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Invitation to Public Speaking (2nd edition)

by Cindy L. Griffin

For this second edition of an introductory text, Griffin (speech communication, Colorado State University) expands the text's focus to emphasize public speaking as public dialogue. There is more material on civic engagement, service learning, and plagiarism, plus six new student speeches and updated examples. The text provides instructions for specific speech construction, delivery, and strategy steps, with material on technology as a learning tool and in speech preparation integrated throughout. Learning features include chapter summaries, review questions, and Internet activities.

Invitation to Scandal

by Bronwen Evans

Catch Me If You CanPlagued by scandalous rumors, Rheda Kerrich will stop at nothing to restore her reputation and make an honest living for herself-and she's determined to do it without a husband. But times are hard, and smuggling is a risky though profitable trade. So when a dashing agent for the English government catches her in the act, she desperately resists his charms and conceals her illicit profession. Until she realizes he may be the key to her ultimate freedom-and unbridled passion . . . Rufus Knight, Viscount Strathmore, has never had trouble beguiling the ladies of Kent. When his search for 'Dark Shadow,' a cunningly elusive smuggler, leads him to alluring and headstrong Rhe, her objections to his amorous advances merely incite a tantalizing game of cat and mouse. Soon, they'll find the very secrets driving them apart could ensnare them in a love they can't escape . . . 'Passion, adventure, secrets and danger will keep you turning the pages. ' - Anna Campbell'A darkly sensual tale of intrigue, romance, and unexpected twists. ' - Lorraine Heath

An Invitation to Seduction

by Lorraine Heath

Kitty Robertson has grown up wealthy and influential, and she's never more at home than when in an English parlour displaying her social graces. When she looks for a husband, of course she seeks a man just as home in his position--hopefully a lofty one--as she is. Nicholas Glenville, Marquess of Greystone, is just such a man. He is so attentive and gentlemanly that she can't help but accept his proposal of marriage, and is now looking forward to this Season being her last one as a single woman. But at the very first ball of the year she meets an enigmatic, gorgeous duke who asks her for a dance. That duke is Trevor Nicholson, a man who knows the marquess well enough to know that he would not make her any kind of husband at all. Instead he nominates himself for the position, but as he soon finds, convincing the beautiful Miss Robertson to marry him instead will be the trickiest--and most worthwhile--task of his life.

An Invitation to Sin

by Sarah Morgan

Snapped and seduced: there's nothing more dangerous than a restless Corretti...Taylor Carmichael holds one thing precious: the reputation she's spent years rebuilding. Then one encounter with Corretti lothario Luca, a bottle of chilled champagne and a skintight dress and the paparazzi have their shot.Cool, calm and irritatingly aloof, Luca couldn't care less. Splash his face over the papers-he has bigger fish to fry. But Taylor is fuming. Luca had the chance to halt the press and refused. Well, this time she'll make the headlines work for her:Stop the press-bad boy Luca Corretti to wed screen siren Taylor Carmichael!

An Invitation To Sin

by Jo Beverley Sally Mackenzie Kaitlin O'Riley Vanessa Kelly

Forbidden Affections by Jo Beverley The doors to romance can be found in the most unexpected places, especially when the notorious Earl of Carne moves into the mansion neighboring Anna Featherstone's London townhouse. Who knocks first remains the only question. . . The Pleasure of A Younger Lover by Vanessa Kelly Clarissa Middleton cannot resist the ardent kisses of Captain Christian Archer, though they must meet in secret or risk the censure of London society. In each other's arms, desire and love melt two hearts into one. . . The Naked Prince by Sally MacKenzieJosephine Atworthy is shocked by the goings-on at her rich neighbor's house party. Quite shocked. But her demure charm beguiles a mysterious nobleman, who begs a kiss--then another. And in a twinkling they fall head over heels in love. . . A Summer Love Affair by Kaitlin O'Riley Unmarried. Unconventional. Unchaperoned. Miss Charlotte Wilson is free to do as she pleases and Gavin Ellsworth is dashing. Summer in Spain at a secluded villa is about to get a whole lot hotter. . .

An Invitation to Sin (Griffin Family #2)

by Suzanne Enoch

Seven marriageable daughters . . . And Lord Zachary Griffin is just the man to help them. After all, what could be more tantalizing than teaching the beautiful Witfeld sisters all the special ways of driving a man into submission--and marriage? And leading exquisite Caroline Witfeld, the most spirited and least frivolous sister, to temptation would be wildly delicious. Zachary doesn't realize that Caroline's longing gazes have less to do with attraction and more to do with admission--to a prestigious arts conservatory. If only she could set those high cheekbones, that aristocratic brow, and those powerful shoulders to canvas, her dreams would all come true. But Caroline is soon having dreams of a very different sort--ones that involve the charming rogue and some improper behavior hardly befitting a lady dedicated to her art . . .unless she becomes dedicated to the art of love.

An Invitation to Social Construction

by Kenneth J. Gergen

`An Invitation to Social Construction is a rewarding read for newcomers to social constructionist thinking and for those well acquainted with this view. ' - New Therapist `Kenneth Gergen's book, An Invitation to Social Construction, may be the best introduction to the scholarship on social constructionism available today - but that's not all it is. It is also an inspiring and optimistic vision of what we can do to create better lives for ourselves. . . . Gergen's book is a key book for you to read' - Lois Shawver From a leading figure in the field, this introductory text forms an elegant overview of social constructionism that is at once wide-ranging and accessible. In this landmark work Kenneth Gergen charts the background to the social constructionist movement and outlines the major debates, topics and issues in a way that is at once profound yet highly readable. It is an interdisciplinary tour de force that will influence the development of teaching, research and social practice for years to come.

An Invitation to Social Psychology

by Dale T. Miller

Why does what others think of us matter so much? Why do people act in ways that seem to conflict with their stated beliefs? How does being part of a group impact our behavior and reactions to events and ideas? In this easy to understand book, the author uses experiences from everyday life to show readers how social psychology works. Ideas presented here are accessible both for people new to psychology as well as students and therapists.

Invitation to the Life Span

by Kathleen Stassen Berger

This brief, original, 15-chapter textbook was created from page 1 to address the challenges teachers and students face when covering the entire life span in a semester (or even a quarter!). The hallmark Berger qualities are all here--the relatable presentation of research, the inclusive approach to world cultures, the study help that builds critical thinking and observational skills, the outstanding media and supplements--and all held together with Berger's skill in bringing students and the science together.

Invitation to the Wedding

by Patricia Hagan

There had never been any doubt that Amanda and David would marry. He was an engineer with a promising future. She would be a good housewife. But Amanda felt that there was more to life than that, and on the eve of her marriage she ran away to Florida. There she was forced to endure a hurricane time of emotion and madness before she emerged into the bright, sweet calm of true love.

Invite Me In

by Delilah Devlin

On a sultry night in the French Quarter, alone in a room thick with desire, she is able to channel the wanton mating of the couple down the hall--each kiss, each sensation, each stroke is as real to her as if she were the one being ravished. In her desperate arousal, she unconsciously calls out to him, until he is at her door, in her bed, knowing fully what she wants and how to satisfy her completely. . .

Inviting Disaster

by James R. Chiles

Combining captivating storytelling with eye-opening findings, Inviting Disaster delves inside some of history's worst catastrophes in order to show how increasingly "smart" systems leave us wide open to human tragedy.Weaving a dramatic narrative that explains how breakdowns in these systems result in such disasters as the chain reaction crash of the Air France Concorde to the meltdown at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station, Chiles vividly demonstrates how the battle between man and machine may be escalating beyond manageable limits -- and why we all have a stake in its outcome. Included in this edition is a special introduction providing a behind-the-scenes look at the World Trade Center catastrophe. Combining firsthand accounts of employees' escapes with an in-depth look at the structural reasons behind the towers' collapse, Chiles addresses the question, Were the towers "two tall heroes" or structures with a fatal flaw?

Inviting God's Presence

by Larry Keefauver

When life is painful, when the struggle is hard, when loneliness seems unconquerable, we are told God is there. But perhaps you have felt emptiness and silence instead of God's presence. Dr. Larry Keefauver, pastor and bestselling author, assures you that you can experience the direct, personal reality of God's love and support. In Inviting God's Presence, he gives you the keys to this life-changing relationship. Using a unique, interactive format, Dr. Keefauver takes you on an exciting twelve-week journey. In part one, you will learn how to tear down the walls, such as bitterness or despair, that may be keeping you from God. Through journaling, biblical readings, music, meaningful introspection, and calls to action, you will open an astonishing communication with God each and every day. In part two, the dazzling treasures lying ahead emerge when those walls are gone. In moments infused with joy, inspiration, and personal growth, you will find unconditional love, forgiveness, understanding, and even the miraculous. You need only to begin by taking the first step...and God is there, waiting for you. Discover... Relationship, not just belief... Becoming, not just stagnating... Excitement, not just routine... The wondrous, not just the expected... Presence, not just purpose... Book jacket.

Involuntary Daddy (Conard County #14)

by Rachel Lee

FIRST-TIME FATHER...Rafe Ortiz didn't know a thing about babies. But as a DEA agent, he was an expert at spotting criminals. So when his new son's mobster uncle started asking too many questions, Rafe knew it was time to split. He needed the safety of Conard County.Then Rafe met Angela Jaynes. Being around Angela made Rafe want more than he'd ever thought possible. Would Rafe be able to protect his newborn son and convince Angela that the safest place for her was in his arms?CONARD COUNTY Where the Wyoming sky spreads bold and blue above men and women who draw their strength from the land and from the bonds of the love they share.

An Involuntary King: A Tale of Anglo Saxon England

by Nan Hawthorne

A king never meant to be a king struggles to prove himself and quash his own self-doubts, and become not just a good king but a great king. While his queen, Josephine, is cursed by her own beauty, which draws admirers as honey does flies, and sparks passions that put not only herself but king and country in jeopardy.

INXS: Story to Story

by Anthony Bozza Inxs Publications

THE REAL STORY BEHIND INXS'S RISE TO FAME -- AND HOW THEY HELPED DEFINE THE MUSIC OF A GENERATION. INXS broke new musical ground. This Australian band, made up of three brothers and their three best mates, took the world by storm, turning rock, pop, and funk into a cutting edge, danceable style, and selling more than thirty million albums worldwide. INXS: Story to Story tells the tale of their incredible journey, from playing the world's biggest concert venues to living a high life rivaling any in rock history, filled with sex, drugs, and supermodels. Now for the first time, they reveal everything they experienced in their more than two decades of making music -- the partying, the pressure, the wild times on the road, the heights and depths of rock-star life, and the bonds of brotherhood and friendship that not only got them through the tough times but made the fun times even more intense. They also talk about the sadness of watching their closest friend and collaborator, Michael Hutchence, slipping away from them, and share their thoughts about why he left them far too soon. Fully authorized and reflecting the band's firsthand point of view, this is the real story behind the phenomenon that is INXS -- and the book every rock fan will need to own.

Iola Leroy

by Frances Ellen Watkins Harper

First published in 1892, this stirring novel by the great writer and activist Frances Harper tells the story of the young daughter of a wealthy Mississippi planter who travels to the North to attend school, only to be sold into slavery in the South when it is discovered that she has Negro blood. After she is freed by the Union army, she works to reunify her family and embrace her heritage, committing herself to improving the conditions for blacks in America. Through her fascinating characters, including Iola's brother who fights at the front in a colored regiment, Harper weaves a vibrant and provocative chronicle of the Civil War and its consequences through African American eyes in this critical contribution to the nation's literature.

Ion Channels and Plant Stress Responses

by Frans J.M. Maathuis Vadim Demidchik

This book aims to provide a range of perspectives on an area that is very topical at present in plant biology: the role of ion channels in plant stress responses. Functions of cation and anion channels in the sensing and encoding of major biotic and abiotic stimuli, stress signal transduction and metabolism adjustment are examined at the cellular and molecular levels. Particular emphases of the book are on new insights into plant Ca2+ signaling, salinity tolerance mechanisms, cyclic nucleotide gated channels and the regulation of stress reactions among oxygen-derived species.

Iorich (Vlad Taltos #12)

by Steven Brust

House Jhereg, Dragaera's organized-crime syndicate, is still hunting Vlad Taltos. There's a big price on his head in Dragaera City. Then he hears disturbing news. Aliera--long time friend, sometime ally--has been arrested by the Empire on a charge of practicing elder sorcery, a capital crime. It doesn't make sense. Everybody knows Aliera's been dabbling in elder sorcery for ages. Why is the Empire down on her now? Why aren't her powerful friends--Morrolan, Sethra, the Empress Zerika--coming to her rescue? And more to the point, why has she utterly refused to do anything about her own defense? It would be idiotic of Vlad to jump into this situation. He's a former Jhereg who betrayed the House. He's an Easterner--small, weak, short-lived. He's being sought by the most remorseless killers in the world. Naturally, that's exactly why he's going to get completely involved...

iOS 5 Programming Cookbook

by Vandad Nahavandipoor

Now you can overcome the vexing, real-life issues you confront when creating apps for the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. By making use of more than 100 new recipes in this updated cookbook, you'll quickly learn the steps necessary for writing complete iOS apps, whether they're as simple as a music player or feature a complex mix of animations, graphics, multimedia, a database, and iCloud storage. If you're comfortable with iOS SDK, this cookbook will teach you how to use hundreds of iOS techniques. Each recipe provides a clear solution with sample code that you can use right away. Use different approaches to construct a user interface Develop location-aware apps Get working examples for implementing gesture recognizers Play audio and video files and access the iPod library Retrieve contacts and groups from the Address Book Determine camera availability and access the Photo Library Create multitasking-aware apps Maintain persistent storage in your apps Use Event Kit to manage calendars and events Learn capabilities of the Core Graphics framework Access the accelerometer and gyroscope Take advantage of the iCloud service

iOS Development Bibliography

by Safari Content Team

The recent release of iOS 6 brings over 200 new user features and over 1,000 new APIs for developers, including Auto Layout, Passbook, new social features including Facebook integration, UICollectionView for creating amazing collection-based interfaces, state preservation, challenges in Game Center, attributed strings, improvements to In-App Purchases, Reminders, improvements to image and video editing, more UI customization options, and much, much more. The only limit to what developers will be able to create is just their imagination. Safari Books Online provides full access to all of these resources in this bibliography. We offer a wide range of books for all skill levels across a number of topics, including core iOS development, learning Objective-C, Xcode, mastering HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript programming for the mobile web, game development, designing amazing user interfaces and experiences, iOS for enterprises, and many more.

iOS Sensor Apps with Arduino

by Alasdair Allan

<p>Turn your iPhone or iPad into the hub of a distributed sensor network with the help of an Arduino microcontroller. With this concise guide, you&#8217;ll learn how to connect an external sensor to an iOS device and have them talk to each other through Arduino. You&#8217;ll also build an iOS application that will parse the sensor values it receives and plot the resulting measurements, all in real time.</p>

The Iowa Baseball Confederacy

by W. P. Kinsella

A man's lonely obsession with proving a piece of unrecorded baseball history turns into a date with destiny.

Iowa: Past to Present: The People and the Prairie

by Dorothy Schwieder Lynn Nielsen Thomas Morain

The story of Iowa includes many different chapters. It tells of American Indians planting small gardens hundreds of years ago. It relates how today's farmers harvest huge crops with modern tractors. It speaks of railroad engines puffing across the plains and swelling streams cutting through the prairies. It tells how towns started and how churches and schools developed. By understanding our state's history we learn about ourselves and our families. This is the story of Iowa.

Iowa: Past to Present: The People and the Prairie (3rd edition)

by Dorothy Schwieder Thomas J. Morain Lynn Nielsen

The authors' skillful narrative brings to life the events and the people that compose Iowa's rich heritage. Students will identify with the lives of ordinary people from all periods of Iowa's past, helping them see their own role in the continuing story of Iowa. <P>The inviting format of this book adds eye appeal to the facts of Iowa history. Each chapter includes primary source material such as diary selections, quotations, or correspondence -- material that emphasizes concepts, enhances interest, and allows students to "discover" information on their own.

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