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The Surrendered Single

by Laura Doyle

THIS CONTROVERSIAL APPROACH TO DATING HAS GIVEN THOUSANDS OF SINGLE WOMEN EVERYTHING THEY NEED TO ATTRACT ROMANCE, INTIMACY, AND A MARRIAGE PROPOSAL. Surrendered Single doesn't have to look for Mr. Right -- she attracts him. The principles presented in The Surrendered Single are simple: When you try to control who asks you out and when a man will call, or if you try to corner him into a commitment, you drive him away. When you let him woo you instead, you enjoy the pleasure of being pursued. You feel confident and feminine. Dating becomes fun again. Marriage follows. You stop going it alone. Practical and compassionate, The Surrendered Single is a step-by-step guide that shows you how to: ASK MEN TO INVITE YOU OUT SO THAT YOU ALWAYS HAVE A DATE AVOID THE REMORSE OF "I WISH I HADN'T SAID..." BECOME YOUR BEST SELF AND ATTRACT GOOD MEN Whether you're recovering from a breakup or a divorce, are on the dating scene, or want your romance to deepen, The Surrendered Single will bring you the relationship you desire with a man you love -- and who loves you.

Surveillance and Crime

by Roy Coleman Dr Mike Mccahill

Surveillance has a long-standing relationship with crime and its identification, prevention, detection and punishment. With information on each citizen spanning up to 700 databases, and over 4 million CCTV cameras in the United Kingdom alone, this book explores how new technologies have given rise to new forms of monitoring and control. Offering a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between surveillance, crime and criminal justice, this book explores: the development of surveillance technologies within a broad historical context how new surveillance technologies are shaped by existing social relations, political practices, cultural traditions and organizational contexts the implications of the use of surveillance in responding to crime (including biometrics, DNA samples and electronic monitoring) how 'new' surveillance technologies reinforce 'old' social divisions - particularly along the lines of class, race, gender and age. The book draws upon theoretical debates from a range of disciplines to shed light on this topical subject. Engaging and authoritative, this is an important read for advanced students and academics in criminology, criminal justice, social policy and sociology. The Key Approaches to Criminology series celebrates the removal of traditional barriers between disciplines and, specifically, reflects criminology's interdisciplinary nature and focus. It brings together some of the leading scholars working at the intersections of criminology and related subjects. Each book in the series helps readers to make intellectual connections between criminology and other discourses, and to understand the importance of studying crime and criminal justice within the context of broader debates. The series is intended to have appeal across the entire range of undergraduate and postgraduate studies and beyond, comprising books which offer introductions to the fields as well as advancing ideas and knowledge in their subject areas.

The Surveillance (Intervention #1)

by Julian May

In 1945, the technology of death was mastered, and mankind entered an era that could be its last. But Nature evolves its own defense, and children with amazing mental talents have been born. They are the metapsychic operants--and they have the power to rule the world.

Surveillance Society

by Grant R. Jeffrey

Grant Jeffrey's new prophecy book Surveillance Society examines the fascinating predictions that are setting the stage for the rise of the Antichrist and world government in the last days. New advances in the technology of global surveillance are threatening our freedom and privacy. This includes:·The plans of NATO to create a world government·Astonishing surveillance technologies that threaten our freedom and privacy·Your e-mail and Internet surfing is recorded and available for viewing·The secret Echelon global surveillance that monitors your phone calls·The threat from computer information weapons·Global economic war·The rise of the Antichrist and the world's first super state·Government and corporate databases contain every detail of your life.From the Trade Paperback edition.

A Survey of Attitudes and Actions on Dual Use Research in the Life Sciences: A Collaborative Effort of the National Research Council and the American Association for the Advancement of Science

by National Research Council of the National Academies

The same technologies that fuel scientific advances also pose potential risks--that the knowledge, tools, and techniques gained through legitimate biotechnology research could be misused to create biological weapons or for bioterrorism. This is often called the dual use dilemma of the life sciences. Yet even research with the greatest potential for misuse may offer significant benefits. Determining how to constrain the danger without harming essential scientific research is critical for national security as well as prosperity and well-being. This book discusses a 2007 survey of American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) members in the life sciences about their knowledge of dual use issues and attitudes about their responsibilities to help mitigate the risks of misuse of their research. Overall, the results suggest that there may be considerable support for approaches to oversight that rely on measures that are developed and implemented by the scientific community itself. The responses also suggest that there is a need to clarify the scope of research activities of concern and to provide guidance about what actions scientists can take to reduce the risk that their research will be misused by those with malicious intent.

A Survey of Bible Doctrine

by Charles C. Ryrie

A Survey of Bible Doctrine is an easy-to-read, Bible-based overview of the various doctrines of Scripture targeted to the layman who wants to understand what the Bible teaches.

Survey of Economics (7th Edition)

by Irvin B. Tucker

Designed specifically for the one-semester introductory economics course for non-majors, Tucker's SURVEY OF ECONOMICS, Seventh Edition, delivers the most comprehensive and pedagogically rich treatment of introduction to economics available. Readable, sensible, and interesting, this text is renowned for its engaging presentation, emphasis on critical thinking, active learning environment, highly motivational pedagogy, unrivaled visual learning support, and numerous in-chapter applications and review opportunities. With its focus on the most basic tools and topics in economics in the context of real-world issues, students get the opportunity to see how economic issues play out at national and international levels. The seventh edition has been thoroughly updated to show students how economics impacts their own world through topics such as privatization versus nationalization, social security, carbon emissions, social-networking sites, America's housing bubble, and gasoline prices.

Survey of Economics Version 1.0

by Libby Rittenberg Timothy Tregarthen

This Survey of Economics textbook is intended for the one-semester introductory economics course. Building on the pedagogy developed in their successful two-semester Principles of Economics textbook, Libby and Tregarthen cover topics that will give students the tools to understand the economics way of thinking.

Survey of Historic Costume (5th Edition)

by Keith Eubank Phyllis G. Tortora

Updated and redesigned with full-color illustrations, this authoritative text on costume history provides a complete chronology of Western dress that discusses the fashion of each era within its historical, cultural, and economic contexts.

A Survey Of The New Testament

by Robert H. Gundry

This revised edition of Gundry's survey of the New Testament goes beyond providing background information and technical introductory material and leads students to read the New Testament itself. This fourth edition includes full color.

Survey of the New Testament

by Paul N. Benware

In Survey of the New Testament, Paul Benware approaches the New Testament in three helpful segments: the anticipation, institution, and fulfillment of the New Covenant. Questions will be addressed such as 'What is the purpose of life?' and 'Can I be freed from guilt and sin?' This handy primer will help any student of the Bible see the content, unity and progression of the New Testament scriptures.

Survey of the Old Testament

by Paul N. Benware

In Survey of the Old Testament, with an overview of individual books, Paul Benware helps readers see the magnificent unity and the central theme of the Old Testament. Benware also helps readers understand God's covenant promises to Israel.

The Survival Guide for Kids with LD*: *Learning Differences

by Gary L. Fisher Rhoda Cummings

This book discusses how children with learning differences can get along better in school, set goals, and plan for the future. With references and index.

The Survival Guide to Bullying: Written by a Teen

by Aija Mayrock

NEW, updated edition! Written by a teenager who was bullied throughout middle school and high school, this kid-friendly book offers a fresh and relatable perspective on bullying. Along the way, the author offers guidance as well as different strategies that helped her get through even the toughest of days. The Survival Guide to Bullying covers everything from cyber bullying to how to deal with fear and how to create the life you dream of having. From inspiring "roems" (rap poems), survival tips, personal stories, and quick quizzes, this book will light the way to a brighter future. This updated edition also features new, never-before-seen content including a chapter about how to talk to parents, an epilogue, and an exclusive Q&A with the author.

Survival In The Ashes

by William W. Johnstone

"We have to shift our base of operations and secure the rest of the world, country by country. We cannot permit our ideals and goals to die." --Ben RainesHell On Three SidesBen Raines and his freedom-fighting guerrillas are camped along the banks of what was once the Mississippi River, plotting strategy and readying weapons. A massive pack of heavily armed troops looms on the horizon, marching straight for the Rebels. They are the insidious mercenaries of Kenny Par and Lan Viller, and by midday only the Mississippi separates Raines from the ten thousand blood-hungry warriors all sworn to turn the Rebels' dream into a hellish nightmare. Just as Ben formulates a brilliant battle plan, a Rebel scout reports that the fanatical assassins of Sister Volenta's Ninth Order are approaching from Ben's back. The Rebels will soon be surrounded by freedom's deadliest foes, and a defeat for Raines would mean the end of the Rebel dream. But victory, if he can pull it off, could be the beginning of a new America.

Survival in the Great Sandy Desert

by Kathy Kinsner

NIMAC-sourced textbook

Survival in the Sahara Desert

by Kathy Kinsner

NIMAC-sourced textbook

Survival in the Storm: The Dust Bowl Diary of Grace Edwards (Dear America)

by Katelan Janke

In 16-year-old Katelan Janke's first Dear America book, readers meet Grace Edwards, a little girl growing up in the heart of the Texas panhandle in the midst of the Dust Bowl. Fierce, dust-filled winds ravage the plains and threaten the town's agricultural livelihood. Will Grace's family's farm survive?

Survival Instincts

by Marissa Piesman

This is the latest mystery featuring Nina Fischman, that witty Upper West Side lawyer who's slipping out of her thirties, still on a diet and without a boyfriend. Just three months after Nina gave up everything to follow her boyfriend Jonathan to California, she is back in New York--single, jobless, living with her mother and ready to start all over again. But the doldrums quickly subside when her brother-in-law, the dermatologist, becomes a murder suspect. Ken was involved in a real estate deal with Andy, the dead man, a scientist whose researches involved animal experimentation, and he seems to have been poisoned--just what Nina needed. She and her equally irrepressible mother Ida can't keep their noses out of trouble and start their own investigation. Whodunit? The dead man's striking wife? Andy's lab colleagues? The animal activist? Ken? And can Nina figure it all out as the clues fall into place? You bet.

Survival Instincts: Insects

by Barbara A. Donovan

NIMAC-sourced textbook

Survival Instincts Reptiles

by Barbara A. Donovan

NIMAC-sourced textbook

Survival Jobs: 118 Ways to Make Money While Pursuing Your Dreams

by Deborah Jacobson

In the first-ever guide to finding a satisfying job that will keep food on the table while you focus on your perhaps less lucrative dreams, Deborah Jacobson presents a detailed survey of employment possibilities that keep stressful money worries away and allow plenty of time for pursuing one's true calling in life. Survival Jobs proves that you don't have to wait tables while looking for your big break. With frank and funny advice from an author who has traveled the survival-job road, Jacobson introduces opportunities both on and off the beaten track that suit a wide variety of schedules, skills, and personalities. Survival Jobs includes: "Jobs for the CEO in You" (apartment manager, massage therapist, and other "be-your-own-boss" suggestions)"That's Entertainment" (from working as a personal assistant to performing at theme parks)"Nine to Five...Not" (clock in at the crack of dawn or the midnight hour as a limousine driver, a video-store clerk, or an airport employee)"You Gotta Have Heart" (jobs that satisfy the spirit and pay the bills: pet care, social work, children's entertainment). For each job, she describes:Duties and responsibilities, the pros and cons; Likely salary, necessary skills, and educational background; Ideas for getting started; Sources for contacts, including names and phone numbers in major cities.

Survival of the Savvy

by Rick Brandon Marty Seldman

Two of the nation's most successful corporate leadership consultants now reveal their proven, systematic program for using the power of "high-integrity" politics to achieve career success, maximize team impact, and protect the company's reputation and bottom line. Each day in business, a corporate version of "survival of the fittest" is played out. Power plays, turf battles, deceptions, and sabotages block individuals' career progress and threaten companies' resources and results. In Survival of the Savvy, Rick Brandon and Marty Seldman provide ethical but street-smart strategies for navigating corporate politics to gain "impact with integrity," helping readers to: Identify political styles at work through the Style Strengths Finder, and avoid being under or overly political Discover the corporate "buzz" on you, and manage the corporate "airwaves" Decipher unwritten company rules and protect yourself from sabotage and hidden agendas Build key networks to promote yourself and your ideas with integrity Learn to detect deception and filter misleading information Increase your team's organizational savvy, influence, and impact Gauge the political health of the company and forge a high-integrity political culture In addition, Survival of the Savvy helps individuals discover and overcome their own political blind spots and vulnerabilities. They learn step-by-step methods to avoid being underestimated or denied full recognition for their achievements. It shows them how to put forward their ideas and advance their careers in an ethical manner, with a high level of political awareness and skill. After reading this book, you will never have to say, "I didn't see it coming." Organizational savvy is a mission-critical competency for the complete leader. This timely and timeless book provides cutting-edge strategies and skills for surviving and thriving as you build individual and company success.

Survival Rates: Stories

by Mary Clyde

A baby's funeral urn has been lost. A dog has bitten off a girl's nose.

Survival Run (Hardy Boys Casefiles #77, Ring of Evil #2)

by Franklin W. Dixon

From the back of the book: The killer conspiracy Working undercover for an Atlanta airline, the Hardys have uncovered an international terrorist ring-the Assassins-bent on high-stakes smuggling and cold-blooded murder. But who is in control? What is their ultimate aim? Who will be the next to die? The dangerous truth lies in the rough and rugged wilderness of faraway Alaska.... The perilous passage north takes Frank and Joe into the heart of a titanic struggle. The Assassins are preparing to square off against the ultrasecret government agency, the Network, and it is a battle in which no one is safe-and no one can be trusted. Caught in a treacherous cross fire, the boys have only one ally, the beautiful Gina Abend, and even she may be leading them into a fatal trap! ============ From inside the book: ROAD TO NOWHERE Joe slammed his foot down on the kick starter, and the dirt bike roared. He motioned to Gina, and she hopped on behind him. The engine screamed as Joe raced toward the oncoming Jeep. At the last second, he swerved to veer past the Jeep, turning onto a rutted trail that disappeared in the trees. "Are they still following us?" he yelled. "Yes!" Gina told him. "And they're gaining!" Now Joe knew he was going to have to push the bike to the limit. He crouched low over the handlebars and leaned hard into a sharp turn. "Look out!" Gina screamed as they came out of the curve. Joe's head reared back, and he slammed on the brakes when he saw a second Jeep blocking the trail. Two men wearing camouflage jumpsuits stood in front of the Jeep. The submachine guns in their hands told Joe this was the end of the line.

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