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Little Women: or Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy

by Louisa May Alcott Anna Quindlen

As part of the wonderful Collector's Library Series, Little Women is one of the best-loved children's classics of all time. This book should have an honored place in any child's library. [This text is listed as an example that meets Common Core Standards in English language arts in grades 6-8 at]

Little Women (Scholastic Edition)

by Francine Hughes

A short version of the classic Little Women

The Little Woods

by Mccormick Templeman

Are the woods behind St. Bede's Academy really haunted, or does bad stuff just happen there? When Calista Wood, a new student, arrives midway through her junior year, St. Bede's feels like a normal school . . . until she discovers that a girl had disappeared a couple of months earlier. Some kids think she ran away, others think she was murdered, but it's only when Cally starts digging around that she finds the startling truth.Watch as Cally enters a world of privilege, weekend-long parties, high school romances, and . . . well-kept secrets. This page-turner will appeal to teens looking for a fast-paced thriller. Written in a voice at once gripping and crystal clear, debut novelist, McCormick Templeman, will take readers on a twisting and turning journey as only a "new girl" can experience.

Little Worlds: A Collection of Short Stories for the Middle School

by Peter Guthrie Mary Page

Explore Little Worlds large collection of stories of high literary quality presenting students with a variety of issues, styles, conflicts, and points of view. Featured authors include Maupassant, Lessing, Hemingway, Welty, Hawthorne and Porter.

A Little Yellow Dog (Easy Rawlins #5)

by Walter Mosley

With each succeeding mystery featuring his reluctant detective (and natural-born existentialist) Easy Rawlins, Walter Mosley gains new fans and builds on what is now recognized as a permanent addition to American crime writing. His current book is A Little Yellow Dog --another instant classic of suspense, style, and shrewd social observation. It's 1964. Easy Rawlins has given up the street life that has brought him so much trouble and grief. He's taken on a job as supervising custodian of Sojourner Truth Junior High School in Watts. For two years he's been getting up early and going off to work. He wears nice clothes and puts all his energy-and love-into his job and his adopted children. Easy likes his new life, even though he feels empty and a little bored sometimes. But all that is about to change. Easy comes in early one morning to find one of the teachers already in her classroom. She has a dog with her and a story about a husband gone mad. Before Easy knows what's happening, the teacher is in his arms. Before the day is over the teacher is gone, leaving Easy with her dog, and the handsomest corpse Easy has ever seen is found in the school garden. That night a second corpse turns up. Easy may have left the streets but he hasn't been forgotten. The world is changing faster than he can keep up. The police believe that Easy is involved in the murders. Old enemies are waiting to get even. The principal of the school wants to fire him. His old friends aren't the same and his new friends might be his death. Easy wants back into his careful little life, but that door is closed. A murderer is running loose somewhere. And a little yellow dog plots revenge.

Littlejim's Dreams

by Gloria M. Houston

In 1920 in the mountains of western North Carolina, fourteen-year-old Jim Houston sees his hopes of continuing his education fade when his mother becomes seriously ill and his logger father must deal with the underhanded dealings of outside businessmen.

The Littles and the Surprise Thanksgiving Guests (The Littles )

by Joel Peterson

The Little family are small people with long tails, so small they live behind the walls of a house and are never noticed by the people who live there, though they have made friends with the old house cat. It's all Tom and Lucy, the Little children, can do to carry a turkey leg between them. This year they've planned a very special Thanksgiving with aunts and uncles and two tiny families from the country coming to visit. But now they have a very big problem-dangerous mice are about to spoil the fun. Can the Littles save their lives and home by driving the mice away and keeping them out? Bookshare has many more books in the Littles series.

The Littles and the Trash Tinies

by John Peterson

Uncle Nick had a nasty accident when he tried to get between his pet mouse Mus Mus and Hildy the cat. To make him feel better, the Littles decide to bring some of his old friends to the house for a surprise. The journey to Trash City, Uncle Nick's old home, is long and perilous, and when they arrive there's danger around every corner! Dinky and Della can fly everyone home in their gliders, but getting out of Trash City in one piece is anything but easy...

The Littles to the Rescue

by John Peterson

The Littles help Aunt Lily, for very young readers.

The Littlest Angel

by Charles Tazewell

He is always late! He's been caught swinging on the golden gates! He chews on his wings! He sings off key! And, then... something happens... A wonderful book for children and grandparents to read together.

The Littlest Birds Sing the Prettiest Songs

by Michael Hurley Jennie Smith

Our love affair with folk songs runs as deep as the enduring power of music, nature, creativity, and the longings of the human heart. Artist Jennie Smith celebrates the tradition with her illustrated renderings of thirteen soulful songs, including time-honored Scottish ballads, classics by the likes of the Carter Family, contemporary favorites by Gillian Welch, and more. Smith's art--hopeful, sincere, and delicate--adds an unexpected and charming dimension to a familiar genre. With a foreword from contemporary folk legend Michael Hurley, complete lyrics, and playable tablature or sheet music for each song, this is a keepsake collection for the whole family to treasure.

Littlest Blessings

by Lynn C. Johnston

An uplifting anthology of short stories and poems celebrating the joy and wonderment children bring and the enduring lessons they teach.

The Littlest Cowboy

by Maggie Shayne

The first three novels in Shayne's popular miniseries featuring the Brand family of Texas is now available in this volume. In "The Littlest Cowboy, " a newborn baby leads the sheriff to a mysterious woman. In "The Baddest Virgin in Texas, " a little Miss Nice Girl wants to change her image to snare a handsome cowboy. And in "Badlands Bad Boy, " the baddest Brand is shocked to find he actually needs someone.

The Littlest Marine (Bachelor Battalion #1)

by Maureen Child

The maid of honor and the best man were barely speaking. Other than that, the rehearsal of the rehearsal dinner seemed to be a success. Still, Elizabeth Stone thought, nowhere was it written that as maid of honor she had to like the best man.

The Littlest Witness

by Amanda Stevens

Harlequin romance

The Littlest Wrangler

by Belinda Barnes

HE WAS ONLY TWO, BUT HE KNEW A GOOD DEAL WHEN HE SAW IT! Will had never known a daddy before, but James Scott would be perfect for one. He knew how to ride bulls, how to ranch and how to scare away the monsters in the night. Toddler Will wondered why his mommy had brought him to this new home, but she and James kept talking about some perfect night long ago - a night that had changed their friendship forever. Will wasn't too sure about what was going on, but even the littlest of wranglers knew that sometimes grown- ups needed a little help in realizing what was meant to be! Silhouette Romance #1527

Live a Little!

by Nancy Warren

Cynthia Baxter's sex life needed spicing up. She hoped her colorless fiancé would get into the spirit of things when she brought home Raunch magazine's fantasy issue, but she was wrong. Her ex-fiancé left her naked and tied to the bedpost after being called away on business during "Ravaged by a Dark Dangerous Stranger. "Luckily, Cynthia's new neighbor-gorgeous, sexy FBI agent Jake Wheeler-rescued her from her very compromising position. . . and her boring existence. She wasn't about to correct his impression that she was a very bad girl. Which meant that Raunch magazine might not go to waste after all. . . . At last, she was going to live a little!

Live a Little!: Breaking the Rules Won’t Break Your Health

by Susan M. Love Alice D. Domar Leigh Ann Hirschman

Later to bed, munching some fries, makes a girl pretty healthy and wise. . . . Yes, it's true-more or less. Why? Women do need to eat healthier, exercise, get adequate sleep, and take preventive health care seriously, yet it's equally important for them to relax. Relax, take a breather, and give up trying to follow the narrowly prescribed health "rules" that are constant sources of unhealthy stress and guilt. In Live a Little!, women finally get a long-overdue dose of realism about what's truly healthy and what's mostly hype. Susan Love and Alice Domar take on the health police, whose edicts make us feel terrible when we don't get eight hours of sleep or eat the maximum daily serving of veggies. Most important, they remind us of a forgotten truth: Perfect health is not achievable. Breaking down the prevailing health "musts" in six areas-sleep, stress, preventive care, exercise, nutrition, and personal relationships-these doctors, with a little help from the other experts of Be Well, cut to the heart of these topics and give us realistic guidelines for living a healthy enough life, one that also includes laughter, relaxation, and a commonsense attitude about being pretty healthy. To learn more health truths and whittle down your overblown expectations of yourself, open this book. Using science combined with these experts' surprisingly refreshing opinions, Live a Little! shows you how to be healthy without driving yourself crazy!

Live Alone and Like It: The Classic Guide For the Single Woman

by Marjorie Hillis

"Whether you view your one-woman ménage as Doom or Adventure, you need a plan, if you are going to make the best of it." Thus begins Marjorie Hillis' archly funny, gently prescriptive manifesto for single women. Though it was 1936 when the Vogue editor first shared her wisdom with her fellow singletons, the tome has been passed lovingly through the generations, and is even more apt today than when it was first published. Hillis, a true bon vivant, was sick and tired of hearing single women carping about their living arrangements and lonely lives; this book is her invaluable wake-up call for single women to take control and enjoy their circumstances. Hillis takes readers through the fundamentals of living alone, including the importance of creating a hospitable environment at home, cultivating hobbies that keep her there ("for no woman can accept an invitation every night without coming to grief"), the question of whether single ladies may entertain men at home (the answer may surprise you!), and many more. With engaging chapter titles like "A Lady and Her Liquor" and "The Pleasures of a Single Bed," along with a new preface by author Laurie Graff (You Have to Kiss A Lot of Frogs), LIVE ALONE AND LIKE IT is sure to appeal to live-aloners and many other readers alike.

Live and Die Like a Man: Gender Dynamics in Urban Egypt

by Farha Ghannam

Watching the revolution of January 2011, the world saw Egyptians, men and women, come together to fight for freedom and social justice. These events gave renewed urgency to the fraught topic of gender in the Middle East. The role of women in public life, the meaning of manhood, and the future of gender inequalities are hotly debated by religious figures, government officials, activists, scholars, and ordinary citizens throughout Egypt. Live and Die Like a Man presents a unique twist on traditional understandings of gender and gender roles, shifting the attention to men and exploring how they are collectively "produced" as gendered subjects. It traces how masculinity is continuously maintained and reaffirmed by both men and women under changing socio-economic and political conditions. Over a period of nearly twenty years, Farha Ghannam lived and conducted research in al-Zawiya, a low-income neighborhood not far from Tahrir Square in northern Cairo. Detailing her daily encounters and ongoing interviews, she develops life stories that reveal the everyday practices and struggles of the neighborhood over the years. We meet Hiba and her husband as they celebrate the birth of their first son and begin to teach him how to become a man; Samer, a forty-year-old man trying to find a suitable wife; Abu Hosni, who struggled with different illnesses; and other local men and women who share their reactions to the uprising and the changing situation in Egypt. Against this backdrop of individual experiences, Ghannam develops the concept of masculine trajectories to account for the various paths men can take to embody social norms. In showing how men work to realize a "male ideal," she counters the prevalent dehumanizing stereotypes of Middle Eastern men all too frequently reproduced in media reports, and opens new spaces for rethinking patriarchal structures and their constraining effects on both men and women.

Live Bait (Fearless FBI #2)

by Francine Pascal

There's been a murder.And it isn't part of some FBI training exercise. Late one night, in the middle of a rainstorm, Gaia and her roommate stumbled upon an actual killing. Since they were the only ones to glimpse the perp, headquarters has granted Gaia and Catherine temporary FBI badges to solve the case. Way to hit the ground running. But the investigation is not like a TV show. It's gruesome. It's frustrating. It's real. When the killer strikes again, they realize this isn't a one-shot deal either. Gaia tries to piece together some clues, but there's no real lead to go on. And without a profile, the next victim could be anyone. Anyone at all.

Live Bait (Monkeewrench #2)

by P. J. Tracy

Who would kill Morey Gilbert, A man who might as well have been a saint? His tiny, cranky little wife, Lily? his estranged son, Jack? His son-in-law, Marty, a former cop? Or none of the above?

Live Big!

by Katie Brazelton

Discover and Live the Dream God Has for You Disillusioned by dreams that haven't become realities? Have you settled for life as it is instead of life as you hoped it would be? You need to know -- and believe -- that God designed you to dream. And there's no better day than today to begin discovering God's best plan for you. The only wrong way to dream is to let your dream stagnate without taking action. And in this book, you will learn what those action steps are and how to bring your dreams to life. Life coach Katie Brazelton shares ten coaching tips and forty action steps, as well as true stories of modern-day women, Bible character parallels, inspirational quotes, scriptures, and prayers. In other words, this book is jam-packed with information and tips that will empower you beyond your wildest imagination as you Live Big! It's never too late to act on your dreams.

A Live Coal In The Sea

by Madeleine L'Engle

Sequel to L'Engle's earlier adult novel Camilla.

"Live from Cape Canaveral"

by Jay Barbree

Some fifty years ago, while a cub reporter, Jay Barbree caught space fever the night that Sputnik passed over Georgia. He moved to the then-sleepy village of Cocoa Beach, Florida, right outside Cape Canaveral, and began reporting on rockets that fizzled as often as they soared. In "Live from Cape Canaveral," Barbree--the only reporter who has covered every mission flown by astronauts--offers his unique perspective on the space program. He shares affectionate portraits of astronauts as well as some of his fellow journalists and tells some very funny behind-the-scenes stories--many involving astronaut pranks. Barbree also shows how much the space program and its press coverage have changed over time. Warm and perceptive, he reminds us just how thrilling the great moments of the space race were and why America fell in love with its heroic, sometimes larger-than-life astronauts.

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