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The Doll in the Garden

by Mary Downing Hahn

She had been warned never to go there. . . But as ten year-old Ashely followed the beautiful white cat through a small opening in the hedge, she stepped into an enchanted place. . . A place where she might find the answers. . . Who is the little girl with golden curls and the huge sad eyes?Whose voice cries out in the dark of night? Why does the white cat cast no shadow in the moonlight? Who is the owner of the beautiful doll found buried in the garden? And if Ashely discovers the truth, Can she ever go back. . . '

The Doll of Lilac Valley

by Cora Cheney Nancy White Cassidy

While spending her first summer away from home, nine-year old Laurie loses her favorite doll but then finds another, with surprising results. She learns independence and learns about making hard choices for the good of others in a Fresh Air project that introduces city children to country life.

Doll Party

by Shirley Albert

Little Becky gets a new doll from her grandma. Becky decides to host a tea party so that all of her friends can meet and play with her new doll.

A Dollar And a Dream

by Carl Weber La Jill Hunt Dwayne S. Joseph Angel M. Hunter

Which of us hasn't daydreamed about what we'd do if we won the lottery? A Dollar And A Dream brings those fantasies to hilarious, heartbreaking life in three stories by #1 national bestselling author Carl Weber and La Jill Hunt, Essence bestselling author Angel Hunter, and bestselling author Dwayne S. Joseph. In "Easy Street," Carl Weber and La Jill Hunt deliver a drama-filled world of money, greed, and lies. When Paul, a wannabe player, is sent out by his neighbors to buy lottery tickets, his world is turned upside-down--and so are the lives of unsuspecting friends who may not only lose the winning tickets, but also their homes. . . "Ghetto Fabulous" is the story of a single mother with three kids from three different daddies. Money is what she needs, yet when she wins big, she's left wondering what to do. Friends and family she never knew she had are suddenly coming out of the woodwork. But where were they when she needed help? With one person designated to purchase tickets for the $180 million jackpot, six co-workers lives will be changed forever as each of them learns just how strong the pull of money can be. "One Night, Six Dreams" is a wild, shocking tale of just how far a person might go to have it all. . .. Join these unforgettable characters as they learn exactly what money can and can't buy in three fabulous, fast-paced stories of getting rich--and staying real. Includes A Teaser Chapter From Carl Weber's Upcoming Novel Player Haters

The Dollar Crisis

by Richard Duncan

In this updated, second edition of the highly acclaimed international best seller, The Dollar Crisis: Causes, Consequences, Cures, Richard Duncan describes the flaws in the international monetary system that have destabilized the global economy and that may soon culminate in a deflation-induced worldwide economic slump.The Dollar Crisis is divided into five parts:Part One describes how the US trade deficits, which now exceed US$1 million a minute, have destabilized the global economy by creating a worldwide credit bubble.Part Two explains why these giant deficits cannot persist and why a US recession and a collapse in the value of the Dollar are unavoidable.Part Three analyzes the extraordinarily harmful impact that the US recession and the collapse of the Dollar will have on the rest of the world.Part Four offers original recommendations that, if implemented, would help mitigate the damage of the coming worldwide downturn and put in place the foundations for balanced and sustainable economic growth in the decades ahead.Part Five, which has been newly added to the second edition, describes the extraordinary evolution of this crisis since the first edition was completed in September 2002. It also considers how the Dollar Crisis is likely to unfold over the years immediately ahead, the likely policy response to the crisis, and why that response cannot succeed.The Dollar Standard is inherently flawed and increasingly unstable. Its collapse will be the most important economic event of the 21st Century.

The Dollar Horse

by Miriam Young

What Keery wants most of all for his birthday is a horse. What he gets is... one dollar. But oh, what that dollar starts! Into his life come ten ducks - and a monkey - and three gypsies. Even Keery is surprised by what one' dollar can do!

The Dollar Meltdown

by Charles Goyette

"America's debt is a powder keg about to blow, and the fuse was lit by the rush of bailouts and stimulus spending. " Is your money inflation-proof? It had better be. On the heels of the most recent economic crisis, America is headed toward another: high inflation and dollar devaluation. Charles Goyette reveals the governmental errors that led to the current economic crisis and the bumpy road ahead. The signs are clear: Federal debt is compounding while growth has stalled, and America's foreign creditors are questioning the dollar's reserve currency status. Meanwhile, the "hidden" federal debt, much larger than the official debt, makes things even worse. So what can you do to safeguard your assets when the dollar heads south? This book is the essential guide for protecting yourself--and even profiting--in this time of financial turbulence. In clear detail, Goyette explains the alternative investments--from gold and silver to oil and agriculture-- that will remain strong in the face of mounting inflation. The Dollar Meltdown gives you the tools to maintain the value of your savings and captilize on the coming opportunities. Don't get left holding the bag after decades of government irresponsibility. The Dollar Meltdown shows you how to take the safety of your finances into your own hands.

Dollar Origami

by Richard L. Alexander Michael G. Lafosse

INVEST IN VALUABLE ORIGAMI ART! These 21 projects range from simple to slightly more challenging-perfect for beginners and more experienced folders. The easy-to-follow full-color instructions make these entertaining designs simple for anyone to create. These delightful money-folding activities are a great way to have fun while waiting for anything, and are a creative and fun way to give a cash gift or tip. Money Origami contains a DVD, 60 practice "dollars" and 64 pages of step-by-step instructions for 21 money-based projects, including: $ Five-Dollar Star $ Dollar BILL Butterfly $ Jumping Frog (with eyes) $ Paper Airplane $ Four-Dollar Tall Box $ And many more!

Dollar Origami

by Richard L. Alexander Michael G. Lafosse

$$$ Dollar, dollar bill-create fun and intricate money origami using your Washingtons, Franklins, and Lincolns $$$ These days, a dollar won't get you very far, but-in the right hands-a dollar bill can become a work of art. In Michael LaFosse's Dollar Origami, the world-renowned origami artist and co-founder of the eminent Origamido Studio shares twenty incredible creations specifically designed to be made out of dollar bills. Folded money models are wonderful gifts and conversation pieces, and LaFosse makes it easy for you to get started with projects ranging from "very simple" to "challenging. " This origami book contains: Full color, 64 page book Step-by-step instructions Colorful diagrams and photographs Origami folding guide and tips 20 original origami projects 48 tear-out practice "dollar bills" A 3 hour instructional DVD It's no wonder that more and more people are realizing how fun dollar bill origami can be. Printed currency is easy to fold, remarkably durable, intricately patterned, and readily available. Money origami projects include: The Windmill Pillow Prosperity Bamboo The George Washington Knot Drahcir the Dragon And many more. . .

A Dollar Outta Fifteen Cent

by Caroline Mcgill

Caroline McGill's debut novel is a page-turning tale of lust, revenge, drugs, and murder that exposes the raw side of street life.When self-serving affairs threaten to ruin treasured relationships in the lives of Portia, Simone, Laila, and Fatima, will they find the moral and spiritual strength to accept their destinies? Portia traded in her church roots for the x-rated nightlife as the scene's hottest stripper, Mystique. The hood respects her, and the men in suits lust after her. Jay, a Brooklyn hustler en-route to becoming a record company executive, delights in late-night, pre-paid, sex-on-demand romps with this conniving kitten. But will the top dog in town make a lady of the night his lady? And if so, can Portia escape her past without any scars? Simone is enjoying trips, jewelry, and extended lunches--perks of playing between the sheets with her married boss. But when she learns that her supervisor-turned-sugar daddy, Kyle, has a deadly secret, can Simone cope with the discovery? Laila, the meek married mother of two feels her spouse Khalil is slipping away from their wedded union. He is aloof and comes home late smelling of liquor and other sour stenches. Will Laila salvage her marriage? Fatima, a control freak who has had her share of unprotected sex, becomes panic stricken after taking her first HIV/AIDS test. Will she have to live with the consequences of her mistakes forever?Follow these four women as they take you on an exhilarating ride through the streets they know best.

The Dollar Trap

by Eswar S. Prasad

The U.S. dollar's dominance seems under threat. The near collapse of the U.S. financial system in 2008-2009, political paralysis that has blocked effective policymaking, and emerging competitors such as the Chinese renminbi have heightened speculation about the dollar's looming displacement as the main reserve currency. Yet, as The Dollar Trap powerfully argues, the financial crisis, a dysfunctional international monetary system, and U.S. policies have paradoxically strengthened the dollar's importance. Eswar Prasad examines how the dollar came to have a central role in the world economy and demonstrates that it will remain the cornerstone of global finance for the foreseeable future. Marshaling a range of arguments and data, and drawing on the latest research, Prasad shows why it will be difficult to dislodge the dollar-centric system. With vast amounts of foreign financial capital locked up in dollar assets, including U.S. government securities, other countries now have a strong incentive to prevent a dollar crash. Prasad takes the reader through key contemporary issues in international finance--including the growing economic influence of emerging markets, the currency wars, the complexities of the China-U.S. relationship, and the role of institutions like the International Monetary Fund--and offers new ideas for fixing the flawed monetary system. Readers are also given a rare look into some of the intrigue and backdoor scheming in the corridors of international finance.The Dollar Trap offers a panoramic analysis of the fragile state of global finance and makes a compelling case that, despite all its flaws, the dollar will remain the ultimate safe-haven currency.


by Robert W. Mcchesney John Nichols

Fresh from the first $10 billion election campaign, two award-winning authors show how unbridled campaign spending defines our politics and, failing a dramatic intervention, signals the end of our democracy.Blending vivid reporting from the 2012 campaign trail and deep perspective from decades covering American and international media and politics, political journalist John Nichols and media critic Robert W. McChesney explain how US elections are becoming controlled, predictable enterprises that are managed by a new class of consultants who wield millions of dollars and define our politics as never before. As the money gets bigger-especially after the Citizens United ruling-and journalism, a core check and balance on the government, declines, American citizens are in danger of becoming less informed and more open to manipulation. With groundbreaking behind-the-scenes reporting and staggering new research on "the money power," Dollarocracy shows that this new power does not just endanger electoral politics; it is a challenge to the DNA of American democracy itself.

Dolley Madison

by Catherine Allgor

First Lady of the United States and America's "Queen of Hearts," Dolley Madison fashioned an unofficial role for herself in the new administration of the United States, helping to answer the nation's need for ceremony and leaving footprints for centuries of presidential wives to follow. Assisting her husband, James Madison, she helped to promote national unity, modeling a political behavior that stressed civility and empathy. Together, their approach fueled bipartisanship in a country still assembling a political identity. About the Lives of American Women series: Selected and edited by renowned women's historian Carol Berkin, these brief biographies are designed for use in undergraduate courses. Rather than a comprehensive approach, each biography focuses instead on a particular aspect of a women's life that is emblematic of her time, or which made her a pivotal figure in the era. The emphasis is on a "good read," featuring accessible writing and compelling narratives, without sacrificing sound scholarship and academic integrity. Primary sources at the end of each biography reveal the subject's perspective in her own words. Study questions and an annotated bibliography support the student reader.

Dolley: A Novel of Dolley Madison in Love and War

by Rita Mae Brown

She had the president's ear and the nation's heart. She's the wife of the fourth president of the United States; a spirited charmer who adores parties, the latest French fashions, and the tender, brilliant man who is her husband. But while many love her, few suspect how complex Dolley Madison really is.Only in the pages of her diary--as imagined by novelist Rita Mae Brown--can Dolley fully reveal herself. And there we discover the real first lady--impulsive, courageous, and wise--as she faces her harshest trial: in 1814, the United States is once more at war with mighty Britain, and her beloved James is the most hated man in America.From the White House receptions she gaily presides over to her wild escape from a Washington under siege, Dolley gives us a legend ,made warmly human. For there has never been a first lady so testedèor one who came through the fire so brilliantly.

Dollface : A novel of the Roaring Twenties

by Renée Rosen

America in the 1920s was a country alive with the wild fun of jazz, speakeasies, and a new kind of woman--the flapper. Vera Abramowitz is determined to leave her gritty childhood behind and live a more exciting life, one that her mother never dreamed of. Bobbing her hair and showing her knees, the lipsticked beauty dazzles, doing the Charleston in nightclubs and earning the nickname "Dollface." As the ultimate flapper, Vera captures the attention of two high rollers, a handsome nightclub owner and a sexy gambler. On their arms, she gains entrée into a world filled with bootleg bourbon, wailing jazz, and money to burn. She thinks her biggest problem is choosing between them until the truth comes out. Her two lovers are really mobsters from rival gangs during Chicago's infamous Beer Wars, a battle Al Capone refuses to lose. The heady life she's living is an illusion resting on a bedrock of crime and violence unlike anything the country has ever seen before. When the good times come to an end, Vera becomes entangled in everything from bootlegging to murder. And as men from both gangs fall around her, Vera must put together the pieces of her shattered life, as Chicago hurtles toward one of the most infamous days in its history, the St. Valentine's Day Massacre. READERS GUIDE INCLUDED

The Dollhouse Caper

by Jean S. O'Connell

The dollhouse family knows that something terrible is going to happen, and they want to warn their human family But how can they? They can't talk or move when humans are around--they only come alive at night, when the humans are asleep. The dollhouse people must make the human children understand their message--before it's too late!

The Dollhouse Mystery

by Carolyn Keene Jan Naimo Jones

It's volunteer week at Carl Sandburg Elementary School, and Nancy is very excited about her job. She will be walking Mrs. Rutledge's dog, Baby. Mrs. Rutledge owns the biggest, fanciest house in River Heights. And she also owns the smallest one--a beautiful antique dollhouse. Nancy loves the tiny furniture and little windows of the dollhouse almost as much as she loves walking Baby. But one day, five pieces of doll furniture are missing, and Mrs. Rutledge thinks Nancy took them! But Nancy is a detective, not a thief...right? Nancy must use her very best detective skills to get herself out of trouble!

Dollhouse of the Dead (The Ghost in the Dollhouse #1)

by Kathryn Reiss

After buying an old dollhouse, Zibby discovers that it seems to have a life of its own and the dolls seem to move by themselves.

A Dollhouse to Die For

by Cate Price

Daisy Buchanan thinks of her shop, Sometimes a Great Notion, as more than just a business. For her, it's a haven of vintage sewing notions and other treasures, excellent coffee, and camaraderie. But when an antique dollhouse provokes some bizarre behavior on the part of a customer, Daisy makes it her business to find out what secrets are hidden behind its tiny doors... At an estate auction, Daisy is delighted to find the perfect present for a young girl she knows--a charming dollhouse in need of restoration. But when local collector Harriet Kunes tries to strong-arm Daisy into selling it, she's in for a shocking--and deadly--surprise. After an intruder breaks in and tries to steal the dollhouse, Daisy wonders why everyone has developed such an obsession over it. As she builds her collection of clues, she suspects that the miniature Victorian holds the key to a second unsolved murder, and soon she stumbles across much more than she bid on... Includes creative tips for vintage notions!

The Dollmaker

by Harriette Arnow

The Dollmaker was originally published in 1954 to immediate success and critical acclaim. In unadorned and powerful prose, Harriette Arnow tells the unforgettable and heartbreaking story of the Nevels family and their quest to preserve their deep-rooted values amidst the turmoil of war and industrialization. When Gertie Nevels, a strong and self-reliant matriarch, follows her husband to Detroit from their countryside home in Kentucky, she learns she will have to fight desperately to keep her family together. A sprawling book full of vividly drawn characters and masterful scenes, The Dollmaker is a passionate tribute to a woman's love for her children and the land.

The Dollmaker's Daughters

by Abigail Padgett

Warning: many words in French, Cajun dialect, Spanish, Celtic Irish, and Latin. This one keeps you guessing until the end. Characters from previous books are incorporated and their personalities are further developed. A young teen girl is found in trauma shock at a Goth nightclub near Bo's beachfront home. The girl has a lovely doll attached to her wrist and neck by chains. She calls the doll Kimmy, and knows that it is important but has no idea why. Bo feels a kinship to the girl, knowing that without careful handling (which also means going against Madge Aldenhoven's constant orders, the girl will develop a mental illness. Bo and Andy LaMarche's relationship continues to develop. His teen niece comes to visit from the bayous and brings a freshness with her Cajun vocabulary and outgoing personality. Estrella gives birth near the end of the book. There is no hint that this is the end of the series. Wish there were more books in this series to see how current relationships pan out, but Padgett started a new series that only made it through 2 books.

Dolls Behaving Badly

by Cinthia Ritchie

Carla Richards is a lot of things. She's a waitress at Anchorage's premier dining establishment, Mexico in an Igloo; an artist who secretly makes erotic dolls for extra income; a divorcée who can't quite detach from her ex-husband; and a single mom trying to support her gifted eight-year-old son, her pregnant sister, and her babysitter-turned-resident-teenager.She's one overdue bill away from completely losing control-when inspiration strikes in the form of a TV personality. Now she's scribbling away in a diary, flirting with an anthropologist, and making appointments with a credit counselor.Still, getting her life and dreams back on track is difficult. Is perfection really within reach? Or will she wind up with something even better?e occasional moose might still tear up the yard, but that's okay. Perfection is overrated. And as long as she has her family, friends and her Polish grandmother's traditional recipes, she has everything she needs to be happy.

Doll's Eyes

by Bari Wood

"You're psychic; you can go places, see things no one else can . . . and that's fabulous and awesome and most of all useful." Eve Tilden Dodd Klein, thirtysomething scion of a rich Connecticut family, has inherited a powerful and fearsome legacy from her mother: clairvoyance. But she doesn't see her power as fabulous or awesome or useful or anything except a curse that has robbed her of her emotional peace and driven her husband away. She follows him to a small town in the Adirondacks in an attempt at reconciliation, and, through the hated clairvoyance, "witnesses" a murder in the woods. She is the only one who's seen the killing, and is inexorably drawn into the violent, horrifying web of the killer's dementia. Police Lieutenant Dave Latovsky, the tough but charming local cop who has been tracking the murderer, has no leads--until Eve gives him a fragment of a description. "His eyes are light brown. Same color as his hair. And they're empty. Never saw eyes like that--empty . . . dead . . . glassy. Like a doll's eyes." Those words lead Detective Latovsky closer to the killer, and in turn, the killer closer to Eve. Before long, the price of Eve's power may prove too high. "He's looking for me. Hunting for me." But both Eve and Latovsky are wrong about why--and can't imagine what the killer with doll's eyes would do if he found her. Doll's Eyes adds up to a first-class, spine-chilling suspense thriller that confirms Bari Wood's place as a master of the genre.

The Dolls' House

by Rumer Godden

"For little girls who love dolls, women who remember dollhouse days, and literary critics who can recognize a masterpiece." --The New York Times For Tottie Plantaganet, a little wooden doll, belonging to Emily and Charlotte Dane is wonderful. The only thing missing is a dollhouse that Tottie and her family could call their very own. But when the dollhouse finally does arrive, Tottie's problems really begin. That dreadful doll Marchpane comes to live with them, disrupting the harmony of the Plantaganet family with her lies and conceited way. Will Tottie ever be able to call the dollhouse home?


by Anita Brookner

In her superbly accomplished new novel, Anita Brookner proves that she is our mast profound observer of women's lives, posing questions about feminine identity and desire with a stylishness that conveys an almost sensual pleasure.From the moment Jane Manning first meets her aunt Dolly, she is both fascinated and appalled. Where Jane is tactful and shy, Dolly is flamboyant and unrepentantly selfish, a connoisseur of fine things, an exploiter of wealthy people. But as the exigencies of family bring Jane and Dolly together, Brookner shows us that we may end up loving people we cannot bring ourselves to like -- and that this paradox makes love all the more precious and miraculous.

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