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The Little Secret

by Kate Saunders William Carman

When she is invited to her new friend's home for summer vacation, eleven-year-old Jane discovers that, Staffa and her family are not what they seem to be.

Little Secrets #1: Playing with Fire

by Emily Blake

Hidden Pasts. Unexpected Betrayals. Twisted Friendships. Sweet Revenge. The twists keep coming--and no secrets are safe. Her mother's in jail. Her best friend betrayed her. Who can Alison trust? Backstabber Kelly has the world at her feet. Who will she step on next? Sweet, handsome Chad seems like the perfect boyfriend. What is he hiding? Tough-as-nails Zoey is out for revenge. Is she more vulnerable than she thinks? Loyal friend. Bitter rival. Which is the real Tom? Let the drama begin...

Little Secrets #2: No Accident

by Emily Blake

Hidden Pasts. Unexpected Beytrayals. Twisted Friendships. Sweet Revenge. The twists keep coming--and no secrets are safe. Kelly let a secret slip, and now she's being blackmailed. Will she pay up...or strike back? Tom must decide where his loyalties lie. How much will he risk to get what he wants? Alison is caught in a dangerous game. When will she make her next move? Zoey just earned herself a new best enemy. Is she up for the fight? Chad knows that appearance is everything. How far will he go to mask the truth? Let the drama begin...

The Little Shadows

by Marina Endicott

Here is the eagerly anticipated new novel from a brilliant writer whose last book, Good to a Fault, was shortlisted for the prestigious Giller Prize and won the Commonwealth Prize for Canada and the Caribbean.The Little Shadows revolves around three sisters in the world of vaudeville before and during the First World War. We follow the lives of all three in turn: Aurora, the eldest and most beautiful, who is sixteen when the book opens; thoughtful Clover, a year younger; and the youngest sister, joyous headstrong sprite Bella, who is thirteen. The girls, overseen by their fond but barely coping Mama, are forced to make their living as a singing act after the untimely death of their father. They begin with little besides youth and hope, but Marina Endicott's genius is to show how the three girls slowly and steadily evolve into true artists even as they navigate their way to adulthood among a cast of extraordinary characters - some of them charming charlatans, some of them unpredictable eccentrics, and some of them just ordinary-seeming humans with magical gifts.Using her gorgeous prose and extraordinary insight, Endicott lures us onto the brightly lit stage and then into the little shadows that lurk behind the curtain, and reveals how the art of vaudeville -- in all its variety, madness, melodrama, hilarity and sorrow -- echoes the art of life itself.From the Hardcover edition.

A Little Shopping (Cobble Street Cousins #2)

by Cynthia Rylant

Welcome to Cobble Street! Meet Lily, Rosie, and Tess, the three heroines of a new series by Newbery Medalist Cynthia Rylant. Lily thinks the three cousins should make a surprise for their Aunt Lucy -- a dollhouse that looks just like Aunt Lucy's flower shop. The cousins get Aunt Lucy's sweetheart, Michael, to help. And then they get busy cutting, painting, gluing, and decorating. And best of all, there's a surprise for Michael too. When the Cobble Street Cousins set their minds to something, it's bound to turn out amazing!

Little Sister

by Kara Dalkey

When Mitsuko's village is attacked by outlaws and her beloved sister's husband is murdered, she alone finds the courage to venture into the netherworld to find her sister's wandering spirit. With the aid of a shape-shifter and other magical creatures from Japanese myths, Mitsuko journeys across a landscape transformed by legend and by her own growing sense of power to become an unwitting hero. The sequel to this book is The Heavenward Path.

Little Sister

by Patricia Macdonald

After the accident Beth had escaped, but now she had to go back. To the bleak New England countryside. To the awful memories and unspoken truths. To the house that had never been a home. And back to her sister, Beth doesn't have any friends in Oldham, but her little sister, Francie, does. Francie has a friend who shares her secrets... but-won't share her. And he has secrets all his own. Secrets...that kill.

The Little Sister

by Raymond Chandler

A movie starlet with a gangster boyfriend and a pair of siblings with a shared secret lure Marlowe into the less than glamorous and more than a little dangerous world of Hollywood fame. Chandler's first foray into the industry that dominates the company town that is Los Angeles.From the Trade Paperback edition.

Little Songs

by Eliza Lee Follen


Little Star (Dora the Explorer)

by Sarah Willson

Dora and Boots spy the first little star of the evening and begin making their wishes. But suddenly a comet knocks Little Star out of the sky, and she falls to the ground. Join Dora and Boots as they try to get Little Star home, so that everyone can make a good-night wish.

The Little Stranger

by Sarah Waters

From the multi-award-winning and bestselling author of The Night Watch and Fingersmith comes an astonishing novel about love, loss, and the sometimes unbearable weight of the past. In a dusty post-war summer in rural Warwickshire, a doctor is called to see a patient at lonely Hundreds Hall. Home to the Ayres family for over two centuries, the once grand house is now in decline, its masonry crumbling, its garden choked with weeds. All around, the world is changing, and the family is struggling to adjust to a society with new values and rules. Roddie Ayres, who returned from World War II physically and emotionally wounded, is desperate to keep the house and what remains of the estate together for the sake of his mother and his sister, Caroline. Mrs. Ayres is doing her best to hold on to the gracious habits of a gentler era and Caroline seems cheerfully prepared to continue doing the work a team of servants once handled, even if it means having little chance for a life of her own beyond Hundreds. But as Dr. Faraday becomes increasingly entwined in the Ayreses' lives, signs of a more disturbing nature start to emerge, both within the family and in Hundreds Hall itself. And Faraday begins to wonder if they are all threatened by something more sinister than a dying way of life, something that could subsume them completely. Both a nuanced evocation of 1940s England and the most chill-inducing novel of psychological suspense in years, The Little Stranger confirms Sarah Waters as one of the finest and most exciting novelists writing today.

The Little Strength Training Book

by Erika Dillman

If you'd like to get stronger, have more energy, and lose a few pounds, then strength training is for you! It can help prevent injuries, reduce stress, and fight osteoporosis. You can begin to look and feel better in no time at all. The Little Strength Training Book is the perfect guide to building a strong, toned body. Its helpful explanations and simple instructions make it easy for people of all ages and abilities to get started with a training program. Book jacket.

The Little Suitcase

by Andrea Azevedo

A short story about the journey of a little angel.

A Little Texas

by Liz Talley

Growing up in tiny Oak Stand gave Kate Newman all the Texas she'd ever want. Her bold personality is better suited to a city that never sleeps. So coming back to take care of unfinished business is like squeezing into last decade's jeans. A bad idea all around. Her only diversion is Rick Mendez. Enigmatic and irresistible, he's got a heart as wild as her own. They're so good together, Kate dares to peek beyond the end of her stay. But what are the odds for a guy with deep roots in the same soil a girl can't wash off fast enough? Seems more likely that when Kate heads for the bright lights, a little piece of her will be left behind.

A Little Time in Texas

by Joan Johnston

Her Past was a MysteryAngela Taylor owes her life to the Texas Ranger who rescued her from a band of no-good renegades. The problem is that he'd pulled her out of danger-and straight into the twentieth century. Now Angela's as far from Texas, 1864, as she could be, stuck with a disbelieving man too handsome for her own good.But Was Her Future His to Claim?She's either a woman out of time...or completely out of her mind. Dallas Masterson isn't sure what to believe. From her crazy clothes to her feisty ways, he's almost convinced that this sassy, smart-mouthed woman fought Comanches, buried her fiancé, ran from the law and stole to survive...especially when she steals his horse to try and get back to the cave where he found her.Now, both Angela and Dallas are discovering that when it comes to things like the past-and falling in love-there's no place to go but the future.

Little Town at the Crossroads

by Maria D. Wilkes

Caroline watches eagerly as buildings spring up overnight and more and more families move into the growing town of Brookfield, Wisconsin. There are all sorts of exciting, new things for Caroline to do, but Mother keeps saying she wants to move to a larger farm. Will Caroline have to say goodbye to Brookfield?

Little Town, Great Big Life

by Curtiss Ann Matlock

So what if Winston Valentine is ninety-two years old? He isn't dead yet! And he's out to prove it. His exuberant show of life-coming to you live from radio dial 1550-revitalizes Valentine, Oklahoma, for its centennial celebration. The townsfolk are determined to make this an anniversary to remember.Except Belinda Blaine, who, at thirty-eight, doesn't feel like celebrating. Suddenly she's carrying a child-and the guilt of an earlier pregnancy nearly twenty years ago. No one in her close-knit community knows of either, including her sweet-mannered husband, Lyle. But disclosing this pregnancy will mean revealing her past and opening her heart. And Belinda's not quite ready for that.As Belinda struggles over what to do, she finds comfort in unexpected places. After all, in Valentine, neighbors are family and strangers are friends. And this small town holds secrets and mysteries, and takes care of its own.

Little Town Lies

by Anne Strieber

From Publishers Weekly Murder, child sexual abuse, drug and alcohol addiction, kinky sex and more seethe under the homey veneer of the little East Texas town of Maryvale in Strieiber's ungainly second novel (after 2004's An Invisible Woman). Social worker Sally Hopkins leaves her Houston-based job and heads "home" to Maryvale to lick her wounds and try to find peace in the only place she ever felt happy in her rough childhood. At her request, Sally's Uncle Ed, the local sheriff, gives her a job and a chance to contribute her expertise, though this expertise seems to derive from elementary psychology texts rather than experience or insight. In addition, Sally's raw emotional baggage makes her an unlikely choice as either a social worker or (an untrained) member of the sheriff's department. Her rapid rise is even more unlikely as her first bumbling attempts to investigate a series of animal mutilations gets off to an inauspicious start. Most readers should be well ahead of Strieiber's dithering heroine in figuring out most of the lies and secrets behind Maryvale's placid exterior.

Little Tramp

by Gil Brewer

Where was he? Why was he here, with this kid? What had he done?Hazily he watched her come toward him, saw her hips sway beneath flimsy lace, the swell of full breasts in the skimpy bra. "How did we get here?" he demanded. She laughed "Dont you remember, honey? You kidnapped me . . . and . . . " Remember? He remembered that she had cost him his job. Dimly he recalled cursing her out in a dozen bars, getting blind drunk. And he had a vague memory of her behind the wheel of a car. She had kidnapped him Now she was missing, and the cops would be hot on the trail. Which story would they swallow-his or hers? He saw her angelic smile and knew the answer. He was trapped. "Come on, Gary," she said. "Lets have some fun. "

Little Turtle's Big Adventure

by David Harrison

Little Turtle awakes one day to the sound of bulldozers near his pond. He takes to the figurative road to find a new home. After a long journey through meadows, forests, and the like, he hibernates for the winter. In the spring, a boy picks him up and carries him to a new pond.

Little Vampire Women

by Louisa May Alcott Lynn Messina

"Christmas wont be Christmas without any corpses." The dear, sweet March sisters are back, and Marmee has told them to be good little women. Good little vampire women, that is. That's right: Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy have grown up since you last read their tale, and now they have (much) longer lives and (much) more ravenous appetites. Marmee has taught them well, and so they live by an unprecedented moral code of abstinence . . . from human blood. Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy must learn to get along with one another, help make society a better place, and avoid the vampire hunters who pose a constant threat to their existence. Plus, Laurie is dying to become a part of the March family, at any cost. Some things never change. This horrifying-and hilarious-retelling of a timeless American classic will leave readers craving the bloodthirsty drama on each and every page.

Little Victim

by Harry Keeble Kris Hollington

In Baby X we learned how super-tough cop Harry Keeble and his colleagues in Hackney's Child Protection Unit rescued dozens of kids, faced lynch mobs and undertook the impossible job of interviewing paedophiles. Now, in Little Victim, Harry takes us through an extraordinary year in the life of the unit, as the team investigates some of the worst cases of child abuse they've ever encountered. These include a middle-class mother who shook her baby to death, the children kept in a cage, the rape of a three-year-old boy and an innocent grandfather falsely accused of paedophila. Little Victim provides a unique insight into the complex issue of child abuse in the UK. Continuing his battle to bring Britain's child abusers to justice, Harry is pushed right to the edge as he confronts horrors past and present.

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