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Abigail Adams: First Lady And Patriot (Historical American Biographies)

by Pat Mccarthy

ABIGAIL ADAMS First Lady and Patriot "Remember the ladies," Abigail Adams wrote. "If particular care and attention is not paid to the Ladies we are determined to foment a Rebellion." This warning was given to Abigail's husband, John Adams, and other politicians who were working to create a new government for the colonies that would soon become the United States. Abigail Adams, a well-educated woman, was determined to make her voice--and the voices of fellow American women--heard as the nation was being formed. In Abigail Adams: First Lady and Patriot, author Pat McCarthy examines the life of the woman who is sometimes referred to as America's first feminist. From her youth in Massachusetts to her active role as advisor to John Adams, Abigail Adams showed future First Ladies how much of an influence a woman could have on the government of the United States.

Fannie Lou Hamer: Fighting for the Right to Vote

by Laura Baskes Litwin

A biography of the civil rights activist who devoted her life to helping blacks register to vote and gain a national political voice.

The Bill of Rights

by David L. Hudson

Traces the history of the writing of the first ten amendments to the Constitution, and examines each amendment's provisions and applications in detail.

The Fourteenth Amendment

by David L. Hudson

In The Fourteenth Amendment: Equal Protection Under the Law, author David L. Hudson, Jr., explores the significance of the Fourteenth Amendment through the country's history and legal cases. He discusses why there was a need for this amendment, how it was created, and fully explains the major sections and clauses. This amendment forever changed Constitutional law and will continue to have an impact on legal cases in the future.

You Can Write Using Good Grammar

by Jennifer Rozines Roy

Many young writers consider grammar boring and difficult. In YOU CAN WRITE USING GOOD GRAMMAR, author Jennifer Rozines Roy counters that perception with humor and encouragement. Helpful examples, clear explanations, charts, and illustrations make this grammar guide accessible to young readers.

Mahalia Jackson: The Voice of Gospel and Civil Rights

by Barbara Kramer

Biography of African-American singer Mahalia Jackson.

Marcus Garvey: Controversial Champion of Black Pride

by Anne Schraff

Chronicles the life of Marcus Garvey, a fiery black leader who began a crusade for African Americans to fight against oppression in the early years of the twentieth century.

Henry Ford: The Car Man

by Carin T. Ford

A simple biography of the man who revolutionized American industry with his assembly-line production of automobiles.

All About Braille: Reading By Touch (Transportation and Communication Series)

by Laura S. Jeffrey

For younger children. From the Book jacket: All About Braille: Reading By Touch will tell you about Braille and finger reading. For those who cannot see or are losing their sight, Braille lets them read and communicate with others. Using special tools such as Braille writers that work like typewriters and Braille displays that hook up to computers, people can write letters and send e-mail. Learn more about the history of Braille and how it has opened the doors of communication.

Celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr., Day (Celebrate Holidays)

by Laura S. Jeffrey

Why do we celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr., Day? How do we celebrate it? How did this day become a holiday? Meet Martin Luther King, Jr.! This is an interesting book about Martin Luther King, Jr.'s special day. Other books in this series are available from Bookshare.

Addition Made Easy (Making Math Easy)

by Rebecca Wingard-Nelson Tom LaBaff

Are you having trouble with two-digit addition? How about three-digit addition? Does column addition confuse you? Do you wish someone could simply explain the properties of addition? Well, ask no more! In a simple and direct style, Rebecca Wingard-Nelson covers topics such as partial sums, regrouping, and place value. Whether you are learning this information for the first time—on your own or with a tutor—or you would like to review your math skills, this book will be a great choice.

The 1900s: From Teddy Roosevelt to Flying Machines (Decades of the 20th Century)

by Stephen Feinstein

The 1900s. . . What do the novel The Jungle, Jim Crow laws, the Model T Ford, and Madame Curie have in common? Each, in its own way, helped define the 1900s, a period in which the United States was changing from a predominantly rural country into an industrial power with powerful factories and booming cities. In The 1900s From Teddy Roosevelt to Flying Machines, Revised Edition, author Stephen Feinstein describes the triumphs, tragedies, fads, and fashions of the 1900s. From vaudeville theaters to the San Francisco earthquake, from teddy bears to the Great White Fleet, Feinstein examines the people and events that made the 1900s one of the most unique periods in American history.

The 1950s: From the Korean War to Elvis (Decades of the 20th Century)

by Stephen Feinstein

The 1950s. . . What do Dwight David Eisenhower, the movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Beatniks, Marilyn Monroe, the suburbs, and Sputnik have in common? Each, in some way, helped define the 1950s, a period of great contrast in American life. The decade that introduced the world to Elvis Presley and DNA was also a time of air-raid drills and a fear of Communist spies.

The 1970s from Watergate to Disco (Decades of the 20th Century)

by Stephen Feinstein

Author Stephen Feinstein describes the triumphs, tragedies, fads, and fashions of the 1970s. From the Watergate break-in to Star Wars, Feinstein examines the people and events that made the 1970s one of the most colorful periods in American history.

Colin Powell (African-American Heroes)

by Stephen Feinstein

Colin Powell was the first African American to be Secretary of State, following an illustrious career as a four-star general and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. This easy biography is deal for early independent readers and useful for beginning reports.

Mae Jemison (African-American Heroes)

by Stephen Feinstein

As a little girl, Mae Jemison dreamed about being an astronaut. She became a medical doctor and engineer, but she held onto her dream. In 1992, she was the first African-American woman in space. This easy biography will inspire early independent readers.

Muhammad Ali (African-American Heroes)

by Stephen Feinstein

Over the course of his boxing career, Muhammad Ali-born Cassius Clay-became one of the best-known people in the world. This easy biography covers his early life, his conversion to Islam, his resistance to the military draft, and his many boxing titles. Exciting photographs and easy vocabulary bring The Greatest to life. Ideal for early independent readers and beginning reports.

Barack Obama

by Stephen Feinstein

Barack Obama had a childhood full of adventure. His mother was American; his father was African. Barack lived Hawaii and Indonesia. He grew up to be a senator and U.S. president. With colorful illustrations, lively layout, and accessible vocabulary, this inspiring biography tells the exciting life story of this African-American hero. Ideal for early independent readers and useful for beginning reports.

The Louisiana Purchase: Would You Close The Deal?

by Elaine Landau

At the dawn of the nineteenth century, President Thomas Jefferson dispatched Robert Livingston and James Monroe to negotiate with the temperamental French dictator Napoleon Bonaparte. <P><P>Originally charged with only securing the Port of New Orleans and access to the Mississippi River, they soon were presented with the deal of a lifetime—the purchase of the whole Louisiana Territory. With no time to contact the president, they had to make the decision themselves. What would you do if faced with the same decision?

Tornadoes: The Science Behind Terrible Twisters

by Alvin Silverstein Virginia Silverstein Laura Silverstein Nunn

Discusses the science behind tornadoes, including how and where they form, the scientific methods to track and predict them, and tornado safety tips.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (Best Holiday Books)

by Dianne M. Macmillan

In MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. DAY, REVISED AND UPDATED, author Dianne M. MacMillan focuses on the life of this extraordinary leader and how he is celebrated today. The book discusses King's childhood, his studies, and his non-violent approach to end segregation. Readers will find out how many fought to make Martin Luther King, Jr. Day a national holiday, and how students across the country prepare for this important holiday. Picture descriptions and captions included.

Ramadan and Id al-Fitr (Best Holiday Books)

by Dianne M. Macmillan

Author Dianne M. MacMillan explores the Muslim holidays of Ramadan and Id al-Fitr. Readers will learn about the beginnings of Islam and the symbols and traditions of this important religion. They will also be introduced to the month-long fast of Ramadan and the joyous Id al-Fitr celebration that follows.

Diwali: Hindu Festival of Lights (Best Holiday Books)

by Dianne M. Macmillan

Discusses the history and traditions, as well as the symbols and current celebration of this Hindu holiday.

Poison Dart Frogs Up Close

by Carmen Bredeson

Why are they called poison dart frogs, anyway? Learn the answer to this question and more in this exciting installment in the ZOOM IN ON ANIMALS! series. Colorful, up-close photos of these beautiful, tiny frogs in their native habitats give readers a stunning view of these fascinating creatures.

John Brown: We Came To Free The Slaves (Americans & the Spirit Of A Nation)

by Anne E. Schraff

This story will captivate and inspire your readers. John Brown hated slavery. On October 16, 1859, he and his armed followers took a violent stand against it. John Brown led his raiding party to the armory in Harpers Ferry, Virginia, with the intent of inciting slave rebellions throughout the South. However, within two days, ten of his men would be killed and Brown was arrested. Although the Harpers Ferry raid failed, John Brown had struck a blow against slavery. A staunch abolitionist his entire life, John Brown gave his life to end an evil that had existed in the United States for over two hundred years.

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