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The Hypnotist 360173 Lars Kepler 9780771095740 2009 Contains images
House of Names: A Novel 1606980 Colm Toibin 9780771098208 2017
Sharks, Skates, Rays and Chimeras of British Columbia (Royal BC Museum Handbook) 3405038 Jackie King Gordon McFarlane 9780772673374 2020 Contains images
Coal Dust in My Blood: The Autobiography of a Coal Miner 2864740 Bill Johnstone 9780772677365 1980 Contains images
Furrows in the Sky: The Adventures of Gerry Andrews 3603748 Jay Sherwood 9780772678102 2012 Contains images
Bannock and Beans: A Cowboy's Account of the Bedaux Expedition 3603750 Bob White Jay Sherwood 9780772678225 2009 Contains images
The Children of Aataentsic: A History of the Huron People to 1660 1017610 Bruce G. Trigger 9780773506275 1976
Security and Defence in the Terrorist Era 92670 Elinor C. Sloan 9780773529731 2005
Mobilizing Mercy: A History of the Canadian Red Cross 1565884 Sarah Glassford 9780773548329 2017 Contains images
The Islamic Challenge and the United States: Global Security in an Age of Uncertainty 1565945 Ehsan M. Ahrari 9780773548367 2017 Contains images
The Harper Factor: Assessing a Prime Minister's Policy Legacy 1565994 Jennifer Ditchburn Graham Fox 9780773548725 2016 Contains images
Filling the Ranks: Manpower in the Canadian Expeditionary Force, 1914-1918 1566066 J. L. Granatstein Tim Cook Richard Holt 9780773549111 2017 Contains images
Permanent State of Emergency: Unchecked Executive Power and the Demise of the Rule of Law 3568578 Ryan Alford 9780773549210 2017
Mourning Nature: Hope at the Heart of Ecological Loss and Grief 3568678 Ashlee Cunsolo Karen Landman 9780773549364 2017 Contains images
Grand Adventure: The Lives of Helge and Anne Stine Ingstad and Their Discovery of a Viking Settlement in North America 3568175 Benedicte Ingstad 9780773549708 2017 Contains images
Invisible Injured: Psychological Trauma in the Canadian Military from the First World War to Afghanistan 1599908 Adam Montgomery 9780773549975 2017
Devouring Time: Nostalgia in Contemporary Shakespearean Screen Adaptations 3568538 Philippa Sheppard 9780773550223 2017 Contains images
Tug of War: Surveillance Capitalism, Military Contracting, and the Rise of the Security State (Carleton Library Series #242) 3568448 Jocelyn Wills 9780773550490 2017
Censored: A Literary History of Subversion and Control 3568370 Matthew Fellion Katherine Inglis 9780773551893 2017 Contains images
Call of Empire: From the Highlands to Hindostan 3568594 Alexander Charles Baillie 9780773552074 2017 Contains images
At the Centre of Government: The Prime Minister and the Limits on Political Power 3568372 Ian Brodie 9780773553781 2018 Contains images
Beyond Vision: Going Blind, Inner Seeing, and the Nature of the Self 3568627 Allan Jones 9780773553804 2018
Vasily Grossman: A Writer's Freedom 3569094 Giovanni Maddalena Anna Bonola 9780773555419 2018 Contains images
Stories of Women in the Middle Ages 3568778 Franco Cardini Giles Constable Maria Teresa Brolis 9780773556157 2018
Turning to the World: Social Justice and the Common Good since Vatican II 3569203 Carl N. Still Gertrude Rompré 9780773556232 2018

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Showing 99,976 through 100,000 of 100,000 results