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by Robyn Carr

IN THE DECADENT COURT OF CHARLES II, SHE WANTED A MOST UNSUITABLE MAN--HER HUSBAND.Orphaned and raised by her uncle, the feisty sixteen-year-old Chelynne resolves to show her gratitude by marrying the man of her uncle's choice. Bracing herself for a graying, sickly noble, the last man she expects for a husband is the dashing future Earl of Bryant, Chadwick Hawthorne--suddenly, being a loving wife doesn't seem too hard a task. But he spurns her affection and remains her husband only in name, never in deed. Tormented by unfinished business from his past and an uprising threatening his land, Chad resolves to keep his distance from everyone, including his young wife.Chelynne will go to any lengths to ignite her husband's passion and save their marriage. But when she finally goes too far, the Earl must share his dark secret before Chelynne loses her reputation--or worse, her life.Set during the English Restoration, CHELYNNE is filled with political conspiracies, family secrets, and shocking affairs, creating a deliciously complicated plot. Fans of VIRGIN RIVER are going to love this historical novel written with Robyn's trademark zest for life."A delightful book...Robyn Carr is absolutely marvelous." --Danielle Steel"Adventure, danger, derring-do, as well as doings at the glittering anything-goes court of Charles II ....Carr tells an entertaining yarn." --Publishers Weekly"A fast, gripping story...The reading public can anticipate good books from an imaginative new author."--Best Sellers

Princess Sultana's Circle (Princess Trilogy #3)

by Jean Sasson

The powerful true story of Sultana continues with PRINCESS SULTANA'S CIRCLE, the third book in Jean Sasson's internationally best selling Princess Trilogy. The forced marriage of Sultana’s niece to a cruel and depraved older man, and Sultana’s discovery of the harem of sex slaves kept by a royal cousin, make her more determined than ever to fight the oppression of women in Saudi Arabia. PRINCESS SULTANA'S CIRCLE paints a horrifying reality for women of the desert Kingdom. It is a haunting look at the danger of Saudi male dominance and the desperate lives of the women they rule.A New York Times bestseller, PRINCESS was named one of the 500 Great Books by Women since 1300. It was also an Alternate Selection of the Literary Guild and Doubleday Book Club and a Reader's Digest Selection.

Sapphire Ice: Jewel Series #1

by Hallee Bridgeman

To ROBIN BARTLETT, men were nothing more than violent users. After a hair-raising childhood, Robin and her two younger half sisters battled simply to survive. Determined to give her sisters a very different life from that of their mother; to never have to rely on a man for anything, she worked two jobs and put them both through college, while accepting help from no one. Her heart had turned to ice and she had no use for men or God. ANTONIO "TONY" VISCOLLI had grown up on the streets, homeless. At seventeen, he entered a downtown church with the intent of casing it, but found himself on his knees at the altar. Lovingly fostered by the youth minister, Tony learned about God. Striking out on his own, he let God lead him to eventually become a very successful businessman. In a fallen world, Tony was a gem. When he bought the restaurant where Robin bartended, she immediately resented his intrusion into her well ordered, but exhausting, life. She suspected his special attention and constant kindness came with expectations of something from her in return, something she wasn't willing to give. Tony knew God had led him to Robin. Would she ever allow herself to trust him? Could she ever allow herself to trust God? Or would the winter of their tragic youths rise from the shadows of the past and freeze any chance at happiness?

American Chick in Saudi Arabia

by Jean Sasson

It all begins with an ad in the newspaper. When Jean Sasson, a young Southern woman living in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, answers a call to work in the royal hospital in Saudi Arabia, what should have been a two-year stay turns into a life-changing adventure spanning over a decade. Over the years Jean is plunged into the hidden lives of the veiled women in Riyadh, where women are locked in luxurious homes and fundamentalist mutawas terrorize the streets. Jean meets women from all walks of life--a feisty bedouin, an educated mother, a conservative wife of a high-ranking Saudi, and a Saudi princess the world knows as Princess Sultana--all who open a window into Saudi culture and help to reshape Jean's worldviews. AMERICAN CHICK IN SAUDI ARABIA is the first installment in a heartfelt, inspiring memoir about Jean's thirty-year travels and adventures in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Kuwait and Iraq.Jean's first book THE RAPE OF KUWAIT, based on her eye witness reporting on the invasion of Kuwait by Iraqi troops, was an immediate bestseller. Her next three books, PRINCESS, PRINCESS SULTANA'S DAUGHTERS, and PRINCESS SULTANA'S CIRCLE, became international sensations as they were the first books to bring to the western world the shocking stories about life for women in Saudi Arabia. Jean is also the author of GROWING UP BIN LADEN: Osama's Wife and Son Take Us into Their Secret World and FOR THE LOVE OF A SON: One Afghan Woman's Quest for Her Stolen Child. Her work has been featured in People, Vanity Fair, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The New Yorker, The New York Post, The Sunday London Times, The Guardian, CNN, FOX & NBC.Still traveling the world, Jean has made her homebase in Atlanta, Georgia where she is a passionate animal rights and women's rights supporter.


by J. M. Snyder

Adam Blue is destined to be a rockstar. As lead singer of Viral Blue, he knows it's just a matter of time before he's on his way to fame and fortune. If he can just get a studio to sign his band and get his songs on the radio, he knows he'll make it big.When they land a spot onstage at a popular nightclub downtown, Adam hopes to get noticed. But he doesn't expect to meet sexy Paulo Raucci, owner of Raucci Entertainment, a local studio looking for fresh talent. Paul likes Adam's sound and, more importantly, likes Adam, as well.But when Paul brings the band into the studio, his partner Lewis isn't quite as taken with Adam's rockstar attitude. Lewis doesn't want to sign the band until Adam proves he's willing to work. Unfortunately, the band takes second priority to Adam's growing interest Paul ... an interest that has nothing to do with his musical career.The stress of recording their first studio album threatens to tear the band apart, and Adam's ego further drives a wedge between the members of Viral Blue. Paul does his best to keep the band together, but ultimately it's Adam's call.Adam wants it all -- his band, his first record, and his new lover. Now that his dreams are finally within reach, what does he have to do to make them come true?

Battle of the Bands

by J. M. Snyder

The rivalry between hard rock bands Tainted Black and Hazard is legendary in Richmond’s local rock scene. A fight between the drummers at Catch-22’s third annual Battle of the Bands is a sure way to get both bands eliminated from the competition, but the lead singers settle things in a very different -- but explosive -- manner.


by J. M. Snyder

It's hard to understand why some people feel the need to hurt themselves, especially when they seem to have everything they need or want out of life. So how do you help someone bent on a path of self-destruction?And what can you possibly do when it's someone you love?This short but powerful story is about a young man who discovers his lover is a "cutter." Simply asking him to stop doesn't solve the problem. As much as he hates to do it, he lays down an ultimatum that will hopefully save their relationship ... and his lover's life.

A Little Something for Santa

by J. M. Snyder

As the holidays approach, Patrick confides in his coworker Chris about his attraction to older men in Santa suits. From the gleam in his friend's eye, he just knows Chris is going to dress up like the jolly old elf himself in a desperate bid for Patrick's attention.When both men work late on Christmas Eve, Patrick decides to be charitable and give his coworker a little something special ... if he manages to pull off the costume.Who says Santa only comes once a year?

A Haunted Love

by J. M. Snyder

Nick works as a re-enactor at a Colonial America site. One foggy night he meets David Henry, just about the sexiest man in colonial garb Nick has ever seen. Because Nick's missed the last bus into town, David invites him to stay the night with him at the colony's inn.Though there's definitely a spark between them, David is gone when Nick wakes. When David's claim of working as an apprentice at the glass shop doesn't pan out, Nick begins to wonder about the guy he's met and the ghost stories circulating around the colony, stories he always believed untrue ...

6 Short Stories

by Robert T. Jeschonek

Welcome to six short stories from award-winning storyteller Robert T. Jeschonek. This volume includes six full-length tales for one low price:"Wave a White Flag." Old man Henry decides to throw everything out the window, literally. No one can stop him as he chucks his belongings from his high-rise apartment and watches them crash to the sidewalk far below. But he can't get rid of some memories no matter how hard he tries."Day of the Mad Shitter." A man's obsessive pursuit of a workplace bathroom slob leads to an epic meltdown with tragic consequences."How to Get Lucky." Hopper the narcoleptic seeks salvation in an experimental sleep lab. Will a makeshift family of sleep-disorder rejects help him find the peace he craves, or will the twisted dreams that haunt him drag him into a personal hell on Earth?"A Wall of Lisas." A lonely woman struggles to overcome the isolation that torments her. Reflections of a terrible tomorrow drive her to the brink of madness."The Day After They Rounded Up Everyone Who Could Love Unconditionally." A society sheds its weakest links--everyone capable of unconditional love. In the aftermath, one of the survivors starts to think something wasn't quite right about the glorious purge."The Walking Bomb." What's the worst that can happen to a minister working in a bomb factory? A streak of bad luck that turns him into the next best thing to a human bomb. As disasters rain down around him and kill the people he loves most, this modern-day Job sets out on a journey of discovery that might just lead to a genuine miracle of healing and redemption.

Serial Killer vs. E-Merica

by Robert T. Jeschonek Ben Baldwin

A serial killer is murdering E-Congress! Virtual reality e-representatives form a more perfect union in a future America of a hundred states. Until someone reaches into the computerized Congress and murders them one by one. Only Nevada, the e-rep sergeant-at-arms with a shadowy past, stands a chance of tracking the killer. But the trail grows deadlier with every step Nevada takes. America's digitized government might rule from a virtual Capitol, but e-blood runs thick in the hallowed halls. When the killing stops, will Nevada make America's high tech tomorrow safe for e-democracy? Or will a terrible secret pull the trigger on a nation's hopes and dreams? Only "Acirema the Rellik" knows for sure. Don't miss this exciting tale by award-winning storyteller Robert T. Jeschonek, a master of unique and unexpected science fiction that really packs a punch.

The Genie's Secret

by Robert T. Jeschonek Ben Baldwin

A sexy genie held captive by a brutal master has no choice: she must obey his twisted wishes at all costs. When a federal agent with a flair for the supernatural comes to the rescue, the genie must obey her master's orders to capture and torture him. But the agent knows the genie's deepest secret, a passion so powerful it could free her forever from servitude. A passion that could unleash the wildest magic that burns in her heart, a spell of pure love that no man can resist or destroy. A spell that will change everything for genie, master, and rescuer alike. In the world of a slave to magic and sin, only the wish of a wish can break the chains and awaken a secret passion locked away for thousands of years. Don't miss this exciting tale by award-winning storyteller Robert T. Jeschonek, a master of unique and unexpected fantasy that really packs a punch.

The Greatest Serial Killer in the Universe

by Robert T. Jeschonek Ben Baldwin

The alien Ectozoids can't bear to kill, and their enemies are out for blood. Who better than Earth's top serial killer, Luther Paraclete, to awaken their killer instincts? How was he to know they'd turn into such eager students? When a planet of peace becomes a blood-soaked nightmare, does the greatest serial killer in the universe have a chance in hell of surviving? Don't miss this exciting tale by award-winning Star Trek and Doctor Who author Robert T. Jeschonek, a master of unique and unexpected science fiction that really packs a punch.

Differentiated Coaching: A Framework for Helping Teachers Change

by Jane A. Kise

Discover how a coaching model based on teachers’ learning styles can impact student success! Help teachers understand how their strengths and beliefs may lock them into practices that can limit student success. The author uses research of personality, multiple intelligences, experiential learning models, and mind styles models to create a differentiated approach for staff development. Key elements include: Understanding teachers’ strengths and beliefs Providing information that can influence beliefs Meeting teachers’ needs during change Relating what is being learned to an existing problem

The Graphic Novel Classroom: POWerful Teaching and Learning With Images

by Maureen M. Bakis

A secret weapon for engaging adolescents Could you use a superhero to teach reading, writing, critical thinking, and problem-solving? While seeking the answer, secondary language arts teacher Maureen Bakis discovered a powerful pedagogy that teaches those skills and more. The amazingly successful results prompted her to write this practical guide that shows how to use graphic novels to: Teach 21st-century skills, including interpretation of content and form Promote authentic literacy learning Grow learners’ competency in writing and visual comprehension Motivate students to create in multiple formats, including images Engage struggling as well as proficient students in reading

Differentiated Literacy Strategies for English Language Learners, Grades 7–12

by Gayle H. Gregory Amy J. Burkman

100 ways to keep adolescent ELLs engaged This versatile handbook is for middle school and high school educators who need to differentiate literacy instruction for adolescent ELL students at various stages of literacy competency. Adapted from the highly successful Differentiated Literacy Strategies for Student Growth and Achievement in Grades 7–12, the authors use brain-based strategies and texts that appeal to older learners who may have had interrupted formal education or come from newly arrived immigrant populations. More than 100 hands-on tools help teachers develop students’ competencies in: Content areas, including vocabulary, concept attainment, and comprehension Technology, such as information searching, evaluation, and synthesis Creative applications and 21st century skills ·

Defusing Disruptive Behavior in the Classroom

by Geoffrey T. Colvin

The ultimate guide to handling problem behavior "in the heat of the moment"! When disruptive behavior occurs, your first response can determine how quickly the situation is resolved. Colvin offers teachers seven key behavioral principles and a range of research-based approaches for immediately defusing disruptive situations, avoiding escalation, and correcting behaviors. This resource features: Strategies that target specific behaviors, including off-task behavior, rule violations, disrespect, agitation, noncompliance, and threats and intimidation Common classroom scenarios and solutions for K–12 general and special education teachers Checklists and action plans for applying the strategies while maintaining the flow of instruction

Responsible Classroom Management, Grades K–5: A Schoolwide Plan

by Bob Algozzine J. Allen Queen

Written for K–5 principals and teachers, this all-inclusive resource introduces a nationally tested discipline plan that emphasizes a team approach to managing student behavior.

Now What? Confronting and Resolving Ethical Questions: A Handbook for Teachers

by Sarah V. Mackenzie G. Calvin Mackenzie

Written by an educator and a national authority on ethics and featuring detailed real-life case studies, this volume outlines the relationship between ethical practices and school success.

Teaching Tech-Savvy Kids: Bringing Digital Media Into the Classroom, Grades 5-12

by Jessica K. Parker

Students are plugged in, powered up, and connected. Are you? The author gives teachers a deeper understanding of the dynamic potential for increasing student learning through digital media. Based on a three-year study of youth and their use of new media, this teacher-friendly resource includes: Descriptions of digital tools such as social networking platforms, YouTube, Wikipedia, virtual worlds, digital music, and more Vignettes about how young people use digital media Sidebars debunking common myths about technology Advice about navigating digital media for both novice and expert teachers Pedagogical implications and practices, including sample activities

Using RTI to Teach Literacy to Diverse Learners, K-8: Strategies for the Inclusive Classroom

by Sheila Alber-Morgan

Practical intervention strategies for diverse learners who struggle with literacy! Covering reading and writing, this book shows K–8 teachers how to build the literacy skills of diverse learners in inclusive classrooms. The author discusses instruction and assessment within a Response to Intervention (RTI) framework and how to provide targeted support to students who may require special attention. The book offers: Specific literacy intervention strategies for each tier in a 3-tier RTI framework Examples of assessments and graphic organizers Brief case studies illustrating how the strategies can be used with students A discussion on using thematic units to integrate reading and writing

Strategies for Teaching Students With Learning Disabilities

by Lucy C. Martin

Written by a teacher for teachers, this engaging book provides more than 100 practical strategies for students with learning disabilities, along with guidance on accommodations and assessment.

Smarter Clicking: School Technology Policies That Work!

by Christopher W. Wells

Develop safe technology practices that support learning and protect your school, staff, and students! Designed to support appropriate use of technology for teaching and learning, this comprehensive guide gives school leaders a clear road map for creating, implementing, and maintaining effective instructional technology policies. In jargon-free terms, Wells explains legal considerations and offers case studies and concrete strategies to help educators: Evaluate their school’s needs Involve stakeholders in a collaborative effort Protect student and staff privacy Respond to challenges presented by social networking and emerging technologies Avoid inappropriate, costly use of technology Develop acceptable use policies

Before the Special Education Referral: Leading Intervention Teams

by Matthew J. Jennings

Step by step, this resource helps school leaders develop teacher teams to provide focused instructional interventions before a referral for special education evaluation is needed.

Teaching U.S. History Beyond the Textbook: Six Investigative Strategies, Grades 5-12

by Yohuru R. Williams

Aligned with national standards, these strategies and sample lessons turn learners into history detectives as they solve historical mysteries, prepare arguments for famous cases, and more.

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