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Two Brides Too Many: A Novel

by Mona Hodgson

Kat and Nell Sinclair are headed west-away from the manicured lawns of Maine to the boisterous, booming mining town of Cripple Creek, Colorado to start new lives for themselves as mail-order brides. Aboard the train, romantic dreamer Nell carries a photo of her intended close to her heart and imagines an exciting and love-filled future, while her pragmatic older sister Kat resigns herself to marriage as a duty, not a delight. But when the ladies disembark at the train depot, neither fianceacute; Patrick Maloney or Judson Archer awaits them with open arms. The well-bred Sinclair sisters find themselves unexpectedly alone in the wild, frontier town-a place where fire threatens to reduce the buildings to rubble, the working women strut the streets, rogues will gamble for the shoes on one's feet, and God's grace is found amongst the most unlikely of folks. Two sisters, Two missing misters, A shocking welcome to the wild west that leaves both Kat and Nell Sinclair questioning their dreamsshy;and the hope for true love.

Two Brothers

by Elizabeth Reynolds Hapgood Eugene Schwartz

Big Brother wants to read without being pestered so he shuts Little Brother out of the house in the freezing cold night. It's going to get much colder when father sends Big brother out to find Little brother who has been captured by the merciless Great-grandfather frost. There it's so cold that animals are frozen solid over the stove and an axe can't cut through the great door of ice where Little Brother is locked away. Only when he learns kindness does Big Brother get unexpected help in saving his brother's life.

Two Brothers And A Bride

by E. Harbison

ALMOST ENGAGED, ALMOST IN LOVE? For years, waitress Joleen Wheeler had longed for Prince Charming to come in, order the blue-plate special and sweep her off her feet. So when a rich politician proposed, it seems as though her Cinderella dreams had come true. But Joleen wasn't in love.... THE BLACK-SHEEP BROTHER Then she met her almost-fiancé's brother, Jake Landon, who was everything his brother wasn't--rough around the edges, arrogant, the black sheep of the family. And he was everything Joleen's head told her she shouldn't want, but her heart was shouting "yes!" Good grief. Why'd she have to be attracted to the wrong brother? What was an almost-bride-to-be to do?

The Two Cultures

by C. P. Snow

The notion that our society, its education system and its intellectual life, is characterised by a split between two cultures - the arts or humanities on one hand, and the sciences on the other - has a long history. But it was C. P. Snow's Rede lecture of 1959 that brought it to prominence and began a public debate that is still raging in the media today. This 50th anniversary printing of The Two Cultures and its successor piece, A Second Look (in which Snow responded to the controversy four years later) features an introduction by Stefan Collini, charting the history and context of the debate, its implications and its afterlife. The importance of science and technology in policy run largely by non-scientists, the future for education and research, and the problem of fragmentation threatening hopes for a common culture are just some of the subjects discussed.

The Two Deaths of Senora Puccini

by Stephen Dobyns

It is a night racked with violence in an unnamed Latin American country. Three men brave the war-ravaged streets to meet at the opulent home of a friend, the famed surgeon Daniel Pacheco, for their semiannual gathering. As a lavish meal is served by the sullen housekeeper, interest centers on the photograph of an intriguingly beautiful young woman. Spellbinding revelations of erotic obsession and betrayal unfold, interrupted by the increasing bloodshed that presses closer to Pacheco's door. Stephen Dobyns has written a provocative novel of desire, lust, depravity, and danger--a classic thriller that holds you tightly in its grasp until its shattering conclusion.From the Trade Paperback edition.

Two Ends of a Leash: Unshackled

by Grace D. Napier

Two Ends of a Leash: Unshackled is the life story of author Grace D. Napier. Born blind, Grace came from a humble home in New Jersey. She began school when there were no special education programs for children who were blind. The teachers and principal regarded Grace as not only blind, but also mentally retarded. Because they misunderstood her disability, they ignored her, letting her sit idle at her desk every day. Nevertheless, Grace had a hunger to learn. When her parents heard about a special education program in the next city, Grace met Miss Katharine Taylor, her new special education teacher. Grace's life was forever changed, thanks to the influence of this gifted teacher. Now eighty-five, Grace resides in Colorado after a long career of teaching children and graduate students at three universities. Grace began using Seeing Eye dog guides when she was seventeen years old. She is now working with her ninth dog, Esma (shown on the front cover). Read her fascinating and inspiring story.

Two Eyes, a Nose and a Mouth

by Roberta Grobel Intrater

A children's poem carrying the valuable message that everyone is unique. From our eyes, to our noses and mouths, none of us are exactly the same.

Two For The Dough

by Janet Evanovich

It's Stephanie Plum, New Jersey's "fugitive apprehension" agent (aka bounty hunter), introduced to the world by Janet Evanovich in the award-winning novel One for the Money. Now Stephanie's back, armed with attitude -- not to mention stun guns, defense sprays, killer flashlights, and her trusty .38, Stephanie is after a new bail jumper, Kenny Mancuso, a boy from Trenton's burg. He's fresh out of the army, suspiciously wealthy, and he's just shot his best friend. With her bounty hunter pal Ranger stepping in occasionally to advise her, Stephanie staggers kneedeep in corpses and caskets as she traipses through back streets, dark alleys, and funeral parlors. And nobody knows funeral parlors better than Stephanie's irrepressible Grandma Mazur, a lady whose favorite pastime is grabbing a front-row seat at a neighborhood wake. So Stephanie uses Grandma as a cover to follow leads, but loses control when Grandma warms to the action, packing a cool pistol. Much to the family's chagrin, Stephanie and Granny may soon have the elusive Kenny in their sights. Fast-talking, slow-handed vice cop Joe Morelli joins in the case, since the prey happens to be his young cousin. And if the assignment calls for an automobile stakeout for two with the woman who puts his libido in overdrive, Morelli's not one to object. Low on expertise but learning fast, high on resilience, and despite the help she gets from friends and relatives, Stephanie eventually must face the danger alone when embalmed body parts begin to arrive on her doorstep and she's targeted for a nasty death by the most loathsome adversary she's ever encountered. Another case like this and she'll be a real pro. Two for the Dough is irresistible fun and powerful suspense entertainment from an acclaimed author who is already a national star.

Two-for-One Christmas Fun

by Peter Landesman

Double the fun? Stephanie and Allie have a great way to double their Christmas fun. They're planning to spend every minute of vacation together! But then James comes along, visiting relatives on Stephanie's street. James is cute, James is cool, and Steph is set to be his number-one date. But so is Allie! And there's not much Stephanie can do about it. Because Great Aunt Sophie is in town and she's taking up all of Stephanie's time. Something's got to give, before Allie gets James and Stephanie gets left out in the cold!

Two for One (Merivale Mall #1)

by Jana Ellis

SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE. Things are hopping at Merivale Mall. Lori has her hands full working at Tio's Tacos, but she's never too busy to notice Nick, the gorgeous guy in the next store, her good friends who pass by, or her estranged cousin Danielle. They haven't been close since Danielle's father made a fortune developing Merivale Mall. Now the girls are being drawn together again, but for the wrong reason--Nick Hobart, star quarterback of the Cougars. Although Lori's crazy about Nick, she's no competition for the emerald-eyed Danielle with her sleek sports car and luxurious clothes. If only Lori could make Nick see that good things don't always come in expensive packages!

Two For The Road (Mary-Kate and Ashle, Two of a Kind Series)

by Nancy Butcher Mary-Kate Olsen Ashley Olsen

Dear Diary, So far this school trip to sunny Florida has been a blast. I've even been made captain of our triathalon sports team! But now Dana Woletsky has shown up and she wants to take the team away from me. She wants to take my boyfriend, Ross, away, too! How can I keep her from ruining my summer? I wish Mary-Kate could help, but she can't. She's spending all her time frantically looking for her lost diary. She says there's something in it no one should read, but she won't tell me what it is. I mean, what could be so bad? -- Ashley

The Two-Front War (Star Trek: New Frontier #3)

by Peter David

Roll Call: The Crew of the USS Excalibur<P> Dr. Selar: The Excalibur's Vulcan doctor is all business. If you want to know what's wrong with you, she's the one to go to, but not if you're expecting someone to hold your hand. As calm and logical as the rest of her people, Dr. Selar has a secret as shocking to her as it will be to the rest of the crew.<P> Si Cwan: A prince exiled from the Thallonian empire, he is beloved by some and targeted for death by others. But Si Cwan has his own agenda: a search for the one woman who means the world to him.<P> Zak Kebron: The bronze-skinned Brikar is the security chief of the Excalibur. When he walks, the decks shake, and if he's coming your way, you'd better pray that you're on his good side.<P> Two mysteries vie for the attention of the crew of the Excalibur: Is the hospitality of the people of Nelkar too good to be true? And does a stranded spaceship truly hold the object of Si Cwan's quest... or is it instead an all-too-deadly trap?

Two Hundred Rabbits

by Lonzo Anderson Adrienne Adams

When he sings, the birds fly away! When he fiddles, the animals come to scold him. When he juggles, the sticks and stones and pinecones fall on his head. Suddenly, a thin old woman appears, and the magic begins! A charming fairytale.

Two If By Sea

by Roger Bax

Two Englishmen married while serving in Russia during WWII. They return to England after the war, but their brides are not allowed to leave Russia. The men decide to smuggle them away via sailboat. They will need a lot of lucky breaks and pure good luck for their plan to succeed.

Two in the Bush

by Gerald Durrell

What Durrell sees down under are some species that have chalked their own path of evolution and are much different from wildlife in the bigger continents.

Two Little Girls: A Memoir of Adoption

by Theresa Reid

In Chicago, Theresa Reid and her husband had lucrative careers and a beautiful home. What was missing from their lives was children. But they knew in Eastern Europe there were children who were missing parents -- and they set out to find their family. There was self-doubt and gut-wrenching fear, mountains of paperwork and nerve-racking interviews, agonizing choices and false starts. There was the painful awareness of thousands of children languishing in poorly-funded orphanages, waiting for someone to embrace them and bring them home. And there were Byzantine bureaucracies and poverty-stricken conditions in the former Soviet Republic-where, beyond the borders they crossed and the obstacles they navigated, two little girls waited. This is Theresa Reid's account of how Natalie and Lana came to be her daughters -- a journey that travels not only to Moscow and Kiev but into the deepest parts of a mother's heart. She addresses the issues that arise for many an adoptive parent-including the guilt over taking children away from their roots, the unknowable mysteries of her daughters' earliest childhoods, and the slow, stumbling steps toward trust and tenderness that played out between them.

Two Lives of Charlemagne

by Einhard Notker The Stammerer

Charlemagne---known as the father of Europe---was one of the most powerful and dynamic of all medieval rulers. The biographies brought together here provide a rich and varied portrait of the king from two perspectives: that of Einhard, a close friend and adviser, and of Notker, a monastic scholar and musician writing fifty years after Charlemagne's death. Translated, edited and with notes by David Ganz.

Two-Minute Drill

by Mike Lupica

Chris Conlan is the coolest kid in sixth grade?the golden-armed quarterback of the football team, and the boy all the others look up to. Scott Parry is the new kid, the boy with the huge brain, but with feet that trip over themselves daily. These two boys may seem like an odd couple, but each has a secret that draws them together as friends, and proves that the will to succeed is even more important than raw talent. #1 New York Times bestseller Mike Lupica scores from downtown with this new series for young middle-grade readers. .

Two-Minute Drill

by Mike Lupica

From #1 New York Times bestseller Mike Lupica! Chris Conlan is the coolest kid in sixth grade?the golden-armed quarterback of the football team and the boy all the others look up to. Scott Parry is the new kid, the boy with the huge brain, but with feet that trip over themselves. These two boys may seem like an odd couple, but each has a secret that draws them together, and proves that the will to succeed is even more important than raw talent.

Two-Minute Mysteries

by Donald J. Sobol

Whether testing their own sleuthing abilities by working against the clock or enjoying the intrigue of unraveling each case, readers will delight in the spine-tingling puzzlers in each of these short but thrilling mysteries.

Two Much!

by Donald E Westlake

A ruse to bed a pair of twins quickly grows complicatedArt doesn't mean to tell Liz Kerwin that he has a twin. He's on Fire Island, and she's so beautiful that he's willing to say anything for a chance at getting rid of her clothes. So when Liz mentions an identical twin sister, Art blurts out that he has a twin too. His name is Bart, he says, and describes the most boring man he can dream up. Liz thinks he would be perfect for her sister Betty. When Art meets Betty--who is, of course, just as lovely as her twin--she asks about his brother. Hoping for a chance at the family fortune, Art dons a pair of glasses, slicks back his hair, and soon has "Bart" engaged to the sister. As his simple lie spins out of control, Art learns that wooing sisters is never as easy as it seems.

The Two O'Clock War

by Walter Boyne

A history of the Yom Kippur conflict and the airlift that saved Israel

Two of a Kind (The Julie McGregor Books)

by Kristi Holl

When twelve-year-old Julie McGregor's Laurel school merges with the school in nearby Elmwood, and the kids from the schools don't get along, she has trouble keeping her friend Monica while trying to make new friends from Elmwood.

The Two of Swords: Part Five

by K. J. Parker

"Why are we fighting this war? Because evil must be resisted, and sooner or later there comes a time when men of principle have to make a stand. Because war is good for business and it's better to die on our feet than live on our knees. Because they started it. But at this stage in the proceedings," he added, with a slightly lop-sided grin, "mostly from force of habit." A soldier with a gift for archery. A woman who kills without care. Two brothers, both unbeatable generals, now fighting for opposing armies. No one in the vast and once glorious United Empire remains untouched by the rift between East and West, and the war has been fought for as long as anyone can remember. Some still survive who know how it was started, but no one knows how it will end. This serial novel from the World Fantasy Award winning K. J. Parker is the story of a war on a grand scale, told through the eyes of its soldiers, politicians, victims and heroes. The first three parts of The Two of Swords will arrive in April 2015, with further installments to be released monthly.This is the fifth installment in the Two of Swords serialization.

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