry of the Seventeenth Olympiad.

Smoke River Bride

by Lynna Banning

MAIL-ORDER MARRIAGE It's whispered in Smoke River that single father Thad MacAllister is a few quarters short of a dollar: his ambitious plans for his farm are downright crazy and his young son is heading off the rails. This family needs a woman's touch! But the arrival of Leah Cameron, Thad's mail-order bride, causes a ripple of disapproval. Oregon is a far cry from China, and to make her dream of family come true, Leah will have to win over the townsfolk...and unlock the secrets of her husband's shattered heart.

The Smoke Room

by Earl Emerson

Jason Gum is a rookie firefighter--and he's in deep trouble. After playing around on company time, Jason arrives late to a fire, where two of his colleagues cover up for him and he's ultimately hailed as a hero for a daring rescue. Now Jason is expected to return the favor when the two colleagues steal more than $12 million! Even worse, shortly after the battalion chief discovers the theft, he's found dead in the smoke room. Jason is caught in an ever-escalating vortex of blackmail and deceit.

Smoke Screen

by Kristi D. Holl

When an "accidental" fire at the Landmark School turns out to be arson, Jeri McKane is determined to discover who is setting fires and why.

The Smoke Screen Mystery (Hardy Boys Mystery Stories #105)

by Franklin W. Dixon

To track down an arsonist, Frank and Joe go undercover as firefighters in this sizzling new mystery. Fires have ravaged three buildings owned by Donald Pierce, and he asks the Hardy Boys to help him find the culprit.

Smoke Signals

by Sherman Alexie

Set in Arizona, Smoke Signals is the story of two Native American boys on a journey. Victor is the stoic, handsome son of an alcoholic father who has abandoned his family. Thomas is a gregarious, goofy young man who lost both his parents in a fire at a very young age. Through storytelling, Thomas makes every effort to connect with the people around him: Victor, in contrast, uses his quiet countenance to gain strength and confidence. When Victor's estranged father dies, the two men embark on an adventure to Phoenix to collect the ashes. Along the way, Smoke Signals illustrates the ties that bind these two very different young men and embraces the lessons they learn from one another.

Smokescreen Marriage

by Sara Craven

Kate's marriage to Michalis Theodakis is in the past -- in all but name. She knows he married her only to cover up his affair with his mistress, so how dare he expect her to play the dutiful wife? And now Michalis wants to escort her to his sister's wedding! Kate has no intention of returning to Greece -- until Michalis blackmails her: If she'll attend the wedding, he'll set her free. Only, Kate soon finds she doesn't want to be free of Michalis, or the intense sensuality between them. If they still burn for each other's touch, can their marriage really be a sham?

Smoky Mountain Rose: An Appalachian Cinderella

by Alan Schroeder

Set in the Appalachian mountains, this unique and lively adaptation of the traditional Cinderella story, told in a lilting dialect, is complete with an enchanting protagonist, a glass slipper, and a fairy godmother who just happens to be a hog.

Smoky Mountain Tracks: A Raine Stockton Dog Mystery

by Donna Ball

Folks native to the Smoky Mountain community of Hanover County, North Carolina, are as much a part of the rugged landscape as timber rattlers and mountain laurel. That includes local Raine Stockton, dog trainer, ex-wife of a deputy sheriff, and former wilderness rescue worker. Raine knows the woods as well as anyone could, but she gave up her Search and Rescue work after a tragic loss. Now she reluctantly returns to active duty to help find a mother and six-year-old girl who have been kidnapped and taken deep into the forest. But as Raine's young golden retriever, Cisco, picks up the trail, his enthusiasm fails to make up for his lack of experience, and their first foray into the forest results in disaster...and the discovery of the kidnapper--shot dead. Suspecting there's more to the case than meets the eye, Raine struggles to overcome her personal demons, turns her search in new directions...and learns to trust Cisco to lead the way.

Smooth Play

by Regina Hart

A passion for the game is what it takes to win. But off the court, it takes a different kind of savvy to heat things up. . . He's part problem-solver and dream-maker. There's not a crisis he can't avert. And handling the NBA's most explosive team has put PR ace Troy Marshall at the top of his game. It also gives him a chance to give back to the community. But one determined reporter is messing with his flow. And he'll need way more than skill and charm to win this tempting one-on-one. . . Andrea Benson's instincts tell her that something major is going on behind-the-scenes with this franchise. And a headline story is the only way she can regain the career and good name she let slip away. But Troy's sincerity is throwing her for an unexpected--and very seductive--loop. Can they trust each other enough to uncover the truth. . . or will too many secrets be their breaking point?Sexy, fun, and fast-paced. . . a slam dunk! --Kate Angell on Fast Break

Smooth Sailing

by Lori Wilde

Sex and the sea...Desperate to win back his ex, billionaire playboy Jeb Whitcomb spent a year in self-discipline and (mostly) celibacy. He's a new man. But when she decides to marry someone else, Jeb immediately sets sail. He has only four days to stop the wedding and, worse still, he has a stowaway...the only woman who can make a newly good man behave very, very badly! R.N. Haley French is furious. For one night, she lets go of her usual boring routine, and the next she knows she's accidentally off to Florida with Mr. Sexy Superficiality, and desperately trying to forget the steamy encounter they almost shared.And in the boat, there's no escape from each other...or the unfurling lust that threatens to send their self-control overboard!


by Jenna Helwig

A smoothie might just be the perfect family food: an easy and delicious way to get kids and adults alike to eat more healthfully. A blessing for busy parents, they are whipped up in minutes, perfectly portable, and enjoyed by even the pickiest eaters. In Smoothie-licious, Parents magazine editor Jenna Helwig shows how to make 75 smoothies and whole-fruit juices that are both healthy and delicious. Kids will love the bright colors and playful names like Peanut Berry Blast and Mexican Frozen Hot Chocolate; parents will love that they feature nutrient-dense seeds, dark greens and fresh fruit, and use no refined sugars. Nutrition information accompanies every recipe and icon note high sources of vitamins and minerals as well as vegan, gluten free, and meal-in-a-glass smoothies. A treats chapter turns smoothies into fun popsicles, slushes, and shakes. an smoothies, and a dessert chapter turns smoothies into fun popsicles, slushes, and shakes.

Smuggler's Moon (Sir John Fielding Mystery #8)

by Bruce Alexander

When Sir John Fielding is ordered to go to the seaside town of Deal where smuggling and corruption are rampant, his ward Clarissa accompanies him and Jeremy. Strange happenings in the home of their host, the largest landowner in the area, Sir John becomes concerned. After prisoners they have taken are freed resulting in a murder, he relocates to the home of Bertie Sarton, the magistrate he was sent to investigate. When Mr. Sarton is murdered, Sir John becomes acting magistrate he plans his attack on the smugglers in which Jeremy acquits himself very well. John Bilbo, captaining his newly refurbished ship also plays a leading role in the attack.

Smugglers of Gor

by John Norman

In what constitutes a prequel to Mariners of Gor, we learn that a mysterious cargo, suitably disguised, was covertly placed on the great ship, a cargo that might influence the outcome of the aforementioned gamble. One narrator is a young woman, once a Miss Margaret Alyssa Cameron, and the other is an individual whose name, for reasons that will become obvious, is withheld in the manuscript. It does seem clear, however, that the individual referred to was somehow instrumental in bringing the former Miss Cameron to the height of a large slave block in the coastal city of Brundisium, one of Gor's major ports. Rediscover this brilliantly imagined world where men are masters and women live to serve their every desire.

Smuggler's Reef (Rick Brant, # 7)

by John Blaine

Smuggler's Reef finds Rick Brant and Don Scott tracking down a band of smugglers, operating in the north Atlantic. Using an infrared camera and sniperscope Rick traces the criminals, but each time they elude the grasp of the police: somehow the stolen goods vanish before they can be nailed. How Rick and Scotty are at last able to track down the smugglers makes for some fantastic, fast-paced reading.

Smut Central

by Anthony Whyte Brandon Mccalla

Psychiatrist Nancy Adler never thought she'd have a patient like Markus Johnson, a young black man who passes out randomly and has flashbacks of a past he can't remember and that contradicts the few things he knows about himself. Oh, and also, he's a porn star. Matters are further complicated by Gary Zimmerman, a retired detective who's now a private investigator, who snoops into Johnson's past. Reaching into the depths of a porn star's mind, Smut Central weaves a tale that's at once disgustingly tantalizing and frighteningly demented.

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