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Let's All Kill Constance

by Ray Bradbury

The author of 100 books, Ray Bradbury has written but two mystery novels -- Death is a Lonely Business and A Graveyard for Lunatics, both set in 1950s Venice, CA. , and narrated by a young screenwriter. Now the screenwriter isn' t so green anymore, but mystery and murder still abound in the third of Bradbury' s noir tales. It was a dark and stormy night when Constance Rattigan, a once-beautiful screen star frantically knocks on the narrator' s bungalow door. In her clenched hands are two tattered phone books filled with names of long-dead Hollywood personalities. A few of those listed are still alive -- but each one of those entries has a red cross marked next to it. Who, Constance asks, could have sent these " Books of the Dead" to her- and why? Enlisting the aid of his trusted sidekick, detective Elmo Crumley, the pair sets out to unravel the mystery, taking readers on a tour of the waning days of Hollywood glamour, when stars and their pictures loomed larger than life itself.

Let's All Sing: Merry Christmas - Deck the Halls

by Grace Lin

Bestselling and award-winning author/illustrator Grace Lin offers a brand-new interpretation of Deck the Halls featuring a variety of animal characters celebrating the holiday season. In the Read Aloud version of this eBook, readers can listen to the song with music at the end of the book. Let's all sing!Features: Read Aloud functionality [where available]

Let's All Sing: Merry Christmas - Twelve Days of Christmas

by Grace Lin

Bestselling and award-winning author/illustrator Grace Lin offers a brand-new interpretation of The Twelve Days of Christmas featuring a variety of animal characters celebrating the holiday season. In the Read Aloud version of this eBook, readers can listen to the song with music at the end of the book. Let's all sing!Features: Read Aloud functionality [where available]

Let's Be Friends

by J. David Cooper John J. Pikulski Patricia A. Ackerman

NIMAC-sourced textbook

Let’s Be Friends (Florida Edition)

by J. David Cooper John J. Pikulski

A study guide for lower grade students.

Let's Begin Again (Seven Sisters Series Book 7)

by Debra White Smith

Can Tony and Victoria find their first love again? Victoria feels tony isn't quite opening up and giving his all and Tony is afraid to reveal long hidden secrets...can God help them find their way back to him and to each other?

Let's Call Him Lau-wiliwili-humuhumu-nukunuku-nukunuku-âpua'a-'oi'oi

by Tim Myers

From the book: When a proud triggerfish, swimming "joyfully and boyfully" and a proud butterflyfish, swimming "whirlfully and girlfully," marry and have a fish child, an argument erupts over what to name the child. The happy resolution will appeal to parents and children alike-and speaks particularly to families in which the parents are from different ethnic groups.

Let's Celebrate Earth Day

by Peter Roop Connie Roop

A well-rounded introduction to Earth Day for young readers in a question- and-answer format. Important facts about the state of our earth are interspersed throughout, but an overall positive tone leaves readers feeling encouraged, not discouraged. Another great book in the "Let's Celebrate..". series!

Let's Classify Organisms

by Kelli Hicks

'Let's Classify Organisms' classifies living organisms into six kingdoms with great detail along with interesting facts for students.

Let's Cook It Right

by Adelle Davis

Provides recipes and cooking tips for cooking healthy food.

Let's Create

by Macmillan Mcgraw-Hill

NIMAC-sourced textbook

Let's Do Lunch: You'll Never Have to Diet Again

by Roger Troy Wilson

Roger Troy Wilson weighed 425 pounds and had a 5-foot waist. He had given up on losing weight and prayed that he would die and go to Heaven. After fifteen years of experimenting with different foods and eating patterns, he discovered how to actually have fun losing weight easily---almost the complete opposite of most diets. He lost 230 pounds and 24 inches from his waist.Today Wilson has maintained his weight loss for years. "You do not need to exercise or count carbs. You can do it without portioning and shakes and chemicals," says Wilson. In Let's Do Lunch, he reveals: the dumbest thing we all do that keeps us from losing weight / which "non-fattening" foods are actually fattening / special ways to eliminate cravings / where to go and what to get when you want to eat something quick. Once you've read Let's Do Lunch, you'll never think of eating any other way.

Let's Dream, Martin Luther King, Jr.!

by Peter Roop Connie Roop

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., made history. He became famous for his work helping African Americans get equal rights. Do you know that Martin Luther King was given a different name when he was born? Martin Luther King, Jr., was very active as a boy. Did you know he almost died in an accident? Martin Luther King, Jr., loved to play football. Do you know what other sports he played? Martin Luther King, Jr., grew up to be a Baptist minister. Do you know what other careers he considered? Martin Luther King, Jr., worked hard to make sure laws were fair for all Americans, especially African Americans. Did you know Dr. King broke unfair laws and went to jail many times? Dr. King gave hundreds of speeches. Do you know what his most famous speech was? Dr. King worked hard to settle problems peacefully. Do you know what famous award he received for his work? The answers to these questions lie in who Martin Luther King, Jr., was as a boy and as a young man. This book is about Martin Luther King, Jr., before he made history.

Let's Drive, Henry Ford!

by Peter Roop Connie Roop

Henry Ford is famous. He made many different kinds of cars. Do you know that Henry did not invent the car? Henry was born on a farm in Michigan. Do you know that wolves could be heard in the woods when Henry was born? Henry worked hard on the family farm. Do you know that Henry was determined to find a way not to do all of that hard work? Henry loved to fix broken watches. Do you know that Henry repaired his neighbors' watches for free? Henry loved to tinker with toys. Do you know why his brothers and sisters wouldn't let him play with their toys? Henry was fascinated by the power of steam. Do you know that Henry made a steam whistle to scare his sister? Henry liked to learn. Do you know that he never finished high school? Henry left his family's farm to work with machines. Do you know he ran one of Thomas Edison's first electricity plants in Detroit? Henry was fascinated with the idea of designing a horseless carriage. Did you know that other inventors succeeded before he did? Henry dreamed of building a car to carry people. Do you know that he made millions of cars, trucks, and tractors? Henry had many ideas. Do you know it was his idea to build cars quickly and inexpensively on an assembly line? The answers to these questions lie in who Henry Ford was as a child and as a young man. This book is about Henry Ford before he made history.

Let's Fly a Kite, Charlie Brown!: A Book About the Seasons

by Charles M. Schulz Harry Coe Verr

Charlie Brown and his friends enjoy a variety of activities during the four seasons, from flying a kite in the spring to sledding in the winter. Other books about Charlie Brown and his friends are available in this library.

Let’s Fly, Wilbur and Orville!

by Peter Roop Connie Roop

Wilbur and Orville Wright are famous. They invented the first airplane. Do you know something you use that they invented before the airplane? Wilbur and Orville's mother liked to build things, too. Do you know what toy she made for her children? The Wright brothers built airplanes as adults. Do you know what flying toys they built when they were young? Wilbur and Orville were excellent athletes. Do you know what sports they played? The Wright brothers never graduated from high school. But did you know that they both received college degrees? The Wright brothers built many toys as adults. Do you know what toy taught them the most about flying? Wilbur and Orville chose to fly their first airplane in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Do you know why they picked Kitty Hawk? Wilbur and Orville had to decide who would be the first to fly in their airplane. Do you know how they decided? Wilbur and Orville Wright received medals for their airplane work. Do you know that another Wright child also received a special medal for helping them? The answers to these questions lie in who Wilbur and Orville Wright were as boys and as young men. This book is about Wilbur and Orville Wright before they made history.

Let's Get Invisible! (Goosebumps #6)

by R. L. Stine

In this spooky, middle-grade thriller, Max and his friends discover that being able to be invisible isn't so terrific if you can't make yourself reappear.

Let's Get It On

by Brenda Jackson Rochelle Alers Donna Hill Francis Ray

Rochelle Alers, "Love Lessons" Tyrell Hardcastle is knocked off his feet when he meets a local high school teacher. Now all he has to do is overcome her objections to him being the "younger man". Donna Hill, "Lady in Waiting" Noah Hardcastle is engaged to beautiful Tara Mitchell. However, their relationship is threatened when Noah's first love Rachel, returns to D.C. to prove to him that he is all she ever really wanted. Brenda Jackson, "Irresistible Attraction" Sydney Corbain never forgot her explosive encounter with Tyrone Hardcastle at her brother's wedding. So when she runs into him in New York City on business, they both see this as an opportunity to explore their undenaible attraction. Francis Ray, "Blind Date" Ayanna Hardcastle pretends that she is dating wealthy businessman Tanner Rafferty, in order to get her matchmaking friend off her back. But, she never imagined that Tanner Rafferty would show up to collect on that claim!

Let's Get It On

by Cheris Hodges

She's So Not Having This Problem"I go on vacation in the Bahamas to celebrate my promotion and who do I see? Maurice Goings, NFL superstar, my high school and college sweetheart...the man who not only broke my heart, but drop-kicked it beyond repair. We were only a few weeks away from marriage when I caught him cheating on me. I changed schools, became a top lawyer, and swore that I'd never be hurt like that again. I don't care that Maurice is even finer than ever before, I'm not letting him fool me twice. . ." But He's Ready To Do Whatever It Takes. . . "I know I hurt Kenya a lot, but I really do love her. No matter how much she tries to push me away, fate keeps drawing us back into each other's arms--and God knows there's still so much sizzling chemistry between us. So this is my last chance to show her that she can trust me again. It's going to be the hardest thing I've ever done--but Kenya's worth it..."

Let's Get Lost

by Adi Alsaid

Five strangers. Countless adventures.One epic way to get lost. "Reminiscent of John Green's Paper Towns, Alsaid's debut is a gem."-School Library Journal"For readers of John Green or any realistic YA authors, I would highly recommend this new wonderful novel."-Fresh FictionFour teens across the country have only one thing in common: a girl named Leila. She crashes into their lives in her absurdly red car at the moment they need someone the most.There's Hudson, a small-town mechanic who is willing to throw away his dreams for true love. And Bree, a runaway who seizes every Tuesday-and a few stolen goods along the way. Elliot believes in happy endings...until his own life goes off-script. And Sonia worries that when she lost her boyfriend, she also lost the ability to love.Hudson, Bree, Elliot and Sonia find a friend in Leila. And when Leila leaves them, their lives are forever changed. But it is during Leila's own 4,268-mile journey that she discovers the most important truth-sometimes, what you need most is right where you started. And maybe the only way to find what you're looking for is to get lost along the way.Book Club & Common Core-aligned materials included in book.

Let's Get Mommy Married

by Marie Ferrarella

The marriage scheme...The Mom: runs a matchmaking service and refuses to find herself a date! Her son wants her to find herself a husband, but Rosemary Gallagher wants to remain happily unmarried.The Kid: has the perfect plan and doesn't care if it gets him grounded for a year. Little Danny is going to get his mommy married, and he wouldn't mind having a dad, too.The Would-be Groom: doesn't have a clue that he's about to say bye-bye to bachelorhood. Chris Maverick, get ready to walk down that aisle!

Let's Get Ready For Kwanzaa

by Joanne Winne

An easy to read and easy to understand book about Kwanzaa for beginning readers.

Let's Get Real or Let's Not Play: Transforming the Buyer/Seller Relationship

by Stephen R. Covey Mahan Khalsa Randy Illig

The new way to transform a sales culture with clarity, authenticity, and emotional intelligence. Too often, the sales process is all about fear. Customers are afraid that they will be talked into making a mistake; salespeople dread being unable to close the deal and make their quotas. No one is happy. Mahan Khalsa and Randy Illig offer a better way. Salespeople, they argue, do best when they focus 100 percent on helping clients succeed. When customers are successful, both buyer and seller win. When they aren?t, both lose. It?s no longer sufficient to get clients to buy?a salesperson must also help the client reduce costs, increase revenues, and improve productivity, quality, and customer satisfaction. This book shares the unique FranklinCovey Sales Performance Group methodology that will help readers: ? Start new business from scratch in a way both salespeople and clients can feel good about ? Ask hard questions in a soft way ? Close the deal by opening minds

Let's Go Budget London

by Inc. Harvard Student Agencies

Let's Go Budget London is a budget traveler's ticket to getting the most out of a trip to London-without breaking the bank. Whether you want to experience the breathtaking views from the Golden Gallery of St. Paul's Cathedral, watch free speech in action at Speakers' Corner in Hyde Park, or chow down on some authentic pub grub, this slim, easy-to-carry guide is packed with dollar-saving information to help you make every penny count. Let's Go Budget London also includes neighborhood maps to help you get oriented, plus eight pages' worth of color photos to whet your appetite for sightseeing. From how to get discount tickets for museums, performances, and public transportation to where to find cheap eats and affordable accommodations, Let's Go Budget London has got you covered-and it's small enough to fit in your back pocket.Let's Go Budget Guides are for travelers who want to spend less but have more fun, students with more time than money, and anyone who appreciates a good deal. Let's Go Budget guides are written by Harvard student researchers. And who better than a starving student to figure out how to stretch a budget-and discover what's free and fun along the way?

Let's Go! Fire Truck

by Cuddly Duck Productions

Kids will have fun playing with this series of wheel books. Short stories and whimsical art will make these books a favorite for all the kids on your reading list. These exciting wheel books are a great way to share the gift of reading with a child you love!

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