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The Creation of the Universe

by George Gamow

"Fascinating. . . . Distinctly readable and highly informative." -- San Francisco Chronicle.Since time immemorial, people have attempted to explain the origin of the world, from the creation myths of the ancients to the more sophisticated views that developed with the progress of observational astronomy. This lively and authoritative survey by an internationally famous physicist and one of the formulators of the Big Bang theory of cosmology offers captivating perspectives on the births of the galaxies, stars, chemical elements, and planetary systems.The author of such popular books as One Two Three . . . Infinity, George Gamow has introduced millions of readers to the concepts of relativity, atomic and nuclear physics, and other scientific subjects. Illustrated with diagrams and Gamow's own drawings, this remarkably accessible book explains complex and difficult concepts in a direct and simple manner, with minimal references to mathematics. The Creation of the Universe addresses both the Big Bang and Steady State theories of cosmogony, and is equally suitable for scientists from every field, as well as nonspecialists. Preface. Appendix. Index. 40 figures.

The Creation of the World and Other Business

by Arthur Miller

A master dramatist's humorous retelling of the biblical creation story as a parable for our time Breathing new life into timeless biblical tales, Arthur Miller charmingly reimagines the Book of Genesis from the temptation of Adam and Eve to the fraternal tragedy of Cain and Abel. In the beginning, God, generally satisfied with his creation, is nonetheless perplexed by Adam and Eve--why won't they multiply? It takes wily Lucifer to interest them in anything more than playing handball in the Garden of Eden, but their new knowledge comes at a price. The first family is exiled from paradise--just as Lucifer is banned from heaven--and a fallen, morally ambiguous state becomes the destiny of humankind. Though The Creation of the World and Other Business was Arthur Miller's first Broadway comedy, it is full of the searching insight and sparkling dialogue that distinguish his best dramas.

The Creation of the Zulu Kingdom, 1815-1828

by Elizabeth A. Eldredge

This scholarly account traces the emergence of the Zulu Kingdom in South Africa in the early nineteenth century, under the rule of the ambitious and iconic King Shaka. In contrast to recent literary analyses of myths of Shaka, this book uses the richness of Zulu oral traditions and a comprehensive body of written sources to provide a compelling narrative and analysis of the events and people of the era of Shaka's rule. The oral traditions portray Shaka as rewarding courage and loyalty and punishing failure;

Creation: Remarkable Evidence of God's Design

by Grant R. Jeffrey

This book explores the powerful new evidence discovered in the last few decades by scientific research in astronomy, the nature of the atom and DNA. These discoveries have caused a revolution in the world view of thousands of scientists as they were confronted with compelling new evidence that our universe must have been created by a Supernatural Mind. Grant Jeffrey's latest book, Creation, will challenge readers with fascinating new information that confirms the Bible's claim that "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth". Content Includes:·Deep space reveals mysteries of the first moments of creation·Wonders of the universe point to a Supernatural Creator·A revolution in our understanding of the universe's beginning·Astonishing evidence of the universe's intelligent design·Remarkable discoveries about the nature of the atom·The collapse of the Theory of Evolution ·DNA- The language of God·Modern science discovers GodFrom the Trade Paperback edition.

Creationism and Its Critics in Antiquity

by David N. Sedley

The world is configured in ways that seem systematically hospitable to life forms, especially the human race. Is this the outcome of divine planning, or simply of the laws of physics? Ancient Greeks and Romans famously disagreed on whether the cosmos was the product of intelligent design or of accident. In Creationism and its Critics in Antiquity, David Sedley examines this question and illuminates new historical perspectives on the pantheon of thinkers who laid the foundations of western philosophy and science. Versions of what today we call the "creationist" option were widely favored by the major thinkers of classical antiquity, including Plato, whose ideas on the subject prepared the ground for Aristotle's celebrated teleology. But Aristotle himself excluded any role for divine intervention, in this respect aligning himself with the anti-creationist lobby, whose most militant members--the atomists--sought to show how a world just like ours would inevitably form by sheer accident, given only the infinity of space and matter. This stimulating study explores seven major thinkers or philosophical movements who were enmeshed in the debate: Anaxagoras, Empedocles, Socrates, Plato, the atomists, Aristotle, and the Stoics. An epilogue considers their debate from the viewpoint of Galen, the great second-century A. D. doctor, who was also a leading voice of creationism. Adapted from Sedley's 2004 Sather Lectures at the University of California, Berkeley, this the first book-length study of an old debate.

The Creationists

by Ronald M. Numbers

Numbers' examination of the English-speaking Christians, primarily North American, who believe that there was no life on earth before Eden--less than ten thousand years ago--with an emphasis on how persons and parties have used "science" and "pseudoscience" to further their ends.

Creations of Fire: Chemistry's Lively History from Alchemy to the Atomic Age

by Cathy Cobb Harold Goldwhite

Chemical technology has fostered the development of civilizations, altered the course of wars, generated the industrial revolution, and created the petroleum products and plastics that fuel the modern world. This history of chemistry from its most ancient beginnings celebrates theories and breakthroughs through the 20th century, and also looks at the alchemists, swindlers, monks, heretics, kitchen-table inventors and giants of the scientific world. An introduction for lay readers as well as professional chemists. Annotation c. by Book News, Inc. , Portland, Or.

Creative Activities For Kids

by Cynthia Kingston

Leisure time can be a time of joy. This book is packed with fun-filled ideas to spend time. There are loads of interesting and meaningful activities to keep kids engaged for hours. You will find, games, crafts, groups activities and lots more. The activities are designed to develop creativity, skills and personality. Keep busy with these activities and banish boredom! These ideas aim not only to keep the child occupied but also to help him/her find the joys of discovering new things, learning skills, building relationships and exercising creativity.

Creative Activities for the Early Years

by Stella M. Skinner

'An excellent resource for all those working with young children... jam-packed with exciting, inspirational activities that encourage young children to nurture their creativity and imagination while helping practitioners to facilitate what children do naturally... It is a book that celebrates and encourages original thought and action to support learning through exploration and investigation, recognising that creativity is about representing one's own image and not reproducing someone else's' - Early Years Educator '[I]nspirational... This book is easy to read, refreshing and exciting, and I would recommend it to all those working with young children. It is also useful for students, clearly articulating the reasons for providing well-organised child-initiated creative opportunities rather than adult-directed activities' - Nursery World It is an interesting and informative manual aimed at those who work with children in the 3-5 years age range, and is therefore most suited to anyone in a Pre-School or Day Nursery setting, and could also be valuable to a Reception Teacher...over all, I found this to be a very useful book'. - National Childminding Association Packed full of exciting ideas and powerful visual aids, this book will help those working with young children to encourage and nurture their creativity and imagination. The book takes examples of what has worked in an early years setting, and transfers these inspirational activities onto the page. The book includes: " practical activities in Art, Dance and Music and ideas on how to link them together; " advice on how to make the most of music, lighting, space and nursery resources; " showing how the work supports the Foundation Stage Curriculum; " ideas for cross-curricular work; " suggestions for recording children's progress; " advice on how to choose materials, and a list of specialist suppliers. Everyone involved in working with young children should read this book. Nursery practitioners, early years teachers, Sure Start workers, play workers and Children's Centre staff will find it an invaluable resource. It is also useful for specialist staff in hospitals and other areas of health. For resources, useful hints and tips, and samlpe materials, visit the companion website here!

Creative Activities For Young Children (Tenth Edition)

by Mary Mayesky

CREATIVE ACTIVITIES FOR YOUNG CHILDREN, 10th Edition, is a terrific book filled with fun, creative, and easy-to implement activities for young children. You'll be encouraged to exercise your own creativity, as well as learn how to help young children do the same. Hundreds of activities, up-to-date research, recipes, finger plays, information on how to select children's books, and more make this book an invaluable resource for you and others planning to work creatively with children across the curriculum--and one you'll want to keep for use throughout your professional career.

Creative Approaches to Teaching Grammar

by Martin Illingworth Nick Hall

Creative Approaches to Teaching Grammar is an easily accessible, practical guide full of ideas to support teachers in making the learning of grammar a natural part of developing their students as writers and as readers. Written for those teaching years 5,6,7 and 8, the authors' approach concentrates on the individual needs of students rather than of a year group as a whole. Split into two main sections, the first looks at creative ways of exploring grammar and includes more than forty ideas that can be implemented into the classroom. This section can be used as a quick resource or the whole sequence can be followed to ensure students are investigating, exploring and having fun with grammar. The second section includes an extensive glossary of terms to develop a full understanding of grammar which can be used to audit your own competences and highlight areas for further development. Creative ideas explored include: Being silly with grammar Favourite words Exploding sentences Writing for real audiences New punctuation marks and emoticons Sorting out confusing words Broadening active vocabulary Top ten spelling tips Flexing your vocabulary brain Redundancy in language Creative Approaches to Teaching Grammar is a truly practical guide that is a must read for anyone teaching grammar to years 5,6,7 and 8. With plenty of ideas to implement into the classroom it encourages students to take ownership of their own learning and progress.

The Creative Art of Living, Dying, and Renewal

by Kaleo Ching Elise Dirlam Ching

Tapping the tremendous healing power of Qigong and the expressive arts, this beautiful book invites the reader to contemplate the continuum of living, dying, and renewal within this life and beyond. The stories, Qigong meditations, and journaling/art processes, including collage and maskmaking, are invitations for you to engage them for your own healing, transformation, and wisdom. Authors, artists, healers, and teachers of Qigong and art, Elise and Kaleo Ching draw on their 23 years of experience working with others on their paths of personal transformation to present an approach to living and dying that is saturated with wisdom, compassion, and understanding. Through their work, the authors have witnessed many personal journeys of dying, transformation, rebirth--facing terminal illness or loss of a loved one, letting go of old lifestyles and embracing new, connecting with past lives and future dreams. The stories and processes in this book will inspire a wide range of people interested in using Qigong practices and meditations, journaling, and art for self-cultivation, mindfulness, spiritual awareness, and healing: artists, clergy, spiritual seekers, psychotherapists, hypnotherapists, social workers, chaplains, hospice workers, teachers, students and practitioners of transformative, shamanic, and healing arts.From the Trade Paperback edition.g Reflection Questions: Chris' Story / Conversation with Chris / Journaling Reflection Questions: Transformation and Your Life's Purpose / Guided Journey: Your Inner Sanctuary and Guide / Journaling and Art: Your Inner Sanctuary and Guide / Jessica: Courting Death / Reflections on Jessica's Story / Journaling Reflection Questions: Jessica's Story / Conversation with Jessica / Journaling Reflection Questions: Your Experience of Suicide / Journaling and Art: The Dance of Death and Life / Journaling Reflection Questions: Your Experience of Past Lives / Journaling and Art: Your Personal Chain of Being / Journaling and Art: Your Spiritual AutobiographyPart Two: Creativity and Your Pilgrimage. Why Create Art? / Kaleo: Aysel / Kaleo: Jean-Paul / Journaling: You and Creativity / Journaling: Creativity and Your Lineage / Death and Rebirth Cycles in Life / Elise: Teekkona / Journaling: Your Recent Experience of Loss / Journaling and Art: Your Death/Rebirth Map / Life/Death Guided Journey and Collage / Guided Journey and Collage 1: Your Life Review / Guided Journey and Collage 2: Looking over the Threshold / Sacred Awareness Guided Journey and Collage / Guided Journey and Collage: Your Mandala of Sacred Awareness / Your Personal Oracle Cards / Guided Journey and Collage: Your Personal Oracle / Journaling and Collage: What Is Dying and What Is Being Born in You Today? / Journaling and Art: Your Oracle Card Vessel / Your Changing Face / Guided Journey and Art: Your Changing Face / Selected Bibliography / Books / Films / The Authors / Illustrations / Bea: Song of the Heart / Elizabeth: Mask of My Father / Transition / Tomoko: Dialogue with Self / Rashidah: Spirit MaskFrom the Trade Paperback edition.

Creative Arts and Play Therapy for Attachment Problems

by David A. Crenshaw Cathy A. Malchiodi

This book vividly shows how creative arts and play therapy can help children recover from experiences of disrupted or insecure attachment. Leading practitioners explore the impact of early relationship difficulties on children's emotions and behavior. Rich case material brings to life a range of therapeutic approaches that utilize art, music, movement, drama, creative writing, and play. The volume covers ways to address attachment issues with individuals of different ages, as well as their caregivers. Chapters clearly explain the various techniques and present applications for specific populations, including complex trauma survivors.

Creative Awakenings

by Sheri Gaynor

Utilize your creativity to manifest your personal intention. Work in the spirit of the laws of attraction to visualize the life of your dreams. Follow the journey of twelve artists, each who will set a personal dream or intention. Witness the process that each artist takes, as they create a mixed-media piece that sows the seeds of their intention. Step-by-step techniques for a variety of mixed-media processes accompany each piece of finished art. Read about how their lives changed as a result and learn how to set intentions of your own using the bonus tear-out "dream-prompt" cards.

Creative Beaded Jewelry

by Carolyn Schulz

This inspiring book presents 33 simple beaded jewelry designs that are easy and inexpensive to make using materials found in every craft store--beads, chains, beading wires and cords. Author Carolyn Schulz shows you how to make your own gorgeous jewelry by mastering a few simple techniques. The results are elegant and look expensive--but are not! Create a colorful bracelet embellished with Chinese floral and butterfly motifs, or a gold-and-pearl lariat inspired by the fringe of an Indian carpet, or a stunning Shamballa bracelet. Detailed instructions and diagrams are included for each design, which are easy for beaders at all levels to follow. Stunning color photos help you create your own designs. Put the world on a string with Creative Beaded Jewelry! The exquisite jewelry designs in this book include:An Exquisite Pearl Bracelet A Jade & Onyx Watch Chinese Flower and Butterfly Bracelet Aqua Lampwork Bracelet with Silver Tubes Turquoise & Coral Floating Necklace Patina Donut Necklace Amethyst Shamballa Bracelet Abalone Shell Ensemble (bracelet, necklace and matching earrings) Elephant & Jade Necklace and Earrings

Creative Block

by Danielle Krysa

Creative block presents the most crippling--and unfortunately universal--challenge for artists. No longer! This blockbuster of a book is chock-full of solutions for overcoming all manner of artistic impediment. The blogger behind The Jealous Curator interviews 50 successful international artists working in different mediums and mines their insights on how to conquer self-doubt, stay motivated, and get new ideas to flow. Each artist offers a tried-and-true exercise--from road trips to 30-day challenges to cataloging the medicine cabinet-- that will kick-start the creative process. Abundantly visual with more than 300 images showcasing these artists' resulting work, Creative Block is a vital ally to students, artists, and creative professionals.

Creative Block Play: A Comprehensive Guide to Learning through Building

by Margie Carter Rosanne Hansel

Creative Block Play covers everything you need to encourage a child's development in a variety of domains through block play. This book is full of photos that illustrate block play in real classrooms and stories from teachers who have successfully used block play to encourage children's development in a variety of domains.Rosanne Regan Hansel has been both a teacher and administrator for a variety of early childhood programs and currently serves as Education Program Development Specialist for the Department of Education. Ms. Hansel received her MS Ed in Early Childhood Leadership from Bank Street College of Education.

Creative Bookbinding

by Pauline Johnson

"Unusually well done and informative." -- Lafayette (Indiana) Journal & CourierA book bound by hand can be a work of art in a way that machine-bound books can never be. And in this comprehensive, profusely illustrated guide to hand bookbinding, a noted expert in the field explains the techniques needed to create your own choice specimens of the binder's art. Directed especially toward beginners, Creative Bookbinding shows how this ancient craft offers a satisfying hobby and rewarding aesthetic experience -- even for those with little previous knowledge of the craft. As Pauline Johnson states in the Preface: "Even with a limited background of knowledge [the craftsperson] can experience a great deal of enjoyment in binding his own books and building up a distinctive personal library of which he can be proud. Each product can be an artistic creation to be cherished."Detailed illustrated instructions for achieving such beautiful hand-crafted volumes are presented here in a readable, informal, and easy-to-follow format. After a brief history of printing and binding, the author provides an in-depth discussion of book design -- the proportion and size of books, the parts of a book, materials, tools, and equipment needed for book construction ( a list of supply sources is included), and more. Working procedures are clearly explained, progressing from binding simple folders, notepads, folios, pamphlets, and magazines to full-size sewn books with bindings of cloth and leather. You'll also find an indispensable chapter on the preservation and repair of valuable or irreplaceable volumes.Over 600 photographs and diagrams explain and clarify each step of each process, as well as depicting an abundance of beautiful bindings, both ancient and modern. With this book as a guide, bookbinders at all skill levels can strive to achieve similar magnificent results.

Creative Cakes Anyone Can Make

by Jill Foster

Jill Foster makes cake decorating as easy as writing your name. With her unique write-way method, if you can write your name you can decorate a cake. Anyone can make beautiful homemade cakes like the ones seen in magazines. This full-color, illustrated book offers tools, tips, and creative ideas for all sorts of holidays, including birthdays for all ages, religious events, baby showers, bridal showers, and weddings.

Creative Capitalism: A Conversation with Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Other Economic Leaders

by Michael Kinsley Conor Clarke

Bill Gates is more than the world's most successful capitalist; he's also the world's biggest philanthropist. <P> Gates has approached philanthropy the same way he revolutionized computer software: with a fierce ambition to change the rules of the game. That's why at the 2008 annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Gates advocated a creative capitalism in which big corporations, the distinguishing feature of the modern global economy, integrate doing good into their way of doing business. <P> This controversial new idea is discussed and debated by the more than forty contributors to this book, among them three Nobel laureates and two former U.S. cabinet secretaries. Edited by author and columnist Michael Kinsley, Creative Capitalism started as a first-of-its-kind online conversation that brought together some of the world's best minds to engage Gates's challenge. From Warren Buffett, who seconds Gates's analysis, to Lawrence Summers, who worries about the consequences of multiple corporate objectives, the essays cover a broad spectrum of opinion. Judge Richard Posner dismisses Gates's proposal as trumped-up charity that will sap the strengths of the profit-maximizing corporation, while journalist Martin Wolf maintains that the maximization of profit is far from universally accepted, and rightly so. Chicago Nobel laureate Gary Becker wonders whether altruistic companies can survive in a competitive economy, while Columbia Nobel laureate Edmund Phelps argues that a little altruism might be the right prescription for a variety of market imperfections. <P> Creative Capitalism is not just a book for philanthropists. It's a book that challenges the conventional wisdom about our economic system, a road map for the new global economy that is emerging as capitalism adapts itself once again to a changing world.

Creative Careers in Fashion

by Debbie Hartsog

Want to become a fashionista-for real? Get this book! Fun and entertaining, Creative Careers in Fashion reveals how the fashion industry works-and explores the vast range of career opportunities in the field. Focusing on the most creative jobs, including accessory, costume, and fashion design, as well as make-up artists, wardrobe consultants, textile designers, and colorists, this book showcases the practical information that will help readers find the perfect job and get it. Included are details on salary ranges, educational and experience requirements, where jobs are located, and new trends. Cameo interviews with real-life fashion professionals offer insider tips. Comprehensive, practical, and inspiring, Creative Careers in Fashion is the complete guide to finding a new career in an exciting industry. Start a new career with help from industry insiders Dozens of creative careers for students, career changers, anyone looking for their new parachute Resources include detailed school and college listings

Creative Careers in Fashion: 30 Ways to Make a Living in the World of Couture

by Debbie Hartsog

Want to become a fashionista--for real? Get this book! Fun and entertaining, Creative Careers in Fashion reveals how the fashion industry works--and explores the vast range of career opportunities in the field. Focusing on the most creative jobs, including accessory, costume, and fashion design, as well as make-up artists, wardrobe consultants, textile designers, and colorists, this book showcases the practical information that will help readers find the perfect job and get it. Included are details on salary ranges, educational and experience requirements, where jobs are located, and new trends. Cameo interviews with real-life fashion professionals offer insider tips. Comprehensive, practical, and inspiring, Creative Careers in Fashion is the complete guide to finding a new career in an exciting industry. * Start a new career with help from industry insiders * Dozens of creative careers for students, career changers, anyone looking for their new parachute * Resources include detailed school and college listings.

Creative Child Advocacy

by Susan L Brooks Ved Kumari

`Combining global examples of cases with practical solutions, this book will be of interest to anyone involved in child advocacy, from judges to probation officers' - childRIGHT `The greatest achievement of this book may be its inspiration to those also willing to "swim against the tide" as child advocates... The authors are open about the practicalities of their work and the tensions they have experienced... their personal accounts contain gripping narratives of real attempts to improve situations for children' - Adoption & Fostering This collection of original articles by an international team of contributors addresses a wide range of issues affecting children and youth such as: child labour; international child custody abduction; juvenile delinquency; child abuse and neglect; and date violence among teenagers. The innovative approaches proposed by the contributors to deal with these concerns include: creating a child advocacy centre within a private firm; litigation strategies; and developing a handbook that explains courts processes to abused children.

Creative Communities: Art Works in Economic Development

by Rocco Landesman Michael Rushton

Urban and regional planners, elected officials, and other decisionmakers are increasingly focused on what makes places livable. Access to the arts inevitably appears high on that list, but knowledge about how culture and the arts can act as a tool of economic development is sadly lacking. This important sector must be considered not only as a source of amenities or pleasant diversions, but also as a wholly integrated part of local economies. Employing original data produced through both quantitative and qualitative research, Creative Communities provides a greater understanding of how art works as an engine for transforming communities."Without good data and analysis--much of it grounded in economic theory--we cannot hope to strengthen communities through the arts or to achieve any of the other goals we set for the National Endowment for the Arts, the largest nationwide funder of the arts." --from the Foreword by Rocco Landesman. Contributors: Hasan Bakhshi (Nesta UK), Elisa Barbour (University of California, Berkeley), Shiri M. Breznitz (Georgia Institute of Technology), Roland J. Kushner (Muhlenberg College), Rex LaMore (Michigan State University), James Lawton (Michigan State), Neil Lee (Nesta UK), Richard G. Maloney (Boston University), Ann Markusen (University of Minnesota), Juan Mateos-Garcia (Nesta UK), Anne Gadwa Nicodemus (Metris Arts Consulting), Douglas S. Noonan (Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis), Peter Pedroni (Williams College), Amber Peruski (Michigan State), Michele Root-Bernstein (Michigan State), Robert Root-Bernstein (Michigan State), Eileen Roraback (Michigan State), Michael Rushton (Indiana University), Lauren Schmitz (New School for Social Research), Jenny Schuetz (University of Southern California), John Schweitzer (Michigan State), Stephen Sheppard (Williams College), Megan VanDyke (Michigan State), Gregory H. Wassall (Northeastern University)

The Creative Compass

by Dan Millman Sierra Prasada

A guide should give clear directions and then get out of your way. In this unique collaboration, bestselling author Dan Millman and his daughter Sierra Prasada help to orient you as you advance through five universal stages of creativity: Dream, Draft, Develop, Refine, and Share. Whether you're seeking new goals, the discipline to reach them, a shield against self-doubt and inertia, or practical advice on sorting through feedback and connecting with readers -- you'll find a way forward in this fresh approach to writing and storytelling. Drawing on the coauthors' personal stories about overcoming challenges, as well as sage advice from other writers, artists, and innovators, The Creative Compass will transform both the stories you tell and the stories you live.

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