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The Crochet Workbook

by James Walters Sylvia Cosh

Take your craft to another level with this imaginative approach to crochet. More than just a manual on techniques or a pattern book, this guide shows how to transcend the use of traditional hooks, stitches, and yarns to produce truly innovative creations. A pioneering work in freeform crochet, the book is suitable for all ages and levels of expertise. It provides beginners with the chance to master basic stitches, and it offers advanced crocheters the opportunity to discover new ideas, colors, and designs.More than 80 color photographs and 49 line drawings with captions illustrate everything from stitches to garment construction to finished products. A concluding section of practical information explains abbreviations and terms, and every chapter encourages the development of personal creativity and individual style.

Crochet Workshop

by James Walters

An outstanding guide for crocheters of all levels, this volume covers all aspects of crochet stitches and technique. The perfect introduction to the craft, the down-to-earth guide is also a terrific resource for more experienced practitioners seeking to develop new design ideas. Profusely illustrated with drawings, diagrams, and photographs.

Crocheted Gifts

by Kim Werker

Make stylish crocheted gifts year-round with Crocheted Gifts, a collection of projects from today's most popular crochet designers. From baby gifts to mittens for the whole family, to home decor and fancy lace, this book is full of perfect projects for every occasion.The first small project book to focus exclusively on crochet, Crocheted Gifts is the ultimate gift-giving guide resource for crocheters, full of various projects that crocheters will love to make and be proud to give away (if they can bear to part with them!).Featuring 25 designs by various crochet stars such as Doris Chan, Kathy Merrick, Robyn Chachula, Annie Modesitt, and more, Crocheted Gifts includes innovative, unusual, and imaginative designs for all crochet tastes. Crocheted Gifts also includes stylish photography and step-by-step crochet instructions for every project, ranging from easy-to-crochet to more advanced techniques.

The Crocheter's Companion

by Nancy Brown

Explore a guidebook with over 65,000 copies sold! Get more stitches, over 70 new illustrations, and step-by-step techniques in this new edition of The Crocheter's Companion. This indispensable resource includes all of the essentials, plus a few exciting extras you've been longing for: more tools, stitches, and techniques, as well as updated yarn information, complete abbreviations and symbols, and additional information on reading stitch diagrams. Also, due to popular demand, the section on Tunisian crochet has been expanded. Still in its handy pocket-sized, spiral-bound format, the updated edition covers all the basics (and then some!). Thread and hook charts, stitch instructions with clear illustrations, and lots of helpful hints from one of crochet's most experienced authors will inspire beginners and serious crocheters alike. With impeccable illustrations, an easy-to-understand format, and the most updated information available, The Crocheter's Companion will soon become the only crochet resource you'll need.

The Crocheter's Treasure Chest: 80 Classic Patterns for Tablecloths, Bedspreads, Doilies and Edgings

by Mary Carolyn Waldrep

Beautiful crocheted items that enhanced interior furnishing generations ago are once again in the needlecraft spotlight. For this outstanding collection of classic crochet patterns, needlework authority Mary Carolyn Waldrep has selected for today's needleworker a variety of attractive designs that first appeared in now-rare thread-company instruction leaflets of the 1930s through the '50s.Included in The Crocheter's Treasure Chest are patterns for a lovely tablecloth with a rose motif, a floral-patterned refreshment set (comprising coasters and a larger doily), an elegant series of wide edgings displaying scallops, florals, and filet mesh; a tea-cart cloth with lacy petal designs; a magnificent "Cameo" bedspread; the "Chrysanthemum," a charming tablecloth composed of delicate medallions beautiful enough to complement any table arrangement; and dozens of other eye-catching pieces.A complete list of necessary materials accompanies each pattern, while more than 65 illustrations and detailed, row-by-row instructions guide beginning and advanced needleworkers through each step of the crocheting process. Here's a rich anthology of heirloom-quality designs that crocheters are sure to find inspirational and irresistible.

Crocheting For Dummies, 2nd Edition

by Susan Brittain Karen Manthey Julie Holetz

An updated classic covering the latest techniques and trends in crocheting Are you hooked on the art of crochet? Looking for a fun new hobby that you can take with you virtually anywhere? Crocheting For Dummies, 2nd Edition gives you easy-to-understand instructions on how to choose the right tools, create basic stitches, and finish off your work to make beautiful pieces of art. From learning to create consistency with gauge swatch to decoding crochet patterns, symbols, and diagrams, this easy-to-follow guide is all you need to start creating beautiful designs in no time! This revised edition contains completely new content, including fresh new patterns, stitches, and techniques reflecting crocheting styles from around the world. Plus, it's packed with new and refreshed photos and line art throughout, along with step-by-step instructions that will easily guide you from your first stitch to your first sweater. A new section covering common crocheting mistakes and how to correct them Crocheting with eco-awareness: using organic yarns, as well as free trade and sustainably sourced fibers The best resources for purchasing supplies, as well as choosing and buying patterns Whether you're a first-time crocheter or looking to expand your skills, Crocheting For Dummies, 2nd Edition gives you the skills, techniques, and confidence to crochet like a pro.

Crocheting for Fun!

by Lisa Bullard

This describes the basic skills necessary for crocheting, as well as information on the history of the craft.

Crocheting Teddy Bears: 16 Designs for Toys

by Barbara Jacksier Ruth Jacksier

Every child (and many an adult!) has at one time longed to have a cuddly, lovable Teddy Bear of his own. From Teddy's inception in 1902 -- after President "Teddy" Roosevelt spared the life of a cub while on a hunting expedition -- the popular toy continues to thrive in the hearts and homes of children everywhere.Now needlecraft designers Barbara and Ruth Jacksier offer needleworkers (including beginners) 16 original Teddy Bears that are easy and fun to crochet.Here is just a sampling of the irresistible bears you can make: Panda Bear; Koala Bear; Polar Bear; Goldilocks and The Three Bears; Shaggy Bear; Honey Bear; Preppy Bear; Roosevelt Bear; and more.Complete directions for making each Teddy are accompanied by a photograph of the finished bear, diagrams where necessary, finishing details for eyes, nose, etc., and full-size patterns for all clothes to be sewn rather than crocheted. What's more, the introduction, including an explanation of yarn substitution and advice on notions, is followed by illustrated instructions for all crochet stitches used in any of the projects, conversion charts, and a list of crochet abbreviations used throughout.These very special bears make very special gifts for very special occasions. Best of all, your Teddy will have the warmth and charm of a homemade gift, to be loved and treasured for years to come.

The Crock of Gold

by James Stephens

The Crock of Gold is a unique mixture of philosophy, Irish folklore and the battle of the sexes all with charm, humour and good grace, rotating around the astonishing story of what happens when Pan shows up in Ireland, what Angus Og does about it, and what becomes of the Daughter of Murrachu who gets caught in between them.

Crock-Pot Recipe Collection (5 Ring Binder)

by Lou Weber

Crockpot Recipe Collection from the original Slow Cooker Authority Nobody knows slow cooking better than CROCK-POT® slow cooker the leader in slow cooking for more than 35 years. We researched, compiled, and tested hundreds of recipes to create the definitive collection of slow cooker recipes. In the process we created a single, reliable guide to the best use of your slow cooker--and with mor than 500 great-tasting, easy-to-make recipes, you're sure to find exactly what you're looking for. Look inside to discover your slow cooker's versatility and the exciting recipes you can create with it.

Crockett of Tennessee

by Cameron Judd

Finalist for the Spur Award: The thrilling adventures of an American icon come alive in this vivid and authentic retelling of his remarkable story From humble beginnings in rural Tennessee to his heroic death defending the Alamo, frontiersman, adventurer, and politician David "Davy" Crockett embodies the spirit and ideals of the national character. Even during his lifetime, tales of the sharpshooting, skilled woodsman were--to his delight--told, retold, and elaborated on. As a US congressman, the former Creek War militiaman steadfastly opposed President Andrew Jackson's Indian Removal Act. As a soldier, he made the ultimate sacrifice fighting for an independent Texas. Nearly two centuries after his untimely demise, he remains a legendary figure in American lore. In this fictional account of Crockett's life, author Cameron Judd offers a nuanced portrait of the man behind the myth. He depicts Crockett's triumphs as a hunter, cattle drover, warrior, and legislator in riveting detail and poignantly illustrates his subject's hardscrabble youth and complicated relationship with his father. Meticulously researched and rich in vibrant action, Crockett of Tennessee captures the charisma, ambition, and bravery of the man known as the "King of the Wild Frontier."

Crockett of Tennessee: A Novel Based on the Life and Times of David Crockett

by Cameron Judd

This historical fiction novel traces the life of David (Davy) Crockett from his early poverty-stricken life in the Tennessee Territory to his death defending the Alamo. In between are a strained relationship with his father, a cattle drive, an aborted attempt to become a sailor, two marriages, war with the Creeks, his tenure as Congressman, and various scrapes brought about by his friendship with Persius Tarr, and other events.

The Crocodile Hunter

by Steve Terri Irwin

When Terri Raines was twenty-seven years old, she took a vacation that changed her life. Leaving behind her wildlife rescue work in Oregon, Terri traveled to Australia, and there, at a small wildlife park, she met and fell in love with a tall, blond force of nature named Steve Irwin. They were married in less than a year, and Terri eagerly joined in Steve's conservation work. The footage filmed on their crocodile-trapping honeymoon became the first episode of T"he Crocodile Hunter," and together, Steve and Terri began to change the world. In "Steve & Me," Terri recounts the unforgettable adventures they shared -- wrangling venomous snakes, saving deadly crocodiles from poachers, swimming among humpback whales. A uniquely gifted naturalist, Steve was first and foremost a wildlife warrior dedicated to rescuing endangered animals -- especially his beloved crocs -- and educating everyone he could reach about the importance of conservation. In the hit TV shows that continue to be broadcast worldwide, Steve's enthusiasm lives on, bringing little-known and often-feared species to light as he reveals and revels in the wonders of our planet. With grace, wit, and candor, Terri Irwin portrays her husband as he really was -- a devoted family man, a fervently dedicated environmentalist, a modest bloke who spoke to millions on behalf of those who could not speak for themselves. "Steve & Me" is a nonstop adventure, a real-life love story, and a fitting tribute to a man adored by all those whose lives he touched, written by the woman who knew and loved him best of all.

Crocodile Meatloaf

by Nancy Simpson Levene

As she becomes friends with Rachel, a deaf girl who has joined her sixth-grade class, Alex begins to feel that God has given her a mission to protect Rachel from the boy who is tormenting her.

Crocodile on the Sandbank

by Elizabeth Peters

Thirty-one-year-old Victorian gentlewoman Amelia Peabody has not only inherited her father's fortune, but she is also blessed with his strong will as well. Now she's headed for Cairo, accompanied by a girl with a tarnished past, to indulge her passion for Egyptology. Little did she know that murder and a homicidal mummy lay in wait for her.

Crocodile on the Sandbank

by Elizabeth Peters

Amelia Peabody is Elizabeth Peters' most brilliant and best-loved creation, a thoroughly Victorian feminist who takes the stuffy world of archaeology by storm with her shocking men's pants and no-nonsense attitude! In this first adventure, our headstrong heroine decides to use her substantial inheritance to see the world. On her travels, she rescues a gentlewoman in distress - Evelyn Barton-Forbes - and the two become friends. The two companions continue to Egypt where they face mysteries, mummies and the redoubtable Radcliffe Emerson, an outspoken archaeologist, who doesn't need women to help him solve mysteries -- at least that's what he thinks!

Crocodile Safari

by Jim Arnosky

Join renowned wildlife artist and naturalist Jim Arnosky on a breathtaking safari through crocodile country, deep in the Florida Everglades. Can you spot the crocodiles camouflaged in the murky swamps? What do they look like? How do they hunt? What is their habitat? As you paddle along through the mangrove creeks you will also find many other wild creatures--from deadly diamondback rattlesnakes by toxic poisonwood trees, to beautiful roseate spoonbills, to slow-climbing tree crabs. Jim Arnosky's majestic paintings will give readers a you-are-there experience with the American crocodile, one of nature's most brilliant survivors, which has inhabited the earth since the days of the dinosaurs!

Crocodile Tears

by Anthony Horowitz

A charity broker con artist has raised millions of dollars in donations, only to invest them in a form of genetically modified corn that has the power to release an airborne strain of virus so powerful it can knock out an entire country in one windy day. A catastrophe so far-reaching that it would raise millions of dollars more in charitable donations, all of which would be embezzled by one man. The antidote? Alex Rider, of course, who survives gunfire, explosions, and hand-to-hand combat with mercenariesÑ just another day in the life of an average kid.


by Sally M. Walker

With rows of teeth, thick, armor-like skin, and distinctive long snouts, crocodiles are easily recognizable. One of the oldest animals on Earth, these large reptiles lived millions of years ago in the time of the dinosaurs. Although their only real predators are humans, many species of crocodiles are endangered because their habitats -- tropical waterways -- are steadily being eliminated.

Crocodiles and Alligators of the World

by David Alderton

Crocodilians rank amongst the oldest surviving vertebrate groups, dating directly from the age of the dinosaurs. They practise a degree of parental care and social communication unrivalled in the lower vertebrates. At the very most, only six out of the 22 surviving species represent any danger to people. Learn more about these great and ancient reptiles.

Crocodiles (Nature's Children)

by Peter Carver

An introduction to crocodiles, including where they live, what they eat, what their skin is like, and who would miss them. Book from the Childrens Nature series.

Crohn's and Colitis For Dummies

by Tauseef Ali David T. Rubin

The ultimate reference for those with Crohn's and colitis and their family and friendsCrohn's disease and colitis are frustrating, often debilitating gastrointestinal diseases that can have a severe impact on the overall health of those who suffer from them. According to the latest estimates, more than 600,000 patients in North America have Crohn's disease. Written by a physician specialising in the treatment of IBDs, Crohn's and Colitis For Dummies is a complete plain-English guide to understanding, treating, and living well with these diseases.Helps readers actively recognize symptoms of Crohn's and colitis and explains the diagnostic procedures doctors use to identify these diseasesOutlines how the whole body is affected by Crohn's and colitis, and the potential hazards of letting the disease go untreatedOffers expert advice and guidance on controlling Crohn's and colitis with diet and outlines the treatment options of medicines and surgery, including the various risks and benefits of eachProvides practical advice for parents of children with Crohn's and colitis with insights into how children's treatment options can differ from those of adults

Crompton Divided

by Robert Sheckley

From the very beginning of his career, Robert Sheckley was recognized by fans, reviewers and fellow authors as a master storyteller and the wittiest satirist working in the science fiction field. E-Reads is proud to re-publish his acclaimed body of work, with nearly thirty volumes of full-length fiction and short story collections, all with striking new covers. Rediscover--or discover for the first time--a master of science fiction who, according to the New York Times, was "a precursor to Douglas Adams."CROMPTON DIVIDED was also published in the UK under the title THE ALCHEMICAL MARRIAGE OF ALISTAIR CROMPTON. Alastair Crompton skilled nosologist at Psychosmell, Inc. sniffs out something he's been missing his whole life--his other selves. His disturbed psyche was divided into three parts and the other parts were implanted in other bodies on other planets. His obsession to re-unite himself leads to disturbing discovers about the underpinnings of the society he lives in, personal conflicts, a vastly destructive war and a shocking ultimate revelation. The master of SF madness operates at the top of his form."In case anyone has managed to miss this singular author's seminal influence on the world of imaginative literature, my best advice is to throw oneself in the way of CROMPTON DIVIDED and give oneself up to wonderful madness."--Harlan Ellison

The Crone

by Barbara G. Walker

A probing account of the honored place of older women in ancient matriarchal societies restores to contemporary women an energizing symbol of self-value, power, and respect.

Crones Don't Whine: Concentrated Wisdom for Juicy Women

by Jean Shinoda Bolen

"This juicy, witty, lovely book, shining with Wise Woman candor, is the perfect gift for any woman over 50. I savored it like a rare, well-aged wine, and I know you will too." JEAN SHINODA BOLEN'S GROUNDBREAKING EARLY work-most notably Goddesses in Everywoman- helped a generation of women realize their potential and their value. Half a million copies later, that book still affects the lives of women. In this new book, Crones Don't Whine, Bolen's playful sense of humor and keen insight combine to offer women thirteen qualities to cultivate. Engage in these small practices and you're bound to be a happier person who's doing her bit to make the world a better place. "These qualities are not cultivated overnight," Bolen writes. Crone years are "growing" years, when women can devote their time, energy, and creativity to what really matters to them. Bolen offers us a blueprint: Crones don't whine. They're juicy, and they trust their own instincts. They don't grovel. They do meditate. They choose the path with heart. Crones are fierce about what matters most to them. They speak the truth with compassion. They listen to their bodies, reinvent themselves as needed, and savor the good in their lives. Turn to these thirteen brief pieces again and again, in bad times and good, alone and with others-because "Crones Together Can Change the World," as Bolen points out in an inspirational, call-to-arms bonus essay. "Crones Don't Whine is a delightful and profound handbook for crones and would-be crones filled with wisdom, humor, passion, and just plain good advice. Don't even think of growing old without it!

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