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Cargo of Eagles (The Albert Campion Mysteries)

by Margery Allingham

A lively British mystery from “one of the greatest mid-20th-century practitioners of the detective novel” (Alexander McCall Smith). Strange things are happening in Saltey. The little village on the Essex coast is invaded by bikers and a parade of peculiar visitors, a newly released prisoner is rumored to be in the area, Mr. Lugg has bought a bungalow there, the Saltey Demon is on the loose again . . . and Albert Campion is looking for the disappearance of thousands of pounds of gold coinage. This is Margery Allingham’s final novel featuring her famous gentleman sleuth, overflowing with evil arch-villains and classic thuggery against the atmospheric backdrop of postwar England. “Allingham has that rare gift in a novelist, the creation of characters so rich and so real that they stay with the reader forever.” —Sara Paretsky “Margery Allingham stands out like a shining light.” —Agatha Christie

La caricia del Angel (Ellie Hatcher #2)

by Alafair Burke

Thrilled to spend the final hours of her spring break in the VIP room of an elite Manhattan club, fresh-faced Indiana college student Chelsea Hart remains behind when her girlfriends call it a night. The next morning, joggers find her body in East River Park, her blond hair brutally hacked off.NYPD Detective Ellie Hatcher believes the group of privileged men last seen plying Chelsea with free-flowing alcohol most likely includes a murderer. But after building a tight case against a young hedge-fund manager, Ellie has her doubts, because Chelsea's slaying is eerily similar to three other murders from nearly a decade ago. Continuing the investigation long after the department brass is satisfied with their case, hard-headed Ellie plunges into a late-night party world of conspicuous wealth and hedonistic consumption to catch the real killer--unaware that a psychopath is watching her every move...and eager to kill again. [Text is in Spanish]

Caring for Patients from Different Cultures (4th edition)

by Geri-Ann Galanti

Contains more than 200 case studies illustrating cross-cultural misunderstanding and culturally competent health care. The chapters cover a wide range of topics, including birth, end of life, traditional medicine, mental health, pain, religion, and multicultural staff issues.

Carl Jung, Darwin of the Mind

by Thomas T. Lawson

Carl Jung, Darwin of the Mind is a review and an explanation of Jung's thought set in an evolutionary context. Jung explored the human psyche throughout his long life. His writings, of astonishing scope and depth, elaborate on imagery that can be found in rituals, myths and fables worldwide as well as in the dreams, visions and fantasies of his patients and himself. Jung pursued common threads of meaning to the point of becoming deeply versed in the esoterica of Eastern mysticism, Gnosticism, and alchemy. Taken collectively, Jung's works develop a coherent theory about how the psyche is constructed, including an idea of how consciousness emerged as a part of it. The author demonstrates that Jung's concept of a collective unconscious structured by archetypes meshes well with accepted views of evolution and can be squared with the most rigorous science of today. So taken, Jung's work is of unrivaled explanatory power and opens new vistas for understanding who we are and how we function.

Carl's Summer Vacation

by Alexandra Day

Carl and Madeleine are supposed to be napping while Mom and Dad get the summer cabin ready for company, but this lovable canine and his charge have better things to do. They escape from the hammock to do some canoeing, pick blackberries, and enjoy a picnic. Carl even plays a little baseball! That night, Mom and Dad wonder why the two are so tired--little do they know that Carl and Madeleine have been busy exploring all that a summer vacation on the lake has to offer. Picture descriptions added.

Carmella's Quest: Taking on College Sight Unseen

by Carmella Broome

The author, who is blind, describes her years at North Greenville College.

Carnal Desires

by Crystal Jordan

Centuries after the destruction of the earth, several species of altered humans still survive. These shape-shifters are exciting and exotic creatures, and their human forms do little to mask their most primitive and passionate instincts. . . In Heat Mahlia is a snow tigress in heat and now that her tiger king has returned to rule the planet Vesperi, she can no longer deny her desperate need to mate. She greets him as a woman, but their desire for sex is uncontrollable as they come together with a primal passion. . . In Smoke When Lady Katryn is called back to her home world to join Lord Nadirs harim, she is curious to learn more about her weredragon nature. What she discovers is a scorching eroticism that consumes her all over. . . In Mist Dr. Sera Gibbons is one of only two human survivors after a five hundred year cryogenic freeze. Saved by the merman Bretton Hahn, she savors the way he caresses her and makes her live out her wildest fantasies. . .

Carnivorous Plants: Plants That Eat Insects

by Katie Sharp


Carol Higgins Clark Boxed Set - Volume 1

by Carol Higgins Clark

Zapped, Cursed, And Wrecked.


by Stephen King

NEWLY ADAPTED FOR THE BIG SCREEN, STARRING CHLOE GRACE MORETZ AND JULIANNE MOORE. COMING TO MOVIE THEATERS EVERYWHERE OCTOBER 2013.Stephen King's legendary debut novel about a teenage outcast and the revenge she enacts on her classmates. Carrie White may have been unfashionable and unpopular, but she had a gift. Carrie could make things move by concentrating on them. A candle would fall. A door would lock. This was her power and her sin. Then, an act of kindness, as spontaneous as the vicious taunts of her classmates, offered Carrie a chance to be normal and go to her senior prom. But another act--of ferocious cruelty--turned her gift into a weapon of horror and destruction that her classmates would never forget

A Carrion Death (Detective Kubu #1)

by Michael Stanley

Smashed skull, snapped ribs, and a cloying smell of carrion. Leave the body for the hyenas to devour--no body, no case. But Kalahari game rangers stumble on the human corpse mid-meal. The murder wasn't perfect after all. Enter Detective David "Kubu" Bengu of the Botswana Criminal Investigation Department, an investigator whose personality and physique match his moniker, the Setswana word for hippopotamus--which is a seemingly docile beast, but one of the deadliest, and most persistent, on the continent. Beneath a mountain of lies and superstitions, Kubu uncovers a chain of crimes leading to the most powerful figures in the country--cold-bloodedly efficient and frighteningly influential enemies who can make anyone who gets in their way disappear.

The Carrot Caper (Baby Looney Tunes)

by Lee Howard

Who is raiding Granny's garden? Baby Bugs, Baby Daffy, Baby Tweety and Baby Sylvester set out to find who is stealing the vegetables from Granny's garden. Limited picture descriptions present.

Carry the Light

by Delia Parr

I marry a gorgeous executive, have a baby, lose all the weight (most of it)--and move to a fine house in the suburbs with a welcoming new church. Wait--did I say welcoming? One teeny waaah! and new mothers and their crying babies are exiled to a separate room. At least there's some enlightening conversation. Like about my husband and issues I didn't even know about! And then there's my aptly named mother-in-law, Queen Elizabeth, who can't stand me. I'm about to lose my mind! So it's high time for a visit to the Sassy Sistahood for some much-needed advice about men, marriage and motherhood!

The Case for Christ Study Guide Revised Edition: Investigating the Evidence for Jesus

by Lee Strobel Garry D. Poole

Teacher? Revolutionary? Messiah? Son of God? Who is Jesus of Nazareth? In the award-winning book The Case for Christ, Lee Strobel uses his experience as a tough-minded reporter to investigate history’s most controversial figure. Knowing that the credibility of any story hinges on solid facts, Strobel challenges scholars to back up their opinions with compelling evidence and cogent arguments in order to put the case for Christ to the test. The Case for Christ has now been adapted for individual and group study in the form of a six-session DVD curriculum complete with an interactive guide for participants and a separate leader’s guide. This study, written by Strobel and Garry Poole, invites us to sift and analyze the fascinating historical evidence about Jesus. What participants discover can transform their relationship with Christ and equip them to help others along their spiritual journey. The six sessions include: 1. Looking for Evidence 2. Eyewitness Evidence 3. Corroborative Evidence 4. Fingerprint Evidence 5. Evidence for the Resurrection 6. Reaching your Verdict

The Case for Civility: And Why Our Future Depends on It

by Os Guinness

from the book jacket: In a world torn apart by religious extremism on the one side and a strident secularism on the other, no question is more urgent than how we live with our deepest differences - especially our religious and ideological differences. The Case for Civility is a proposal for restoring civility in America as a way to foster civility around the world. Influential Christian writer and speaker Os Guinness makes a passionate plea to put an end to the polarization of American politics and culture that-rather than creating a public space for real debate-threatens to reverse the very principles our founders set into motion and that have long preserved liberty, diversity, and unity in this country. Guinness takes on the contemporary threat of the excesses of the Religious Right and the secular Left, arguing that we must find a middle ground between privileging one religion over another and attempting to make all public expression of faith illegal. If we do not do this, Guinness contends, Western civilization as we know it will die. Always provocative and deeply insightful, Guinness puts forth a vision of a new, practical "civil and cosmopolitan public square" that speaks not only to America's immediate concerns but to the long-term interests of the republic and the world.

The Case for the Sea-Serpent

by R T Gould

Following in the footsteps of Oudemans (The Great Sea-Serpent) and Henry Lee (Sea Monsters Unmasked), R. T. Gould’s classic examination of sea serpent stories offers both details and opinions for the cryptozoology enthusiast to consider.

Case Formulation Approach to Cognitive-Behavior Therapy

by Jacqueline Persons Marsha Linehan

This eagerly awaited book shows how skillful case formulation addresses a critical challenge in psychotherapy today how to use empirically supported therapies (ESTs) in real-world clinical contexts. The author explains the basic theories of cognition, learning, and emotion that underlie available ESTs and shows how the theories also guide systematic case formulation. By crafting a sound formulation and continually refining and monitoring it as treatment progresses, the therapist can smoothly "shift theoretical gears" and weave together elements of different ESTs to meet the needs of individual patients, who typically present with multiple problems. Hands-on tools, reproducibles, and many concrete examples are included.

The Case of the Bizarre Bouquets (The Enola Holmes Mysteries #3)

by Nancy Springer

Everyone knows Dr. Watson is Sherlock Holmes? right-hand man?so when he goes missing, it?s a shock. Even Sherlock hasn?t, well, the slightest clue as to where he could be. Enola is intrigued, but weary; she?s still hiding from her older brothers?and getting involved could be disastrous. But when a bizarre bouquet shows up at the Watson residence, full of convolvulus, hawthorn, and white poppies, Enola must act. She dons her most discerning disguise yet to find the sender?and quickly, for Enola knows the blossoms symbolize death! Hold your breath because Enola?s about to take it away. The stakes are higher and the mystery deeper than ever before in the third installment of this Edgar-award nominated, critically acclaimed series. .

The Case of the Ill-Gotten (Casebook of Dr. McKenzie #3)

by Claudia Bishop

On their farm in upstate New York, vet Austin McKenzie and his wife, Madeline, keep busy looking after ailing farm animals and pets. But they've yet to find a cure for murder. Before milk inspector Melvin Staples was found dead in a four-hundred-gallon milk vat, the ladies' man got the goat of many Summersville residents. To crack this case, Dr. McKenzie and Madeline will have to learn all about goats, local politics, and the widow who runs the goat cheese dairy.

The Case of the Peculiar Pink Fan (The Enola Holmes Mysteries #4)

by Nancy Springer

When Enola Holmes encounters her friend Lady Cecily hiding behind a pink fan, she finds it peculiar. In fact, she realizes Cecily is in danger! But what, exactly, is the matter? And how can Enola help? After examining the clues, Enola discovers Lady Cecily is being held hostage in an abysmal orphanage, and if she isn?t rescued, she?ll be forced into a miserable marriage! This complicated case has Sherlock and Enola (literally) running into each other all over London. If Enola joins forces with the brother she has fought desperately to elude, she risks her freedom?yet, if she doesn?t, Lady Cecily could be doomed! Edgar Award?winning Nancy Springer offers the riskiest case yet for our well-loved, critically acclaimed heroine. .

Case Studies in Immunology: A Clinical Companion

by Raif Geha FRED Rosen

This book presents case histories to illustrate in a clinical context essential points about the mechanisms of immunity. It includes cases that illustrate both recently discovered genetic immunodeficiencies and some more familiar and common diseases with interesting immunology.

Case Studies in Immunology: A Clinical Companion

by Raif Geha FRED Rosen

This book presents case histories to illustrate in a clinical context essential points about the mechanisms of immunity. It includes cases that illustrate both recently discovered genetic immunodeficiencies and some more familiar and common diseases with interesting immunology.

Case Studies in Immunology: A Clinical Companion

by Raif Geha FRED Rosen

This book presents case histories to illustrate essential points about the mechanisms of immunity and to explain some of the immunological problems seen in the clinic. It is intended to help medical students and pre-medical students to understand the importance of basic immunological mechanisms.

Case Studies in Immunology: A Clinical Companion

by Raif Geha FRED Rosen

This book presents case histories in immunology to illustrate essential points about the mechanisms of immunity in a clinical context. The case histories describe and explain some of the immunological problems often seen in the clinic.

Case Studies in Immunology: A Clinical Companion

by Raif Geha FRED Rosen

This book presents case histories that are chosen for two purposes: to illustrate in a clinical context essential points about the mechanisms of immunity; and to describe and explain some of the immunological problems often seen in the clinic.

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