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Your Inner Physician And You: Craniosacral Therapy and Somatoemotional Release, 2nd Ed.

by John E. Upledger

We are given a step by step discovery and development of a holistic modality that can provide healing in many areas when other modalities fail. This is more of an explanation of the why and how it works than an actual textbook for the classroom.

Wishful Thinking (Disney's Hannah Montana #16)

by Laurie Mcelroy

When Miley turns down a date with Jesse McCartney because she has to finish a science project, she wishes on a shooting star that she could be Hannah Montana all the time. The next morning, Miley wakes up to a world where she's waited on hand and foot, doesn't have to worry about school, and is dating Jesse! But not only has Miley's world changed, so have her family and friends. She has a new step-mom, Jackson is never around, and Lilly and Oliver don't even know her beyond her celebrity billboard. Can things ever go back to the way they were? Plus, Hannah Montana heads to the White House to sing for the President!

Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus

by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

Classic horror story. Victor Frankenstein is obsessed with creating life. His botched creature sets out to destroy Frankenstein, and all he holds dear.


by Kate Wilhelm

Lee Donne's family is gifted. Her mother has three doctorates, her father is an economics genius, and her grandfather is a world-renowned Shakespearean scholar. Lee's own gift, if you could call it that, is an eidetic memory that seems to maintain a visual representation of everything she's ever seen. For the most part, this gift is useless; it certainly hasn't helped Lee in college, where she's just spent four years drifting from major to major, with no degree in sight. Without a job or prospects, Lee is relieved to be house-sitting her grandfather's isolated Oregon home. But her stay soon becomes a nightmare when she is tormented by strange and menacing noises at night. Emboldened by a visit from her friend Casey, Lee finds that the source of these haunting sounds is an all-too human force--a young and well-respected man. He knew that Lee's grandfather would be away, but what could he have been looking for? The search for answers takes Lee from the Pacific Northwest to the streets of New Orleans. Using her strange gift as she probes into her family's past, Lee uncovers secrets more far-reaching and sinister than she ever could imagine.

The Birth of the Modern World: Society 1815-1830

by Paul Johnson

Presents the case that the period just after the Napoleonic Wars was crucial to the formation of today's society.

Komodo Dragons (Nature's Children)

by Geoff Miller

Can Komodo dragons breathe fire? How many teeth do Komodo dragons have? What do young Komodo dragons look like? Find the answers to these questions, and learn much more about the physical characteristics, behavior, habitat, and lives of Komodo dragons. Other books in this series are available in this library.

Cherry Ames, Mountaineer Nurse (Houndsley and Catina #12)

by Julie Tatham

Cherry Ames serves the rural poor in Kentucky and stumbles upon feuds, love, and mystery.

Who's That Girl (Mystery and the Minister's Wife #13)

by Carol Cox

SOMETIMES THE UNEXPECTED HIDES BENEATH THE SURFACE... WHEN KATE GETS A CALL from the local hospital requesting that she identify a young woman who asked for her by name, she rushes to the hospital, only to discover that she's never laid eyes on the comatose patient before. Never one to avoid a mystery, Kate travels from an abandoned campground to a college campus and all around Copper Mill in an effort to discover not only the woman's identity, but how she ended up in the hospital in the first place. But not everything is what it seems. Millie Lovelace's mysterious behavior raises suspicions, and Paul's mentor Nehemiah Jacobs has a few secrets of his own. As Kate and Paul struggle to make sense of it all, Kate realizes that spreading a little faith might be all that she needs to do to crack the case wide open.

Dick Whittington and His Cat

by Marcia Brown

This a the well-loved tale of the London waif whose cat's prowess as a ratter results in Dick's becoming a successful merchant and Lord Mayor of London.<P><P> Winner of the Caldecott Honor

Blades of Cairndale

by Michael Espinoza

Three warriors, one perilous quest, and a realm teetering on the brink of chaos. Expert swordswoman Urunzai Zuna, half-nymph Esmera Atlia, and fresh recruit Garyn Valenthir must journey into the wild lands to the west of Cairndale at the behest of their ruler, Azyriana the Witch-Queen. As unprecedented rebellion and insidious political deception gnaw at the foundations of their homeland, the trio must race to unearth the source of haunting dreams that assail their queen before her father, Thurzir the Demon-King, returns from the Abyss to reclaim his throne. "Blades of Cairndale" reads like a broadsword's swing: fast, hard, and straight to the point. The swift-moving narrative recounts a timeless tale of politics, persecution, and persevering friendship in the face of what may seem insurmountable odds.

NIOS Book Code-319 Higher Secondary Course-Books 1 and 2 of Commerce -Business Studies

by National Institute Of Open Schooling

This book covers the following important modules under Commerce for NIOS Senior Secondary Course: Business Around Us, Business Organizations, Business Management, Business Finance,Marketing etc.

Tamil Nadu Government Standard 8 - Tamil Second Term

by Tamil Nadu Government

Standard 8 Tamil Medium,Second Term sylabus for the subject Tamil.

Captive of Gor (Chronicles of Counter-Earth #7)

by John Norman

SLAVE-WOMAN ON GOR ... Elinor Brinton of New York City--beautiful, rich, spoiled, used to having her way with the men of earth--is hunted down and abducted by alien beings to find herself a captive on Gor, where men are absolute masters, and women their complete slaves.

For the Least of These (Mystery and the Minister's Wife # #14)

by Charlotte Carter

NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED. when she is approached by a teenager in desperate need of work, Kate's heart goes out to the girl, Megan Maddock, who looks the worse for wear with her torn jeans, stringy hair and dirty face. Clearly Megan's family has fallen on hard times, but to Kate it seems like more than that. After exchanging a few words with Megan, Kate feels certain that the girl is keeping something from her. But what could this unfortunate teenager possibly have to hide? Meanwhile, vandals have set their sights on Copper Mill, wreaking havoc throughout the town and putting the townspeople on edge. Through it all, Kate is undeterred, and her sleuthing uncovers an unseemly connection between Megan's mother and a string of jewelry heists in Knoxville. As Kate unravels the mystery, she comes to realize how important family and faith are...and that home truly is where the heart is, no matter where that home might be.

A Matter of Trust (Mystery and the Minister's Wife # #15)

by Diane Noble

UNDERSTANDING IS THE REWARD OF FAITH... WHEN A GROUP FROM COPPER MILL RETURNS from a tour in Italy, they bring with them a dose of international intrigue and excitement. Renee Lambert has a special souvenir--an ornate vase--as well as a new suitor. But just what is the ancient-looking artifact? Is it a clever copy of an antique, or is it the real deal? And why was Renee's beau so insistent that she buy and carry it home? Can Kate solve the mystery of the vase without ruining her friend's blossoming relationship? As Kate starts to uncover the truth about the souvenir, she quickly realizes she isn't alone in her search. A cast of foreign men is also hot on the trail of this apparent treasure. Meanwhile, Kate's daughter Melissa has a medical mystery, and Paul seems to be keeping secrets of his own. He asks Kate to simply trust him, but Kate isn't sure who to trust anymore. Will she be able to help her daughter in her time of need? Will Kate's faith in her husband be shaken, or will she patiently wait for answers? As Kate searches for the truth, she discovers that her faith in family and friends is immovable...and that her faith in God is stronger than ever.

Abraham Lincoln: The Prairie Years and the War Years (Volume II, The War Years 1861-1864)

by Carl Sandburg

He was a natural to write a biography of the prairie president. Sandburg has his roots there as well, and understood the plain speech, the wry humor, and the hard work. His portrayal of Lincoln had a quiet dignity about it and kept to the point, which was to describe how Lincoln grew up, read the law, took his ethics into the city, ran for office, waged war, and died just before he got to the promised land. Later biographies have emphasized Lincoln's psychology, or the rigors of his personal life, but Sandburg's portrait comes from two people of the prairie, himself and Lincoln.

Abraham Lincoln: The Prairie Years and the War Years (Volume III, The War Years 1864-1865)

by Carl Sandburg

The War years, 1864-1865, examines the bitter election of 1864, the conclusion of the War, the evolution of Lincoln's reconstruction policy, and finally the terrible assassination. Concluding volume of the 3-volume set.

Funny Money (Mystery and the Minister's Wife Series Book #16)

by Traci Depree

JUDGE NOT THAT YE BE NOT JUDGED. WHEN KATE HANLON DECIDES TO HELP A NEW FAMILY at Faith Briar Church battle their son's OVERWHELMING medical expenses, she takes up a collection... and gets FAR MORE than she ever expected. When phony money is discovered in the collection plate, Kate and her fellow parishioners find themselves in the middle of a counterfeiting ring. The Secret Service investigates, and the trail leads them directly to Tim Lourdes, the father of the sick boy. But Kate suspects there is more going on here than meets the eye. Meanwhile, she, and several others from town are involved in a dance competition taking lessons from another couple who has recently arrived in Copper Mill, the Harpers. The dance instructors energize their charges, bringing excitement and a sense of camaraderi to those who learn under them, but is there something else going on in the dance studio? And why does the Secret Service seem to be giving the counterfeit case far less attention than it deserves? Something just doesn't add up, and Kate Hanlon--with faith, family and friends--is going to find out what it is.


by Phyllis A. Whitney

Inside the walls of a palatial Newport estate, a violent struggle was beginning. Christy Moreland had come back to Spindrift determined to uncover the truth behind the mansion's most tightly held secret: the reason for her father's death. It was a truth that, at times, Christy felt she was barely strong enough to face, for it meant openly confronting Spindrift's domineering mistress--her mother-in-law, Theodora Moreland. Yet it was a battle that Christy knew she could not escape, especially if she was to free her young son from the obsessive and destructive hold the Morelands had come to exert over him. As Christy searches out the mysteries that haunt Spindrift--and the people in it--she slowly unveils a tightly woven web of deceit that only murder can continue to conceal A spellbinding novel of romantic suspense from the best-selling author of The Turquoise Mask.

My Life

by Golda Meir

"My Life" by Golda Meir is a compelling autobiography of an amazing woman, from her early days in poverty-stricken Kiev to her tenure as Prime Minister of Israel. This is a frank portrayal of her personality, motivations and goals.

Planet of the Apes

by William T. Quick

Captain Leo Davidson has been transported in to a world where apes rule, and humans serve as slaves and pets.

A Dog to Trust: The Saga of a Seeing-Eye Dog

by Joseph E. Chipperfield

Tells the story of Arno, an Alsatian dog also known as a German Shepherd Dog, who was trained as the eyes of Ralph, a painter who loses his sight, and in a twist of fate, Arno becomes blind and Ralph becomes his eyes.

Swatantrata Sangram

by Bipin Chandra Amlesh Tripathi Varun De

It traces the glorrious freedom movement of India. All aspects of the movements have been covered beautifully

Torn Country: An Oral History of the Israeli War of Independence

by Lynne Reid Banks

"Torn Country" is not so much a history of the Arab-Israeli war but rather a series of recollections and assessments of it by participants. Banks collected interviews and arranged them, to give as clear a picture of the events that took place as possible through the memories and in the words of a wide variety of people who remember them -- sometimes as if they happened yesterday, more often with perspective: events that shaped Jewish history.

The Medieval Vision: Essays in History and Perception

by Carolly Erickson

Writing primarily of the twelfth, thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, the author explores religious belief, clergy, land and property heresy, women, lawlessness, kingship and the ever present supernatural world, relying on contemporary accounts chosen to reveal the shared perception of the educated and the illiterate. Throughout the collection, the visionary imagination becomes a touchstone for discovering the gap between modern and medieval perception, a key that informs our understanding of medieval personalities, thought and society and gives them fresh meaning.

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